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Neighbors bid
goodbye to
Camden block
South End neighbors bid farewell to the Common Market and creative spaces on Camden Road.
By Ashley Mahoney
[email protected]
Change brings goodbyes.
South End denizens found a way to commemorate
the Camden block before demolition of the Common
Market for a new development, Dimensional Fund Advisors. Neighbors placed a series of sticky notes as
friendly wall art on a window, which spelled “BYE.”
The project encouraged passersby to take a moment
to write down their memories of Common Market and
other businesses in the triangle-shaped retail area.
“This is our love letter to the community,” Charlotte
artist April Marten said. “I had a studio space on the
top floor above Common Market, and I got to know
the community.”
Marten collaborated with Laurie Smithwick to create
the space, which will remain until Aug. 1.
“[Martin] asked if I wanted to participate, and I’m a
huge fan of the Common Market — I loved the idea of
playing a part in saying good-bye to them,” Smithwick
said. “I’m an artist who tends toward the technical art.
I had done a project at Community Make Day at C3
Lab that April was also at that was similar to this. It
was a similar pixelated piece of art. So April got the
idea that I might be able to help with some of the math
aspects of this, but I’m also a graphic designer. I bring
that technical element to creating art.”
Said Marten: “I know that change is just an inevitable
Seniors commit
suicide twice as
often as teens
It’s cool to be weird, as
long as it’s creative
Johnson C. Smith University professor Hassan Kirkland headlines the August Creative Mornings forum.
J.C. Smith University professor headlines Creative Mornings forum
Please see CAMDEN/2B
While teenagers are the age group most associated
with suicide risk, the terrible truth is that another
group is killing themselves at even higher rates: seniors.
Adults aged 65 to 84 are nearly twice as likely to
commit suicide as 15 to 24-year-olds, according to the
Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Beyond
age 85, the suicide risk is 70 percent higher.
What's even more concerning is older adults are six
times more likely than teens to complete their suicide
attempts. Unlike younger people, seniors are more decisive and more likely to have access to lethal means.
Why are seniors attempting suicide at such astonishing rates? The Institute on Aging's Friendship Line
provides insight. At the country's only free 24-hour
crisis call center for seniors and disabled adults,
trained volunteers speak with seniors for a variety of
"Considered a 'warm line' rather than a 'hot line,' the
Friendship Line exists for seniors to call for any reason," says Patrick Arbore, director and founder of Elderly Suicide Prevention & Grief Related Services at
Institute on Aging, who launched the crisis intervention program in 1973. "While some call because they
are having a crisis, the majority call due to chronic
loneliness and undiagnosed depression. These two
reasons are precursors to suicide."
"When I first started working here there was a man
who started calling, and he had a traumatic brain injury. He would talk about how he wanted to die and
how he didn't have any purpose in life anymore," says
Kathy Seligman, volunteer with the Friendship Line.
By Ashley Mahoney
[email protected]
Creativity connects humanity.
Hasaan Kirkland takes on August
Creative Mornings theme of weird
Aug. 5 at Warehouse 242 from 8:3010 a.m.
“I have a chance to be a part of the
seeding process, and whatever grows
from it is up to the person,” said Kirkland, associate professor of fine art at
Johnson C. Smith University.
While Creative Mornings started in
Charlotte in 2015, Kirkland attended
his first gathering last month.
“There’s a mentality out there that
there’s the creative set, and then
there’s the rest of us, and we at Creative Mornings do not subscribe to
that sort of division,” Creative Mornings Charlotte organizer Matt Olin said
over tea and coffee at the Atherton Mill
Market in November. “The first line of
our manifesto is ‘everyone is creative,’
and the last line is ‘everyone is welcome.’” Said Kirkland: “Matt Olin and I sit together on the Arts and Science Council. From becoming acquainted
through the council, something lined
up in the energy and in the stars, and
he found a kindred spirit if you will.”
While sharing experiences over coffee at Starbucks, Olin asked Kirkland
to speak at a gathering.
“It’s an opportunity to share a perspective,” Kirkland said. “What I believe is weird is how we, in the
majority sense, would revere the word
[weird] rather than understand the
Kirkland sees Creative Mornings as a
necessary outlet not just in Charlotte,
but all across the world.
Ready for a change? Make it happen
Do you wish you could
change something about your
life right now?
I’m here to
argue that change
can happen in an
I know this goes
against popular
that change has to
be worked at for
AVANT months or even
years. We expect
to try and fail numerous times before we ultimately give up or succeed.
How many people do you
know who struggle with their
weight? They want to make a
healthy change by getting in
shape, but the change never
seems to take hold.
Is there something in your
life that you want to change?
Do you have weight to lose? Do
you have high blood pressure?
Do you have a pair of pants
that you wish you could fit
What is keeping you from
making a positive change in
your life?
According to professional
speaker and author Tony Robbins, it’s the getting ready to
change that takes time. In the
end there’s a single instant
when the change occurs. Robbins goes on to outline three
specific beliefs that you must
have in order to instantly create a lasting change.
Belief No. 1: Something must
Do you sort of want to get
into shape, or do you absolutely have to lose the
weight? Does dropping a few
pounds sound nice, or is living
another day in your current
body unbearable? In order to
make a lasting change you
must be convinced that the
time has come.
Belief No. 2: I must change it.
It is vital that you take full responsibility in making the
change. Sure, others may assist
you, but in the end you are the
one who is going to make it
happen. You have to need this
change enough to make it your
personal mission—no one else
will do it for you.
Please see OK/2B
Belief No. 3: I can change it.
Don’t let past failures get in
your way. The truth is that you
do amazing things when you
put your mind to it. Believe
that you are capable of losing
weight or making any other
positive change in your life.
Why do most people fail to
make lasting change? They
leave it up to willpower. This
works for awhile, but you’ll always revert back to what’s
comfortable. The solution?
Change what you’re comfortable with.
