You Make Me Feel



You Make Me Feel
You Make Me Feel
Of Ian Van Dahl fame
A new skin… a novel sound
Following a whole string of successes on the world stage with Ian Van Dahl, leading lady
Annemie Coenen is ready to reveal her true self. As AnnaGrace, she is shedding her
dancing outfits of old, determined from now on to steer a new, individual course.
“As a child I already was fascinated by the English word ‘Grace’ “, so says the native of
Limburg. “Combined with my first name, I experience this new name as a new skin.”
And, needless to say, a new skin demands also a novel sound. “This does not mean that I
have entirely abandoned dancing,” AnnaGrace explains. “With Ian Van Dahl I wrote
lyrics and composed a large number of songs, and these remain close to my heart.
However, as AnnaGrace, I want to expand the genre. As it were, I want to dance with my
fingers on the pulse of contemporary club happenings.”
A new name, a novel sound, and a new recording company: with a mass of past
experiences behind her and looking forward to her thirtieth birthday, AnnaGrace appears
wholly prepared to embark upon a new adventure and a new challenge. “The future looks
exciting and I can hardly wait for things to get going. Especially since, as AnnaGrace, I
shall have to reveal much more of myself. Ian Van Dahl was a project. This time,
everything revolves around me personally. It’s terribly exciting, but it does not frighten
Fear is the last thing AnnaGrace ought to worry about, for the fan base she was able to
build up with Ian Van Dahl remains firmly committed to her. “Practically daily I receive
messages on the Internet from fans asking me how I am getting along. It is a truly
fantastic feeling.”
I hope I shall be able to reward and thank them for their continued support with my new
single ‘You Make Me Feel’.”
Who is AnnaGrace?
AnnaGrace was born on 14 July 1978 as Annemie Anna Francine Coenen in Herk-deStad, Belgium. During a trip to Ibiza, she discovered the dance-scene and on her return
home she immediately recorded her first song demo. In 2001, she stepped on the podium
as a singer in the Ian Van Dahl project. Working with producers such as Peter Luts,
amongst others, she wrote the lyrics, composed, and recorded a number of songs on the
albums ‘Ace’ and ‘Lost And Found’. These albums, together with the world hit ‘Castles
in the sky’ and singles such as ‘Try’, ‘Reason’, ‘Will I?’ and ‘Inspiration’, have
registered impressive sales of more than four million copies. As AnnaGrace, she has
made her debut with ‘You make me feel’. This debut album is expected to be released by
the turn of the year.
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