ISA – September 2016 - St. Andrew`s Brampton



ISA – September 2016 - St. Andrew`s Brampton
September 2016
We are seekers of God, who joyfully encourage growth in the Christian faith.
Table of Contents
Geoff’s Journal
News from the Pews
Moment for Mission
Israel Trip 2017
The Alpha Course
Hour of Corporate Prayer
Food for… Thought
Stewardship Corner
WMS Report
Passages/Prayer Circle
Financial Report
Vacation Bible School
International Dinner
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This month…
Stories from those who travelled to Scotland…
pages 4 & 10
What we mean is that God was in
Christ, offering peace and forgiveness
to the people of this world. And He
has given us the work of sharing His
message about peace.
2 Corinthians 5:19
There was a record turnout for this year’s vacation
bible school…
page 13
St. Andrew′s Presbyterian Church
44 Church St. E, Brampton ON, L6V 1G3
September 2016
Family Sunday
10:30 am
Service of Worship
11:45 am Communion
12:30 pm Food Bank
Golf Tournament
at Derrydale
2:00 pm Urdu Service
7:00 pm Leap of Faith
8:00 pm Sr Choir
7:30 pm WMS
10:30 am
Service of Worship
1:30 pm
Prayer Shawl Ministry
12:30 pm Food Bank
Rally Sunday
7:30 pm Session
7:00 pm Property Com
7:30 pm Mission Com
7:00 pm
Education Com Jr Music Makers
7:00 pm Leap of Faith
8:00 pm Sr Choir
12:30 pm Food Bank
12:00 pm
Lunch with the Minister
10:30 am
Service of Worship
2:00 pm Urdu Service
7:30 pm
Stewardship Com
7:00 pm
Jr Music Makers
7:00 pm Leap of Faith
8:00 pm Sr Choir
10:30 am
Service of Worship
12:30 pm Food Bank
2:00 pm Urdu Service
7:00 pm
Jr Music Makers
Alpha Course
2:30 pm Southbrook
Oct 1
1:30 pm Prayer Circle
2:30 pm Greenway
3:00 pm
Time of
Corporate Prayer
2:00 pm Urdu Service
6:00 pm
Urdu Convention
6:00 pm
Urdu Convention
7:30 pm Session
7:00 pm Leap of Faith
8:00 pm Sr Choir
Geoff’s Journal
3 Things…
It’s been a great summer; the
weather has been hot (almost
too hot!) and sunny here at the
cottage. It has been a blessing to
Rev. Geoff Ross
be able to recharge my batteries
and refill my tank by being able to step away and go
on vacation. At this point though, while my mind
has been filled with the various tasks which fill
cottage days, it has started to turn to the season
ahead at St. Andrew’s, Brampton. But before I get
to that, here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been doing…
Church Office
Ext. 0
Open: Tuesday afternoons
12:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Wednesdays & Thursdays
9:00 am – 4:30 pm
[email protected]
Service Times and Location
Lead Minister
The Rev. Geoff Ross
Ext. 50
Ext. 22
Cell: 647-524-1870
[email protected]
Associate Minister
Ext. 24
The Rev. Rebekah Mitchell
Cell: 647-969-5456
[email protected]
Minister Emeritus
The Rev. Rosemary Doran
At the start of last ‘year’ – I go by the school
(September-June) calendar – I wrote down a few
goals. As many of you know, the end of the 2015 ‘year’
was not a healthy time for me. As a result, my goals for
2016 ‘year’ were a short list of personal items: “lose 53
pounds in my 53rd year, walk more; work on the house,
work smarter – trust and delegate more, and windsurf”.
That’s it. As I move toward making my 2017 ‘year’
list, I have been reflecting on those five things. While I
missed my weight goal by three pounds, I surpassed
my own expectations. Regan and I have begun walking
the Bruce Trial and have committed to doing more.
