Résumé, Fall, 1991, Volume 23, Issue 01



Résumé, Fall, 1991, Volume 23, Issue 01
Western Washington University
Western CEDAR
Western Reports and Résumé
Fall 1991
Résumé, Fall, 1991, Volume 23, Issue 01
Alumni Association, WWU
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A Report to Alumni and Other Friends of Western Washington University
Maynard Parks,
a railroader for
more than four de­
cades, kept the Allied
armies on track from Al­
geria to Germany during
World War II. Parks Hall
is named for him and his late
wife, Patricia. See page 1.
Dennis-Olsen: Tells ‘good news’
Foundation: What a year it was!
Honor roll of 1990-91 donors
Goodrich to Hedges: Develop thick skin
Fall season preview
Half-price hotel rooms for alumni
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Fall 1991
A Report to Alumni and Other Friends of Western Washington University
VOL 23, NO. 1
Maynard Parks
A life right on track
By Judy McNickle
“Forget luck. Work hard, keep your
word and know your banker.” Rules to
live by from the man for whom Parks
Hall, which houses Western’s College
of Business and Economics, is named.
Maynard Parks, whose contributions
to Western were recognized at the
1983 dedication of Parks Hall to him
and his late wife, Pat, personifies the
American dream.
Now a wealthy retiree^JiejaiiaS'boTir'
to a family of mdtt^tlnniSms, seasoned
by hard work during the Great Depres­
sion, challenged by three years of
military service during World War II,
«d mofes
orofessionally honed as
;oli?rtGr for the railroads for more
than four decades.
Parks says advice he received from
two mentors guided his career: “My
father told me integrity was the most
important thing; your word is your
bond. I’ve tried to follow that,” he
says. From one of his professors at the
University of Washington, he received
the dictum about forgetting luck, work­
ing hard and befriending bankers.
In fact. Parks made a virtue from the
necessity of being constantly on the
move during his more than four-decadelong railroading career. In each new
town he and his family moved to.
Parks would buy a new house, usually
the lowest priced one available in a
relatively high-priced neighborhood.
He and wife, Pat, would just about get
it “fixed up right” when they’d move.
While Parks may have made the
lion’s share of his fortune in real es­
tate, he feels best about his contribu­
tions “as a railroad man,” a title his
father, Horace “High Wheels” Parks,
first donned in 1906 and proudly pur­
sued for 50 years without ever missing
a day of work or ever being late.
Two years after Parks graduated
from Everett High School in 1931, his
dad asked him to give the railroads a
try. He agreed, and quickly came to
love his father’s profession, despite
long hours and low pay.
At first, he worked seven days a
week for 38 cents an hour. No over­
time pay. No time off. Two years
straight without a single holiday.
“Once I decided I needed a day
off,” he remembers. “So, months
ahead of time, I asked for the 4th of
July off. I was told that 500 other men
were available for my job if I didn’t
want it. I decided I didn’t need the
In 1935, a Great Northern vice presi­
dent encouraged the young man to com­
plete his degree, promising a better job
if he did. PaiKS kept his job and never
missed a day’s work while he com­
pleted a degree in business, cum laude,
in 1939 from the U.W. The promise
was kept.
Parks, who had married M. Patricia
Shaffer in 1939, dedicated the next
three years to Great Northern and to
is wife and two sons.
With the country deeply involved in
World War II, Parks “got the call” to
join the Army in 1942. He was named
to the 704th Railway Grand Division,
which ran the railroads serving Allied
His unit arrived in Algiers in early
1943. It was, he understates, “a harrow­
ing experience. Hot. Dirty. Lots of air
battles going on all around us.”
Working as a liaison officer with
British, French and North Africans to
coordinate delivery of supplies, cars
and crews. Parks and the men under
his command followed the infantry and
artillery as they moved into and
through Italy, France and, finally, Ger­
many. In the process. Major Parks
earned five battle stars, including a
Bronze Star.
With some time out to run a family
business. Parks returned to railroading
in 1953. He and his family crisscrossed
the United States, serving the railroads
in a variety of capacities and moving
to a new assignment every two or three
As he moved up the railroad career
ladder. Parks became more and more
immersed in labor relations and negotia­
tions. In 1965, he was elected chairman
of the Western Carriers Conference
Committee, which negotiated labor con­
tracts for all railroads running west of
the Mississippi. When that body was
absorbed into the newly formed Nation­
al Railway Labor Conference, he be­
came NRLC vice chairman.
In 1974, Parks “officially retired,”
but his service to the railroads was
-Photo by Jeff Wolff
Maynard Parks and the building named for the railroader and his late wife, Patricia.
hardly over. As a consultant, he was
called in to implement the transfer of
labor contracts with 26 separate unions
from seven bankrupt railroads to the
Congressionally created U.S. Railroad
Association. It took a year. “When
Conrail was created to oversee the
new, federally-subsidized operation,”
he recalls with a smile, “I got the first
paycheck ever printed.” Park’s success
led to more opportunities to consult,
which he did until the early 1980s.
“My wife, Pat, was suffering from
diabetes and we decided to slow down
a bit,” Parks says. The two owned a
home on Lake Samish south of Belling­
ham where they watched Western’s
crew teams practice on the lake.
“We’d wave and sometimes visit
with the athletes and we came to look
forward to seeing them,” he recalls.
“We decided Western should have the
house — and Pat and I donated it
before she died in 1981.”
That donation prompted a suggestion
at Western that the new $6.1 million
facility for the College of Business and
Economics and the Department of
Speech Pathology/Audiology be named
for the Parks. The dedication, to
Maynard and the late M. Patricia
Parks, came as “a complete surprise”
to the railroader and his second wife,
They consider it a highlight in a life
that has been, in every sense of the
phrase, right on track.
Roll Call
*57 — Marcia Bianchi is a sixth
grade teacher at Lucille Umbarger
School in Burlington. When asked
if they enjoy being in her class, her
students replied yes and that she is
a very encouraging and caring
teacher. She has taught K*2, 6-8,
Home Economics at BurlingtonEdison High School and Adult
Education Classes for Teachers at
SPU, WWU, and at CWU.
’61 — Marjorie Scribner has
retired after 26 years of teaching at
Fidaigo and Island View schools
and plans to do more salmon fish­
ing with her husband.
’65 — Janet Mills is now chair of
the Mathematics Department at
Seattle University. She was married
to Dr. John Klippert in 1988.
’71 — Steven L. Pettersen has
been promoted to Vice Commander
and Air Technician Detachment
Commander of the 252 Combat
Communications Group,
Washington Air National Guard in
Tacoma ... Bill Ekstrom and his
wife Susan are the new owners of
Anchor Printing in Okanogan. The
couple recently moved from
Poulsbo where they had a market­
ing company with publications as
one of their products.
’73 — Mick Guglomo, Vashon
High School’s wrestling coach, has
been named Nisqually League
Wrestling Coach of the Year for the
second time in five years. He began
coaching 18 years ago when he
took his first job in Fairbanks, Alas­
ka, then at Omak. He has been at
Vashon High for the past 15 years.
’74 — Miki Gilliland, managing
editor of Whatcom County
Apropos, was given four awards for
excellence in journalism from the
Washington Press Association.
’75 — Marine Master Sgt. Eric
_____ Guest of Goldsmith
By Judy McNickle
As members of the Class of 1995 arrive on campus the end of this month,
two major changes await them: more students and major construction. Both
reflect actions taken by the legislature and approved by the governor at the
end of the 1991 special session June 30.
After 126 days of deliberations, the legislature granted WWU its largest
two budgets in history: $115.4 million for 1991-93 operating support and $31
million for construction and minor capital projects.
Western’s operating budget represents a 12 percent increase over funding
for the 1989-91 biennium. Included in the new fiscal package are nearly $3.5
million in salary increases for faculty and staff, $2.3 million for 351 addition­
al full-time equivalent (FTE) students and nearly $1.4 million to preserve
employee health benefits.
Unfortunately, the new appropriation fails to fund the full cost of the
University’s carry-forward budget. So, Western already is addressing a
budget shortfall of approximately 1.5 to 2 percent in order to cover a number
of una^yoidable^cpst increases. T^t shortfall is far less than the estimated 8 _
percent reduction originally^^^ed"m”^*S^^Wu93^opemlSg15u3get
proposal introduced last winter.
Overall, the state’s colleges and universities gained a total budget of $2.2
billion in the June 30 appropriation, compared to the December recommenda­
tion of $1.9 billion.
Higher education also gained a lion’s share of the 1991-93 capital budget
dedicated to construction and minor works. More than $402 million was ear­
marked for public colleges and universities.
The new capital package provides Western $22.1 million to continue con­
structing the Science Facilities. Actual construction of Phase I, funded in
1989-91, begins this fall. The three-phase project has been on the drawing
boards for the past six years and this year the legislature granted funds to con­
struct Phase II and design Phase III.
Also included in Western’s new capital appropriation is $7.5 million to
fund minor construction projects and $1.4 million to acquire land along cam­
pus boundaries and moorage facilities at Shannon Point Marine Center near
Western’s appropriation caps a decade of rapidly escalating capital funding
for the University. This biennial total represents a 10-fold increase over 198183 levels when Western received just $3.3 million for new projects.
Ms. McNickle formerly was Assistant to the President for State Government Relations.
WWU Alumni Association Board of Directors
Officers: Charles LeWarne *55, Edmonds, president; James Leverett ’69, Bellin­
gham, president-elect; Brad Hultman *71, Bellingham, secretary-treasurer; Martin Chorba ’66 & ’75, Olympia, past-president; Allan Darr ’85, Everett, executive-at-large; Sandie Labadie ’77, Bellingham, executive-at-large; Robin Russell ’82, Seattle, executive-atlarge; Carol Salisbury ’72 & ’81, Bellingham, executive-at-large. Board Members: Gary
Anderson ’65, Renton; Alvin Arkills ’87, Marysville; Mel Blackman ’74, Nanaimo,
B.C.; Kenneth Cox ’85, Bellingham; Dick Dixon ’59, Aberdeen; Ray Foster ’84, Seat­
tle; Joyce Gillie ’46 & ’60, Olympia; Gary Grim ’81, Everett; Richard Helke ’80, Bel­
lingham; William Kendrick ’57, Seattle; Mike Kettman ’73 & ’80, Bellingham;
Marilyn Klose ’63, Snohomish; Sandie Lucke ’65, Bellingham; Ron Renard ’73,
Everett; Roberta Riley ’82, Seattle; Charlie Ryan ’76, Seattle; Jon Sitkin ’84, Bellin­
gham; Joyce Taylor '84, Seattle.
Regional Coordinators: Grant Boettcher ’86, Raleigh, NC; Brad Chandler ’71,
Olympia; Terri Echelbarger ’87, San Francisco Bay area; Kay Hovde ’83, Hawaii; Tim
Mackin ’72, Spokane; Carl Swanson ’84, Juneau; Charles Odell ’52, Washington, D.C.;
Jack Stark ’59, Shelton; Pat Swenson ’73, PortlandA^ancouver; Gale Thompson ’86,
Austin, TX; Chet Ullin ’37 & ’41, Kitsap Peninsula; Dean Wilson ’75, Southern Califor­
nia; Frank Williams ’72, Australia; Leroy Wissinger ’58, Arizona.
resume / Fall 1991
E. Huntoon was called to active
duty in support of Operation Desert
Storm while serving with the 4th
Marine Aircraft Wing, Naval Air
Station Whidbey Island. He joined
the Marine Corps Reserves in June
’79 — Chaplain (Cpt.) Michael
L. Anderson of Marysville, has
been serving in Saudi Arabia since
August, 1990. He received a
Masters in Divinity from Western
Baptist Seminary in 1985. Ander­
son returned to the army in January
1989 and was stationed at Ft.
Stewart, Georgia, with his wife and
daughter before leaving for Saudi
Arabia ... Darcy Herrett is an art
teacher at Commodore Middle
School in Winslow. She organized
the Art Advocacy Group, which
supports the art programs in all is­
land schools. Darcy has also shown
her work in clay sculpting and glass
fusing at a Camas gallery. She lives
in North Kitsap with her husband
... Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st
Class Rebecca J. Noreen recently
received the Coast Guard Achieve­
ment Medal for superior perfor­
mance while assigned to the U.S.
Coast Guard Band. Rebecca joined
the Coast Guard in July 1985.
’80 — Vic Christianson married
Alumna tells ‘good news’
of NW Indian College
By Jo Collinge
“Squol Quol” means “good news”
in the Lummi language and is the
name of the semi-monthly tribal
newsletter that Lyn Dennis-Olsen
founded, edits and enlivens with her
These days, she has much good
news to tell as Public Information Of­
ficer for Northwest Indian College
(NWIC), the main campus of which is
located on the Lummi Reservation
about 15 miles from Western.
“My job,” she says, “is to let the
broader community know the college is
Iiefe. TTiere is a lack of knowledge
about the Lummi tribe in general and
the college in particular.”
To remedy that, Dennis-Olsen first
had some learning to do herself. She
was not raised on the reservation, grow­
ing up instead on Bellingham’s Southside and graduating from Sehome High
School where she was a gymnast.
In a column for the Bellingham
Herald, Dennis-Olsen wrote about the
thrill of learning her first few words of
the Lummi language only recently.
She received her Associate degree
from Whatcom Community College
and graduated with a BA in Broadcast
Communication from Western in 1985,
the same year the college she now ser­
ves graduated its first 20 students. She
was a production assistant at KVOSTV in Bellingham for two and a half
years before taking the “challenging
new position” with NWIC.
The story she has to tell is one that
is appearing more and more often in
the media.
It’s the story of the transformation of
Lummi Community College with 25
students just eight years ago into
Northwest Indian College with 850 stu­
dents throughout the State of
NWIC is recognized as the fastest
growing among 25 tribally controlled
colleges in the nation, an on-reserva­
tion higher education system begun
only 20 years ago.
