Origins - Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters of Hawaii



Origins - Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters of Hawaii
No. 301 September 2016
The 46th Annual Tenrikyo Bazaar held at Tenri Cultural Center on August 28
Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters of Hawaii
by Bishop & Mrs. Yamanaka & Board of Directors
Tsunenori Ichise
About 46 years ago, I heard an interesting
story at a psychology class at the University
of Hawaii. It actually happened at a
retreat for mentally-disturbed criminals
in Kaneohe. One day, while two inmates
were talking, they came to agree that the
most important thing in this world was
money and that with money they could do
anything. They said: “Let’s get money.”
“Where can we find money?” “The bank
has money.” “Let’s go to a bank to get it.”
“You are silly! You cannot get it simply
by going to a bank. You can get it if you
have a gun” “OK, let’s go to a bank with a
gun.” The professor of the psychology class
did not know how, but they got a gun and
went to the Bank of Hawaii branch which
was a few minutes’ walk from the retreat
(In those days, there was no outer wall
surrounding the retreat.) They showed the
gun to a bank teller and said: “We came here
to get money. Give it to us!” After getting
two bags of bills and coins, they walked
out of the bank. The bank teller called the
police immediately and some police cars
came with a siren. As they got out of their
cars, the police officers found the two men
standing by the entrance of the bank with
bags in their hands, and they were arrested
right there without resistance.
It turned out that their purpose was in
“getting money” and they never thought
of what to do with it after they get it. This
could be a story of only those who are
mentally disturbed. However, even those
who are not tend to do strange things if they
lose sight of their “purpose.”
Those who are working for the purpose
of earning money would have achieved
their purpose when they receive paycheck,
and they may not get anything else. We are
taught in the teachings that work (hataraku)
makes those close to us comfortable;
for that, it is called hataraku (hata: those
nearby, raku: comfortable.) For those who
work in order to make those close to them
comfortable, they will receive the “joy of
others” in addition to their paycheck.
People desire the life filled with joy,
happiness and smiles, which is the “Joyous
Life” for the followers of the path. In
order to make a living, we need to work to
earn income. However, because earning
money by working every day ought to be
challenging and even difficult, before we
realize it, the purpose of our work, which
originally was to live a life filled with joy,
would have become “earning money.”
The reason Tsukihi began human beings
was the desire to see you lead a joyous
(Ofudesaki XIV:25)
We get up and wash our face in the
morning because washing our face and
brushing our teeth will lead us to the
Joyous Life. The order of these actions
sounds normal and just a matter of course,
however, we should rather change the
order - do those actions for the purpose of
living the life of true joy, and we would,
then, realize as the result that we would
become wide awake and that our teeth
would become clean.
The order of having meals should be also
same. Instead of the order that we have
meals in order to alleviate our hunger and
to receive nutrition, so that it would lead us
to the life of true joy, we should rather have
the meals for the sake of life of true joy, we
would then, as a result, found our hunger
was alleviated and received necessary
nutrition to our body.
The followers of the path should not
think that the life of true joy would be
attained as the result of some actions we
had taken. We, the followers of the path,
should instead do whatever we do for the
purpose of the life of true joy. We would
then realize that we had fulfilled our needs.
We go to school, get good grades, and
make a lot of good friends, we would then
live the life filled with joy. If this order of
thinking were logical, we would not be able
to live the life of true joy unless we go to
school, get good grades, and make a lot of
good friends. Instead, we go to school for
the sake of the life of true joy. If this were
the purpose in our minds, we would feel
grateful that we were able to go to school. If
we could feel grateful for the mere fact that
we are able to go to school, we would be
grateful for being able to study. We would
then realize that our grades were good and
that we were surrounded by many good
friends. It’s not that if we work and earn
money, you would be able to live the life
filled with joy. We should instead work
with the purpose to live life of true joy. As
a result of this action, we would realize that
we earned money.
There are people who are not living
happily even though they earn lots of
money. It could be stemmed from the fact
their purpose of work is to get money. If
they have a good job and get a high salary,
but they don’t feel happy, it may be simply
because they are not working for the life
of true joy.