This year we’ve begun the process of making our
house psychologically ours in earnest. The working
smarter, trusting, delegating thing has improved and is
ongoing. But, until this week, I hadn’t windsurfed in
five years! Now this may not sound like a big thing to
many of you, but it was to me. I love sailing. I’ve sailed
on Chandos Lake since I was sixteen years old; first in
our Albacore sailboat, then on the Mistral sailboard that
I bought in the mid-80’s.
Sailing has been a big part
of my life. Every day at the
cottage I sail – sometimes
for hours! I met Regan
sailing. And to not have felt
well or healthy or confident
enough to windsurf for the
past five years seemed to
signal a seismic change in
my life. So, I did something
about it. And, this week, I
went windsurfing!
Ext. 0
Music Director/Organist
Ext. 0
Shelagh Tyreman
[email protected]
Senior Choir, Leap of Faith Band, Junior Music Makers
Office Administrator
Debbie Peacock
Ext. 0
Church Officer
Henry Ettinger
Ext. 0
Church Ministries
Congregational Care
Ext. 0
[email protected]
Food Bank
Ext. 55
Food Bank Committee Chair
Gord Warren
[email protected]
Sunday School
Colleen Peyer
Ext. 0
Ext. 0
[email protected]
Cell: 905-601-4868
Urdu Ministry
[email protected]
The Rev. Babar Allahditta
Cell: 647-779-8281
Office Administrator
Khalid Gill
Cell: 647-624-1156
(continued on page 2)
Church Contacts
Clerk of Session
Molly Harvey
Christian Education Committee
Stan Loree
Congregational Care Team
Felicity Alexander
Envelope Secretary
Bea Embling
Food Bank Committee
Gord Warren
Helping Hands
Valerie Martin
Jo-ann Urquhart
Mission Committee
Ray Scanlan
Newsletter Editor
Elizabeth Giesbrecht
Prayer Circle
Sandra Jackson
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Florence Martin
Property Committee
Robert Wightman
SALSA Women’s Group
Pam Loree
Stewardship Committee
Doreen Scott-Dunne
May Maltby
Usher Co-ordinator
Robert Hakim
Visiting Committee
Mary McLean
Web Team
[email protected]
Women’s Missionary Society
Kim Shepherd
Worship Committee
Clarence Snieder
Colin Young
Geoff’s Journal
I will be honest, I was nervous (a lot of my pride and self-image was
riding on whether or not I could still do it) but thankfully, it all came
back to me – like riding a bicycle, as they say. And, I will also be honest,
after windsurfing for two hours my body ached! But, scratching that last
goal off my list was worth it! Now, on to the other two things…
As I mentioned earlier, this is shaping up to be a very active and
exciting fall at St. Andrew’s. You will find a foretaste of some of the
activities scheduled for this fall in this newsletter but I would like to
highlight a few items. First, I am excited to announce that the Rev.
Douglas Rollwage – the 142nd Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in
Canada – will be preaching at St. Andrew’s on the 1st Sunday of
Advent – November 27. Also, this fall, I’m looking forward to our first
election of Elders since we began the Term Service model for our
Session. And finally, in case you haven’t heard, there are plans for a 2 nd
pilgrimage to Israel in March of 2017. Information for these – and
other events – will be coming soon.
Lastly, I have been looking forward to our fall launch preaching series
for a while now. We will be looking at the 8th chapter of Paul’s Letter
to the Romans and his use of the conditional word “if”; it’s a small
word but it is a word which can mean and change everything! I hope
you will find it as interesting and powerful as I do!
See you soon!
PUBLISHED MONTHLY (except August) to inform our church
community about activities within this congregation and the Presbyterian
Church in Canada, and to provide inspiration to our readers.
Submissions can be made by email to [email protected],
left in the newsletter slot either on the office door or in the Great Hall or
may be given to any newsletter committee member listed below.
