Take a little walk with me



Take a little walk with me
Take a little walk with me...
2007-2008 annual review
Northern BC & Yukon region
7-Eleven Canada Inc., A & K MacPherson Enterprises
Bandstra Transportation Systems Ltd., HYDRECS - BC Hydro
Bechtel Group Foundation, City of Prince George, District of Mackenzie
FMC of Canada Ltd., Gairns Santos Engineering Inc., Government of Canada,
Government of Yukon, IDL Projects Inc., Investors Group Financial Services,
Kinsmen Club of Prince George, Kiwanis Club of Williams Lake
Knights of Columbus Bishop Bunoz Council #5282
Knights of Columbus Sacred Heart Council #8927
Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Prince George Central Lions Club
Prince George Community Foundation, Province of British Columbia
RONA Building Centre - Terrace, RONA Home Centre – Williams Lake
RONA Tyee Building Supply Ltd. – Prince Rupert, Rotary Club of Mackenzie
Rotary Club of Williams Lake, Royal Canadian Legion #43 Ladies Auxiliary
Scotiabank, Shaw Communications Inc., Spotless Uniform Ltd.
Twin Rivers Developments Ltd., Wal-Mart Canada – Dawson Creek,
Fort St. John, Prince George, Quesnel, Terrace &Whitehorse
Williams Lake Lions Club
Our Mission
To improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world.
The Fundamental Principles
Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence,Voluntary Service, Unity, Universality
This year has been both successful and challenging.
We have faced natural disasters in several communities in our region and while
personally devastating for those impacted, they have allowed us to grow as an
organization and build community leadership.
We have undertaken new projects, formed exciting delivery partnerships, and trained
people from all walks of life to help us achieve our mission of improving the lives of
vulnerable people.
This year has also brought changes in personnel but as always, with change comes
opportunity. We continue to work hard to build a strong staff and governance team.
I am confident we are ready and able to lead the organization and help to set direction
for the coming year.
I invite you to take a little walk with me through the events of the past year. I would
like to recognize and applaud the generosity of caring communities and individuals as
well as the hard work of our dedicated volunteers and staff that made it all possible.
Wendell Hiltz
Regional Council President
We protect lives and ensure respect for the human being.
•Northern BC & Yukon staff,
volunteers and supporters formed
the Northern Bug Patrol as a part
of the national Malaria Bites
fundraising campaign and have
raised $3,766 to support the
distribution of mosquito nets in
• A presentation on the Red Cross
Malaria Bed Net Campaign was
delivered to 15 students in the
International Studies department
at the University of Northern BC.
• An Introduction to the Movement
presentation was delivered to the
International Organization class at
University of Northern BC.
• 23 Disaster Management
volunteers have particpated in
the Red Cross, Introduction to
the Movement course.
• The Yukon Territorial Goverment
made a $20,000 donation to support
the Canadian Red Cross appeal to
aid the survivors of Cyclone Sidr in
• Red Cross Tsunami Delegate, Jean
Slick, visited Prince George in March
to share her experiences leading
recovery operations for the
Canadian Red Cross in Indonesia
with donors, volunteers, students,
and the general public.
• Red Cross representatives from
Northern BC participated in the
National Aboriginal Coordinators
Conference in Ottawa in March,
hosting nine other Aboriginal
serving organizations.
“What else can be more satisfying than to improve
the lives of the most vulnerable and the Red Cross
provides many means to achieve this as it is the sole
reason for its existence.”
-Amar Dhillon, Past President, Regional Council
Families from the village of Molodo in Mali bring their children to a vaccination and Malaria bed net distribution site, Photo courtesy of Wendell Phillips.
We provide relief when individuals and communities require support.
• As a result of the flooding in North
West BC, 15 Red Cross disaster
management volunteers were
activated to provide recovery
assistance, such as; in-depth needs
assessments, vouchers for food,
clothing, and water, RONA cleanup kits, plush toys for children and
short-term housing for those forced
from their homes. Red Cross staff
and volunteers assisted just under
200 clients.
• The Disaster Management
Community Hazard and Assessment
Tool (DMCHAT) was completed for
Northern BC & the Yukon to assist
with planning, project needs for
future responses.
• The Northern BC & Yukon
Emergency Response Team had
23 active members from across
the region that participated in
various levels of the national
training program and three
disaster management instructors
were trained.
• The Red Cross QuakeSafe
program was delivered to the
Child Development Centre staff
in Prince George.
• A Red Cross presentation on
preparedness and intervention in
disaster was delivered to the UNBC
Social Work Department.
• A Recovery Centre was opened
in Prince George Red Cross office
following the Nechako River Ice
Jam and Flooding.
• 17 Red Cross volunteers were
activated during the Prince George
Winter Flood Response to provide
support services to the operation
and direct services to clients. 34
needs assessments were completed
and 36 families received assistance.
• Red Cross was invited to have a
representative on the First Nations
Mountain Pine Beetle Initiative, to
build community and governmental
capacity to respond to disasters
threatening Aboriginal communities.
“I appreciate the support Red Cross has given to my
family during this very difficult time. It made me
feel safe and gave me hope.”
-Flood affected resident from Prince George, BC
Nechako River Ice Jam and Winter Flood, Photo courtesy of The Prince George Citizen
We reduce suffering, save lives and build safe and healthy communites
for individuals at vulnerable times in their lives.
