Replacement Parts Catalog



Replacement Parts Catalog
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
Replacement Parts Catalog
Product Guide
• All of the seasonal and year round products necessary for your
daily operations.
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
10801 Hwy 221 South
Fleetwood, NC 28626
• If we do not have what you are looking for,
we will do our best to find it.
• Owners: Cline and Ellen Church, Christmas tree and nursery
farmers for more than 30 years.
• Business Manager: Amber Scott
Amber Scott, Business Manager
Phone: 888-314-2672
Local: 336-877-2672
Fax: 336-877-2673
E-mail: [email protected]
Visit us on the web at
Product Guide
Regular Stock Replacement Parts
Max Tapener Parts
Staples, $ per box
Blades (3/pack)
Pusher unit
WWM Replacement Parts
Foot Pad for all WWM King
of Spades
18” DuraRake Rep. Head
Refer to current price guide
(inserted into catalog)
for pricing information.
Call or email.
888-314-2672 or
[email protected]
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To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
RP 5
Regular Stock Replacement Parts
Bahco Lopper & Hedge Shear Replacement
Table of Contents
Pricing Information
Hand Pruners
Hedge Shears
Long Reach Pruners
Pruning & Grafting Knives
Shearing Knives
Long Handle Tools
B & B Tools
Bahco Bow Saw Blades
Tree & Nursery Carts
BAH 23-24
BAH 23-30
Tagging & Counting Supplies
Nursery & Garden Supplies
Apparel & Safety
Special Order
Replacement Parts Catalog
RP 1-6
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
Page 3
BAH R160-A
BAH 23-24
BAH 23-30
Handle Bolts
Center Bolts
For all P16 Loppers
For all P160 Loppers
For P19-80 Lopper
For P180-70 Lopper
For P280 Lopper
For 24” Greenwood Bow Saw
For 30” Greenwood Bow Saw
For all P-SL Loppers
For P180-70 Lopper
For P19-80 Lopper
For all P14/P16 Loppers
For P51H Shears
Fits all P-SL Loppers
For P14/P16/P180/P19/P160-6
For P51H Shears
For 10-24-23 Saw
For 10-30-23 Saw
Okatsune #421, 422 & 423 Springs
#421 for OS-101
#422 for OS-103
#423 for 300s & OS-207
Okatsune #114RB Blade for #113
Folding Saw
RP 4
To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
Regular Stock Replacement Parts
ARS L Series Long Reach Pruners
We have what you need!
ARS SP-180L1
Our Focus
We work to provide you with the professional grade tools and
supplies that you need to keep your business running day to
day. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, let us
know. We are here to meet your needs.
Greenscape Tools, Inc. owners Cline & Ellen Church have the
experience that counts. Cline & Ellen Church are Christmas tree
and nursery growers and have been in business for over 30
years. Having been so, they are more than familiar with the
issues and concerns facing
everyone in the Green Industry.
Greenscape Tools, Inc. wants to make the tools and supplies
side of your business the least of your worries.
Business Manager Amber Scott is ready to take your questions,
concerns and even your orders! We want to make certain that
you know what it is you are getting when you deal with
Greenscape Tools, Inc. With customer service as one of our
main concerns, we aim to build lasting relationships that
ultimately benefit you, our customer.
Spring for handle
Bolt and nut for handle
Rod Set for 180L18, 6’
Rod Set for 180L21, 7’
Replacement blade set
ARS R Series Long Reach Pruners
ARS SP-LA101 Spring for handle
Bolt and nut for handle
ARS SP-18038B Handle unit for all R-Series
Rod Set for 180R18 , 6’
ARS SP-L180R12 Rod Set for 180R12, 4’
ARS SP-18028 Replacement blade set
Refer to current price guide (inserted into catalog) for
pricing information. Questions? Call or email.
888-314-2672 or [email protected]
ARS Hand Pruner Parts
Please call or email us. Let us know what we can do for you.
Springs for 130/140/V7&8
Red Bumpers for 130/140
Corona Lopper Parts
COR 8240-1
Blade for AL 8240
Corona Hand Pruner Parts
Please let us know if you do not see what you are looking for.
We want to meet your tool and supply needs and we will do all
that we can to help you. Thank you for your time and support
of the Green Industry. God Bless!