Newsletter Committee:
Felicity Alexander, Elizabeth Giesbrecht, Khalid Gill,
Ken Jackson, Rebekah Mitchell, June Young
Additional Contributors This Month:
May Maltby, Ray Scanlan, Doreen Scott-Dunne,
Chris Shepherd, Gord Warren
Deadline for submissions for theOctober issue is
Friday, September 23, 2016
This newsletter and St. Andrew’s
office printing are done by:
10 Gillingham Dr. Suite 116
[email protected]
Peter and Kim Shepherd are so proud of
Christian, who won the Athletic Citizenship Award
at his Grade 8 Graduation from Sir John A.
MacDonald Middle School. Christian won the
award as he tried out for every sport – made the ball
hockey and cricket teams – but he would also help
his gym teacher (in the picture with Chris) clean up
from practices and games and, most importantly,
had a great attitude with his fellow students.
In early June, Clarence and Fatima Snieder were
in one of the oldest cities in Europe – Lisbon. They
immersed themselves in the history of Portugal by
visiting many churches, museums and medieval
sections of the city, which they accessed by using the
excellent Metro system. Architects didn’t skimp on
detail and opulence in those days.
Their first visit was the Castelo Sao Jorge, around
which the oldest parts of the city were built. There
was a lot of climbing narrow, winding streets, many
wrong turns but it was worth it for the lovely view of
Lisbon from the castle. Everywhere they went, they
were either climbing or descending, at times, very
steep inclines. No grid system in Lisbon – which led
to many lively ‘discussions’ of directions. From
Lisbon, they did a day trip to Sintra and spent the day
admiring the prominent 19th century palace built on
the site of a 12th century monastery, parts of which
are still standing. It was fascinating to learn about the
great earthquake of 1755 which destroyed the city
and how it was rebuilt. Local lore has it that major
earthquakes occur about every 300 years in Lisbon.
They then took the train North to Porto, a three
hour trip, where they spent the next five days. Porto
is a city of bridges and lovely vistas of the Douro
River. Porto is also rich in history. The highlight was
a wine tour of the Douro Valley. They learned about
the origins and types of port wine and visited
vineyards where the techniques of wine making were
demonstrated. The ports from this region are
wonderful and unlike the ports available in Canada.
It was a lovely day full of happy memories of great
food, great wine and great company.
It was a wonderful adventure and one which they
would like to repeat but, this time, in Spain.
For two Sundays in July, the Rev. Wes Denyer and
Canon Judy Rois conducted worship at St. Peter on
the Rock at Cap à l’Aigle, QC where Mike and
Molly Harvey worship in the summer. The church is
only open in July; Molly is the secretary and Mike is
the treasurer. Another English language church
nearby is open in August only for summer visitors.
From July 13 to July 20, St. Andrew’s Music
Director/Organist Shelagh Tyreman, ably supported
by her husband Rob Hennig (also a Music
Director/Organist), led the Great Lakes Touring
Chorus and guests on a trip to Scotland. Following, on
pages 4 and 10 are stories from several people who
went on the trip.
(continued on page 4)
News from the Pews (continued from page 3)
After the choir trip in Scotland, Kennedy Jackson
and May Maltby went to Ireland where they visited
Kennedy’s relatives near Belfast, and May shared
their experiences with us:
Kennedy’s Aunt Phyllis, Uncle Brian and cousin
Jenny met us at the bus station in Belfast. It had been
ten years since Kennedy saw his Mom’s sister and
her family and the first time for me to meet them. Our
first day, they took us to Aunt Phyllis’ favourite
restaurant for lunch in Annalong and to see the
Mountains of Mourne. On the Friday, we took the
train from Bangor to Belfast to start our touring.
Kennedy’s aunt and uncle had arranged for us to ride
on the Hop On/Off bus to see the attractions of
Belfast. One of our stops was to visit Queen’s
University were Kennedy’s Dad had studied. We
then walked through the Botanical Gardens near the
university before rejoining the bus tour. Before going
back to Bangor, we stopped at the Crown Saloon, the
oldest pub in Belfast, for a pint.
On the Saturday, we went back to Belfast to visit
the Titanic Museum, thanks again to the family. A
wonderful experience explaining the history of
Belfast and its ship building.
