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Clearwater Beach Newsletter
APRIL / 2013 ISSUE 20
In 1954, when Clearwater was s young, small town with lots of pride, there came a moment when we needed to celebrate.
So, Fun 'N Sun was born. Some people believe it was started by the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce with the hope of
encouraging winter visitors to linger longer. However, it was the residents who embraced the event and asked for more.
At first it was a simple parade, so frequent an event in tourist oriented Florida that large floats were created and moved
from town to town. Local organizations and businesses decorated them for their own use, adding lots of pretty girls, dressed
in lovely outfits, who waved gracefully from the slowly moving flower be-decked platforms. A few handsome men provided
backdrops for the girls on the floats. For the rest, the floats proclaimed the virtues of entities wishing to make themselves known.
All the bands in town, high school, middle school, Shriners and any military in the area, provided marchable music.
Students from baton twirler schools performed along the way, showcasing the talents of even the tiniest performers. Boy
Scouts and Girl Scouts paraded in their uniforms. Shriners road their performing motorcycles.
Cheerfully escorting the floats and marchers were a troop of clowns, weaving in and out, teasing children, flirting with the
audience and sometimes handing out candy to the little ones.
City dignitaries rode in brand new cars, loaned by the dealers in town. The current Miss Clearwater always graced a
convertible, sitting precautiously on the top of the back seat, managing a smile and a wave regardless of the weather.
The parade formed in Crest Lake Park, from which the route went smoothly west, through downtown, past the reviewing
stand in Downtown Clearwater, and on to Coachman Park on the bayfront, where it disbanded.
Delight in the event soon spread into other associated activities. There were talent shows at the High School, flower shows
at the Garden Center and an annual Fish Fry, hosted by the Clearwater Historical Society.
As years went by and Clearwater gained some sophistication, so did the Fun 'N Sun. The City's Parks and Recreation
Department was kept busy incorporating new events until, at one point, the celebration became so big that it lasted for three
weeks. Organizations Citywide scheduled regular events for Fun 'N Sun Week and renamed them after the festival, some of
them as exotic as the Japanese Culture And Lantern Fest, or as routine as the annual Horseshoe Tournament, renamed.
In 2006, the City's part of the expenses of the event came to $106,812. Concerts, some of them sponsored by local
businesses, were held in Coachman Park. There was a Jazz
Fest, a classic rock concert and country music.
Is it worth it? Old timers and newcomers will agree it is. For,
memories are made of this. You may be 80 years old, hardly
able to walk around the block, but you can remember the day
you marched Cleveland Street with all flags flying and
excitement in your heart.
Story by Anne Garris, photos courtesy of City of Clearwater
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CITY HALL 562-4250
112 S. Osceola Avenue
MAYOR OFFICE . . . . . . . . . . . 562-4050
MAYOR - George N. Cretekos - Seat 1
CITY COUNCIL . . . . . . . . . . . . 562-4042
Doreen Hock-DiPolito - Seat 2
Jay Polglaze - Seat 3 Bill Jonson - Seat 4
Paul F. Gibson (Vice-Mayor) - Seat 5
CITY MANAGER . . . . . . . . . . . . 562-4040
William Horne
BUILDING PERMITS . . . . . . . . 562-4558
HUMAN RESOURCES . . . . . . . 562-4870
PLANNING & ZONING . . . . . 562-4567
PUBLIC SERVICES . . . . . . . . . . 562-4950
PUBLIC UTILITIES . . . . . . . . . . 562-4600
CLEARWATER GAS. . . . . . . . . . 562-4980
SOLID WASTE . . . . . . . . . . . . . 562-4920
PIER 60 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 462-6466
MARINA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 462-6954
PARKS AND REC . . . . . . . . . . . 562-4800
PUBLIC LIBRARY . . . . . . . . . . . 562-4970
VISITOR INFO CENTER . . . . . . 442-3604
EMERGENCIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-1-1
FIRE DEPARTMENT . . . . . . . . . 562-4334
POLICE HOTLINE. . . . . . . . . . . 562-4080
------------------------------------------------CHAMBER OF COMMERCE . . . 447-7600
333 South Gulfview Blvd, Clearwater Beach
SAND KEY PARK . . . . . . . . . . . 588-4852
Shelter Reservations,
MARINE AQUARIUM . . . . . . . 441-1790
249 Windward Passage, Island Estates
1001 Gulf Blvd, Sand Key
JOLLEY TROLLEY . . . . . . . . . . 445-1200
483 Mandalay Avenue, Suite 213
830 Bayway Blvd South
Kris Hampsey, President . . . . . 441-4188
. . . . . 813-486-4430
John Murphy
ROTARY, Clearwater Beach meets every
Thursday, 12:15pm at Shephard’s lunch
Adam Bottie, President . . . . 466-8692
Wendy Hutkin, President . . . . 216-3274
. . . . . . . . . 443-7032
Cathy Foley
Meets first Wednesdays each month at the
Clearwater Community Sailing Center
Arlene Musselwhite, President 644-7524
. . . 813-335-6770
Mary Lau, President
Mary Wadsworth, President . . 447-7182
. . . . . . . . 446-4410
Anne Garris
David Allbritton, President . . . 481-5102
------------------------------------------------PINELLAS COUNTY INFO . . . . 464-3000
COMMISSION OFFICES. . . . . . 464-3000
Susan Latvala, CWB/Island Estates 464-3276
Karen Seel, Sand Key. . . . . . . . 464-3278
Senator Jack Latvala . . . . . 727-545-9566
Republican, District 20
2050 Tall Pines Drive, Suite A, Largo
[email protected]
Representative Larry Ahern 727-545-6421
Republican, District 66
5511 Park Street N. St. Petersburg
[email protected]
Governor Rick Scott
[email protected]
Marco Rubio . . . . . . . . . . . 202-224-3041
Bill Nelson . . . . . . . . . . . . . 202-224-5274
Rep Bill Young . . . . . . . . . . 727-394-6950
9210 113th St, Seminole, Fl 33772
Fun N Sun Fest
Frenchy’s Sugar Sand Festival 19-28
Blues, Bikes & BBQ
Earth Day 2013
Arbor Day
Blast Friday
Sun N Fun Music Series
Biggest Beach Party Ever
Schools Closed Professional Day 29
Loggerhead Turtle Season Begins
Fish Fry Historical Society
Diggin’ The Arts Botanical Gardens 5
Restaurant Week Kick Off
Postal Workers Food Drive
Restaurant Week
Mother’s Day
Stone Crab Season Ends
Cooters Birthday Party
Swim Across America - Pier 60
Safe Boating Week
Blast Friday (Final of the Season) 24
Abilities Wine Tasting
Memorial Day
Hurricane Season Begins
CCSC Summer Luau
Beach Chamber Annual Dinner
Last Day Public School
Sunset Run Pier 60
Flag Day
Sunset Run at Pier 60
Antique Appraisal Heritage Village 15
Father’s Day
First Day of Summer
Morton Plant / Mease Triathlon
The City is taking full advantage of
bragging rights after USA TODAY named
Clearwater Florida’s Best Beach Town.
These new window decal are available, free
to area residents and businesses, but it is
only available are the Beaches Chamber’s
office on BeachWalk. It can be put on a
merchant’s front door or your car.
The city will spend $20,000 to construct
and install new entranceway signs at four
entrance points to Clearwater and
Clearwater Beach. The signs which cost $3,000 each plus
an additional $2,000 for installation will replace those
installed in 2004 designating Clearwater as #1 Florida
Sports Town by Sports Illustrated.
The placement of the four signs will be the Courtney
Campbell Causeway, Pier 60 Park, the Sand Key Triangle
and Edgewater Drive at the Dunedin boundary.
Clearwater Beach beat other major cities such as, Key West,
Siesta Key, Sanibel Island, Pensacola Beach and Miami
South Beach.
Even with being named Florida’s Best Beach Town, due to
cooler weather, Clearwater Beach experienced a lighter
than usual spring break in March. Highs in the 60s during
Pinellas and Pasco County spring breaks, kept the locals
from spending their days and nights at the beach. On a
typical spring break day, there would normally be 55,000
to 60,000 cars going through the roundabout. During
March, it was more like 35,000. Tourists still attended
Clearwater Marine Aquarium in records numbers. The Pier
60 concessions sold lots of hot chocolate and sweatshirts.
When the weather warmed up for Easter weekend though,
the crowds were back in full force.
While the weather was colder than most locals would like, it
did not seem to stop the thousands of people from traveling
here from northern states for their Spring Break. All area
hotels said they were full and had a great numbers for
spring break. We had record numbers in 2012, and it looks
like we broke those records this year. It felt busier this year
because Easter was at the end of March causing the season
to be compacted.
Most of the traffic came in the month of March. “Even when
the weather is cold or rainy here, the spring breakers find
other things to do,” Says Darlene Kole, President of the
Beaches Chamber. “They go to the Clearwater Aquarium,
the museums and shopping.”
