Rocknroll Hanover Euthanized



Rocknroll Hanover Euthanized
Friday, March 15, 2013
Rocknroll Hanover Euthanized
By Bill Finley
Among the top sires in the history of the sport, Rocknroll
Hanover died yesterday after undergoing gastric problems.
He was only 11.
He was at his new
home, a Perretti Farm's
satellite facility in
Pennsylvania, and had
been showing no signs
of problems until
yesterday when it was
apparent he was
suffering from stomach
discomfort. He was
taken to Mid-Atlantic
Equine in Ringoes, New
Jersey, where the
decision was made to
put him down.
"People are with him
24 hours in
Rocknroll Hanover, 2002-2013 Pennsylvania," said
Perretti's Bob Marks.
"They noticed he wasn't acting right. Also his stomach was
kind of bloated, so they took him right to Mid-Atlantic and
from there the vets took over. Once they got in there and
saw what they were dealing with it was not a close call about
euthanizing him. They called it a gastric impaction. What that
means is he was eating fine but it was not going past the
stomach into the intestines. Consequently the stomach kept
blowing up."
Rocknroll Hanover, bred by Hanover Farms, sold for
$190,000 at the 2001 Harrisburg Yearling Sale. He is by
Western Ideal out of the Direct Scooter mare Rich N Elegant.
Campaigned by Jeff Snyder and trained by Brett Pelling.
His first big win came in the 2004 Metro, where he scored an
upset win at 31-1 with Brian Sears driving.
Meadowlands 3rd, A1/FFA
Meadowlands 7th, A-2/FFA, FM
6th, Open
8th, Open FM
Past Performances courtesy of
As good as he was as a 2 year old, he was much better at
three. He was sensational that year, winning three huge
events, the Meadowlands Pace, the North America Cup
and the Breeders Crown. With those wins on his record, he
was named 2005 Horse of the Year.
He retired with a career record of 15 for 26 and earnings
of $2,754,038. His lifetime mark was 1:48.3, set in the
Meadowlands Pace.
"The best I ever had? Yes," Pelling said yesterday by
phone. "He was unreal. He was a big horse with high, high
speed. Rocknroll could really get it and that's what you
look for. The big ones are usually big and slow and but
could get it. That's what he passed on to his prodigy. He
obviously was a great sire and being so young it's a big
loss for the industry. He's was basically the last great
horse that I had. I'm in my office now and I'm looking at his
picture on the wall. For me, it feels like the end of an era."
Perretti Farm, a powerhouse in the breeding industry,
particularly in the early part of the 2000s,was looking for a
new pacing stallion and Marks and the Perretti team
focused in on Rocknroll Hanover.
"We were supposed to get Western Ideal and didn't get
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Reports of His Death Were Greatly...
Dewey did not defeat Truman and Rock N Roll
Heaven did not die yesterday. In our rush to get the
news out on the death yesterday of top stallion
Rocknroll Hanover HRU misidentified him as Rock n
Roll Heaven in a “news bulletin” edition. Rock N Roll
Heaven, a son of Rocknroll Hanover, is alive, well
and standing at stud at Blue Chip Farms in Wallkill,
NY. Massive apologies for the error and we will
resume publishing if someone can talk us down the
Saying Goodbye to a Superstar
The death of Rocknroll Hanover on Thursday sent
shockwaves through the Standardbred breeding industry,
both in North America and around the world. The 11
year-old stallion was a major force at the sales scene and
him, so we were looking to get one of his sons," Marks said. in major stakes events. He was a star attraction at Perretti
"I went to watch his first baby race and he was horrible. But Farms in New Jersey since his retirement in 2005, but had
he became a great 2-year-old. That sire line had always
also been a shuttle stallion doing service in Australia in the
worked in the first crop. So I thought that if Western Ideal
was going to have a great horse it would probably come from Rocknroll Hanover established himself with his first crop
his first crop. And that mare, Rich N Elegant, was a super
which raced in 2009. From that group of 151 foals, he
mare, So Rocknroll was the prime candidate."
sired the 2010 Horse of the Year Rock N Roll Heaven and
Perretti bought in and the
the champion mare Put On A Show. They both earned in
horse was sent to their farm in
excess of $2 million, and Rocknroll Hanover has a total of
Cream Ridge, New Jersey.
6 millionaires to his credit.
Marks and the Perretti team
The stallion was euthanized on Thursday after suffering
were right. As far as stallions
intestinal distress. He was standing the 2013
go, Rocknroll Hanover was a
season in Pennsylvania after serving 7 seasons
home run.
at Perretti Farms in New Jersey.
