Pets on the GO!



Pets on the GO!
Pets on the GO!
By Suzi Harkola
Did you know? 45.6 million US households
have dogs – that’s 39% of the country’s
population! Of those, 78% travel with
them, and 61% travel more than 50 miles
with their pets annually. And that doesn’t
even factor in the number of families with
cats who may be moving cross-country
with their favorite feline. If you feel guilty
about leaving your pet behind you’re not
alone – 43% of travelers are in the same
state of mind.
he #1 reason? It’s a hassle. Besides the potential extra
expense, there are barriers at most hotels and airlines.
Here are just a few tips and products that can make
traveling, or even relocating, with your pets easier.
A cautionary note is necessary here. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says that 6,000 people per year are
killed due to distracted driving. While texting is the leading
cause, it is also clear that our dogs or cats are sometimes
part of the problem. Carriers for cats and seat belt restraints
or crates for dogs should be part of a travel routine with your
Tip #1: Always check in advance with hotels and airlines (or
even condo rental associations) for pet policies. Never assume that your beloved Mojo will be welcome.
Another tip: Make sure you have every step of your trip preplanned, including places for exercise breaks along the way.
Murphy’s law might surface here, but at least you are relatively equipped to deal with it.
Always bring along plenty of supplies (think “diaper bag
items”), including a favorite toy or bed. Anything with the
scent of “home” will make your pet more relaxed. Plenty of
water from home or bottled water and regular food and treats
will also help along the way.
Bring records of immunizations. Most people forget to
do this, but if there’s an accident or the animal becomes ill,
it’s important to have medical records.
With products such as My Pet2Go kits, travel becomes
much more enjoyable for all involved. The kits are ecologically friendly, collapsible and sent in a UPS mailer. The
packages are all-inclusive, with sleek, well-designed lines.
Kitty2Go and Puppy2Go offer comfort for your pet, convenience for you and happy traveling for all. The products
are made in America and are, of course, eco-friendly. Visit
Take the Anxiety Out of Travel
Many dogs get queasy or nervous at the sight of a travel
crate, and can experience restlessness, drooling, panting,
whimpering, nausea or vomiting as a result of the anxiety. Pet
owners who have been using Travel Calm™ all-natural mist
from Earth Heart™ Inc. are finding relief for their dogs and a
more positive travel experience for the whole family.
Travel Calm™ is formulated with all natural ingredients
including pure essential oil of ginger, a proven remedy for
stomach upset. Just mist directly onto a dog’s crate bedding
or clothing, inside the car, or rub onto their outer ears and
abdomen. It won’t stain or leave a sticky residue on materials or fur, and can be used with puppies as young as eight
weeks. Visit the Earth Heart website at
Getting There
To protect your vehicle’s interior and your dog, check out
products from Classic Accessories. These include quick-fit
bucket or bench seat covers, deluxe travel mats, vehicle
door protector, rear seat protector, folding pet travel bed,
food and hydration pack. Contact
On the Road
You’ll want to keep your pet hydrated, whether for a couple
of hours on the road or several days. Buddy Bowl is a spillproof pet water bowl. Visit
The To Go Bowl is another option. It fits in your car’s cup
holder and is splash-free, with compartments for both water
and treats or dry food. Visit their website at furrytravelers.
Just another Dog Day Afternoon
Taking your dog to the beach, the park, on a long road trip
or just hanging out at home, your canine friend might enjoy
PetPop. This 100% natural Australian water has no chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial colors. Visit
Claim Your Space
Here’s a tip from Cesar Millan, the Discovery Channel’s Dog
Whisperer™: “When staying at a hotel, enter the hotel room
before your dog. Instruct the dog to stay where he is. Don’t
let him wander around or he’ll assume control of the situation. While unpacking, showering or making phone calls, he
is waiting. The only one who should move in the environment is you – until you are ready, then you initiate activity.
It’s important that your scent is everywhere before the dog
settles in.”
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Leaving on a Jet Plane?
While some airlines (Delta, JetBlue and Frontier, for example) are becoming more pet-friendly, the cost and risk
of flying with pets has increased. Be sure to do your homework. Choose the right carrier and book early, understand
their requirements in full so you know if your pet will be
allowed in the passenger section or relegated to the baggage
compartment and at what point the heat there might make
it untenable to accept any animals. Prepare your pet as best
you can, perhaps with sedation, either herbal or pharmaceutical. Finally, be ready for a last-minute change in the airline’s protocol. Have a back-up plan with someone who can
care for your pet while you are gone, as long as necessary.
You might also want to check out check out Pet Airways, a
pet-only flight service to a few selected locations.
Traveling with your pet can be a great experience if you’re
one step ahead of the game.
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