If there are days when we don’t feel
happy, it must be because we forget the
purpose of our life, which is to live the life
of true joy. Let us live the life of true joy
by always keeping in our minds this very
purpose of our life, which is to live the life
of true joy.
Autumn Memorial Service
On Tuesday, September 27, from 10:00 a.m., the Autumn Memorial Service will be held
at Mission Headquarters. After the service, the following anniversaries will be observed:
5th Anniv. Rev. Sachiko Wakimoto, 3rd head minister of Hilo Church
5th Anniv. Mrs. Yoshi Inouye, spouse of 1st head minister of Hawaii Central Church
August Monthly Service Prayer
Appearing before You, God the Parent, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto, I (Shugo Yamanaka) Bishop of the
Mission Headquarters of Hawaii speak with reverence on behalf of the Hawaii congregation.
God the Parent, we are truly grateful to You for Your boundless blessings and timely trainings to
guide us along the path of spiritual growth. We are living each and every day in high spirits, always
adhering to the teachings and intent on repaying our gratitude. Today is the day we are granted to
conduct the August Monthly Service at this mission headquarters. We the service performers will
unite our hearts as one to perform the Seated Service and the Dance with Hand Movements joyously
while earnestly praying for world salvation. We will be joined by our brothers and sisters of the path
in Hawaii who have looked forward to this day and have gathered here today, in singing the Songs
for the Service in unison and high spirits. As You watch us, we hope You will be spirited as well.
This summer many people from Hawaii, especially young ones who will be shouldering the Path
in Hawaii in the future, returned to Jiba for Oyasato Seminar, Tenri Forum, YMA International
Hinokishin Corps, and Children’s Pilgrimage. Despite the intense summer heat, they were all able
to conduct their activities safely. By directly experiencing the truth of the Jiba, being embraced by the
parental love of the everliving Oyasama, learning about the teachings, and diligently planting seeds
of sincerity while wiping precious sweat from their faces, everyone was able to deepen their mind of
gratitude and joy upon returning to Hawaii. Also a group from Hawaii Tenri Judo Club visited Jiba
for the first time to participate in the Tenrikyo Children Judo Tournament and was able to experience
the goodness of Tenri Judo. For all these, we sincerely thank You.
On the 28th of this month, the Annual Tenrikyo Bazaar will be held. All the congregation and
the people involved will unite our hearts and efforts as one to make this big event a success, and also
through the bazaar, we hope to further progress in sprinkling the fragrance of the teachings to the
local community. Furthermore, as we approach the All Tenrikyo Nioigale Day scheduled for next
month, let us be always mindful of sprinkling the fragrance and helping and saving others while
paying attention to those around us so that we may convey the teachings to as many people as possible.
Together we vow to accord with the intention of God the Parent, whose desire is for all humankind
to live the Joyous Life, and as instruments of Oyasama we will walk firmly on the Path of singleheartedness with God, single-hearted joyousness and single-hearted salvation here in Hawaii. All of
us, who have been drawn to this Path, are determined to continue making daily efforts for spiritual
growth, to always engage ourselves in hinokishin, spreading the fragrance of the teachings, and
salvation work, and to focus on nurturing our successors of the Path in Hawaii, so as to respond firmly
to the intention of the Parent. May You, God the Parent, accept our sincerity, and we ask that You
guide us further towards the advancement of the Path in Hawaii and the reconstruction of the world
into the truly peaceful Joyous Life World, even a day sooner, where everyone will come to know of
the Parent of Origin thus awakening to the truth of universal brotherhood & sisterhood and live
together in harmony helping and caring for one another. Together with all present, I sincerely pray
that You bless us so.
Mission HQ August Monthly Service Sermon
Rev. Melvin Iwata Head Minister of Honolulu-ko Church
Good morning and Aloha everyone!! I am
so very happy that we were able to joyously
and spiritedly perform today’s August
Monthly Service. If I may have your kind
attention, I would like to share a few of my
thoughts, in the hope that it may be of some
help to you, as we try our best to follow this
path of the joyous life, left for us by our ever
living Oyasama.
