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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
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A Message from Angie
Hougen – President, Los
Angeles Theatre Organ
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Quote of the Month
Membership Meeting and
Open Console. Dec. 7 at
the Paramount Iceland Rink
Page 3:
Jelani Eddington and
Frederick Hodges in
Concert at the Old Town
Music Hall in El Segundo
Jelani Eddington
Presentation & Workshop
at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre
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So. California OrganRelated Events
LATOS Board Members
Photo of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles by Tony Wilson
Photo of the Menorah from the Roy Lindman Temple
A Message from Angie Hougen
President, Los Angeles Theatre Organ Society
During this time of merry making and festivities with family and friends, I am
reminded of the Charles Dickens quote, "Reflect upon your present blessingsof which every man has many - and not of your past misfortunes, of which all
men have some". As I recall my personal highlights of 2014, it is not surprising
how many moments are due to my involvement with LATOS. From our
remarkable afternoon of music at the Wilshire Ebell to sharing stories and
laughter with old and new friends, we can close this year by reveling in the fact
that music makes us closer, and the sound of the pipe organ can warm our
hearts and raise our musical spirits.
Our hard work in upgrading and maintaining the organs, and building
relationships with our venues was very rewarding in 2014. We held several
open consoles at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, the Old Town Music Hall, as well
Visit Us at www.LATOS.org
A Message from Angie Hougen, President, LATOS, continued:
Membership Meeting & Open Console
as the upcoming event at the Paramount Iceland
rink. The open consoles have given us the chance 6pm to 7:30pm on December 7
to socialize with fellow members, and introduce Paramount Iceland Ice Skating
ourselves to the members of the Ebell as well. 8041 Jackson Street, Paramount, CA 90723
The most rewarding part to me is that the vast
majority of our new members are players, and the
open consoles are what brought them into the
LATOS family. I am also happy to say that more
than half our new members are under 25 years
old. It is gratifying to hear and meet the next
generation of organists and enthusiasts. It has
been a delightful year. So yes, we will continue to
bring you as many open consoles as our schedule
will allow, and hopefully in new venues as well.
I have been very fortunate to have Mark Herman
and Tony Wilson join our board of directors this
year. We have a full contingency of nine board
members, and each has made LATOS a better
place with their unique talents and abilities. I feel
a deep debt of gratitude to each of our board
members. They are tireless workers who have
LATOS' best interest at heart, and donate
hundreds of hours to maintaining our amazing
instruments, and attending to the never ending
stream of details that go into our membership
events. Thank you Bill, Don, Dorsey, Henry,
Mark, Shirley, Steve, Tony, and Bob Kambeitz,
our Membership Director.
We all choose to belong to LATOS for different
reasons, and that variety helps us have a strong,
passionate, varied membership. Thank you for
your continued support. Whether you make the
trek to attend one of our events, or simply keep
LATOS in your hearts and thoughts, I truly value
your participation. It has been a true honor to
serve as President this year. I hope this season
finds you content and happy, and best wishes for
a joyous year ahead.
Angie Hougen
Paramount Iceland Wurlitzer in its Loft Photo by JamesGralian.com
This is a quick reminder about the upcoming
Membership Meeting and Open Console. LATOS
and FOTO's are encouraged to RSVP so that we
can plan adequate seating and refreshments at
the rink. Please RSVP to [email protected]
We will be able to enjoy the hospitality of Iceland
from 6:00pm to 7:30PM. Be sure to bring a
sweater, jacket or something warm (in case)
since you will be at an ice rink.
Reservations for the Open Console are currently
full. If anyone would like to be added to the waiting
list, contact [email protected]et
The ”Plan of the Day”:
 4:00pm to 5:30pm: (Optional) no host premeeting supper at Sizzler's on 10315 Lakewood
Bl. in Downey. Please RSVP with the number in
your party, so we can plan with the restaurant.
 6:00pm: Open Console followed by a short recital
by Bill Campbell that you are sure to enjoy! Bill
plays the Iceland Wurlitzer regularly.
President, Los Angeles Theatre Organ Society
 7:15pm: Membership Meeting
Quote of the Month
The Los Angeles Theatre Organ Society thanks
the owners and staff of the Paramount Iceland
skating rink for their hospitality.
“Music expresses that which cannot be
put into words and that which cannot
remain silent.”
Victor Hugo
The Organ Log – December, 2014
For complete information on this event: Please
refer to the November issue of The Organ Log, or
visit www.LATOS.org
We’ll see you there!
