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HERE - Naturino
During Carnival any prank counts? We've collected some
funny pranks to play on yours friends, as well as drawings to
colour in, masks to print and cut out, and the history of the
traditional characters of the Italian Carnival.
Are you ready to party with us?
 an illustrated History of traditional Italian Carnival
 masks to colour in
 a Carnival recipe
 tutorial: make your Carnival masks
with a shoe box
 ideas: projects with confetti
 drawings to colour in
 illustrated Carnival jokes
In Italy there are many traditional Carnival masks. Traditional
Italian carnival masks represent our faults: they are lazy,
tight-fisted and full of vices. They are caricatures that
highlight faults that we must learn to correct.
Which of these characters do you think you
resemble most?
Harlequin is a mask from Lombardy and
one of the most famous Carnival masks.
He wears a multi-coloured outfit made
from scraps of material that his
friends have given him, because
Harlequin is so poor that he can't afford to
buy a "proper" outfit.
Harlequin is smart, lively, cheerful and
a bit of a troublemaker.
He has one big fault: he is very lazy!
To get something for himself, he is
always ready to do anything for
anyone: Harlequin, a servant
of two masters!
Brighella is a traditional character from the city of Bergamo and is
the historical ‘enemy’ of Harlequin. He is a con artist born and bred,
a troublemaker and a bit too talkative: at school he would have
gone home with lots of notes from the teacher!
Pantalone and Ballanzone
Pantalone is a mask from Venice, but is very similar to
the mask from Bologna, Dr. Ballanzone. Pantalone is
rather old, tight-fisted and very grouchy.
He just loves money: he is nervous and troublesome,
and tries to spend as little as he can and saves like
Dr. Balanzone from Bologna, is boring and
grumpy: he is a know-it-all, but hardly ever
gets anything done. He talks a great deal of
nonsense, even if he thinks that he is very
clever, and tries to trick people all the time.
Gianduja is a mask from Asti
in Piedmont.
He is suspicious and stubborn, but a
He is also a bit of a glutton
who loves good food and wine.
And he’s so absent-minded!
Meo Patacca and Rugantino
Meo Patacca and Rugantino are masks from Rome.
Meo Patacca is brave and arrogant: he is the typical class bully!
He's always in the middle of a fight, he never misses his mark
with a sling, and is always ready to come to blows!
Rugantino is named for his arrogance: he teases everyone,
but then runs away. He is a troublemaker, but unlike
Meo Patacca he runs away if someone wants to fight him!
He really has an awful temper.
Colombina is a female mask from Venice,
and was born in Venice.
She is a cheerful waitress who is also
a little crafty.
She lies all the time and is
rather naughty, even though she always
tries to be cheerful.
Meneghino or Domenichino is a mask
from Lombardy, Milan.
He is a generous soul, who tries to
defend others.
He is always cheerful
even when things are looking down.
The Pierrot mask was invented in Italy in 1500. Pierrot is a sad,
melancholy, and always in love. He is lazy, and spends his
evenings gazing at the moon.
Other Italian masks:
Beppe Nappa: a mask from Messina, a greedy, lazy character.
He sings, dances, and is always carefree and ready to make trouble.
Burlamacco: is a character of the Viareggio Carnival.
He is a prankster and a clown, always ready to play a prank
on someone.
Pulcinella is a mask from Naples. He is lazy, slow,
a layabout, clumsy and a ladies' man.
Capitan Spaventa: also known as Captain Fracasse,
is a mask from Liguria. He carries a long sword and
is a skilled swordsman: he strikes with his sword
as well as with his quick tongue!
Gioppino: is a mask from Bergamo and Brescia
and is a farmer who doesn't really want
to do much work, and has learned the art of
getting by simply by doing small jobs.
Stenterello Stenterello is a mask from Tuscany.
He never has a cent because he is always
generous with those who have less than him.
He is wise and optimistic, and tries to live
life philosophically even when things
go wrong.
Drawings to colour in: Print and colour in
Print and colour in. Now cut out the mask, and make two small holes on
the sides. Tie an elastic thread to both holes to fit on your mask.
Print and colour in. Now cut out the mask, and make two small holes on
the sides. Tie an elastic thread to both holes to fit on your mask.
Print and colour in. Now cut out the mask, and make two small holes on
the sides. Tie an elastic thread to both holes to fit on your mask.
Baked apple fritters
Ingredients: sweet apples, white sugar, cinnamon
powder, sweet liqueur.
Peel the apples and remove the core with a corer.
Cut the apples into thick slices (at least a couple
of centimetres) and roll in a bowel with a good
amount of sugar.
Shake off the excess sugar and place the apples on
a baking tray covered with greaseproof paper.
Finally sprinkle with cinnamon and a couple
of tablespoons of sweet liqueur, which will
evaporate as the apples slices bake.
Bake until the apples are cooked and the
sugar has caramelized, and serve hot:
the apples should be soft but with a
delicious golden crust of sugar.
Difficulty: Easy
Time required 30 minutes + drying time for colours.
Materials required:
 1 Naturino shoebox with lid;
 grey and white acrylic colours;
 cutter and a pair of scissors;
 hot glue;
 black felt pen;
 elastic.
Before you begin:
your children can
colour in the box
and the teeth
of the shark.
the mouth
and fins must be
cut out by an adult.
Photo 1. Paint the box and lid with the grey acrylic. This
should be done outdoors. Allow to dry for 24 hours.
Photo 2. Cut out the first dorsal
fin from the box (the one that is so scary when it surfaces out of the
water) and then the pectoral fins that you will glue to the sides.
Photo 3. Put the box on your child to measure the position of the
Photo 4. With a pair of scissors cut a semicircle (neckline), that
will give the mask a perfect fit.
Photo 5. Draw in a circle and cut it out with a cutter, zigzagging the
edge to make the mouth and teeth.
Photo 6. Paint the sharp teeth white.
Photo 7.
Allow to dry for
a couple of hours, then
draw in the eyes with
a black felt pen.
Photo 8.
Make a hole on the sides of the box, and
thread in the elastic.
Finish your shark by gluing on the fins;
fix the two side fins with hot glue
(to the sides of the box)
and the dorsal fin
(on the top).
Poster: Use big confetti to make this
poster, or to make party invitations:
a simple idea, which you can make
by gluing coloured circles
on a piece of cardboard.
Make confetti stamps
Make confetti stamps: DIY stamps
to make patterns for your confetti
with acrylic colours.
Dip the rubber end of
a pencil into different
tempera colours,
and stamp onto a sheet
to make different
coloured confetti.
Drawings to colour in: Print and colour in
If it is raining, put some chocolates in your
parents’ umbrellas: when they open up their
umbrellas they will be showered by chocolates.
Fake worms and spiders
Put a fake toy in the salad bowl without letting
anyone see you.
Glued coin
Glue a one Euro coin on the sidewalk in front
of your house.
Watch people as they try
to pick it up!
Alarm Clock!
Move the hands of your parent's
alarm clock to 04:00 a.m.:
they will think it's time to get up.
Before going to bed, put a few
drops of lemon juice and a pinch
of salt on your brother’s or sister's
toothbrush: in the morning...