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Sin City Vision
Sin City Vision
May 2006
Official Online Magazine of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce ~ 702-450-7222
Special Interest Articles:
Sin City Chamber Poker
• Shade Tree to Benefit from
By Wayne Bridge, CEO
Sin City Poker Tournament
• The Language of Referrals
• 2nd Annual Spring BBQ
Memories & Photos
May Networking Event
At Lucky Cheng’s
May 11, 2006
Individual Highlights:
Letter from the President
Lucky Cheng’s
Chamber Thoughts
Madison ~ Striptease
Exotic Dancing ~ Over Coming a
Gubernatorial Roundtable
Summer Getaway
Chicken Ranch BBQ Memories 10
On our second attempt, the first ever Sin City Chamber of Commerce Poker
Tournament is finally on. We originally had planned this for last year but felt
it was to close to the first Golf Tournament so planned it for this year. After
negotiating and scheduling the event at the Plaza Hotel & Casino downtown,
the new owners of the Plaza decided they didn’t want to host the event due
to the Sin City name and the fact that we welcome and promote the legal
brothels in Nevada. This worked out well as we do prefer to do the events
at member locations so we called Fiesta Rancho and they were happy to
accommodate the tournament and they were willing to do it on a Saturday.
May 27th, 1:00 p.m. start time. Fiesta Rancho Casino has set aside a
special room for the tournament so it will be private and fun. This will be a
limited time tournament, 4 hours of play, player with the most chips at the
end of the time will be declared the winner. The buy-in is a total of $250,
$50 is designated for costs on the event. Ten percent will be donated to
Shade Tree Women and Children’s Center. The first place winner will
receive a total of 40% of the remaining player pool as first prize. The last 9
players will each receive a percentage of the prize pool after that. The prize
pool is based on the total number of paid entries to the tournament. Naked
Fortune has arranged for 10 bounty players. If you knock any of these
players out of play during the tournament you will receive a special prize and
Since we are down to three weeks to play, your early RSVP’s would be
You can sign up online at or call the
office at 450-7222 to get enrolled. We look forward to seeing you at the first
ever Sin City Chamber Poker Tournament.
Civitas Wholesale
The Chicken Ranch Brothel
New Beginnings Laser Therapy
OnSite Dental
Civitas / Canale Originals
Naked Fourtune
Anniversary Party &
Membership Exhibition
Dear Sin City
Sin City Poker
Part of Proceeds to Benefit the Shade Tree
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Page 2
Letter from the President
A Hot Spring in the Forecast
The weather is heating up and so are the events in store for the
members of the Sin City Chamber Of Commerce. Now that we have
recuperated from the awesome BBQ and Carnival at the Chicken
Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, we are preparing for our presence at the
Gay Pride Festival.
Of course, first we will all be having fun at the mixer at Lucky Chengs,
the drag queen capital of the world on Thursday, 6:00 p.m., May 11th.
Did you RSVP yet?
Now that we have
recuperated from the
awesome BBQ and
Carnival at the
Chicken Ranch
Brothel in Pahrump,
we are preparing for
our presence at the
Gay Pride Festival.
What a great way to start our celebration of gay pride. I hope you all
made plans to be there because you will really have an enjoyable time.
Lucky Chengs is brand new to Las Vegas but they are not a new
organization. They also have a place in New York City and prior to
Hurricane Katrina, they had a place in New Orleans. Now we hope
they become a landmark on the Las Vegas night scene because
believe me it is a great place to go to have good pan-Asian food, some
crazy waitersssss-tresses, and some audience participation and
interactive fun. Your out of state visitors will love to visit Lucky Chengs,
The Gay Pride parade will take place downtown at dark on Friday, May
12th . We will be riding in the parade and carrying our Sin City
Chamber Of Commerce Banner. Visit us at the Gay Pride Festival
downtown at the Las Vegas Amphitheatre where we will have a booth.
Once Gay Pride Week is over we are really going to be bugging
everyone to be a part of our first Poker Tournament at the Fiesta
Rancho. We hope some of you learned a little more about the game
during our BBQ at the Chicken Ranch. The folks at
worked hard in the mid-day sun to teach us the game of Texas
Hold’em. So sign up to test your skills.