"We basically doubled the number of Police on the beach
during Spring Break. You may not be able to tell that
because they are not riding around in cars and many are
not in uniform. Some are in our utility vehicle, called the
GATOR, some are
on bikes, some are
walking around, not
in uniform. We have
several unmarked
police cars out here,
too. We even have a
'Special Crimes Unit'
on the beach
looking to stop
special crimes that
may be happening." Lt David H Dalton and Officer Adam Jaques,
Community Liaison & Anti-Crime Team
Did You Know...
CLOSED March 24,
after a sold-out
performance by
veteran comic
Gallagher, The
Capitol Theatre
closed for
Gallagher’s show
was preceded by a
ceremony where
Ruth Eckerd Hall,
President & CEO
Zev Buffman,
Clearwater Mayor George Cretekos and Gallagher
unveiled the final rendering for the new Capitol Theatre.
The rendering is hanging on the exterior of the 93-year
old theatre. The Capitol Theatre is scheduled to reopenin the Fall of2013. Clearwater Mayor George
Cretekos presented Gallagher with a commemorative
sledgehammer prior to the performance. This was also
Gallagher’s last public performance in the Tampa Bay
area. Photo Credit: Jeff O’Kelley.
nesting season begins May 1 and ends Oct. 31.
Residents and local businesses are asked to shut off or
dim lights at night and to follow Clearwater city
ordinance requirements for beach homes and businesses,
parking lots, streets, and promenades. This precaution
can reduce the amount of artificial light that reaches
turtle nests and will help hatchlings reach the water
safely, since newly hatched turtles find their way to the
sea by following the natural light reflected by the water.
The Tampa Bay area averages about 120 nests each
season, each of which can contain an average of 100 to
110 eggs. If you come across a turtle nest on the beach,
don’t disturb it. If the nest is unmarked, notify the
Clearwater Marine Aquarium at 441-1790, ext. 224.
NEED ANOTHER COPY? Pick up another copy of this
newsletter at the Beach Chamber Office, The Beach Rec
Center, Island Estates Print Shack, Shorty’s Gourmet Deli or
the Island Estates UPS store.
OUR NEXT ISSUE IS JUNE Read this, as well as other
issues, online at
FC Florida’s U19
Girls soccer team,
coached by Ken
Cugino, and the U16
Girls soccer team,
coached by Bryan
Wyant and Paul
Montgomery, won
their age groups at
the GYSA Cup
Competition held in
March. The U16
Girls won both their games in extra time - the Semifinal
in double overtime and the Final in penalty kicks after
two overtime periods. The U19 Girls dominated their
competition with wins of 4-1 over Clearwater in the
Semifinal and 4-2 over Palm Harbor in the Finals.
Congratulations to all the players and coaches.
March the
Sailing Center
hosted the
Regatta for the
second time.
19 boats from
around the
country showed up for a perfect weekend of racing with
winds were from the east north east at 10 to 15 knots the
first day with a westerly sea breeze coming in around 2 PM.
The Windmill Class sailboat is part of Clearwater sailing
history. The responsive two person boat was designed by
Clark Mills designer of the world famous Opti Pram. Clark’s
vision was for a boat that people would be able to move
into after they out grew the Opti. What he came up with
was a lively two person boat that was easy to sail and
performed well in a wide range of sailing conditions. The
Center’s goal for 2014 is to have 40 boats travel here.
Carlouel Yacht Club has a
new swim coach, Coach Ian
O’Neil. His duties include
developing new athletic
programs and family services.
Prior to accepting the position,
O’Neil served as the aquatics
director at Countryside
Country Club where he was
employed since 1991.
Additionally, he served as the
head swim coach at
Countryside High School for the past 12 years and was
honored as Pinellas county “Coach of the Year” in 2002,
2004, and 2009. Ian was also nominated as 2012
Pinellas County Athletic Conference (PCAC) boys team
coach of the year. O’Neil is the current president of the
Tampa Bay Aquatics swim team board Carlouel
participates in the 9th branch of Tampa Bay Aquatics
(TBAY), which currently has over 700 swimmers. Visit or call 446-9162 for more information.
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED If you are interested in history
and have some spare time, Heritage Village in Largo is in
need of volunteers, young and old to act as docents, craft
demonstrators and a receptionist. They also need historic
house caretakers and people to adopt their historical
structures to help to keep them maintained and tidy. If
are interested please call 582-2125.
one-drip-per-second leak
can waste up to seven
gallons of water in one day,
so take time this month to
fix your leaky faucets. Also,
when possible, take a
shower instead of a bath. A
typical five minute shower
uses about 28 gallons less
water than a bath.
Q & A with Cesar A. Lara, M.D.,
Voted Best Weight Loss Practitioner in Tampa Bay
A reader asked, “Dr. Lara, I have weight I want to lose,
but how can I tell if I am at risk of Diabetes as well?”
A: This is a great question. Here are a few ways to
identify your relative risk of Diabetes:
• Waist Circumference 1 (Relative Risk of Diabetes)
e 28’’ – 29” : times is GREATER RISK of having Diabetes
e 30” – 31” : 4.6 times
e 31” – 33” : 8.7 times
e 34” – 35” : 12.1 times
e 36” – 37” : 16.7 times
e > 38” : 22.4 times
• BMI 2 (Relative Risk of Diabetes)
e < 21 : 1 times
e 21 – 22.9 : 1.2 times
e 23 – 24.9 : 3.1 times
e 25 – 28.9 : 9.6 times
e 29 – 30.9 : 12.7 times
e > 22.9 : 18.1 times
• Excess Weight 3
o For every 2.2lbs of excess weight, the risk of
Diabetes increases by 9%
Want the Best Weight Loss Practioner to answer your
question? Submit them to [email protected] and
visit us online for more valuable information at
1 Carey et al. American J. of Epidiol. 1997
2 Carey et al. American J. of Epidiol. 1997
3 Mokdad DH. Diabetes Care. 2000
The 24th annual Abilities Wine Tasting is Saturday, May 25
at the Armed Forces History Museum, 2050 34th Way N.,
Largo, FL. The event features premium wines, restaurants,
and auction items. Abilities’ is Florida’s longest-running
and most prosperous one-night tasting, netting $3.54
million to date.
“Museum officials were gracious hosts last year, and we
are delighted to be back,” said Foundation CEO Frank De
Lucia. “Our guests were fascinated with the museum’s
authentic re-creation of the military defense of our nation.”
The tasting begins with a VIP Officer’s Club Reception from
6-9 p.m., followed by the Grand Tasting from 7-9 p.m.
Restaurants scheduled to attend are Salt Rock Grill, Island
Way Grill, Parkshore Grill, 400 Beach Drive, O’Bistro,
Ricky P’s New Orleans Bistro and Vincenzo’s Grill.
Grand Tasting tickets cost $50 in advance; $75 after May
13; and $85 at the door. Tickets for the VIP Reception
include entry to the Grand Tasting and cost $100 in
advance; $150 after May 13; and $175 at the door. Buy
tickets online at or call 727600-8911. Designated driver tickets cost $40 and can only
be purchased by calling 727-600-8911.
Proceeds benefit the Abilities Foundation, the 501c3
support organization for the Service Source Regional
Office, a 501c3 nonprofit that has helped thousands of
Floridians and military veterans with disabilities obtain jobs
and affordable housing. For information visit
B E A C H ,
Where the Locals Hang Out
It’s laid back and casual. Been that way since we
started in 1926. Here everyone’s somebody and
nobody cares. We overlook the Gulf of Mexico; the
beach is at our front door and the sunsets are pretty
terrific. There’s live entertainment most days, as long
as we can find the extension cord.
Great food. Happy hour: Monday - Friday 4-7 p.m.
Palm Pavilion Beachside Grill & Bar
£äÊ>ÞÊë>˜>`iÊÊUÊÊ œÀ̅Ê
Restaurant News...
has begun on
the new
restaurant that
will be on the
roof of the
Beach Marina
office building.
This southwest,
Mexican themed restaurant, is being build by Frank
Chivas, a Belleair Bluffs resident and the managing
partner for Bay Star Restaurants which includes Marlin
Darlin, Island Way Grill, Salt Rock Grill and others. There
is no announced target date, but it will likely be late 2013.
RESTAURANT WEEK The 4th Annual Clearwater Beach
Restaurant Week is starting Mother’s Day, May 12th. Last
year, 32 area restaurants participated. They hope for even
more this year. Everything kicks off with a pre-party on
BeachWalk on Friday, May 10th with a concert featuring
award winner Nick Colionne. Get more information at
PIZZA BIZZAR This new pizza company has opened
where Little Italian Pizza and also Veni Vici Pizza used to
be at 1261 Gulf Blvd. They have been open almost a
month and specialize in Greek pizza and Mediterranean
Cuisine. Call them at 595-1000, or get more info at
HOOTERS Hooters in Clearwater Beach opened last year
on June 4 and will be celebrating their first anniversary
soon. This was their 12th store in the Tampa Bay area. The
Clearwater Beach store employees over 75 employees.
TODAY Owned in part by Mike "A-Train" Alstott and
Dave Moore, the restaurant is the creation of restaurant
owner Frank Chivas, who partnered with the former
Buccaneer’s running back and tight end. Island Way
Grill boasts that it's "all about fresh fish. The restaurant
has its own boats, which make daily trips to the
middlegrounds to bring back fresh tuna, mahi, snapper,
and other local species. Fish is cooked around an oak
and citrus-fired open pit. Their motto - If it's any fresher,
it is still in the Gulf.
