BERKELEY BUDDHIST TEMPLE December 2014 Web Edition



BERKELEY BUDDHIST TEMPLE December 2014 Web Edition
the Padma
December 2014
Web Edition
Poet Gary Snyder visited the Berkeley Buddhist Temple Saturday, November 15 for a special talk and
book signing. He regularly visited the temple in the early 1950s while a UC Berkeley graduate student
and had not returned for 30 years. (Sarah Rohrs - InsideBayArea)
Our Vision
A Community Where Our Spiritual Life And True Self Can Be Realized
Our Mission
To Live A Life Of Joy In The Nembutsu And Share The Dharma With Others
the Padma
December 2014
2121 Channing Way, Berkeley, California 94704 (510) 841-1356
Gagaku Practice
11am -1:00 pm
8:30 am Chanting Service
9:30 am Dharma Family/
Shotsuki Hoyo
12 noon Taiko Class
Padma Deadline
6:30 pm
Gagaku Practice
6 - 7:30 pm
Family Memorial
11:00 am
JANUARY 1, 2015
Temple Bd Mtg
7:30 pm
8:30 am Chanting Service
9:30 am Bodhi Day Family
10 am – 1 pm
7:00 PM
10:00 AM
For temple matters, please contact Rev.
Matsumoto at (510) 841-1356, or leave a
message on the temple answering machine.
Temple web:
Temple e-mail: [email protected]
December 7 - DFS & Shotsuki Hoyo
December 14 - Bodhi Day service
December 21 - Temple clean-up; No service
December 28 - No service
December 31 - End of the Year service (Joya-e)
January 1 - New Year Service (Shusho-e)
January 4 - DFS & Shotsuki Hoyo
January 11 - DFS & New Year’s Luncheon;
BBT Installation of Officers
Come Join Us Helping at the Alameda County Community Food Bank!
Date: Saturday, December 13
Time: 1PM-4PM
We have space for 15 volunteers to help sort, screen and box food for
distribution. The only limitation is that volunteers must be at least 10 years
of age. The work does not involve heavy lifting or any prior experience in the
food/agriculture industries, only a willingness to help others!
If you are interested, please contact Takashi Nikaidoh
at [email protected] When sending the email, please use the term
“Food Bank” in the subject line. Please let me know if you can drive/can
drive others or if you need a lift. I will try my best to make sure that everyone
can get there.
Bodhi Life
ON DECEMBER 8 we commemorate the most important event in the history of Buddhism.
Bodhi Day is an opportunity for us to remember the event in which Prince Siddhartha became
Sakyamuni Buddha. It is a story that has been told in three parts:
1. Search for the Way
Prince Siddhartha, at the age of 29, left behind his kingdom and family in order to search for the
end of all suffering. For six years he learned from many teachers and engaged in a range of
ascetic practices. Yet, he found that neither the teachings nor the austerities led him to freedom
from suffering, and so he resolved to seek his own path to the truth.
2. Attainment of the Way
Siddhartha went to a place now known as Bodh Gaya. There he sat under an asvattha tree, and,
resolving not to rise again until he attained enlightenment, entered into a deep state of meditation.
His resolve was assaulted by the armies of Mara, which included lust, discontent, hunger, thirst,
clinging, laziness, fear, doubt and vanity. After a terrible struggle, he overcame those temptations
and finally, as the morning star signaled the dawn on December 8, Siddhartha came to realize
timeless and universal truth. He became the Buddha—the perfectly enlightened one.
3. Teaching the Way
The Buddha enjoyed his liberation for a time. In fact, initially he was not inclined to teach the
way to enlightenment to others, for he felt that it would be beyond them. But, through the
encouragement of the Brahma king, the Buddha used his eyes of wisdom to observe the suffering
of all people and their capacities to hear the Dharma. And thus, with a heart of great compassion,
the Buddha spent the rest of his life teaching beings, in manners suited to their individual
abilities, the way to the realize the truth and the liberation from all suffering.