My sermon today is divided into 2 parts. I
would like to begin by taking this opportunity,
to thank everyone who participated in this
years summer pilgrimage to the Jiba. I
especially would like to say a big Mahalo
to Bishop and Mrs. Yamanaka, and to all
of the chair persons and staff members of
the Tenri Forum, the YMA International
Hinokishin Corps and the Boys and Girls
Association Children’s Pilgrimage. Thank
you very much!!
This year for the first time ever we had a
group from the Hawaii Tenri Judo participate
in the summer pilgrimage. As the Chairman
of our Hawaii Tenri Judo Committee, I have
often been told by others and also thought it
would be wonderful if we could plan a trip
to Jiba to introduce our Judo Ohana to Tenri
and to Tenri Judo.
Last year for the first time, I approached
our Judo instructors about this plan and they
were very enthusiastic about this idea. Since
this year was the 130th Anniversary Year
of Oyasama, I felt that it would be a very
appropriate time to implement this plan.
After months of planning and meetings with
the Judo instructors and parents, we were
able to put together our plan for this trip. In
addition, with the tremendous support and
help of Bishop Yamanaka, and the Overseas
Department, as well as our Judo Committee,
we were able to set up a wonderful itinerary
for this first ever trip to Jiba.
Twenty-one people from our Judo Ohana
made their commitment to go on this trip.
This included 11 people from one family
and 4 instructors, also from one family. 18
people were non Tenrikyo followers and
16 people were visiting Tenri for the first
time. As Chairman of our Hawaii Tenri
Judo Committee, my greatest wish was
that everyone on this trip would have an
enjoyable and wonderful time, with many
fond memories to bring back to Hawaii. I am
quite sure all of our committee members felt
the same way.
After arriving in Jiba and while in Tenri,
we were able to view a video introducing
everyone to Tenrikyo and our Church
Headquarters. With Jason Miyauchi as our
guide, many of them entered and set foot
into the Main Sanctuary for the first time.
Jason was an excellent guide and left a lasting
impression on everyone as we concluded our
tour of the Sanctuary. That evening, Bishop
Yamanaka hosted all of us to a delicious
welcome BBQ dinner and also, set up a one
day tour of Kyoto, the following day, which
everyone thoroughly enjoyed.
Pertaining to the Judo part of our trip,
we were able to watch a Judo practice at
Tenri Middle School and one of the many
highlights of this trip, was to be able to attend
the Nara Prefecture Middle School Judo
Tournament held on July 25th in Nara City.
We were also able to participate in 2
practices at the Junsei-Kan dojo which is
the birthplace of Tenri Judo and one of the
highlights of the practice was when we met
Tenri Judo World Champion, Takamasa
Anai. The 4 instructors were also able to
observe the Judo practice at Tenri University
where Sensei Anai is the head coach.
On July 28th, the Hawaii Tenri Judo
participated for the first time ever, in the Judo
Tournament held as part of the Children’s
Pilgrimage activity. We were the only team
participating from outside of Japan. In the
opening ceremony, one of our Judoka from
Hawaii Tenri Judo gave the opening pledge
representing all of the participants in this
tournament. The morning session was for the
individual competition and the afternoon was
for the team competition. It was limited to
grade school (1st to 6th grade) children only
and the competition was by grade level with
no restriction on weight.
I was so proud of all of the participants
from Hawaii Tenri Judo who fought very
hard, showed good sportsmanship and
really represented our dojo well. We
received one medal for 3rd place in the
individual competition. It was a very good
learning experience for the participants, the
instructors, as well as for all of the parents
and grand parents. By the way, everyone who
participated in this tournament received a gift
from Tenri Judo. It was a photo, autographed
by Tenri Judoka, Shohei Ono, who won the
Gold Medal as a member of the Japan Judo
Team participating in the Rio Olympics.
On the morning of the 26th, we were all
able to attend and offer our prayers at the
the July Monthly Service and our group
also participated in a few of the Children’s
Pilgrimage activities which began that
afternoon. Another of the highlights of this
trip, was being able to walk in the parade
that evening with the rest of the Hawaii
group. There were over 100 participants from
Hawaii and we were all anxiously awaiting
the start of the parade at 8 p.m.
Then, just as the parade was to begin, yes,
it started to rain. The rain soon turned into a
downpour. I was so impressed with everyone
participating in the parade because they all
continued to walk, dancing the hula to the
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride song just as if
it was a beautiful dry evening. Until the very
end of the parade, everyone enthusiastically
and joyously danced the hula.