CLOSED Thai Gardens Restaurant, South Beach area.
Sunset Cinema is celebrating three years of free movies
on the beach every Friday and Saturday. That is over 200
free movies and a lot of popcorn. Occasionally other days
are added for special occasions. All the regular pier
activities, such as artisans, crafters, street performers and
live music will also take place. Beach towels, blankets and
low lawn chairs are welcome. Movies begin at dusk.
Popcorn and beverages will be available on site.
Frenchy’s Sugar Sand Festival (19th-28th)
19 DOLPHIN TALE (Special Event)
26 DOLPHIN TALE (again)
17 ANNIE (1983)
Registration for summer camp programs at Clearwater
recreation facilities is underway. Camp begins June 10
for children entering grades 1 through 8. All Clearwater
camps will focus on character development by
emphasizing a different positive character trait each
week. Campers will also enjoy days full of activities such
as sports, games, field trips, crafts and more. Camp
prices start as low as $75 per week, and scholarships
may be available for Clearwater children who qualify
for free or reduced lunch. All camps provide supervision
from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm and fees include field trips. A
full list of scheduled camps is online at Call one of the recreation
facilities below for more information about their
The Long Center - 793-2320
Countryside Recreation Center - 669-1914
Ross Norton Rec. & Aquatic Complex - 462-6025
Moccasin Lake Nature Park - 793-2976
North Greenwood Rec. & Aquatic Complex - 462-6276
Summer camp registration is available online and forms
can be downloaded at
Business Briefs...
Shephards Beach Resort’s expansion began February 1st.
They are adding 90 new rooms, more parking, 7000
square feet of pool and deck with 100 cabanas and a
pool bar. Plans call for a renovated waterfront restaurant
and private dining areas plus additional meeting room
space and a 11,000 SF Tiki Bar area with concert stage.
During the construction process, Shepards still has 40
rooms, the restaurant, tiki bar and night club open for
business. The construction is expected to be completed by
January 2014. Watch the construction process at
LEATHER IN THE SHOPPES This new store opened in
the Shoppes of Sand Key. The Leather Shoppe is in the
very middle of the shopping center and features nothing
but leather products such as purses, wallets, backpacks,
hats and more. Check them out online at
SURF STYLE WEB SITE Surf Style, the large store on
BeachWalk next to the Hyatt, launched a new web site on
April 1st, This is their first venture into
eCommerce and allows customers to buy their products
online. You can also learn about memberships and
events and parties, make FlowRider reservations and
even watch others ride in live.
STUDIO Core Fitness
Studios is a brand
new Group Fitness
Studio in Clearwater
Beach offering TRX
Suspension training,
Barre Fitness, Yoga
and Cardio Dance.
They are located in
the Pelican Walk
Plaza at 483
Mandalay Avenue
#210 Clearwater Beach (just above Hulk Hogan) They
are a division of Core Fitness Solution, a live-in fitness
camp in Madeira Beach.
heard that the proposed five story Hampton Inn on
South Gulf Blvd next to the Quality Inn was approved,
but not by everyone. Although it was approved by the
Board of Adjustment and Development Department, the
City Council voted 4-3 to not approve the project for a
variety of reasons. The owners and the owners
representative Stephen Page with Beach and Bay Realty
were surprised by the rejection. “We had worked closely
with the city’s two boards and thought we had followed
all the rules,” says Page.
More Business Briefs...
Finally, the old Belleair
Flooring building
between Marlin’ Darlin’
Restaurant and US
AmeriBank has a new
sign and a new tenant.
Belleair Wealth
Management moved
from its original office of
over12 years to its “new digs” at the corner of West Bay
Drive and Indian Rocks Road in Belleair Bluffs. The new
office is open and available to help with investment
advice and portfolio management. Belleair Wealth is an
independent Registered Investment Advisor with two
Investment Advisor Representatives and four Registered
Representatives. They offer securities through
Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. although they are
not affiliated with TFA.
COURTYARD MARRIOTT Plans are still underway to
build a new hotel, restaurant and marina on East Shore
Drive, about a block north of the Causeway, just passed
Papaya Street. The proposed hotel, a new Courtyard by
Marriott will have two dozen docks and be part of the
new boardwalk planned for that area. No construction
date has been announced yet.
Walgreens new
beach store is well
under construction.
Corporate says the
new store should
open this summer
and will replace the
store in South Beach.
MARINA BUILDING The Clearwater Beach Marina’s
management office has moved into their new offices
downstairs inside the Marina building. The new RE/MAX
Realty / Action First is also open on the east end.
Ron and Marya Flurnoy and
Team have been designing
interiors for Belleair and
Clearwater Beach residents
for over 24 years. In their
newest studio Creative
Window, located at 231
Indian Rocks Road N., they specialize in custom
draperies, window coverings, and home creations as well
as shutters, motorized shades and Hunter Douglas
window products. Every person on the team gives their
talent and love to each residential or commercial project.
For complete interior design and decorating, stop at
either location and receive a complementary Design Tool
Kit. It any new window treatment order will receive a gift
card to E&E Stakeout Grill. Visit or call 727-539-1971 for
an interior that feels good inside.
The Girl Scouts were started in March, 101 years ago by
Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah, Georgia. They were
called Girl Guides, but changed their name to Girl Scouts
in 1913.
They have been selling cookies since 1917, and it is each
local scout troop’s major fundraiser. The first cookie sales
were done by a troop in Oklahoma. In 1922, the Girl
Scout magazine, The American Girl, suggested cookie sales
to other troops and provided recipes. The girls baked the
cookies, the first ones being sugar cookies. In 1933, the
Girl Scouts organized it into an official sale, selling
homemade cookies through the windows of local utilities.
In 1936, they began to use commercial bakers to mass
produce their cookies.
During World War II, because there was a shortage of flour,
sugar and butter, customers were limited to two boxes per
family so the Girl Scouts sold calendars in addition to
cookies. There were 48 cookies per box, available in either
vanilla or chocolate.
Girl Scouts have always sold cookies to relatives, friends,
and neighbors. Because of safety concerns, in recent years
an increased emphasis has been placed on cookie booths,
allowing girls to sell cookies from tables in public areas
under the supervision of adult troop leaders and parents,
rather than going door-to-door. Many troops sponsor a
program to send cookies to our troops overseas.
Each Girl Scout Council operates its own cookie sale.
About 70% of the proceeds stay in the local Girl Scout
Council, with a portion that goes directly to the troop selling
the cookies. Revenues at all levels are used to pay for Girl
Scouts events and activities, maintenance of the councils,
Girl Scout camps and other things.
Companies, such as Little Brownie Bakers (which is owned
by Keebler, who is owned by Kelloggs), and ABC Bakers, a
subsidiary of InterBake Foods, make and box most of the
cookies nationwide.
Thin Mints make up 25% of their sales. Other popular
cookies are Caramel de Lites, Samoas, Peanut Butter
Patties, Tagalongs, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, So-Si-Dos,
Shortbreads, Trefoils, Thanks-A-Lot, Mango and others.
Nationwide, the Girl Scouts sell
over 200 million boxes a year.
This type of fundraising is used
to teach Girl Scouts valuable
skills in planning, teamwork,
finance, organization,
communication and goal
The Tampa Bay area is part of
the Girl Scouts of West Central
Florida. If you want to join the
Girl Scouts locally, go to or call 1800-881-4475.
Girl Scout Cookies can only be
purchased from the girls and
only during cookie season. This
year’s cookie season has
ended, but look for them again
next year, right after the
Katryna Currey, age 12,
of Girl Scout Troop 140.
It’s coming. Soon your local letter carrier will leave a
bag in your mail box, an appeal to help with the largest
single-day food drive in the country. On Saturday, May
11th, the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC)
will hold its 21st annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.
Carriers will collect non-perishable food donations left
by mailboxes and in post offices and deliver them to
local community food banks, pantries, and shelters. Last
year more than 70 million pounds of food was collected
according to NALC President Fredric Rolando. He
explains, “What we see on our routes drives us to do
what we can to help millions of Americans get the food
their families so desperately need.” In the twenty year
history of the food drive, more than one billion pounds
of food has been collected across the nation.
In Pinellas County, RCS Food Bank is preparing for the
expected influx of emergency food. “The timing of the
Letter Carrier’s Food Drive is excellent,” according to
RCS Director of Development CJ Crooks. “For many
students on free or reduced lunch, school offers their
only real meal of the day. During the summer, families
need help to make ends meet. Summer feeding
programs for kids rarely provide transportation, and
often parents are working.” The pre-summer food drive
helps food banks everywhere refill after depleting
holiday donations. Recipients of Largo, Seminole, and
Highpoint post offices, RCS Food Bank was able to
collect 73,000 meals last year. The effort included close
to three hundred volunteers and leasing five additional
box trucks to coordinate deliveries. Volunteers are
needed to organize, sort and mark the thousands of
pounds of food that come in throughout the day.
For the 5,500 people RCS Food Bank serves each
month, the annual Stamp Out Hunger drive is crucial.
