Lecture Series Flyer pdf



Lecture Series Flyer pdf
Blackstone’s Grill
531 South Saginaw Street
Flint MI (810) 234-9011
Mott Community College
104 West Caroline Street
Fenton MI (810) 629-8882
2016-2017 Lecture Series
Fenton Hotel
302 North Leroy Street
Fenton MI (810) 750-9463
Friday Applewood
Fenton House Restaurant
413 South Leroy Street
Fenton MI (810) 629-0661
Flint Community Players
2462 South Ballenger Highway
Flint MI (810) 235-6963
Flint Institute of Arts
1120 East Kearsley Street
Flint MI (810) 234-1695
Flint Institute of Music
1025 East Kearsley Street
Flint MI (810) 238-1350
Bishop International
G-3425 West Bristol Rd
Flint, MI (810) 235-6560
The Laundry
125 West Shiawassee Avenue
Fenton MI (810) 629-8852
Mott Community Education
550 Lake Drive, Suite A
Lapeer, MI 48446
Great Harvest Bread Company
252 Perry Road #C,
Grand Blanc MI (810) 953-1197
MCC Regional Technology Center
Auditorium (RTC 1005)
(Off Robert T. Longway Blvd.)
Flint, MI 48503
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The NCG Trillium Cinema
8220 Trillium Circle Avenue
Grand Blanc MI (810) 695-5000
Vogt’s Flowers
728 Garland Street,
Flint MI (810) 238-6487
WoJo’s Garden Splendors
7360 East Court Street,
Davison MI (810) 658-9221
Register by phone at (810) 762-0960 or mail form to Mott Community Education, 550 Lake Dr., Suite A, Lapeer, MI 48446
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Flint, MI
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Friday Applewood
Lecture Series
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2016-2017 Lecture Series
q September 16: Flint Theatre Organ & Former
University of Michigan Quarterback
q October 14: Flint Community Players & Flint
Serenity House
q November 18: Michigan State Police - Human
q December 16: Genesee County Senior Millage
q January 20: Global Warming - A Contrarian View
point & U.S. Marshall Program
q February 17: The Waiting Place
q March 17: The Detroit V.A. Health Care System
q April 21: WJRT Anchor and Reporter
q May 19: A Street of Dreams
Events will be held at the
MCC Regional Technology Center
September 16, 2016
Dr. Quincy Dobbs - Flint Theatre
And Steve Smith – Former
University of Michigan Quarterback
One of the Flint Institute of Music’s most
majestic instruments is the Flint Theatre
Organ, which came from the Capitol Theatre
in Flint, where it provided music for silent
movies in the 1920’s and early 30’s. Hear Dr.
Quincy Dobbs, President of the Flint Theatre
Organ Club, talk about the history of this
90-year-old pipe organ.
Steve Smith is a former great football player
at both Swartz Creek and Grand Blanc High
Schools. As a senior, he won both All-State
and All-American honors. He then went on to
have great success for the Wolverines as their
quarterback from 1981-83. He threw over
4,800 yards, had 42 touchdown passes, ran
the ball for over 1,800 yards, and 31 rushing
touchdowns. He went on to play
professionally in the Canadian Football League
for Montreal and Ottawa. Hear what he has to
say about his wonderful football career.
October 14, 2016
Mrs. Nancy Szikszay - Flint
Community Players
And Tara Moreno – Flint Serenity
The Flint Community Players have been very
generous to our speaker program by
providing free gift certificates to their
performances over several decades. Tom
Nobles represented them so very well and
came to our monthly programs to hand out the
free tickets to our seniors. He was an
outstanding man who enjoyed Friday’s at
Applewood. Tom’s daughter, Mrs. Nancy
Szikszay, has continued to see to it that our
seniors are still receiving these gift
certificates and she will speak about the
Players and the role her parents (Tom & Bea)
played in that great organization.