The buy-in will be $200, $50 Cost for a total of $250. The prize pool
depends on the number of participants. We hope to get 100 players to
sign up. If we get 100 players, the top prize can be $8000. Naturally, if
there are fewer participants the prize pool will be decreased.
There will be cash prizes for everyone making it to the final table but all
the participants will receive some goodies as well as a good time. The
major sponsors of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce Poker
Tournament are the Chicken Ranch Brothel, New Beginnings Laser
Concepts and
We have table sponsorships
available, too. If any member is interested in a table sponsorship, call
us at the office, 450-7222.
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Page 3
Sin City Chamber May Mixer
Hosted by
Join us for a wild night of fun at Lucky Cheng's on May 11, 2006 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. This
wonderful Pan Asian Restaurant with origins in New York City is playing host to another eclectic Sin
City Chamber Mixer.
Come party with us at 3049 Las Vegas Blvd. So. at Lucky Cheng’s Drag Cabaret Restaurant.
Members Enter Free
Non Member Tickets are available online for $15.00 each.
Appetizers provided by Lucky Cheng's.
Bring your cards and giveaways to stuff the gift bags.
Please RSVP to [email protected]
May Networking Event
Join us on May 11th 2006 at Lucky Cheng’s
[email protected]
Marty Yuschalk
Action Photography
[email protected]
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Page 4
Chamber Thoughts
~ By Wayne Bridge, CEO
When questioned about
the reason they
wouldn’t host the event,
the response was, “We
don’t do anything with
Sin City or with an
organization that has
brothels in them.”
There was no room to
negotiate on the issue, .
Just a few thoughts we would like to share with you this month. For the past 20
months we have been questioned repeatedly about the Sin City name. We
truly value each of the business men and women who choose to see beyond
the words and become members of this new and innovative chamber. I want to
share the latest in regards to this issue.
We met with and agreed upon a date for our first ever Poker Tournament with
the poker room manager and Special Events Coordinator for the Plaza Hotel
and Casino. Last week I received an e-mail from the Executive Assistant to
the Executive Vice President, (whew) saying they were not co-sponsoring or
hosting this event. That no one at the Plaza had been given the authority to
schedule an event like this in their poker room. When questioned about the
reason they wouldn’t host the event, the response was, “We don’t do anything
with Sin City or with an organization that has brothels in them.” There was no
room to negotiate on the issue, we had to scramble to find a new location and
poker room to move forward with the event.
The same week we met with a contingent of Gentlemen’s Club owners who
brought an interesting perspective, from their point of view, to the meeting. Sin
City Chamber has brothels and escort services as members and these
particular clubs have issues with these other adult companies. It was amazing
the prejudice that we see in different business arenas as we continue to grow.
Needless to say, we didn’t sign these clubs up that night. It appears that most
of this group is happy to be isolated in the community and takes pretty much
the same view of their industry as the politicians and more conservative
businesses have.
Sometimes I think that
everyone believes they
are open minded and
free spirited, until I run
into opposition and
prejudices that we have
found in building the Sin
City Chamber of
We created an all-inclusive chamber to break down the separations that have
existed in the business community for many years. We will continue to work
towards that end, educating some in the process, embracing the entire history
of Las Vegas and Nevada, and representing everyone with dignity, equality and
respect. Sometimes I think that everyone believes they are open minded and
free spirited, until I run into opposition and prejudices that we have found in
building the Sin City Chamber of Commerce.
It makes me appreciate every member that much more, the truly open minded,
accepting individuals that you are that are willing to meet and share a little time
with someone who might be a little different, who thinks a little different, and
who is willing to give everyone a chance. A special thanks to Fiesta Rancho
Casino for providing the new location for our first ever Sin City Chamber Poker
Tournament. Thank you to each and every one of our members, the really
special people in our fair city.
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Page 5
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
May 2006
Entertainer of the Month
May 2006 – The Sin City Chamber of Commerce is
pleased to introduce you to Madison, a beautiful
exotic dancer from Striptease Gentlemen’s Club.
Madison is an extraordinary dancer and a very
friendly individual. During the Sin City Chamber of
Commerce April Networking event, Madison thrilled
fellow members with an exotic dance that left
everyone wanting more.