One of the participants from our group
was an only 4-month-old infant. I was very
concerned that he would catch a bad cold
from getting wet and that his parents would
not be happy having to walk in all this rain.
However, to my great surprise and relief
they were smiling and just so happy to have
participated, and according to the mother
the baby was sleeping throughout the whole
parade. I just thanked God the Parent and
Oyasama from the bottom of my heart. Until
the very end of our trip, this infant did so
very well, never cried and behaved so well.
I told his parents that I would be very happy
to baby sit him at anytime.
Eighteen people from our group left Tenri
on July 29th. 11 members left for a tour of
Tokyo and 3 members left for sightseeing
in Osaka. The 4 instructors all returned to
Hawaii that evening.
On August 2nd at Kansai Airport, I met the
11 people from one family who had gone to
Tokyo. One of the first things that they told
me, really made my day and made me so very
happy. They said, “Once they got to Tokyo
they realized how much they missed Tenri.”
Also, they tried some curry in Tokyo but
they said that the curry in Tenri was much
better. I was again so happy to hear this.
During a three day period in Tenri, they had
curry for their lunch everyday. By the 3rd
day, the Bishop and I were getting a little
worried that some of the people in our group
may not want to eat curry again. However,
not one person complained and they all said
that they enjoyed the curry. In fact, the head
instructor’s wife told me that it was the best
curry she had ever eaten.
Before we all departed, everyone of our
Hawaii Tenri Judo group thanked me for an
enjoyable and wonderful Tenri experience.
They all said that they would like to come
back to Tenri again. They were even talking
about making this a regular, once every 3 or
4 year activity of Hawaii Tenri Judo. When
I visited our dojo after returning to Hawaii, I
was told there are already other parents and
children who would like to join us for our
next trip to Tenri. Hearing this again made
me so happy.
From the bottom of my heart, I would
like to once again thank God the Parent and
Oyasama for blessing all of us with a very
safe and wonderful pilgrimage to Jiba.
Now, in the time remaining, I would like
to go to the 2nd part of my sermon.
On October 26, 1838 as Oyasama became
the Shrine of God the Parent, we are taught
that “At this time, I have descended here to
save all human kind.” Yes, 179 years ago
Oyasama became the Shrine of God the
Parent for the sole purpose to bring salvation
to all human beings living here on this earth.
Then for the next 50 years until She hid
Her physical being on January 26th, 1887,
Oyasama left us this path, Her Divine Model,
to ensure world salvation for all human
In the Ofudesaki:
All of you throughout the world are
brothers and sisters. There should be no
one called an outsider. (XIII:43)
The reason Tsukihi began human beings
Was the desire to see you lead a joyous
Hereafter, if all of you throughout the
world save one another in every matter,
Know that Tsukihi will accept that mind
And will provide any salvation whatever.
Yes, Oyasama taught us that all human
beings are brothers and sisters from one
Parent, God the Parent. That we are here
on this earth to lead the joyous life which
can only be obtained by helping to save one
another in every matter. Then and only then,
will God the Parent accept our mind and will
provide any salvation whatever.
This year, 2016, is 179 years since Oyasama
became God the Parent’s Shrine. How is the
world we are living in now? Is it a more
peaceful, safe and better place? Have we
attained world salvation, the salvation of all
human kind as intended by God the Parent
and Oyasama?
As all of you know, everyday in the world
we hear or read of conflicts and war, suicide
bombings and attacks by terrorists, killing
and injuring many people, even women and
innocent children. In our own country, and
even in our own state, people are being hurt
or killed everyday from stabbings, shootings,
road rage, hit and run accidents, domestic
abuse, home grown terrorists and you can
go on and on. God the Parent and Oyasama
must be so very sad.
There was a survey taken recently listing
each country in the world in the order of how
safe and peaceful they were. What number
do you think our country came in? It wasn’t
in the top 50. It was not even in the top 100.
American came in 103rd. It is really a shame
and such an embarrassment as the leader of
the free world and the leader of democracy
to be rated so low.