The college’s location on the reserva­
tion is vital to its success, DennisOlsen believes. “I don’t know how
many of our students would get higher
education if they had to travel a long
distance to a community college else­
where,” she says.
“In order to have control of our des­
tiny as a Lummi Nation,” she adds,
“we need more and more of our
people to further their education.”
And she emphasizes that such an
education should retain and transmit
Native American culture, tradition and
language as well as imparting career
skills that make her people competitive
in high-tech society and in four-year in­
stitutions such as Western.
In her own life, she combines tradi­
tion and the latest computer technol­
ogy. When not at her word processor
or FAX, she and husband, Troy, fish
for sockeye on their own gillnetter.
Dennis-Olsen is proud of the new
look at NWIC, color coordination that
makes an “eclectic” group of build­
ings look like a true campus. But, she
is even more proud that a totem pole
New alum officers
selected in May
Dr. Charles LeWame, ’55, officially
took over leadership of the Western
Washington University Alumni As­
sociation in May, at the WWU Alumni
Board’s spring and annual meeting.
LeWame replaces Martin Chorba
who had served as president of the as­
sociation for the past year. Chorba will
remain on the association’s executive
committee in the past-president’s post.
Other officers elected for the 199192 year include: President-Elect —
James Leverett, ’69, from Bellingham;
Secretary-Treasurer — Brad Hultman, ^
’71, from Bellingham; Executive-atLarge -- Allan Darr, ’85, from Everett;
Executive-at-Large — Sandie Labadie,
’77, from Bellingham; Executive-atLarge — Robin Russell, ’82, from Seat­
tle; and Executive-at-Large — Carol
Salisbury, ’72 & ’77, from Bellingham.
Five new board members joined the
WWU Alumni Association Board of
Directors. Serving their first three-year
terms are: Kenneth Cox, ’85, from Bel­
lingham; Ray Foster, ’84, from Seattle;
Joyce Gillie, ’46 & ’60, from Olympia;
William Kendrick, ’57, from Seattle;
and Jon Sitkin, ’84, from Bellingham.
Dels! Taylor March 2 in Belling­
ham. He is employed by Peter Pan
Seafoods and the couple lives in
’81 — Robert J. Bryan has been a
Special Agent with the U.S. Naval
Investigative Service since 1983,
with tours at Bremerton, Sasebo,
Japan, and Bangor, Washington,
and is now an Assistant Special
Agent in Charge at Port Hueneme,
California. He is married and has 2
’82 — Roxanne Roetcisoender
married Jeffrey S. Romanelli
February 9 in Mt. Vernon. She has
a private counseling practice in Mt.
’83 — Carol Schwennesen taught
beginning and intermediate paint­
ing classes at the Blue Heron Art
Gallery in Vashon. Her work has
been widely exhibited in solo and
group shows in California and
Washington. One of her paintings
was recently exhibited in the “SelfPortrait Show” at the Blue Heron
... Rick J. Nichols married Renee
Van Den Berg September 15 in
Lynden. He is employed at
Western as a buyer in the Purchas­
ing Department. Following a trip to
Maui, they reside in Bellingham.
’84 — Dotty Hoffman has been a
merchant mariner since 1988. Her
job in the deck department, a posi­
tion that involves steering the ship,
maintenance and preparation tasks,
lets her travel around the world.
She recently made two trips from
Germany to Jubyl, Saudi Arabia,
transporting equipment and am­
munition ... Donna Wolford and
Jeff Wells were married in Decem­
ber, 1990 in Olympia. The couple
lives in Olympia where she is
employed by the Department of In­
formation Services ... Lisa
Marker married Kirk Bellar (’90)
March 23 in Seattle. Lisa works for
the Seattle Opera Association and
Kirk works for Teltone Corporation.
’85 — Janis L. Hoekema and
David R. Plagerman (’87) were
married February 16 in Lynden.
David is a self-employed dairy
’86 — James Minifie married
Mary K. Fuller February 23 in Bel­
levue. He is owner of State Farm In­
surance Agency of Arlington ...
Tracy Grunenfelder and Laura
Strawn were married September 9
in Olympia and he is employed by
the Department of Corrections. The
couple met while talking to the
police following the burglary of
their cars ... Bev Knudsen
received her Certified Public Ac­
countant certificate February 2.
’87 — Kari Sandgren and Larry
Hofer were married June 30,1991
in Lexington, Kentucky. Kari is a
cost analyst for the IBM Co. and is
attending graduate school at the
University of Kentucky. Larry
works as a compensation analyst
for IBM as well... Polly
Campbell and Richard Saunders
were married June 24,1990 in
Poulsbo. Polly is employed as an
agent for the U.S. Treasury Depart­
ment in Seattle and Richard is
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Foundation Celebrates 25th
Year: What A Year It Was!
Over 5,200 corporations, friends and alumni contributed $3,137,548.80 to The
Western Foundation this year, more than doubling last year’s totals.
According to Western’s President, Kenneth P. Mortimer, ’’Private gifts are ad­
ding an edge of stimulation, creativity and recognition of outstanding achievement
that separates ordinary universities from those of exceptional quality. I can feel that
edge sharpen at Western. I see it in such things as the caliber of scholarship stu­
dents we are attracting, in the vitality of our performing arts offerings, in the excite­
ment of faculty demonstrating newly acquired research equipment and in the
creativity of students perfecting our solar car design."
1990-91 gifts to The Western Foundation were received in the categories out­
lined in the following pie charts. As in past years, the highest priority of The
Western Foundation remains providing scholarships for Washington State’s
brightest and most motivated students.
Gifts and Grants by Category
Total: $3,137,548.80
Editor of Squol Quol (good news) Lyn Dennis-Olsen
tells of the transformation of Lummi Community Col­
lege with 25 students just eight years ago into North­
west Indian College with 850 students throughout the
state of Washington.
carved by deceased tribal leader,
Joseph Hillaire, has been restored and
is a symbol for the campus. It sits in
front of the new tribal library, itself a
restoration of the Lummi Day School,
which was vacant for 40 years.
“If someone had told me (in 1983)
there was going to be a college campus
at Lummi, including a library, student
store, renovated buildings and even a
new building, I would have been hard
to convince,” Dennis-Olsen says.
In March 1990, Western inaugurated
a special cooperative relationship with
NWIC easing transfer of credits, foster­
ing exchange of educational materials
and faculty, opening University library
facilities to college students, and offer­
ing scholarship assistance. Special clas­
ses have been designed to be held on
the NWIC campus composed of equal
numbers of Western and NWIC stu­
The two institutions have teamed to
offer internships in southeastern
Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. They
also joined for “The Hubless Wheel: A
Reading Series of Minority and Ethnic
Writers.” The first presentation by Na­
tive American writers was followed
with readings by Asian-American
Associated Students and the Viking
Union have also signed reciprocal
agreements on use of facilities with the
“As time goes by, more and more of
our students are going on to four-year
schools,’’Dennis-Olsen says. “We are
building bridges between the college
and Western. A lot of positive things
are happening in this place and in this
time and I’m happy to be part of
Special Projects
Faculty Enrichment
Departmental Support
Gifts and Grants by Donor Type
Total: $3,137,548.80
Friends 62%
Alumni 9%
Faculty/Staff 2%>
Organizations 3%
Foundations 4%»
Corporations 22%>
The Western Foundation and Western Washington University wish to acknowiedge on the pages following donors who made Western a priority for
their support in 1990-91. Our donors range from new graduates to multimillion dollar corporations. Ail gifts have made a difference and are greatly ap­
preciated by Western’s facuity, staff and students.
r6sum6 / Fall 1991
A & H Hallmark, Beilis Fair Mall
Abbot Laboratories
Access Commercial Real Estate
Ace Beverage, Inc.
Ackerley Communications, Inc.
Association of Canadian Studies in the
United States
Aftermath Club
Alco Standard Foundation
Alcoa Foundation
Alfred and Marian Smith Foundation
Daniel G. and Nancy W. Smith
All American Frozen Yogurt Shop
Allsop, Inc.
Alpha Delta Kappa Fidelis-Chapter
Alpha Delta Kappa PSI Chapter
Alpha Technologies, Inc.
Alvord-Richardson Construction
AMAX Foundation, Inc.
Amerada Hess Corporation
American Association of University
American Airlines
American Linen Company
American Society of Women
American Society of Automotive
Engineering, Northwest Chapter
Amoco Foundation, Inc.
Anacortes Brass Works, Ltd.
Anderson Tool Sales, Inc.
Angle Lake Cyclery
Antique Automobile Restorers Club
Anvil Corporation
Apple Computers, Inc.
Arby’s Restaurant
Arcadia Associates
Arlis’s Restaurant
Arnason Realtors & Insurance
Art & Frames
Arthur Andersen & Co. Foundation
Associated Recreation Council
Atlantic Richfield Foundation
Atlantic Richfield Company
Autodesk, inc.
Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
B & L Selective Logging, Inc.
B. Dalton Booksellers, Beilis Fair
The Bagelry
Balancing Services Northwest
Balas and Weiland, Attorneys
Bank of California
Bankamerica Foundation
Barter’s Drive-In
Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Company
Jay Baumann Memorial Association
Bellingham National Bank
Bellingham Music Club
Bellingham Stevedoring Company
C. Roger and GerryAnne Sahlln
Bellingham Marine Industries
Bellingham Public Library
Bellingham Chiropractic Center
Beilis Fair Art and Frame
Benson & McLaughlin
Best Western Lakeway Inn
Better Homes and Gardens
Northwestern Realty
Body Tone & Tan
The Boeing Company
Boise Cascade
The Bon Marche
Borgstrom, Anda & Saur, CPAs
Brentley Softpacks
British Petroleum Oil Company
Brown and Cole Stores, inc.
Brunswick Corporation
Burger King — Bellingham
Burlington Northern Foundation
Burlington Northern RAILPAC
Campeau Family Charities
Canadian Bionic Research, Inc.
Canadian Consul General
Cascade Pizza II
Cascade Natural Gas
Cassidy Fish Company
CHEF Foundation
Chestnut Dental Clinic
Chevron USA, Inc.
Christenson Engineering Corporation
The Chuckanut Bay Gallery
Chuckanut District of Garden Clubs
Cineplex Odeon Theatres
Circle “F” Bed and Breakfast
CCE-West, Bottlers of Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Richard and Sheridan Montag
Cocoanut Grove
Colophon Cafe
Contel Corporation
r6sum6 / Fall 1991
Cramer Associates
Creative Dimensions
Irwin and Carole Siesnick
Crum and Forster Foundation
Culp, Guterson & Grader
Curtis Archives, Inc.
Dain Bosworth/IFG Foundation
Deloitte and Touche
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Dewey Griffin Olds-Cadillac
Dickerson Distributors, inc.
Diehl Ford, Inc.
Digital Equipment Corporation
The Disc Jockey, Beilis Fair
Discover Me, Inc.
Domino’s Pizza
Dos Padres Restaurant
Dwayne Lane Dodge/Dodge Truck
Eaton Charitable Fund
Echo Point Construction
Echo Valley Guild
Eclipse Book Store and Gallery
Eddie Bauer, Inc.
The Eldec Corporation
Eli Lilly & Company Foundation
Ernst & Young Foundation
Ershigs, Inc.
Excalibur Cutlery & Gifts
Executive Knowledgeworks
Exxon Company U.S.A.
Fairhaven Pharmacy
The Fairhaven Restaurant
Farmers Insurance Group
Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company
First Interstate Bank of Washington
Fourth Corner Frames
The Franklin Matchette Foundation
Franz GabI Ski and Sport
Fred Meyer Jewelers
Fryday’s Food and Spirits
Gannett Foundation
General Cinema Corporation
General Dynamics
The General Foods Fund, Inc.
General Motors Technical Center
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Atlanta
Georgia Pacific Corporation,
Glacier Distributing Company, Inc.
Golden Chain Gang
Golf USA
Good Earth Pottery
The Great Harvest Bread Company
taTE CorporatiOT
GTE Northwest, Inc.
GTM, Inc.
Saul & Dayee G. Haas Foundation
The Haggen Foundation
Don and Kathy Haggen
Richard and Sylvia Haggen
Hanford Environmental Health
HAPO Federal Credit Union
Harper Collins Publishers
Hayes Rotary Engineering
The Henry M. Jackson Foundation
Hoechst Celanese Corporation
Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza
Hood Graphics
Connie Hood
IBM Matching Grants Program
The Ice Creamery
ICI Americas, Inc.
ICI Composites, Inc.
Indian Street Pottery
Intalco Aluminum Corporation
International Athletic
J C Penney, Bellingham
Janine’s Salon & Hair Care Center
The Jeld-Wen Foundation
Jerry Chambers Chevrolet
Kelstrup Inc., Realtors
KPMG Peat Marwick
Kratzig and Associates, Inc. , #
La Parfumerie
La Patisserie
La Pinata
Laird, Norton Trust Company
Lane, Powell, Spears, and Lubersky
Laser Therapeutics
Lions Hearing Foundation MD-19
Little Caesars Pizza
Locker’s Fitness Systems
Louis Auto Glass, Inc.
Richard and Leslie Adelstein
LTI, Inc.
Lyme Ricky’s Restaurant & Lounge
The Lynden Tribune, Julian Lewis
M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Maritime Contractors, Inc.
Mark IV Industries
Marlen’s Gems
Marriott Corporation
Master Cuts, Beilis Fair
M B Green
Me Donalds Restaurant
Merksamer Jewelers
Merrill Lynch & Company, Inc.
Metcalf Hodges & Company
Microcomputer Accessories, Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
Milano’s Restaurant
The Mitre Corporation
Mobil Foundation, Inc.
Mona Lisa Italian Deli
Morse Hardware Company
Robert I. and Jeanette Morse
Moss Adams Foundation
Motorola, Inc.