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To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
COR 6100-5
COR 6200-5
COR 6250-IT
Springs for BP 3160
Springs for BP 3180
Blade for BP 6250
Corona Saw Blade
COR AC7265
Blade for RS 7265
To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
RP 3
Regular Stock Replacement Parts
Felco Hand Pruner Parts
FEL 2-3
FEL 5-3
FEL 6-3
FEL 7-3
FEL 9-3
Blade for 2/4/11
Blade for 5
Blade for 6/12
Blade for 7/8
Blade for 9/10
Springs (2/pack)
FEL 2-91
FEL 5-91
FEL 6-91
FEL 2-12
FEL 2-92
Springs for 2/4/7/8/9/10/11
Springs for 5/13
Springs for 6/12
Thumb Catch for 2/6/7/8/11/12/13
Repair Kit for 2/6/7/8/11/12/13
Felco Lopper Parts
FEL 200-3
FEL 200-4
FEL 20-94
FEL 22-3
FEL 22-4
Straight Cutting Blade for
20/21/23/200 A Series
Anvil Blade for 20/21/23/200 A
Kit for Felco 20-23/200 A Series
Cutting Blade for 22
Anvil Blade for 22
Felco Saw Blades
FEL 600-3
FEL 620-3
Refer to current price guide
(inserted into catalog)
for pricing information.
Call or email.
888-314-2672 or
[email protected]
Blade for 600 Folding Saw
Blade for 620 Saw
ARS ZR Series Telescoping Long Reach
Spring for handle
Steel Band Set for 6’-10’
Shearing Blade Set
Razor Edge Blade Set
Cut & Hold Interchangeable Head
180ZR Razor Edge
RP 2
To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
Page 5
Hand Pruners
Corona BP 3160- Forged Bypass Pruner
General purpose pruner, forged steel alloy
construction, has sap groove, non-slip grips,
3/4” cutting
Corona BP 6170- Forged Bypass Pruner
Thumb lock, wire-cutting notch, forged steel
alloy construction, 3/4” cutting capacity.
Corona BP 3180—Forged Bypass Pruner
Forged steel alloy and fully heat-treated, slantground. Complete with sap groove and wire
cutting notch.
Corona BP 6250- Forged Bypass Pruner
Shock absorbing bumper, lightweight, forged
aluminum, 1” cutting capacity.
Corona BP 3225- Forged 2-Handed
Pruning Shear
Replacement Parts
14” Overall length, 3/4” cutting capacity,
lightweight makes for easier cutting,
comfortable oval-steel handles.
ARS HP-130DX– General Purpose Hand
Lightweight bypass pruner, Marquench
hardened blades. Hard chrome plating is
tough, rust resistant and easy to clean. Pastel
colors. 7” Overall length.
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To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
Hand Pruners
ARS HP-140DX– Multipurpose Shears
Long straight blade works well in tight spots.
Can be used on thin stems, leaves, grasses or
even hoof trimming. Pastel colors. 7” Overall
ARS HPK-KS4—Economy Hand Pruner
Replaceable hard-chrome steel blade,
lightweight. Perfect value-choice hand pruner.
OAL 8”.
Felco 2 Pruner
A best seller. Solid-forged metal alloy
handles, replaceable blade, smooth working
with shock absorber and rubber cushion.
Felco provides the highest of quality.
Felco 4 Pruner
Same great Felco quality on a more basic
Felco 5 Pruner
The simplified version, great for use at home.
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
Felco 6 Pruner
10801 Hwy 221 South
Fleetwood, NC 28626
Smaller and lighter but just as strong.
Amber Scott, Business Manager
Phone: 888-314-2672
Local: 336-877-2672
Fax: 336-877-2673
E-mail: [email protected]
Visit us on the web at
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
Page 7
Hand Pruners
Special Order Items
Felco 7 Pruner
Special Order Items
Designed for prolonged use with a rotating
handle for maximum comfort. Ideal for
professional use.
In-House Custom Printed Strip Tags & More
Competitive prices & design. Multiple sizes, colors & styles available.
Let us quote your print job. Bar codes, logos, etc. Call for pricing.
Felco 8 Pruner
Identical to the Felco 7 minus the rotating
handle. The Felco 8 is ergonomically
designed with light alloy handles.
Leno Tarps—Any Size
Great for small trucks. Grommets for easy securing. Stock some for your
Nylon Strapping
Felco 9 Pruner
Durable and strong. Available in 1/2” (1800lbs.) & 5/8” (2300lbs.)
Left-handed version of the Felco 8.
Felco 10 Pruner
Left-handed version of the Felco 7.
Felco 11 Pruner
Large cutting capacity, shock absorbers, and
narrow blade makes the Felco 11 pruner a
versatile pruner.
Felco 12 Pruner
Similar to the Felco 6 with the added feature
of a revolving cutting blade handle. Good for
extended use.
Felco 13 Pruner
1 or 2-handed. High performance. 1.2”
cut capacity. OAL 10.6”
Refer to current price guide
(inserted into catalog)
for pricing information.
Call or email.
888-314-2672 or
[email protected]
Felco F-100 Cut & Hold Hand Pruner
Easy to use with wire cutting notch and cutting
adjustment. 10mm/.4” Cutting cap. OAL 8.3”
Page 8
To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
Page 37
Hand Pruners
Felco 910 & Felco 912 Holsters
Felco 912 (Cone)
Both come with metal clip that can
be used on your belt or pocket. 912
fits all Felco pruners.