From just four crops that have
hit the races so far, Rocknroll
Rocknroll Hanover in
Hanover's progeny have earned
action at The Red Mile
$45.6 million.
His top performers include Rock N Roll Heaven, Put On A
Show, Panther Hanover, A Rocknroll Dance, Rocklamation
and Pet Rock. He has sired 104 horses that have made
$100,000 or more.
Based on money-earned, his was the leading pacing sire in
North America in 2012 when his offspring earned
$17,055,965. Bettor's Delight was second with $15.4 million.
Rocknroll Hanover shuttled to Australia during our
summers and stood there at Empire Stallions Corp.
"He sired strong horses," Marks said. "He wasn’t a brilliant
early 2-year-old as are some of his get, but by mid-summer
of his 2-year-old season he set a world record in the Metro
Pace. And from post 10, no less.”
His death occurred in the middle of the breeding season
and Marks estimated that he was bred to about 40 to 50
mares so far. He was bred to a full crop in 2012 and one of
those babies was born yesterday.
Rocknroll Hanover began his stud career in New Jersey
but with the breeding program in the state suffering through
tough times he was moved to Pennsylvania this year where
he was standing for $15,000.
"We did get some good news yesterday," Marks said. "Just
about an hour after he died, Fox Valley Shaker, who is the
dam of Pretty Katherine, delivered her foal and she's a nice
looking filly. That's unusual because normally you don't see
that happen at five in the afternoon. She looks like her
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winner's share of the purse. In that race he took his career
mark of 1:48.3.
He was the main attraction in a 3 horse entry from the
Pelling Stable coming into The Little Brown Jug. The other
members of the Pelling troika were Village Jolt and Cams
Fool. In the Jug, he set the pace as the heavy favorite, but
was caught in the stretch by P-Forty-Seven. In the Jug
final, it was the same but Rocknroll Hanover faded to finish
a well-beaten third.
He gained revenge for his Jug loss with two
commanding victories at The Red Mile and finished his
career by winning both his elimination and final of the
Breeders Crown at the Meadowlands.
In his first crop, he greeted 189 well-bred beauties and
from this group sired 82 pacers with marks of 1:55 or
faster. Collectively, his first crop earned more than $20.9
million. The big star was Rock N Roll Heaven who, like his
sire, put together a Horse of the Year campaign in 2010.
That crop also included Put On A Show p,5,1:47.3, a
winner of more than $ 2.4 million. Two other millionaire
mares from Rocknroll Hanover's first crop are
Rocklamation and Ticket To Rock .
Rocknroll Hanover sired last season's Meadowlands
Pace winner in A Rocknroll Dance, himself a winner of
more than $ 1.9 million in his first two seasons at the
races. Another outstanding colt from his 2009 crop was
Simply Business, a winner of $844,540.
Rocknroll Hanover sired 104 winners of $100,000 or
more. Rocknroll Hanover's yearlings were always in great
demand at the yearling auctions, despite the fact that their
Last year he bred 149 mares, his smallest book since
commercial appeal was not bolstered by a strong state
entering the stud in 2006. His popularity was affected by the program in New Jersey.
relatively weak New Jersey Sires Stakes, which does not
His loss is reminiscent of the sudden death of trotting
enjoy the support of slots funding. To date he has 876
Triple Crown winner Windsong's Legacy at age seven at
registered foals, consisting of 487 colts and 389 fillies. They Perretti Farms in 2008.
have earned more than $ 45.6 million.
Rocknroll Hanover was born with a
royal pedigree as his sire was
Western Ideal and his dam was the
remarkably successful Rich N
Elegant. As a yearling, Rocknroll
Gural's Open Letter/Plea For Loyalty: It Won't
Hanover sold for $190,000 to Jeffrey Work
Snyder and Lothlorien Equestrian
By Bill Finley
Rock N Roll Heaven is Ceneter. He vaulted into prominence
Jeff Gural is a smart man, a
among the many top in early September of his 2 year-old
successful man and he is the sole
season by winning the $ 933,086
horses sired by
reason the sport's most
Metro at Woodbine in a record
Rocknroll Hanover
indispensable track, the
1:49.4. In that race he went off at
Meadowlands, is still operating.
odds of 31-1 and triumphed by a length for Brian Sears and
But when it comes to
trainer Brett Pelling. He followed that victory with 1:52.3 win
understanding human nature he
in The Champlain at Mohawk. He was one of the favorites
comes off as hopelessly naïve.
for the Breeders Crown at Woodbine but was scratched from
Gural sent an open letter to
that event.
