Issue Five
About us
Craft-Shed was established in 2010, when
a long-standing passion for papercraft
developed into a thriving mail-order business.
We are a family team who believe in sharing
ideas and delivering the highest standard of
customer care. Our priority is to ensure that all
of our customers are happy with the products
they buy and are confident about using them.
and conditions
All deliveries are charged at a flat rate of £2.50.
This charge remains the same regardless of the
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There is no minimum order. Orders can only be
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When paying by card you must provide full
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when ordering online an opportunity to provide
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All orders are sent by 1st class post with Royal
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When ordering online, items that are out of stock
will be marked as so on the relevant product
page. You will still be able to order the item,
back-order items will be despatched as they
become available.
If you are not completely satisfied with any item
that you have ordered from Craft-Shed, please
return for a refund within 28 days of purchase.
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Throughout this catalogue you will find a
number of projects which we hope will inspire
you. A larger photograph and a more detailed
‘how to’ can be found on our website, where
we have a dedicated Project Gallery:
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Project of the month
Shown to the right is one of our popular monthly
projects. Every month we send a free email
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We’ve had lots of fun with this beautiful clear stamp.
We love that the design suits stamping in just about
any colour. We’ve tried it in traditional red & green,
mono, brown & gold, blues, pinks and our favourite
so far, the purples shown here. Simply stamp
with your chosen colour of ink and then embellish
with gems, Stickles and Liquid Pearls. Use your
own favourite colours, or for inspiration we’ve put
together some co-ordinating combinations below.
More colours are available online, we currently stock
Stickles in over 40 colours!
We hope you enjoy looking at the projects
throughout this catalogue. If you have any questions
about the designs or products featured, we would
be pleased to hear from you.
StazOn Inkpad
£4.95 Each
Stickles Glitter
Glue £1.75 Each
Liquid Pearls
£2.00 Each
Per Pack
Royal Purple
E027 Lavender
E013 Silver
E415 Lavender Lace
E427 Orchid
Bauble Sentiment Stamps
Ref C584 £5.50
Jet Black
E013 Silver
E037 Frosted Lace
E419 White Opal
E426 Onyx Pearl
Royal Purple Stazon Ink Pad
Ref E084 £4.95
Forest Green
E009 Xmas Red
E010 Green
E417 Ruby Red
E476 Ivy Green
Mixed Mirri Card Pack
20 sheets, 4 colours
Ref P385 £3.95
Timber Brown
E011 Gold
E012 Copper
E423 Gold Pearl
E421 Copper Pearl
Teal Blue
E013 Silver
E031 Waterfall
E418 Silver Pearl
E425 Peacock
E013 Silver
E025 Pink
E418 Silver Pearl
E416 Petal Pink
Red Hot
Project Materials
Snow Is Falling Clear Stamp
Ref C554 £5.95
Liquid Pearls Lavender Lace
Ref E415 £2.00
Stickles Glitter Glue
Silver Ref E013 £1.75
Lavender Ref E027 £1.75
Heather Adhesive Gems
Ref A308 £1.50
12 Pastel Sparkle Brads
Ref A803 £2.75
Stamping - Woodware Christmas
Rosehip Wreath Stamp Ref C558 £3.95
Forest Green StazOn Inkpad Ref E063 £4.95
Mixed Mirri Card Pk 20 sheets Ref P385 £3.95
Glossy Accents Ref E479 £2.25
Christmas Hoot
Ref C539 £3.95
Rosehip Wreath
Ref C558 £3.95
Twig Wreath
Ref C543 £5.95
Twig Tree
Ref C567 £5.95
Winter Wonderland
Ref C559 £3.95
Decorative Present
Ref C545 £5.95
Woodware Doodle Stamps
Santa’s Little Helper
Ref C540 £3.95
Beary Christmas
Ref C541 £3.95
These stamps feature ‘doodled’ words and
sentiments that are just perfect for colouring
and embellishing to your own style. Doodle
designs are very on trend, emerging from a
growing interest in journaling.