Okatsune #101 Pruning Shears
7” Overall length.
Okatsune #103 Pruning Shears
8” Overall length.
OS-103 & OS-101
Felco 910 (Flat)
Bond 68WP—8” Drop Forged Pruner With
3/4” Cutting capacity, non-slip grips, pouch
has latch for attaching to belt.
Corona AC 7220—Leather Scabbard
Universal design will fit most hand pruners,
stitched and riveted for strength, includes belt
clip and loops.
Bond 4830 Bypass Pruner
Corona AC 4510– Nylon Scabbard
OAL 8”, high carbon steel blade. Great value!
Durable Cordura nylon, designed for hand
pruners and folding saws, carry with metal
clip or on belt loop.
Corona RP 3230 Ratchet Pruner
Easy cutting action with power multiplying action
cuts up to .75”. Fits all size hands.
Felco F-903 Diamond-Coated Sharpener
Made of diamond-coated hardened steel,
multiple applications. OAL 3.9”
Okatsune #412 Sharpening Stone
Corona BP 3350 Comfort Fit Bypass Pruner
Adjustable to fit any size hand. Durable highcarbon steel blade. 1” Cutting Cap.
Corona BP 3130 Classic Cut 1/2”
General purpose, bypass, .5” cut capacity.
Designed for smaller
Istor Sharpeners
Istor PSS
PSS– The Professional. 5.75” length
SS– The Standard. 3.75” length
Concave composite steel blade, aluminum
Istor SS
Page 36
To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
Bond 3124—8” Anvil Pruner
1/2” Cutting capacity, features non-slip grips
and finger guard.
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
Page 9
Apparel & Safety
3-Piece Rainsuit—PEC-RS
Felco C7 Wire Cutter
Onguard rainsuit with elastic waist pants,
jacket and hood. Sizes M, L, XL.
Durable Felco construction offers 7mm/.28”
cutting capacity. One-hand operation. OAL 7.5”
ARS HP-300L– Fruit Pruner
Needle nose pruner for general harvesting and
pruning, blade is hard chrome tool steel with
soft PVC and steel core handle. 7” Overall
Camouflage Coverall Suits
ARS HP-300SS– Shortnose Fruit Pruner
Available in M, L, XL
Snub-nose pruner with rounded tip. Blade is
hard chrome tool steel with soft PVC and
steel core handle. 7” Overall length.
Shearing Leg Guard—SF-Guards
ARS HP-SE45– Gardening Snips
Stainless steel needle nose pruner. Straight
blades are replaceable. Handles are polyacetal resin. 7” Overall length.
Heavy white canvas. Necessity for Christmas tree farmers and Nursery
growers who shear with knives.
Elvex Trix Safety Glasses—PEC SG23287
Clear lens offers 99% UV protection. Universal
fit. ANSI Z87.1-2003 Compliance.
Corona AG 5030– Forged Grape Shear
Made for high-volume, rapid harvesting and
thinning, rounded tips to prevent damage,
cushioned, non-slip grips.
Elvex Faceguard
Headgear—PEC-FG23319, features larger
browguard for extra protection. Has shock
Polycarbonate Faceshield—PEC-FS23320,
ideal for splatter shield.
Lexan Faceshield—PEC-FS23321, ideal for
impact protection.
Corona AG 4910– Short Straight Snip
Blunt-nosed short blade, fully heat-treated,
coated blades, spring and handle.
Corona AG 4930– Long Straight Snip
Long pointed blade allows for varied use, heattreated steel. Coating on blades, spring and
handles prevents rust. Has leather strap lock.
Corona AG 4930SS– Stainless Steel Long
3M N95 Respirator—PEC Resp23157
N95 Respirator, particulate masks with vent.
Meets NIOSH specifications. Priced per box
of 10.
Straight Snip
Stainless steel version of AG 4930 is corrosion
resistant, easier to clean and reduces germ
build up.
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To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
Page 35
Hestra Gloves - Please order by Style, Size & Color
Garden Bamboo Gloves -Soft, fitted latex dipped
gloves with extra grip in wet and dry conditions
Corona FS 4350– Forged Thinning Shear
Forged steel alloy, scissor cutting action, great for
left or right hand use, narrow blades work in tight
spaces, non-slip grips.
Size - Medium & Large.
Okatsune #301 Fruit Shears
Colors - Green & Fuschia
Garden Dip Gloves - Form fitting nitrile dipped
gloves for extra grip and dexterity in wet or dry
Okatsune #304 Bud Shears
Pointed tip thinning shears.
Sizes - Small, Medium & Large
Okatsune #306 Onion Shears
Colors - Black, Yellow, Green & Fuschia
Round tip thinning shears.