The more we reflect on this story of the Siddhartha's enlightenment we find it to be more
than a mere history lesson. Rather, it becomes a story of wonder and depth, which we continue to
savor and learn from as we try to live our own lives. Indeed, what strikes me deeply is the
humanness of Siddhartha's tale.
Usually on Bodhi Day we simply picture the Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree. That is,
we think only of part 2 of the story—his attainment of the Way, and we treat it as a static,
historical event. However, when we reflect upon Siddhartha as a human being, we gain a better
feel for the dynamic nature of his enlightenment. We realize that his enlightenment points to the
significance of a human life made up of a continual process of searching, attaining and teaching.
Siddhartha/Sakyamuni Buddha walked the path throughout his life. He asked questions and
searched for answers with a sincerity of heart that refused to cling to easy, dogmatic conclusions.
His struggles with the temptations of Mara allowed him to overcome and learn from them. He
was able to understand the karma bondage under which we ignorant beings live and was that
much better able to present us with a teaching appropriate for our capabilities.
The Buddha's life story does not mean that we have to, or are able to, become buddhas in
this life. Rather, it shows us that this Buddha's teaching is a "human Dharma," which allows us to
become true human beings—to question, seek, and struggle continually; to have our eyes opened
to see our true selves and to the possibility of what we can become; and to try to share with,
teach and help others, all the while realizing that we are the ones being taught and helped.
The story of Siddhartha's enlightenment is the story of this human Dharma. It is the story of
our human lives, which are enveloped within eternal life. This story teaches us more than about
just one day of Bodhi. It teaches us that we can live a life of Bodhi—a Bodhi Life.
Namu Amida Butsu
Rev. D. Matsumoto
December 2014
It is already November and the Holiday season has started. The Halloween party
was lots of fun for all. Along with an abundance of both sweet (of course) and savory goodies, the kids had many activities including a visit by Paws and Claws
which culminated in most of the Dharma school holding a 10 foot python on high.
We have plenty of photos up in the Social Hall as proof! The Jr. YBA put on a new
version of a haunted house complete with a mad scientist lab and fortune teller!
Thanks to all of the Dharma school staff, the parents and the kids for making this a
wonderful evening.
Apart from Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have additional celebrations and
events fast approaching. On the 23rd of November, we will be observing Hoonko,
the memorial to honor the founder of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, Shinran Shonin. We
are lucky enough to have Rev. Dean Koyama from the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple
coming to BBT to be a guest speaker. On December 14, we will celebrate Bodhi
Day, the day that the Buddha experienced enlightenment. Please mark your calendars for December 21, Temple Clean Up day. This is a time that we can come together to clean up the Temple so that we can start the new year fresh.
You should have received your ballot for the Temple Board of Directors. Please
make sure to complete the ballot and send it back. We do require that at least 20%
of the ballots be returned for our Board to be validated.
We still have a few spots open for the volunteer event at the Alameda County
Community Food Bank. Included in the current edition of the Padma are the details
on the event. We have so much to be grateful for and what better way of expressing our gratitude than to participate and affect the lives of those around us.
As the year comes to a close let us all take a moment to reflect on the path we have
followed and how much we have been able to share and enjoy with one another.
In Gassho,
Takashi Nikaidoh and Ron Hiraga
BBT Co-Presidents 2014
December 7, 2014
9:30 am
Shotsuki Hoyo Service – December
7, 2014,
9:30 AM
The following persons will be remembered during the Shotsuki Hoyo (monthly memorial
service) for December.