Mrs. Powell’s, Beilis Fair
MSC Industrial Supply Company
Naturalizer Plus
NCNB Texas National Bank
New York Fries, Beilis Fair
Nordic Yachts, Inc.
Northern Notes
Northwest Eye Clinic, Inc.
Northwest Honda
Northwest Kennels
Northwest Council for Exceptional
Olin Corporation Charitable Trust
Olivine Corporation
Originals in Gold
OWI, Inc.
PACCAR Foundation
Pacific Energy Association Northwest
Mayor “Lou Parberry’s’’ Foundation
Peninsula Community Foundation
P.E.O. Chapter J
Peoples State Bank
Irwin and Frances LeCocq
Charles and Marylee LeCocq
Pepper Sisters Restaurant
Pepsi-Cola USA
Pietro’s Pizza, Bellingham
Pitney Bowes, Inc.
Potlatch Corporation
Premark International
The Presser Foundation
The Pro Image, Beilis Fair
Professional Secretaries International
The Prudential Foundation
Puget Sound Power and Light
Puget Sound Engineering Council
Purdy’s Chocolates, Beilis Fair
Quadra Beverage
Ken and Donna Graham
Gary and Jamie Krause
Rainier Brewing Company, Seattle
Rax^BestauranL Beilis fair——
Red Robin, Bellingham
Red Robin Restaurant — South Sound
Regis Hairstylists
Rib and Reef Restaurant
Rice Insurance, Inc.
Roger Jobs Motors, Inc.
Ryder System Foundation
Safeco Corporation
Samson Ocean Systems, Inc.
Steve and Barbara Swiackey
Sanitary Service Company
Paul A. Razore
Scott Paper Company
Seafirst Matching Gift Program
Security Pacific Foundation
Security Pacific Bank of Washington
See’s Candies
Shapers Aerobics & Tanning
Shawmut National Corporation
Shearson Lehman/American Express
Shell Companies Foundation, Inc.
Simpson Investment Company
Skagit Enterprises
Skagit Women In Business
Skippers #291, Bellingham
Smiley’s Pizza
South Everson Lumber Company
St. Luke’s Foundation
Staley Continental, Inc.
State Farm Fire & Casualty
The Stuart Foundation
The Subshop, Bellingham
Sudden Valley Resort
Sumner Auto Supply
Sunset Car Wash
Synthesis, Inc.
Talbot Investment Company
Target Stores, Corporate Headquarters
TCI Cablevision of Washington
Tektronix Foundation
Texaco Philanthropic Foundation, Inc.
Texas Instruments, Inc.
Thunder Basin Coal Company
Top of the Towers
The Toro Company
The Toyota U.S.A. Foundation
Trans Mountain Oil Pipe Line
Transamerica Foundation
Triad Electrical Contractors
The Trillium Corporation
David and Kay Syre
. t
Trojan Battery Company
TRW Foundation
Univar Foundation
Unocal Corporation
The UPS Foundation
US Bank of Washington
US Bank of Washington, Bellingham
US Savings Bank
US West Foundation
US West NewVector Group, Inc.
Vicor Corporation
Walton Beverage Company
Washington Council of Economic
Washington State Senior’s Golf
Washington State Federation of
Garden Clubs
Washington Federation of State
Employees #1381
The Washington Post Company
Washington Mutual Foundation
Washington Tow Truck Association #7
Waste Management, Inc.
West Coast Graphic and Novelty
Western Association of Food Chains
Western Camera
Weyco Engineering
Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation
Whatcom Art Guild
Whatcom Builders, Inc.
Whatcom Educational Credit Union
Whatcom Pathology
Dr Gary Goldfogel
Williams Ventures, Inc.
Wilson Motors
Wings Motorcyle and Leathers
Wolverine Tube, Inc.
Women of Western
Western Washington University
Associated Students
Yeager’s Sporting Goods
Henry and Frances Adams
Stephen Adams
R. T. and M. M. Aiken
Margaret Aitken
James and Joanne Albers
Donald and Jan Alper
Reg and Rita Alvord
Donald E. Haggen, Chair­
man & CEO of Haggen, Inc.,
is the newly elected Presi­
dent of The Western Founda­
tion. He will serve a
two-year term, which began
on May 23,1991.
Haggen, Inc. operates 10
Haggen and TOP Food &
Drug supermarkets located
in the State of Washington.
Haggen is also a member
of several boards and or­
ganizations including
Bellingham Marine, Inc.,
Bellingham National Bank,
Food Marketing Institute,
Rotary (Past President),
Western Association of Food
Chains (Vice President), and
Executive Committee of the
University of Washington
Husky Fever.
He has previously served
as President of Whatcom
Medical Bureau and Trustee
for Evergreen Security Trust.
Greg Amrine
Jennifer Amrine
Fern Amsberry
Angelo and Susan Anastasio
Aleck and Evilo Anderson
Clara Anderson
Edward Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Anderson
Frank Anderson
Josephine Anderson
Michael and Susan Anderson
Richard and Elizabeth Anderson
Kenneth and Kay Andrews
Herbert and Virginia Angel
Gene and Kathy Armstrong
Chappelle Arnett
Gladys Haug Arntzen
Howard and Carrie Artie
Mr. and Mrs. L. Allen Atkins
Lela Atteberry
John and Beatrice Aubert
Sandy Ausink
Joseph and Sandy Avila
Mr. and Mrs. Sven Axter
Mrs. Jack Aylward
Doug and Ginnie Ayres
Scott and Ann Babcock
David and Maryanne Bader
Curtis and Sybil Bagby
Kurt Bagby
Ralph and Nila Bajema
Arline M. Baker
Beryl Bal
Robert and Elizabeth Balas
Jay Balfour
Charles A. Ballard
Greg and Chari Bancy
Keith Banning
Kevin Banning
Kevin Barnes
Roger and Beth Barnhart
James Barriball
Bruce Barrie
Lucille Barron
Terry and Elaine Beardsley
Carolyn Beck
MyrI and Linda Beck
Paula Beclamy
Horrace and Eugenia Beidin
Travis and Kathleen Bell
Karen Benskin
Paulette Bergh
Mr. and Mrs. Bergstrom
Victor and Betty Lou Berman
Carl Berryman
Kathy Bertuzzi
Edith Betts and Hazel Peterson
R. 1. and Shirley Birchfield
Wally Birdsell
Kristie Bissell
Douglas and Beverly Blair
Esther Bliss
Bridget Bly
Mr. and Mrs. Steward Blythe
Wendy Bohlke
George Bonder Jr.
Gary Bornzin
Michael Bosworth
Bertus Bovenkamp
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Chester and Lillian Bowyer
Donald and Ann Boyce
Gladys Boyce
E. O. Brashear
Vera Breazeal
Pam Breckenridge
Dorothy Bredehoft
Ted and Puna Bredesen
Gerald and Julie Brinkman
Bess Briskie
Julius Briskie
Sylvia Britt
Kay Broadway
Henrich and Gundel Brockhaus
Frank “Jim” and Nancy Brooks
Norman and Barbara Broten
Donald Brown
Dan and Noanie Brown
Donald L. Brown
Jerry and Ginger Brown
Willard and Anne Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bruce
Evelyn Mason Bruggeman
Dave Brummel
The Estate of Kathryn Brunken
Joan Buchner
Dr. and Mrs. Roscoe Buckland
Dr. William and Betty Budd
Marv and May Bueing
Wally and Betty Bueing
Jerry and Shirley Buizer
William Bultmann
Bunk and Mary Burden
Janet Burden
Bud Burke
Eugene and Laura Burright
Mary Bye
Jack and Suzanne Cahoon
Jim and Anne Caldwell
John Calkins
Linda Callender
Sarah Campbell
Thomas and Ann Campbell
Helen Campion
Anna Carey
Mrs. Sene Cariile
Jon and Barbara Carlson
Mary Carlson
Stephen and Jean Carmean
Richard and Alma Carver
Merideth Cary
James and Carolyn Cass
Donn Cassity
Dennis and Janice Catrell
Charlotte Chalker
Edna Channer
Philip and Dorothy Chapman
Elinor Charleston
Steven Childress
Frank and Ruth Chin
Sheryl Chin
Martha Choe
William Clark
David R. Clarke
Muriel Clarkson
David Cleaveland
Al and Pat Clemensen
Tim Clemensen
Mildred Clemensen
Tom Clemensen
Calvin Clement
Gregory and Barbara Clement
Jeff and Teh Clement
Richard and Connie Clement
Genevieve Closson
. Robert and Dorothy Cloud
E. C. Coan
Mary Cobb
Gordon and Darlene Cochran
Christina Coffin
Carl Colasurdo
Blythe Cole
Jack and Ramona Cole
C. H. and Bobbie Coleman
Kenneth and Joan Collins
Frank and Regina Colson
Larry and Suzanne Conrad
Dr. Hull Cook
Jack and Nancy Cooley
Judy Coons
Bernard and Margaret Cooper
Orville and Susan Cooper
Jim Copperthite
Barbara Corey-Booth
J. G. Coughlin
Pat Coumbs
Loraine Coy
Helen Brandt Cozy
Robert and Rose Crabtree
Charles and Judy Cramer
lla Crape
Frank and Marjorie Crawford
Thomas Crawley
Clarabell Crosby
David Crosby
Dorothy Crow
Todd A. Curran
Cynthia Curtis
Warner and Lorine Curtis
Pamela Cushing
George Cvetkovich
Stephen Dable
Carolyn Dale
Barbara Darrow
Stanley and Virginia Daugert
Ronald and Barbara Davey
Brently and Frances Davis
J. M. and Ann Davis
Jack and Kitty Davis
Robert Davis
Robert and Norma Dawes
Celeste De Roche-Seward
Mable Bosch Dedon
Paul and Nancy Dees
William Deibel
Rogue De La Cruz
Larry and Marcia DeLorme
David DeLuca
Geraldine DeMarco
Jo A. Dereske
Kenneth and Karen DeSeve
Laura Dias
William and Beverly Dickerson
Dale Dinnel
Lewis and Jean Dodd
William and Carole Doerschlag
Evange Dolack
Dorothy Dolese
Gayer and Patricia Dominick
Genevieve Donaldson
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Linda Drummond
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William Eadie
Bill Earley
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Marie Eaton
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Sheila Edwards
Eleanor Ehrlich
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Jerry Ellis
Margaret Elwood
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Terry Ennis
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Carla Erwin
Mr. Shinkichi Eto
Susan Eurich
Charles and Margaret Evans
Fred and June Evans
Eugene and Florence Fairbanks
Patricia Fallback
C. H. and Catherine Ferguson
James and Mimi Ferlin
David and Irene Fewings
Rhoda Fiegel
Mary Fields
Helen C. Finlay
Richard and Lu Rae Fischer
Theresa Fitzpatrick
Elizabeth Fiut
Hugh and Julie Fleetwood
Harold and Lucille Fliegler
Jerry and Rosemary Flora
Richard and Arline Fonda
Fielding and Patricia Formway
Marshall and Katherine Forrest
Pauline Foust
Sheila Fox
Richard Francis
Gordon and Alice Fraser
John Fraser
Anita Frazier
Kenneth Freeman
Jan and Katherine Frey
William and Sarah Fritsch
Albert and Mary Froderberg
Michael Frome
Jay and Peggy Fuchs
Janine Fuchs
Tim Fuchs
Walter and Margaret Fuchs
Elaine Furlong
Nancy and George Gale
Merle and Marian Gallman
A. K. and Virginia Galloway
George and Josephine Gargett
Richard Garinger
Kevin Garland
Orville and Grace Garrett
Eugene Gatterman
Ernst Gayden
Harvey and Estella Gelder
Treena George
Margaret Gerharz
George and Christine Gerhold
John and Minnie Giarde
Raymond and Dorothy Giesecke
Warren and Marilyn Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. John Gillam
Roy and Barbara Gillespie
Betty Gilson
Lynne Givler
Raymond A. Glaser
Stuart Jay Glassen
Hervin and Fran Gliege
Larry Gliege and Mary Kinsey
Ronald and Janet Gocken
W. and Gertrude Godwin
Larry C. and Lee P. Goodrich
Glen and Ann Gossage
Ralph Gott
Evelyn Graafstra
Matilda Jane Grabert
Darlene Graham
Frederick and Mary Graham
Rudy and Ursula Gramaje
Art and Truus Grandbois
Michael Granston
Douglas T. and Sherry Gray
Don and Jan Gray
Thomas and Gerda Gray
Evelyn Green
C. B. and Alice Grenier
Gerald and Luanne Grill
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Burton and Catherine Grover
Ms. Guidry
Don and Sherry Gustafson
Carrie Guyer
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* i
Mary Jane Hashisaki
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Gibran Hashmi
F. Murray “Red” and Betty Haskell
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Patricia Hodges
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Dick and Germaine Johanson
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Lucas Realty Incorporated
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Robert and Mildred Marr
Larry Marrs
Peter Marsh
Ronald and Yvonne Martinez
Bryan and Betty Jean Marvin
Jessie Payzant (pen name Terry Shannon) shares her imagination with
young friends at Wilson Library.
Jessie Payzant
Engaging young readers
Imagine pursuing adventure
around the world with your
spouse and getting paid for it.
Author Jessie Payzant,
Bellingham Normal class of ’25,
did just that and left some 40
children’s books in her wake.
She and husband Charles
Payzant, a nationally recognized
watercolor illustrator, created an
award-winning series of informa­
tional books for young people on
“everything from archaeology to
zoology with oceanography inbetween.’’ She stopped by cam­
pus in May to donate a collection
of her work to Wilson Library.
The 85-year-old wanderer is
the first to admit she’s been
lucky. Her career as a writer
began in the ’40s when a friend
insisted she write a column for a
Hollywood tabloid that focused
on set designers and others be­
After some short stints work­
ing in radio and its emerging
competitor, television, she was
introduced to Charles Payzant in
the early ’50s. He invited her to
work on a series of children’s
books. She accepted, and “one
thing led to another,” Jessie
says. Soon, they married.