East Coast horsemen yesterday
In his sophomore season, he won 12 out of 18 starts and
asking them to stay loyal to the Meadowlands and
earned Horse of the Year honors in 2005. For much of the continue to race there even though the Big M's purses are
season, he was virtually unbeatable. He won the $1,215,000 often lower than those at competing tracks. (See following
North America Cup in 1:49.4. A month later, he swept the
insert from the Meadowlands to read the letter). He
Meadowlands Pace by 3 lengths, pocketing the $500,000
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knows that he needs horses to fill his entry box in order to
generate big handle numbers, vital at the Meadowlands
since it doesn't have alternative gaming filling everyone's
"To be blunt, I need the industry to step up and support
the Meadowlands which may not be the best business
decision for everyone in the short term but, in my opinion, the
industry needs a healthy Meadowlands and we deserve the
support of the industry," he wrote.
Gural tries to make the argument that a healthy
Meadowlands makes for a healthy harness racing industry
and a healthy harness racing industry is good for everyone.
The sport needs the Meadowlands to thrive and had it gone
away the entire industry would have taken a major hit.
Gural says he's done a lot for the sport and he deserves
the support of its participants in return. He's not wrong. But
neither is he right. Loyalty, support and gratitude are
wonderful concepts but when they face off with the mighty
dollar they're going to lose out every time. That's just the way
people are and an open letter from Jeff Gural is never going
to change that.
Take Brian Sears. He abandoned the Meadowlands this
year to go drive at Yonkers. There was only one reason for
him to do so-money. He is killing them on the other side of
the Hudson River. He entered last night's racing with 110
wins and $1,376,465 in earnings on the year, second in the
country behind Corey Callahan, who has had 372 more
drives. Driving part time at Yonkers and part time at the
Meadowlands in 2012 his earnings were $1,191,873 at the
same point in year. And with his star dimming at the
Meadowlands it's unlikely he would have been able to make
even that much money this year had he stayed in New
That Brian Sears left the Meadowlands doesn't make
Sears a bad guy. It makes him like most everyone else. He
knew he'd make more money at Yonkers and making money
is a lot more important to the vast majority of people than
giving support to someone who stepped up and saved the
Meadowlands and has done a lot of good for harness racing.
It would be nice if people weren't that way. But they are.
Take Tim Tetrick. I seriously doubt that loyalty to Gural had
anything to do with his decision to stay at the Meadowlands.
Tetrick has discovered a formula that works for him. Winning
at the Meadowlands, which remains the most prominent
track in the sport, keeps him in the headlines and on the
radar screens of trainers who win on the Grand Circuit. He'll
sacrifice some purse dollars from January through April
knowing that it will pay off later when the Meadowlands has
its rich stakes races and he's driving the first or second
choice in just about every one of them.
When Gural asks people to support the Meadowlands
they're going to ask in return "what's in it for me?" and his
answer is going to have to be something more motivating
than "it's the right thing to do for the sport."
The Meadowlands can't compete against the slots-fattened
purses at Yonkers and Chester, so Gural is going to have to
find other ways to convince people to race at the
He's already prepared to take one step. Because
Chester and Pocono don't run in the winter, it can actually
be hard to get into a race at the Meadowlands. He is set to
put in a points system that rewards trainers who race at
the Meadowlands throughout the year so that they get
preferential treatment when it comes to getting into races
in January and February.
That may help, but maybe he ought to take a longer look
down the road. The Meadowlands is likely to get its own
slots operation within the near future and if that happens
the purses at the track are going to be sensational, likely
much bigger than those at Yonkers, Chester, Pocono,
Is there a way to reward the drivers and trainers who
support the Meadowlands during these tough times and
shut out those who don't once the Meadowlands Open
starts going for $95,000? Should he tell Sears and fellow
Meadowlands expatriate George Brennan he's not going to
let them drive at the Meadowlands once it has slots unless
they come home now?
Those may seem like drastic measures, but the only way
to get people to support the Meadowlands is to convince
them that it's in their best interests financially. Remember,
Jeff, it’s always about the money.
Meadowlands Program To Include More Info On
Layoff Horses
By Lucas Marquardt
Blended Whiskey, a starter in Saturday's eighth race at
the Meadowlands, hasn't raced since Feb. 23, but
horseplayers won't have to play a guessing game when it
comes to where he's been.
The Meadowlands
Racetrack program will now
include enhanced information
on horses who have not raced
in the last 21 to 45 days.
Specifically, their trainers
must inform the Meadowlands racing office why the horses
have not raced lately. Much like an NFL "Team Report"
that indicates why a player missed practice or a game, this
report will provide bettors with a little more information that
they would not normally find in the past performances.
For simulcast bettors, the layoff report will be posted as
a TV Graphic on the Meadowlands nightly broadcast.
Additionally, the layoff report will be posted on The
Meadowlands Twitter Account and Facebook page.