Garden Rose Gloves - Durable goatskin gardening
glove with long split cow leather cuff for added
thorn protection.
Use for rose pruning, cutting bushes/brush and
general gardening use.
Okatsune #207 Pine Needle Shears
Sizes - Small, Medium & Large
Okatsune #201 Pruning Shears
Garden Short Gloves - Fitted short cuff gardening
glove with PU palm and fingers for extra grip and
Sizes - Small, Medium and Large
Okatsune #206 Bonsai Shears
Colors - Black/Green, Green/Grey and Fuschia/Grey
Kobalt Garden Gloves - Versatile gardening glove
with durable goat leather in palm and
Corona GS 3750—Swivel Grass Shear
Three-position blade: Vertical for edging,
horizontal for trimming and angled for difficult
areas. High-carbon steel blades, tough chrome
plating and thumb lock.
Sizes - Small, Medium and Large
Colors - Dark Green, Green and Fuschia
Page 34
Page 34
To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
Page 11
Scissors & Loppers
Nitrile Tough Gloves—NT3700BK
Corona FS 4000– Floral Scissors
Machine washable gloves. Tough, flexible,
abrasion and puncture resistant. Breathable
seamless nylon knit liner.
Stainless steel resharpenable blades, serrated
edge, ergonomic grips.
Growtech SSK-1294– Bypass Floral Shears
Stainless steel blade is curved to aid in grabbing
stems, stalk end crusher is for better water
absorption. PVC handles, 6” Overall length.
Bellingham Grey Gloves—C4510
For colder weather. Knit is a looped, plied
acrylic knit. Relaxed, ergonomic shaping.
Carolina Glove Yellow & Blue—
Yellow latex gloves with blue neoprene
coating. Textured grip, 28 mil, 13” overall
length. (M, L, XL)
ARS SS-330H– Multi-Purpose Scissors
Great for an array of cutting from plants to
aluminum cans. Blade is hard chrome tool
steel and is Marquench hardened. Soft PVC
handles, 6” overall length. Pastel colors.
Carolina Glove Knit With Blue Palm—
Cotton & polyester knit gloves with textured
blue latex palm coating. (S, M, L, XL)
ARS SS-340HT, Long Straight Blade
ARS SS-340HM, Long Angled Blade
340HT has all the features of the SS-330H
with a longer blade. The longer blades are
great for lightweight shearing of plants or
cutting fabrics such as burlap or weed
barrier. 340HM features angled blade
suited for easier cutting in level spaces.
7.5” Overall length.
Carolina Glove Gray Mix Dotted—
Reversible gloves with rubber dots on both
sides. (M, L, XL)
Carolina Glove Gray Mix—
Economical gloves. (L, XL)
Felco Aluminum Loppers:
Handles are lightweight aluminum,
with shock absorbers and
adjustment system. All parts are
F 200-A-40 17”
F 200-A-50 21” (pictured)
F 200-A-60 24”
Page 12
To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
Carolina Glove Orange Knit—
Orange string knit with honeycomb PVC.
(L, XL)
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
Page 33
Nursery/Garden Supplies
Roundup Professional Backpack
Sprayer 4 Gal.—FG 190327
Felco 21 & 22 Lopper: Handles made of
solid, forged light metal with cushion
stops and adjustment system.
Felco 21 - OAL 25”, 1.5” cutting capacity
Felco 22 - OAL 33”, 2” cutting capacity.
Features internal, easy to service pump and
NoLeak System. Adjustable padded straps.
3 Nozzle system (brass adjustable, high
volume fan, and patented fan) and viton
seals and gaskets. From makers of
Corona RL 3560– Bypass Ratchet Lopper
1.5” Cutting capacity, 26” overall length,
power-multiplying ratchet action, lightweight
but strong aluminum handles.
Corona eGrip Transplanter—CT3720
Serrated blade for cutting roots and
exclusive bag ripper feature. Ergonomic
Corona eGrip Cultivator—CT3730
Cast-aluminum tapered tines move through
soil easily.
Corona eGrip Hoe/Cultivator—CT3740
Corona AL 8442—Heavy-Duty StrataShear
Replaceable Dual Arc bypass blade is made of
fully heat treated forged steel. Has self-cleaning
deep sap groove, lightweight elliptical
aluminum handles. 26” OAL, 2.25” cut
Cast-aluminum 2-in-1 tool for weeding and
Bond 3378—15” Mini Bypass Lopper
1.5” Cutting capacity, great for smaller hands
and close jobs, blade is made with high carbon
steel and is heat-treated to retain sharp edge
Corona Bulb Planter—SG2950
4.5” Deep steel core, black oxide to prevent
corrosion and for self-cleaning. Ergonomic
Bond 5826—24” Bypass Lopper
1.75” Cutting capacity, handles are
lightweight oval steel, blades are heat-treated,
has flat tube dip grip.