The collaboration continued,
with Jessie writing the stories
and taking the pictures under the
pen name Terry Shannon, and
Charles doing the illustrations.
They worked with major publish­
ing houses and rarely received a
rejection on a book proposal.
Sometimes they traveled in
tandem, sometimes she went
alone. Their projects took her
around the world, including Alas­
ka, France, Mexico, Hong Kong,
Japan, Egypt and even Iran just
before the revolution that ousted
the Shah.
“Charles would always say,
‘Let’s you go and do this,”’ she
says fondly, with a glimmer in
her elfish eyes.
She is particularly proud of
her books including Windows in
the Sea about the Navy’s submer­
sible craft, and Saucer in the Sea
about Jacques Cousteau’s diving
In addition to her books, she
wrote for educational filmstrips
and the American Book
Company’s Reading and Dis­
covery Series and contributed to
Encyclopedia Brittanica Junior.
After the death of her hus­
band several years ago, Jessie
moved to North Bend, Oregon.
Although she no longer writes
for publication, this active oc­
togenarian keeps her eye out for
resume / Fall 1991
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Mason ’
David Mason
Miriam Snow Mathes
Imbert Matthee
Joanna Maxwell
J. Richard and June Mayer
D. Peter Mazur
Marcia Mazzarella
Harold and Jane McLaughlin
Alex McLeod
Allan McLeod
Donald and Darlene McLeod
Irene McAfee
Berit McAlister
S. W. and Janet McAllister
Sidney and Diane McAlpin
Earl McAtee
Beverly McBeath
John and Jody McBee
Faith McCarn
Brad and Christine McCarthy
Paul and Lucy McCarthy
J. D. and Amy McClauchlan
Daryl and Arlene McClelland
Douglas and Beverly McClintock
John McCoy
Glen McDonald
Gloria McDonald
John McDonald
Kenneth McDonald
Arthur and Valeria McElroy
John McGill
Mike McLaughlin
Carol McRandle
Robert Meade
Florence Meagher
John Meagher
Guy and Betty Meehling
Harry Meek
Robert and Barbara Meier
Larry and Mary Menninga
Rodger and Marsha Merrick
Somers and Ellen Merryman
Franklin and Helen Metz
John and Rotha Miles
Destiny Miller
Ed Miller
Gragg and Betty Miller
John and Karleen Miller
Laurence Miller
Mary Miller
Robert and Margaret Miller
Mr. W. and Marie Miller
Robert and Bonnie Miner
Greg and Clarice Minner
Michael and Eleanor Mischaikow
Mollie Mitchell
Robert and Marilyn Monahan
Eleanor Monson
Phillip and Margo Montague
Debnath and Supriya Mookherjee
George and Katherynn Moore
Ben Morales
Ilia Moretto
Tekla Morgan
Wilfred and Harriet Morgenthaler
William and Evelyn Morrisette
Jeffrey and Kelly Morrow
Kenneth and Lorraine Mortimer
Leo and Vera Moser
Virginia Moyer
Mr. and Mrs. L. Mujabber
John and Sandra Mulhern
Frank and Sandra Muljat
Mark and Linda Muljat
Vince and Katherine Muljat
John and Jacqueline Mumma
Ray and Shirley Murphy
Etna Murrey
Arnold and Dorothy Myers
Duane Neely
Alice Nelsen
David and Margie Nelson
Gary and Patti Nelson
Lin and Linda Nelson
Robert and Irene Newell
Beverly Newsome
Cathleen Nichols
Donna Nichols, In Memory Of Jay
Lloyd and Katherine Niedhamer
Cindy Nieto
Sven-Erik Nilsen
Evelyn Nolte
Norm Norlander
Brett Nosho
Bert and Debby Novak
Arie Nyman
Antoinette Nyman
James and Patricia O’Brien
Maureen O’Reilly
Merrill and Muriel Oaks
Roger and Pamela Oettli
Barbara Hamano Ohara
Richard and Jean O’Hara
Robert OIney
Thomas and Joy OIney
Paul and Ruth Olscamp
Fred and Clara Olsen
Robert Olson and Mary Shields
Joyce Ordos
Joseph and Margaret Orem
Ruth Orrenmaa
Our Savior Lutheran Church Women
Memorial Fund
Bob and Myrna Overstreet
Elizabeth Owens
Mark and Donna Packer .
Will and Sydney Palmer ;
Mark Parcher
rSsum4/Fall 1991
James Parker
Manfred and Diane Parker
David and Marianne Patnode
Dennis and Penny Patterson
Ray Payne
Rodney and Sandra Payton
Gertrude Peak
Armond Pearson
Richard and Mary Pedersen
Blanche Peeples
Zelda Peoples
Dan Perreault
Mr. and Mrs. Perreult
Mr. and Mrs. Dwaine Persels
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Persels
Mrs. C. M. Peters
Harry and Florence Petersea
Irving and June Peterson
Joanne Peterson
Larry Peterson
Rolf and Georgine Pettersen
Bob and Nancy Pfeiffer
Barbara Phillips
J. Ward Phillips
Norval L. Pielstick
George Pierce and Margaret Brakel
Robert and Sandra Pinney
E. LeRoy and Rebecca Plumlee
Richard and Mae Plut
Don and Linda Pope
Pulse Turbines Limited
Sam and Joyce Porter
Edward and Joan Potts
James and Barbara Pratt
Russell Pritchett
Daniel and Diane Quail
Robert Quigley
Sylvia Ouilici
August and Carol Radke
Jean Rahn
Charles and Doris Randall
H. W. Ranspot
Fred Rapaport and Christine Sutton
Norman and Marjorie Rasmussen
Don and Pam Ratz
Michael and Linda Rawls
Thomas and Rosemary Read
Betty Ann Reay
Jim Reder
Peter and Luzenia Redpath
Larry and Marlene Reed
Alan and Theresa Rehn
Charley and Coralie Reid
Robert and Jean Reid
Sally Reilly
Edna Reimer
Larry Reinertsen
Myriam Renaud
Gerald and Linda Rhea
Frederick and Gloria Rhoades
James and Angela Rhoads
John Riach
LeRoy and Alice Richards
John Richardson
Artel Ricks
Ruth Pratt Rigg
Ronald and Sandy Riggins
Amanda Riley
Michele Ann Rimmer
Adelle Ringus
Walter Robertson, Jr.
David and Carol Robinson
Mrs. Duncan Robinson
Mary Robinson
Dr. Walter Robinson
Roy Rodland
Jacqueline Roeck
C. Rogers
Harold and Audrey Rogers
Charles and June Ross
Dr. and Mrs. Reinhart S. Ross
Philip and Berthe-Marie Rosser
Tim and Barbara Rossman
David and Joan Rothausen
Frank Rowe
Mr. and Mrs. G. Clark Rowland
Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Rude
Don Rudhe
Carrolle Rudnick
Christopher Ruef
Carol Reule
Fred Ryan
Irene Rygg
Margaret Sahlin
Jack and Betty Sampson
Bob and Bonnie Sanford
Gordon and Eleanor Sarjeant
Martin Sauvage
Eleanor Sawyer
Marsha Sayre
G. N. Scaboo Family
Robert and Sandra Scandrett
Milton and Sharon Schayes
Ken Schellberg
Sonja Scherbler
Erhart and Helena Schinske
Richard Schmitt
Warren and Sharon Schmitt
Frank and Agnes Schneider
Sylvia Flax Scholtz
Carl and Evelyn Schuler
John Schultz
James Schwartz
Maurice and Norma Schwartz
Henry Schwarz
Stephanie Schweider
Gordon Scott
James Scott
James and Barta Scott
Charles and Phyllis Self
John and Karen Selle
'' \'
Steven Senge
Ronald Shaffer
Alice Shaw
Albert Shaw
Jeffrey Shelman
Fred and Millicent Shelton
Benjamin Sherman
Dr. H. and Mrs. Parvin Shetabi
Everett and Ha Shipley
Kirkton Shoop
James Shorett
Lori Silverman
Ingunn Sim
Gary and Sandra Simon
Carl and Janet Simpson
Edward and Fern Singer
Ethelyn Sisk
Knute Skinner and Edna Kiel
Janet Skok
Denise Skwarok
Bert and Toni Slater
Christine Slocum
Alden Smith
Carolyn Smith
Frank and Carole Smith
Janice Smith
John and Bernice Smith
Robert and Carolyn Smith
Mary Sornborger
Rod Soubers
Gary Southstone
Leslie and Harriet Spanei
Irene Speak
Robert Spich
Marc Spiegiberg
Joseph and Velma Spoto
David Sprague
Mr. Wallace A. Sprague
Thaddeus and Lois Spratlen
Joseph St. Hilaire
Elbert Stamey
Richard and Joan Starbird
Alexandra Starr
James and Vicki Steckler
Katherine Brunken
Surprise gift
for scholarships
By Andy Norstadt
Of The Bellingham Herald
Katherine Brunken never at­
tended Western Washington
University and had no close ties
to the school. Yet, when the 94year-old Seattle woman died last
November, she left WWU her en­
tire estate, valued at $435,000.
One of the five largest gifts
Western has ever received, it will
be used to establish a scholarship
fund in her name. Her only
stipulation was that the money
go to students who might not be
able to afford college.
No one knows exactly why
she gave the money to Western.
Katherine Brunken was a
private, independent woman who
kept her own counsel. As one
friend said, if asked why she
planned to give the money to the
school, Brunken probably would
have replied, “What business is
it of yours?”
The gift wasn’t out of charac­
ter, however. Brunken, a retired
public health nurse, always liked
Marjorie Steele
Judie Stein
Edward and Karen Stephan
Joan Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stewart '
Robert and Susan Stone
David and Betty Stout
Duane and Aileen Stowe
Jim Strom
Christopher Anne Suczek
Stephen and Shelly Sulkin
Gordon and Beverly Sullivan
Kelly and Kristine Susee
Robert and Jane Sylvester
Ken Symes
Caroline Syre
Christopher Talbert
Karl and Jennifer Tate
Alma Taylor
Christopher and Saundra Taylor
Dan Taylor
Diane Taylor
Dick and Irene Taylor
James and Mildred Taylor
Richard and Leslie Taylor
Ronald and Gloria Taylor
Scott and Michelle Taylor
Patti Templeton
Dr. Thomas Terjeson
Robert Thacker
Rose Thai
Greg Thayer
Willie Theis
William and Betty Thomas
Hazel Thompson
Ian and Pamela Thompson
Richard arid Lynda Thompson
Tracey Thompson
Vivian K. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Arn Thoreen
Pappy Thoreen
Robert Thorndike
Hal Thurston and Mary Swenson
Glenn and Francine Titus
Larry and Marianne Topping
and encouraged young people,
said A1 Klander, a Ten Mile
Road resident and family friend
who knew her since he was a
Her ties to Whatcom County
sprang from her childhood, when
her parents worked a farm near
Hinotes Corner before moving to
Canada. She regularly visited Al,
ly, and fieF^Rei are buried iri
the Ten Mile Cemetery.
Over the years, Brunken
talked about giving her estate to
Seattle University or to
Children’s Hospital. Klander
speculated that, in the end, she
drew a connection between her
interest in young people and her
affection for Whatcom County
and decided to will her estate to
“She was just interested in
kids. It was tough when she
grew up” and that experience
stayed with her, said Martha
Brunken earned her nursing
diploma from an Edmonton, Al­
berta, hospital before moving to
Seattle as a young woman. She
worked with the city Health
Department from 1926 to 1958.
She lived by herself in a
small Seattle home, tending her
garden, living on Social Security
and a small city pension, driving
a 1970 VW “bug.” Her interests
were simple and inexpensive.
She bought many of her clothes
from Goodwill.
Her estate was a testament to
the power of compound interest.
She didn’t inherit money or
property, but she saved regular­
ly. When she died, Brunken had
approximately $300,000 in her
accounts, plus another $135,000
in home value.
Brunken could have lived a
much higher lifestyle had she
chosen to, added Al Klander.
But, “she just wouldn’t spend
the money on herself.”
Jack and Donna Towle
Frank and Margaret Travis
Loch and Susan Trimingham .