Christmas Gnome
Ref C542 £3.95
Poinsettia Basket
Ref C544 £3.95
Christmas Doodle Ref C382 £5.95
Happy Birthday Doodle Ref C298 £5.95
Best Wishes Doodle Ref C311 £5.95
With Love Doodle Ref C339 £5.95
Swirly Star Tree
Ref C547 £5.95
Many Christmases
Ref C550 £5.95
Christmas Knits
Ref C546 £5.95
Ref C565 £5.95
Ref C566 £5.95
Christmas Quilt
Ref C551 £5.95
Carol Singers
Ref C552 £5.95
Candle Trio
Ref C553 £5.95
The Christmas Rush
Ref C548 £5.95
Poinsettia Flourish
Ref C560 £3.95
Nordic Reindeer
Ref C561 £3.95
Nordic Dove
Ref C563 £3.95
Nordic Dove & Branch
Ref C562 £3.95
Stamping - Woodware
Woodware ‘Bubble’ Stamps
Bubble Wreath
Ref C158 £9.95
Bubble Bell
Ref C394 £9.95
Bubble Stars
Ref C229 £9.95
Bubble Tree
Ref C157 £9.95
Bubble Wreath Stamp Ref C158 £9.95
Versafine Black Inkpad Ref E327 £4.95
Autumn Cluster Crystals Ref A421 £2.75
Bubble Birds
Ref C305 £9.95
Bubble Hearts
Ref C230 £9.95
Bubble Bloom Christina
Ref C536 £5.95
Bubble Bloom Teresa
Ref C537 £5.95
Bubble Butterflies
Ref C137 £9.95
Butterfly Single
Ref C138 £5.95
Bubble Snow Flower
Ref C549 £5.95
Bubble Bloom Felicity
Ref C473 £5.95
Plants & Flowers
Going to Seed
Ref C483 £5.95
Ref C310 £5.95
Woodware Patch Series
Ref C377 £5.95
Climbing Up
Ref C482 £5.95
Rose Buds
Ref C555 £5.95
The Vine
Ref C556 £5.95
Sweet Pea
Ref C470 £5.95
Ref C477 £5.95
This range is perfect for colouring. Each
design set includes images made to look like
pieced fabric, featuring ‘stitch’ edges and
greetings stamps. Christmas designs include:
Patch Reindeer Ref C568 £5.95
Patch Christmas Bauble Set Ref C228 £9.95
Patch Snowman Ref C388 £5.95
Patch Christmas Angel Ref C389 £5.95
Patch Christmas Tree Ref C390 £5.95
Country Fields
Ref C571 £5.95
Heart Garden
Ref C557 £5.95
Kim’s Coppice
Ref C495 £5.95
Autumn Agapanthus
Ref C478 £5.95
More designs online:
Stamping - Personal Impressions
Christmas Tags
Ref C572 £5.50
Christmas Borders
Ref C573 £5.50
Mousey Christmas
Ref C574 £5.50
Garland & Stocking
Ref C575 £5.50
Christmas Candlelight Stamps Ref C576 £5.50
Stickles Glitter Glue Yellow Ref E020 £1.75
Stickles Glitter Glue Diamond Ref E038 £1.75
Tuxedo Black Memento Inkpad Ref E156 £3.50
ProMarkers - Various
Christmas Candlelight
Ref C576 £5.50
Christmas Bird Box
Ref C577 £5.50
Reindeer & Sleigh
Ref C578 £5.50
Christmas Banner
Ref C579 £5.50
Santa Please Visit
Ref C580 £5.50
Hang Your Stocking
Ref C581 £5.50
Home Sweet Home
Ref C582 £5.50
Early To Bed
Ref C583 £5.50
Stamping - Greetings & Sentiments
Bauble Sentiments
Ref C584 £5.50
Christmas Sharing
Ref C585 £5.50
Christmas Cheers
Ref C586 £5.50
Snowflake Sentiments
Ref C587 £5.50
Just Right For You
Ref C588 £9.95
Special Birthdays
Ref C492 £9.95
Double Birthdays
Ref C589 £3.95
Growing Old
Ref C460 £3.95
Something To Say
Ref C465 £9.95
Delightful Verse
Ref C534 £9.95
Just To Say
Ref C424 £9.95
Christmas Greetings
Ref C403 £9.95
Bauble Sentiments Stamps Ref C584 £5.50
Timber Brown StazOn Inkpad Ref E082 £4.95
Flat-back Beading Ref E432 £3.50
Gemstone Wheel 2mm Gems Ref E085 £3.50
Sunshine Adhesive Stones Ref A358 £1.50
Memory Box Dies
Shape & Border Dies
These beautiful dies from
Memory Box are 100% steel and
are compatible with most die
cutting machines. The dies can be
used on cardstock, felt, fabric and
shrink plastic.