“This one day is a lifeline for the RCS Food Bank, says
RCS Food Bank Director Jerry Coleman. “Without the
donated food and effort of our local area mail carriers,
our community would struggle during May, June, and
July.” Over 50% of the members of households served
by RCS are children under 18 years old. RCS is seeking
volunteers to help with the drive on May 11th. Volunteer
opportunities range from organizing food at the
warehouse to helping load donations at local post office
branches. You can contact Deb Gatley at 727-584-3528
ext. 407 for more information or to sign up.
Many families really struggle in the summer months;
• Families with school age children reliant on the freebreakfast and free-lunch programs must find alternative
food sources.
• School-age kids on summer break need childcare
while parents are working.
• Household utility costs rise with summer temperatures.
• Reduced seasonal work in the service sector shrinks
many parents’ income in the summer months.
This year the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive is being
supported by The National Rural Letter Carriers’
Association, Campbell Soup Company, Valpak, U.S.
Postal Service, United Way, AFL-CIO, Feeding America,
Uncle Bob’s Storage, AARP, GLS, Source Direct Plastics,
Publix and Valassis. Please consider joining these
sponsors by leaving a contribution to the food drive
outside your mail box on Saturday, May 11th.
Members gathered at Salt Rock Grill for a day of food,
drinks and fun in March.
The IRB Boat Club was proud to once again donated a
Saturday morning to clean the Intracoastal Waterway. Over
a dozen members participated in Keep Pinellas Beautiful,
by using their boats to clean up a section of the Intracoastal
In March, a little bit of sea fog didn’t keep away a group of
50 people, when members boated to Salt Rock Grill in
Indian Shores for an afternoon of food, drink and fun.
When the water is too cold to swim, the IRB Boat Club’s
events are trips to restaurants. But, as the water warms up,
the events shift to island partys. Here are some of the
upcoming events:
May 4: Grand Opening - Indian Rocks Beach Boat Docks
May 16: Monthly Meeting; Jimmy Guana’s, 7pm
May 18-24: Safe Boating Week, Everywhere
June 9: Caladesi Island Party
The IRB Boat Club, part of the Indian Rocks Beach
Homeowners Association, is free to join. You do not need
to live in Indian Rocks Beach to be a member. They meet
at Jimmy Guana’s (Holiday Inn Harborside) on the third
Thursday of the month, sponsor environmental projects,
go to restaurants as a group and hold island parties when
the weather is warmer. See a complete list of Boat Club
events, pictures and more at on the Boat
Club page or follow them on Facebook. For more
information, call Bob Griffin at 517-1997 or email
[email protected]
Which is the real Tampa Bay Rays Manager Joe Maddon?
The man on the left is the Rays Manager and has had
over 600 wins; the man on the right is Dennis Schnierle
a retired seasonal Indian Rocks Beach resident.
Dennis is from Chicago and lives in Indian Rocks Beach
with his wife Mary. “People have stopped me in town and
asked for my autograph,” says Dennis. “It’s fun to be
noticed. I wish Joe and the Rays the best of luck in 2013,
except when they are playing the White Sox.”
Whether it’s a casual backyard BBQ, a Graduation party,
Wedding or Formal Affair, En Garde Catering and
Gourmet Services allows you to sit back and relax.
“Keeping up to date with the recent trends is one of the key
elements” owner, Robb Schoonmaker says. “We will come
up with these great ideas and then actually see them in
magazines months later, so we know we must be on the
right track.”
When it comes to planning an event Schoonmaker says,”
We do it all”. They (En Garde) customize all of their menus
according to the needs and likes of the client. A simple
phone call or visit to their Gourmet Retail Shop, located at
432 N. Indian Rocks Rd., is all it takes to get the party
started. Being a full service catering and event planning
company, En Garde can facilitate all the requirements
needed for a successful event. From exclusive venue
locations, to working with additional professionals in the
industry, it allows them to be able to procure other event
needs such as photographers, florists, musicians, linens,
china, glassware, silverware and “just about anything else
the client can think of”, says Lyn Eckfeldt, one of En
Garde’s creative designers. Eckfeldt says,” I love it when
the client just says ‘be creative and let me know what you
come up with’. It really helps put that personal touch on
the party”.
“Springtime is the perfect time to start planning for
Graduation Parties, Summer Events and Fall Weddings”,
says chef/owner Bill Munette. For all of your catering and
event planning needs, En Garde can be reached at (727)
489-9297 or stop by the retail shop located on Indian
Rocks Rd, just North of West Bay Dr. For additional photos
and examples of events they have done in the past you
can visit them on the web at
This year communities all over Florida are recognizing
the significance of the 500th anniversary of Juan Ponce
de León's arrival on Florida's east coast, as well as
Florida's rich heritage and diverse cultural history. At
Heritage Village, special exhibits and a family event in
May will mark this noteworthy milestone.
From May 1 through December 29, an exhibit entitled
“For God and Gold,” will feature reproduction weapons,
nautical items, clothing, camp gear, religious items and
other objects to depict everyday life during the ocean
crossing and the subsequent exploration and
colonization of Spanish Florida.
On May 19 from noon-4 p.m., the Pinellas County
Historical Society and the Pinellas Public Library
Cooperative join together for a signature event at
Heritage Village. Activities will include:
• Presentation: “Early Footprints in the Sand:
Pre-Columbian Settlements along the Pinellas
Peninsula and the Legacies of First Contact”
• Exhibit of pre-Columbian Pottery
• “For God and Gold” Exhibit
• Family Crafts and Storytelling
• Refreshments
• Time Capsule Dedication
The Fun ‘N Sun Festival started in 1954 as a way to keep snowbirds
area's most eclectic and exciting celebrations. Drawing more than 5
parties, shows and activities that encompass the entire community, f
something for everyone of all ages!
In the beginning, it was a day parade featuring local schools and b
1950s and 1960s. You can see the effort and enthusiasm that went
was changed allowing it to be a night parade. We interviewed peop
others were watching in the crowds. Here are some of their memori
I played the saxophone and marched in my Tarpon Springs high sc
but the parade was almost always on a Friday, during Lint. Of cou
my three years of high school, we were able to march in only one
the way to the Bayfront. George Cretekos, Mayor, City of Clearwate
There were two days during the school year when we were permitte
Pinellas County Fair in Largo and the other was the day of the Fun
Pinellas, and some even from Hillsborough County, assembled on
separate. The Chick Inn was in the Y. School was dismissed at noo
bands, but also the beautiful floats. The highlight was the Miss Cle
only Miss Clearwater that I can remember is Cary Bobo. She was i
Indian Rocks Beach
For a while, we lived on Cleveland Street and the Fun ‘n Sun parad
in the parade for a few years, but my parties were more fun. Darle
I remember all the colorful floats lined up along Crest Lake Park re
makeshift grandstand where the dignitaries were waiting to review
Hotel. The floats represented sports teams, beauty queen contests,
the Bay area. I always liked the Shriners on their midget scooters z
children along the sidewalks. Michael Sanders, Clearwater Historica
I believe in the earlier years, the Regional Chamber of Commerce
City sponsored event along with activities in Coachman Park and o
serpentine design of today, the parade was discontinued. But, the c
Doran, Attorney & Former City Councilman
The Fun ‘n Sun parade was the highlight of the week. But, the Panc
Pancakes! Everyone got involved in the parade and everyone wante
remember was the talent show held at Clearwater High School. As
show when she was in 10th grade and sang “I Can’t Say No”. Art
Between 1975 and 1977, I managed the City of Tampa’s official fl
parades including the Fun ‘n Sun. Since it was one of the few night
viewing. One year we had Buccaneers players and cheerleaders on
their cheerleaders. Another year the theme was Star Wars, since th
Whenever Miss Tampa was not available, we had a stand-in. Of co
Publisher Clearwater Beach Neighborhood Newsletter
April 19th - 28th - Frenchy’s Sugar Sand Festival - 1,000 Tons
Students $5 (13-18 years old), Seniors (55 & up) and Military $5, C
of the exhibit. One thousand tons of sand will be transformed with
including: Frenchy’s Master Sand Sculpting Competition, Sugar San
Sand Box children’s play area, Fireworks, Pier 60 Daily Sunset Fest
April 19th - Threshers Game with post Game Concert - Clea
celebrate 60 years of Fun ‘n Sun, your favorite Greaser, Bowzer, br
post-game concert. Watch your Clearwater Threshers take on the B
shoes. Ticket & concession specials, hula hoop & hand jive dance c
April 20th - Blues Bikes & BBQ Star Spectacular Event - On
pm. Many other bands playing on the street as well as inside partic
display. Come out for great music, food discounts from local restau
April 27th & April 28th - Concerts in Coachman Park- The mu
Supply, America, and Billy Currington in Coachman Park. Free gen for complete schedule and ticket informatio
s in Clearwater just a little longer, and blossomed into one of the
50,000 visitors each year, Fun 'N Sun Clearwater features music,
from the sugar sand beaches to downtown to the city's parks –
business. We found these old photos from parades held in the
t into each of the floats and displays. Eventually the parade time
ple that remember the parade. Some of them were in it, while
chool band 1962-65. We were always invited to the Fun ‘n Sun,
urse, coming from Tarpon Springs, we were all Catholic. During
of the parades. I remember marching down Cleveland Street, all
ed to wear bermuda shorts to class. One was the opening of the
‘n Sun parade. As I recollect, high school bands from all over
the hill on Cleveland Street where Cleveland and Gulf to Bay
on. We all went downtown on Cleveland St. to watch not only the
earwater float with her attendants dressed in prom dresses. The
in the CHS class of '61. Carol Mc Glaughlin, now resident of
de went right by our house. We always had a parade party. I was
ene Kole, Executive Director, Clearwater Beach Chamber of
eady to proceed down the hill to the center of town by the small
the floats. It was sometimes located in front of the Ft. Harrison
businesses and many school marching bands from all around
zipping around in their tight formations. It excited all the small
cal Society
planned the parade. But at some point, the parade became a
other city facilities. After Cleveland Street was redesigned into the
city still continues the Fun ‘n Sun festival in other ways. John
cake Festival was pretty awesome, too - All-You-Can-Eat
ed to be seen, either in or at the parade. Another highlight I
s a matter of fact, my wife, Betsy Young Kader, entered the talent
Kader, Asst. Director, Parks and Recreation
loat. It was my job to get the float and the people to area
t parade, it was different because the float had to be lit for night
n the float. The next year we had the Rowdies soccer team and
he movie had just come out. Miss Tampa always rode our float.