Ear! and Jacqueline Trivett
Brunhilde and Walt Trolson
Brad and Pam Tubbs
Gordon E. Tweit
University of Washington Special
Education Faculty
Daniel and Claire Urrere
Floyd and Judith Urschel
Ken Usui
John and Mickey Utendale
Paul and Marsha Valentic
Paul and Dorothy Vance
Allain VanLaanen
Steven Vekved
Delbert and Linda Velenchenko
Mark Veljkov
Vance and Blanche Venn
Manfred Vernon
John Verosky and Cynthia Renegar
Donald and Joan Village
Orville and Bertha Vogel
Eugene Vojir
Curtis Wade
Margaret Walker
Elaine Walsh
Ada Walter
Chuck Walter
Donald and Ann Walter
Eileen Walter
Ruth Walters
Mike Ward
Susan Warren
David and Barbara Washburn
Dan Washburn
Yuri Watanabe
Arthur and Margaret Watts
Loren and Wendy Webb
Homer Weiner
Lawrence and Grace Weis v
Sadie and Marilyn Welch
Thomas and Joan Welch
Evelyn Wellman
Jim and Ann Wells
G. L and Joyce Wenk
Darcie Wentworth
Barb Werschkul
Western Washington University Fiscal
Services Staff
Western Washington University
Physical Plant Employees
Western Washington University Wilson
Library Staff
Jack and Nancy Westford
Samuel and Agatha Whitacre
Zan Whitaker
Dave White
Richard and Jacqueline White
Brian Whitfield
Edward Wiekersham
Charles and Betty Ann Wilder
Roger and Barbara Wiley
George and Sibyle Wilfong
Carrie Willey
Eric J. Williams
Martha Williamson
Michael and Gail Williamson
Nathan Williamson
Wayne and Clarice Wills
Dr. and Mrs. Wisland
Willie Wilson
Mrs. John Wilton
Larry and Jeannette Winkeman
Sarah Wirth
Joseph and Sally Wolf
Walter Wong
Paul Woodring
Frank and Mildred Wright
Wilma Wyatt
RoHin Wyrens
Anne Yandle, UBC
Nina Yeargin
H.M. and Margaret Yeoman
Bill Yerkes
Shikada YoshimI
Barbara Young
Brian and Terry Young
Richard and Barbara Young
Ming-Ho and Ervena Yu
Oscar Zabel
Donald Zable
Pete and Darlene Zankich
David Zauhar
Ed and Betsy Zimmerman
Garnet Allen
Ellen Austin
Trygve Blix
Velma Boyles
Norman Bright
Margie Broadbent
Blanche Hamilton Caffiere
Beatrice Callison
Dorothy Christensen
Ruby Coe
Randolph Dawson
Reba De Atley
Kathrine Eckhart
W. Dean Edmundson
Anna Engles
Hazel Evans
Ethel Fisher
Genevieve Gannon
Palma Hoover
Jeanette Jacobson
Kenneth Johnson
Olive Jorgens
Frances Jukes
Alma Keithiey
Ruth Loreen
John Mairs
Norine Me Rea
Katherine Northcott
George M. Parkko
Geneva Pickering
Ann PreusS'Wasisco
Helen Prillaman
William and Francelia Radcliffe
Ellen Repp
Cecilia Root
Kenneth E. Selby
Alice Shannon
Trula Smith
Agnes Sommerseth
Alice Spieseke
Louise Steensland
Catharine Stimpson
Dolly Stopp
Roy and Dorothy Sundstrom
Kathleen Taft
Irene Thomas
Olive Thon
Thomas and Gunhilde Tucker
Elvina Verduin
Rose Willson
Leon and Elizabeth Alpaugh
Arthur Bagley
Martha Beck
Virginia Betts
Mary E. Bond
Catherine and Homer Bouroughs, Jr.
Madeline Brown
Esther Browne
Philip and Joan Campbell
Gordon and Verna Carter
Carl and Amelia Caskey
Fritz and Doris Chorvat
Marian J. Chappell Clausen
Dale and Coral Courtney
Ethel Crook
Kathryn Graham Curry
Lucy Davidson
Leo and Frances De Geest
Helen De Vries
Melanie Eisner Draper
Margaret Eldred
William H. Fisher
MimI Forrester
Ellen Freckleton
Evangeline Gilbert
Arthur Gravrock
Vida Greenleaf
Thelma Hall
Irene Hayton
Helen Hostetter
Maxine Houghton
Joseph and Evelyn Irby
Victor and Vera Iverson
Vivian Jansen
John and Lucila Jensen
Arnell Johnson
Harlan Jones
Helen Jordan
EmmaT. Kelly, S.P.
Mary Kink
Elsie Klimple
Fred and Frances Knapman
Mary Knibbs
Clayton and Gertrude Knittel
Elisabeth and Robert Kruse
Gordon Leen
Henry and Elizabeth Lowe
Ethel and George Lyden
Mary Sullivan Mann
Marguerite McClain
Ann McDaniel
Joseph McFarland
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. McNeill
Margaret Miller
Neal and Marion Miller
Dr. Alice D. Molenkamp
Joe Mollan
David and Joyce Morse
Mamie Mortimer
Roger and Jean Mullen
Ralph Neil
Thomas W. Nelson
Edna Nyhus
Lida Olsen
Carmen Olson
Jean Spencer Parker
Gladys Patterson
Ethel Paul
Kate Peterson
Louise Phelps
Neil Power
Orville Richards
Ethel Roberts
James and Dorothy Ross
Grace Sherman
Sivert and Marjorie Skotheim
Henny Lund Snook
Marcella Sorenson
Ruth Tegenfeldt
Mary Thompson
John and Dorothy Valenta
Mary Wentworth
Bonner and Jane Wilson
Virginia Aller
Rose Alvanick
Howard Anderson
Genevieve Andrews
Marie Ayres
Marie Barker
Alice Bedoian
Esther Holberg Betgum
Lyle and Cheryl Bickford
Elsie Bloomquist
Bernice Borgen
Sterling Brand
John Brearley
Betty Brown
Clark Brown
Betty and Robert Brustad
Jack and Camille Carver
Margaret Castura
Joyce Christopher
Maxine Clow
Aileen and Preston Cooper
Frances Currier
Georgia Engelson
Marie Erickson
Ruth Fearon
Ruth Fickel
Owen Forbes
Josephine Forner
Roy and Jean Franko
Emil and Wilda Fries
Ross Gerry
William Grew
Wade and Marijune Haggard
Howard Hardy
lone Harris
Jean Hartman
Mildred Heller
Gardar Hjartarson
Jean Howat
Lillian Huffstetler
William Hunt
Ruth Husfloen
Marian Peters Ingersoll
Eleanor Iverson
Lucy Johnson
Kathleen Kanarr
Jerome Karnofski
John and Bernice Kienast
Joyce Koerner
Lorraine Komor
Genevieve Kvam
Dorothy Larsen
H. Cranston and Geraldine Likely
Leonard Lillibridge
June Loggins
Harold Loop
Theodore Madden
Betty Mayerbock
Melba Mayhew
Lois Raymond Mead
Clayton and Patricia Meiers
Aurora Moreno
Ruth Morley
Lloyd Morstad
Lawrence and Ruth Munizza
Betty Newell
Jean Travenshek Norquist
Louis Orth
Martha Osby
Esther Ott
Don and Dorothy Packard
Guerd Pagels
H. Jean Pratt Palmer
Mary Petrich
Gloria Pinard
Mary Jane Pitt
Maureen Ramstead
Margaret L. Reeves
Margaret Relay
Robert Rumsey
Ellen Rundquist
James and Ruth Sanford
Link Sarles
Jeannette Bright Schultz
Vivian Benson Shearer
Margaret Siegley
Dorothy Smith
Herbert Sorenson
Nora Strata
John and Elizabeth Terrey
Ross Tibbies
Bernice Vossbeck
Rosa Wairath
J. Ralph and Lois Waiter
Frederick Weihe, Jr.
Theodore and Janet White
Ozeila Willis
Polly Winkelman
Thomas and Grace Winsor
John Abrams
James W. Aldrich
Allan Anderson
Aldo Anderson
Jerry M. Anderson
Lloyd Anderson
Marie Atwood
Rubymae Austin
Donald Bagnall
Doug and Nell Bailey
Edward L. Bailey
Robert and Winifred Bain
Roderick G. and Donelle M. Bain
Molly Baker
Phyllis Benedict
Alastair and Esther Bennett
James Berg
Jack and Anita Berry
June Marie Lamoureux Bienz
Naomi Blaising
Joanne Knowles Blankenship
Roberta Bouverat
Wilma E. Breivik
Alvin and Borghild Brewer
Julia Brightman
Gerald Bruland
Robert Bryan
James Buchanan
Bonita Calder
Robert Carey
J. Vic Clarkson
Richard and Sherry Cline
Ray Cohrs
Emaline Conlee
Ernest Conley
Geraldine Craig
Janet E. Craig
Harvey Culbertson
Dr. Dennis W. Daggett
Dorothy Peth Dalan
Michael Daniels
Mary Davies
Rollie De Koster
Lawrence and Sharon Demmert
Roger Dews
Carol Diers
Richard and Marlene Dixon
Dennis Duna
Rita Dunn
Robert and Carole Duvall
James Easter
John and Gloria Eastman
Peter and Margaret Ann Elich
Fred Emerson
Phyllis Ennes
John and Roberta Fallis
Robert and Nancy Fay
Jack and Rhoda Fickel
Gladys Flakus
De Forrest Fletcher
James Forbes
Gordon Ford
Charles Fowler
Jack and Louise Frazier
Helen Frohning
Margaret Gall
LeRoy and Laura Galley
Nicholas Garcia, Jr.
Stan Garland
Virgil and Mary Geyer
Mina Ghattas
Doreen Gilbert
Betsy Giles
Leon and Verjean Golden
Lucille Goodman
Charles and Arlene Granger
Robert Grant
Notice of Intent to Change By-Laws
A motion of intent to change the by-laws of the WWU Alumni
Association Board of Directors was introduced at the board’s annual
Summer Planning Session in August. Those proposed changes
would read as follows:
Article 111, Section 5: Add: The President and the PresidentElect may continue as Board members through their terms as Past
President even though their total years on the board may exceed two
three-year terms.
Article 111, Section 6: Amend to read: ADDITION OF BOARD
MEMBERS: At times other than the Annual Meeting, the President
may appoint up to five additional members to the Board of Directors
subject to approval of the Executive Committee and the Board at its
next meeting, providing the total number of Board members does
not exceed 45. These members shall serve for the remainder of that
year and for two additional years.
This notice is published as is required by the WWU Alumni As­
sociation by-laws.
Alton and Anne Gregor
Dennis Gregory
Gary Groenen
Terry and Barbara Grove
The Estate of Rachel Haggard
Clara Haggen
Janet Hall
Richard N. Hall
Peter and Judy Hallson
James Hamilton
Jo Ann Hannan
Harold and Salty Hansberry
Burrell Harden
Anne Harrison
Marilyn Hartje
Allen Hedman
Gerald Heintz
William Hoksbergen
Richard and Marga Holden
Clayton Hood
David V. Johnson
Leslie Johnson
Wilfred Johnson
Donald Jones
Dorothy Jones
Harold Jones
Vera Jones
Elmer and Sandra Keiski
Samuel and Barbara Kelly
Thelma Kemp
William and Carol Kendrick
Sally King
Arlayne D. Knox
Les and Elaine Knudsen
Robert and Karen Kohlwes
Louis and Evelyn Lai las
David Langley
Frank and Leota Lariza
Jerry Lawson
Raymond Leader
Leslie and Britt Lee
Ronald and Dorothy Lee
Ursula Legbandt
Charles and Pauline LeWarne
Doris A. Lewis
Carl and Barbara Lindberg
Lionel and Jean Livermore
Hans and Delores Lorentzen
Ned Lowry
LeRoy and Dorothy Lund
Victor and Eugenia Lund
Alfred Lynch, Jr.
Don and Fane Lytton
Kay MacKenzie
Janet Madson
Arthur Mafli and Martha Perry
Hisako Matsudaira
Wally and Carolyn May
Gerald McElholm
Leo and Jane Meintee
Elizabeth McKenzie
Richard Mealy
Joyce Messer
Peder Moe
Dr. Kenneth L. Moffett
Ian and Ruth Monson
John Moody
Keith Morgan
William Murphy
Darrow Nelson
Robert and Arlene Niegemann
Curtis Noah
Hannah Noel
Robert and Betty Nunamaker
Lawrence and Joyce O’Donnell
Robert and Marie Oberg
Charles and Alice Odell
Larry and Benita Offutt
Oscar and Corrine Olson
Jan and Gene Omey
Richard Oril
Lois Oswalt
Norman and Jean Otness
Ervin and Jo Ann Otten
Gail Dillon Pagan, Ed.D.
Donna L. Palmer
Gary Patrick
Richard L. Paulson
Janice Peck
Royal Penewell
Jean Piispanen
Kenneth Pope
Gary Radliff
Dean Ramsey
Bill and Patsy (Staffs) Reinard
Lee Rhodes
Jack H. Richardson
Larry and Marilyn Richardson
Eugene Robbins
Dr. James and Lois Roberts
Jo Anne Roberts
Donald Rogers
Lois Romer
William Ropes
Robert and Jane Rosi
Arthur and Meredith Runestrand
Samuel Rust
Mary Sadler
Bradley Sarvis
John Schermerhorn
Jane Schwencke
Rosalie Shaver
Jean Paul and Joyce Sheets ■
James and Persis Shook
John and Margaret Shulene
David Sicks
Clifford Simmons
David Simonson
Marion Simpson
Fred and Beth Sizelove
Gordon and Ruby Smith
Heine Sorenson
Tom and Lois Springer
Donald Stribling
Donald Summers
Gerald Swan
Virginia Swihart
Robert Tesdall
Cecil and June Thomas
Ronald and Marilyn Thompson
Gerald Thon
Duane Thorson
Fred Tidwell
Robert and Anne Timm
Kenneth Tinkham
Eugene Tripp
Clifton Trued
Bobbe Bender Tyier
Ralph and Betty Uhrig
Rosa L. Van Ess
Marvin Vander Pol
Le Roy Wade
Claude and Lorraine Walker
Herbert and Beverly Walser
Frieda S. Walworth
Albert and Catherine Weber
Richard and Julia Weinbrecht
Robert A. and C. Jean Wheeler
Lawrence and Joy White
Gayle Whitsell
Iver Wick
Rodger and Mary Williams
Laurence Wilson
Doyle Winter
Joan Wolgemuth
Dave and Jeanette Woodruff
George and Ann Yonlick
"Moose" and Vi Zurline
Gail Aarstol
James Abbott
Laurie Ackerman
James Addicott
Joel Aggergaard
Mrs. Nancy Lee (Smith) Ahumada
Donald Alder
Harold Alford
David AImvig
Robert and Pamela Ames
Michael Amos
Darrel Amundsen
Gary and Grace Anderson
Kathleen Anderson
Lynne Anderson
Rodney Anderson
Lynn J. Armstrong
Robert Arseneau
George Asan
Timothy and Jennifer Ash
Rick Asher
William and Christine Attebery
Pamela Vine Auguston
David Ault
Brian and Ann Ayers
Richard Bailey
Ronald and Kathleen Bailey
Gary and Judy Baker
Diana and Jerry Bakkom
Donald and Diana Baldwin
Richard Barcus
Michael Barnhart
Judy Bass
William and Cherri Baxter
George Beisse
Mark Beisse
William G. Bell
Clifford and Betty Benjamin
Arthur Benson
Susan Berg
Karen Gudmundson Berger and
Gerald Berger
Erma VanMeter Berkley
Sharon Sever
Stanley and Susan BianChi
Geoffrey Blacket
David and Cheryll Blair
Richard and Feryll Blanc
Dale Blankers
Stanley Blattner
Kathie Bliss
William Bloch
Larry Blume
Harold Bockemuehl
Fred and Tanya Boede
Steven M. Bond
Gary Boone
Gail Boose
Robert and Joan Boswell
Ellen Bound
James Boylan
Joann Brackett
Edwin Braithwaite
Juanita Bravard
Richard and Marion Bremer
Edward Brown
James E. and Sherrill Brown
Carolyn Bruce
Linda Buchanan
Betty Budd
Mary Budd
Sandra Bueckert
Jerry Byers
Donald Cammack
Larry and Joanne Carleton
Craig and Jill Carlile
Gerald Carlson
r^sum6/ Fall 1991
James Carlson
Sandra Carlson
Mrs. Elizabeth Anne MacDonaid-Carr
Robert Carter
Richard S. Carver, Jr.