Bingham Heart Ref E376 £14.95
Fresh Foliage Ref E377 £11.95
Bella Bouquet Ref E365 £11.50
Isabella Butterfly
4cm x 3cm
Ref E379 £3.95
Pippe Butterfly
4cm x 3cm
Ref E380 £3.95
Wrought Iron Fence
6.5cm x 2.5cm
Ref E386 £3.95
Wrought Iron Gate
3cm x 5cm
Ref E392 £3.95
Swirl Ornament
4cm x 5cm
Ref E398 £3.95
Lindeman Snowflake
5cm x 5.5cm
Ref E400 £4.50
Princess Dress
4cm x 6cm
Ref E366 £4.95
Floral Vine
2.5cm x 9cm
Ref E408 £5.50
Birthday Script
4cm x 11cm
Ref E409 £5.50
Forget Me Not
4cm x 10cm
Ref E369 £5.95
Precious Heart
2.5x5cm & 3x7cm
Ref E374 £6.50
Elegant Scrollwork
5cm x 7.5cm
Ref E385 £6.50
10 | 11
Winterberry Sprig
5cm x 9cm
Ref E397 £6.50
Hollyhock Stem
3cm x 13cm
Ref E367 £6.95
Fresh Leaves
3cmx6cm & 2.5 x 5cm
Ref E405 £6.95
Baby Carriage
6cm x 7cm
Ref E381 £7.50
Moonlight Butterfly
6cm x 4cm
Ref E359 £7.50
Kaleidoscope Butterfly
6cm x 4cm
Ref E393 £7.50
Darla Butterfly
6.5cm x 5cm
Ref E360 £7.50
Vivienne Butterfly
6.5cm x 5cm
Ref E394 £7.50
Chloe Stem
4.5cm x 10cm
Ref E382 £7.50
Winterland Tree
5cm x 10cm
Ref E387 £7.50
Flutter Vine
5.5cm x 9cm
Ref E362 £7.50
Crystal Snowflake
6cm x 7cm
Ref E364 £7.50
Elyse Christmas Tree
5cm x 10cm
Ref E402 £7.50
Graceful Chandelier
7cm x 7cm
Ref E404 £7.50
Typewriter Numbers
Each number 16mm
high. Ref E363 £7.95
Classic Number Set
Each number 16mm
high. Ref E384 £7.95
Memory Box Dies
Gloriosa Vine
5cm x 9cm
Ref E368 £7.95
Lavish Branch
6cm x 14cm
Ref E375 £7.95
Geneva Vine
5cm x 10.5cm
Ref E378 £7.95
Precious Ornaments
2.5x6cm & 3.5x7cm
Ref E395 £7.95
Dogwood Blossom
6cm x 10cm
Ref E399 £7.95
Lucca Ornament
4cm x 11cm
Ref E401 £7.95
Whimsical Flourish
3.5cm x 13.5cm
Ref E410 £7.95
Honeysuckle Vine
4cm x 14.5cm
Ref E406 £8.50
Frosty Border
3cm x 14cm
Ref E388 £8.95
Flowering Xmas Tree
6cm x 11.5cm
Ref E390 £8.95
Leafy Branch
8cm x 12cm
Ref E361 £9.50
Honeyblossom Sprig
12.5cm x 9cm
Ref E383 £9.50
Jasmine Frame
8cm x 8cm
Ref E407 £9.95
Blooming Vine
7cm x 13cm
Ref E372 £10.50
Precious Snowflakes
6cmx2cm & 5cmx9cm
Ref E396 £10.50
Addison Ornament
8cm x 11.5cm
Ref E403 £10.50
12 | 13
Bella Bouquet
7cm x 13cm
Ref E365 £11.50
Fresh Foliage
8cm x 11cm
Ref E377 £11.95
Catalina Wreath
10cm x 10cm
Ref E389 £13.50
Bingham Heart
10cm x 11cm
Ref E376 £14.95
Savannah Border 2.5cm x 14cm
Ref E391 £7.50
Fairytale Flower Border 3.5cm x 14cm
Ref E373 £9.50
Flowering Border Vine 23.5cm x 2cm
Ref E371 £11.50
Butterfly Vine 23.5cm x 2cm
Ref E370 £11.50
New & popular dies from X-Cut
Ref E249 £9.95
Scalloped Circles
Ref E252 £9.95
Ref E255 £9.95
Ref E256 £9.95
Ref E352 £9.95
Ref E461 £12.95
Wreath Set
Ref E460 £19.95
Wreath Set
Ref E462 £12.95
Sweet Poppy Stencils
Ref E442 £7.99
Autumn Leaves
Ref E443 £8.99
Butterfly Tree
Ref E444 £8.99
Ref E445 £7.99
Fairy Dragonflies
Ref E448 £8.99
Fantasy Willow
Ref E449 £8.99
Ref E452 £8.99
Peacock Glory
Ref E453 £8.99
Sweet Poppy Stencils
We are delighted to be stocking these premium
quality stainless steel stencils from the Sweet
Poppy brand. When used in conjunction with the
professionally developed Stencil Dimensions
paste the results are simply stunning. The
images can be finished with lots of different
mediums to produce a wide variety of effects.