As all of you are aware, in November
we are electing a new president to lead our
country for the next 4 years. One of the
candidates for president has this for a slogan,
“Make America great again.” I really believe
that the slogan should read, “Make this world
safe and peaceful.”
This year, is Oyasama’s 130th Anniversary
year. It is a very important time for all of us
followers of this path to truly ponder and
really focus our thoughts on Oyasama‘s
What is the real importance and significance
of Oyasama’s Anniversary? It is the Service!!
Oyasama consistently and adamantly urged
us to set about quickly performing the
service. On January 26, 1887, Oyasama’s
sole motivation in shortening Her term of life
by 25 years and withdrawing from physical
life was the spiritual growth of all of us, Her
children, in performing the service.
In the book entitled, “Oyasama’s Model
Path for One and All.”the former Shinbashira
tells us that “Oyasama’s 50 year Divine
Model of salvation consisted entirely in
bringing the Service to completion. This task
is not something that concerns only Church
Headquarters or regional churches. Rather
it is a task for each of us, whether a head
minister or a follower, bears an equal weight
of responsibility. In the course of aspiring
toward this goal of completing the Service,
however, I think we need to be more clearly
aware that this involves a day-to-day process
of polishing our minds and making spiritual
Further, in the book entitled, “Growing
Spiritually Day by Day,” the former
Shinbashira states that, “The blessings to
be given through the performance of the
Service cover every field of our life. To put
it differently if we desire a peaceful life for
all people, or if we want all countries and all
people to help one another and live together
in peace, I am positive that we have no choice
but to depend upon the Service.”
In the Ofudesaki:
What do you think this Service is? It is
none other than the means to universal
What do you think this Service is about?
It is solely to bring peace to the world and
salvation to all.
If you quickly unite your minds and do the
Service correctly, the world will settle.
From these words of the former Shinbashira
Mission HQ Personnel Change
On August 15th, Mr. Yoshitaka Iwata
(Hofu/ Miyaichi) arrived and will serve as
a Seinen for two years. Please extend your
aloha when you see him at Dendocho.
and as taught to us in the Ofudesaki, I feel that
to maintain a full awareness of our mission
and to strive to carry out our work means that
everyone of us, all Yoboku and followers
must perform the morning and evening
service each day and the monthly service
each month consistently. This is surely our
most important mission as a Yoboku and
follower of this path, to ensure peace and
world salvation for all human kind.
In this way, through our spiritual growth
of focusing on the service and on Oyasama’s
teachings each day, I truly feel that we will
have taken a huge step in fulfilling our goal
of bring much joy to the ever living Oyasama,
during this, Her 130th Anniversary year.
Finally, I want to quote from the Ofudesaki:
What do you think this path is? It is the
true path that will settle this world. (VI:4)
Thank you for your kind attention and I
pray for a very safe and successful Bazaar
next Sunday. Thank you very much.
New Baby Boy on Board!
Quinn Chuji Qinsingha Nakao
August 16, 2016
Lewis & Mimi Nakao (Pearl Church)
Tid Bits
Associations’ Reports
Thank you very much for your sincere efforts
of hinokishin and donations for the bazaar. I
believe that Oyasama is very happy to see how
we helped each other at the bazaar hinokishin.
Let all of us participate in the All Tenrikyo
Nioigake Day to bring joy to Oyasama.
Nuuanu Hale Visitation
September 10th (Sat) 9:30 a.m.
Monthly Meeting
September 12th (Mon)9:00 a.m.
Women’s Musical Instrument Practice
September 13th (Tue) 9:00 a.m.
*The September Monthly Service luncheon
hinokishin is assigned to Hofu group. Mahalo!
Annual Bazaar
I would like to thank everyone for your
baked goods donation! YWC members, thank
you for your help and making it another
successful Annual Bazaar this year. We could
not have done it without everyone’s sincere
efforts. Thank you very much!
Follow in Kokan’s Footsteps
September 24th (Sat) 10:00 a.m.