Sunday was a quiet day; Jenny had gone home
but her brother Richard had arrived to see us and to
watch car racing with his Dad. We took a walk in the
park across from their house and down to the marina,
and in the afternoon we returned to the park with
Aunt Phyllis for a concert while Uncle Brian and
Richard watched the race.
On Monday, we headed back to Belfast to take a
bus tour of the coast. We had stops at Carrick Fergus
Castle and Dunluce Castle. Kennedy was
disappointed there wasn’t time to go into the castles
as he had been before and wanted me to see them
(next time!).
A highlight of the trip was the Carrick-A-Rede
bridge – a 66 foot rope bridge which another aunt of
Kennedy’s used to walk on to take fisherman their
meals. However, in her time there was only one rope
to hold on to, while now there is a rope for each
hand and netting and boards to protect you from the
98 foot drop to the rocks below!
Sadly, on Tuesday we bid our aunt and uncle
goodbye after a wonderful visit to head to Dublin for
our flight on the Wednesday.
We’ll be back to visit again and to see the rest of
the relatives!
Here is Shelagh’s report:
On Saturday, July 16, the Great Lakes Touring
Chorus sang to a packed crowd at St. Giles’
Cathedral, Edinburgh, the mother church of
Presbyterianism. Great Lakes’ Touring Chorus
includes members of St. Andrew’s Choir,
Headwaters’ Concert Choir, Brampton Festival
Singers and several of my musical theatre pals. Our
repertoire included Canadian music, which was
warmly received, including a duet which I wrote for
Alex Loree and Nancy Claridge, and a new work,
commissioned by the choir, from Canadian
composer James Brown. We were thrilled to have
violinist Darcey Baker, cellist Ben Milone,
clarinetist May Maltby, and percussionists Ken
Jackson and Carol Stewart along for the ride.
Singing in the cathedral was life-changing – the
acoustics were incredible, and the set-up for the choir
was the best I’ve ever seen – a Steinway grand piano,
perfectly centered to play and conduct from, and
semi-circular choir stalls, back row raised, each seat
with its own music light, music stand, cushioned
seat, and secure storage. Wowza! And above all that,
I was gratified to hear from our tour guide Kirstie,
who has heard many groups perform at St. Giles’,
that she was so moved by the heartfelt singing of the
choir that she found herself crying uncontrollably
throughout, as were several choir members...
After our cathedral performance we did lots of
sightseeing and we sang in flash mobs and pubs – we
even had Scottish people singing along! They
especially loved it when we sang at the Blair Athol
Distillery, and when we sang our Canadian train song
“The Royal Hudson” on the Jacobite Steam Train –
the Harry Potter Hogwart’s Express Train.
I am very proud of our singers, and so proud to
be Canadian! No one has bigger hearts!
(continued on page 10)
Church Office Hours
Beginning on September 5, due to
budget constraints, the church office
will only be open for 2.5 days each week: Tuesday
afternoons and all day on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
We welcome Kim Shepherd to this new temporary
position, and sincerely thank Cathy Corbett Nicholson
for covering office duties in June, July and August.
The Church Directory Committee is starting
preparations for the next church photo directory.
The first step is the booking of photo appointments.
The photographers will be at St. Andrew’s on the
following days:
Bruce Carruthers Memorial
Golf Tournament
Wednesday, October 19 – 2:30 to 8:30
Thursday, October 20 – 2:30 to 8:30
Saturday, October 22 – 10:00 to 3:00
Wednesday, October 26 – 2:30 to 8:30
Thursday, October 27 – 2:30 to 8:30
Saturday, October 29 – 10:00 to 3:00
When: Saturday, September 10
noon to 6:00 pm
Where: Derrydale Golf Course
All photography will be done on the main floor of the
Education Wing.