As well as using with paste you can use inks,
chalks, flock, glitter, gilding flakes and so much
more. See Page 26 for Gilding Flakes.
Ref E446 £7.99
Deco Heart
Ref E447 £8.99
Flower Tree
Ref E450 £8.99
Ref E451 £7.99
14 | 15
Ref E454 £8.99
Stags Head
Ref E455 £8.99
Ref E434 £7.99
Christmas Tree Swirl
Ref E435 £8.99
Ref E437 £7.99
Snowflake Bauble
Ref E441 £8.99
Stencil Accessories Kit. Includes Sweet Poppy
Spreader, low tack masking tape, large brush,
medium brush & Wunda Size glue for gilding.
Ref E480 £14.99
Noel Snowflake
Ref E440 £8.99
Stencil Dimensions Paste
Sweet Poppy have formulated a unique style of dimensional
paste which is acid-free and flexible when dry so can be used
on cardstock and fabrics without cracking. You can even
change the colour of the pastes by adding mica powders
or acrylic paints. Further instructions, project samples and
hints and tips can be found on our website.
Bronze Ref E469 £8.99
Pearlescent Ref E473 £8.99
Glossy Black Ref E470 £8.99 Silver Ref E474 £8.99
Glossy White Ref E471 £8.99 Translucent Ref E475 £8.99
Gold Ref E472 £8.99
Mistletoe Wreath
Ref E439 £7.99
Anna-Marie Designs
Special Birthdays
Ref C590 £8.99
Special Congratulations
Ref C591 £8.99
Special Chistmas
Ref C592 £8.99
Blooming Heart
Ref C594 £8.99
Special Collection Stamps
The ‘Special’ collection stamps from AnnaMarie Designs feature a unique personalisation
whereby the main background stamp can be
in-filled with the sentiment of your choice.
In the example above the Special Birthdays
stamp has been used in the background and
personalised with the ‘To My Friend’ salutation
from the same pack. Stamping the sentiment
in a co-ordinating but different colour really
makes the personalisation stand out.
Blooming Cottage
Ref C593 £8.99
Blooming Shoe
Ref C595 £8.99
Blooming Bicycle
Ref C596 £8.99
Blooming Butterfly
Ref C597 £8.99
Blooming Figurine
Ref C598 £8.99
Christmas Trees
Ref C599 £8.99
Ref C600 £8.99
Snowflake Wish
Ref C601 £8.99
16 | 17
Set One
Set Two
Dottie Papers
This beautiful dottie cardstock from
Anna-Marie Designs is available in two
colour combinations. Each set includes
36 sheets of quality 240gsm cardstock.
Twelve colours in each set, 3 sheets of
each colour.
Set One Ref P403 £8.99
Set Two Ref P404 £8.99
a r ie D e
a r ie D e s i
a r ie D e
a r ie De
ns Anna
ns Anna
s Anna
a r ie D e
ns Anna
a r ie De
a r ie D es i
ns Anna
a r ie De
a r ie De
s Anna
ns Anna
AnnaMarie Designs
ns Anna
20 Patterns
Iris Folding
igns Ann
igns An
Marie D
arie D
Ref E433 Normally £14.99. Offer price £9.99
a r ie D e
ns Anna
This fabulous CD contains a comprehensive
list of 20 Iris Folding patterns. The designs are
suitable for beginners or the more experienced
crafter. In addition to the patterns and
templates there are instructions and full colour
project photographs for every design. The
CD is PC and MAC compatible. No installation
required, simply print the patterns and
templates directly from disk.