You’ve probably heard that
humans are motivated by two
things: 1) to avoid pain and 2)
to gain pleasure. When you
want to change a behavior pat-
African fellows sample America at Appalachian State
Please see SUICIDE/2B
By Kesha Williams
BOONE—Appalachian State
University is hosting 25 young
leaders from 19 African countries for a series of workshops
and networking sessions.
ASU is one of 40 public and
private institutions across the
nation to host the six-week
Mandela Washington Fellowship Institute focused on civic
leadership. Participants are
studying how individual citizens and local groups have
worked to influence the nation’s history, government
and society. The participants
are paired with young local
leaders from Boone and
Watauga County to observe
how they are using their skills
to advance organizations with
which they work. In addition,
they will spend two weekends
with local families to observe
American life.
The Mandela Washington
Fellowship for Young African
Leaders, begun in 2014, is the
flagship program of President
Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative, which empowers young people through
academic coursework, leadership training and networking.
The fellowship is providing
1,000 young leaders from
sub-Saharan Africa with the
opportunity to hone their
skills at a U.S. college with
support for professional development after they return
When ASU’s fellows arrived
for a June 20 reception at
Plemmons Student Union,
Darrell Kruger, provost and executive vice chancellor, said
the institute is near and dear
to his heart as he is a native of
South Africa.
“I hope you will go on to
great things as (Nelson) Mandela did in his life. This is a
very representative group of
Africa. You bring unique perspectives from your background and the people of
Boone will enrich you,” Kruger
Jesse Lutabingwa, ASU’s associate vice chancellor for international education and
development, said he was
pleased to welcome “the fellows, leaders in their own
right,” to Appalachian.
“I am grateful to my team
who are working with me. We
have been working several
months on this complex program. We are happy to be participating in this program,” he
said. Lutabingwa noted the
program had more than
40,000 applicants, individuals
he called “Africa’s top, their
The fellows’ schedule include workshops on “Citizenship, Civic Engagement and
Civic Leadership,” “Volunteerism in the U.S.,” “Social
Entrepreneurship—Seeing the
Opportunity: The Unity between Needs and Solutions”
and “Communication and
Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations.”
Local tourist sites on the
agenda include Grandfather
Mountain, Linville Caverns
and Linville Falls. Field visits
include a tour of the state
Please see ARE YOU/2B
Boone Mayor Rennie Brants and Issoufa Bachir Bounou of
Niger get acquainted during a reception for the Mandela
Washington Fellows at Appalachian State University.
capitol building, the North
Carolina Justice Center and a
session with the Junaluska
Community and Junaluska
Heritage Association.
The fellows, who range between the ages of 25 and 35,
have established records of
accomplishment in promot-
OK to be weird
in creative ways
Camden Road neighbors bid
goodbye to eclectic space
The Charlotte Post
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“It’s such a needed resource and an outlet for people just to realize that one of
the major connections that we have as
people is our ability to create, and not because it has to be art, but that we have this
innate reality of connection—just creating
a bond or creating a smile,” he said.
“Whatever it is, it’s something within all
of us, and we can connect in that space.”
From the coffee to the musical element
to the speaker of the month, the Creative
Mornings experience has been juxtaposed
to that of attending church.
“It harbors some spiritual connotations
that create a bond—not so much that it’s
religious, but I think it cultivates something that feels very religious when you
think about the human reality as well as
the intellectual and creative spirit that’s a
part of it,” Kirkland said. “That reality for
me was very inviting. It was a needed resource. It’s great to hear the differences
that people offer in their perspectives or
in their lives or in the things that they’rer
doing that touches people’s lives. Just to
know that there’s some good in the world
in reference to our shared experiences,
something that we all can relate connect
to. We might not all be able to point, but
we all can appreciate creative energy.”
Are you ready for a change?
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tern the key is to associate
pain with the behavior that
you don’t want and pleasure
with the behavior that you do
You know that you want to
lose weight and that to do so
you need to quit eating comfort food late at night. You
also know that you need to
start exercising on a regular
basis. Up until this point your
brain is trained to associate
pleasure with eating comfort
food late at night and to associate pain with exercise.
It’s time to retrain your
brain to feel good about exercise and to feel bad about eating late at night. Think about
all of the negative things
about being overweight and
connect these unpleasant
thoughts to your late night
Now think about all of the
wonderful things about being
Seniors commit
suicide twice as
often as teens
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The man's feelings are not unusual for older generations.
Many times seniors struggle to understand their purpose in
life, and if they are disabled or have little human contact, the
negative feelings can compound. However, the Friendship Line
offers hope.
"The fact that he was calling every day, not just talking to me,
but talking to a person at the Friendship Line every day, he
started to realize he could have relationships with people,"
Seligman says. "It was really amazing to me to see this man regain his joy at living."
If you have a senior in your life, suicide risk can be difficult
to spot. Common signs are often confused as normal parts of
the aging process. Arbore says to pay attention for these signals:
Subtle cries for help: Seniors are unlikely to say something
as straightforward as "I want to die." They are more likely to
say "I don't want to be a burden," "There's no place for me
here," or "I just don't feel right."
Irritability: Seniors at risk for suicide are more likely to be irritable than sad. They may complain often about physical ailments or inability to do things. These signal low quality of life.
Undiagnosed depression: Look for signs of depression such
as lost interest in hobbies, loss of appetite or sleep, or giving
away prized possessions. Pay close attention during times of
change, such as when a spouse dies.
Lack of social interaction: Note seniors that are withdrawn
and lack social contact with others. Loneliness and isolation
cause seniors to feel their death wouldn't really effect anyone.
"Keep in mind, seniors are unlikely to ask for help because
they don't want to be a burden to anyone," Arbore says. "It's up
to you to take action if you notice any of these signs or feel
something is off."
Here is a three-step action plan to help if you believe an elderly loved one is at risk of suicide:
Step 1: Call or visit.
Simple yet profoundly effective, calling and visiting regularly helps give seniors purpose and allows them to feel connected. When you eliminate feelings of loneliness you help
eliminate thoughts of suicide.