At Taitan Church
Children’s Pilgrimage to Jiba
Bearing the heat and humidity of Jiba, 81
children and adults from Hawaii joined thousands
of others from Japan and other nations in the
summer pilgrimage festivities. Venturing through
the Attack World game booths, being spooked
by ghouls and monsters (and Auntie Mei) at the
Haunted House, and getting attacked by super
soakers Ninja warriors, the children enjoyed the
different venue sites each day. Besides the fun and
games, the Hawaii keikis practiced the musical
instruments (narimono), wiped the sanctuary
corridor floor and attended a lecture on the life of
Oyasama. The Aloha band represented the State
proudly as they performed at the Sanctuary, and
later in the Oyasato evening parade. The rest of
the Hawaii contingency also did a great job as
they braved the heavy downpour while dancing
and marching to the Hawaiian Roller Coaster
Ride on the first night. The crowd cheered on as
the 100+ Hawaii group which included the Tenri
Hawaii Judo Club members, danced their hearts
out in the rain. The 2016 pilgrimage was a great
success with everyone returning home in good
health and high spirits. Much aloha and gratitude
to all who joined us this year; and to all others
who helped make this trip memorable and fun.
The Hungry Reporter
I love the savory goodness of roast pork, and this
recipe will have you asking for more! Marinade, pop
in the oven and you'll have a sure pleaser. Enjoy!!
Chinese Roast Pork
4 lbs Bone-in Pork Roast
3/4 cup Soy Sauce
1/2 cup Dry Sherry
1/3 cup Honey
2 cloves Garlic, minced
1/2 tsp Ground Ginger
1 tsp Cornstarch
1 Tbsp Water
1. To Marinate: Pierce meaty sides of meat with fork; place roast in a large plastic
bag. In a medium bowl combine the soy sauce, sherry, honey, garlic and ginger.
Mix well and pour mixture into bag with pork. Press air out of the bag and tie
securely. Refrigerate at least 8 hours or overnight, turning bag over occasionally.
2. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C).
3. Remove roast and marinade from refrigerator. Reserving marinade, remove
roast and place in a 9x13 inch baking dish. Roast in the preheated oven for 1
hour. Brush with reserved marinade; cover
loosely with foil and roast for an additional 1
1/2 hours (or until the internal temperature
has reached 145 degrees F (63 degrees C),
brushing several times with marinade.
4. Remove roast from oven and let stand
15 minutes. Combine pan drippings with
remaining marinade. In a small bowl combine
cornstarch with cold water, mix together
and add mixture to marinade. Boil marinade
mixture for 4 to 5 minutes, or until mixture
thickens. Serve with roast.
Nonprofit Org.
U.S. Postage
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September Calendar 2016
1 Thu
Monthly Community Hinokishin Day
4 Sun
Akinari Nishigaki to finish his duty and return to Japan
All Tenrikyo Nioigake Day
Meet @ Paki Park
9am - 11am
WA Comm. Meeting
Mission HQ
7:00 p.m.
TCC Monthly Service
9:30 a.m.
9 Fri
Adopt A Highway Cleanup Hinokishin
Meet @ Mission HQ
9:00 a.m.
WA Nuuanu Hale Visitation
Meet @ Mission HQ
9:30 a.m.
12 9:00 a.m.
WA Monthly Meeting Mission HQ
9:00 a.m.
TCC & Bunko Joint Comm. Meeting TCC
7:00 p.m.
WA Musical Instruments Practice
Mission HQ
9:00 a.m.
YMA Meeting
Rainbow Hale
7:30 p.m.
BGA Meeting
Rainbow Hale
7:30 p.m.
Board of Directors Meeting
Mission HQ
2:00 p.m.
TSA Hinokishin & Sleepover
Mission HQ
6:30 p.m.
Mission HQ Monthly Service
Mission HQ
9:00 a.m.
Sunday School/ Aloha Band Practice
Mission HQ
Head Ministers Meeting
Mission HQ
12:45 p.m.
19 Mon
Kamina-nagashi in Waikiki
10:00 a.m.
Follow in Kokan's Footsteps Taitan Church
10:00 a.m.
Meet @ Mission HQ
Yohaishiki (26th day service)
Mission HQ
9:00 a.m.
Bazaar Booth Head Evaluation Meeting
Mission HQ
Autumn Memorial Service Mission HQ
YMA The Life of Oyasama Study Session Mission HQ
10:00 a.m.
7:00 p.m.

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