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Academy Action - University Heights Academy
Winter 2014
Academy Action
University Heights Academy
Varsity and Middle School Academic Teams District Champs
The Varsity Academic Team took high honors and were the overall
winners at the district meet held at Heritage Christian Academy in
January. Individual placements were:
Vir Patel (1st), Vivek Shah (3rd)
Science: Vir Patel (1st), Vivek Shah (5th)
Social Studies: Erin Calvert (2nd), Sherafghan Khan (4th)
Language Arts: Sangeet Sheth (1st), Kloe Freeman (3rd), Jordan
Kelly (5th)
Arts/Humanities: Sangeet Sheth (1st), Kloe Freeman (2nd), Jonathan Kinnard (4th)
Composition: Gretchen Powell (1st), Emily Pape (2nd)
Quick Recall: 1st Place
Back Row: Jonathan Kinnard, Sherafghan Khan, Jordan Kelly, Emily Pape,
Sangeet Sheth; Front Row: Kloe Freeman, Vivek Shah, Trey LaChance, Christopher Pape, Sofia Khan, Johanna Naimoli
The Middle School Academic Team also participated in their District 8 Governor’s
Cup Academic Competition. The team won first place and had many individual winners as well:
Inside this issue:
Yearbook Staff Honored
place—Drew McGowan, Kevli Sheth, Deeya Patel, Ian
Calvert, Lauren Shaner, Jakob Moore, Vijdan Gill, Roma
Desai, Deja Richardson, Kelsee Freeman
NHS Induction
1st place—Drew McGowan; 2nd—Hemangi Patel;
4th—Tyler Pratt
Blazer Basketball
1st place—Deeya Patel; 2nd—Vivtoria Sisk; 3rd—
Deja Richardson
US & MS Choral Concert
1st place—Lauren Shaner; 2nd—Jakob Moore; 3rd—Tyler
LS Christmas Program
1st place—Kevli Sheth; 5th—Kelsee Freeman
Second Grade ICE Trip
Social Studies:
Mr. & Miss Blazer
Annual Fund
Quick Recall:
place--Roma Desai
Front row, left to right: Ian Calvert, Jakob Moore, Deeya Patel, Kevli Sheth, Roma Desai, Vijdan Gill,
Lauren Shaner; Back row: Hemangi Patel, Drew McGowan, Deja Richardson, Ann-Marie Fitzpatrick,
Kelsee Freeman
This school seeks to provide educational opportunities that will
allow every student to achieve to
the best of his/her ability and to
develop as a whole person.
UHA Yearbook Staff Wins Again
The yearbook and staff for the 2012-2013 school year received the National Yearbook Program of Excellence
Award, an honor that recognizes dynamic and engaging yearbooks. This is the second year in a row that
UHA’s yearbook staff has won the award. Great Job! Members of the winning staff are pictured below: Paige
Allen, Carson Bryant, Abby Jo Scheriger, Brooklyn Gardner, Sally Smith, Morgan Thalmann, Tammy Cowan, (Yearbook Advisor), Blake Cowan, Lauren Wallace, and Chandler Unfried.
2013 NHS Induction
In December, UHA’s National Honor Society held it’s induction ceremony. To be a member of NHS students must achieve
a GPA of 3.5. NHS is sponsored by Anne Noel. Students honored are pictured below. Back Row: Hannah Shemwell,
Christian Barefield, Christopher Paper, Abby Jo Scheriger, Stephen Humphries, Blake Edmonson, Shelby Reynolds;
Front Row: Sofia Khan; Jordan Kelly, Annie Arnold, Tatum Eller, Erin Calvert, Sangeet Sheth, and Isabella Norrid
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Academy Action
Blazer Basketball
Both the Girls & Boys Basketball Teams competed in the All “A” Classic Basketball Tournament. The teams
made school history when both teams won their Region and advanced to the State Tournament in Frankfort.
The girls won their first round game, advancing to the Elite Eight where they met a tough Glasgow team and
lost a hard fought game. The boys played hard as well, but were defeated in the first round of play by Holy
Cross from Louisville. UHA couldn’t be more proud of these players and coaches!
New Mural for Multipurpose Room
UHA’s multipurpose room got a colorful
addition in January thanks to UHA Junior
Taten Frerichs. The large scale piece was
inspired by street art, an art form Taten
finds fascinating. He used multiple layers
of low pressure, highly pigmented spray
paint to complete the mural. The UHA mural will be a significant contribution to
Taten’s portfolio as he interviews in March
for Kentucky’s Governor’s School for the
Arts, a summer arts-intensive program. A
smaller version of the mural will be available at Spring Fling.
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Upper and Middle School Winter Concert
The Upper and Middle School performed their winter concert in early December. Chorus is taught by Jill Bressler,
and the choir was accompanied by Ms. Liz Brown on the piano for the concert.