Step 2: Schedule a depression screening.
Many seniors don't believe in mental health; they believe in
toughing it out. That means they may not speak to their doctor about their depression. Be an advocate and their voice during appointments. Ask the doctor to schedule a depression
screening when you observe any red flags.
Step 3: Use the Friendship Line.
The Friendship Line phone number is 800-971-0016. Seniors can call it every day if they'd like for social interaction or
to ask health questions. You can even request a volunteer to
make an outgoing call directly to a loved one who might be reluctant to reach out. Every year, trained volunteers make and
receive 100,000 calls with seniors who often have no other
human contact they can count on.
Founded in 1985, Institute on Aging is one of Northern California's largest community-based nonprofit organizations
providing comprehensive health, social and psychological
services for seniors and adults with disabilities. IOA's Friendship Line relies largely on donations to stay free and open 24
hours a day. If you don't know a senior, but want to help other
seniors struggling with depression and suicide, donate to the
Friendship Line at Learn more at
Appalachian State
hosts African leaders
during fellows stay
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ing innovation and positive change in their organizations, institutions and communities. In 2015, the fellows represented
all 49 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and half were women.
For 76 percent of the fellows, it was their first visit to the
United States.
Following the academic component, participating fellows
will visit Washington, D.C., for a town hall meeting with President Barack Obama. During the three-day event, they’ll take
part in networking and panel discussions with U.S. leaders
from the public, private and non-profit sectors.
Upon returning to their home countries, the fellows will continue to build the skills they developed during their time in the
United States through access to professional development opportunities, mentoring, networking and training and seed
funding to support their ideas, businesses and organizations.
in shape and connect these
pleasant thoughts to exercise.
Kim Avant is owner of Never
Stop Playing Fitness in
Thursday, July 28, 2016
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part of being human. With
change, we can hopefully be
pushed as a community to
grow in a way that’s going to
link us all together in more
meaningful ways. Sometimes
getting a little shaken up out
of our comfort zone, pushes
us to do projects like this,
which allows us to meet people that we’ve never met before, and move on to bigger
and better things.”
Said Rob Yaeger, volunteer
coordinator for the Charlotte
Art League, who documented
the project: “We have a lot of
projects that are ongoing.
This is one that’s a fun one,
but also a sad one, because
it’s an eclectic magnet that
draws people into the area.
We wanted to give people an
opportunity to give their last
As Charlotte expands, the
Camden block theme resonates throughout the city:
Out with the old and in with
the new – usually high-rise
South End residents and Common Market customers bid
farewell to the restaurant and creative space on Camden
Road with Post-It notes.
apartments. However, the
area is set to house an office
“These are my neighbors, so
I feel like I’m sort of suffering
a loss personally,” Marten
said. “I wanted to give people
an opportunity to express
themselves in a positive
way—say good-bye to the
block that’s going to be replaced with some new construction.”
Virginia restaurateur cooks up a
winning formula from tradition
The Charlotte Post
By Avis Thomas-Lester
Crabby avocado
pulls you in
Crabby avocado with crab meat and avocado.
By Ashley Mahoney
[email protected]
Life is complicated. Keep the food simple, but don’t
be afraid to add a little protein and color to your plate.
Serves 2
8 ounces crab meat
2 tablespoons Italian dressing
Dash salt
Dash pepper
2 avocados
Heat frying pan on medium-low, drizzling dressing
on the bottom of the pan
Add meat to heated pan
Increase heat to medium
Stir occasionally
Fry until cooked completely
Remove from heat
Pit and peel avocados
Place two tablespoons of meat in the center of the
avocado halves
Place on desired serving dishes and enjoy.
10 ways to be
more active
during work day
We're sitting too much and it's dangerous.
The average American spends more than seven hours sitting every day, and the more time you sit, the higher your risk
of serious, potentially life-threatening health problems such
as obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. So, what can
you do about it?
Fortunately, there are simple changes you can make during
the day - anywhere, even at the work place - to improve your
wellness and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. As part of
the American Diabetes Association's Wellness Lives Here initiative, the Association encourages everyone to get active for
National Get Fit Don't Sit Day with these 10 tips for the workplace and beyond.
Park a few blocks away from the office each morning and
walk to work.
This allows you to start off your mornings energized and
ready to take on the workday. If you take public transportation, get off one stop earlier to squeeze in some light exercise
before 8 a.m.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Waiting for the elevator often takes just as long as walking
up the stairs, so why not use this opportunity to get your
heart rate up? Plus, you'll get the chance to work your leg
Get up and move around the office once every 90 minutes.
When you're nose-deep in work, it's easy to lose track of
time. Set up reminders on your phone or email every 60-90
minutes to get up and do a quick lap around the office. You
can use this time to fill up your water bottle, go to the bathroom or catch up with coworkers.
Ask questions and discuss issues face-to-face.
Rather than sending an email every time you have a question, go to your coworker's office to discuss the issue face-toface. This gives you a good excuse to get moving and a
chance to more effectively hash out solutions in person.
Use your lunch break to move around outside.
So many Americans today work through their lunch break.
When possible, take advantage of this time to walk outside
and soak in the nice weather. Fresh air and vitamin D are
often all you need to stay focused and push through the afternoon slump.
Stand up and stretch.
If you don't have time to walk around the office every 90
minutes, use the opportunity to stand up and stretch instead.
Stretching is a great way to increase energy levels, reduce
muscle tension and get your body moving.
Pace around the office during conference calls.
Conference calls are the perfect time to be active. Put clients
and coworkers on speaker, or use your mobile phone during
meetings to move around without any trouble.
Do chair exercises at your desk.
You've been wanting to tone your arms for the summer why not achieve your goals at the office? When you need a
break, do a few reps of chair sits. You can even alternate between chair exercises and push ups!
Hold standing or walking meetings.
Many coworkers will welcome the opportunity to stand and
stretch their legs for a moment. If you have a two-person
meeting, consider going for a walk.
Fidget when you work.
