Snímka 1



Snímka 1
Scientific center:
• Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of
Sciences, Tatranská Lomnica + mountain
observatories Skalnaté Pleso and Lomnický štít
• Comenius University, Faculty of Mathematic,
Physics and Informatics + Modra observatory
• University of P. J. Šafárik in Košice, Faculty of
Natural Sciences
Other institutions:
No. of public observatories: 18
No. of planetaria: 6
No. of astronomical cabinets: 10
Slovak Central Observatory (left)
1-meter telescope at Kolonica observatory (right)
Chairmen of the Slovak and Czech IYA 2009
organizing committees Dr. D. Chochol (also the
SPoC of Slovakia) and Dr. J. Grygar (right) at the
IYA 2009 Opening ceremony in Paris (January
15, 2009).
Institutions for astronomical and astrophysical research and public outreach in Slovakia that
cover multiple activities linked with IYA 2009.
Locations of astronomical facilities in Slovakia (for detail see
IYA 2009 Opening ceremony in Slovakia at the
House of Arts in Košice on the occasion of the
New Year’s concert on January 15, 2009. From
left to right: prof. Dr. Š. Luby – chairman of the
SAS; J. Klein – director of the Slovak philharmonic orchestra; Dr. J. Svoreň – director of the
AI SAS; Dr. B. Peťko from SAS Košice.
Observatory Skalnaté Pleso (left, 1786 m.a.s.l.) and Coronal station at
Lomnický Štít (2632 m.a.s.l.) are also used for open door activities of the
AI SAS for the visitors of High Tatras.
The first Slovak Orloj (astronomical clock) located in the village Stará Bystrica (near
Kysucké Nové Mesto), inaugurated on July 18, 2009.
Image credit: © Byzant, Lea Lovišková, 2009
Journal for youngest children Vrabček (Little Sparrow) promoting the IYA 2009 (left and
center). December 2008 issue of the popular astronomical journal KOZMOS (right) promoted
the IYA 2009 for general public. The cover features the enhanced image of the solar corona
taken during the solar eclipse (August 2008) in Mongolia by the Slovak astronomer V. Rušin
with collaborators from the Czech Republic and Germany.
Maps of the light pollution in Europe and
Slovakia (top left) and brochures spread
the initiative among people to help
preserve the night sky for future
Group photo of the participants of the Teachers’ workshop
(April 23-25, 2009). Seven professional astronomers presented
astronomical lectures for 60 selected teachers of the primary and
secondary schools from Slovakia.
Graphic Design: Ľ. Hambálek
The finalists and organizers of the National Astronomy
Olympiad 2009, held on the occasion of the IYA 2009 and 50th
anniversary of Slovak Astronomical Society. 118 pupils (aged
11–14) and students (aged 15–18) were participating. 7 pupils
and 11 students competed as finalists. Three winners will
represent Slovakia at the International Olympiad of Astronomy
and Astrophysics, which will be held in Iran in October 2009.
The IYA 2009 posters issued by the Slovak Astronomical
Society and the Slovak Central Observatory in Hurbanovo. They
are surrounded by 8 astronomical posters for schools issued by
AI SAS: Solar System today, Solar atmosphere and active
events, Solar interior, Moon – the Earth companion, Galaxies –
cornerstones of the Universe, Origin and evolution of the
Universe, Recent astronomical instruments, Recent methods of
astronomical research. All of them are available in electronic
Co-organizers of events: Astronomical Institute of Slovak
Academy of Sciences, Union of Slovak Amateur
Astronomers, Slovak Astronomical Society, Slovak Central
Observatory in Hurbanovo and local public observatories.
Some of the abovementioned events were supported by the
Slovak Research and Development Agency Contracts Nos.:
LPP-0044-07, LPP-0049-06, LPP-0068-06, LPP-0146-06
and LPP-0172-06.