In the case of Blended Whiskey, trainer Frank
Scamporino Jr. offered the following explanation for the
gelding's 24-day absence: "Trainer reports horse was
claimed from Dover to bring to the mile track. Had to wait
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out the 60 day post claim rule. Swimming recently for
The only other horse this weekend who falls into the 21-45
days off category is Autumn Treasure, a starter in Friday's
tenth race. In her case, the report is as follows; “Autumn
Treasure - last started 2/23 trainer Calabrese said she's a
recent private purchase. Trained fast in Canada last
Wednesday arrived in NJ on Friday. Trained lightly today in
NJ. Seems fine."
Meadowlands Director of Racing Operations Darin Zoccali
said the idea was hatched after track management heard
from a few bettors who complained after some layoff horses
turned in big races after showing poor form in their most
recent starts.
"This season the Meadowlands has been trying to give
bettors as much information as possible and this is another
effort to do so," Zoccali said. "It's important for bettors to
know why a horse had not raced recently and we're hopeful
that the trainers will help us by offering honest information.
We heard some complaints from bettors about layoff horses
and this seemed like a way to remedy the situation."
a free workshop on how to get media attention for
horse-related businesses.
The workshop will be held from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. on
Saturday (March 23) at the Museum, at 240 Main Street,
Goshen, New York.
The workshop will cover topics such as how to develop
pertinent media contacts, how to write, prepare and
distribute press materials, how to identify and pitch feature
stories, use of photos and video, as well as crisis
communications. The content will be applicable for farms,
fair associations, tracks, training centers, racing stables
and equine nonprofits.
There is no cost for the workshop, but advance
registration is required. The workshop will be conducted by
Ellen Harvey, executive director of the USTA’s Harness
Racing Communications division and a Museum trustee.
To sign up, call 732.780.3700 or e-mail
[email protected] .
Weather permitting, there will be a free walking tour of
adjacent Goshen Historic Track, starting at 10:30 a.m. that
morning and open to all workshop participants and guests.
Meadowlands Handle Down in First Tilt Against
Though the results were far from disastrous, the
Meadowlands handle definitely felt the impact of the opening
of racing at Chester last week.
The Friday and Saturday cards handled a combined
$6,283,946. The Friday and Saturday cards from a week
earlier, when Chester was not racing, handled $6,858,783.
The key difference was that the Meadowlands carded 13
races on Friday, March 1 but went with only an 11-race card
on Friday, March 8.
With fewer horses available because Chester is another
option for trainers, last Saturday's 13-race card at the
Meadowlands had 108 starters. A week earlier the number
was 121.
The good news for the Meadowlands was that 2013 handle
continued to outpace 2012 handle. The handle for last
weekend was up 21.5 percent over the comparable two-day
period in 2012.
Coleman Fined and Suspended
Trainer Casie Coleman has been hit with a two-month
suspension and a $16,000 fine after three of her horses
failed post-race tests last month at Woodbine. The three
tested positive for the corticosteroid Flumethasone.
Coleman’s suspension runs from March 5 through May
A year earlier, Coleman was handed a $5,000 fine and
suspended 45 days for a positive for the drug Ephedrine.
March 15 Payments Due for Tioga, Vernon
Tioga & Vernon Downs 2013 marquee stakes require a
March 15 nomination payment.
These include the Artiscape, Credit Winner, Muscle Hill and
Roll With Joe (formerly Bettor's Delight) for older horses, the
Empire Breeders Classic for 3 year olds and the
Kindergarten Trotting Classic for two year olds.
Please follow this link to download the necessary form.
USTA, Harness Racing Museum Team Up on
Publicity Workshop
by Ellen Harvey, Harness Racing Communications
Freehold, NJ --- The United States Trotting Association
and the Harness Racing Museum are teaming up to sponsor
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HRU Race Criteria
The following race results are contained in Harness Racing
Update: U.S. races with a purse value of $20,000 and over,
and Canadian races with a purse value of $25,000 or over. In
addition, HRU will provide the results of significant “series”
events with purses less than $20,000. Stakes races with a
purse value of $60,000 and over are previewed in HRU.
Race 9, Fillies & Mares B-2 Pace
SIR JILLIAN Z TAM was bet down to 8/5 last weekend and
inexplicably sat in from 5th and was shuffled to last. Of
course she was flying late when free and two back closed
in :26:3; is capable of speed if Lachance wants to use it. I
think he will. DAY BLUE CHIP is 2 for 2 on the year for
Toscano; this field is her most difficult to date on the
year. Lightly raced mare is 4 for 5 in her career. MISS
SAND CREEK went a good mile two back in 1:52:4 and
wasn't put in play last week at 3/1. I'm a bit surprised
Miller opted to SHAKY HANOVER, so we get Allard here
instead. Her best would be good enough. LOVE YOU
BYE needs to go a little faster but goes for impossible to
ignore connections.