Madison appears courtesy of Striptease
Gentlemen’s Club, A Proud Member of the
Sin City Chamber of Commerce.
Madison at the Sin City Chamber Striptease Event in April
2006 with Craig Bunker of Boss Business Services.
Dancers of member clubs are encouraged to network with
our members that provide everything from business
advice, health care, insurance and mortgages to financial
services, apparel and so much more.
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Page 6
Erotic Dancing – Overcoming a sexual fear.
An enlightening Story published in Marie Claire Magazine.
By Fawnia Mondey-Dietrich
“I like knowing I can control how aroused he becomes.”
Lisa, 28 Travel Agent
WHY SHE’S AFRAID: My boyfriend asked me to perform a
striptease for him before, but I’ve always refused. I’m glad
he’s comfortable sharing his fantasies, but I feared the
whole experience would make me feel like a cheap,
objectified stripper. He also mentioned that his ex used to
gyrate for him, and I was afraid that she has set standards
that I couldn’t live up to. It’s important to me that he and I
make up our own memories, and I didn’t want him to
replace her face with mine in her head.
HOW SHE CONQUERED IT: After a romantic dinner one
night, we went back to his apartment and popped in our
favorite Portishead CD. I had just bought a pair of really hot
stiletto boots, so I was strutting around his living room like a
model on a catwalk – just to be silly. When our favorite
song came on, I pushed him onto the sofa, and began to
swivel my hips and have fun with it. The transition felt really
natural. I eventually stripped down to my bra and
underwear – with my boots still on, of course. I even gave
him a lap dance. I felt in control and at ease the whole time.
I tried not to take myself too seriously, and we bantered
throughout my performance. In the end I had a laugh, and
he got really turned on. It was a win – win experience!
SHE LEARNED: Once I learned that I could make the experience entertaining for both of us – and in a
funny style that suits out rapport – my preconceptions and inhibitions disappeared, and my little
striptease took on a whole new meaning. I like knowing I can control how aroused he becomes without
feeling tawdry myself. He hasn’t stopped talking about my performance since!
WHAT HER GUY THINKS: I was completely unprepared for how sexy Lisa’s dancing would be. And in
those boots! I love how we naturally transitioned from being silly to being really sexy; it was just totally
organic. My ex girlfriend didn’t cross my mind at all - Lisa’s easily the better dancer, anyway. I think
Lisa overcame her phobia because she did it on her own time, in her own way, without pressure from
WHAT OUR EXPERT SAYS: Research shows that almost all men love to watch their partners
undress, yet most women feel uncomfortable about trying a striptease, especially if they have bodyimage concerns. What was need about the way this couple approached her phobia was that she
concurred her fear in a way that was natural for her, and she made it something entertaining for herself
and yet still sexy for him. Being afraid of being compared with an ex-girlfriend is really common – often
to the extent where women don’t like to eat at the same restaurants or see the same movies that their
guy did with an ex. But learning to relax about this fear can help many relationships. If a guy asks you
More on Page 16
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Page 7
›2006 Gubernatorial Candidate Roundtable
June 21, 2006 – Hosted by The White House, Las Vegas
With the 2006 Elections looming, join the Sin City Chamber for a frank discussion with the 2006
Gubernatorial Candidates. All are welcome to join us, currently we have 3 candidates confirmed for the
slate. This is a great opportunity to hear from your candidates about the issues that concern Nevada.
A question and answer period will be available. Members $10.00 and Non-Members $20.00
RSVP to [email protected]
Turnout Exceeds Expectation Again
for Sin City Chamber Striptease Event
Each month the Sin City Chamber holds a free monthly mixer for our members and in April we were
very pleased to invite our members and non members to join us at Striptease Gentlemen’s Club. It
was a very welcoming atmosphere and the beautiful ladies of Striptease made every member feel very
welcome. Special thanks to Pete Housley of Striptease and this month’s Entertainer of the Month,
Madision (see page 5.)
Tracy Maurstad and Mike Murphy of
Autotech enjoying their first Sin City
Chamber Event.
Striptease Gentlemen’s Club offers a full bar
and beautiful exotic dancers.