ourse, the crowd never knew she was a replacement. Bob Griffin,
s of Sand Come to Life for 10 days and nights! Adults $7,
Children 12 & Under FREE! Tickets are available at the entrance
sand sculptures under a 12,000-square-foot tent. Free activities
nd Sculpting Clinics, Speed Sand Demonstrations, Camp Hyatt
tival with local crafters, music and live entertainment
arwater Threshers vs Brevard County Manatees - To help
rings his Rock ‘n Roll Oldies Party to Bright House Field for a
Brevard County Manatees in your poodle skirts and dancin’
n Cleveland Street in downtown Clearwater festivities start at 5
cipating restaurants & businesses. Motorcycles will also be on
urants & $1 draft beers.
usic schedule is ready to get you on your feet with music from Air
neral admission, reserve seating available. Visit
photos courtesy of Berle Garris, Sr. and City of Clearwater
Organizational News...
Their Spring Social will be at Island Way Grill on
Tuesday May 14, at 5:30pm. Potential new members are
welcome and can join at the door.
Please note - new location for meetings and increased
membership dues! Membership is now $50 per year per
family and is used to pay more than $10,000 per year
to maintain the entry way to Island Estates. They meet
on the second Monday of each month in the new
Clearwater Marine Aquarium Classroom Building. For
information, call President Wally Pope, 461-1818.
Their March 19th fashion show fundraiser was very
successful with over 150 women raising over $5,000 for
the scholarship program. Throughout much of the 50-year
history of the IEWC, the organization has awarded these
scholarships. The awards ceremony for these scholarships
will be held at the May luncheon.
Models Debbie Christofferson, Bernice Tarnow, Amber Davis,
Rosemary Murray, Joanne Hiller, Kathy Voutsina's Le Boutique
owner, Emma Foroutan last years recipient of a Scholarship,
Vivian Smith, Juliet Gillespie, Suzette Gillespie, Anita Johnson and
model coordinator Jan Nagy.
April 16th they are having a luncheon on the Calypso
Queen. Wear your gaudiest tropical shirts, dresses and leis
and enjoy FREE wine, beer and rum punch while the DJ
plays lots of fun dance music. Guests are welcome; make
reservations by calling Helen Frain at 727-445-9290
Membership has been extended to women that do not live
on the Island but would like to be involved in their activities
and social events. Joining is easy, affordable and provides
opportunities to make new friends and help others. Contact
Joan Landreth at 727-812-8078 for more information.
They meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 6pm at
the Clearwater Beach Rec Center. They recently sponsored
an Easter Egg Hunt in conjunction with the Beaches
Recreation Center and held their Spring Picnic.
Tuesday, May 7th 6pm at the Clearwater Beach Recreation
Center will be a Board Meeting and the Clearwater
Marine Aquarium is coming to educate them as we enter
turtle nesting season. It is open to the public.
Saturday, May 18th they launch their first community
clean-up of Mandalay Park as part of the Adopt-A-Park
program. They will plant and clean up the area. Bring
your gardening gloves and come out for some fresh air.
Tuesday, June 4th 6pm - final Board Meeting of the
season. Meetings resume in September.
For membership or event information, contact President
Wendy Hutkin [email protected], 727-216-3274.
The US Coast Guard Auxiliary offers safe boating classes
the first Saturday of each month. Boating is enjoyed by
many every day, but with the pleasure comes responsibility.
It is the law that anyone born on or after January 1, 1988,
MUST have a valid boating certificate and a photo ID while
operating a vessel of 10 HP or more. Here are some of the
rules and regulations you will learn in a safe boating class.
1) Safety equipment - learn what is required to have on
your boat. This is very important because what you don’t
have could make the difference between being able to
handle a situation or not. Also, if authorities stop you, you
can be fined for not having the required safety equipment
for your specific boat. Life jackets are number one! The US
Coast Guard Auxiliary gives free vessel safety checks!
2) Driving a boat is vastly different from driving a car. You
are dealing with air and water currents. Docking a boat is
not as easy as you may think. It can be difficult, especially if
the current is pulling you in the opposite direction.
Understanding air, water currents and tides will help you
learn to dock your boat properly. Boats don't have brakes!
3) Knowing how to work with lines and tying knots is part of
boating. You have to secure a boat properly. If your boat
gets away, the current or wind will quickly take it out of your
reach and you will require the assistance of another boater
to retrieve your vessel. So learn your knots.
4) You will learn what the red and green channel markers
mean. Understanding the markers and lights can keep you
from going aground in the shallows or running in to
another boat because you were in the wrong area.
5) The speed limits on certain water ways may or may not
be posted. Ignorance may not be enough to get you out of
a ticket. Obey "No Wake" zones!
6) Using charts for coastal navigation can be a life saver.
Charts are your road maps, in the water, that help you stay
away from the shallows and show where all the markers
and bridges are. You should always file a float plan with
someone on shore!
7) You sometimes have to give way to the other guy. In a
boating course you will learn who does that, why and how.
8) Every boat should have a horn. You’ll learn what one
long blast or 2 short and so on mean. You should also
have a radio on board for emergency situations and know
how to use it. You'll learn which channel to use, which not
to use and why, plus who monitors them.
9) Some boating regulations/laws must be followed by all
boaters, for example, you are not to sit on the bow of the
boat with your legs hanging over board. There are other
regulations to learn and not knowing them can cost you.
10) Anchoring a boat is not just plopping a big chunk of
iron into the sand. There is a mathematical technique
applied to anchoring involving the size and length of your
boat. Knowing how to do this gives you confidence of
knowing your boat is going nowhere until you want it to.
There are different types of boating - the fast pace of ski
boating or the slow pace of a trawler, kayak, canoe or
family pleasure craft. Whichever you choose, it is a good
idea to know the rules of the road. Learn the safety rules to
avoid potential dangers. Be safe on the water and get on
with the fun of being out there with all that sky, sun, water,
family and friends. Safe boating is NO accident.
Fresh seafood, great steaks, ice cold beer and friendly staff
are just a few reasons Clearwater Beach’s Cooters Restaurant
& Bar has become a popular place for both locals and
tourists. Owned and operated by Barry, Carol, and Amanda
Mears, the restaurant has been in business for twenty years.
Over the years, Cooters has become a destination for
many. “People love it here,” said Carol Mears. “We have
customers that have been coming here for many years. We
have our locals that come in on a regular basis, and out-oftown guests that return every time they come to Clearwater
Beach. Several have told me that they make Cooters their
first stop as soon as they’re in town”.
Cooters originally opened in 1993 as Cooters Raw Bar, and
was modeled after a rustic Key West oyster bar. In 1997,
Barry Mears and a former partner purchased it and started
the transformation from a bar with food to a full service
restaurant with a bar. They started the “All you can eat Crab
Legs Special” - an instant success, and a happy hour with
wings, oysters, shrimp and of course ice cold beer.
Fifteen years ago, when the space next door became
available, Mears expanded, adding a separate Sports Café,
now called Cooters Sports Bar. The sports bar has become
a popular gathering place to watch sports on TV, play darts
and video games, and crank up the jukebox late at night.
The room is also available to book for private parties.
Built in the 1940s, the building, with its wood walls and
railings, give Cooters a warm, inviting atmosphere. The
walls are covered with pictures, plaques and numerous
license plates given to Cooters from customers over the
years. “We receive so many license plates each month that
we continually try to figure out how to display them all,
without taking any downs”, said Mears.
The family
restaurant has
something for
everyone with
a broad
selection of
steaks, wings,
salads and
appetizers. All
items are
prepared in
house; steaks
are hand-cut and burger patties are made by hand. Fresh
seafood is delivered daily. All sauces and soups are
homemade, and the wings are hand breaded to order.
Cooters best sellers are Crab legs, Grouper sandwiches,
Tequila Daytona wings, Fisherman’s Reuben, The Steamer
Bucket, Captain’s Platter, and Hot Crabby Shrimp Dip.