Iris Folding CD
Christmas Embellishment Kit. Contents include
3 cinnamon sticks, Red holly berries, burgundy
holly berries, mistletoe sprig, natural fibre, 1m
gingham ribbon, 1 m dottie ribbon & 9 mulberry
trees. Ref E463 £6.95
ns Anna
A4 Pure Kraft Card.
20 sheets of top
quality 280 gsm
Ref P406 £4.99
Die-Cut Trellis
20 Sheets of quality
cardstock with die-cut
trellis design.
Ref P405 £8.99
Little Claire Stamps
Let’s Bake
Ref C610 £6.50
Garden Shelves
Ref C604 £5.50
Ref C609 £5.50
Cherish, Hugs, Dream
Ref C606 £8.99
Let’s Bake Stamp Ref C610 £6.50
Memento Inkpad Tuxedo Black Ref E156 £3.50
Pro Markers - Various
Daisies Daisies
Ref C605 £6.50
Ever So Lovely
Ref C607 £5.50
Butterfly Tree
Ref C612 £8.99
Little Claire Sentiments
Ref C602 £12.99
Dictionary Definitions
Ref C603 £12.99
Christmas Sentiments
Ref C623 £12.99
The Changing Tree stamp set,
Ref C613, forms the foundation
for this inspired collection from
Little Claire Designs. The set
includes the tree trunk plus three
sets of mini stamps to build your
tree. Additional sets of themed
mini stamps are available online
and include Baking, Baby, Easter,
Education, Girly, Man & Christmas.
Just £3.99 per set.
Changing Tree
Ref C613 £8.99
The Great Outdoors
Ref C630 £8.99
18 | 19
Winter Aga
Ref C611 £7.50
Feed The Birds
Ref C618 £8.99
Christmas Joy
Ref C615 £5.50
Christmas Owl Tree
Ref C616 £5.50
Delivering Xmas Wishes
Ref C617 £8.99
Stocking Owls
Ref C624 £5.50
Robin Redbreast
Ref C620 £5.50
The Magic of Christmas
Ref C625 £8.99
Christmas House
Ref C614 £6.50
Joy Hope Wonder
Ref C619 £5.50
Santa’s Workshop
Santa’s Workshop 8”x8” Glitter Decoupage Pad.
8 Beautiful die-cut designs, 3 sheets of each,
ready to assemble into 24 luxury decoupage
projects. Ref P399 £8.95
Gems & Pearls
Ref A852 £2.50
Ref A854 £1.95
Paper Blossoms
Ref A853 £1.95
Wooden Buttons
Ref A855 £1.95
Santa’s Workshop Paper Pack. 36 Sheets per
pack, 12 designs, 3 sheets of each design.
6”x6” Ref P397 £4.95
8”x8” Ref P398 £5.95
Gingerbread Stamp
Ref C626 £2.95
Hot Chocolate Stamp
Ref C627 £2.95
Santa’s Elves Stamp
Ref C628 £2.95
Sentiments Stamp
Ref C629 £2.95
Christmas Papers
20 | 21
Modern Christmas Paper Pack. 72 Sheets per
pack, 12 designs, 6 sheets of each design.
6”x6” Ref P391 £3.95
8”x8” Ref P392 £4.95
Traditional Christmas Paper Pack. 72 Sheets per
pack, 12 designs, 6 sheets of each design.
6”x6” Ref P393 £3.95
8”x8” Ref P394 £4.95
Luxury, heavyweight cardstock. 48 Sheets per
pack, with pearlescent, UV & fabric effects.
8”x8” Ref P395 £9.50
Luxury, heavyweight cardstock. 48 Sheets per
pack, with silver foil, UV & glitter effects.
8”x8” Ref P396 £9.50
Mixed Mirri A4, 250
gsm. 5 sheets each of
gold, sil, red & green.
Ref P385 £3.95
Gold Mirri A4,
20 sheets, 250gsm.
Ref P401 £3.95
Mixed Mirri A4,
10 sheets each of
gold & silver, 210 gsm
Ref P400 £3.95
Silver Mirri A4,
20 sheets, 250 gsm.