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Give your Mom a big kiss,
email her or give her a call.
celebrated on Sunday May
14, 2006 in the United
States. In Mexico, Mom is
celebrated on May 10th.
In Argentina Mother’s Day is
celebrated the 3rd Sunday
of October.
Named for the Greek
Roman Goddess of Fertility,
Bona Dea. A May festival in
the Goddesses honor was
held each year.
May is:
Older Americans Month
Jewish American Heritage
Mental Health Month
May Day – May 1st
World "No Tobacco" Day
(May 31)
Page 8
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Page 9
Sin City
By Wayne Bridge, CEO
Mt. Charleston Hotel to Host Summer
Getaway for Sin City Chamber Members.
The summer heat it rapidly approaching us
once again so we are thinking of ways to
stay cool or get a break from what we have
experienced so many times before, the 110
degree days and 95 degree nights. To this
end, your Sin City Chamber has scheduled
a Sin City Chamber Summer Getaway and
Retreat at Mt. Charleston Hotel on Friday,
July 19th and Saturday, July 20th.
This Sin City Chamber Event will be for
Member’s Only. The Mt. Charleston Hotel
has offered Sin City Chamber Members special pricing for this Friday evening event. The Getaway
Package will include a room (single, double occupancy or a Suite), a wonderful evening social with
dinner included and a lovely Saturday morning breakfast.
We hope that some of you will join the Sin City Chamber Executive team and our sponsors for this
evening of fun and relief from the heat in the valley.
Mt. Charleston Hotel is newly renovated, they have added an outdoor skating rink, a lake by the front
entrance and completely redecorated the inside. If you haven’t been up to take in the new and
improved Mt. Charleston Hotel, this would be the perfect opportunity.
Sponsored by:
Sin City Summer Getaway
Member’s Only
Single: $150.00
Double: $175.00
Suite: $270
Date: July 21, 2006
RSVP: [email protected]
Canned Oxygen
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Page 10
2006 Spring BBQ Memories
Chicken Ranch Brothel Welcomes Fellow Sin City Chamber Members
Part of the exhibit at the BBQ included the Snake Babe,
seen far right.
Part of the Fun and Games included a Dunk Tank, Sponosred
by OnSite Dental, which included an opportunity to dunk a
Chicken Ranch Beauty, a Sin City Member, even Wayne
Bridge, CEO.
Free Poker Lessons and Play courtesy of NakedFortune
was a great thrill for many attendees.
Damon Dietrich and Fawnia Monday of Pole Dancing Studio on the
porch enjoying the shade.
Chris Davenport, Onsite Dental (Center), was the big
winner at the balloon burst, taking home a Satelite
Radio courtesy of Cottman Transmission Russ Dains.
Special thanks to our Volunteers:
Jonathan Remund, Bizwala
Terry Bradley, Color Gamut Digital Imaging
Erik Moll, Residential Mortgage Services
Erika Napoletano, UBS Financial
Rachel Lizarraga, Liberty Realty
Paul Casper, Liberty Realty
Sean Fox, Bank of America Busines Banking
DJ Angel,
Rodrigo Risiglione
PHOTOS BY: Martin Yuschalk, Action Photography
See more photos at
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Page 11
2006 Spring BBQ Continued. . .
On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the Sin City Chamber of Commerce and hosts Chicken Ranch Brothel, welcomed over
200 guests for the 2nd Annual Spring BBQ. All the food and drinks were provided by the Chicken Ranch Brothel. The
carnival games were designed to be fun and a little naughty too.
Special guest, Michelle Freridge, Executive Director, of the Free Speech Coalition attended and was invited to provide
information to attendees. The carnival games which included a Dunk Tank sponosred by Onsite Dental and the balloon
burst raised money, part of which the Sin City Chamber of Commerce will be donating to the Free Speech Coalition.
“What a day! Members are having fun. We are promoting a great organization like the Free Speech Coalition and we could
not be more thankful to the wonderful people at the Chicken Ranch” commented Loretta Holt, President of the Sin City
Members like Slumber Parties by Nicole had a great time
exhibiting at the Chicken Ranch.
Camille Ariotti seen far right and the ladies from
Radiance Tanning was a big hit with attendees.