Eilwood and Jacqueline Chamness
Donna Chase
William Chatalas
Robert A. Chervenock
Russell Chester
Inger Chesterley
Yvonna Christensen
Terry Close
Gary and Joyce Clyde
Jack and Martha Cote
Thomas and Cynthia Cole
Barbara Barker Congdon
Beth Cooley
Joa Corbitt
Barbara Couden Ochs
Steve and Kris Craig
Ronald Crowe
James Cunningham
Dermot Cunningham
Barbara and John Curry
Janice Curtis
Michael and Becky Dahlager
Nancy Danko
Marion Darragh
David Davis
Elizabeth Davis
Terry and Dierdre De Valois
James De Young
Pat Deck
Larry and Beatrice De Goller
Robert DeHon
Larry De Kay
Grace Delano
Richard and Karen DePoppe
Julia Di Re
Jimmy and Sue Diehl
James and Sharon Dixon
Leo and Jan Dodd
Frederick Doehring
Linda Doherty
Joanne and Jon Donnellan
Nancy Dooley
Gregory Doten
Gregory Dotseth
Norman and Margaret Douglas
Mary Dravecky
Dianne Draze
Clark Drummond
Richard Duguay
Bernard Du man
Randall and Anne Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. Eerkes
Mary Ehlers
Wayne Ehlers
Gerald and Lynnell Ehrler
Larry Eliason
Rodney Engberg
Roney Erickson
Vernon and Mary Evans
Lynn Everitt
Dean and Gloria Fearn
Gary Ferngren
Gordon Fisher
Dr. Edward E. Fitchard
Michael Flaherty
Mariana Foliart
^ /
Karen Follis
Richard Foss
Dean Foster
Lita Fox
Karen Frank
Denny and Kathy Freeburn
James and Helen Freeman
Lawrence Freshley
Ann Frey
Terry Froggatt
Theodore Fromm
Lawrence Fry
Mary Fujimura
Carol Fujioka
Gary Fumano •
Jean Funada
Marion Gadberry
Raymond and Karen Gallagher
John Gallant
Lester Galley
Keith Galpin
Dominic and Carol Garguile
Thomas Gerber
Catherine Geri
Wayne and Sandra Geri
Linda Gerken
Bill Giersch
Jean Gillmer
Butts Giraud
Gerald and Nancy Gjovaag
Sharon Glenovich
Roy Godbey
Donald Goodman
Lynda Goodrich
Bert Gorder
Julia Gorrell
Russelle Graf
Ernest and Julia Graham
Sherman Grant
Judy Graveline
Luana Graves
Richard Graves
Robert Grenier
Marvin and Evelyn Griffin
Melvin Griffith
Kenneth Grigsby
Marilyn Grindley
Janet Grizzard
Barbara Gronberg
John L. Groom
Charles Gubsch
Elsie and Halle Gudmundson
Phyllis Carr Guy
Tola Hack
David Hageman
Michael and Sally Haley
Robert G. Hall
Shirlee Higgles Hall
James Halverson
Ann Hamlin
James Hanna
Delores Hardison
Rosalie Harer
Harold and Maureen Harlan
Kenneth and Cosette Harms
Darlene Harris
Esther Harris
Larry and Charlotte Hartman
Richard A. Hastings
James Hathaway
Loretta Hayashida
Connie Hays
Philip Heft
Vern and Janet Heikkila
John and Frances Hein
Roy Holland
Joseph and Mary Jane Henry
Richard Hebert
Lila Heverling
James and Susan Hickenbottom
Priscilla Pratt Higbee
Carolyn Hill
Susan Hill
Thomas and Cynthia Hinds
Douglas and Lela Hoff
Charles Hoffeditz
Brian Hogan
Ronald and Kathleen Holert
Imogene Holliday
George and Susan Holmes
Patrick and Patricia Holmes
John and Joan Horn
Gary and Phyllis Huff
Marvel L. Hughes
Karen Hulford
Larry Huntley
Lester and Claudia Huntsinger
Dennis Huston
Steven and Terri Inge
Brent and Carole Ingram
Dean Irwin
Willis Jackson
Joyce Jacobsen
M. Lyle Jacobsen
Linda Jacobson
Claudia Jamison
. \
Fred Jamison
Beverly J. Jennings
George Jensen
Robert Jepperson
Dennis and Sharron Johnson
David G. Johnson
Daivd and Ingeborg Johnson
Laura Johnson
Larry Johnson
Nels Johnson
John Jones
James and Patricia Jorgensen
Julie Joseiyn
Ronald and Dorothy Joslin
Alan and Darlene Joyce
James and Barbara Joyce
John and Peggy Karuza
William Keller, Jr.
Douglas and Kristi Kelly
Jerry and Sharon Keltner
Stephanie Sutherland Keyes
Joseph J. Kibble
Linda Kim
William and Trudy Kindler
Gene Kiriluk
Lucia C. Kiaas
James and Sandra Klein
Nancy Kleinschmidt
Dallas and Carolyn Kloke
Julianne Klontz
Marilyn Klose
Margy Kotick
Peter and Harriet Kreidler
Marlene Krout
Flossie Kucera
James M. Kuder
Nancy Kuehnoel
Marian Lampman
Robert Lane
Jannie Larsen
Jerrold Larson
Marianne Larson
W. Jill Lemp Lary
Linda Lawson
Susan Lawson
Dr. J. David Leander
Lorraine Lechner
John and Elaine Leighton
Michael C. Lemon
Dennis and Judith Lewis
Neil Lieurance
Clara Limbacher
Margaret Lindhout
Sharon Lindsay
Tanya Lindstrum
Richard and Marie Littke
Richard and Marie Little
Jack and Jean Lochbaum
Ruth M. Lochbrunner
Duane Loomis
Margit Loser
Julanne Lucic
Palmer Lund
Eugene Luppold
Barbara Lyon
Frederick and Sandra Mabbott
Cheryl Malkmus
Jerrold and Darlene Manley
Sandy Mannick
Sharon Bushman Manning
Nelda Manter
Shirley Margeson
William Madtley
Dawn Martin
Sam Martin
James Mason
The Gary Masuda Family
David and Linnea Mattson
Donald Mayor
Ethel McKee
Gary McKneely
Gary McCauley
Robert and Kathleen McCorkle
Some things never change, like rain
More than 80 people gathered throughout the day on May 17th as the Class
of 1941 celebrated its 50-Year Reunion on the WWU campus. Celebrants
began the day with a reception and lunch in the Viking Union Lounge where
they heard WWU President Kenneth Mortimer bring them up to date on
Western’s current directions for the 1990s. Chet Ullin, Class of1937 & *41,
then presented one of his well-known slide shows of the campus then and
now. Following tours of campus and a photo session, participants gathered
for dinner and a presentation by Professor of History Emeritus Dr. Keith
Murray, who brought some fond memories to the room. Many of the reuniongoers also attended a performance of The Magic Flute that evening and
returned on Saturday for a departing brunch in the Viking Union.
Douglas and Mary K McCoy
Robert and Deborah McCoy
C. Kent and Lucille McCurdy
David McCutcheon
Karen McEliiott
Norman and Sally McFarland
Jean McLeod
Dean and Sue McNee
Ronald Medcalf
Carol Meetze
Colleen Corbett Melick
Jeff Mendenhall
Dave and Dana Meronuk
Rosalie Meyers
Jean Miles
Melvin Miller
Janet Mills
Patricia Miyahira
Kathleen Moe*Hagen
Donald and Patricia Montgomery
Supriya Mookherjee
Betty Moore
Gary Moore
William Moore
Theodore and Jean Mork
Mary Morrison
William Mortimer
Jay and Charlotte Mossman
Robert and Alice Mullen
Roseann Mullin
Charles Munger
Ralph Munro
Dennis and Sandra Murphy
Charles Murray
Michele Mustell
Victor Myers
Wade and Kathleen Nash
Edith Nelson
Thomas D. Nelson
Julee Neuhart
Everett Neuman
Mary Neumeister
Mary Newby
William and Kathleen Niles
Barbara Nilson
Herbert Novak
Margo Novak
Michael Nyberg
Molly O’Connor
Jack and Mary O’Donnell
Michael Olason
Ned and Adele Olson
Bruce and Ingrid Osborne
Linda Osborne
Joan Ostendorff
David W. Owens
Dennis Palmer
Jane E. Palmer
John Parker
Richard J. Parker
Virgie Parsons
Lynn Patten
Bert and Martha Paut
Sandra L. Paulin
Michael Peniey
Karen Penno
Mary Perez
Jennie Peterson
Janice Peterson
Ms. Mary Alice Peterson
Nicholas and Linda Pettit
Judith R. Phillips
Patricia Pike
Gary and Janet Pitcher
Kathryn Plummer
Madelyn Poland
Nancy Anne Polich
Linda Pomarantz
William Potter
James and Glenda Prill
Philip and Ingrid Pugh
Bernard Pulver
Stanley and Clare Pytel
Phyllis Rail
Susan Randles
Douglas Rasmussen
Stephen B. Reibe
Marlene Remington
Alfred Restoule
Gary and Barbara ReuI
Charleen Rhodes
Ernest Rice
Richard and Barbara Riehl
Douglas and Sharon Ringenbach
John and Brenda Riseland
Patricia Robbins
Sharyn Roberts
Philip Robicheau
Janice Robinson
Ronald Roe
James and Kris Rolstad
Shelley Rondeau
Karen and Don Root
Gene and Virginia Rorvig
Merilyn Rorvik
Richard Rosa
Milton Ross
Richard Ruhl
Mary Russell
Darryl and Diane Sabin
Paul and Stephanie Sadler
David and Leslie Salkeld
Wallace Samuelson
Roger and Mary Sandberg
Richard Sanders
Robert and Carolyn Scheldrup
Bruce and Carolyn Schieck
Donald Schoonmaker
Henry Schulte
Avis Schwab
Richard and Karolyn Schwartz
Robert Schwarz
Mary Scott
Trimaine and Marjorie Scribner
Ann Sealy
Elene Seelye
James Seiber
Robert Sellin
Robert and Joy Sheedy
Judith Shepherd
> »Bev Sherman
Fred and Barbara Shull
Roland W. Siggs
Barbara Sloan
Florence Sloniker
Cynthia Smetana
Gerald and Helen Smith
James and Linda Smith
Leilani Smith
William and Linnea Smith
Erma Snook
Richard Snyder
Esther Sommerseth
Robert Spanfeiner
Sidney and Marilyn Starr
Margaret Staudenraus
Carol Steen
Susan Stevens
Anita Stewart-Brechan
Marsha Stipe
Paul Stone
Neena M. Stoskopf
Stacia Stratton
George Strauss
Jeanne Strickland
Gary and Sandra Sunich
David Sutherland
Judith Swanson
Margaret Swenson
Fredrick Symonds
Ruth Talmage
John and PatriciaTarrant
Sally Tegart
Dorothy Thayer
Robert Thomas
Donna Thompson
Edward and Anita Thompson
Elizabeth M. Tift
Peter Tjoelker
Harlan and Vera Todahl
Peter Toftoy
George Toulouse
Jean Towne
' ^
Carol Tredo
Wayne Tyler
Charles and Carol Urbanowicz
Edwin and Sandi Vadset
Wigger and Julia Van Haim
Rosamond Van Miert
Beth Van Wyk
Janis Vander Hoek
Gordon and Donna Vander Me^
Kenneth Vandver
Rae Etta Vog
Robert and Gail Wade
Roland and Nancy Wagar
Carol and Dale Waley
Denny Walters
David Walworth
Lloyd Walworth
Kathryn Warner
Michael Warner
Darrell Watson, Jr.
Douglas A. Weir
Rudolf and Carol Weiss
Melvin Weils
Phyllis Wessel
Leslie Whitbeck
Kayrene White
Sam and Glenda White
Ronald Whitener
Larry Whitney
Philip Whitson
Forrest and Kerri Wilcox, Jr.