Race 10, C-1 Trot
PERMANENT JOY was hard used in that 1:55 mile two
weeks ago and it's worth nothing that both first and second
finishers from that race came back to win next out. The
obvious killer here is that Krivelin elects to drive himself
but this one still rates a playable bomb to close out the
pick 4. THROUGH THE NIGHT was Tetrick's pick and this
one was closing two back to be second to New Zion (race
8). CHOCOHOLIC showed good trot at both ends of his
By Brett Sturman
most recent mile in the off going and two back was an
Race 7, Fillies & Mares A-2/FFA Handicap Pace
easy winner against lesser. Picks up Miller.
ROCKLAMATION makes her 7-year-old debut for Burke
BLOOMFIELDCANTIFLY took no prisoners last out on the
tonight and $770,000 winner from 2012 is obviously the class lead and paid the price late; was Yannick's selection over
of the field; it's only a matter of how hard she'll be used in
B L CLASS ACT who broke last week while moving.
this spot. This one qualified against stablemate Camille and The Plays
two other stars in that recent qualifier; closed in :26:3. Not
$12 ticket ($1 base): 6 / 1-2-6 / 8 / 1-2-3-6
the most difficult looking field. UNRED HANOVER
$48 ticket ($1 base): 4-6 / 1-2-6-7 / 5-8 / 1-3-6
couldn't quicken enough to track down the race winner last
out; might get more now on the change to Pierce.
SOUTHWIND JAZMIN looked like a winner last week
opening a lead into the stretch and she simply ran out of
steam late; N Y YANKEES benefitted for the 1:51 win.
HANDSOFFMYCOOKIE was one of the top fillies on the NY
circuit the last two years.
Wednesday’s Results
10, DD, $23,000, Trot, Open Handicap Post Positions
Race 8, B-2 Trot
Assigned, 27.3, 57.4, 1:27.0, 1:55.2, FT
After a dismal 4-year-old season, NEW ZION has things
I'm So Striking (g, 4, So Striking--Ringside Katie, by
turned around this meet and this Conway Hall gelding now
Dream Vacation) O/B-E & K Stable Inc & Lois G & Earl J
finds himself in career form. Parked from post 9 a couple
Walters. T-Eddie Dennis. D-Eddie Dennis, $11,500,
weeks ago while challenging for the lead, he wrested
Lifetime Record: 25-8-7-3, $131,438
command into the stretch and was only beat late by Lexis
Amigo. Miller back aboard and a further move to the inside Thursday’s Results
are good signs; sharp. DASH FOR THE CASH has run into 8, DD, $23,000, Pace, Winners Over $12,000 in Last 6
killers in his last pair and is better than those lines show.
Starts/Open Handicap Post Positions 1 thru 4 Drawn Post
THE CHANCELLOR drops, lands the rail and is sure to
Positions 5 thru 7 Assigned, 26.2, 54.2, 1:22.1, 1:50.2, FT
threaten at this level. BAMBINO HALL makes his second
Eagle All (g, 7, Allamerican Ingot--It's Gina, by
start back over the track for Allard and has a good history
Albatross), $700 2007 PA-Pref O-Arty L Foster. B-Dettore
here; was third last out to Il Mago. WESTSIDE LINDY
Farms Inc. T-Arty Foster. D-Ron Pierce, $11,500, Lifetime
looked like a winner midway through the stretch last week
Record: 161-28-31-27, $512,398
and WHEELS was clear late in that same race but wasn't
To view replay click here
fast enough. MAGGLIO gets away from a tough foe; nearly
shocked three back at a similar level.
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10, DD, $30,000, Pace, DELAWARE Special Handicap Post
Positions 1 thru 6 Drawn Post Positions 7 & 8 Drawn, 27.1,
55.2, 1:23.1, 1:50.4, FT
Fancyfreeshark (h, 6, Four Starzzz Shark--Fancy Art, by
Artsplace), $20,000 2008 SHS-HBG O-Andrew R
Glassmeyer. B-White Birch Farm. T-A Bobby Glassmeyer.
D-Jonathan Roberts, $15,000, Lifetime Record: 69-19-6-8,
2-Europan Union (g, 6, No Pan Intended--Pansatlantic, by
Matt's Scooter) O-Edwin F Gannon Jr. B-Peter Pan Stables
Inc. T-Edwin Gannon Jr. D-Jim Morand, $7,500
3-Catchmecullen A (g, 10, Christian Cullen--Kimrena, by
Trustmaker) O-Nanticoke Racing Inc & Joshua Davis Parker.