Stretch Film—Shrink Wrap TYT-SF80
18” x 1500’ 80 Gauge black stretch film. 4 Rolls per case. Multiple
applications. Great for shipping.
Bond 3344—28” Bypass Lopper
1.75” Cutting capacity, lightweight steel
handles, blades are alloy steel with a non-stick
coating, gel grip inserts give a more
comfortable and stable grip. Also has bumpers.
Nursery Tarps
Black & tan. Custom sizes available. 16’x55’ In stock: TBT1655.
Different % shade tarps available. SAMPLES AVAILABLE AT SHOWS.
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To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
Page 13
Loppers & Hedge Shears
Nursery/Garden Supplies
Bond 9629—3 Way Soil Meter
Bahco P14-50 Lopper
Now you can take the guess work out of
fertilizer. The Bond 3 Way Soil Meter is a user
friendly and accurate way to keep check on
moisture content, amount of light a plant is
getting, and pH levels. Can be used indoors or
out. Does not use batteries.
20” California style, vine orchard and
shrub lopper. Replaceable parts.
Bahco P14-60 Lopper
24” California style, vine orchard and
shrub lopper. Replaceable parts.
Bahco P114-SL-60 Lopper
24” California style, vine orchard and
shrub lopper. (replaces 14-60.)
Tool designed for heavy lifting of pots and
other objects. Resize for various projects.
Durable nylon straps.
Bahco P16-60-F Lopper
24” Bypass, oval steel tube handles.
Bahco P280-SL-80 Lopper
32” super light, heavy duty lopper. (replace
7” Tubular Soil Sampler—PEC SS76971
Stainless Steel, 1/2” Diameter x 7” sample.
Bahco P19-80-F Lopper
Border Concepts Chrome Soil
32” Landscape, park, forestry, aluminum
handles. Strongest Bahco with 2” cut
19” Long, 8” handle. Chrome finish, all
one piece construction.
Bond 5945—Ultimate Pruning
Combo Set
Tree Caliper—PEC Caliper 59768
This set makes a great gift for Green
enthusiasts! Comes with a 24” Bypass
lopper, 8.5” wave edge hedge shear, and
8” bypass pruner.
Daddy Pete’s Plant Pleaser
Bond 8055 - Telescoping Hedge
DP-CM-50#: Cow Manure, organic
DP-PM-50qt: Potting Mix, organic
26” To 33” telescoping range, 11.5”
serrated blade, comes with bumpers to
reduce impact on hands, arms and
Page 14
To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
Page 31
Nursery/Garden Supplies
Hedge Shears
Baush and Lomb Packette Magnifier—
PEC MG61124
Corona AH 6970– Forged Hedge Shear
10.5” Blade, fully heat-treated for strength,
30° angled co-molded grips, limb notch in
lower blade. 12.5” Aluminum handles.
1-3/8” Diameter Lens. About the size of a
book of matches. 5X Magnification.
Folding Pocket Double Magnifier—
PEC MG61121
7/8’ Diameter foldable lenses. Use 5X or
10X power magnification. Economical.
Corona AH 6940– Forged Hedge Shear
8.5” Blade, fully heat-treated for strength,
30° angled co-molded grips, limb notch in
lower blade. 13” Aluminum handles.
ARS HS-K900Z– Telescoping Hedge Shears
Telescopes from 28” to 41.5”. Aluminum pipe
handle is light, razor sharp hard chrome tool
steel blade has chemical nickel finish. 7” Blade
10X Pocket Loupe—PEC MG61136
Compact design and strong metal case.
3/4” Diameter lens with 10x power.
Rainier Seeds T-7II Multi-Purpose
Holds up to 20 lbs. of material. Designed for
comfortable use with contoured shape and
wide adjustable neck strap. Interior parts are
made of stainless steel. Direct-drive makes
spreading quiet and easy. Replacement parts
are available but not kept in stock.
ARS HS-K1000– Superlight Hedge
Designed for extended use. Replaceable
blades are 7”, made of hard chrome tool steel.
24.5” Overall length. Red aluminum frame
Okatsune #205 Hedge Shears
Long handle.
Okatsune #205K With Bumpers
KNK-DA1S—Hori-Hori, Stainless Steel
Hori-Hori means “dig-dig”! Multipurpose – weed,
plant, divide perennials, even cut sod. Beveled for
shoveling, serrated edge for sawing. Blade is
marked for depth measurement. KNKDA1S offers a
stainless steel blade for easy cleanup and
maintenance. A favorite amongst Master
Gardeners! Vinyl sheath included.
Okatsune #217 Hedge Shears
Short handle.
Bahco P51-F Hedge Shear
Refer to current price guide (inserted into catalog) for
pricing information. Questions? Call or email.