Price: $80 per player
includes golf, cart and dinner
payment due prior to September 10
We hope that as many people as
possible attend these sessions. It
will offer you an opportunity to
have a professional family
portrait to give as gifts for
Sign-up sheet in the Great Hall. Contact Peter
Shepherd if you have prize donations or want more
Members of the Directory Committee will be taking
bookings after worship services starting on
September 11. When booking your time slot, please
plan to be at the church for approximately 45
minutes, as the session includes both the portrait
taking and a viewing of the digital images
immediately afterward. Book early to get your
preferred time slot! The final pictures will be mailed
directly to you by IPC Canada Photo Services Inc.
Rally Sunday is Coming Soon!
On September 18, we will be coming together for
Rally Sunday. Please invite your family and friends
to come, as it will be a special service.
After church, coffee, tea and cake will be served
in the Great Hall. Each committee will have a table,
where they will share what their committee does, and
answer any questions you might have about their
work and mission. Flyers will be available listing
each committee chair with their contact information.
Our Sunday School is a part of the Christian
Education Committee. We have a great team of
people who devote their time, commitment and effort
to the Christian Education of our children... the future
of our faith community. If you are interested in
participating in this work, please contact Sunday
School Superintendent, Colleen Peyer.
Our assistant minister, the Rev. Rebekah
Mitchell, will also have a table to share information
on GRACE Groups. If you have not already joined a
GRACE Group, find out where there is one near you.
We hope to see you there.
The photographers have requested that two
host/hostesses are available to help greet people at
the photography sessions. If you would like to help,
please contact Susan Jess.
Sunday, November 27
St. Andrew’s will be welcoming the
Moderator of the Presbyterian
Church in Canada, the Rev. Douglas
Rollwage, as guest preacher.
Picture yourself sitting by the Sea of Galilee
In Praise of Hands
Do you use your hands to make
beautiful things? Are you an antler
carver, acrylic painter, beader,
carpenter, cabinetmaker, candlestick maker, cake
decorator, carver, calligrapher, ceramic artist,
crocheter, dress maker, embroiderer, jeweler, knitter,
rug hooker, painter, photographer, potter, sculptor,
stained class worker, watercolourist, woodworker, or
wood burner?
St. Andrew’s is blessed to have within our family
many people who demonstrate their gifts by using
their hands to create things of beauty. Often these
objets d’arts we create are seen only in our own
homes. We are organizing an opportunity for you to
share your creations with St. Andrew’s.
Ever wanted to walk the hills that Jesus walked?
Go swimming in the Dead Sea?
Maybe climb Masada?
Visit the West (“Wailing”) Wall
Or pray at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre –
the site of the Crucifixion and the Tomb
Now you can!
Contact Kennedy Jackson or Molly Harvey.
We’re Going back!
Moment for Mission
Announcing a 2nd St. Andrew’s Israel Trip
With summer quickly drawing to a close, the Mission
Committee is gearing up for a very busy autumn
season. The list of ways to become involved in
mission begins at the various entrances to the church
where you can pick up a copy of the devotional
booklet Our Daily Bread, which you can read as a
daily devotional or give to a friend, as personal
invitation is the best way to encourage our friends
and neighbours to ‘come and see’.
Two events are being planned as easy ways to invite
others. First, the East Meets West Dinner on Saturday,
October 15 will be an international potluck dinner
where we will celebrate our various cultures and
cuisine and well as sharing our handiwork in the “In
Praise of Hands” display. Various entertainments are
also being planned. The second event is “The Music
Festival – Brampton”, incorporating three Interfaith
Council of Peel musical groups on Sunday, October 30,
which will feature three choirs, (singers, musicians and
dancers), from the Coptic Christian, Jewish and
Muslim communities. These are also opportunities to
invite a friend or neighbour to ‘come and see’.
Planning is also starting on the St. Andrew’s
award-winning church float in the annual Santa
Claus Parade on November 19. If you would care to
participate, please contact any member of the
Mission Team.
The Rev. Geoff Ross and the Rev. Rebekah
Mitchell are co-leading a ten day round trip
pilgrimage direct from Toronto to Israel on
March 8 - March 18, 2017.
