LPC Law Quiz Night



LPC Law Quiz Night
Autumn 2014
LPC Quiz Night 2014 saw the return of veteran quiz
team; ‘A Real Prospect of Success’ led by exceptional
team captain Charlotte Walker, gunning for a third
successive victory and hoping to become the most
decorated team in the history of the much coveted LPC
Law pub quiz title.
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LPC Law Quiz Night
Walker’s team, unchanged from the previous year, faced
stiff opposition from an array of newly formed teams
hoping to create their very own slice of history by taking
the quiz behemoths down a peg or two.
A new venue, with a record number of participants, left
the other teams expectant of walking away with the
much anticipated bottles of champagne for 1st prize.
As expected, the bookies favourites stole the show once
again with a convincing victory for yet another year.
Wooden spoon winners ‘No Swain, No Gain’ led by Alex
Othon (NB. This has been confirmed by the referee)
were the biggest disappointment of the night, however
excessive alcohol consumption and over-eating (of the
delicious platters of cold meats) at half time
may be to blame for such a shocking last
place finish.
‘A Real Prospect of Success’ - Charlotte Walker, Jaine
Gilmore, James Millard, Charles Sinclair & Freddie
Farncombe joined by quizmasters Dekel Yehezkel and
Tony Crowder
Quizeteers’ Daniel Malynn,
Piyush Patel - Accounts Administrator
Leila Chaker &
Sarah Irwin
‘Pints Mean
Prizes’ - Henry
Dickson, Jono
Hasson, Luke
Gibson, Ben
‘You’re A Quizzard, Harry’ - Chris Green, Andrew
Doyle & Lara
Morgan, Ben Wooldridge, Amrit Bachu & Antonia Halker
‘Another Drink
While We Think’
- Piyush Patel,
Sophie Wilson,
Ros Wilson,
‘Court Short’ - Laura Adcock, Steve Jones,
Emma Foot & Abi
Louise Ndure & Martin McGann
‘Sex, Drugs &
Sausage Rolls’ Patrick Le Bas,
Lettica Phillips,
‘No Swain, No Gain’ - Alex Othon, Deanna Ozal,
Melissa Dodd, Paul Luukas & Alex Swain
Javaherian &
Daniel McCarthy