Spring - Methodist Mission



Spring - Methodist Mission
The Hub Newsletter
158 Oxford Street, South Dunedin (03) 466 3407
Plunket Car Seat Service
Hi, my name is Tonia Scoullar. I am a registered child restraint
technician and have worked for the Plunket Car Seat Service for
11 years. I enjoy helping and advising families about car seats
for their children from new born right through to booster seats.
I am excited to be bringing the car seat service to The Hub from
3rd September. I will be there on Thursdays from 9.15am until 12
noon to give advice on car seats, when children can move from a
child seat to a booster, how long to keep babies rear facing and
any other questions you might have around car seat safety. You
will be able to hire or buy a car seat from us and redeem Seen
and Safe vouchers.
I will also be available to talk to any groups that want to know
more about car seats and keeping children safe on our roads.
Look out for me in the reception area where I will be set up. I will
be wearing my bright orange hi vis vest.
Appointments can be made at The Hub reception - I am looking
forward to meeting you all.
Thursday 1 5 October –
Thursday 1 2 November
Times: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Fresh and tasty treats for those summer dishes
Celebration Cooking
Dates: Thursday 1 9 November –
Thursday 1 7 December
Times: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Fun and thrifty ideas for any celebration
Date for Car Seat Talks
15th October 10.15 to 10.45am "Why we recommend keeping
your child rear facing till 2 years of Age"
12 th November 10.15am to 10.45am "When to move your
child to a booster seat"
About The Hub
We are open: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Through The Hub, you can access services
including ante-natal, Well Child – Tamariki
Ora; early childhood education; parenting
information, education and support; home
visiting; and supported referrals to off-site
services such as GPs.
Visit the Hub on Facebook for news,
updates and delicious, affordable recipes
from our Grow, Cook and Eat courses:
Ring Christine or Wiki on
466 3407. The Early Years
Hub is a service of The
Methodist Mission
Community & Social Services
9:00am - 1 2:00pm
Pacific Playgroup
Ring 455 1722 for information.
1 :00pm – 3:00pm
English For
ELP will be
offering a class for beginner
learners.Contact Paul or
Glenys, phone 477 7261or
[email protected]
9:30am - 2:30pm
Dunedin Korean Playgroup
A group for Mums from the
Korean Community
Budget Advice
For budget advice
appointments please phone
Christine or Wiki on 466 3407
What's On This Spring at The Hub
9.30am – 1 2:00pm
Future Homebased
Childcare Playgroup
Call Sarah on 477 9776 /
027 788 0601
1 0:00am – 1 2:00pm
The Breast Room
In The House
The place for mums to get
breastfeeding information,
help and support. Just call in.
1 0:00am – 1 2:00pm
For Parents
who have a child with a
disability or health impairment.
3rd Tuesday in the month call
474 5579 / 4701086 for info
1 1 :00am - 1 :30pm
Home Birth Lunch
1st Tuesday in the month.
1 :00pm - 2:00pm
Multiple Birth Playgroup
Call Rose: 027204 8177
Home Birth Association
For library and group times
contact Margaret Gardener:
[email protected]
1 0:00am -1 :00pm
Conscious Parenting
A heart-centred approach to
nurturing ourselves and our
families. 2nd Wednesday in
the month
1 0:30am -1 1 :00am
Music and
Playgroup. Come on in and
have some fun. Morning tea
to follow
1 1 .00pm to 1 2.30pm
Step Ahead Playgroup
Run By Footsteps Education.
Every Wednesday. Resource
making, baking, art & craft.
Contact Yvette: 0275710322
1 0:00am – 1 2:00pm
Otepoti Dunedin
Babywearing Library
Last Wednesday of each
month. Talk babywearing over
a coffee, access the Library
and receive instruction from
an experienced babywearer
9:00am - 1 2:00pm
Contact 0800247224 to make
an appointment
9:1 5am – 1 2:00pm
Plunket Car Seat Service
1 0:00am – 1 2:00pm
The Step Ahead Playgroup Supporting Young Parents
Salvation Army Employment
Plus and Footsteps Education
For more info contact Sarah
474 8522
1 0:30am – 1 1 :30am
1 0:00am – 1 2:00pm
The Breast Room
In The House
The place for mums to get
breastfeeding information,
help and support. Just call in.
1 0:00am - 1 :00pm
Meet Eat
And Learn
At The Hub
Make Your Own!
Thur 30 April - Thur 28 May
Mid-Winter Hotpots
Thur 4 June - Thur 2 July
Childcare available. Please
contact Christine or Wiki on
466 3407 to book your place
Creativity for Wellbeing Group
Contact Joy on 027 675 3110
for more information
1 0:30am - 2:30pm
Dunedin Korean Playgroup
A group for Mums from the
Korean Community
For more information please
contact: Heather, Pauline,
Louise or Rebecca at