Harumi S. Aoki
Jay Gluck
Jane M. Imamura
Hide Jimbo
Tazuko Kanda
Sode Kawano
Dick H. Fujioka
Mitsuru Haraguchi
Diane Ishida
Yoshimi Jimbo
Toshiko Kaneko
Kameyo Kikawa
Tazuye L. Fujita
Sadami Hayashida
Nathan M. Iwasaki
Toshio Kaji
Miyo Katayama
Tomiko Kosakura
Hisako Masunaga
Shizue S. Matsuoka
Masuyo Mitsuyasu
Grace Y. Nakahara
Saburo Matsumoto
Fred N. Miike
Shio Mizusaki
Sachiye Nakahara
Minoru Nojima
Shinichi Okimoto
Keiji Onizuka
Toki Sakaki
Eiko Sugihara
Stephen O'Donnell
Kanichi Okita
Kishino Ota
Konami Sasaki
Kiku Sumida
Wakaji Matsumoto
Kiyoshi Mitsuyasu
Asano Muramoto
Haruko Nakano
Masako M. Oishi
Komura Okita
Cathy Hayashida Romeo
Henry K. Shiromoto
William Sumner
Asako Tagumi
Thomas K. Uehisa
Mauch Yamashita
Sada Yoshida
Akira Takaha
Thelma T. Wakasa
Yuki Yokoi
Koichi Yoshimura
Yae Toyota
Yoneko Yamada
Shigeru Yokoyama
George T. Yuasa
Note: If there are any additions, corrections or deletions to the above list, please
notify the Berkeley Buddhist Temple at 510-841-1356.
Christmas, Family Gatherings, and Buddhist Compassion
By Diane Ames
It has long been noted that old people often die right after Christmas (or Passover or the
Chinese New Year, depending on their background). For a long time this was given a
sentimental interpretation: Granny willed herself to see another Christmas. But eventually
researchers discovered that there is actually a grimmer reason: Christmas, specifically the
family’s Christmas gathering, did Granny in. Let us examine a typical case.
Granny arrives amid all the holiday excitement. Although she has diabetes and a heart
condition, she is urged to take a stiff eggnog. “Just one, Granny. After all, it’s Christmas.”
Around her Jack, her alcoholic son-in-law, is already drinking himself under the table; two more
sons-in-law are arguing loudly about politics, and Bob, the grandson, is running around the
house crying, “Beep! Beep! Beep!”
“Make him stop!” demands one of Bob’s aunts.
“He’ll stop when he gets tired,” shrugs Bob’s mother. “It’s a phase.”
“But he’s sixteen years old!”
Thus begins another argument. Granny accepts the eggnog and takes another.
Everybody is relieved when the food is finally served. Granny is by now too upset and
inebriated to refuse the large helpings of dressing, sweet potato casserole, and chocolate cake
that are pressed upon her with assurances that carbohydrates don’t count at Christmas.
By now Jack is out cold. Jack’s wife, Jill, announces that the van from a rehab center is
outside and she had planned to have everyone confront Jack about his drinking to get him into
it. But now that Jack is in no condition to be confronted, she wants her brothers-in-law to carry
Jack into the van on a stretcher. Everyone else objects that they weren’t consulted about Jill’s
plan. Bob wisely avoids involvement by running around crying, “Beep! Beep! Beep!” Granny’s
blood pressure soars, as does her blood sugar. The ambulance comes too late.
These tragedies can be averted if all concerned, or at least enough of the people
concerned, remember that Buddhist compassion requires us to consider everybody’s feelings.
Thus we should try to avoid and smooth over arguments; schedule confrontations about
somebody’s lack of career plans, meat eating, politics, or whatever some other time; and just
generally remember that there are other people present who may not care for the family drama.
And we must remember that if the relationships do get awkward, trying to get through the
reunion by taking another martini probably won’t help.
And if there is a sick and/or frail elderly person involved, we must be sane about their
diet and need for rest. In short, a little Buddhist wisdom can keep Christmas merry.
December 14, 2014
9:30 AM
Coffee social following service
December 21, 2014
8:30 AM
No Service
Please come and help clean our temple
Refreshments will be served.
Wednesday, December 31, 2014
7:00 PM
Thursday, January 1, 2015
10 AM
Greet the New Year with family and friends.
January 4, 2015
9:30 am
Shotsuki Hoyo Service January 4, 2015 9:30 AM
The following persons will be remembered during the Shotsuki Hoyo (monthly memorial
service) for January.