Small movements and quick exercise breaks add up, especially in a sedentary work place, so challenge yourself to
stand, stretch or even tap a foot to bring motion into otherwise still parts of your day. Just remember to keep it professional!
Making a point to move throughout the day puts you on the
right track toward wellness. For more ideas on how to increase physical activity and maintain a healthy lifestyle,
download the Association's e-tool kit today to incorporate
the principles and activities of National Get Fit Don't Sit Day
into the workday and beyond.
We’re online
It took Timothy Martin just
eight years to go from gas-station chef to soul-food restaurant mogul.
Growing up in Norfolk, Va.,
Martin and his 10 siblings eagerly anticipated the dinners
their father, Ernest, prepared.
“He’d work eight hours a day,
come home and by 4:35 p.m.,
he was cooking,” Martin said,
recalling platters of savory
meatloaf, crispy fish and juicy
pork chops.
As a teenager, Timothy
courted his girlfriend, Ernestine, now his wife of 26 years,
sitting in the kitchen as she
fried chicken for her family.
Later, as a husband and father
of two sons, Martin became
the cook. He earned high
praise from his colleagues at
Dominion Chrysler Plymouth
— where he was named top
salesman for 12 of his 17
years on staff — when he
shared with them leftovers of
his family meals.
“I used recipes from my father, who makes the best fried
chicken you ever tasted,” he
said. “My macaroni and
cheese came from my
mother. There are only two
days a year when she cooks —
on Thanksgiving and Christmas — and she only makes
one thing: macaroni and
Martin entered the restaurant game in 2008 in Virginia
Beach when he and his
brother, Delano, opened Martin’s Kitchen. When they
parted ways two years later
over “different visions,” Martin reached an agreement
with a gas station/convenience store to lease their
small kitchen for $1,600 per
“People would come in to
pay for their gas and smell
that chicken frying and those
pork chops and come right on
over,” Martin said, laughing. “I
sold a main dish and two
sides for $6.95 or $7.95.
That’s about the same price as
Thursday, July 28, 2016
These days, the entrepreneur-chef draws crowds to
three Martin’s Soul Food
restaurants in the Hampton
Roads area: his flagship, on
Northampton Blvd., Virginia
Beach; his headquarters
restaurant on Virginia Beach
Blvd. in Norfolk; and a store
on Bainbridge Blvd. in Chesapeake. A franchise eatery
bearing his name is located in
Gloucester. He is opening a
new restaurant in Norfolk
next month and another next
Martin’s three restaurants
serve an average of 550 meals
per day on weekdays and 850
on weekends. He employs 18
people. His business grew exponentially several years ago
after his first restaurant was
featured in The Virginian-Pilot
“Business just exploded,” he
His partner in the three
restaurants he owns is Cynthia Terry, a former customer
and supermarket training specialist who manages the
Northampton restaurant.
Terry began patronizing
Martin’s Kitchen because of
the chitterlings — “They’re so
good you don’t even want to
use hot sauce!” — and the customer service.
The Martin brothers would
talk and joke with her son,
Courtney, now 15, then
painfully shy.
“They would really draw
him out,” Terry said. “It was
so nice that they would take
time like that with a customer.”
Martin endured two bumps
in the road on his rise. One
was the zoning-related closure of a Portsmouth nightclub, where he ran an eatery
in the 1980s. The second was
the stroke he suffered in October 2014 while putting away
groceries in one of his restaurants.
“Two days later, I was back
testifying about it,” Martin
said. He works six days a
Martin credits his work ethic
Timothy Martin owns three soul food restaurants in Virginia.
to Ernest Martin, now 83, who
operated a forklift for 48
years and never missed a day;
and his business savvy to his
mother, Orla, 79, once a retailsales star. His father also
served as founding pastor at
the non-denominational Full
Gospel Church of Deliverance
in Norfolk for 50 years. When
he retired in 2013, Martin became the pastor.
Al Smith, the former owner
of the Chrysler dealership
where Martin worked, recently reunited with his former salesman while visiting
Hampton Roads from Arizona, where he now lives.
Smith said he was “delighted”
to see the success that Martin
has achieved.
“I’m not surprised that he
opened a restaurant,” said
Smith, remembering Martin’s
Martin said he feels blessed
that his business is thriving.
“A reporter called and said
July 6 is National Fried
Chicken Day and they wanted
to feature us,” he said. “I’m
Martin said he next wants to
advocate for black business
and share his knowledge with
aspiring entrepreneurs. And
he wants to spread the message that African-Americans
should support black businesses.
“If every black person
would support one black
business each week, we could
really impact the economies
of our communities,” he said.
“We could employ more people, and that would help our
children and families. Our
communities and this whole
nation would be different.”
Find the right church community for
your faith-based journey
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
802 Tom Hunter Road • Charlotte, NC 28213
704-921-4915 (Ph) • 704-921-4917 (Fax)
Sunday Worship
8:00 & 11:00 AM
Sunday School
9:30 AM
Bible Study
Wednesday 12 Noon Thursday 6:30 PM
We I
nvite Y
ou to Join Us in Wo
Dr. Cathy C. Jones
The Prophet’s Column
6183 NC Highway 109 South, Wadesboro, NC 28170
Greater Providence Baptist Chu
2000 Milton Road
Charlotte, NC 28215
Come Ye Blessed Or Depart Ye Cursed (Part 4-Last Part)
8:00 & 11:00 AM 1st, 2nd, 3rd Sundays
10:00 AM 4th & 5th Sundays
Senior Pastor
The theme of Thessalonians is the soon Coming of Christ. The hope of
the early church was the soon Coming of Christ. The hope of the church
today is not the soon Coming of Christ. What is your hope? My Hope is
the soon Coming of my Lord. The present day church is taken up with
material things and you strive more and more for the things of this world.
You are rich and increased with goods and can't see your need of Christ.
