February 2014 - Bremen High School District 228



February 2014 - Bremen High School District 228
Upcoming Events
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15203 S. Pulaski Rd. Midlothian, Illinois 60445
Feb. 15: Turnabout Dance
Feb. 18: Honors Assembly
Feb. 19: SIP Day
March 13: Fine Arts Fest
March 13: Blood Drive
March 22: St. Baldrick’s
Volume 60, Issue 3
February 13, 2014
Voter registration underway
nears for
by Michelle Rodriguez
Echo reporter
The time has come! One
of the events almost every senior
looks forward to, besides graduation of course, is prom.
Prom is the one night where
a senior can leave all their stress behind, whether it be from school or
anything else, and just enjoy themselves with their friends and fellow
This year prom is going to
be held on May 16 at the beautiful
Odyssey Country Club, located in
Tinley Park, Ill.
This gorgeous banquet hall
will provide a buffet with plenty of
delicious food that will give a lot
of energy to participants who want
to dance all night; or at least until
prom is over.
Prom will begin at 7 pm
and end at 11 pm. All guests who
plan on attending the 2014 Bremen
Prom should be sure to get there by
8:30 pm since there will be no entrance permitted after that. Also students will need a photo ID to enter.
Tickets are $70; no refunds
will be issued. Prom tickets will be
sold May 6, 7 and 8 in the main foyer from 3-3:45pm; the sellers will
accept cash and money order only.
Prom will come sooner
than we think so it’s always good
to start saving up for the tickets and
of course that perfect prom outfit.
Prom can be one of the most memorable high school experiences
a senior could have. For many it
could be one of the last nights to be
a worry free teenager before going
out in to the real world as a responsible adult.
Seniors Mat Martinez and Kesh Banks fill out the voter registration forms in their senior English
class. Students who will be 18 by the November election were given the chance to register vote
in order to be eligible by the March election. Any student interested in registering to vote should
talk to their English teacher or see Mr. Milton in room 139. Completed registration forms are
due by February 18.
by Jemilyn Hernandez
Echo reporter
Seniors are always complaining on how they are months
away from graduating, getting
ready to explore the world as an
adult but still get treated like a
child. Now, seniors have an opportunity to take a stand and be
treated like adult.
A couple of social studies teachers from Stevens High
School got together to find ways
on how to make the classes more
meaningful. They decided that
why not let the kids vote. They
learned about it in class so how
about bringing their knowledge
into use.
On January 1st a new
bill was passed allowing 17 year
olds to vote in the primary election in March and in the general
election in November.
To have this opportunity,
seniors need to make sure to register by February 18; students
should ask their English teacher
or Mr. Colin Milton, Dist. 228
Social Studies supervisor, for
the registration application.
The primary election is
when Republicans and Democrats narrow down the field of
candidates and decide on their
nominees to see who will represent them in the general election.
This year the Democratic
Party has candidates Pat Quinn
and Tio Hardiman running in the
primary. The Republican Party
has Bill Brady, Kirk Dillard,
Bruce Rauner and Dan Rutherford.
The general election is
when candidates are elected into
In order to learn more
about the elections and who is
running for office, Bremen High
School is considering holding a
debate. There will be a person
from each party portraying one
of the candidates in this year’s
election. Students will learn the
candidates’ positions and the
ideas they have in mind to make
this state a better place to live.
Both “candidates” will
argue against one another like
on a real election. The first thing
voters have to decide is what
party represents their viewpoints
the best: Democrats or Republicans?
As the future of Illinois,
it’s time for seniors to learn
how to make this place better.
Everyone argues about college,
gas, and many other sources being overly priced. The only way
to change the economy and the
state of American politics is for
citizens to exercise their right to
vote the best candidates into office.
Page 2
Bremen band steps up
Bremen High School
Bremen High School
15203 S. Pulaski
Midlothian, IL 60445
(708) 371-3600
ext. 3240
[email protected]
Larry Acevedo
Rosaysela Bravo
Natalie Cameron
Ashlei Cole
Javier Covarrubias
Johnny Crim
Celeste Dean
Julie Faltisek
Jamaury Gaines
Jemilyn Hernandez
Destiny Hughes
Jose Mendoza
Andrew Milen
Tammy Mislich
Saadiqa Muhammad
Efua Richardson
Brenda Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez
Rachel Stalter
Ms. Jen Intihar
Ms. Jen Dwyer
Editor Policy
The opinions expressed do
not necessarily represent the
views of the faculty, staff,
or administration of Bremen
Community High School.
Letters to the editor can be
emailed to [email protected]
yahoo.com and are subject to
editing for length.
photo submitted
Drum Major Denise Hernandez leads members of the Bremen band combined with students from
several feeder schools at the annual Band Step-Up Day on Jan.10. Band students from Kellar, Kolmar and Central Park schools spent the day shadowing current band members.
by Natalie Cameron
Echo reporter
The Bremen Band has
a tradition of inviting incoming
eighth graders, an event dubbed
Step Up, who are interested in
pursuing music in high school to
come and sit with them for a day.