Sandra Quinlin Williams
Suzanne Williams
James Williamson
Carl D. Wills
Barbara Wilson
Kim and Katy Wilson
Reverend Wiseman
Etolin Wittanen
Don Wittenberger
Joel Woodman
Marlene Wooten
Terry and Carol Wooten
Howard Wouters
Edward Wright
John and Donna Wright
David Young
Andy and Lynne Yurovchak
Kenneth Zabel
Michael Zaccaria
Edna Zoet
Joe Abbott
Janice Abell
Mickey McChesney Abrams
Craig and Nancy Abramson
Lloyd Adalist
Barbara Adamek
Howard Adams
Kathleen Adamson
Steven and Deborah Adelstein
Daryl and Connie Adler
Alan Adolphson
Charles Albertson
resum4/ Fall 1991
Gretchen Alden
A.I. Algassim
Ladd and Vicky Allison
Jeff and Darcy Altaras
Madeline Alvis
Rick and Carolyn Ambrose
Marc and Linda Anders
Laraine Anderson
Ruth Anderson
Robert Anderson
Robert Andrews
Victor and Mary Aquino
Larry and Kari Arlint
Kathryn Arnberg
Gary Arnts
Marc and Sue Aronson
Teresa Aronson
Glenn Ash
Vonnie Atkinson
Richard and Julie Bailey
Gary Baker
Jennifer Baker-Couch and Cameron
Raina Ballard
Patricia Banas
Linda Banchero
Vicki Barber
Edward Barkley
Frederick and Jane Barnett
Donald Barnhill
Lynn Barr
Terry Barrett
Michael and Kristine Bartanen
Wesley Bartell
Thomas Barto
Carl Batchelor
Mike and Diane Bates
Nancy E. Bates
Rick Bathum
James Bauderer
Colleen Bausch
Linda Beath
Sherry Beatty
Ralph and Marla Beaufort
Mary Kay Becker and William Johnson
Dale Beeson
Richard and Candace Behrends
Alfred and Laurie Belanger
Lynda Beit
Walter Benoit and Katherine Hawley
Gregory Berg
Edward Bergh, Jr.
James Bergsma
Mark Bergsma
Marilyn Beringer
Nicholas Beritich
Michell and Jan Bernard!
Bradley Berry
Ivan Beswatherick
Michael and Robin Bevis
Martin and Nancy Beyer
Betty Birdseil
Linda Lee Birman
David Bishop
Ralph Bishop
Melanie Bjork
Carolyn Blackler
Raymond Blank
Art and Linda Blauvelt
Rupert Bledsoe
Boynton Bliss
Janice Bloomquist
Eric and Janet Boge
Stevan Booras
Patricia Borst
Michael Botkin
Thomas Bouey
Gordon Bowman
Daniel and Charlene Boxberger
Richard and Laura Boyes
Virginia Boylan
Dennis Braddock
Gregory E. Brahaney
Hartwell and Janis Bressler
David Briggs
John Brighton
John Brink
Charles Broches
Anne M. Brooks
James and Joyce Brooks
Kerry Brooks
Robert Brooks
Jack Broom
Akua Brown
John Brown
Mark and Marcy Brown
Marty and Betsy Brown
Meade Brown, Jr.
Stephen and Marie Brown
Kenneth Brustad
Marion Bryant
Theodore Bryson
Terry Buchanan
Donald and Candice Buethorn
Wayne Bull, Jr.
Gary G. Burlingame
David and Nancy Burn
Timothy Burr
Kay Burrell
Phillip Bussmeir
Lynda Butorac
Susan Butsch
Mark W. Button
Teresa Caldwell
Maria Callen
Robin Campbell
Jerry and Frances Cardoza
Elaine Carlson
. '.
Tim and Linda Carpenter
Kenneth and Beverly Carroll
Janet Cartwright
Donald Case
Patricia Cashin
Janice Catrell
Doug Cederblom
Carina Chatwin
Robert and Mary Chellson
Nona Chitwood
Dean and Elizabeth Christenson
Joseph Cicrich
Dorothy Clement
Margaret Clifford
Thomas Cline
Paul Closson
Scott and Jane Clough
Ted and Theresa Clowes
Roy Clumpner
Mickie S. and James E. Coates
Theresa Coble
Joseph Coffman
Frederick M. Cohen
James and Janet Coleman
Joe and Margaret Coleman
Violet M. Collen
Alice Collingwood
John Collins
Mike and Wanda Collins
Althea Colvin
Michael Compton
Kathleen Condon
Linda Connell
Craig Convery
Suzette Cooke
Mike B. Coon
Cheryl Cooper
Christopher Cooper
Ronald R. Corbell
Lindsay Cornelius
Timothy Coulter
Charles Countryman
Greg and Linda Cowan
Gail Cowan
Donna Cox
Jim and Diana Craig
Steve and Kris Craig
Frank and Helen Cratsenberg
Steven and Grace Cronkhite
William Crosson
Dale and Darlene Crosweli
Terry and Virginia Crump
Carlos and Virginia Cuellar
Michael and Carrie Culleton
Linda Cundiff
Allan Cunningham
Stuart and Bridget Dagg
Rolf Dalhaus
Curtis J. Dalrymple
Leslie Dann
Dennis Darby
Thomas Daun
Kathryn Davidson
Alan Davis
James and Trudi Davis
Lynn and Jean Dayton
Charles and Mildred Dearing
Mildred Deierlein
Patricia Demetruk
Patricia De Neui
Frederick and Marguarite Deuel
Diane Dweese
Dave Diehl
Vassiliki Dikaiou
Martha Dixon
Katy Dobbs
Jaki L. Dodson
David and Gail Donnelly
David and Judith Dougal
Lynn Douglas-Nicolet
Rabbi Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus
Richard Driskill
Glenn and Jane Driver
T. V. Druzak
Frank Duarte, Jr.
Andrew Dulin
Brian Dunbar
Joe Dunn
Kathleen Durham
Patricia and Charles Dyer
Daniel and Kristi Earley
Mary Lu and Richard Eastham
Larry and Sidra Egge
Timina Eggert
Mark Eguchi
Kathryn and Martin Eifrig
Donald Elmer
Arnold Elofson
Jerry and Anne Elrod
Timothy Emery
Rodman Emory
David and Deborah Engebretson
Mark and Marcia Engstrom
John and Roberta Erickson
Karl Erickson
Lucinda Erickson
Mark D. and Sandra M. Erickson
William and Ellin Evans
William A. Evans
William Everett
Phillip Everson
Michael and Margaret Farris
Robert Fenton
Sheran Fiedler
Tod and Lori Filbert
Dale Finseth
Richard Fleming
Roger Flescher
Anthony and Christi Floor
Nancy Foote
Patrick Forbes
L. Steven Forck
David Frank
Anita Fraser
Deborah Freng
Peter and Melanie Frey
Kass Friend
Kai Fujita
Melbert Fullner
Stanley Gabeiein
Gary and Kathy Gabiehouse
Ted and Susan Gacek
John Gale
lleen Gallagher
Bruce and Robin Galvin
Christine Ganfieid
Nancy Garrett
Walter Gary
Jeanette Gaston
J. R. Gathman
Robert Geddes
Gary Geiger
Ted Gemberling
Joseph German
Curt and Nancy Gerner
Diane Gibbons
Richard Giesa
Jeff Gilbert
David Gillingham
Roy Giordano
Carlton Gipson
Sid and Terry Glandon
Joanne Glasgow
Lauri Glass
Raymond Glew
Randolph and Rebecca Gold
Christopher and Dorothy Goldsmith
Joanna Golledge
Father Emilio Gonzalez
Stephen Goodwin
Gloria Gordon
Sandra Graf
Arthur Graham
Rob Graham
Cecelia Gramblin
Calvin Granbois
Patrick Grant
Beverly Gray
Terry and Sheldonna Greer
David Grein
Virginia S. Grim
Charles and Melanie Grimes
Daniel Grimshaw and Carolyn Delaney
Sheryl Gross
Barbara and Fred Grote
Randy and Mary Jo Grunhurd
A. Douglas Gunderson
Russell Guppy
William Haag
Dennis Hadley
Kimberley Hadley-Jones
Michael Haerling
Kimberly Haff
David Haines
Kathleen Hale
Mary Haley
Dennis and Madelyn Hail
Richard A. Hall
Harry and Patricia Halliburton
Darrelynn Hallowell
Ruth Hallstrom
Lois A. Halvorsen
Jane Hamilton
Robert and Mary Hanell
James Hansen
Rosalie Hansen
Donna Hanson
Elaine Hanson
Jan Hanson
Roy Hanson
Timothy and Judith Hanson
Thomas and Pamela Harmon
Peter and Elaine Haroldson
Sally Harper
George Harrell
Linda Harris
Gaylord Hart
Karen Hartman
Charles Hasse
Melody Hatch
Sheree Hathaway
Steven Hauck
Shane and Cydney Hawkins
Patsy Hayes
Patrick Healey
William Heberling
Sue Heflin
Akua Rochelle Henderson-Brown
Lillian Henry
Nance Lorimer Heriford
Rodney Herling
Karen Hernandez
Ronald and Shelia Herzog
Samuel Higgins
Corry Hildenbrand
Ann Hill
Gregory Hill
James and Anne Hill
Larry Hill
Dwight Hillier
Charles and Janet Hilton
Norman F. Hinman
Lisa Hitt
Charlotte Hodel
Dan L. and Patricia A. Hoff
David Hoffman
Mitchell and Jo Ann Hogins
Ivor and Viann Hoglund
Susan Hohenthal
Jacqueline and Robert Hollingsworth
Daniel Hollod
Marcia Holt
Clara Hooper
Clifford and Bernice Hornung
Charles Houser, III
W. Scott Houston
Donald Houtchens
Lenora and Jack Hovde
Dan Hovik
Stephen Howe
George and Wilvir Hubbard
R. Evelyn Huffine
Roger Hull
Laura Huitgren
Brad Hultman
Julie Humiing
Cathy Humphrey
Warren Hunt
Douglas Hurcomb
David Hurd
John and Julia Hurd
Tom Hurlbert
Kyle Husfloen
Steve and Diane Hutchins
Cheri Hyde
Mike Hyde
Virginia Hyvonen
Sandra Imboden
Garrth Jackson
Rockney Jackson
Kevin and Janet Jacques
John and Judy Janssen
David and Cariotta Jarratt
Thomas and Adeiia Jeffreys
Howard and Shirley Jensen
Janice John
Anne Johnson
Bruce T. Johnson
Claudia Johnson
David Eric Johnson
Jane Johnson
Michael and Nancy Johnson
Thomas Johnson
William Johnston
Mark and Tammy Jones
Michael Jones
Richard Jones
Roger Jones
Ruth C. Jones
Catherine Jordan
Timothy Joy
Torrey Joyce
Jay Aden Kalla
Catherine Kanda
Jean Karlen
Daniel Kaufman
John Kaufman
Pat and Molly Keaton
Thomas Keeney
Jim Keller
Kevin Kelly
Lueberta Kelly
Gladys and Wilbert Kennedy
Kathleen Kerkviiet
Thomas Kern
Thomas Kilbourn
William Kincaid
Susan Kindem
Randy and Laune King
Barbara Kirkwood
Paul and Rebecca Klein
Michael and Kay Klungland
David Knodel
Timothy Knowling
Janet Knudsen-Nevitt
Edward Knutson
Nancy Koch
Mark Koelsch
Wayne M. Koistinen
Nicholas Kolby
Linda Kolody
Clyde Konno
Raymond Kornelis
Duane Korthuis
Christina Kowaiczewski
Ronald Kowalke
Ralph and Lori Kraft
Donald Krebs
Linda Krivosha
George and Carolyn Kriz
Lyle and Linda Kuhn
Linda Kunesh
Michael Kunz
Marguerite Kurth
Joseph Kuttel
Sandra Labadie
Gretchen Lake
Terry Lambeth
Steven Lancaster
Richard Lang
Wayne Langel
Katherine Larrabee
Evelyn Larsen
Eugene Larson
Kurt W. Larson
Larry Larson
Neal Larson
Kim Larspn-Miller
James Latham
Leslie P. Lauer
Darie. Laws
Daniel Leahy
Rebecca Leahy
Curtis and Sandra Ledford
Lenora Lee
Richard Lee
Michael and Georgia Leigh
Victor H. Leonard
David Lerner
Brian D. Lewis
Roxanne Lieb
Brian Liekhus
Richard Lince
Craig W. Lind
Cynthia Lindquist
Norman Lindquist
Bradley Lindskog
Steven Lippitt
Richard Locasso
Charles and Diane Long
Barbara Lorenson
Nancy Lovell
Stephen and Susan Lowber
Kenneth Lowe
Rebecca Loyer
Lowell and Ruth Luke
Janet Lutz-Smith
Virginia Lynch
Jack and Dorothy MacSiarrow
Stephen Mach
Daryl Madden
Michael Madden
Kathleen Madsen
Patrick Madsen
Gary and Mary Maiiloux
Irene M. Mak
Kurt and Ritva Manchester
Bruce Manclark and Cory Eberhart
Gale Mann
Michael Marker
Jennifer Marshall
Kenneth and Veronica Marshall
Rebecca Marshall
James Martin
Paula Martin
Donald Martinson
Vern Mason
Andrew Masonhoider
Myron Masset
Douglas Massey and Susan Ross
Michael Mast
Dean and Renee Matson
Kenny Matsuoka
Gayle Matthews
Theodore Matz
Bruce Maxwell
Ronald May
Bill and Jane McKenna
Stephen and Joyce McCombs
Bruce and Rochelle McConnell
John McCormack
Thomas McDavid
Dorothy McDonald
Lori McGilchrist
Thomas Mcliraith
James McIntyre
Lance McIntyre
Thomas McIntyre
Carol McKissick
Timothy and Allison Mead
William Mendelson
Laurie Mercer
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh G. Merriman, M.D.
Cynthia Mesenbrink
Steven Metcalf
Paul and Roxanne Michael
Joseph Michelsen
Alan Miley
Gary Millar
Gerald Millard
Dan Miller
Diane L. Miller
Kory and Trina Miller
R. Jay Miller
Roger Miller
Dennis and Anne Mills
Mary Minton
Rebecca Mirabella
Carol Mitchell
Franklin Miyazaki
Thomas C. Moak
David Mock
Maynard Moe
George B. Moll, Jr.
Thomas Monnahan
Fred and Jane Monrean
Carol Montgomery
Nancy Moon
Darlene Moore
Christine Mora
Georgia Moran
Steven and Peggy Morris
Lyle and Valinda Morse
Darlene Bowen Moses
Greg Mowat
Terry J. Mulroney
Phillip Multop
Patrick J. Murdoch
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Murphy, Jr.