Lower School Christmas Program
The Lower School performed their annual Christmas Program in December. All students form Pre-K 4 through the 5th
grade participated. With a variety of large group songs, solos, and speaking parts the program showcased the talent of
our elementary students. The Lower School music program is under the direction of Dick Weaver.
Second Grade Field Trip
The second grade took a winter field trip to the ICE show at Gaylord
Opryland in Nashville. The ICE show depicts characters from Frosty
The Snowmen that are carved out of ice. Over 2 million pounds of ice
are used through out the exhibit. The students enjoyed learning
about how the ice was carved, and warming up with hot chocolate
when the tour was over! Second grade is taught by Lisa Bruce, and
Room Mom Denise Kendall organized the field trip.
Blazer Wrestling
Congratulations to Daniel Dyess and Chance
Collins for qualifying for the KHSAA Wrestling
State Tournament in Lexington. Will Crabtree
and Dalton Putty will go as Region 1 alternates.
Good luck, Guys!
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Academy Action
Mr. and Miss Blazer 2014
UHA is pleased to announce Mr. & Miss Blazer 2014. Representing the school this year are Alex Keys and Meg Starling. Mr. &
Miss Blazer is chosen by the faculty and staff and is awarded to
two seniors that exemplify the best of UHA. Congratulations to
Meg and Alex.
Junior Mr. and Miss Blazer
Jr. Mr. and Miss Blazer for 2014 are 8th graders
Grant Cansler and Lydia Humphries.
UHA sent ten students to the Kentucky Youth
Assembly in Louisville. Alex Keys served as
Chaplain and Executive Committee Chair, and
Chandler Unfried served as Chief of Staff to
the KYA Governor. Connor East and Morgan
Thalmann served on Media Corps. UHA also
presented two legislative bills to the senate.
The bill group of Sally Morse, Clayton Joyce
and Coby Lancaster and the bill group of Jonathan Kinnard, Sherafghan Khan and Emma
Tilley both saw their bills passed in the house
and senate and subsequently signed into law
by the KYA Governor. Jonathan Kinnard was
awarded an Outstanding Speaker award, Alex
Keys was awarded an Outstanding Delegate
award, and the entire group received an Outstanding Delegation award.
Back Row: Jonathan Kinnard, Coby Lancaster, Alex Keys, Clayton Joyce, Sherafghan Khan; Front Row: Connor East, Chandler Unfried, Sally Morse, Morgan
Thalman, Emma Tilley
UHA Alum Steve Gorman is headlining his own sports show each afternoon
on Fox Sports Radio. His show airs each afternoon; follow the link below to
read more:
Photo from Fox Sports website
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2013—2014 Annual Fund
UHA Benefactor
Bill & Katherine Flynn
Hiren & Manisha Shah—In Honor of Krishna & Gargi Shah
Foster & April Cothoff
Judy Hamby—In Honor of Makenzi & Bryant Hamby
Vickie Cuthoff—In Honor of Jackson,
Sam & Evelyn Cuthoff
Greg & Lisa Batts
Tim & Andrea Flynn
Dr. & Mrs. Hal Calvert
UHA Partner
Scott & Kari Barlow
Rusty & Pam Nunn—In Honor of the Class of 2014
Student Annual Fund
Charles & Nelson Barlow—In Honor
of Emerson, Jacob & Ginger
Dr. & Mrs. Rizwan Khan
Kay McKinney—In Honor of Jackson McKinney
Dr. Craig & Donna Allen
Jarrod & Traci Bennet
Earl & Sherry Calhoun—In Honor of
Emily Smith
Head of School Alliance
Lee & Meagan Conrad
Ricky & Ginger Waldron
Dr. & Mrs. Deepak Patel
Stephen & Tammy Gallup
Sylvie & Matteo Fantini—In Memory of Maria Pia Bressan
7th Grade Student Annual Fund
Ben & Janine Cundiff
Elizabeth & Hal McCoy
Tim & Kelley Workman
Dr. & Mrs. Casey Covington—In Honor of Sheldon & Sarah
Hank & Thresa Hinton
Dr. & Mrs. Paresh Sheth
Dr. & MrsKishorkumar Desai
Roland Brown—In Mrmory of Maria Pia Bressan
Carther & Faye Hendricks—In Memory of Leone Howe & Mitchell Heyn
Brian & Michelle Lacefield
Ed & Judy Budias—In Honor of Jessica & Chloe Cannon
Rudy & Elizabeth Wallace
Rick & Lori Harper
Pat & Michelle Givens
Joseph & Lisa Sisk