B-M Arrow, AS. T-Joshua Parker. D-Allan Davis, $3,600
Calls: Q, 1H, 2, 1H, NS
Finish Order: Rusty's All In, Wee Brother N, Mustang Art,
Idealist, Jeremy's Successor
To view replay click here
Record: 4-2-0-0, $13,125
4, Mea, $20,000, Pace, *F&M PREFERRED HANDICAP*
P.P.1-7 DRAWN; 8 ASSIGNED, 26.3, 56.4, 1:24.2, 1:52.4,
Ali Rush (m, 8, Dragon Again--Alicrombie, by
Abercrombie) O-Jessica Hensley. B-Thomas B Cave.
T-Darren Taneyhill. D-Brett Miller, $10,000, Lifetime
Record: 145-23-23-25, $285,300
8, Mea, $11,250, Trot, ***THE KEN WEAVER MEMORIAL
2013 (PA OWNED OR SIRED), M, 28.2, 59.3, 1:28.0,
1:57.4, FT
September Hall (h, 4, Andover Hall--September
Hanover, by Donerail), $5,000 2010 LEX-SEL O-Mario F
Caponi. B-Reve Avec Moi Dreamwithme, CA. T-Bruce
Riegle. D-Brett Miller, $5,625, Lifetime Record: 19-3-2-4,
14, Mea, $11,250, Trot, ***THE KEN WEAVER
Thursday’s Results
1, 2013 (PA OWNED OR SIRED), 29.4, 1:01.1, 1:30.1,
2, M, $12,500, Pace, RAGS TO RICHES 3 Year Olds & Up
1:59.3, FT
Starters For a Base Claiming Price of $10,000 or Less Once Pounce K (c, 3, Donato Hanover--Key's La Nina, by
in Last 4 Starts Up to & Including 2/15/2013 2nd Leg, M,
Bj's Mac) O/B-Robert J Key. T-Charlie Norris. D-Charlie
26.3, 56.2, 1:25.4, 1:53.3, FT
Norris, $5,625, Lifetime Record: 15-3-1-1, $24,657
Hopskipanajump (g, 5, Royal Art--Hoptuit Hanover, by
Kentucky Spur) O-Michael Calimeri. B-Rufus J Troyer.
Tuesday’s Results
T-Lisa Zabielski. D-David Miller, $6,250, Lifetime Record:
1, Mea, $11,250, Pace, *** THE WALTER RUSSELL
83-16-8-11, $97,734.
To view replay click here
1, 2013 (PA OWNED OR SIRED), 28.0, 58.0, 1:25.4,
6, M, $12,500, Pace, RAGS TO RICHES 3 Year Olds & Up
1:55.3, GD
Starters For a Base Claiming Price of $10,000 or Less Once Gary's Party (g, 4, Party At Artsplace--Nice'n Big, by
in Last 4 Starts Up to & Including 2/15/2013 2nd Leg, M,
Big Towner) O-Randall B Bendis & Thomas J Pollack.
26.2, 56.0, 1:25.0, 1:52.2, FT
B-Mary Lea Jeffers. T-Randy Bendis. D-Aaron Merriman,
Cane Ridge (g, 7, Cambest--Camus, by Artsplace),
$5,625, Lifetime Record: 23-6-5-3, $28,974
$30,000 2007 SHS-HBG O-Darius P Oshidar. B-Walnut Hall
Limited. T-Doug Dilloian Jr. D-Yannick Gingras, $6,250,
10, Mea, $11,250, Pace, *** THE WALTER RUSSELL
Lifetime Record: 101-13-20-12, $199,956
To view replay click here
1, 2013 (PA OWNED OR SIRED), 27.1, 57.3, 1:26.0,
1:55.3, GD
Backdraft Hanover (g, 3, Yankee Cruiser--Bearnaise
Hanover, by The Panderosa), $6,500 2011 ADIOS
O-Curran Racing LLC. B-Hanover Shoe Farms Inc.
T-Raymond Simms. D-Eric Ledford, $5,625, Lifetime
Monday’s Results
Record: 10-2-3-1, $16,054
1, Mea, $11,250, Trot, ***THE KEN WEAVER MEMORIAL
TROT*** LC- 3 & 4YO C&G TROT - 2ND LEG NW $25,000
14, Mea, $11,250, Pace, *** THE WALTER RUSSELL
OWNED OR SIRED), 28.0, 58.3, 1:26.4, 1:57.3, FT
Nf Notebook (g, 4, Like A Prayer--Nf Notable, by Conway 1, 2013 (PA OWNED OR SIRED), 28.2, 57.4, 1:26.0,
Hall), $4,200 2010 BRDS-SEL O-Dale B Wareham. B-John 1:54.3, GD
P Hurtgen. T-Kris Rickert. D-Tony Hall, $5,625, Lifetime
Up Front Dan (g, 4, Dragon Again--She's A Daisy, by
• 3/15/13 PAGE 8 of 9
Jenna's Beach Boy), $100,000 2010 LEX-SEL O-Burke
Racing Stable LLC & Weaver Bruscemi LLC & C Ed
Mullinax. B-C Ed Mullinax & Susanne Jackson. T-Ron Burke.