Patricia K. Abe-Calef
Masako Egawa
Shima Fujioka
Hidemi Furuzawa
Rev. Gyodo Haguri
Masami S. Hataye
John J. Hiramoto
Rev. Kakusho Izumi
Hisashi Kaneko
Masa Kawai
Mitsuko Kono
S. Ken Kurakazu
Menichiro Marubayashi
Tsuyo Matsui
Yoshiko Muranishi
Shirley I. Nakahara
Kimiko Nishimoto
Fumiyo Okita
Emiko Shimada
Sachio Takeda
Mitsue Toriumi
Rose Chiyo Uda
Iyono Wakaye
Mike M. Yamamura
William Yamasaki
Frank Yokoi
Charles T. Aoki
Chika T. Fujikawa
Isamu Fujita
Yoneo Futatsuki
Fusa Haraguchi
Seitaro Hataye
Ann Y. Imada
Tokuo Izumi
Kojiro Kaneshita
Tad Kawamura
Toshio K. Kono
Grace Marie Lindquist
Roy M. Marubayashi
Shigeji Matsumoto
Katsumi Nakagaki
Lawrence S. Nakano
Masayo Nitta
Sangoro Ouye
George J. Sugihara
Chotaro Taketa
Kunika Tom
Shikano Umawatari
Mamoru Wakida
Ichitaro Yamasaki
Kimi Yamashita
Minoru Yonemura
Masako Doi
Lily Y. Fujioka
Goroku Furukawa
Leonce Gervais
Tamekichi Haraguchi
Takeo Hirahara
Tomomi Ito
Kimi Kami
Masakazu Kawaguchi
Toku Kimura
Uhachi Kubo
Kikuyo Marubayashi
C. Louise Matoba
Akie Mayeda
George Y. Nakahara
Jiro Nakaso
Chiyono Okimoto
Kimiko Sato
Sada Takahashi
Bumtaro Takita
Ronald Uchiumi
Shawn C. Utsumi
Rev. Ryujo Yamada
Matsue Yamasaki
Sam M. Yamoto
Yuhei Yoshiura
Note: If there are any additions, corrections or deletions to the above list, please notify the Berkeley Buddhist
Temple at 510-841-1356.
Berkeley Buddhist Temple expresses condolences and deep sympathy
To the family of
Mr. Suenobu Yamasaki
Shaku To Shin
June 2, 1920 - October 2, 2014
To the family of
Mr. Shigeru Kubota
Shaku Gyo Ko
October 13, 1921 - October 16, 2014
To the family of
Mrs. Mary Iyama
Shaku Myo Ei
March 27, 1930 - November 6, 2014
Namu Amida Butsu
Namu Amida Butsu
Namu Amida Butsu
The following is a list of special service years. If you have a departed relative who has
passed away in any of the listed years and would like to make arrangements for a
memorial service, please contact Rev. Matsumoto at (510) 841-1356.
1st Year
3rd Year
7th Year
13th Year
17th Year
25th Year
33rd Year
50th Year
100th Year
Year of the Goat
9:30 am
10:30 am
11:45 am
Dharma Family Service
New Year’s Luncheon
BBT Board Installation
We hope you and your family will be able to attend our annual Temple New Year’s
Party on Sunday, January 11, 2015. At the service we’ll be honoring our dedicated
temple volunteers – the Padma and Office Staff. Mochi-tsuki will follow in the
courtyard and we hope members of all ages will participate in the pounding and
eating of freshly made mochi. At 11:45 AM everyone will gather in the Social Hall
for the luncheon. You can pre-order a delicious bento box lunch. Come celebrate
the beginning of a New Year with our Sangha family and friends.
--------------------------------------------------Cut along dotted line:
New Year’s Party
January 11, 2015
Number of box Lunches: (Adult or Child)
For more information call:
Lena Yin 510-841-1356
ADULT: Reg. Bento _____ Vegetarian Bento _____ Total $15 x______= $_____________
CHILD: Reg. Bento _____
Total $ 8 x______= $_____________
Lunch Total = $_____________
Note: If you are an invited temple guest (Padma staff, Temple office volunteer or Dharma School teacher
or staff), write your name on the line below and do not include yourself in the above lunch total.