Famous Specials include All-You-Can-Eat Snow Crab (Mon
& Tue) All-You-Can-Eat Fish and Chips (Wed), Super
Grouper Thursday, weekends Sizzling Steak Specials, and
Cooters legendary Happy Hour daily from 3-6 with .99
draft beer, discounted wine and liquor, and .50 wings,
oysters & shrimp. There is also a late night happy hour in
the Sports Bar 10pm – 1:30am.
Each year Cooters celebrates their anniversary with a big
tent party with live music, food, drink specials, lots of free
giveaways and prizes and a raffle to raise money for the
Clearwater Marine Aquarium. This years’ party will be May
17 and 18, and the Mears family will be making it an extra
special event since it is their 20th! Everyone is invited!
The city of Clearwater will celebrate Arbor Day April 27th
from 9 am to 2 p.m. at the Public Service Complex, 1650
N. Arcturas Ave., with a ceremony and tree giveaway. The
Florida Division of Forestry will present the prestigious Tree
City USA flag to Clearwater for the 31st. consecutive year.
After the 9 am ceremony, Clearwater residents will be
eligible to receive two free trees per household. Trees
include live oak, American elm, red cedar, bald cypress,
southern magnolia, red maple, slash pines, Walters
viburnum, and three colors of crape myrtles. 2,100 trees
will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis. Each
tree will be in a three-gallon tub. Proof of Clearwater
residency is required and can be established by presenting
a voters registration card, a Florida driver license or a
recent utility bill. City staff will answer questions relating to
maintaining and watering the new trees.
Tree City USA is a national program sponsored by the
National Arbor Day Foundation and administered in
Florida by the Division of Forestry. To qualify for Tree City
USA status, a city must meet certain criteria: establishment
of an advisory board; enactment of a municipal tree
ordinance; celebration of Arbor Day annually; and
maintenance of a community forestry program with an
annual budget of at least $2 per capita. Clearwater meets
all of these requirements.
According to the
Florida Department
of Environmental
Protection, it's
against Florida law
to throw away
nickel-cadmium or
lead acid
batteries (or
products containing
such batteries) in
the trash. These batteries are considered a hazardous
electronic and must be recycled or sent to a facility for
proper disposal. Clearwater residents can bring old
rechargeable batteries to the Household Electronics
Collections Center, or HEC2 facility, located at 2855
109th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, Fla. on Mondays to Fridays
(6 am to 6 pm) or on Saturdays (7 am to 5 pm).
Florida lawmakers passed this law due to growing
concerns about the impact of toxic heavy metals on
public health and the environment. Cadmium and lead
in rechargeable batteries can enter the environment
from several sources including landfills and waste
combustors. Once in the environment, they can
accumulate in food crops, edible fish, or even the air we
breathe. In humans and animals, long-term exposure to
these metals can result in brain, lung, and kidney
damage and is suspected to cause cancer. Lead
exposure is especially harmful to unborn and very young
children and can result in premature birth, slow growth,
and development problems.
This law applies to all Florida residents, businesses,
institutions, governments, industrial and commercial
companies, and medical facilities. Visit FDEP's website at or call (850)
A hurricane can be devastating and when damage occurs,
residents depend on insurance to help bring them back to
normal. The problem is many learn they have insufficient
coverage or failed to get the right kind of policies after the
damage is done and when they need protection the most.
That is why now is the perfect time to review policies to
ensure coverage is both adequate and comprehensive.
Some very important points to consider include:
READ THAT POLICY. Giving it a brief read over will reveal
terms, as well as raise coverage gaps questions that can be
discussed with an insurance agent. Start on the declaration
page. If you read nothing else, read the exclusions! Watch
for special endorsements that excludes wind coverage. Ask
your agent to explain any questions you have.
SOAK UP FLOOD INSURANCE. Since 1968, most policies
do not cover damage from flooding; coverage is provided
by the National Flood Insurance Program at
Besides protecting from damage of a rising drainage
creeks, it also protects against storm surge or sewer backup
from a flood. Your homeowner policy, even if it covers
sewer backup, will most likely exclude sewer backup caused
by flooding. All flood policies require 30 days to take effect,
which means you can’t buy at the last minute. You may be
surprised by how inexpensive flood insurance is, if you are
not in a Flood Hazard Area!
WIND IS SPECIAL. Hurricane – or windstorm – deductibles
are not like the standard deductible on your policy. For low
premiums, windstorm deductibles are typically a percentage
of your home’s value and can add up to an expensive
surprise. A 5% deductible for a $200,000 house can leave
policy owners owning the first $10,000 of repairs.
GETTING TO CODE. If a home is damaged beyond a
certain amount, the rebuilt structure will have to conform to
current building codes. It may not be a problem for a home
built after 2001, but it may be expensive for older homes.
CARS NEED COMPREHENSIVE. Basic auto coverage is
required on all vehicles operated in the state of Florida.
While these policies offer minimal coverage for auto
accidents, other hazards such as flooding, wind damage
and the like are covered under a comprehensive auto policy.
RENTERS NEED COVERAGE, TOO. A landlord or property
owner will have insurance on the structure that is being
rented, but renters need coverage as well to protect their
personal belongings. As with regular homeowner’s policies,
most renter-s insurance coverage does not cover flooding,
so a separate flood insurance policy can make a difference
in how quickly you can replace your possessions.
can recall larger items, would they be able to catalog every
item down to the smallest details? An inventory done as a
list or through photos/video help after a disaster. Capture
what is on the walls, the fixtures, the flooring as well as
personal property. Ask if your insurance offers contents
“replacement cost”. Otherwise, the contents may be
depreciated by the insurance carrier, before reimbursement.
Discuss with your agent how to present a claim, should a
disaster strike. If many homes are damaged, know how
your carrier will find your home. If you must evacuate, take
your policies with you. Have the office phone number and
your agents emergency contact information with you.
Visit for information
about how to prepare yourself and your family for
hurricanes and how to create your own disaster plan.
More Organizational News
They meet monthly on the second Tuesday. Membership is
open to area residents at $15 a year. The last meeting of
the season is May 7th. There are no meetings through
September. To join, call Barbara Chapman, 581-8929.
They are having a Membership Drive to attract people
who share their goal of keeping the Rec Center, Library
and Pool open and providing services for all the
residents of Clearwater Beach. Dues are only $20 for
individuals and $30 for families. Pick up a membership
application at the Rec Center or Library, and become a
part of this community. Call Ron Delp at 412-2566 or
Anne Garris at 446-4410 for more information
They were formed in 1947 and celebrated their 66
anniversary in February. They meet on the first and second
Wednesday of each month at the Belleair Garden Club at
903 Ponce de Leon Blvd. in the Town of Belleair from
October to May. Membership is $50 per year. Over 75
people attended their annual Orchid Fest & Membership
Drive. A huge variety of Orchids were available for
purchase, & sold out fast. Speaker Michael Polen donated
2 beautiful orchids for the Raffle. The next meetings are:
May 1st - Spring Luncheon and Art Show at the Belleair
Country Club. It is $25 and includes a Pasta and Salad
Bar. Wear your favorite hat and gloves for group photo.
June 5th - Summer Pot Luck lunch at 11:30pm. Bring a
homemade dish for 10. Casual attire.
Guests are welcome. Call Barbara Chapman, 581-8929
or E-mail [email protected], to RSVP.
Located at 405 Seminole Street, they meet on the
second Friday, October through May at 9:30am. Dues
are $30 for one or $35 for two from the same family.
The Saturday Garden Club meets all year on the third
Saturday at 9:30. They have interesting speakers, handson events and field trips. They welcome new members!
The Annual Plant Sale is May 18, 8am to 1pm, at their
clubhouse! This is one of their largest fundraisers to
provide kids scholarships for Camp Wakiva Summer
Camp. Everything is a bargain and the most plants have
been grown in gardens of Club members! All plants come
with instructions for care and pertinent information on
handling. Come early for the best selection.
President Cathy Foley may be reached at 443-7032.
They had a successful
Fashion Show on March 19
with all proceeds going to
Veterans and Families.
Over 100 women enjoyed
the Chinese Auction
winnings; the many spring
outfits modeled by the
“Closet Connection” and
“All That Glitters,” along
with a delicious Chicken
Cordon Bleu luncheon.
Anyone interested in joining the Auxiliary and continuing
the helping hand to our Veterans and their families please
call Georgia Pettibone at 727 725 2121.
More Organizational News
They are hosting their Spring Fish Fry, Saturday, May 4th at
Clearwater High School starting at noon and finishing
about 2pm. Using the Clearwater High School cafeteria
accommodates the larger crowd they are expecting. The
cost is $12 for adults, $6 for kids 12 & under, or $10 if
you buy 5 or more tickets. Proceeds go to benefit the
Clearwater Historical Society. Call Jay Rhodes for tickets
(727) 804-2073.
The 5th Annual Reunion of the World Famous Clearwater
Bombers 10 time World Champion fast pitch softball team
was held in March at Clearwater’s historic Plumb House.