Tara Moreno, Founder and Executive
Director of the Serenity House of Flint, saw a
need for holistic medicine in the current
recovery model, after she spent five years
using conventional recovery methods,
including therapists, doctors, and 12-step
meetings. When Ms. Moreno found holistic
medicine, her overall wellness skyrocketed.
Once on a plethora of medication, she was
able to stop the use altogether with nutrition,
energy medicine (Reiki), acupuncture,
meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga. As
the use of prescription medications increases
exponentially, the Serenity House of Flint’s
mission is to inform the public on holistic
ways to heal from addiction and other
November 18, 2016
Steve Kramer – Michigan State Police –
Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking is modern-day slavery.
Force, fraud, and coercion are methods used
to control young people to elicit commercial
sexual acts, labor or service. Sex Trafficking is
conducted through brothels, escort services,
fake massage businesses, and strip clubs.
Human trafficking takes place in all 50 states
and Washington D.C. It is a highly lucrative
trade. Here in Michigan, the National Human
Trafficking Resource Center states that as of
June 30, 2015 they had received 290 calls and
81 human trafficking case reports for 2015
alone. Since 2007 there have been 1,969 calls
and 483 cases in Michigan. A report
recently came out that said Michigan is #2 in
the nation for Human Trafficking. Hear what
Mr. Kramer has to say about the involvement
of the Michigan State Police with this
horrendous problem.
December 16, 2016
Lynn M. Radzilowski – Genesee County
Senior Millage
Ms. Radzilowski is the Senior Services Director
for Genesee County. She presides over the effort
to improve the health, safety, and quality of life
for all seniors in Genesee County. Her office
oversees the senior millage dollars provided to
all area senior centers and contracted service
providers to ensure both quality services and
programming are available for our senior
January 20, 2017
Dr. Mike Heberling – Global Warming
– A Contrarian Viewpoint
And Warren Henson – U.S. Marshall
There has been a barrage of gloom and doom
associated with Global Warming, also known
as Climate Change. The news media,
environmentalists, and politicians tell us that
this is the most pressing issue we are facing. If
this is such an absolute certainty, why does it
seem necessary to shut down the debate on the
subject? This presentation will address
GlobalWarming/Climate Change from a
perspective that is rarely heard, or allowed.
Warren Henson will be speaking about the
areas that the U.S. Marshall Program focuses
on. Learn about what they do, what training is
required to become a U.S. Marshall, and
involvements that he thinks would be of
interest to us.
Feb 17, 2017
Eileen Button – The Waiting Place
We all spend precious time just waiting. We
wait in traffic, grocery store lines, and carpool
circles. We wait to grow up, for true love, and
for our children to be born. We even wait to
die. While we work hard at this business of
living, life can sometimes feel like one very
long, boring meeting. Even today, with instant
gratification at our techno-laced fingertips, we
cannot escape The Waiting Place. Somehow, in
between our texting and tweeting, and living
and dying we end up there again, and again.
Eileen will discuss her new perspectives on
The Waiting Place and will tell of the beauty
and humor that she has found hiding in its
dusty corners.
March 17, 2017
Lisa Olney – The Detroit V.A. Health
Care System
Lisa is a public affairs officer, who will discuss
what the Detroit V.A. system does for our
Veterans and the benefits available to them and
their families. Hear about the V.A. strengths,
weaknesses, and efforts to improve services to
this incredibly deserving group of people who
have served the United States so very well.
April 21, 2017
Dawn Jones – WJRT Anchor and
Dawn is a longtime, well-known
anchor/reporter for Flint’s channel 12 (WJRT).
She has a personable, highly effective style and
is a trusted member of the media. She will
discuss her career and the topic of
journalism, as well as her chosen career of
television broadcasting.
May 19, 2017
Len Thomas – A Street of Dreams
Len is a wonderful speaker who has been a
good friend to Friday’s at Applewood. He has
spoken to our seniors many times over the
years, and always does a superb job. This time
his topic will be the history of East
Kearsley Street. Kearsley Street is one of the
most famous streets in Flint. He will discuss
the history of many of the houses and talk
about the famous people who have lived in
these homes.