Name/s __________________________________________________________
Please respond by December 26, 2014. Make checks payable to: Berkeley Buddhist Temple
Mail RSVP form and payment to: Lena Yin, 2121 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704
[email protected]
Berkeley Sangha Jr. YBA Participates in 2014 Annual Conference
By Skye Nikaidoh
On Friday, November 7th Berkeley Sangha’s Jr. Young Buddhist Association’s chapter
drove down to Fresno for the annual Central District conference. This year’s theme was “The
Only Constant is Change.” Our chapter of five was split up into different groups, which
allowed us to meet new people and make new friends from other chapters in California. Once
we were split up, we were directed into different workshops. We learned how our decisions
change depending on how circumstances change, and that although change can be an
uncomfortable concept (for example, changing schools or relationships), it is inevitable. Our
goal as we strive to reach enlightenment is to understand and accept change. As always the
conference was both educational and fun. Thanks to Fresno and the rest of the Central
District’s hospitality, we had a great time and we can’t wait for next year’s conference!
BBT Jr YBA at Fresno Conference Message from Matthew
Matthew Hamasaki is attending Ryukoku University for one year as an exchange student.
This is his message dated October 25, 2014:
Hi everyone,
Just had my first class cancelled because of the weather, and it was because of a typhoon! I’ve
never had anything close to weather bad enough to have the school tell us not to come. It is
really lucky to live in California. We were told to watch the news early in the morning to see
if they would cancel everything. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant, until it said on the news
that all the trains were going to stop running. So it wasn’t just that they were concerned for
our safety, but people could literally not come to school! There was a camera shot of one of
the large train stations and it was eerie to see it completely empty during rush hour on a
I stayed inside for the duration of the typhoon so I’m fine. But we still caught a lot of rain
from it afterwards. There is an interesting system that they have for stores where there is a
rack of long thin bags that go over your umbrella so it doesn’t drip all over the floor when
you’re shopping.
Matthew Hamasaki
Institute of Buddhist Studies/Ryukoku University exchange students Matthew Hamasaki (front, far left)
and Candice Shibata (standing, second from left) joined the CBE Shinran Shonin Study Tour group at
their farewell dinner in Kyoto on October 30, 2014.
December 2014 Dharma School Schedule
Sunday, Dec. 7: DS classes practice for Bodhi Day
Sunday, Dec. 14: DS classes lead Bodhi Day presentation; No DS
Sunday, Dec. 21: No DS classes (Temple Clean-Up)
Sunday, Dec. 28: No DS classes
Berkeley Buddhist Women’s Association Celebrates 100 Years
by Edythe Vassall
There were many, many hours of preparation leading up to the Berkeley Buddhist
Women’s Association (BBWA) Centennial Celebration on September 28, 2014. First, deciding
on with the 100th anniversary theme: Buddhist Women: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
Then lots of meetings and fundraisers. Two dedicated women—BBWA Co-presidents Yuki
Otake and Caroline Fernandez—were at the center of the activity. Talented artists and writers
put together the commemorative program booklet. Emiko Katsumoto and Dii Lewis organized
practice sessions for the Sangha Singers, who led the gatha singing. BBWA members and
friends folded hundreds of origami cranes and crafted gorgeous corsages, and Chef Alan
Hirahara led a group of volunteers to create 200 delicious bento lunches by hand.
Though these may seem like mundane tasks, they gave us precious opportunities to come
together as sangha members with a common goal, under the light of the BuddhaDharma.
A solemn and joyful service celebrated the BBWA of today and honored the many women
who brought us here. The service was presided over by Bishop Kodo Umezu and attended by
representatives of all the Bay District BWAs and Bay District Buddhist Women’s League
president, Karen Suyama. Bay Area ministers and their spouses, Keiro kai (senior) members,
visiting ministers from Japan, and many other guests were present. In total, over 200 people
attended the service and luncheon that followed at the El Cerrito Community Center.
The commemoration left everyone with feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the Three
Treasures, for each other, and for the women of the Berkeley Buddhist Temple who have been
the backbone of the Berkeley sangha for one hundred years.
Berkeley BWA Co-presidents Yuki Otake (left) and Caroline Fernandez.