That is practically every church. I don't know of a church here in my
county, or in my state, whose hope is the soon Coming of Christ. If you
know of one please direct me to it. Will you do that? I ask the Lord to
give me grace to write the truth as never before. If our folks ever needed
the truth as it is in Christ it is now! This “easybelievingism” that is present in practically every church is preparing deceived souls to hear those
awful words; “Depart From Me Ye Cursed.” If you don't come to know
the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and your Saviour, you are going to
hear those awful Words. My friends, think on your way. You are headed
for eternity. What if you should die now? Right there where you are sitting, or standing, if you are commanded to go into eternity, how will
your eternal state be? As my late pastor said many times over; “as death
finds you so shall eternity hold you.” You may say as my cousin did; “I
know I'm going to Hell but I won't be there by myself.” Poor soul, now
she realizes that others who are in Hell with her are no comfort to her.
The comforts of this life are all the comforts the average soul will ever
know. That rich man in Luke 16, and the other rich man in Luke 12, are
still being tormented this very moment. Will that one day soon be you?
Turn to the Lord now while there is still hope for you. Repent! Fall at the
Feet of the Son now with your will broken.
Editor’s Note: I would like to hear from those of you who read our
weekly Column. Feel free to write to me at the address listed at the top
of this Newsletter or via email ([email protected]). Please
be sure to include your name and mailing or email address on all correspondence.
Your Gospel Editor and Teacher,
J.M. Little
Thursday, July 28, 2016
The Charlotte Post
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VP; Cnslt - Apps Prog. sought by Bank of America. Reqs:
BS & 5 yrs exp; & exprt lvl kwldg of ASP.NET, C#, MVC 4/5,
jQuery, AJAX, Web Srvcs, WCF, WPF, Wndws Frms, Visual
Studio, Lang-Intgrtd Query, SQL Srvr (2012/2008/2005); Exp
w/SQL Srvr Rprtng Srvcs (SSRS), Intrnt Info Srvcs, HTML,
JavaScrpt; Kwldg of objct orntd prcpls, architec patterns,
Unified Mdlng Lang; Exp w/all stgs of Sftwr Dvlpmnt Life
Cycle (SDLC), Agile Scrum method; Kwldg of mlti-thrdng
prgrmng, JIRA, SVN & Telerik cntrls; Strng design & analytcl
skills; Exp wrtng automated test cases using test frmwrk like
Telerik JustMock; Exp leading prjcts, prgrmrs, bus prtnrs &
3rd prty vndrs. Job site: Charlotte, NC. Ref # 1554055 & submit resume to Bank of America NY1-050-03-01, 50 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020. No phone calls or e-mails.
Must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. w/o sponsorship. EOE.
VP; Sr Global Financial Crimes Compliance Mgr. sought by
Bank of America. Reqs: MS & 3 yrs exp; & Undrstndng of Fin
Srvcs indstry & rltd anti-money laundering initiatives; Prvn
exp intrctng w/auditors &/or rgltrs; Prvn exp in prjct exctn;
Kwldg of risk & cntrl best prac; Strtgc & analytical thnkr, exp
assessing proc, idntfy imprvmnts, & driving imprvmnt exctn;
Undrstndng of tech sltns & structures. Job site: Charlotte,
NC. Reference #1553673 & submit resume to Bank of
America NY1-050-03-01, 50 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY
10020. No phone calls or e-mails. Must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. w/o sponsorship. EOE.
VP; Cnslt - Apps Prog. sought by Bank of America. Reqs:
MS & 3 yrs exp; & Exp w/Sprng Tool Suite, XML, JUnit 4 &
Log4j tools; Exp w/Splunk, Rally, Wiki; Exp utlzng uBuild &
uDeploy tools; Exp spprtng uppr lvl envrnmnt; DEV, CIT, SIT
& UAT; Exprt skills in web dvlpmnt in a client-srvr architec
incl HTML; JSP; Javascript; XSLT; XML; AJAX; DOM; Prvn skills
in fllwng areas: Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Websphere,
SOA, RAD, XSD, MQ Series, JMX, JAXB, AXIS, Maven, DB2,
Web srvcs. Job site: Charlotte, NC. Reference # 1552467 &
submit resume to Bank of America NY1-050-03-01, 50 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020. No phone calls or emails. Must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. w/o
sponsorship. EOE.
AVP; Cnslt-Apps Prog. sought by Bank of America. Reqs:
MS & 3 yrs or BS & 5 yrs exp; & exp w/Code Repositories
(TFS,SVN/VSS/Eclipse); Exp w/Oracle Data Mgmt tls, SQL
2008; Exp w/ Mcrsft.Net /Java/ Spring/Spring.Net; Exp
w/ORM data tls: LINQ, Entity Frmwrk, NHibernate, Hibernate; Exp w/MS Visio, UML; Kwldg in Agile & Waterfall
methods, Hybrid; Exprts in Banking & Fin Srvcs domain;
Kwldg of Plastic Cards & Pymnt sys; Exprts w/BPM Tls PEGA\Appian\Mcrsft Wrkflws. Job site: Charlotte, NC. Ref
# 1623913 & submit resume to Bank of America NY1-05003-01, 50 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020. No phone
calls or e-mails. Must be legally authorized to work in the
U.S. w/o sponsorship. EOE.
FAYETTEVILLE TECHNICAL Community College is now accepting applications for the following positions:
Dean of College and Career Readiness.
For detailed information and to apply, please visit our
employment portal at:
Human Resources Office
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An Equal Opportunity Employer.
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CDL-A, 1yr exp.
Drivers: Regional
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Options for
2012 Cascadia’s,
Just Sign and
Drive. CDL-A 2yrs
Exp. Billy
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Real Estate Auction. Aug. 17, 2 PM. 25,742+/- SF office
building on 3.92+/- ac. located 3 blocks from downtown
Burlington and Amtrak. The building, constructed in 1942,
has been renovated. Two outparcels for potential development. Approximately 50% leased for annual income of
$88,500. Property is one block from Rt. 87 and 3 mi. from I40/85. Will be sold for highest bid over $525,000. Inspections: Wed., Aug. 3 and 10, Noon - 2 PM. Address: 236 N.