888-314-2672 or [email protected]
Page 30
To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
23” With oval steel tube handles, rubber
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
Page 15
Tagging & Counting Supplies
Hedge Shears
& Counting
/ Long Supplies
Reach Pruners
Keson Marking Paint
Bahco P51H-SL Hedge Shear
30” With oval steel tube handles,
rubber buffers.
ARS R Series Superlight LongReach Pruners
Designed for all day use, blades are hard chrome plated to
resist rust and corrosion and are replaceable. Razor edge
bypass cut (180 style) and .5” cutting capacity. Fixed
2’ - LA-180R06; 4’ - LA-180R12; 6’ - LA-180R18
20 oz. cans, 12/case. 1 Can covers 300 feet.
Made in the USA.
Glo Orange—MP-Oglo
Keson Measuring Wheels– Telescoping
Road Runner (RR418) 15.5” diameter, 4’ circ.
Road Runner (RR318N) 12.5” diameter, 3’ circ.
Keson Stake Flags
ARS L Series Heavy Duty LongReach Pruners
2.5” x 3.5” flags on 21” stakes. 100 flags
per pack.
Glo Pink—STK21GP
Glo Orange—STK21GO
Drop forged blades provide better cutting leverage. Blades are chrome
plated to resist rust and corrosion and are replaceable. Razor edge
and .75” cutting capacity. 180 degree revolving handle. Fixed Lengths.
4’ - LA-180L12; 6’ - LA-180L18; 7’ - LA-180L21
Keson TM100
Tally Meter, single counter with no base.
ARS ZR Series Telescoping LongReach Pruners
Features tilt head with lock nut. 6’ To 10’ reach with 5 stops. 180 Is the
razor edge blade for general pruning. 190 Is the super trimmer and is
designed for manicuring and shaping. Blades are made of high-carbon
tool steel and are hard chrome plated to protect against rust. Aluminum
handle for easy handling, pole will rotate in the handle for accurate
Keson TM200
Tally Meter, single counter with base.
Keson Tally Meters, 3 and 5 Counters
Super Trimmer
Page 16
180ZR Razor
To Order Call 1-888-314-2672
Multiple counters on mountable bases. Choose
from 3 or 5 counters per base. Great for use in
field or warehouse. Rugged Keson quality.
3 Counters on Base
5 Counters on Base
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
Page 29
Long Reach Pruners / Saws
Tagging & Counting Supplies
HT-B2 Max Tapener Hand Tying Machine—MT-3704
ARS LA-15006 2’ Rose Pruner
An efficient and effective way to
stake plants and tops in
Christmas trees.
Lightweight, 180 degree revolving arm, high
steel blade, cut and hold fixture.
Miracle Garden Tie—1” and 1/2”
MT-3421: 1” x 150’ x .008 mil. (12 rolls/log)
MT-3402: 1/2” x 150’ x .008 mil. Is used in
HT-B2 Max Tapener. (24 rolls/log)
Corona TP 6830 & TP 6850– 12’ & 14’ Dual Compound Action
Tree Pruners
12’- TP-6830. 1.25” Cutting capacity, curved 13” Razor Tooth Saw
Blade, lightweight fiberglass telescoping pole and 24” foam grip.
Exclusive Powerglide rope pull system.
14’- TP-6850. 1.25” Cutting capacity, curved 13” conventional saw,
lightweight fiberglass telescoping pole and 28” foam grip. Exclusive
Powerglide rope pull system.
Solid Color Roll Flagging—Texas Embossed
Bond 8202—7.5” Professional
Folding Saw
-Standard colors: 2.0 mil thick, 1” x 300’ rolls
-PresGlo colors: 3.0 mil thick, 1” x 150’ rolls
-Purple available only in Taffeta material.
Standard Colors
“Turbo Blade” gives you optimal efficiency,
blade is high carbon steel and heat-treated.
PresGlo Colors
Corona RS 7041– Folding Razor Tooth
Pruning Saw—7”
Patterned Roll Flagging—Matte Grade
Checkerboard, Polka Dot and Striped Patterns
Replaceable 7” blade, 3-sided razor teeth,
cushioned handle, hanging hole. For small to
medium branches.
Corona RS 7265– Folding Razor Tooth
-Standard colors: 2.0 mil thick, 1 3/16” x 300’ rolls
-PresGlo colors: 2.0 mil thick, 1 3/16” x 150’ rolls
Pruning Saw—10”
Replaceable 10” blade, 3-sided razor teeth.
Curved blade for faster cutting, ergonomic
design with comfortable handle.
**Not all colors in all patterns are kept in stock. Please check with
us for availability of specific colors and patterns before placing your
Standard Colors
PresGlo Colors
Okatsune #113 Pruning Folding Saw
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Greenscape Tools, Inc.