The next generation (l. to r.): Maya, Kiana, Maile, and Anna, with Russell and Amy Ware.
Photos by Suzie Sakuma.
Berkeley Buddhist Women’s Association Thanks Centennial Donors
The Berkeley Buddhist Women’s Association (BBWA) would like to extend our
deepest appreciation to the following people and organizations for their very
generous acts of dana. Because of their financial generosity, the BBWA was able
to successfully hold our Centennial Service and Luncheon honoring the past,
present, and future members. In addition, a portion of the surplus funds will be
donated to the BCA Debt Relief Fund. Many, many thanks to all.
Bishop & Mrs. Kodo Umezu
Rev. & Mrs. Akinori Imai
Rev. & Mrs. Ronald Kobata
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. David Matsumoto
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. William Masuda
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Yoshihide Matsubayashi
Rev. Zuikei & Rev. Shoyo Taniguchi
Rev. & Mrs. Kenneth Yamada
Rev. & Mrs. Seishin Yamashita
Bay District Buddhist Women’s League
Berkeley Buddhist Temple
Alameda BWA
Enmanji BWA
Higashi Honganji BWA
Oakland BWA
Palo Alto BWA
San Mateo BWA
Sadako Delcollo
Caroline & Willie Fernandez
Pauline Fong
Ayako Fujii
Susan & Al Gabriel
Lucy Hamai
Alan Hirahara
Yo Hiraoka
Betsy & Arthur Ishida
Mimi & Ron Kagehiro
Junko & Yoshio Kamimura
Grace Kanomata
Emiko & Kiyoshi Katsumoto
Joyce & Robert Maniwa
Fumi & Don Matsubara
Emiko & George Matsunaga
Nancy Minamide
Molly Momii
Karen & Thomas Morioka
Lorene & Gary Nakagiri
Emi & Aki Nakao
Judy Nakaso
Gordon Oishi
Emiko Ota
Yuki & Eugene Otake
Clara Shimizu
Karen & Ken Suyama
Mae Takeda
Sally Takeda
Madge & Hitoshi Takemori
Mieko Taketa
Kiyoye & Mutsuko Unoki
Edythe Vassall
Opal Wakayama
Sachi Yamasaki
Yae Yedlosky
Lena Yin
Tyler Yin
Elaine Yokoyama
Maya & Paul Yonemura
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Get the most out of your shopping and get great contributions for the Temple
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Come Join Us Helping at the Alameda
County Community Food Bank!
Saturday, December 13
We have space for 15 volunteers to help sort, screen and box food for
distribution. The only limitation is that volunteers must be at least 10 years
of age. The work does not involve heavy lifting or any prior experience in
the food/agriculture industries, only a willingness to help others!
If you are interested, please contact Takashi Nikaidoh at
[email protected] When sending the email, please use the term
“Food Bank” in the subject line. Please let me know if you can drive/can
drive others or if you need a lift. I will try my best to make sure that
everyone can get there.
Don Hamasaki
Judy Fujimoto, Barbara Hedani-Morishita
Tamiko Escalante, Francisco Flamenco & Jenna Childs, Ayako Fujii*, Bill & Judy Fujimoto, Don & Joanie Hamasaki,
Ian Ho, Dean Ito-Taylor & Lori Suzuki, Kiyo Kato*, Vernon & Karen Kato, Haruye Maki*, Ron & Janet Miyake, Leroy
Morishita & Barbara Hedani, Jerry Nagafuji, Mansurali & Nurjehan Nurmuhammad, Sadao & Ami Oki*, Hayato &
Mitsuko Okimoto, Mayumi Stroy, Yuri Stroy.
*Denotes disabled and/or elderly – Toban duties optional.
Mimi Kagehiro
Susan Kajiwara, Denise Lapidus
Grant Din & Rosalyn Tonai, Janey Egawa, Sady & Amy Hayashida, Alan Hirahara, Yo Hiraoka*, Shigeo Hoki*, Dina
Honda, Ron & Mimi Kagehiro, Shige & Susan Kajiwara, Denise Lapidus, Nikki Lethridge, Pam Matsuoka, Molly Momii*,
Masayo Oda*, John Oshima, Shizuye Yamasaki*, Liane Yasumoto*.