Mebane St, Burlington, NC 27217. 5% buyer's premium
added to high bid. For information, contact Woltz & Associates, Inc. (NC #7560) Real Estate Brokers & Auctioneers,
800-551-3588, or visit
AUCTION BID ON-SITE & ONLINE! Construction Equipment
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400 Avinger Lane • Davidson, NC 28036
ran living in a colege
ege community!
UNC Charlotte is soliciting Qualifications for Construction
Manager at Risk services with demonstrable experience
with science and lab facilities as well as utility plant and
data center construction until 2:00 P.M. EST on Thursday,
August 25th, 2016 for the Science Building project (estimated Construction cost $ 70,000,000). Details are available at
Mecklenburg County Asset and Facility Management will
receive single prime, lump sum, sealed bids for Evergreen
Nature Preserve until 2:00 pm, on August 23, 2016 at which
time bids will be opened at Valerie Woodard Center, 3205
Freedom Drive, Suite 101, Charlotte, NC. Bid, performance, and payment & material bonds are required. NC
law and applicable regulations of various licensing boards
and M/W/SBE provisions will be observed. The scope of
work includes grading, restroom/shelter building construction, concrete and asphalt paving, and landscape improvements. Electronic plans and specifications can be
obtained from HensonFoley at 980-349-7373 and
[email protected] from 8am to 5pm. Mecklenburg County reserves the right to waive technicalities and
to reject any or all proposals. This information will be made
available in an alternative format for persons with disabilities by calling 980-314-2503.
To be conducted by the Charlotte Housing Authority’s
Board of Commissioners.
PURPOSE: Receive final comments on the Authority’s FY
2017 Moving Forward/Moving to Work (MTW) Annual Plan
and To receive final comments on the Housing Choice
Voucher (HCV) Administrative Plan, CBRA Policy and RAD
Significant Amendment
DATE: August 16, 2016
TIME: 5:00 p.m.
LOCATION: The Charlotte Housing Authority’s Central Office, 400 East Boulevard
Any persons who would like to speak for three minutes during either Public Hearing should contact Kenya Hester at
A copy of the 2017 Moving Forward/MTW Annual Plan,
HCV Administrative Plan, Community-Based Rental AssisHOME WARRANTY
tance (CBRA) Policy, and Rental Assistance Demonstration
(RAD) Significant Amendment will be available at the CHA
Never Pay for Covered Home Repairs Again! Appliances, Administrative Office located at 400 East Boulevard, all
HVAC, Ductwork, Plumbing & More. FREE Quote, CALL CHA-managed properties, CHA’s website –, the Main Public Library at 310 North Tryon Street,
Choice Home Warranty for complete details
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day, August 1, 2016 through August 31, 2016.
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The following new Housing Choice Voucher program-related initiatives are being proposed in the MTW plan for
HUD approval: 1) Modified Terms of Over-subsidy; 2) Modified Terms of Rent Reasonableness; 3) Modified EIV Income Report Review; 4) Imputed Earned Income; and 5)
Exception Payment Standards.
Contact Kenya Hester if you require special accommodations for viewing the plans or attending the meeting.
Tonya P. Spencer
Leland L. Spencer
FILE NO.: 16CVD509
TAKE NOTICE that a pleading against you has been filed in the above
entitled action. The nature of the relief being sought is as follows:
That the Plaintiff, Tonya P. Spencer, is seeking a divorce from the Defendant, Leland L. Spencer.
You are required to make defense to such pleading no later than August 22, 2016, said date being forty (40) days from the first publication
of this notice, and upon your failure to do so Plaintiff will apply to
the Court for the relief sought.
This the 14 day of July, 2016.
Tonya Lacewell Turner
Attorney for Plaintiff
P.O. Box 1386
Burgaw, N.C. 28425
(910) 259-3180
Date of Publications:
7/14/2016; 7/21/2016; 7/28/ 2016.
The Charlotte Post
open to ballet
Auditions for Charlotte Ballet Reach open
Aug. 1.
By Ashley Mahoney
[email protected]
Reach, because you can.
As Charlotte Ballet’s annual auditions for
Charlotte Ballet Reach approaches, one might
wonder what Reach is. This training program
offers dance instruction from Charlotte Ballet, free of charge to those selected.
Auditions run August 1-5 at five Mecklenburg County recreation centers, should a student be selected, he or she will attend every
week at a recreation center. Qualities considered for selection: natural talent, commitment to Reach, potential, as well as his or her
family’s financial state. Participants should
arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the time of
the audition.
Audition dates, times and locations:
• August 1, 5:30-7 p.m. at Ivory Baker
Recreation Center (1920 Stroud Park Court)
• August 2, 5:30-7 p.m. at Naomi Drenan
Recreation Center (750 Beal St.)
• August 3, 5:30-7 p.m. at Albemarle Road
Recreation Center (5027 North Idlewild Road)
• August 4, 5:30-7 p.m. at Bette Rae
Thomas Recreation Center (2921 Tuckaseegee Road)
• August 5, 5:30-7 p.m. at Hickory Grove
Recreation Center (6709 Pence Road)
Eight years in, with over 600 participants,
Reach provides more than dance lessons.
Works with students between the ages of 713 years old, the program has shown improved performance in the classroom, better
nutrition and better self-esteem among participants. Reach provides children with tickets to Charlotte Ballet shows, dance attire,
enrichment programming, as well as opportunities to perform.
Miss Cleo
dead at 53
By Terry Spencer
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The actress who
became famous playing the Jamaican psychic Miss Cleo, claiming to know callers' futures in ubiquitous TV infomercials and
commercials 15 years ago, has died of cancer.
Youree Dell Harris, 53, died Tuesday in
Palm Beach, her lawyer, William J. Cone Jr.