D-Dave Palone, $5,625, Lifetime Record: 13-2-3-2, $23,152
Saturday’s Results
12, YR, $24,000, Pace, NON-WINNERS OF $25,000 IN
LAST 6 STARTS, 27.3, 56.0, 1:24.2, 1:53.3, FT
Modern Day Clyde (g, 5, Bonnie And Clyde--Ashlee
Wednesday’s Results
Lyn, by Beach Towel) O-Danbry Racing Inc. B-Winbak
11, Phl, $40,000, Pace, Fillies & Mares Open Handicap Post Farm. T-Rosemary Smutz. D-Brian Sears, $12,000,
1-4 Draw Post 5 Assigned, 28.0, 57.0, 1:24.4, 1:53.1, FT
Lifetime Record: 55-15-12-9, $189,704
1-Alexachase (m, 5, Bettor's Delight--Jett Away, by
Dream Away) O-Johnny & Kimberley I Waite. B-Rodney
Monday’s Results
Mitchell Inc. T-Donald Brittingham. D-Bret Brittingham,
1, YR, $12,500, Pace, PETTICOAT SERIES 3&4 YEAR
$20,000, Lifetime Record: 60-20-10-7, $288,444
2-Jeremes Sweetheart (m, 4, Jereme's Jet--Fox Valley
58.1, 1:26.1, 1:54.4, FT
Evanna, by Incredible Finale), $92,000 2010 LEX-SEL
Apach Of Luck (m, 4, Camluck--Exonerated, by
O-Wm Kenneth Wood & William J Dittmar Jr & Stephen J
Apaches Fame) O-Burke Racing Stable LLC & Weaver
Iaquinta. B-Jeff S Jones. T-Eric Ell. D-Geo. Napolitano Jr,
Bruscemi LLC & Howard A Taylor. B-Doug B & Dennis B
Belan, CA & Brian G Fitzgerald, CA. T-Ron Burke. D-Matt
3-Royal Cee Cee N (m, 7, Christian Cullen--Royal Van, by
Kakaley, $6,250, Lifetime Record: 40-4-6-6, $89,490
Sokys Atom) O-Mark A Harder. B-P K Brand, NZ. T-Mark
Harder. D-Ron Pierce, $4,800
4, YR, $12,500, Pace, PETTICOAT SERIES 3&4 YEAR
Calls: 2Q, 1H, 1Q, 1, Q
Finish Order: Ooh Bad Shark, Foxy Lady
57.4, 1:28.0, 1:57.2, FT
Upfrontwhosurlady (f, 3, Whosurboy--Western Shuffle,
Thursday’s Results
by Western Hanover) O-Up Front Racing LLC. B-Wayne
5, Phl, $20,000, Trot, NW $17,500 in Last 5 Starts AE: NW 9 A Shaffer III & Wayne A Shaffer Jr & Jacob R Ramsburg.
Ext. PM Races or $90,000 Lifetime, 28.1, 58.4, 1:28.1,
T-Mark Ford. D-Mark Macdonald, $6,250, Lifetime Record:
1:56.3, FT
15-3-3-2, $53,766
Zitomira (m, 8, Donerail--Pinestruction, by Pine Chip),
$6,000 2006 NJ-CL O-Jacqueline M Ingrassia. B-Dr John M 6, YR, $12,500, Pace, PETTICOAT SERIES 3&4 YEAR
Egloff & Arden Homestead Stable. T-Frank Ingrassia.