On January 10th, about
21 eighth graders arrived at Bremen and were given a band member as their guide. The students
came from many different middle
schools like Kolmar, Central Park
and Kellar. It seems though that
many of them came from Kellar this year. They are allowed a
firsthand experience of what will
soon be their new own lifestyle
and routine.
Mr. Salgado, the Bremen
Band director, was asked if there
was a generally positive feedback
from this event. It’s found that
yes, there is a positive outcome!
Mr. Salgado was happy to let us
know how long ago the day was
originated, how it helps the current and soon to be band and the
incoming freshmen.
“Once they come in they
get to follow a band member
around the school to some classes. In the band class they can play
for us and perform auditions for
the band,” explained Salgado.
“Along with helping them
bridge the gap between junior
high to high school, it shows them
their importance to the band,” furthered Salgado.
This day is on its fourth
running year, and all four have
had really great results. When
the new students attend Bremen
as freshmen they say it’s already
as if they’re a part of the Bremen
High School community.
Two freshmen who were
part of Step Up, Nyrasia Beal and
Donato Figueroa, gave us their
thoughts on Step-Up day. When
asked if the day left any kind of
imprint on them, Donato replied,
“all the teachers I have had during
the Step Up Day helped me feel
much more confident about coming to school.”
Beal added, “it was nice
to know that I would see teachers
and people I met.”
When students come to
Step Up day they are given chances to navigate their way around
the school and become a little familiar with it before being thrust
into something they know nothing
about. It gives them a feeling of
acceptance and acknowledgment. Eduardo Aceves, Julisa
Leal and Hazel Askew all had siblings who realize their interest or
love for music and were impacted
by the Step Up Day. Eduardo
feels that his younger brother was
“pretty nervous at first, but it was
nice he felt comfortable enough to
talk to others and enjoy himself.”
It was obvious that the
Step Up participants all enjoyed
the event. Leal knows that “the
teachers enjoyed themselves as
much as we did.”
Askew recognized that
the Bremen Step Up Day not only
taught the incoming Braves about
learning about the Bremen Band,
it also taught a bit about competition and competitiveness. “We got
to show them it’s challenging, in a
good way; it’s like a sport where
you find out who your teammates
are and how to make a commitment,” explained Askew.
At the end of the day, current
students in band go home knowing they’ve helped another relinquish some, if any, of their fear or
uncertainty of their future.
By hosting events such
as this, Mr. Salgado has made a
difference in his current band
group and also for his band to
be. Knowing his new students already have a feel for how things
work will make it easier for him
to help them grow to their full
musical potential. Helping people
and teaching them is something
not everyone takes the time to do,
but the Bremen Band has really
stepped up to the task!
February 13, 2014
Page 3
Students, staff cope with snow days
by Julie Faltisek
Echo reporter
On January 6-7, and
again on January 27-28 of 2014,
the students and staff got an unexpected surprise. School was
called off due to four “snow
days”; because of the sub-zero
degree temperatures.
It was good for all the
students and teachers because
we had an extra couple days of
Winter Break. But at the end
of the year the Underclassmen,
Juniors and the staff at Bremen
High School will have to make
it up and school will go further
into the summer than previously
Many people really enjoyed the extra time off:
“I feel really great about
it” said student Susan Galloway.
“I kind of liked them(the
days off) because there is some
students who didn’t do their
work on the weekend, so it gave
them extra time to do it and to
sleep in,” said junior Shauncey
Some students were happy about the extra time off, and
others were less than happy.
“I feel the snow days
were...bad because we missed
out on are education.” says
freshman Bre Skala.
Everyone except
the seniors will have to make the
days up. The summer dismissal
is now set at June 5, when the
previous schedule called for students to be set free for Summer
Break 4 school days earlier than
Some will not be impacted by the make-up days as the
senior schedule will stay as previously written.
“Seniors will stay with
the same schedule as the graduation dates are set,” explained Dr.
Kibelkis, school principal. The
last day for senior attendance is
May 15.
Whether you are happy
about the extra breaks from
school, or you are mad about
the days that you have to make
up, one thing is certain. The official Summer Break will begin
on June 5, 2014. Let’s hope that
there are no more “snow days”
to extend the date even further.
Q: What did you do?
compiled by Brenda Rodriguez
“My pipes froze; there was no water in my house
all day until my dad went
under the trailer to unfreeze the pipes by setting
a little heater next to them. Although it was the
worst thing ever,
water was back on in no time!”
Amy Vargas
“The weather was so bad, I couldn’t go see my babe!
I was so mad… The roads were all slippery and
too bad to drive on.”
Alberto Reyes
“I had to help my brother shovel snow
and I joined my mother and my little niece to
make a snowman. Other than this, I stayed inside
my house keeping myself warm and preventing myself from getting another cold.”