Ref P402 £3.95
Cottage Christmas: 10 Metres of ribbon,
1 metre of each design. Width 15mm
Ref E413 £6.95
Nordic Christmas: 6 Metres of ribbon,
1 metre of each design. Width 15mm
Ref E429 £4.50
Rustic Christmas: 9 Metres of ribbon,
1 metre of each design. Width 15mm
Ref E430 £6.25
Kingdom: 5 Metres of ribbon,
1 metre of each design. Width 16mm
Ref E431 £3.75
Twin Satin Brights: 4 Metres
of ribbon, 4 colours, 1 metre
of each. Two-tone satin with
sheer centre. Width 10mm
Ref E339 £1.95
Twin Satin Earth: 4 Metres
of ribbon, 4 colours, 1 metre
of each. Two-tone satin with
sheer centre. Width 10mm
Ref E340 £1.95
Tartan: 6 Metres of ribbon.
6 designs, 1 metre of each.
Approved by the Scottish
Tartan Authority. 16mm width.
Ref E338 £3.95
Pastels: 10 Metres doublefaced satin ribbon, 10 colours,
1 metre of each. Width 10mm.
Ref E349 £3.95
Deeps: 10 Metres double-faced
satin ribbon, 10 colours,
1 metre of each. Width 10mm.
Ref E350 £3.95
Candy Stripe: 6 Metres of
ribbon, 6 colours, 1 metre of
each. 16mm width.
Ref E344 £3.25
Charms & Embellishments
22 | 23
12 Silver Tone Key Charms
Largest Key 7cm.
Smallest Key 2cm.
Ref A823 £2.95
12 Antique Tone Key Charms
Largest Key 7cm.
Smallest Key 1.5cm.
Ref A824 £2.95
Christmas Charms. Pack of 20
charms, 10 Christmas Trees &
10 Snowflakes.
Ref A856 £2.95
Leaf Charms. Pack of 10 leaf
shape alloy charms.
Ref A826 £2.95
Tick Tock Charms. 10 ‘Time’
themed alloy charms.
Ref A827 £3.95
Diamante Ribbon Buckles
4 Shapes, 2 of each. 10mm
shank. Ref A818 £5.00
Diamante Ribbon Buckles
4 Square shape, 10mm shank.
Ref A819 £2.75
Diamante Ribbon Buckles
4 Rectangle shape. 10mm
shank. Ref A820 £2.75
Diamante Ribbon Buckles
4 Circle shape. 10mm shank.
Ref A821 £2.75
Diamante Ribbon Buckles
4 Heart shape, 10mm shank.
Ref A822 £2.75
Oval Ribbon Buckles, 6 colours,
4 of each. 10mm shank.
Ref A801 £1.95
Heart Ribbon Buckles. White,
ivory & silver, 6 of each. 10mm
shank. Ref A797 £1.50
Triple clusters with 125 matching gems
Each pack includes 3 clusters of the same colour
combination, plus a sheet of 125 matching gems.
Aqua Clusters with gems
Autumn Clusters with gems
Pastel Clusters with gems
Xmas Clusters with gems
Bling Bling!
Triple clusters
Each pack includes 3 clusters of the same colour
combination. They are self-adhesive and can be
used in the rows/clusters as supplied or simply
trim as needed.
£1.75 per pack of 3
Adhesive Stones
120 gems, 4 colours in 4
sizes per sheet.
Heather A308
Monochrome A307
Aqua A309
Sunshine A358
Red Hot A310
Verde A357
Flat-Back Bead Chain
Beautiful embellishments. Pack includes 1 metre each of
the following shades: Aurora, Silver, Gold, White Pearl &
Ivory Pearl. 5 Metres total. Ref E432 £3.50
A4 Magnetic Sheets Pack of 2
Useful for storing all of your metal dies
and can also be used for precision
placement with your metal stencils.
Ref E481 £1.95
Adhesive Glitter Domes
3mm size 125 per pack Ref A782 £1.85
3mm size 64 per pack Ref A783 £1.85
24 | 25
Corner Punches
Perfect for rounding
card corners or photo
corners. Available in two
E259 10mm Radius Cut
Non-stick scissors
from X-Cut. Great for
cutting sticky foam or
tape. Non-stick coating
reduces build-up of
adhesive on blades.
Available in two sizes:
E260 5mm Radius Cut
E171 5 inch Precision
Scissors £6.95
E319 61/2 inch Art & Craft
Scissors £4.95
Papermania Stamping Blocks
We recommend using an
acrylic block that is nearest
to the size of the image that
you are using. This set of five
from Papermania includes
a selection of handy sizes
including a mini block and a
7”x1” for border stamps.
Ref C197 £9.95
All of the Papermania blocks feature
etched lines and measurements to
help with stamp placement.