Chris & Sherri Hamby—In Honor of Bryant & Makenzi Hamby
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Academy Action
2013—2014 Annual Fund
Green & Gold $250—$499
Gold $100—$249
7th Grade
Donny & Susan Bilyeu– In Honor of Brady Bilyeu
Steve Word– In honor of Nona Pruitt
Dan & Lavonne Milby– In Honor of Bryant & Makenzi
Fred & Betty McLerran
Wes & Janet Sowards
John Cotthoff– In Honor of Jackson, Sam, & Evelyn Cotthoff
Wynn & Linda Radford
James & Iva Stewart
Lucinda Gray
David & Andrea P’Pool– In honor of Reese P’Pool
Imelda Gorman—In Honor of UHA Faculty & Staff
Polly Forns
H.B. Quinn
Hannah Sowards
Lt. Col & Mr.sMark Burman—In Honor of Drew, Cailey & Lainey
Leland Sowards
Marvin & Cathy Denison
Jerry & Mary McRae—In Honor of Emerson Barlow
Hal & JudyFennell– In Honor of Taylor, Karrigan & Trevor
Barry & Beth Meade—In Honor of Judy Keller
Kenneth & Rita Chapman
Mary Catherine Smith—In Honor of Clark & Sally Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Brooke Lawson
Lisa Roark
Dan & Janice Cayce
Fred & Paul Thalmann
Jebb & Beth Unfried– In Honor of Chandler & Maggie Unfried
Lillian Cothoff—In Honor of Jackson, Sam & Evelyn Cuthonn
Dr. & Mrs. James Parrott
John & Helen Watson
Shirly Young
Steve & Elizabeth Norris—In Honor of Carson & Clayton Joyce
Janice Bruce—In Memory of Bill Bruce
4th Grade
Bette Covington—In Honor of Marlee, Noah, Landry Thomas
Bob & Katie Peebles—In Honor of Beth & Sarah Peebles
Terry & Paige Parker—In Honor of Allyson, Ashlyn Parker
Doug & June Howard—In Honor of Will Howard
Eric Norrid
Michael & Shelia Joyce—In Honor of Clayton Joyce
Jeremy & Lora Smith
Christy Hale
Ricky & Debbie Rager– In memory of Roberta Galli
Huggert & Beard Funeral Home
Charles Rogers– In Honor of Ethan Alexandar
Lisa Adams—In Honor of Mackenzi Adams
Sandra Livingston—In Honor of Hunter Alder
John & Tamara Curtis
Danny & Kristen Roberts
Jessica Cannon—In Memory of Julie Elizabeth Budias
Larry & Jo Tibble—In Honor of Taten Frerichs
Chad & Vanessa Hancock
Duncan & Sarah Cavanaugh
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Burnam—In Honor of Tyler, Tori Pratt
Lisa Allen
Linda Ledford—In Honor if Imelda Gorman, Shannon Brown
Marc & Erin Name
Kevin & Tracie Atwood—In Honor of Layton Atwood
Tammy Staley—In Honor of Roy Staley ‘99, Tara Staley Thomas ‘03 & Colin Staley ‘27
Kevin & Tracie Atwood—In Memory of Elizabeth Atwood
Johnny, Liz & Jeff Brown—In Honor of Julian Brown
Landis & Charolette Groves—In Honor of Claire, Maggie
Verna Chlupsa
Robert & Brenda Hackney
Jaqueline Dever
Dave & Brenda Waller—In Honor of Kate & Lane Bennett
Ann Hicks
Dick & Diane Weaver
Clay & Shea Mohon
J.T. & Betty Workman
Becky & Glenn Bradley—In Honor of Phillip Bradley
UHA PTO– In Memory of Willis Burnam
Joy Tilley—In Memory of Charles Tilley Jr
James & Faith Watkins—In Honor of Kevin Watkins
Jill Workman—In Honor of Tim & Kelly Workman
James & Beth McCraw—In Honor Tim & Kelly Workman
Shawn & Shannon Kelly—In Honor of Jordan Kelly
Stan & Kim Humphries—In Memory of Willis Burnam
Scott & Tammy Cowan
Josh & Teresa Baily
David & Carolyn GilkeyCharles & Marcy Thomas
Stan & Kim Humphries
Shane & Christy Gee
Danny & Mary Armstrong
Mark & Shelia Wood
Taylor & Karen Hayes
Elizabeth Griffin
Shelby & Lisa Shemwell
David & Carolyn Gilkey
Bradley & Allison Sandifer
1300 Academy Drive
Hopkinsville, KY 42240
Sympathy & Condolences for those in our UHA
Family who have lost loved ones:
Katie Beth & Jacob Stevens in the loss of their
grandmother Betty Stevens
March 21, 2014
Carson Bryant, Brittany Matson ‘08, Zach
Matson ’10 in the loss of their grandfather
Richard John Matson
Stephen, Lydia, Luke Humphries, Alex Keys,
Emily, and Ava Roberts in the loss of their
grandfather Willis Burman
Matthew Couch in the loss of his grandfather
Philip Mullins
Brooklyn Gardner in the loss of her grandfather William Willett
March 31—April 4

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