A few of the beautiful Chicken Ranch Ladies posing next to a
2006 Volkswagen. Exhibiting this year at the BBQ was Erich
Christjansen of Findlay Volkswagen.
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Page 12
We All Speak the Language of Referrals
There are many tried and true fundamentals of increasing your business thru referrals. One of the
most obvious is look to your current circle of business clients, family, and friends. These are the
people who know you best, have done business with you already, and are exposed to you often. You
don’t need to “sell” them on you because you have already done that.
Past clients are a great way to receive 2nd and 3rd tier referrals (referrals that come directly from them
without you having to chase new business).
Ways to accomplish this include:
Don’t be afraid to ask for a referral or business. They may know someone or recently overheard
a conversation from a potential client for you. When you ask, it is their chance to refer,
therefore, ASK OFTEN!
Keep past clients informed on your business. If you have new services, specials, new products
etc. let them know about you. Easy ways to do this include e-mail, newsletters, direct calls,
holiday cards or birthday cards. These opportunities are golden and allow you to constantly
“drip” on their mind.
Send referrals THEIR WAY! If they are self employed, in sales, or have a home based business
remember to recommend them! What a better way to say “thank you” than to show them that
their business is important to you also. This “Givers Gain” approach is unselfish and a trait of
any master networker.
Invite them to network with you. This can be fun for them as they meet new people and attend
events. This team approach is particularly useful when meeting a lot of people at one time.
Each of you can double the amount of people you meet and keep an eye out for one another
with potential new clients.
The Sin City Chamber of Commerce offers so many ways to increase your business via the variety of
events and luncheons. There are always new people to meet and form bonds to develop new
channels for business. Hopefully, you were able to attend some of our great events last month. If not,
what are you waiting for? The business is there, go out and get it!
Erik Moll
Residential Mortgage Services
Direct Lenders, Bankers – Not Brokers
Chamber Note: Erik Moll is a Sin City Chamber Member and the
2006 Advisory Council Chairman.
Erik Moll and Adriana Picazo Russell at Spring BBQ
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Page 13
Civitas to Focus on Wholesale
LAS VEGAS - Luck was definitely a lady from April 3-5, when Civitas unveiled its product line
during the recent International Lingerie Show at the Rio Hotel. The “classy” yet “casual” products
held the limelight as The Purseless Purse became a must-have item — slated as the hottest
accessory in the industry!
Sherri Wall Dwelley and Deborah Burnett teamed up for Civitas at the event. Wall Dwelley
returned to the fashion world as vice president of global sales and marketing for Las Vegas-based
Civitas LLC. Burnett, who manufactures The Versa Case and The Purseless Purse, is the creator,
designer, owner, president, and chief executive officer of the company, but she’s also held former
positions as the owner of International Fabrics of Las Vegas, promotional manager for Tower of
Jewels, Fred Meyer’s head trainer for 58 store locations, and business consultant for G.A. Wright,
a leader in retail management.
Wall Dwelley was former vice president and director of sales and marketing at both Forplay and
Delicate Illusions. She was the first in the business to solicit, sell, and secure a signed contract in
a deal that joined the protocol design of the standard Halloween costume with that of the sexy
adult costume.
As the vice president of global sales and marketing for Civitas, Wall Dwelley suggested to get out
of the retail selling and focus on wholesale. Burnett considered that advice and additional
suggestions by Wall Dwelley, which eventually spawned the Civitas product line.
Civitas and its product The Purseless Purse nabbed the spotlight, garnering interest and curiosity
from exhibitors and buyers from the other two showrooms at the Rio Hotel.
The Purseless Purse is designed to be worn on the wrist, arm, thigh, belt, or ankle, it is a handbeaded bracelet that is seen by others on the top of the wrist when worn, yet it features a mini
purse that rests discreetly on the inside of the wrist. There are presently more than 160 crafted
The item allows those in costume who do not wish to carry a purse, wallet, or keys to shop with
more freedom of movement. The product is also ideal for using at a casino; when shopping;
jogging, at the gym, traveling; during a day at the beach, an amusement park, a museum, an
aquarium, or any outdoor activity.