Michelle Marquez
“I had to shovel a lot of snow. I also had to jump
start my mom’s car because the cold blew out the battery. It was freezing!”
Julian Lagunas
Page 4
Jacob Zarobsky
I can’t put it into words I
will miss you.
Love, Mrs. Evbuoma
Mark Barr
The world is yours. You
are a wonderful young man
and you can take a hit.
Love Mrs. Evbuoma
Valentine’s Day Special
Dear Efua,
Hey bestfriend! Happy
Valentine’s Day.
Penny Pround
Be my valentine.
Joseph Kaminski
I’ve been here for myself
through thick and thin I
love myself! I’m
awesome. aha
Juliana Valenzuela
You’re the best girlfriend
in the world.
Joshua Jones
To Lynch,
Will you be Arrow’s
valentine? We love you...
Johnny Crim
Wish my best friend
Jocelyn Hernandez and
my sister Fatima a Happy
Valentine’s Day and to my
coach Amy
I love you more than
anything in the world.
Joshua Jones
Happy Valentine’s Day.
Ms Ortega .
The brother
Alexis Alzona
I will miss your beautiful
smile. You are outstanding.
Love, Mrs. Evbuoma
You look a little down
today. I think you need
some vitamin me
M. Gutierrez
Happy Valentine’s Day
baby! I love you Jorgie!
Vita Chavez
Eduardo Garcia
You are a wonderful
young man. You are
greatly appreciated.
Love, Mrs. Evbuoma
Dear Josh,
You are literally my favorite person in the whole
world and always make me
happy. You’re my sunshine
sweetheart. Love you!
Bailey Erffmeyer
Hey there beautiful ;). I
hope you’re having an
awesome day. I love you
to infinity and beyond
Brandon Cruz
Larry Acevedo
Prince Larry.
Love, Mrs. Evbuoma
Class Of 2014:
I wish you all a wonderful
future you are the best.
Love, Mrs Evbuoma
China Hughes
My starfish. Work hard.
Love, Mrs. Evbuoma
Jesus Benitez
The voice of Bremen!
I will miss you so stay
Love, Mrs Evbuoma
Thank you for an amazing year. I love you. 4622
forever and always.
Gianna Lococo
Forever Mrs. Nesbitt
Gaby. :D
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Cindy Marquina (:
Alexia Rodriguez
Nicole Garza, go to prom
with me, OR ELSE!!
Happy Valentine’s Day
budda! You’re an
amazing boyfriend. Love
you! 11-17-13.
Brenda Rodriguez
Here’s your shout back.
You’re fantastic and
outrageously beautiful.
You’re super sweet and
really fine, won’t you be
my valentine?
Joshua Rooney
I love my squad #OTB
Deon Jackson
Happy Valentine’s Day
Cheyenne Harman
Have the happiest valentine day, yet! Love ya!
Wizard Kelly
Me gusta mucho, Oscar
Zulema Villalobos
To wish la bola a Happy
Valentine’s Day love you
Happy Valentine’s Day,
I love you boo Cindy
Kathian A
Omg This is our V day
together. I love you.
Joshua Jones
Life with you makes perfect sense. Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.
Kayla Burns
Your name is elly you
tickle Elly you tickle your
belly you giggle like jelly.
Mercedes Thomson
My special valentines are
Nick and Julie Faltisek.
Grandma Christel
The Woodland Creatures
need a squad reunion...
Love, Turner #2
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Angelo Montes
Cheyenne Harmon
I will miss you.
Love, Mrs. Evbuoma
I love you
Syndel Serratos!
Francisco Gonzalez
Troy Debro
I will miss you.
Love, Mrs. Evbuoma
Happy Valentine’s Day.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
To Ms. Connelly,
One of the sweetest
people I know. Happy
Valentine’s Day!
Ms. Dwyer
Lindsey Dudek
You are the most down to
earth girl I’ve ever met.
I love you so much :) No
one in this word could
replace you.
Stephen Bromden
No amount of words can
express the infinite ways
that I adore you. You’re
the “A” to my grade, the
jelly to my peanut butter,
the left to my right.
Bremen High School
Happy Valentine’s Day
Cuiri! I love you.
To my 8th hour class...
You are the best 8th hour
class I have all day.
Mr. Carlson
10 Facts About Valentine’s Day
compiled by: Julie Faltisek
1. 150 million valentines cards are exchanged on Valentines Day.
2. Research reveals that more than half of the U.S. population celebrates
Valentine’s Day by purchasing a greeting card.
3. In addition to the U.S., Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Canada, Mexico,
the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Denmark, Italy and Japan.
4. Valentine’s Day is the fourth biggest holiday of the year for confectionery
5. More than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for
Valentine’s Day.
6. Fifty percent of women will likely give a gift of chocolate to a guy for
Valentine’s Day.