Day 1 – Depart Canada
Day 2– Arrive in Israel/Caesarea/Carmel/Galilee
Day 3– Nazareth/Zippori/Galilee
Day 4 – Galilee/Sailing/Ministry Triangle
Day 5 – Galilee/Dan/Caesarea Philippi/Nimrod Ruins
Day 6 – Galilee/Baptism Site/Qumran/Masada/Dead Sea
Day 7 – Dead Sea/Genesis Land/Bethlehem/Jerusalem
Day 8 – Jerusalem: Old City/Western Wall/Museums
Day 9 – Jerusalem: Palm Sunday Route/Via Dolorosa
Day 10 – Jerusalem: Free Day
Day 11 – Return to Canada
The Price: $4,192 - all inclusive!
This includes all airfares, travel, accommodations,
and meals (excluding lunches) in Israel; and taxes.
There are 21 spots available
for members and friends of St. Andrew’s on a firstcome, first-served basis.
Speak to Geoff or Rebekah about booking your
spot for a trip of a lifetime.
Alpha Course
St. Andrew’s, Presbyterian Church
September 28 – November 30
at 7:00 pm
Who is invited?
Everyone who has questions.
What is it about?
Each session has a short video
followed by a discussion where
you can share your thoughts and
questions about faith.
Watch Bear Grylls’ story:
St. Andrew’s to run
the Alpha Course
Hour of Corporate Prayer
Over the summer, on the third Friday of July and
August, a group met in the parlour for an hour of
corporate prayer for our world, our country, our city
and our church. Prayer does not take a vacation and
neither do the major issues facing our world today.
After several meetings and discussion on the new
Alpha Film Series over the past few months, the
Mission Committee decided at their May 31 meeting
to proceed to offer the Alpha Course as a Missions
Outreach program using the new updated film series,
starting on Wednesday, September 28 at 7:00 pm
in the Session Room. The format will be dessert and
coffee in lieu of a full meal, followed by the video
presentation and discussion. The new material was
filmed on location in various countries around the
world including Jerusalem and various places where
Jesus walked. The course takes those attending on a
spiritual journey. Alpha is designed to attract a
millennial audience, but the material is still suitable
for everyone. Alpha Canada is participating in a
global Alpha promotion starting on September 1 to
create awareness for the 2016 Canadian Alpha
Courses and will have major media attention in the
coming weeks. You are asked to consider who you
might ask to attend this exciting Alpha Course.
You are invited to join with this group as we petition
our Lord for wisdom and discernment for our world
leaders in a plethora of issues ranging from the
refugee crisis, the floods in New Orleans, the
earthquake in Italy, our local economy and our fiscal
health at St. Andrew’s. If you too are concerned, then
kindly consider joining the group to pray for an hour
in the parlour on Friday, September 16 at 3:00 pm.
for Thought
by Gord Warren
Stewardship Corner
The summer is over! It’s sad to say that but a new
season is now here. We are harvesting the rewards
of the gardens we planted in the spring. If you have
been watching the Food Bank gardens on the east
side of the church, you will have seen spaces
appearing. That’s because we have used the produce
in the Food Bank. We have been blessed by
donations of fresh produce by members of our Food
Bank, members of the church, friends of the Food
Bank and some of the agencies which are in the
Brampton Food Share group. We have been able to
give fresh produce to the clients weekly.
When September comes around, we think of long
summer days coming to an end, family holidays
being over, and cottage days becoming fewer. But
many things are beginning – school is starting up
again, life is becoming more routine and you are
beginning to think of your involvement in fall
activities: picking apples in an orchard, attending
harvest-loaded farmer’s markets, going to fall fairs,
playing that last wonderful game of golf.
As you plan, please remember that St. Andrew’s,
Brampton needs you too. Your time is one of the
greatest gifts you can give: to help in the Food
Bank, to help out in Sunday School or the Nursery,
to join a GRACE Group in your neighbourhood, to
be a greeter, to name just a few of the opportunities
waiting for you. You may want to share your talent
to sing in the choir, to join a committee, to knit or
crotchet prayers shawls, to find more ways to reach
out to our community.