*Denotes disabled and/or elderly – Toban duties optional.
PADMA STAFF: Rev. Matsumoto, Gene Chin, Pauline Fong, Susan & Al Gabriel, Lucy Hamai, Yo Hiraoka, Norman Hirose, Ellen
Jorgensen, Keiko Kawakami, Emi Matsunaga, Yuki Otake, Mae Takeda, Scott Takeda, Edythe Vassall, and Yae
2 1 4 0 D u r a n t Av e n u e , Be r k e l e y, C A 9 4 7 0 4 - 1 5 8 9
E-mail: [email protected]
Dear Friends of IBS at BBT:
Thanks to the foresight and leadership of many of our BCA members, we have created a
scholarship fund to financially assist our ministerial students as they prepare for their future, as
our ministers. I am especially grateful to the many Berkeley Buddhist Temple members who have
already donated to the Friends of IBS Ministerial Scholarship Fund. As we are all painfully aware,
the cost to seek education, at any level, for any kind of vocation, is in a steady climb. The BCA
ministerial path is no different, and all for good reason. With the growth and diversity of our
communities and Sangha, which is a good thing, our ministers must have a full and deep
understanding of Jodo Shinshu, Buddhism, its history, and its historic place among other religions
and cultures of the world. In addition to this, they must train in and master the ceremonies and
rituals of our Jodo Shinshu lineage in order to serve at our temples. This requires a minimum of
three years of full-time postgraduate study.
At the time of this writing, we have received a grand total of $81,550, and I am pleased to report
that we have already begun the distribution of funds to our students.
May I ask for your continued show of support by considering including our Friends of IBS in your
year-end giving?
Thank you!
Rev. Seigen Yamaoka
Vice President for Development
Institute of Buddhist Studies
-----------------Please cut and enclose with your check----------------Yes! Please count me in as a Friend of the Institute of Buddhist Studies. I understand that these funds will be used
directly to support the endeavors of our BCA ministers of tomorrow, who wish to study at the Institute of Buddhist
Studies. Checks can be made payable to IBS, with the notation “Ministerial Scholarship” on the memo line. Please
mail to: IBS, 2140 Durant Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704. Please note that your contributions to the Institute of
Buddhist Studies are tax deductible.
Name (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Rev., Dr. )
This donation is from my organization
Zip code
Temple affiliation
Phone (
IBS is a duly recognized charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
February 25-March 1
Crowne Plaza San Diego and Buddhist Temple of San Diego
“Live a Real Life” (2015 BCA Theme)
An Event for Current and Future Temple Leaders, and interested Sanghas
IBS Symposium: “Buddhism and Counseling” a series of speakers including Dr. Carmela Javellana Hirano, Salt Lake
Buddhist Temple, and creator of SHIN (Sanctuary for Healing and Integration) – Feb. 26.
Dharmathon: Expand the Experience: Afternoon sessions of listening to the Dharma and sharing – Feb. 27 and 28.
Evening presentations: Endowment Foundation, BCA Archives, EcoSangha, Ministerial Affairs, Newcomers Orientation
President’s Breakfast: BCA President Kent Matsuda will meet and greet with all temple presidents
Vendor Expo Fair (confirmed): Mass Mutual, MN Solutions, BDK America, BCA Archives, Endowment Foundation
YLT: Young Leaders of Today activities
BCA Bookstore and Southern District Dharma School Teachers League (SDDSTL) Hongwanji Place: Onsite shopping!
Historical Photographic Exhibits: Buddhist Temple of San Diego, Vista Buddhist Temple and Faces of the Buddha
Non-meeting delegate (booster) activities: San Diego Japanese Friendship Garden, USS Midway Museum and shopping
Eitaikyo Service: Sunday, March 1 at Buddhist Temple of San Diego
Benefit Breakfast Fundraiser: Sunday, March 1 sponsored by the San Diego and Vista Jr. YBAs
Golf Day: Tuesday, Feb. 24 at Riverwalk Golf Club just a “chip shot” north of the hotel.