7. Most American men say they’d rather receive chocolate than flowers on
Valentine’s Day, especially those over the age of 50.
8. India celebrates a holiday called Children’s Day, which is November 14, 9
months after Valentine’s Day.
9. It is estimated that you will fall in love 7 times before you get married.
10. President Henry Truman fell in love with his wife when he was six years
Sources: www.history.com/topics/valentines-day-facts, www.candyusa.com/FunStuff/, www.omg-facts.com, www.sheknows.com/holidays-and-seasons
February 13, 2014
Happy Valentine’s Day
to all the pretty girls of
Happy Valentine’s Day
I love you Color Guard
Julie Faltisek
Happy Valentine’s Day
Martha Faltisek.
Valentine’s Day Special
I love you, will you go
to prom with me Nicole
Cortez Whitney
Baby, you’re so sweet, you
would put Hershey’s out of
business. Love you Tim.
Desiree Sosa
Happy Valentine’s Day
Megan and Liz
Love Sarah. Sarah Powers
I hope you all get lots of
I love Brandon Cruz :)
Happy one year
Happy Valentine’s Day
from the IMC! You’re #1
in our book!
Mrs. Sala
Dani Diaz!
Go to prom with me OR
To Jeremy Green
I dream about you everyday. I want you to be mine.
Kim Clifford
Nicole Garza
Will you go to prom with
me? :)
Kaitlin Lovrich
Natalia Loza
I love you.
Chris Miller
Don’t be a Dani downer. ;)
Kaitlin Lovrich
Richie Gutierrez
You’re such an amazing guy—so kind, smart,
athletic, and the best
boyfriend I could ask for.
I love you so much.
Taylor Knispel
For Abby
You are an amazing,
beautiful girl. Funny
and classy. And the best
speech partner ever ^_^ I
love you.
I love you more than your
boyfriend. Hope you have a
wonderful Valentine’s Day.
Not Shane Kois
Happy Valentine’s Day
to everyone that doesn’t
have someone.
Forever alone kids
You’re so beautiful
Danijah Johnson
I think you’re really cute.
I think you’re really
sweet. I added you to my
Facebook, now you can
be my boo, Julie
Your secret admirer
I love you Bestie.
Joshua Jones
You are my best friend.
I’ll never stop loving you.
Thank you for making
these last 3 years so
special. Happy Valentine’s
Hanah Nelson
Jessica Zayas
Roses are red, violets are
blue, out of anyone in the
world, I’d choose you.
Carlos Rivera
I love Hanah Nelson.
Josh Jones
10:15:10 dang that’s a long
time. I love you Hanah.
Josh Jones
Thanks for everything
you do for me baby.
Joshua Jones
I love Emily Gerhardt.
Alex Betancourt
Happy Valentine’s Day
to all the wrestlers (especially Brent Ochoa) and
coaches and the stat girls.
Dynecia Dixon
Will you be my valentine
Happy Valentine’s Day to
all the staff. Peace out.
Ms. Gerry McClure
Happy Valentine’s Day.
Jamaury Nelson
Cant’ wait till next year’s
Valentine’s Day.
Joshua Jones
Happy Valentine’s Day
fun size.
I love you Victor.
Rosa De Luna
What up what up Happy
Valentine’s Day to all my
guys I hang out with in all
of my classes. Peace out!!
Ms. Gerry McClure
Dear future self on the
day i wrote this, I hid
$50 dollars in your filing
cabinet at home. You’ve
probably forgotten by
now. When you see this
in the paper, go home
and feel free to spend the
cash! Consider it a gift!
Happy Valentine’s Day,
future self.
Tommy Parchem
Hope you like the gift I
get you.
Joshua Jones
Happy V-day baby. Hanah
Josh Jones
Page 5
Alicia is so cute…
Happy Valentine’s Day : )
Happy Valentine’s Day
Dear Michelle,
If you would let me spend
my whole life loving you,
life could be a dream
sweet heart.
Christopher Mora
Happy Valentine’s Day.
Kathin Amezcua
Happy Valentine’s Day to
all the lonely singles and
happy couples.
Kayla Topel
Happy Valentine’s Day
Daisy Lozano
Happy Valentine’s Day to
my two best friends Claudia and Michelle.
Haley Sanders.
Happy Valentine’s Day
Najeraaa Coahaa, Palafox
Cheskirito, Chavez, Palomino, Flaka, JJ, Jonathan,
Dayana, Guada, David,
Have a Happy Valentine’s
Happy Valentine’s Day
to la Platofox, Chenana,
Najera, Dulce, and Ramon.
I’m not stalking you!
I love you baby boo (Natalia Loza)
Happy Valentine’s Day to
my fellow lonely people
this Valentine’s Day.
Happy Valentine’s Day!!
Alex Mendez ( :
To my special someone
Happy Valentine’s Day.