Twin Pack 1.75” x 3” & 1.75” x 1.75”
C194 £3.00
Block 4” x 5.25” C195
Block 2.75” x 4” C196
Block 5” x 7”
Calendar Tabs
Jingle Bells
30 Bells in mixed
metallic colours.
Calendar Tabs
Pack of 10.
Ref A857 £1.25
Ref A858 £1.00
Tacky Tool
Pick-up tool with
sticky end. Essential
for teeny gems.
Ref E197 £4.15
All purpose PVA Glue,
comes supplied with
precision nib, dries
colourless and flexible.
Available in two sizes:
60ml Ref E347 £1.00
120ml Ref E172 £1.75
Glue Pen
Martha Stewart
Ballpoint. Ultra-fine glue
distribution. Dries clear.
Perfect for tiny gems.
Ref E003 £2.95
Curved Tweezers
Precision curved tip
for small elements.
Ref E193 £2.95
Quickie Glue Pen
Ballpoint. Ultra-fine glue
distribution. Dries clear.
Perfect for tiny gems.
1 Pen Ref E268 £3.15
3 Pens Ref E301 £8.95
Accessories Continued
Gemstone Wheels
Flat-back gems in a handy case with rotating lid. Turn the wheel until the
window is open above the colour that you want to use. £3.50 each
Twelve Colours
2mm gems Ref E085
3mm gems Ref E086
Pearl Effect
3mm size.
Ref E280
Sweet Poppy Metal Flakes
A perfect combination to
create the gild look with Sweet
Poppy Stencils. Use the Wunda
Size adhesive supplied with
the Sweet Poppy Accessories
Kit (p.15). Stipple Wunda Size
through stencil, pat gently
with foil, allow 30 minutes to
dry and then brush off excess
Red & Green with
2mm & 3mm size
stones. Ref E457
Gold & Silver with
2mm & 3mm size
stones. Ref E458
£5.00 per pot
Ref E464 £5.00
Ref E465 £5.00
Golden Meadow
Ref E466 £5.00
Ref E467 £5.00
Sunset Red
Ref E468 £5.00
12 Tiger Sparkle Brads
Ref A802 £2.75
12 Pastel Sparkle Brads
Ref A803 £2.75
12 Pearl Shine Brads
Ref A878 £2.75
Lucy Cromwell - At Christmas
26 | 27
Christmas Gift Boxes
Six Box Templates printed on linen effect
papers for a luxury finish. Ref E459 £2.50
A4 Ultimate
Decoupage Kit
Bursting with 48
sheets, papers
decoupage, toppers,
tags and alphabets.
Ref A877 £11.95
Festive Treats
A4 Decoupage
2 x die-cut decoupage
sheets (4 designs)
Plus 4 Sheets
Co-ordinating Paper.
Ref A869 £3.50
Festive Home
A4 Decoupage
2 x die-cut decoupage
sheets (4 designs)
Plus 4 Sheets
Co-ordinating Paper.
Ref A870 £3.50
Decoupage Foam
Mini - 2mm thick
361 pieces
pad size 5mm x 5mm
Ref E183 95p
Clear Stamp
Ref C637 £3.95
Clear Stamp
Ref C638 £3.95
Large - 2mm thick
50 pieces
pad size 20mm x 10mm
Ref E184 95p
32 Sheet Paper
Pack, 160gsm
A4 Ref P412 £5.95
A5 Ref P413 £3.95
Forever Friends Kraft Notes
DesignStax 48 Double-Sided Pages
12”x 12” Ref P407 £16.95
6”x 6” Ref P408 £5.95
Christmas Fun Decoupage
Includes 2 x A4 die-cut
decoupage sheets. 4 Designs.
Ref A859 £2.00
Mini Felt Flowers
Ref A862 £3.00
Ribbon Bows
Ref A863 £2.50
Wrapped Up Decoupage
Includes 2 x A4 die-cut
decoupage sheets. 4 Designs.
Ref A860 £2.00
A4 Ultimate Decoupage Kit
Bursting with 48 sheets, papers
decoupage, toppers, tags and
alphabets. Ref A861 £11.95
Ribbon 6 x 1m
Ref A864 £3.95
First Noel & Winter Wishes
28 | 29
32 Pages, including some foiled, 160gsm
12”x 12” Ref P409 £6.95
6”x 6” Ref P410 £3.95
Ribbon Bows
Ref A865 £2.50
Ribbon 6 x 1m
Ref A866 £3.95
30 Sheet Paper Pack, 160gsm
A4 Pack Ref P411 £5.95
A5 Pack Ref P386 £3.95
Border Stamps
Ref C635 £6.95
A Gift For You Decoupage
Includes 2 x A4 die-cut
decoupage sheets. 4 Designs.