Twenty former Bombers were there to meet fans, pose for
pictures and sign autographs. Clearwater Mayor George
Cretikos and former Mayor Rita Garvey read a Proclamation
declaring Clearwater Bombers Day. Jan Lasley, 1962 &
1963 Miss Clearwater Bombers, pitched a ceremonial first
softball to Bill Justice to start the event. The Lady Bombers,
the current all girls softball team, joined in the festivities.
Refreshments were provided by Publix Groceries.
Memberships are $5 students, $10 individuals, $20 family,
$150 corporate. If anyone has an interest in being
involved with CHS, call David Allbritton at (727) 4815102, Bill Wallace at (727) 446-2676 or Mike Sanders at
(727) 434-1684.
The SKCA meets the first Wednesday of the month, at
the Clearwater Sailing Center at 7pm. The Members
dues are paid through their respective HOAs or COAs.
Future speakers include the City Council, State
Representatives and Sand Key business owners. The next
meeting will be March 6th. For information, call Arlene
Musselwhite, President - 727-644-7524
Located on Sand Key,
they will be holding a
Summer Luau on
Saturday, June 1 to raise
money to support their
operations. The event will
run from noon to 5pm
and includes food and
spirits, arts and crafts
vendors, fun games for kids, sailboat and outrigger canoe
rides, music, raffles, and a silent auction. Last bids for the
silent auction will be at 4pm. In 2012, the auction raised
over $10,000 and they are looking to top that number.
The day will offer something for everyone whether you are
a sailor or a “land lubber”. Bring the family and enjoy!
Proceeds will be used to support operations, spring and
summer children’s camps and other award winning
programs offered at the CCSC. CCSC’s Camp Awesome
is dedicated to teaching sailing to high functioning children
with special needs, such as Autism and Downs’s syndrome.
It recently received the award for “Outstanding Program
for Disabled Sailors”. The Clearwater Community Sailing
Center serves as the base for Sailability, a non-profit
corporation that provides access to sailing for the disabled
including military veterans. Clearwater Community Sailing
relies on donations from businesses and the community to
replace equipment and help keep the fleet and facilities
operational. If you would like to donate to the auction,
volunteer, or have any questions please call Kelly at 727517-7776 or email [email protected]
by Bob Griffin, Publisher
Dewayne Staats, television play-by-play commentator for
the Tampa Bay Rays since they began in 1998, learned to
love baseball as a child while listening to the St Louis
Cardinals games on TV and the radio. By the time he was
8, he was playing little league. As a teenager, he was a
pitcher. But, then an 8th grade teacher introduced him to
the debate team. That is when he knew he’d rather talk
than play ball and his desire to be a broadcaster was born.
Staats is the first and only TV announcer the Rays have ever
had. This season begins his 37th year in professional sports
broadcasting, and his 16th year with the Rays.
While a student, Dewayne had a reporting and
broadcasting job Southern Illinois University’s radio station.
He also covered high school games for several nearby
small town stations, before interning at KMOX in St Louis.
In 1973, while still a student at SIUE, Dewayne began his
professional broadcasting career with the minor league
baseball team Oklahoma City 89ers. He moved to Major
League Baseball, when he joined the Houston Astros in
1976, moved to the Chicago Cubs in 1985, then the NY
Yankees in 1990.
By then, Staats had moved to West Palm Beach to be closer
to his family. He commuted to the Yankees’ games. Only
two players have hit a home run for their 3,000th hit, and
Staats was lucky enough to have been in the booth for both
- Derrick Jeter and Wade Boggs.
From 1995 to 1997 he worked for ESPN. Then, when the
Rays got their franchise in 1998, they hired Staats. He
moved to Pinellas County.
Dewayne has been married to Carla, his second wife, for 6
years. They met while he was working for the Astros in
Houston. They live in Sand Key in “The Grand”
“We love this area of Florida,” Staats says, “We really
wanted to live on the water. The Grand was under
construction when we were looking for a place, and we
were impressed with that JMC project.”
Dewayne’s daughter, Stephanie Wheeler is married to
former Ray’s pitcher Dan Wheeler. They live nearby in
Belleair Beach and have 3 children, two of which play little
league in Indian Rocks Beach.
Stephanie and Carla co-own the new IN2 Nutrition store in
Belleair Bluffs, next to Bonefish Grill. They opened the store
in October with a little help from Dewayne and Dan. They
enjoy working together while also meeting people in the
area. Carla has a background in addiction counseling and
that training helps her understand people and health.
Dewayne says he is really the stock boy.
The Rays play 162 games per year, although occasionally
when there is a national broadcast, Staats doesn’t work. He
has been know to broadcasts a spring season game or two
and once in awhile will broadcast a college basketball or
football game, just for the fun of it. Dewayne reached a
major milestone by broadcasting his 5,000th MLB game in
June of 2010.
Staats has been nominated for many awards in Sports
Broadcasting. Recently, he was in the Final Ten for the Ford
C. Frick Award. “Tom Cheek won, but I was honored to be
part of the group that was nominated.” This is the
beginning of his path to Baseball’s Broadcasters Hall of
Fame. In 2006, the Rays gave away Staats bobblehead
dolls at the Seattle Mariners game.
“I do not go to all the games,” Carla says. “But I do watch
most of them on TV. I have so many other personal interests
it is hard to do it all. I do go on a few road trips, though.”
Carla is very involved in two local organizations. One is
Quantum Leap Farm, in Odessa where they practice Equine
Therapy which involves using horses to work with disabled
people. They received a military grant to work with military
veterans and their families including Wounded Warriors
and their children. Get more information on this group at The other organization Carla
works with is PACE, a Pinellas Park center for girls having
trouble in school.
What Staats has to say about Joe Maddon “I first met Joe when I worked for the Yankees
and he coached for the Angels. I think he was the first
coach I knew to use a computer to help him coach. He is
very creative and analytical.”
Andy Freedman “He must know what he is doing. He
brought Maddon here. There are only 3 teams with 5
consecutive winning seasons in a row and the Rays are one
of them.”
A New Stadium “That decision is way beyond my pay
grade. I will go wherever they play.”
They enjoy their baseball off-season, October through
March. They take in some Spring Training in Port Charlotte.
But mainly they enjoy their time off in Sand Key. Their
favorite restaurant? “We love Salt Rock, Island Way Grill,
Palm Pavilion and Bonefish,” says Carla. “It’s hard to pick
just one.”
You can see Dewayne calling the Rays games play-by-play
almost nightly during baseball season on the Sunshine
Network, available through your cable provider.
by Michael Rogan, of Rogan and Associates
It has been said that the shortest measurable amount of
time is the period between when the average investors think
it’s too soon to get back into the stock market after a
decline, and when they think it’s too late. Though this has
often surprised and sometimes amused us throughout the
years, we didn’t want to waste the opportunity to bring this
up as the major U.S. stock market indexes are at their alltime high prices and many investors are already beginning
to think it is too late.
About thirteen years ago, in early 2000, the S&P 500 stock
index traded at just over 1500, about where it is today. The
earnings per share for the S&P 500 in 1999 was about $48
per share. People were very excited about stocks and most
were perfectly happy with being invested in a stock market
trading at over 30 times earnings. Most likely, that was
because since mid-1982, the market had delivered total
returns of nearly 20% per year (!) and people were pretty
sure this would continue unabated. “This time is different”
was the motto of the day. No one seemed worried.
Flash forward to today – with some wild rides in between,
the price of the S&P 500 has returned to roughly the same
spot it was 13 years ago. Despite a terrorist attack, a burst
real estate bubble, a financial crisis, and the "Great
Recession", prices finally have recovered. Still with 13 years
of "going nowhere", it's understandable why people are
apprehensive about being invested in or adding money to
the stock market. Or is it?
Corporate profits are at an all-time high. The earnings per
share on the S&P 500 is estimated to be $113 per share
this year following $103 in 2012. That’s right – at the same
stock market prices everyone loved with less than
$50/share of profits, everyone is scared with over
$110/share of profits!
When I entered this business nearly 30 years ago, the Dow
Jones Industrial Average had never been as high as 1500,
today it's looks headed to 15,000. Over time, the US stock
market always makes new all-time highs, because
corporate profits do the same.
The intent of this message is perspective. Without
perspective and context, you're much more likely to be
swayed by the headlines of the day. Whether investments in
stocks or stock funds are appropriate for you depends
entirely on your financial needs and goals as identified by
your long-term financial plan. If you don't have a plan,
there's no time like the present to make one.
For decades, we have provided sound financial advice to
Bay Area individuals and families. We have consistently
found people with a plan in place are better able to ignore
the headlines and focus on things that really matter. If you’d
like to discuss your plan, reach me at (727) 712-3400.
The Clearwater library is offering beginners computer
classes. Learn the ins and outs of navigating with a mouse,
how to search the web, send an email and more. This is a
two-part class. Please call the library at 562-4970 to
reserve a mouse. Other computer classes are offered every
Monday at 1pm. Just drop in.
They also offer a Writers Support Group the first and third
Wednesdays of each month at 1pm. This workshop for
would-be writers is a place to receive help and
encouragement. Anne Garris leads this program.