Danijah Johnson
Dear Mercedes,
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
Mr. Lynch you a cutie be
Happy Valentine’s Day
Chiquillo feoo!
Amy Varga
Go to prom with me-I’m
Happy Valentine’s Day
Jackie Murillo
I love you so much Flako.
Mr. Collins
Happy Valentine’s Day to
the world’s best husband,
dad and teacher! Love ya!
Mrs. Collins
Page 6
Honors With Distinction
Anas Ali
Mark Barr
Jesus Benitez-Gorostieta
Joseph Biesiada
Bernardino Carrera
Emerald Dee
Thomas Garber
Taylor Lewis
Marisa Little
Benjamin Loza
Magdalena Martinez
Alliyah Mason
Jonathan Mayoros
Yesenia Mejia
Hanah Nelson
Michael Pilny
Daniele Posch
Sarah Powers
Nicole Quitman
Kaylie Standfield
Noemi Vaca
Jacob Widstrom
Jacob Zarobsky
Nicole Ames
James Christ
Paul Deanda
Staci Ficht
Cricelia Flores
Veronica Garcia
Edward Gross
Vicki Hawkins
Kathryn Hayes
Haley Henschel
Randy Jasien
Stephanie Jones
Brian Luong
Ben McClerklin
Dawn Racila
Jonathan Sanchez
Madeline Schaal
Stephanie Shelton
Diego Alvarado
Dylan Crisman
Samuel Grutzius
Jade Jenkins
Darrell Keller
Clarissa Maloney
Nyrasia Beal
Matuka Bender
Michael Cook
Kitara Dee
Leonard Feil
Annette Galeas
Maricela Garcia
Jessica Harris
Haley Krumrie
Hannah McNaughton
Ashley Moore
Tyra Myrick
Yvette Quiroz
Richard Rhein
Na’eemah Shaheed
Anjel Vaca
David Wright
Shaniya Wylie
Juan Zambrano
High Honors
Eduardo Aceves
Aurora Aguilar
Luis Ahumada
Kaitlin Alton
Melissa Alvarado
Alexis Alzona
Rosaura Amezcua
Kaprice Anderson
Reagan Battles
Brittney Black
Michelle Borgman
Nelly Campos
Alexis Cerrito
Luis Delgadillo-Silva
Elizabeth Deyoung
Rebecca Dryan
Lindsey Dudek
Marisa Ensworth
Angelica Figueroa
Laura Flores
Anthony Fuentes
Angel Garcia
Semester 1 Honor Roll
Elizabeth Garrison
Katherine Garza
Emanuel Gelfo Sanchez
Emily Gerhardt
Valter Gonzalez
Sean Grant
Jeremy Green
Morgan Hampton
Shavon Harden
Bridget Hayes
Genaro Hernandez
Peter Herrera
Janet Herrera
Dijon Holmes
Jared Housman
Alexius Hughes
Contrell Jackson
Danijah Johnson
Marco Kirkwood
Lauren Kroner
Austin Lopez
Kaitlin Lovrich
Daisy Lozano
Sonia Melchor
Alejandro Mendez
Diego Mendoza
Justin Meziere
Marcell Moore
Alondra Moreno
Ramon Mosqueda
Alicia Olik-Egner
Kishan Patel
Karla Quiroga
Santiago Realmo
Takia Reese
Luis Rodriguez
Cecilia Sandoval
Nicholas Scarpinato
Sulema Serna
Jasmine Silva
Christyle Smith
Wuraola Sosina
Jeremy Taylor
Violeta Torres
Melanie Vazquez
Lorena Villanueva
Jacqueline Zuniga
Sarah Anderson
Alaina Anton
Jaime Bazan
Stephon Broaden
Destinee Burton
Alondra Carrillo-Perez
Kimberly Clifford
Ashlei Cole
Brittany Condon
Sarah Ely
Zachary Esposito
Abigail Ferguson
Alec Gentry
Richard Gutierrez
Brianna Hardy
Cheyenne Harmon
Jason Jenicek
Josemaria Jimenez
Taylor Knispel
Craig Krygowski
Kassidy Meisner
Rafael Mejia
Karina Mejia
Giovanna Mendoza
Andrew Milen
Alejandro Munoz
Brianna Ochoa
Adrian Perez
Abraham Ramirez
Brenda Rodriguez
Joshua Rooney
Jabria Rucker
Robert Scott
Taylor Smith
Javier Soto
Rachel Stalter
Nicholas Stoffle
David Strom
Lilydian Tolbert
Maklia Woods
Esmeralda Aguilar
Janet Avila
Diamond Cheffin
Javier Covarrubias
Kyle Devries
Suhayb Froukh
Delfino Gomez
Ricardo Gutierrez
Kelsey Hargis
Brenda Hernandez
Annie Holder
Wayne Huffman
Sterlen Johnson
Marquelle Johnson
Raquel Johnson Williams
Ariana Ledesma Rosales
Agustin Leyva
Gianna Lococo
Dejah Martin
Claude Martinez
Jamila Mauldin
Itzel Murillo
Raymond Perez
Brooke Pisciotto
Philip Powers
Emmanuel Rivera Martinez
Sarah Smith
Brianna Szudy
Arshad Vahora
Jessica Walsh
Abbie Wick
Guadalupe Ballinas
Ximena Benitez-Marquez
Nicole Bergstrom
Jillian Bulow
Mackenzie Cali
Celeste Calleros-Lopez
Gabriela Campuzano
Maria Cardenas
Daniel Cardenas
Aashauntae Chapman
Aashaun Chapman
Joana Cruz
Rosa Deluna Tostado
Madalynn Derro
Jose Diego
Giselle Esparza
Estefania Flores