The Los Angeles-born Harris
was a struggling actress when
the Psychic Readers Network
hired her in the late 1990s to
play Miss Cleo. She adopted her
family's Jamaican heritage for
the role, persuading viewers to
call for allegedly free psychic
In one commercial, she is seen
pouring over tarot cards before telling a
caller that the father of her baby is the "one
who is very unpleasant and had another girlfriend while he was sleeping with you...but
you knew that." The commercials ended with
the tagline, "Call me now!"
The federal government said those "free"
calls cost consumers about $1 billion. The
Federal Trade Commission said the psychic
service promised a free reading, but consumers calling a toll-free number were directed to a 900 number charging $4.99 per
minute. The agency said nearly 6 million
people made such calls and were charged an
average of about $60 apiece.
The Psychic Readers Network's parent company forgave $500 million in customer
charges in a 2002 settlement.
After the settlement, Harris mostly faded
from view for over a decade. She voiced a
character in the "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City"
video game and was an advocate for gay
rights after coming out as a lesbian.
Harris returned to the public eye in 2014
when she appeared in the documentary "Hotline," which looked at the world of telephone
psychics, phone sex workers and suicide prevention specialists.
Tony Shaff, the film's producer, said he
found her to be "warm and welcoming and
bigger than life."
"She was smart as a whip and very intuitive," Shaff said. "There was so much negativity surrounding psychic hotlines that she
wanted to tell her personal story." He said
she understood that some consumers felt
they were swindled, "but she was being paid
to do a job."
He said Harris claimed to have paranormal
abilities, but didn't like to be called a psychic
or tarot reader because she felt her powers
were much broader than that.
Guitarist Jonathan
Butler keeps it real
Grammy-nominated jazz guitarist Jonathan Butler performs at Belk Theater July 31 at the second annual QC SummerFest.
Grammy-nominated musician applies originality on and off stage
By Ashley Mahoney
[email protected]
Jonathan Butler’s message is simple—
be original.
Butler, a Grammy-nominated jazz and
gospel guitarist, will perform at Belk
Theater on July 31 as a part of the Uplifting 2016 Tour.
“Less is more,” said Butler, one of the
headliners of the second annual QC
SummerFest. “The older I get, it’s even
more important to me to keep things
simple. It takes a long time to get comfortable in your own skin, and to play
like yourself, because there are so many
outside influences that are constantly at
work in our lives daily.”
The audience “will literally go on a
journey with me,” said Butler, a native
of Cape Town, South Africa.
“We sort of take on whatever it is we
like about something—it just takes a
long time to live in your own skin, and
just feel comfortable with the way you
are and how you are and what you like.
Say it with the deepest conviction and
honesty, and people will accept that.
When you’re trying to be someone else,
it’ll show. Imitation is the highest form
of flattery, and that’s the truth. Being an
original takes some time to get used to,
because you’re always going to swim
upstream unless you want to be a part
of the flow that’s out there.”
Butler’s experience with South African
Apartheid system of racial segregation
resonates throughout his work.
“I like to take people on journeys with
me, and let them experience the music
that has influenced me and inspired me
from growing up in South Africa,” he
said. “It’s basically telling my story
through music and making people part
of it.”
Butler’s persona onstage does not dif-
fer from when he is off stage.
“You have to leave everything on
stage, and be as constant as you can
possibly be,” he said. “That is what
makes a huge difference to me. I like to
watch performers who are completely
transparent and vulnerable on stage and
sensitive. For me, it’s really about the
journey that I have the opportunity to
take people on, for the hour or however
long I perform.”
From breaking down racial barriers as
the first black artist played on white
radio stations in South Africa during
Apartheid, Butler has remained transparent.
“I’m a very open book,” he said. “So
music to me and the stage is a very comfortable place. You get some performers who are one person on stage and
another person off stage—that’s fine
also, but I’m usually the same person on
and off.”
‘Star Trek Beyond’ lives up to the hype
By Dwight Brown
The big debate shouldn't be if
this is the best “Star Trek” film
ever. The more interesting conversation is about whether “Star
Trek Beyond” is a better sci-fi
space adventure film than
2015’s “Star Wars: The Force
Awakens.” On most levels, the
answer is yes.
J.J. Abrams is out as director
and comes aboard as a producer. Director Justin Lin, from
the “Fast and Furious” franchise,
takes the helm. The result is a
taut piece of filmmaking, with
perfectly choreographed action
scenes (jumpstarting a space
ship is a highlight) and a rapidfire pace that only leaves time to
gasp for air (editors: Greg D'Auria, Dylan Highsmith, Kelly Matsumoto, Steven Sprung).
Visually, the film is eye candy,
scene-to-scene. The pleasing
colors (Salim Alrazouk, art director), amazingly crystal-clear and
perfectly lit cinematography
(Stephen F. Windon, Fast & Furious 6) and wondrous sets
(Thomas E. Sanders, product designer, Lin MacDonald set decorator) give the footage a fresh
new look.
The costumes (Sanja Milkovic
Hays) have a hip futuristic style.
The music (Michael Giacchino,
“Dawn of the Planet of the
Apes”) takes explosive scenes to
higher levels with choirs and orchestras blaring. Essentially the
tech credits are exemplary on
every level and overshadow
those from the last “Star Wars”
At the hands of scribes Simon
Pegg (an actor/writer who also
plays Scotty in the film) and
Doug Jung, the storyline bursts
with danger, humor and strong
relationships. It’s easy enough
to comprehend without an advanced degree in astrophysics,
yet complex enough to hold
your attention for 120 minutes.
The constant stream of discovery, conflict, betrayal, daring escapes and death-defying events
in space and uncharted planets
test the crew of the USS Enterprise. Various subplots develop
around different pairings (Uhura
and Sulu, Bones and Spock, Kirk
and Chekov…) versus the normal myopic focus on Kirk and
Zoe Saldana (left) and John Cho star in "Star Trek Beyond."
It all begins with a jolt. In the
midst of the first leg of a fiveyear mission, Captain James T.
Kirk (Chris Pine) meets the
leader of a foreign species. He
brings a gift, a relic with him.