An Interview by
Bob Griffin,
Clearwater Beach, behind the Holiday Inn (now the Hilton)
Hooters Restaurants got its start right here in Pinellas
and Hawaiian Tropic was holding a bikini contest with it. I
County. You will find two relatively new stores on the
told the other guys that I was going to go to that event and
beach, in Madeira Beach (Johns Pass Village) and their
hire whomever wins the contest.”
newest one in Clearwater Beach near the Roundabout.
“Lynne Austin, won the contest. I approached her with my
Their first ever store is located at 2800 Gulf-to-Bay Blvd,
business card. She told me she already had a job with GTE
just east of US 19.
It all started with six guys known the “Hooters Six.” They all as a customer service person. The next day, she quit that
job and called me. Lynne was our very first Hooters
loved to eat and watch girls. Most of them were from the
mid-West and were contractors. None of them had
“We put Lynn on billboards, in our ads and later our
anything to do with the restaurant business.
Hooters calendar. Playboy Magazine saw the calendar and
They each had a certain kind of food they liked. One liked
called to get in touch with her. She became a playmate of
shrimp, one liked oysters and they all loved wings. “Why
the month and later playmate of the year. Every time
don’t we open a place with all that here,” said one of the
anyone talked about Lynne, they talked about Hooters.”
guys, “and give it that Florida beachy atmosphere.”
In 1986, they produced their first
They searched for a location - any
edition of the now annual Hooters
location. They found an old
Calendar. Hundreds of girls have
dilapidated building on Gulf to
used their job at Hooters as a
Bay. Many other restaurants had
springboard to successful modeling
started and failed in there but
and acting careers.
they wanted to give it a go, so on
In 2003, Hooters celebrated their
April 1st, 1983, the six
20th Anniversary with a big, free
incorporated the concept called
concert on the beach, directly
behind the Hilton in Clearwater
Yes, “Hooters” is related to the
Beach. They hired Three Dog Night
“owl” they use in their logo. And
to play. Thousands attended.
yes, it is also a term lovingly used
“Its amazing that our roots are here
when referring to a certain part of
in Clearwater Beach, and now we
a female.
have a store in Clearwater Beach,
“Actually the name came from a
“Hooters Six” in 1983 in front of the first Hooters which opened just last year. When
popular sketch in the ‘80s by
you stand on the roof of that store,
Restaurant located on Gulf-to-Bay.
comedian, Steve Martin,” says Ed
called ‘The Lookout,’ it’s hard to
Droste, one of the original six and
imagine that it all started here.”
resident of Island Estates. “What else brings a gleam to a
man’s eye besides beer, chicken
Today, there are over 450 Hooters in 44 states and in 24
wings and an occasional winning
other countries. Out of the original “Hooters Six,” four are
football season? Hence the name,
still owners of the franchise that owns and operates all the
stores in the Tampa Bay area. There are now 12 in the
Tampa Bay region.
“The Hooters idea started in
Tampa Bay Hooters sponsors many events and local
Clearwater Beach. While we were
charities, such as Moffit Cancer Center, the Morton Plant
under construction on Gulf-To-Bay, I
Mease Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, the V Foundation
had the idea that we needed a
for Cancer Research, Operation Homefront, and the Kelly
goodlooking girl to represent us and
Jo Dowd Breast Cancer Research.
use in our advertising,” Droste went
on. “In the summer of 1983, we
For more information on Hooters Restaurants, visit their
Ed Droste, one of heard that there was a major
official web site Or simply visit
the present owners. volleyball tournament being held on
their closest store.
By Pinellas County Commissioner Susan Latvala
Most people simply know it as the Pinellas
Trail, but on Dec. 2, 2000, as part of the
trail’s 10th year anniversary celebration,
our favorite linear park was officially
named the Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail,
after longtime Pinellas County
Administrator Fred Marquis.
Now, you can have your name on the
Pinellas Trail too, on a section of it anyway.
Pinellas County and Keep Pinellas Beautiful Inc. are
sponsoring a Pinellas Trail Adopt-A-Mile program this
year to help facilitate care and upkeep of this very
popular 47-mile recreational amenity.
The Adopt-a-Mile program for the Pinellas Trail is
patterned after Keep Pinellas Beautiful’s Adopt-A-Mile
program for county roads. On the Pinellas Trail,
businesses or groups of two or more individuals agree to
perform cleanups every other month for two years.
These cleanup activities are expected to greatly enhance
the appearance of the trail, and will go a long way
toward keeping trailside debris from entering our
waterways and polluting the natural habitats of our
native wildlife.
Organizations are credited with their names on Adopt-AMile signs at the beginning and end of adopted miles,
and all participants will be listed on the Keep Pinellas
Beautiful website and in their quarterly newsletter.
All your group needs to do is select a mile-long trail
section that you would like to maintain, fill out an online
application, sign an agreement to perform the bimonthly
cleanups and submit a result report after each cleanup
Keep Pinellas Beautiful will provide trash bags, gloves,
report forms and general liability insurance coverage for
all project participants.
To get the ball rolling, simply complete an online
application at or call
Keep Pinellas Beautiful Inc. at (727) 533-0402.
Make a mile of the Pinellas Trail your own this year.
Thousands of walkers, bicyclists, joggers and inline
skaters will be saying thank you for a job well done.
Recognized as our Nation's #1 rated beach, Caladisi Island is all about
relaxation, tranquility and clear, Caribbean-like waters. While you can not
drive there, you can visit aboard the Tropics Boat Tour.
The island excursion begins with a one hour trip to Caladesi Island. Upon
arrival, sun worshipers can head for the award-winning beach to sunbath,
beachcomb and swim. Nature enthusiasts can spot wildlife while taking a
three-mile nature trail through the natural wonders of the island. Adventurers
can kayak or stand-up paddle board through the mangroves and bay and
for everyone, shelling is a great way to walk away with an island treasure.
There are chairs, umbrellas and cabanas for rent and a cafe for snacks and
lunch or you are welcome to bring your own. The Tropics will pick you up at
3pm. On your return to Clearwater Beach, you are likely enjoy dolphin sightings while listening to the rich narration of
the history of the Clearwater Pass and interesting sites along the way. All guests are welcome to purchase The Tropics
Wristband for unlimited cocktails and soft drinks while you are aboard The Tropics. This excursion is offered on the
weekends. Call 727-442-7433 or visit for more information or ticket sales.
The Clearwater Gateway Farmers Market saw its
11,000th customer on Saturday, April 6! The Market, open
since January 12, features quality fresh foods, crafts,
bakeries, jewelry, hot food, and locally made items.
The Market accepts EBT for customers receiving SNAP
benefits, and now has grant money to offer Double
Dollars. Any customer who has EBT benefits will get twice
the value of their debit swipe in market Money, up to $10
per week,
The InterCultural Advocacy Institute in Clearwater is the
non-profit organization operating the Market. Sandra Lyth,
the CEO, said “We are pleased to offer high quality food
products at reasonable prices. Our goal is to promote
locally produced products, and to offer a multicultural
The Clearwater Gateway Farmers market is located in the
1200 block of Cleveland St., east of Missouri Avenue in
Clearwater. It is open every Saturday from 9am to 2pm.
Contact the Market Manager at 727-776-7932.
Clearwater Beach Restaurant Week is May 12-18 this year.
The culinary celebration offers top-notch dining and an
array of different cuisines. Throughout the week, you can
visit any participating restaurant to enjoy special threecourse, prix fixe menus ranging in price from $15 – $35.
Some restaurants will offer a lunch menu for $10 to $15.
You'll have a chance to vote for your favorite food items
and chef. You will also be given a passport to take with
you as you dine at various restaurants. Be sure to get your
passport stamped at each place you visit. Once you collect
four different restaurant stamps, you can enter your
passport for a chance to win A Dream Beach Getaway.
This includes a Two Night Stay in a Gulf Front Two
Bedroom Suite at the Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach
Resort & Spa.
Restaurant Week kicks off with an event on May 10, 2013
on picturesque Beach Walk from 5pm-9pm. The event
features a tasting from each participating restaurant, a
wine garden, live music, exquisite raffle items and an
awesome fireworks display at dusk. Entry to the Kick Off
event is $20 which includes 20 taste tickets. Proceeds
benefit the Clearwater Beach Chamber of Commerce and
the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. For more information
Participating Restaurants:
Bobby's Bistro
Island Way Grill
Bob Heilman's Beachcomber
Jimmy's Fish House
Clearwater Wine Bar & Bistro
Rusty's Sheraton SandKey
Cooters Restaurant & Bar
Pensare Italian Bistro
Cork n Brew Bistro
Reflections @ The Hilton
Crabby Bill's Seafood
Lobster Pot Bistro
Clear Sky Beachside Café
Rumba Island Bar & Grill
Crabby’s Beachwalk Bar & Grill Salt Rock Grill
Marlin Darlin Key West Grill
Caretta on the Gulf
Clearwater Wine Bar & Bistro
Jimmy's Fish House
All 4 Frenchy's Restaurants
Shephard's Restaurant
Hooters, Clearwater Beach
StarLite Dining Yachts
Watercolour Steakhouse/Marriott Pizza Bizzar
Palm Pavilion Beachside Grill & Bar
Sands Beach Bar & Grill/Wyndham Garden
SHOR American Seafood Grill/Hyatt