Tori Galvin
Oralia Garcia
Jessica Gonzalez
Kayla Green
Jenelle Guinn
Jeron Harris
Elise Harrison
Dustin Hilton
Brittany Jones
Mercedes Key
Mikyah King
Alicia Kolacki
Denise Lopez
Henrietta McDonald
Christian Mercado
Cheyenne Moore
Mariela Munoz
Jonathan Munoz
Ashanti Perkin
Kevin Powers
Nicolas Robinson
Markayla Rule
Raquel Scapardine
Sarah Sellers
Paige Shaw
Caleb Short
Alexandra Torres
Fatima Vargas
Joseph Vazquez
Jose Villanueva
Amparo Villanueva
Nikia Watkins
Vikia Weathersby
Arrin Westbrook
Royale Williams
Paola Zambrano
Nathan Zielinski
Larry Acevedo
Alfred Adekahunsi
Thomas Alva
Jasmine Anderson
Benson Arceo
Nancy Avalos
Megan Banasiak
Tyler Banovich
Karina Barban
Tyler Barnes
David Beckberger
Latiana Bell
Silvia Bernard
Ericka Bland Hughes
Syndel Bonito Serratos
Luke Bullard
Eduardo Carmona
Cayden Colyer
Latavia Conner
Jeravon Cotten
Fatima Delarosa
Christopher Diaz
Robert Doeden
Enrique Esparza
Emannuel Esparza
David Estrada
Julie Faltisek
Emmanuel Flores
Matthew Frank
Austin Garza
Shelby Gunaka
Jemilyn Hernandez
Denise Hernandez
Alexander Humek
Travon Jackson
Deon Jackson
Amanda Jackson
Louis Johnson
Devon Jones
Thomas Kaniewski
Cristian Lagunas
Jillian Lee
Brandon Luong
Raquel Magana
Jessica Marquez
Matthew Martinez
Michael Martino
Melissa Master
Gavriel McClerklin
Latrice Montgomery
Kenneth Moore
Alondra Moreno
Jaquelyn Murillo
Ariana Neiheisel
Melisa Nunez
Luis Pacheco
Lissette Perez
Jose Perez
Pedro Perez Melgoza
Kaitlyn Pfeiffer
Jose Plascencia
Eduardo Prado
Jesus Reynoso
Jessie Marie Ritz
Drequan Ross-Brown
Joseph Stack
Nicholas Strache
Justin Svihula
Christopher Thomas
Yolanda Valadez
Nakya Wallace
Thomas Walton
Nicholas Watkins
Tatyana Whittler
Josh Wick
Cynthia Woods
Dulce Alvarez
Charles Antoniazzi
Cynthia Avalos
Salvador Ayala
Rhobert Bato
James Beaver
John Betts
Samantha Bravo
Kendarion Brown
Adrienne Carrel
Samantha Cazares
Maria Cazares
Ramiro Chavez
Marianelly Chavez
Noelle Ciemny
Corey Conner
Nicole Coppolino
Camaron Covington
Ashley Davis
Cody Deems
Russell Deer
Omar Delafuente
Millicent Derro
Patrick Doran
Idalis Esparza
Kevin Espinosa
Jacob Flores-Arias
Guadalupe Frausto
Bryanna Gallegos
Ada Garcia
Deja Garrett
Jamar Griffin
Gabriele Grutzius
Martha Gutierrez
Edwin Guzman
Christen Henderson
K’yairra Henry
Roxxana Hernandez Zuno
Kevin Jackson
Sierra Jett
Debria Jones
Taylor Kanofsky
Brett Kolacki
Carla Llerenas
Carlos Lopez
Natalia Loza
Abel Lozano
Anthony Luth
Brianna Martinez
Bremen High School
Berenice Martinez
Christian Martinez Garza
Cristian Mendoza
Alejandro Meza
Tammy Mislich
Dalia Montes
Ericka Moore
Christopher Mora
Roberto Pacheco
Kayla Padilla
Grace Prack
Kyle Ramos
Brianney Reyes
Kayla Rivera
Carlos Rivera
Paola Rocha
Michelle Rodriguez
Demetrius Salcedo
Desire Sosa
Elizabeth Talis
Alize Thomas
Mercedes Thompson
Pablo Villar
Antonio Washington
Houston Weatherly
Jessica Zayas
Jaret Ahern
Amber Anderson
Malik Ballard
Analletzy Barraza
Damian Behymer
Olivia Butt
Miguel Calderon
Matthew Calich
Samantha Carrano
Arturo Carrillo
Tyler Cassin
Imani Clark
Makayla Denson
Tyler Deyoung
Coral Diaz
Jessica Dominguez
Maria Dorado
Samantha Duffy
Arnoldo Duran Alcala
Georgina Ellis
Michael Elrod
Matthew Esparza
Cody Esparza
Dalia Fernandez-Morales
Joshua Flores-Arias
Martin Garcia
Jenna Gaskin
Lorena Gomez
Jacquelyn Gonzalez
Jesse Gross
Adiel Guerrero
Daisylinet Herrera
Mayte Holmes
Mustafa Ismail
Diana Ismail
Zoe Janisse
Magdalene Janisse
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Zachary Johnson
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Deborah Martinez-Naranjo
Jalisa Mauldin
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Oluwatomisin Aina
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Kaleb Bosan
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Katherine Catalano