Special conference room rate is $119 single/double occupancy per night (plus appropriate taxes). Rate effective three
days prior and three days after the event (based on availability). Add $10 per person for a triple or quad.
Guarantee your hotel room reservation now with one of the following methods:
Option 1: Online reservations:
*Copy and paste the link onto browser field:
Option 2: National reservation number: (888) 233-9527 (call between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. Pacific Time)
*Book reservation under Crowne Plaza San Diego
*Reservation reference: “Buddhist Churches of America”
Complimentary hotel parking during your entire stay (renting a car sounds nice)
Complimentary Wi-Fi in all sleeping rooms and meeting spaces (bring your laptops and electronic devices)
Centrally Located: Minutes away from San Diego International Airport, world famous San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, Historic
Old Town “where California began”, Downtown and Gaslamp Quarter, and the Buddhist Temple of San Diego. Located
30-35 minutes north are Legoland in Carlsbad and the Vista Buddhist Temple
Complimentary hotel shuttle service to the following locations:
1. Historic Old Town (Many shops, restaurants and west coast history)
2. Old Town Trolley Station (Travel south to Downtown, Gaslamp and international border; head east to Fashion
Valley and Mission Valley shopping centers; San Diego State University; and east county Indian casino bus transit
3. Fashion Valley Shopping Mall is San Diego’s top-class upscale “open air” mall (wide variety of stores and
restaurants, plus a movie theatre).
4. Once-a-day roundtrip service to the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld for hotel guests
MAKE PLANS TO VISIT SAN DIEGO – “America’s Finest City”
Chamber of Commerce weather (February temperature averages: High 65, Low 52).
Encourage your current and future temple leaders to engage in the experience of the BCA at its annual gathering.
Outstanding hospitality from your hosts representing the Buddhist Temple of San Diego, Vista Buddhist Temple
and the Southern District Council of the BCA
RALPH HONDA, Buddhist Temple of San Diego
TERRI OMORI, Vista Buddhist Temple
(619) 885-3788
email: [email protected]
(760) 535-8867
Services And Information
Berkeley Buddhist Temple
Visitor Information
Our regular Sunday program begins with a Family
Service at 9:30am. A Dharma talk is available after the
Family Service while Dharma School classes are
convened for students.
Please feel free to ask any of our greeters for
information. We are here to assist you with whatever
level of participation you may be seeking.
Special Services
January 1
February 9
March 16
April 13
May 11
July 13
September 21
November 23
December 14
December 31
New Year's Day Service
Nirvana Day
Spring Equinox
Flower Festival
Birthday of Shinran
Autumn Equinox
Shinran Shonin Memorial
Bodhi Day
Year End Service
A Shotsuki Hoyo (Monthly Memorial) Service is held the
first Sunday of each month.
Whether you are here to satisfy a slight interest or to
make a more personal connection, we wish you well and
hope that you will be visiting us again soon.
Membership Information
Membership is open to all who view our Temple as their
religious home and seek the Buddha-Dharma.
To join, complete a membership form, have your name
entered on the membership roll and support the Temple
through a pledge and participation.
To inquire about becoming a member, please speak with
our Membership Chair or Minister.
Dharma School
Our Dharma School (Sunday School) has classes from
preschool through high school. Our teachers are happy
to discuss the appropriate level of spiritual enrichment
for your child.
Monthly Discussions
In our discussions, we strive to experience the BuddhaDharma with our entire selves – with our bodies (quiet
sitting and other forms of meditation), voices (chanting
and other liturgy) and minds (study and discussion).
Our sessions focus on ways in which Buddhist teaching
and practice can impact our everyday lives. Each session
will take up a different topic and so you are welcome to
attend any or all sessions.
All interested persons are welcome to attend. Please
invite your friends! We hope to see you!
Berkeley Buddhist Temple
2121 Channing Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
Office Hours
Monday – Friday
10:00am – 1:00pm
Phone: 510-841-1356
email: [email protected]

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