Ref A867 £2.00
Poinsettia Stamps
Ref C636 £6.95
With Love Decoupage
Includes 2 x A4 die-cut
decoupage sheets. 4 Designs.
Ref A868 £2.00
For Men & Boys
Lazy Days
Ref C631 £6.50
What A Catch
Ref C487 £5.95
Clear Stamps
Football Hedgehogs
Ref C632 £4.50
Little Gnome
Ref C529 £3.95
Happy Days
Ref C633 £8.99
Fishy Wishes
Ref C452 £3.95
These brads make a fun addition. The screwhead brads come in both a cross-head and
slot-head style. The tool brads include shapes of
hammers, scissors, spanners and saws.
Screw Brads Ref E150 £1.95
Tool Brads Ref E151 £1.95
Oh Man
Ref C634 £8.99
30 | 31
Eyelet Outlet Brads
Top quality, easy to use split-pin style
brads in a variety of styles. A great way to
add dimension to any of your papercraft
Rock Star A781
Clock Parts A779
Pocket Watches Ref A644
Instruments Ref A655
Dice Ref A650
Footballs Ref A645
Rockets & Robots Ref A654
Golf Balls Ref A780
Pirates Ref A653
Gears Ref A646
Trains Ref A652
Each pack
contains 12 pieces
£2.15 per pack.
Luxury Cardstock
With embossed,
fabric & UV effects.
48 Sheet 8” x 8”
Ref P414 £9.50
64 Sheet 6” x 6”
Ref P415 £7.50
Watch Cutting Dies
Ref E322 £12.95
Children & Baby Clear Stamps
Noah’s Ark
Ref C463 £5.95
Beary Special
Ref C497 £3.95
Patch Elephant
Ref C304 £3.95
Cogs Cutting Dies
Ref E321 £9.95
This catalogue is published by Craft Shed, 1 St Johns Road,
Tackley, Kidlington OX5 3AP. Telephone 01869 331518.
© Craft-Shed 2013. Prices may be subject to change. Prices are
correct at September 2013.
Printed by
01778 395111
You can request future editions by visiting our website:
Special thanks to Jackie Allen, Lisa Jackman, Brian Green, Gemma
Joy, Anna-Marie Jenkins, Lucy Ellis & Little Claire Designs.
Project Materials
Vivienne Butterfly Die - Ref E394
Darla Butterfly Die - Ref E360
£7.50 each
Vintage Music Sheets (20)
Ref P416 £3.95
Antique Linen Distress Ink Pad
32 Sheets. Ref E215 £4.25
Gorjuss Neutrals 8x8 Paper Pack
32 Sheets. Ref P374 £6.95
Doorplate Nesting Dies
Ref E297 £12.95
Delightful Verse Stamp Set
Ref C534 £9.95
Flat-back Beading
Ref E432 £3.50
Natural Oval Lace
Ref A621 £1.50 per yard
About Ink
The following information may help you in
choosing the right inks for your projects.
Solvent Ink e.g. StazOn
Solvent based. Quick drying. Use on non-porous
surfaces. Heat setting not necessary. Great with
water-based pens and Stickles Glitter Glue.
Embossing Ink e.g. Emboss
Water based. Slow drying. Comes clear or
slightly tinted. Designed for embossing. Heat
setting recommended.
Distress Ink Pads
Distress Pad Vintage Photo Distress Pad Faded Jeans Distress Pad Dusty Concord Distress Pad Victorian Velvet Distress Pad Tattered Rose Distress Pad Stormy Sky
Distress Pad Bundled Sage Distress Pad Peeled Paint Distress Pad Antique Linen E207
Pigment Ink e.g. VersaColor
Water based. Slow drying. Ideal for embossing.
Heat setting recommended.
Chalk Ink e.g. VersaMagic
Water based. Quick drying. All paper types.
Ideal for embossing. Heat setting recommended
for permanence.
Dye Inks e.g. Memento
Water based. Quick drying. Permanent.
Waterproof. Use on all paper types. Heat setting
not necessary. Great with ProMarkers.
Memento Ink Pads
Tuxedo Black London Fog Rich Cocoa Olive Grove Truffle E156

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