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Tree Carts
Border Concepts 24” Purple Tree & Shrub
ARS SA-GR17– Multi-Purpose Folding Saw
Curved blade and handle makes a comfortable
fitting saw. Light and compact but great for
heavy sawing. Hard chrome tool steel,
Marquench hardened blade. 6.5” Blade length,
15” overall length.
29” W x 58” T, fits through 30” openings
making this cart versatile. 1,200 lbs.
Purple Cart Utility T-Tray—BC-90495
Detachable tray, 28” W x 29” D, 400 lbs. cap.
Felco F-600 Folding Miracle Saw
14” overall length, 6” blade. Can handle
branches up to 4”. Replaceable rust-resistant
steel blade. Non-slip comfort handle with
locking system.
Corona RS 7120– Razor Tooth Saw—13”
3-Sided razor teeth, replaceable curved blade,
cushioned co-molded pistol grip.
Felco F-611 Pruning Saw With Sheath
20” overall length, 12.5” blade. Will cut 9”
branches. Sheath for left or right. Ergonomic,
non-slip handle.
Border Concepts 24” Yellow Tree &
Shrub Cart—BC-90500
35” W x 62” T, fits through 36” openings.
1,200 lbs. capacity.
Yellow Cart Utility T-Tray—BC90505
Detachable tray, 28” W x 25” D, 400 lbs. cap.
Felco F-621 Pruning Saw With Sheath
16.5 “ overall length, 9.5” blade. Same quality
blade as on 600 and 610. Easy pull action.
Great for precision pruning.
Border Concepts 30” Orange Tree &
Shrub Cart—BC-90550
35” W x 70” T, fits through 36” openings.
1,600 lbs. capacity.
Corona PS 4081—Raker Tooth Pruning
20” Curved blade designed for faster cutting of
large branches, green wood. Blade is made of
tempered steel alloy.
Bahco 10-30-23 & 10-24-23 Bow Saws
Heavy duty 30” and 24” bow saws with
greenwood blades.
Orange Cart Utility T-Tray—BC90555
Detachable tray, 34” W x 28” D, 400 lbs. cap.
Border Concepts 2
Wheel Retail/ Off
Loading Cart—BC 90600
8” Wide flotation tires.
Tray is 24” x 60”. 1,000 lbs.
Corona BS 4020– 24” Bow Saw
Lightweight, tubular steel frame. Replaceable
steel alloy blade, safety tension lever.
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B & B Tools / Tree Carts
Pruning & Grafting Knives
W.W. Manufacturing T-Handle Twister (21B)
16” Overall length, crimper on end with t-handle.
W.W. Manufacturing Combi Twister (21A)
Refer to current price guide
(inserted into catalog)
for pricing information.
16” Overall length, J-hook on end with crimper in handle.
W.W. Manufacturing Pigtail Twister (21C)
16” Overall length, t-handle with pigtail hook on end.
Call or email.
888-314-2672 or
[email protected]
Victorinox Paring Knives
882-R 882-R 3.25” pointed blade
W.W. Manufacturing Ball Carrier
Steel tubing construction, 44.5” overall length, designed for
maneuvering balled trees by hand.
891-R 3.25” straight blade
All purpose, ideal for pruning, cutting soft
Victorinox 39-045
Double blade, two in one knife, 4”. Red
Victorinox 19-050
All-purpose knife. 2.25” blade with 3.5”
handle. Black.
W.W. Manufacturing 24” Ball Cart
24” Ball Cart made in the USA. By maker of
King of Spades. WWM 224 has wheelbarrow
type tires and capacity of 800 lbs. WWM 224F
has flotation tires with capacity of 1,000 lbs.
Tray available: WWM 67T.
Victorinox 39-050
All-purpose knife. 2.25” blade with 3.5”
handle. Red.
Victorinox 40689
Diamond steel, 12” Oval, Hollow core
sharpening steel.
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Greenscape Tools, Inc.
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Pruning & Grafting Knives / Shearing Knives
Victorinox 19-060
Great for light pruning and grafting. 2.25”
blade with 4” handle. Black.
W.W. Manufacturing King Of Spades Ultra Lite Spade
12” Straight edge blade, all steel construction, lightest spade.
Replaceable foot pad. 40.5” OAL.
Victorinox 39-060
Great for light pruning and grafting. 2.25”
blade with 4” handle. Red.
Wolverine DH12SB
All Brushking knives are made of German stainless steel which has
developed the reputation of being among the finest available. With
proper sharpening and care, these knives will last for years.
Brushking 16” Razor Blade with 5.5” Handle
26” D-Handle steel spade with 12” straight edge steel blade. All
Wolverine Steel Spade blades are heat-treated and extra thick, mill
sharpened, closed back with forward step. Handles are powder coated
for smoothness and comfort.
Wolverine DH15SB
26” D-Handle with 15” straight steel blade.