We would like to thank you for the generous
contributions you have made to our church finances
and to the Food Bank. Unfortunately, we are still
under budget constraints. We reduced weekly office
administration time to two days in the summer. In the
fall, the Church office will only be open for 2.5 days.
We ask for your patience as hours become limited.
We know that you will support and understand, and
take this opportunity to continue to contribute
financially. You can do this by contributing monthly
through automatic deduction on PAR (PreAuthorized Remittance) or by finding out more about
becoming a part of our $125 plan. If each family
were able to contribute $125, we would be able to
totally balance our budget. Of course, we understand
that not all families are able to contribute that
amount, and so we ask you to give according to how
God guides you.
Food Bank volunteers harvest the bounty
from the church gardens.
The clients thank me as they go through the
receiving area and I wish to pass on their gratitude
to those who have helped.
I also wish to thank those members who responded
to our appeal for assistance during vacation periods
of the Food Bank volunteers. Your assistance
lightened the load for the rest of the volunteers. I
hope that you enjoyed yourselves and were able to
understand the needs of the clients. If, at any time,
you would like to help again, just let us know.
We are confident that God will continue to bless the
community of St. Andrew’s, and we want you to feel
you are a part of this fellowship of love and hope.
Doreen Scott-Dunne, Stewardship Committee Chair
St. Andrew’s-Pringle
to those celebrating
special anniversaries
September Meeting:
Tuesday, September 6 at 7:30 pm
The Roll Call is “What is your middle name?”
66 years Muriel & Wally Gemmill
61 years Sally & Jim McCoy
58 years Anne & Bill Russell
Called to be with the Lord
Come and stock-up
on some
Christmas Goodies
Frances Dishart
Richard Hyma
Condolences and prayers are offered
to their families and friends
St. Andrew’s WMS
Bake, Knitting and Book Tables
at the
Christmas High Tea and Bake Sale
St. Andrew’s Prayer Circle
Saturday, November 12
10:00 am – 2:00 pm
All donations of baked goods,
knitting and books (fiction only) are welcome.
St. Andrew’s Prayer Circle members
offer prayers for those
who are experiencing an illness or loss, or
going through difficult times.
contributions be delivered
to the church between
4:00 and 7:00 pm on
Friday, November 11.
To submit a prayer request call:
the church office, 905-451-1723 ext. 0
Help support the WMS in
its local Mission work.
or email
[email protected]
Have you visited our website lately?
in St. Giles’ Cathedral, restaurants, on the train,
people on the street, and everyone was delighted to
receive them. It was Sandra’s first trip to Scotland
but Felicity had been there with Bob several times
before and was happy to have been able to connect
with his relatives in Edinburgh.
For both Sandra and Felicity, the highlight was the
choir’s performance at St. Giles’ Cathedral (photo
below) and Shelagh Tyreman’s outstanding work in
her dual role as both pianist and choir director.
News from the Pews (continued from page 4)
Ian and Susan Jess travelled to Scotland to sing at
St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh with the Great
Lakes Touring Chorus, then also spent a week in
Ireland. Below, Ian describes their time in Ireland:
We were very surprised by the presence of my
cousin and her husband (from Belfast) at the choir’s
performance in Edinburgh. We spent several hours
that night talking to them. At the end of the Scottish
tour, we flew to Dublin for three days. We saw the
“Book of Kells” at Rosemary Doran’s alma mater
(Trinity College), Dublin Castle, as well as taking a
tour through the Jameson Distillery, among other
noteworthy stops. Taking the train to Belfast, we
again met my cousin, her children and four of her
grandchildren. They escorted us to my
grandmother’s home and her home church (where
my grandparents were married) and my
grandfather’s church. We also enjoyed an excursion
to the Giant Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge
and many of the scenes where Game of Thrones was
filmed. Before heading back to Dublin, and then
home, we went through the Titanic exhibit.
We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday, but we will
have to go back to try to catch everything we missed.