• Volunteers reached 2,318 youth
through RespectED presentations
on bullying and harassment,
relationship violence and child
• Beyond the Hurt peer facilitators
educated more than 900 youth in
the region about bullying and
• Walking the Prevention Circle
was delivered to three Aboriginal
nations in the region, reaching 60
participants with messages about
abuse, neglect and interpersonal
violence and how to begin the
tranistion from the cycle of
violence to the circle of healing.
• 90 youth and 23 adults were
trained to deliver RespectED
• 111 adults participated in
RespectED workshops to encourage
proactive approaches for preventing
abuse, violence, and harassment.
• RespectED formed a delivery
partnership with AimHi to deliver
Beyond the Hurt to elementary
•Eagle Nest Community and
Aboriginal Services became a
delivery partner of RespectED
to deliver It’s Not Your Fault to
internal youth clients.
• The Black & Purple Bullying
Prevention tour in Prince George
was a huge success with more than
1,000 youth and school staff
participating in the events.
•In the Northern BC & Yukon
20,734 youth participated in Red
Cross Preschool Swim lessons and
Red Cross Swim Kids.
•83 new Assistant Water Safety
Instructors and 110 Water Safety
Instructors were trained in the
•The first Water Safety Instructor
Trainer was certified over distance
as a pilot project in the Yukon.
“The training I’ve received through RespectED has
opened my eyes to issues surrounding child abuse
and neglect and it’s given me the skills to do
something positive about it.” -Greg Jonuk, RespectED Volunteer
Breanne Lawrenson sings Black & Purple during a Prince George Community Performance, Photo courtesy of Focal Point Studios
We reduce suffering, save lives and build safe and healthy communites
for individuals at vulnerable times in their lives
• A total of 9,781 youth and adults
participated in Standard First Aid,
Emergency First Aid, CPR and AED,
Babysitter Training or another type
of First Aid Training.
•22 participants completed First Aid
Leadership courses including; First
Aid Instructor courses, Instructor
Recertifications, and Instructor
Transfer courses.
• Dan Anton of Yukon College, an
Authorized Provider for Red Cross,
was part of the national team that
developed the Wilderness & Remote
First Aid program that was launched
in February 2008.
•The Ministry of Employment and
Income Assistance (MEIA) made a
donation of $400,000 over three
years to support the MELS program.
• 129 MELS volunteers from 16
depots in Northern BC and the Yukon
loaned 8,338 pieces of medical
equipment to 5,036 clients.
• Northern Health Connections
partnered with Red Cross to provide
the free delivery of medical
equipment to meet client needs in
outlying communities.
• The Fort Nelson MELS depot was
moved to an improved location in
the Fort Nelson General Hospital.
• The Medical Equipment Loan
Service (MELS) program began a
youth volunteer initiative focused
on washing medical equipment,
involving 16 youth from two Prince
George high schools.
• 60 MELS Volunteers from
Northern BC & the Yukon were
trained to meet the national
standards of cleaning and
• The MELS demo bathroom was
opened and a workshop was
delivered to 26 Prince George MELS
volunteers to provide training for
demonstrations to clients.
“My husband and I are very grateful for this service
and thanks comes from the bottom of our hearts.”
-Medical Equipment Loan Service Client
A MELS volunteer demonstrates the use of a wheelchair, Photo courtesy of Focal Point Studios
Organizational capacity
We mobilize sufficient support and resources to carry out our
humanitarian mission.
• RespectED youth volunteer, Kerry
Kandola, won the City of Prince
George’s Youth Volunteer of the
Year Award for her work as a peer
facilitator for Beyond the Hurt.
• Regional Council and Disaster
Management Volunteer, Alvina
Berggren, won the Provincial
Emergency Program’s ESS Volunteer
of the Year Award for her work in
Disaster Management.
• Gillyana Thompson, a Prince
George youth who saved her
grandfather from drowning,received
a Canadian Red Cross Rescuer Award
for her bravery.
• 12 year old, Zebrina Dennis from
Dease Lake won the National Red
Cross Babysitter Hero Award for
excellence in babysittying.
• Red Cross Disaster Management
and RespectED volunteers
participated in media training to
prepare them as spokespeople for
Red Cross.
•56 MELS volunteers donated 3,486
hours of their time to operating the
Prince George MELS Centre.
• The Province of BC awarded a
$100,000 grant to be used for the
MELS and RespectED programs in
Northern BC and the Yukon.
• Shaw Cable in Prince George made
a committment of $14,160 a year,
over the next three years to support
the RespectED program in Williams
Lake, Quesnel, Prince George, and
Fort St. John.
• Red Cross partnered with
Wal-Mart stores in Dawson Creek,
Fort St. John, Prince George,
Quesnel, Terrace, and Whitehorse
to raise $26,568.
•$21,807 was raised through a Red
Cross appeal to assist Prince George
residents affected by the Nechako
River Ice Jam and Flooding.
“I feel proud when I see the Red Cross emblem
displayed. It’s a great organization to belong to
and it offers a wealth of learning opportunities.”
-Wendell Hiltz, Regional Council President
Prince George MELS volunteer Colin McIntosh, retrieves equipment for a client, Photo courtesy of Focal Point Studios.
The heart and
soul of any
organization is
much more than
itself. It is the people that embody the true
spirit of a cause. It is with great appreciation
for those individuals that we recognize
their contributions toward a better, safer
society. You
are what we
aspire to be.
We thank you.
Northern BC & Yukon Region
1399 Sixth Avenue
Prince George, BC
V2L 5L6
Phone: 250-564-6566
Fax: 250-564-2688
Toll Free: 1-800-278-7177

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