D-Jacqueline Ingrassia, $10,000, Lifetime Record:
58.2, 1:27.0, 1:55.0, FT
142-24-21-27, $494,971. To view replay click here
Fast And Fiesty (m, 4, Allamerican Native--Buddy's
Gal, by Bettor's Delight), $20,000 2010 SHS-HBG
O-Edward A Bardowski & Thomas W Fanning. B-Hanover
Shoe Farms Inc. T-Tom Fanning. D-Brian Sears, $6,250,
Lifetime Record: 15-7-2-2, $51,590
Monday’s Results
8, Wdb. $34,000, Trot. Preferred. 27.1, 57.2, 1:26.2, 1:41.1, 7, YR, $12,500, Pace, PETTICOAT SERIES 3&4 YEAR
1:55.4 SY
Frenchfrysnvinegar (m,8 - Angus Hall-Gugus-Fool Me
57.4, 1:26.4, 1:54.4, FT
Not) O-David Smith. B-David Smith & Big Al’s Stable. T-Jeff
Lady's Art (m, 4, Art Major--Lady Matawai N, by
Gillis. D-Jody Jamieson, $17,000. Lifetime Record: 139-32Tuapeka Knight) O-Kenneth M Seastrom & James L
24-18, $1,066,488
Kouretas. B-James L Kouretas & Kenneth M Seastrom.
T-Ed Lohmeyer. D-Brian Sears, $6,250, Lifetime Record:
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25-9-5-2, $46,033
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10, YR, $20,000, Pace, CLAIMING ALLOWANCE $40,000 /
$50,000 HANDICAP 3 YO 50%, 4 YO 25%, F&M 20%, 28.0,
57.1, 1:25.3, 1:53.2, FT
Curator (g, 5, American Ideal--Gallery Hop, by Artsplace),
$40,000 2009 LEX-SEL O-Jack Darling Stables LTD, CA.
B-Brittany Farms. T-Andrew Harris. D-Brian Sears, $10,000,
Lifetime Record: 41-15-4-8, $174,630
Tuesday’s Results
4, YR, $12,500, Pace, SAGAMORE HILL SERIES 3&4
DIVISION, 28.0, 58.1, 1:26.4, 1:56.0, SY
A Bettor World (c, 3, Bettor's Delight--Color Me Beachy,
by Jenna's Beach Boy), $40,000 2011 SHS-HBG O-J&T
Silva Stables, LLC & Kenneth R Tucci. B-Twinbrook Limited,
CA & Dr David C Goodrow, CA. T-Aaron Lambert. D-George
Brennan, $6,250, Lifetime Record: 11-3-1-2, $41,640
6, YR, $12,500, Pace, SAGAMORE HILL SERIES 3&4
DIVISION, 27.2, 56.4, 1:25.2, 1:55.2, SY
Hope Blue Chip (h, 4, Art Major--Pw Spare, by No Pan
Intended), $85,000 2010 SHS-HBG O-Richard J Banca.
B-Blue Chip Bloodstock Inc. T-Richard Banca. D-Larry
Stalbaum, $6,250, Lifetime Record: 31-7-1-6, $52,215
7, YR, $12,500, Pace, SAGAMORE HILL SERIES 3&4
DIVISION, 27.4, 57.4, 1:27.0, 1:56.2, SY
Trip Hanover (g, 4, Art Major--Twin B Beachbaby, by The
Panderosa), $90,000 2010 SHS-HBG O-Gilberto
Garcia-Herrera & Donald G & Barbara D Arnstine.
B-Hanover Shoe Farms Inc. T-Gilbert Garcia-Herrera.
D-George Brennan, $6,250, Lifetime Record: 28-4-4-3,
8, YR, $12,500, Pace, SAGAMORE HILL SERIES 3&4
DIVISION, 28.4, 59.1, 1:28.3, 1:56.3, SY
One Through Ten (h, 4, Four Starzzz Shark--Gothic Lady,
by Abercrombie), $100,000 2010 LEX-SEL O-W J Donovan
& Jim Winske & Milton J Leeman & Stephen G Michaels.
B-Brittany Farms & Brian P Monieson Revtrust. T-R. Nifty
Norman. D-David Miller, $6,250, Lifetime Record: 32-6-8-3,
9, YR, $12,500, Pace, SAGAMORE HILL SERIES 3&4
DIVISION, 28.0, 58.4, 1:27.4, 1:56.4, SY
Casimir Longshot (g, 4, Sir Luck--Its About Timing, by
Pacific Rocket), $4,000 2010 CAN-YS O-Richard A Ashley
& C Michael Cain. B-Casimir Stables, CA. T-Joseph
Hundertpfund Jr. D-George Brennan, $6,250, Lifetime
Record: 27-12-7-0, $76,671
10, YR, $12,500, Pace, SAGAMORE HILL SERIES 3&4
DIVISION, 28.0, 57.3, 1:26.0, 1:55.0, SY
Arts Ideal Hanover (g, 4, American Ideal--Art's Lady
Diana, by Artiscape), $75,000 2010 SHS-HBG O-Todd A
Rosenberg & Kathleen L Tufano. B-Hanover Shoe Farms
Inc. T-Thomas Milici. D-Daniel Dube, $6,250, Lifetime
Record: 22-5-3-1, $59,745
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