On the August long weekend, the Loree Family
travelled to Cairn Camp in Baysville for Family
Camp held at the Glen Mhor site. Pam and Stan
were first-time campers, while Alex (aka Trogdor)
and Sarah (aka Moxie) returned ‘home’ to reconnect
with friends and former campers. The whole family
enjoyed outdoor activities (zipline, climbing wall,
high ropes, walking, swimming), indoor activities
(yoga, salsa dancing, bread making), singing,
worshipping, and everything else that is camp. What
a truly special place to spend a weekend.
A week later, Pam and Stan took off for St.
John’s, Newfoundland to explore the Avalon
Peninsula. Staying in St. John’s, Holyrood, Harbour
Grace and Trinity, they drove up as far as Bonavista,
and enjoyed meeting the local inhabitants, viewing
beautiful scenery/puffins/whales, eating lots of
fresh seafood, and countless hours wandering
around museums and other historical exhibits
learning about the people and history of
Newfoundland. A grand adventure!
Sandra Jackson and Felicity Alexander were
among the group of forty-six people who travelled to
Scotland in July with the Great Lakes Touring
Chorus. However, they were not part of the choir –
they were just “along for the song” and had all the
fun without the pressure of performing. Sandra
contributed in no small way to improving public
relations between Scotland and Canada, as she
handed out Canadian flag pins at every opportunity –
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Church Finances
Shortfall Pie Chart
Purpose of this chart is to show in a graphic form the shortfall of contributions to expenses as of August 21, 2016
We anticipated a decrease of contributions
during the summer months, so on July 1 we
withdrew $20,000 of the capital gains from our
investment at the national office to meet
expenses over the summer.
Currently, our line of credit is $91,000 and bills to
be paid are $5,914.75.
Your contributions to the Weekly Offerings line
on your envelope fund the various ministries of
the church such as the monthly newsletter,
music, building maintenance, utilities, minister
stipends and staff salaries.
Thank you for your consideration and all that you
When we think of stewardship we start with the point that everything - even the air that we breathe is not ours, it's given to us
Contributions & Expenses Comparative
August 21, 2016
Jan 1-Aug 21, 2016 Jan 1-Aug 21, 2015
Other Revenue
Total Contributions
Congregational Care
Total Expense
Net General Surplus (Deficit)
Presbyterian Sharing donations*
PWS&D donations*
Food Bank donations*
* NOTE: Presbyterian Sharing, PWS&D and Food Bank are not included in the comparative statement.
Vacation Bible School
For three hours each morning from Monday, August 15
to Friday, August 19, twenty-four children, four leaders
and two junior leaders gathered to take part in Cave
Quest VBS 2016. This marks the biggest number of
kids we’ve had enrolled in Rebekah’s time at St.
Andrew’s (maybe since this program began!). The
participants had a wonderful week learning songs,
doing crafts, hearing bible stories and playing games.
The kids learned that Jesus is the light of the world, and
we can trust in Him even when we’re in a dark place
like a cave. Each day had a new bible point: Jesus gives
us hope, Jesus gives us courage, Jesus gives us
direction, Jesus gives us love, and Jesus gives us power.
A huge thank you to Michelle Jeffrey, Kim Shepherd
and Muriel Cheung, who helped the Rev. Rebekah
Mitchell lead VBS. Justin Kelly-Boxe and Christian
Shepherd served as Junior Leaders and were greatly
appreciated for their energy and enthusiasm.
International Dinner
October 15, 2016
6:00 pm
St. Andrew’s Great Hall
Bring a dish – $10
Bring an appetite – $20
Children under 5 – no charge
Children 5-14 – $10
The Mission Committee asks that you ‘Save the Date’ for the East meets West Dinner with the St.
Andrew’s Urdu Church members as together we celebrate our anniversary, have some entertainment and
appreciate the “In Praise of Hands” display. As we share our faith, our various cultures and our many
talents, the evening will include a “sharing of some traditional food”. Felicity Alexander has graciously
agreed to be the point person, and you can speak to her if you will be sharing your cultural dish or dessert.