K-series Charge Harnesses Modification Guide



K-series Charge Harnesses Modification Guide
K-series Charge Harnesses Modification Guide
Version 1.0:
*These modifications may not be legal for highway use. Hybrid Racing is not responsible for any direct or indirect, actual
or incidental expense attributed to the use of any performance parts sold by Hybrid Racing LLC. Purchasers agree to all
of the terms of this agreement upon the purchase of parts. More information can be found at www.hybrid-racing.com.
*Please note that Hybrid Racing is NOT responsible in anyway for damages caused due to the incorrect installation of this
product. Incorrect installation may cause damage to the ECU, Oxygen sensor and other electrical components. If you are
unsure or do not fully understand the installation instructions please call our technical support line at 1.225.932.9588.
Parts Needed:
Tools Needed:
Correct charging harness and the correct positive terminal harness, Heat shrink,
Electrical Tape and wire loom
Razor blade / wire stripper, Heat gun, pliers, flat tipped pry bar.
1. Start by removing the battery from the car.
2. Remove the charging harness and the stock positive terminal
harness from the battery. This will be connected to the starter
on the stock D/B series engine.
3. Cut the wire down to the appropriate length. An easy and quick
measurement is to cut it as long as the other wire.
4. Take the charge harness and remove the plastic covering.
5. Cut back the loom to expose the two wires
6. Remove the red plastic terminal cover.
7. After you have exposed the bare terminal, stick it in a vice with
the crimp facing up.
There are a couple ways of opening up the crimp. You can take a
dremel and cut the seam and pry the two apart, you can hammer a
flat tipped pry bar in between and separate the crimp. Either
way, you must open the crimp without damaging it.
9. Now that you have removed the crimp/terminal from the wires, you
can now cut the terminal off. This should be all that is left.
10. Take the OEM terminal and the RSX charge harness wire and put
them inside of the crimp, make sure that the terminal is facing
the right direction. Make sure that if you are using heat shrink
to slip on a piece before you connect the two wires, otherwise it
will not fit over the terminal.
11. Tighten the vice so that the crimp sandwiches the two wires
together. This connection should be very strong and solid. Cover
the joint with heat shrink or a protective covering. Wrap in
electrical tape.
12. Once the positive terminal is finished, you now must modify the
other wire on the RSX charge harness. Since it has an end made
for the RSX fuse box, we must modify it to fit into an EG/DC/EK
fuse box.
Put the end in a vice.
14. Take a dremel or cutoff wheel and cut the bigger part of the
tab off.
15. Turn the tab over and drill a hole(5mm) in the center.
smooth off the edges with a table grinder.
You can
16. Now you can re-loom and tape the modified harness. Mock the
harness up in the engine bay and make sure it fits without
interfering with the drive belt.
The finished product should look something like this.
Install the finished charge harness into the car, making sure that
the end you modified on the RSX harness goes to the spot in the fuse
box closest to the headlight.

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