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Alyssa Garza
Kamryn Gazdziak
Christopher Gonzalez
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Haley Greybill
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Antanisha Harris
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Kaitlyn Hobbs
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Nickalos Josephson
Mario Julian
Eric Karjaka
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Amir Lindsey
Cristian Lopez
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Cristal Lozano
Julia Luna
Patricia Lyons
Andriana Malone
Cindy Marquina
Corina Marshall
Jasmine McCallister
Alexandra Meza
Martha Montes
Donald Murphy
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Jesus Zarate-Sanchez
February 13, 2014
Page 7
spotlights by Saadiqa Muhammad
Nikia Watkins
Year in school: Freshman
Birthday/sign: October 2/Libra
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Current hometown: Posen, IL
Family: Tracy (mother), Tracy
(father), Nicole, Nicholas
Activities/Sports: Marching
Band, Basketball, (freshman
football manager)
Hobbies/special talents: Eating
Career goals: Become a pediatrician
Hero and why: Anyone that
has the qualities of fearlessness,
inner strength, and helpfulness is
a hero in my book. Also anyone
that can make a positive difference in the world.
Plans after high school: Get an
outstanding education in college.
If you could give anyone advice, what would it be?: “Never
let the fear of striking out keep
you from playing the game”
Something unique about yourself: Can eat the most bread in
my family
Favorite class and why: Jazz
band, I get to play and enjoy,
music in addition to having fun
Favorite group/singer/song:
Two prince – Spin doctor
Favorite sport/sports figure: I
like all sports
Favorite sport to play: Dodge
Linda Michelle Kimbrough
Year in school: Sophomore
Birthday/sign: January 18
Birthplace: Harvey, IL
Current hometown: Posen, IL
Family: Four sisters, two brothers, mom, and grandma (I’m the
Activities/Sports: Diversity
member and stepper
Hobbies/special talents: I love
going to the mall and taking
Career goals: start my own business in clothing design
Hero and why: My mother,
because she takes care of me and
I love her with all my heart
Plans after high school: Military, and go to college in Atlanta
or New York
Best advice you ever received:
Don’t let anyone tell you that you
can’t reach for the stars, when
there were foot prints on the
If you could give anyone advice, what would it be?: Treat
others how you would like to be
Something unique about you: I
can wiggle my nose
Favorite class and why: Culinary arts, because I get to show
off my great cooking skills and
Favorite group/singer/song:
Drake, Lil Durk, Come through,
Favorite TV Show: Chopped,
Love and Hip Hop
Favorite sport/sports figure:
Basketball, Michael Jordan
Favorite sport to play: Tennis
Submit to the Oracle!
*** Deadline: March 7, 2014 ***
Cricelia Flores
Nickname: Chrissy
Year in school: Junior
Birthday/sign: June 21/Gemini
Birthplace: Chicago
Current hometown: Midlothian
Family: Parents, little brother,
Activities/Sports: National
Honor Society, Key Club, energy
club, Junior Leadership, freshman advisor , Girls/boys swim
manager, Girls water polo manager
Hobbies/special talents: Cooking/Baking
Career goals: Be successful
Hero and why: My uncle because he always pushes me to do
better and strive for excellence.
Plans after high school: college
Best advice you ever received:
If you think you can or think you
can’t, you’re right.
If you could give anyone advice, what would it be?: You
can do it.
Something unique about yourself: I can stand on one leg while
Favorite class and why: Science
in general because it’s math and
English mixed together.
