Grupul Şcolar “Nicolae Teclu”



Grupul Şcolar “Nicolae Teclu”
Grupul Şcolar “Nicolae Teclu”
Copşa Mică
Sibiu -county located in the center of Romania,
in Transylvania region
Sibiu - European Capital of Culture 2007
The "ASTRA" Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization is located in the Dumbrava Forest, 3
km south of Sibiu, occupying an area of 0.96 square kilometres, it is the largest open air
museum in Romania and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. It contains
houses and workshops of the traditional Romanian folk culture from the pre-industrial era.
Over 300 houses and other buildings are situated in the forest around two artificial lakes
with over 10 km of walkways between them.
Historical Vestiges - Sibiu has over 20 medieval
castles fortified (here fortress Slimnic)
Păltiniş is a mountain resort in Transylvania,
Romania, 35 km south-west from Sibiu in the
Cindrel Mountains
Moşna - Saxon fortified church located 5 km
from Medias
Medias - the second largest town of the county;
city where you will be accommodated during
your visit in Romania
Copşa mica - town hall
Copşa Mică - non-ferrous metallurgy factory,
source of pollution in the city, closed
(temporarily they say) in January 2009
Our school Grupul Şcolar “Nicolae Teclu” - main
Nicole Teclu - Romanian chemist who invented "Teclu
burner", burner with a mechanism to control the ratio
of air and gas. "Bulb" It produces a hotter flame than
Bunsen Burner
The school was known in town "school of
chemistry”; now what does chemistry is
represented by this laboratory
Sewing workshop: garments is one of the areas
of school qualifications
Workshop building and facilities, another area
of professional training for Pupils
Building gym by school pupils
gym now
Pupils have arranged a library in the attic of the
main building
library school built by the students
computer lab
Another computer lab
folk dance group of the our school
modern dance group of the our school
school theater troupe
Our school is authorized to conduct
examinations for granting permits ECDL
(European Computer Driving Licence)
for students to organize extracurricular
activities: here spring ball
in school meals, to entertainment to prepare
“sarmale” - romanian traditional food
between 2006-2009, our school has developed
a Comenius project "European language of
fashion" with schools from Italy and France
Some Comenius project products presented in
a fashion parade
Laboratory on assembly: verification of
Comenius project team "Improving computer
equipment with pupils”

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