Brushking 16” Razor Blade with 10” Handle
Wolverine DH15DP
26” D-Handle with 15” diamond point steel blade.
Brushking 16” Serrated Blade with 5.5” Handle
Wolverine LH12SB
Brushking 16” Serrated Blade with 10” Handle
Brushking 16” Razor Blade with 14” Handle
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54” Long handle with 12” straight edge steel blade.
Wolverine LH15SB
54” Long handle with 15” straight edge steel blade.
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
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Shovels / Spades
Shearing Knives / Long Handle Tools
W.W. Manufacturing King Of Spades Long Handle Shovel
11” Round blade with pointed edge. 62.5” Overall length. Welded blade
and handle.
W.W. Manufacturing King Of Spades
Victorinox 14” Razor Blade With 5” Fibrox Handle—FOR 40544
Victorinox quality stainless steel blade with lightweight Fibrox handle.
Victorinox 14” Serrated Blade With 5” Fibrox Handle—FOR 40642
Stainless steel blade with lightweight Fibrox handle.
All King of Spades spades and shovels are made of all steel and are
strong & rust resistant. They also come with a 5 year warranty against
breakage under normal use.
Victorinox 14” Razor Blade With 5” Rosewood Handle—FOR 40147
Stainless steel blade with strong rosewood handle.
W.W. Manufacturing King Of Spades KS-S
13” Straight edge welded blade. D-handle and replaceable foot pad.
40” OAL.
Victorinox 14” Serrated Blade With Rosewood Handle—FOR 40148
Stainless steel blade with strong rosewood handle.
W.W. Manufacturing King Of Spades KS-S 15
15” Straight edge welded blade. D-handle and replaceable foot pad.
42” OAL.
Wolverine W24BBP
24” Wide Contractors Broom with Blue Poly
Bristles and 60” Wooden Handle
KS-D 15—15” Diamond Point
Blade w/ D-handle
W.W. Manufacturing King Of Spades LH-S 15
Long handle spade, 15” straight edge blade. Replaceable foot pad.
65” OAL.
W.W. Manufacturing King Of Spades LH-S
Long handle spade, 13” straight edge blade. Replaceable foot pad.
63” OAL.
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Corona FK 72065– Forged 5-Tine Manure Fork
54” Oval-shaped aluminum handle with vinyl coating. Forged, tempered
steel heads are strong and will last.
Corona FK 74010 Ensilage Fork—10 Tine
Heavy-duty construction with 30” steel and
Northern Ash D-handle. Oval tines (10) are
closely spaced and made of forged, tempered
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
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Long Handle Tools
Long Handle Tools / Shovels
Corona AX 71020– Forged Pulaski Root Grubbing Tool
Extra-sharp axe blade and triangular-shaped
work well cutting roots in soil and underneath large
-core fiberglass handle with poly jacket.
mattock blade
roots, 36” solid
Corona UT 22000 Grass Whip
9.25” Double edged serrated blade, 30” wood handle. Used
tall grass and weeds.
to trim
Wolverine WD 100 D-handle Shovel
29” Wood d-handle, #2 round-point shovel.
Corona PD 10000– Post Hole Digger
48” Hardwood handles and 15-gauge tempered steel heads.
Wolverine WD F4TS 4” Trenching Shovel
48” Fiberglass handle, 4” steel blade, closed back.
Corona RK 25024 Poly Leaf Rake—24”
Medium-capacity leaf rake for general cleanup. 24” Poly
head with long wood handle.
Corona RK 65061– Bow Head Rake
14” Bow-head is great for working in tight places, extra-thick tempered
steel tines are strong, 60” oval-shaped aluminum handle
is light but
Corona SS 68010—Aluminum D-Handle
30” Northern Ash wood handle, d-handle makes
for easier turning of material. Works well in
close quarters, lightweight but high-strength
Wolverine FL200
48” Long Handled Contractor Shovel, #2 Square
Point, 48” Fiberglass Handle with Comfort Grip.
Dura Rake
Made of aircraft quality tubing and is heattreated for strength and longevity. Heads
are replaceable with machine bolts.
Corona SS 60020– Round Point Closed-Back Shovel
Wolverine SLR24
24” Wide Steel Landscape Rake, 66” Steel
Powder Coated Handle with Poly Grip. Heat
Treated Steel Head.
48” Solid-core fiberglass handle with poly jacket and welded closedback design ensure strength and longer life. Sharpened blade edges
penetrate easily.
Wolverine SL600
Corona FH 70000 Forged Draw Hoe
Forged and tempered 6.25” blade with sharpened edge, 60” wood
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48” Steel handle, #2 round point heavy duty steel blade. Long handle is
great for shoveling mulch, leveling soil, placing stones and mulch in
landscaping. Has forward turned step.
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
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