Favorite group/singer/song:
Hoodie Allen
Favorite TV Show: The Office
D’Maury Deshawn Earl
Nickname: Riot
Year in school: Senior
Birthday/sign: August 23/Virgo
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Current hometown: Markham
Family: Devin, Danny, Dillion,
Derrick, Destiny
Activities/Sports: Football, Track,
and Wrestling
Hobbies/special talents: Comic
Books, Video Games, weight lifting
Career goals: Developmental Psychologist
Hero and why: My dad, because
he faced adversity and never let it
stop him
Plans after high school: College
at Iowa Wesleyan
Best advice you ever received:
Success is my only option, failure’s
If you could give anyone advice,
what would it be?: Do what
makes you happy, forget everyone
Something unique about yourself: I’m left handed.
Favorite class and why: Psychology and BFS. Kushner is better
than life and Espo too.
Favorite group/singer/song: Eminem, Based God , and The Weeknd
Favorite TV Show: Big Bang
Theory and Sons of Anarchy
Favorite sport/sports figure:
Football ( Deshon Sanders and
Tavon Austion )
Favorite sport to play: Football
and Basketball
Presenting...the Spring Musical!!
Little Shop of Horrors
A nerdish florist finds his chance for success and
romance with the help of a giant man-eating plant who
demands to be fed. It’s the best love story ever told.
*** Submit poems, artwork,
stories and so much more ***
Thursday, Feb. 13--Info Meeting
3-3:30 p.m. Room 116
*** Any questions??? See an
Oracle member or Mrs. Sala
in the IMC today!***
Thursday, Feb. 20 Auditions 3 p.m.
See Mr. Salgado, Mr. Rybarczyk, or Mr. Bailey
if you have any questions.
Bowling coach Wrestlers take down opponents
rolls to SSC
honors; Deer
goes to state
Bremen High School Physical Education teacher and Varsity Bowling Coach, Jon
Baikie, was named as the Varsity Bowling
South Suburban Conference
- Coach of the Year.
Baikie was voted in by
the coaches from the SSC
Red and Blue sections. Bremen Bowling had a turnaround year finishing this
season in 3rd place in conference. Baikie has been the
Jon Baikie Varsity Bowling Coach for
more than 7 years.
Coach Baikie stated that he is very
proud of his team’s accomplishments this year
with a very young team. The experience gained
photo by Tammy Mislich
this season by the freshmen and sophomores
The wrestling team had a successful weekend at Regionals Feb. 7-9. Senior Ryan Foswill build a solid foundation
ter and junior Javier Soto each took first place in his respective weight class. Senior
for Bremen Bowling for the
Josh Jones finished second and freshman Brent Ochoa finished third in their weight
years to come.
classes. All four wrestlers will move on to the Sectionals at De La Salle Feb. 14-16.
The Boys Bowling
Senior T.J. Walton and junior Corey Conner both finished fourth and will serve as
team also experienced sucalternates at Sectionals.
cess by having an individual
qualify for the State competition. Bremen junior Russell Deer who was named as
a bowling state qualifier for Russell Deer
by Celeste Dean
new school dance called “bopping.”
the 2013-2014 season. Deer
Echo reporter
The crowd was pleased with the perforrepresented Bremen and competed at the State
by all step teams. Bremen also had
competition at O’Fallon High School January
It was a shocking victory. As everyone a lot of supporters that came out. As all teams
31-February 2.
the building with excitement and glee, entered the stage area ,the crowd was loud- but
story submitted
they were striving for the top three. Our Bremen as the Bremen Diversity Steppers got on stage,
Step-Up team was up against some great teams the crowd went berserk!
and would do they best they could.
When it was time for the awards, ev
Bremen Diversity Steppers took 1st ery stepper seemed nervous to hear what place
place at Thornton High School located in Har- they would take. The Bremen team decided that
vey, IL. Steppers were up against Kappa League they would settle for third, however the Kappa
and Thornridge Steppers.
League was announced a third place.
The Kappa League is a step group com- At this point, The Braves were thrilled
prised of all high school males. As for the Thron- that just maybe they could earn a second place
The Bremen Varsity Poms Squad ridge Step Team, they are made up of all high status. The crowd went crazy when the announcearned 1st place at the South Suburban Com- school females, like our very own Bremen Step- ers said Thornridge was awarded second place. petitive Dance Sectionals held at Stagg High pers.
Since there were only three teams, the
The home field advantage was none oth- Bremen Diversity Step Team knew that they had
School on Saturday January 25. Bremen Poms competed at the IHSA Competitive Dance Pre- er than the Thornridge Steppers Thornton Step taken 1st place!
liminary Round at the US Cellular Coliseum Team as they were the hosts of the event since The Diversity Steppers celebrated and
in Bloomington, January 31. Bremen Poms is the even was held at Thornton High School. The showed great sportsmanship to the other teams;
Thornton Steppers performed and help contests the other teams did the same. It was a spectacucoached by Rita Damhorst.
story submitted enjoy the best of old school steppers and also a lar night!
Step team leads the way
Poms performs
at IHSA State
Dance contest