On Wednesday, the closing day of the show, an agreement was entered between Civitas and
Michel Joanisse of Jolar-Speck Importations, making Jolar-Speck its first contracted international
distributor for sales within Canada. Negotiations, impossible for completion due to time restraints,
shall resume in the coming weeks, with regard to the distribution and sales for Australia,
Switzerland, and the U.K.
Meanwhile, Civitas is hiring sales representatives for major territories. Only those with at least five
years’ experience in sales and the fashion and apparel industry need apply. Your interest to carry
the Civitas product line and a listing of all other lines you represent or carry to sell should be
directed to Wall Dwelley.
Visit Civitas on the Web at
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Page 14
Sin City Chamber 2nd Anniversary Party
& Membership Exhbition
New Member, Harley-Davidson ® Café, to Host
Everyone Enters FREE with RSVP: The Sin City Chamber invites you to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary on July
28, 2006 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Harley-Davidson ® Café. Harley-Davidson ® Cafe features both
private and semi-private dining areas. Each section of the venue or the entire facility and surrounding outside
areas may be specifically tailored to the needs of your group.
We are offering Members Only the opportunity to have a table top exhbit during this event. The Harley-Davidson
® Café will be offering us the upstairs and downstairs if necessary. Table Tops will be available for $75.00 each.
We will be inviting non members to join us for this event for Free. Appetizers will be provided by the HarleyDavidson ® Café.
Members and Non-Members RSVP to [email protected]
The White House Las Vegas
3260 Joe W. Brown Dr.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
An exciting new multimedia center, the
White House Las Vegas meets your
company's every business need while
indulging you in presidential treatment.
This executive meeting and training venue
is conveniently located across from the
convention center and minutes from the
The White House Las Vegas combines a stately,
traditional exterior with a bold 70s motif interior, where
retro design meets 21st Century technology.
Fabulous amenities, unique ambiance, and
bold 70s retro décor make this versatile
facility ideal for meetings and training.
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Page 15
Dear Sin City
Hi Michael
I'm not sure how I
originally got on your
mailing list for Sin City,
but I regularly get your
mailshots at work.
I've been meaning to
write to you for some
time, because whenever
I get the mailouts I feel
such a sadness. I
became a Christian
about 3 years ago now,
and it's only been since
then I've realised that
sin - which is portrayed
as glamorous, fun and
living for the moment, is
so empty and painful.
chase - sex, gambling,
drink... they all give
highs just for a moment,
sustaining, infact they
actually cause harm
because they aren't built
on love, they're built on
being completely self
seeking. I'm not trying to
have a go at you or
judge you, but I just
wanted you to consider
whether there is an
alternative way of life one
genuinely love and care
for others. Where love is
Thank you for your comments.
We feel as you do that love is very
We are the only Chamber that embraces everyone and its
about time that everyone was made to feel welcome. As a Christian,
ask yourself, would Jesus not take care of the working girls or have
compassion for the families that work in these industries.
wonderful people are outcast by the mainstream. This is wrong.
I personally go to the Chicken Ranch Brothel every few months to
speak with the ladies and make them understand that someone does
care about them.
We want them to be healthy and happy.
encourage them to contact our members and not feel ashamed about
what they do. Surprisingly enough, many of the ladies have husbands
and kids.
We are proud to represent them and offer them simple
things like healthcare, a mortgage or an accountant.
What you do
and who you are makes no difference to the Sin City Chamber. . . We
will never cast that first stone.
Again, we appreciate your comments and as we always say if we were
in New York, we would be the Big Apple Chamber of Commerce.
Vegas was built on vice and millions annually flock here to escape.
I am sure that some have a problem with the name "Sin City" but we
believe this is due to ignorance. I can not stress enough that we
embrace all.
The best part, we are not alone.
We have over 325
members and about 80% of these companies are mainstream businesses,
each believes as we do that people deserve to be treated with
respect. Keep in mind, we are not the adult chamber, we are not the
gay/lesbian chamber. We simply embrace everyone.
One final note, our adult industry members are the first ones to
help with our events. By donating product and services, we are able
to contribute to our local non-profits.
During Christmas, we
delivered 100 toys to the Shade Tree Foundation and another 50 to
Children of Incarcerated Parents. We have 8 special events planned
this year that will contribute to some great causes.