Jelani Eddington
and Frederick Hodges in Concert
Jelani Eddington
Presentation and Workshop
7:30pm, Sunday, January 11, 2015
11:00am, Monday, January 12, 2015
at the Old Town Music Hall
Tentatively Scheduled for the Wilshire Ebell Theatre
140 Richmond Street, El Segundo, CA 90245
Jelani will begin with a short presentation geared
toward LATOS Members and FOTOs and the
Ladies of the Ebell. The subject will be "How does
that thing work?” Jelani will explain interesting
facts and terms about the theatre pipe organ using the LATOS Barton organ at the Ebell to
demonstrate his points. As part of this engaging
and fun presentation, Jelani will play a few
selections to show LATOS members and the
Ladies of the Ebell what a gem the organ is. The
presentation will end with a short question and
answer period. Then we will take a short break.
The Ladies of the Ebell can leave at this time, or
come back after the break to observe the
Jelani Eddington (left) and Frederick Hodges (right).
We will continue with a workshop where Members
and FOTOs who sign up will play a specific piece
that they’ve prepared, and then receive positive
and constructive insight and tips from Jelani
afterwards to help to develop their selection.
Each member will be at the console for 10 to 15
minutes (with instruction). There will probably be
a couple of short sections where Jelani covers
certain topics with demonstration. The workshop
session will be 60 to 90 minutes long depending
on membership participation.
Of course, we all know Jelani for his wonderful
concert performances for LATOS and the Old
Town Music Hall. During the years that Jelani
Eddington has given concerts, he has easily
established himself as one of the most prominent
and sought-after artists on the concert circuit.
Jelani has performed in most of the major concert
venues throughout the United States, has toured LATOS Members, FOTOs and the Ladies of the
extensively abroad, and has received numerous Ebell can attend and observe any and all of this
engaging event. Those who wish to actively
awards and recognitions.
participate in the workshop will need to send
This will be a wonderful opportunity to see Jelani an RSVP email to [email protected]
perform on the mighty Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ ASAP, and on the day of the workshop, they will
along with Frederick Hodges on the Bosendorfer be expected to bring a copy of their music for
concert grand in the intimate surroundings of the Jelani to reference while they play. We are still
Old Town Music Hall.
You will enjoy two working with Jelani Eddington to determine the
phenomenal performers in one great show number of active participants.
featuring favorite songs from Broadway and
Hollywood -- as well as the West Coast Premiere If we cannot secure the date at the Ebell (unlikely
of an original duet arrangement of Rhapsody in but remotely possible), we will conduct the workshop
Blue for piano and organ.
section at the Old Town Music Hall (time TBD).
Admission is $20 (cash or check only), and Visit LATOS.org to follow the progress of this
reservations are recommended.
event, and look for more details in the January
Visit oldtownmusichall.org/concerts.html for info. issue of The Organ Log.
The Organ Log – December, 2014
P.O. Box 6083
Woodland Hills, CA 91365-6083
Southern California Organ Related Events
December 7, 2014 – Sunday, 6pm to 7:30pm: Membership Meeting and Open Console at the Historic
Paramount Iceland ice skating rink. See Page 2 in this issue.
January 11, 2015 – Sunday at 7:30pm: Jelani Eddington & Frederick Hodges at the Old Town Music Hall. See Page 3.
January 12, 2015 – Monday, 11am (tentative): Presentation & Workshop by Jelani Eddington for LATOS
Members & FOTOs with a special invite to the Ladies of the Ebell. See Page 3.
February 21, 2015 – Saturday: Silent Movie Show at South Pasadena High School with Dave Moreno at
LATOS’ mighty Wurlitzer. Look for details in upcoming issues of The Organ Log and online at www.LATOS.org
ONGOING: Concerts, Movies & Shows at the Old Town Music Hall, 140 Richmond Street, El Segundo. Many shows feature
the 4-manual theatre pipe organ. Call (310) 322-2592 (recorded info) or visit http://www.oldtownmusichall.org
ONGOING: The Organ Grinders every 2nd Sunday of the month at 2:00pm. Open console on a Hammond Elegante (also a
volunteer pot-luck). Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1757 North Lake Ave., Pasadena, in the "Lawrence Chapel" (not in
main sanctuary). Free parking in the rear. Contact Elly Reitz 626-281-3311 for more info.
LATOS Board Members
President & Chair: Angie Hougen
Vice President: Henry Hunt
Secretary: Shirley Burt
Treasurer: Don Near
Bill Campbell
Dorsey Caldwell: 626-798-1820
Steve Asimow: 818-240-9825
Mark Herman
Tony Wilson
Visit www.LATOS.org for committee & other board member contact info including email messaging.