His generosity is not well received. Midget creatures attack
him. His crew arranges a quick
escape. It’s just the beginning.
A rogue spacecraft hurls toward Earth. Its inhabitant claims
her ship and crew has been lost
on a nebula far, far away. Captain Kirk and his team set out on
a rescue mission that may be
more treacherous then they
imagined: Commander Spock
“Bones” McCoy (Karl Urban),
Lieutenant Uhura (Zoe Saldana),
Montgomery “Scotty” Scott
(Simon Pegg), Sulu (John Cho)
and Chekov (The late Anton
Nothing goes as planned.
Their starship, The USS Enterprise, comes under attack.
Crash landing. Emergency escapes. Everyone is under siege
on the planet Altamid, a dangerous alien world that is a way station for a vicious, evil
reptilian-looking demon named
Krall (Idris Elba). For very personal reasons, he has a plan to
annihilate The Federation. A victim of Krall’s vengeance, a warrior named Jaylah (Sofia
Boutella, “Kingsman: The Secret
Service”), joins the crews' efforts
to stop him.
There’s a weary feeling among
the captain and commander.
Kirk and Spock, seemingly at the
end of their ropes, contemplate
a different life. Kirk, “The more
time we spend out here (space)
the harder it is to see when one
day ends and the next day begins.” It’s a rightful malaise for
crewmembers who’ve been on
the job for decades, protecting
the universe.
Much of the far-reaching
themes of this long-lasting,
space age phenomenon, which
started on TV 50 years ago, are
still relevant in a multicultural,
borderless world that grows
more interdependent and intertwined every day. That yearning
to achieve great things as a
team, for the good of everyone,
is a constant. Spock, “Find hope
in the impossible.”
The returning cast appears to
be very comfortable in their
roles. Pine radiates a self-as-
suredness that is the essence of
the unflappable Kirk. Quinto
and Saldana make the quirky romance between Spock and
Uhura amorous. Urban and Pegg
as Bones and Scotty provide a
natural comic relief.
The new addition of the Jaylah
character gives Sofia Boutella an
opportunity to introduce a
younger fighter to the mix. Idris
Elba as Krall invents a towering
persona, with a raspy voice and
intimidating mannerisms. He
exudes a rage that is believable.
His performance is more intense than the rest of the cast.
It’s as if he’s a Shakespearean
actor moonlighting in a bigbudget film.
Director Justin Lin, a gripping
script, a top-notch technical
crew and a very enthused group
of actors have taken this franchise up a notch. Do their efforts provide more of a thrill
ride than the latest “Star Wars”
saga? That’s a heated conversation Trekkies need to have with
Jedi chasers.
In the meantime, let it be
known, “Star Trek Beyond” bolts
out of the gate at warp speed.
Read more reviews by Dwight
Brown at
Blumenthal Performing Arts
celebrates Open Mic nights
The Charlotte Post
Thursday, July 28, 2016
show their talents on select
Fridays. Previous acts include
jugglers, magicians, rappers,
Blumenthal Performing Arts dancers and musicians.
will highlight the success of
“The venue and attention to
Open Mic Night July 29.
amateur artists is unparalThe celebration is at McGlo- leled to any place I’ve played
hon Theatre at Spirit Square at for an open mic,” performer
7:30 p.m.
Leigh Peele said. “It spoils
Blumenthal launched open- you, honestly. The fact that
mic programs in 2013 where the audience comes out to
over 100 performers apply to show support for an unbe one of 20 selected acts to known night of entertainment
By Laurice Bryant
Take The
with you
shows that they have a lot of
trust in the talent of the area,
and I think that’s pretty amazing.”
Audience members submitted names of their favorite
acts and performers who received the most submissions
will be asked to return to the
Best of Open Mic is free and
seating is first come, firstserve.
We’re on IG!
Want The
Best Deal
& Internet?
promotional prices
starting at only ...
for 12 months.
Call Now and Ask How!
Gantt exhibit lays the wood
on African artistic original
Wood as contemporary art is displayed in “Shaping the Vessel: Mascoll + Samuel” at the
Harvey B. Gantt Center.
By Ashley Mahoney
[email protected]
A medium dominated by
white artists came from
The Harvey B. Gantt Center
offers a look at an ancient art
form – wood – in a contemporary setting with “Shaping the
Vessel: Mascoll + Samuel”
through January 16, 2017.
“Whatever you do, put your
best foot forward,” artist John
Mascoll said of those who
practice and showcase wood
art. “You have to put both feet
forward and balance yourself.”
Curated by Charles Farrar,
the exhibit illustrates the history of wood art as well as the
multitude of ways it has been
used and continues to be incorporated into daily life.
Some serve as decorations,
while others act as storage for
special pieces in addition to
numerous other purposes.
Showcasing the work of
Mascoll and Avelino Samuel,
wood art’s roots are in Egypt.
From the lathe — a machine
which rotates material on its
axis to cut, sand, drill, and
other forms of manipulation
on wood — to the interrupted
story of enslaved Africans, the
exhibit explores history and
brings it into a contemporary
“When you create something, it’s the ultimate feeling,” Samuel said.
Farrar points out history has
often glossed over the fact
that enslaved Africans had
“valuable skills and creative
abilities they brought to the
New World.”
“Since the late 1980s, I have
created pieces that show a
connection between my
world view and my inner
self,” Mascoll said.
Said Samuel: “This is just an
extension of my youth. I am
always creating things.”
Let’ss bring dinner back to the table. Let’
Let’ss leave our devices and distractions behind.
Let’ss pass food and share stories. Let’s
Let’s laugh until it hurts. Let’s
Let’s smile. And love. Let’s
Let’s breathe new life into
old traditions. Let’s
Let’s make dinner on Sunday,
Sunday Sunday Dinner again.
All offers require 24-month commitment and credit qualification.
Call 7 days a week 8am - 11pm EST Promo Code: MB62015
*Offer subject to change based on premium channel availability
where available