For us, love is not the most important thing, it's the only thing.
We don't get tied down to the dogma associated with certain groups
which alienate entire populations.
To the religions of the world
which constantly are at war and segregate individuals and cause so
much pain, I ask ~ Where is the Love?
Should they all not embrace every soul?
not judge.
Best Wishes,
Thanks for listening,
Michael Russell
Executive Vice President
That's what we do and we do
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Page 16
Erotic Dancing – Overcoming a sexual fear. . . Continued.
to do something that his ex used to do, it doesn’t mean he is trying to turn you into that partner; it just
means that he happens to like that activity and now wants to share it with you.
WHAT FAWNIA SAYS: I believe that all women (and men) have it within themselves and need to,
venture outside of their comfort zones. Erotic dancing is no exception. The art of striptease is becoming
the way to enhance relationships. Maybe it has been for a long time, but haven’t you noticed we are
witnessing striptease in more then just the movie. Sex in the City, Montel Williams, Kelly and Regis,
Hope and Faith, King of Queens and even the queen of daytime TV, Oprah are becoming very familiar
with erotic dancing. Since the production of the worlds first instructional pole dancing DVD in 1998
(Pole Work, volume 1, by Fawnia Mondey) I have seen women from all professions stop, and take
notice. Pole dancing, erotic dancing, strip tease and lap dancing are fast becoming solid trends. A
trend, that if continued will result in how our wonderful open minded European friends view sex.
WHAT EUROPEANS SAY: With this is mind I asked Kimbal from: his opinion on
Striptease, Sex in the Media, and Pole Dancing.
Kimbal writes: “I think Europeans can’t be categorized so broadly. There are huge cultural distinctions
across Europe, especially with sexual attitudes. For example I’m in the UK; until recently hard core
pornography was illegal, although easy to purchase, where as other parts of Europe (France, Greece,
Germany) pornography would be broadcast on terrestrial TV channels. UK pornography magazines are
displayed on the top shelves of Newsagent shops and weren’t allowed to contain pictures of an erect
penis. On the other end of the scale newsstands in the streets of Greece will have pornography with
anal sex pictures on full view to all. My reply will be from my opinion of being in the UK.”
Striptease – “Traditionally we would relate strip tease to small city centre dingy pubs with spit and saw
dust on the floor, nowadays we associate striptease with glamorous pole and lap dancing clubs which
have appeared over recent years following on from the USA. They are currently opening up all over the
UK. It has gone from being a small group of performers practicing their art to mass bump and grind lap
dancing clubs spreading through the UK.”
Sex in the media – “I pay very little interest in the media. I think a lot of people are obsessed with
celebrity and sex and the media flood us with tales of celebrity and politician sexploits.”
Pole Dancing – “Pole dancing was associated with the clubs mainly found in the large cities of the UK.
Over recent years Pole Dancing has been adopted by gymnasiums has a trendy exercise method. I
think it has moved on and has been accepted by ladies of all ages who are doing it for exercise and fun
and are being very open about it.”
OUR EXPERT: Debbie Herbenick is a sex educator and researcher as Kinsey Institute. She is also an
associate instructor on human sexuality at Indiana University.
Pole Fitness Studio
631 N. Stephanie St. Ste. 162
Henderson,NV 89014
Phone: 866-890-1929 - 702-838-0590
E-mail: [email protected]
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
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Sin City Chamber
of Commerce
¾Starting at 1:00 PM, 12:00 PM
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¾Hosted by the Fiesta Rancho
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¾Featuring the Pro and Beautiful
Ladies of NFN
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$50 Cost
May 27th at the Fiesta
Rancho Casino Hotel
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Call 702-450-7222 Today
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Kylie appears courtesy of NFN
"Sexual Independence in
with Tera Patrick
at Hedo III
July 2-7,2006.
Tickets go on sale April 18th,
2006. Space is limited so
book early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• May 11th – Sin City Chamber Networking Mixer at Lucky Cheng’s RSVP Today
• May 15th – Deadline for Ad space in Business Directory and Guide to Sin City
• May 27th – Sin City Chamber Poker Tournament at Fiesta Ranch Casino Hotel.
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