Michael and Ellen Nakata
Rosalie Nast
David Nedved
Heidi Nelson
Stewart Ness
Frederick New
Craig Nicholes
Gloria Nickson
Fred Nienaber
Sharon Nishida
Susan Nolan
Paul Norman
Steven Norsen
Margaret and Delwyn Nowak
Richard and Connie Nuse
Thomas Nuss
Richard and Linda O’Brien
Daniel O’Neil
Terry Oakes
Kathryn Oberleitner
Eugene and Jan Oliver
Charles R. and Myra Olson
Dennis Olson
Nolan Olson
William Omaits
Catherine Orlins
Mary Ormiston
Trudy Orth
resume/Fall 1991
James F. Osness
Ralph Osness
Ronald and Erin Otis
David Owen
James Paden
Douglas Padget
Richard and Flora Pallechio
Bill and Kaye Palmer
Robert Palmer
Patrick Pancoast
Gregory and Nancy Parker
Judith Parks
Larry and Connie Parr
Philip Paschke
Robert Pate
Debra Paulson
Steven and Linda Pavola
Maureen Pecaric
Robert Peck
Mary Peebles
Wilson K. Peery
David Peha
Janice Watson Peioquin
Gregory Pelton
Robert Pemberton
Dale Pendry
Sara Jane Penley
John and Lark Ann Pergiel
Barbara Perkins
Dana Perry Betzer and Janet Perry
Lynn Wide!! Perry
Mary Beth Perry-Fransvog
Stephen Peters
Candise Petersen
Dale and Ronda Peterson
Ted O. Petterson
James Petty
Anthony Pfianzer
Carolyn E. Phillips
Meryl E. Phillips
Michael H. Pickrell
Mike Pinch
Charles Pittis
Joan Mondhan-Pitz
Steve Platt
Howard Plumlee
David Pogue and Karen Linscott
Barbara H. Pool
Jeffrey Poole
Richard Porter
Bruce Potocki
Barry and Shirley Potter
Jeff and Linda Potter
Douglas and Irene Pottratz
Kenneth Powell
Kristine Powell
Beth Powers
Kenneth Pratt
Steven and Karen Price
Howard Priest
Paul and Kayleen Pritchard
Barbara Pruitt
Michael Pryor
Michael Pucci
Gerald Punches
Ana Quinn
Robert Racanello
Randall Rahn
Susan Rains
Terrence Rasset
Christina K. Ravenscroft
Stanley and Leslee Rayno
Brad Reed
Robin Reid
Michael and Penni Reiman
Gerald Rein
Bruce and Pamela Relay
Deonne Remiilard
C. H. Richards
Douglas Richards
Glenn and Gloria Rickert
Shirley Rickman
L. Lynn Riewer
Deanna Marie Rine
Mary Rinear
Merrill Ringoid
Alia Rivers
Kathleen Robbins
Linda and John Robbins
Bron Roberts
Jan Roberts
Daniel Robertson
Eileen Robison
Carla Rockwell
Carlotta Rojas
Jim Rojecki
Susan Roland
Gregory Rolette
Shelly Jean Romero
Robert and Dorothy Rosenbladt
Robert Rosentreter
Robert and Linda Ross
William and Karen Rowell
Thomas and Sue Rundle
Ann Ryan
Daniel Ryan
James Ryan
Gary Sackman
Judith Sahadeo
Georganne Sakelaris
Dennis and Susan Salveson
Allan Sample
Timothy Sample
Susan Sanchez
Brice Schafer
Charles and Barbara Schafer
Paul F. Schlichting
Linda Schnug
r6sum6/Fall 1991
Nora Jean Schroeder
Frederick Schuetze
Robin Schwartz
William Schwing
Joyce Wheeler Sears
John Sevenich
Wilfred and Jacqueline Sgambelluri
Edward Shaffer
Mary Shaffer
David and Diane Shannon
Claire Chiarello Sharpe
Susan and Phil Sharpe
Jennie Sheaffer
David Shepherd
John Sherman
George and Beth Sherry
Michael Shields
Stephen Shoberg
James and Kathleen Shoop
Diane SigeFSteinman
Wallace and Jean Sigmar
Nonda Sim
George Simpson
John and Shirley Simpson
Joseph Simpson
Stuart Simpson
Larry and Elizabeth Simson
William and Pamela Sinnett
Melna Skillingstead
Jana Slater
Gary Smart
Terry and Maureen Smedley
Corliss Smith, Jr.
David and Ann Smith
James Smith
Kirk Smith
Lucinda Smith
Michael Smith
Robert Smith
Rita Smith
Birger Solberg
Kenneth Solheim
Lisa Soli
Carol Sorenson
Dominic Soriano
John Southard
Michael Spane
Wayne Sparks
Robert Spear
Bruce Spencer
Rocky Spencer
Rita Stadelman
Larry and Jolene Stark
Riley and Renny Starks
Jeffrey Starr
Bob Stavert
Randy Steeves
Paula Steffen
Gary Steinhoff
Jerome and Gail Steinkraus
Roger Stenbak
Gary and Peggy Stephens
John Stephens
Rand and Leila (Holt) Stevens
Charles M. Stewart
Ron Stewart
Cristy Stimmel
David Stoebel
Linda Stone
Darol Streib
Rosemary Struiksma
David and Janet Stutsman
Michael Sullivan
Susan Summers
Jay Sundahl
Gordon Sundt
David and Rita Swanson
George Swanson
Lynne Swanson
Patricia Swenson
Michael and Freda Tallmadge
Douglas Tanabe
Carol Taplin
John and Janet Templeton
Sheila Theodoratos
Douglas and Melissa Thieme
Richard and Daleah Thiessen
Russel and Teresa Thomas
Dennis and Dolores Thompson
Kevin J. Thompson
Stuart and Lynn Thompson
Thomas L. Thompson, D.D.S.
Christina Thomsen
Thomas and Cheryl Thorton
Thomas Tilton and Corinne Pfiug Tilton
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Tolan
Christine Townley
Dean Townsend
Edward Triebwasser
Michael Tripp
Thomas and Karen Tripple
Richard and Christina Tucker
Evelyn Turner
Gregory Turner
Stuart Turner
Timothy Tye
Robert Unick
Gerald Van Aalsburg
Benjamin Van Alen
Theodore and Diane Van Auken
Gary Van Dusen
Janice Van Horne
Myrnie Van Kempen
Kenneth and Laurie Van Kleeck
Willem Van Ry
Michael Van Zandt
Janice and Robert Vanderwall
Michael Veitenhans
Diana Vernon
Joann Vesper
Kenneth and Catherine Visser
Michael and Claire Vitolo
Jim Von Moos
Timothy Wahl and Eden Alexander
Ross Wait
Sandra Wall
Cynthia Walker
Loren and Millie Wardrop
Thomas Warren
Steven Wasalino
Georgie Ann Weatherby
Charles Webb
Donald and Betty Webster
Teresa Weg
Douglas Weigent
David and Diane Weir
Daniel Weiss
Sidney Weller
Craig and Gail Wells
Rose Mary Wells
Ward Wenner
Paul and Marie Wetzel
Allen Whitacre
Ty and Deborah Whitcomb
John Whitman
John Wiggins
Douglas and Lynn Wight
Kelly Wigmore
Ernest and Mary Wilcox
Charles Wiles
Beth Wilkins
Patrick Willett
Beatrice Williams
Timothy Williams
Bud Willis
Donald Willis
Charles L. Wilson
Clifford and Sue Wilson
Dean B. Wilson
Michael Wilson
Paul Wilson
Steven Wilson
Debra Windust
Mark Wirschem
Ruth Wojtowicz
Mark and Susan Wolken
Steve Wood
Mark Woodhead
William and Judy Woodland
Julian Woodward
Robert and Lana Worley
William Wormstedt
Frances Woski
Allen and Connie Wright
Fay Wright
Kandace Yagi
Donna Yamaguchi
Ronald Yamamoto
Steven Yamasaki
Kenneth Yasui
Melva Yoder
Kathleen Young
Leslie Young
Richard and Anne Youngberg
John Zaremba
Donna (McArthur) Zaugg
Richard and Margaret Zehnder
Henry Zemel
John Zurich
David Zylstra
Mark and Donna Aarstol
Nancyjane Abell
Amy Abrams
Edward Abts
Thelma Achamire
Brent Adams
Timothy Adams
Alan and Nancy Adkins
Timothy and Debra Adlington
Lisa A. Adolf
Shari Akers
Mark Albert
Jane Alexander
Leib and Peggy Alexander
Shaun Alexander
Lisa Allen
Mary Allen
Thad Allen
Edward Alley
Gregory and Krina Allison
James Altree
Eric Andersen
Anne Anderson
Craig Anderson
Jane Anderson
Jody M. Anderson
Mary Englund Anderson
Paige and Mary Andrew
Kris Andrews
Chris Archey
J. Alvin Arkills
Michael Armstrong
Robert Armstrong
Peter Arneil
Richard Arneson
Marcia Joanne Elmers Arnold
Tracy S. Asher
D. Stuart and Susan Ashmun
Anita R. Asmussen
Susan Athari
Amy Austin
Ron and Kari Averill
James Babbitt
David Backman
Carolyn Bailey
Douglas Bail^
Patrick and Deborah Bailey
James Bair
Thomas Baker
Cheryl Bales
Margaret Ballou
Brent Barber
Lynn Barber
Anthony Barnack and Karen Moore
David Barnes
Cathieen Barnum
Jeannette Barreca
Brad Barrie
Linda Barry
Joel and Rebecca Barton
John Battaile
John Battles
Alicia Bautista
Gregory and Julie Bawden
Michael and Deborah Bayo
Brian G. Bean
William C. Bean
V. Joseph and Patty Beaulaurter
Leslie Beck
Matt Beck
Amy Becken
Wendy Beeghley-White
Wayne Beeson
James Bell
Todd Bell
Jeffrey Beman
Rick Benner
Jeffrey Bennett
Tamara Bennett
Allison Berg
Erik Berg
Susan Berg
Kenneth and June Bergely
Jeffrey A. Bernstein
Brian Berry
Charles Berthiaume
Thomas Berube
Richard Best
Alberto Betancourt
Karl Bettinger
Laura Betz
Ann Biderbost
Gregg Bieber
Brenda Bierlink
Claudia Bilan
Helen Bingham
Judith Birch
Margie Bishop
Eric and Joanna Bisset
John Blaine and Barbara Boyd
Colleen Blevins
Thomas Blikre
Darlene Bloomfield
Jeffrey and Corinne Blythe
Douglas Boa and Colleen Back
Michael Eric Boardman
Paul Bocchi
Trike races at 1990 Homecoming
Celebrate good times!
It’s back!
Last year’s homecoming
celebration, the first one in 21
years, attracted hundreds of
alumni to campus. The tradition
continues from October 14
through 20, with major alumni
events on Saturday and Sunday.
This year’s theme: Celebrate
Good Times — Come Home!
The highlights:
Thursday, Oct.l7
8 p.m. — Faculty Chamber
Music Series, Performing Arts
Center Concert Hall. David Wal­
lace, director. Program features
presentation of Distinguished
Music Alumni awards. Tickets:
$10; proceeds benefit Music
Scholarship Fund. To charge by
phone, call (206) 676-3873.
Friday, Oct. 18
6:30 p.m. — The Class of
’66 gets special treatment
during Homecoming for its 25year reunion. Reception 6:30-8;
dinner 8 p.m. in the Viking
Union Lounge, $15.
8 p.m. — Mama Sundays, a
Western tradition since 1969,
sponsors live music in the
Viking Addition Coffeeshop.
Saturday, Oct. 19
9 a.m.
Class of ’66
reunion continental breakfast in
Viking Addition Coffeeshop, $4.
9 a.m. to noon — Faculty
emeritus lectures. Your favorite
professors return to inform and
entertain you during a series of
one-hour presentations. Sched­
ule available upon arrival.
11 a.m. to 1 p.m. — Pre­
game salmon barbecue in Civic
Field featuring alumnus Chet
Ullin as chef extraordinaire. Allyou-can-eat prices: $8 alum­
ni/general, $6 students, $4
1:30 p.m. — Football:
WWU vs. University of Puget
Sound at Bellingham’s Civic
5 to 7 p.m. — Alumni recep­
tions, free to alumni and guests:
Arts & Sciences
Viking Addition Coffeeshop
Business & Economics
Parks Hall Foyer
Fine & Performing Arts
Canada House
Huxley College
Environmental Studies 534
Woodring College
Miller Hall 2nd Floor
6 p.m. — Football alumni
banquet, Fairhaven O’Keefe
Dining Room. Reception at 6
p.m.; dinner at 7 p.m. Call (206)
676-3109 for reservations.
9 p.m.-l a.m. — Homecom­
ing Dance. Celebrate Good
Times in the Viking Union
Lounge to your favorites from
the ’50s and beyond. Dress
casual. Tickets $3 at the door.
Proceeds benefit WWU cheer­
Sunday, Oct. 20
10 a.m. — Alumni Brunch,
Viking Union Lounge, $8. Your
last chance to celebrate during
Special invitations to all
alumni were mailed midAugust. If you missed yours or
would like more information,
contact the Alumni Office,
(206) 676-3353.
Dave Bodach
Harlan Boettcher
Diana Shorey Boettger
Denise Bohnke
Robert Bolerjack
Kathleen Bolster
Gary Bolton
Rick Boogaard
Robert Borden
Diana Jones Borges
Darren Borgias
' •
Eirik Bornstein
David Boroughs
Brian Boslaugh
Daniel Botz
Donald Bowen
Elizabeth Bower
Deborah Bowers
Karen Boysen
Terri Brace
Lynann Bradbury
Jody Bradshaw
John Brandenfels
David Brandt
Joan Brinn
Dianne Brisbine
Kenneth Britt
Scott and Victoria Brittain
Scott and Tracie Brodhun
Hiram and Patricia Bronson
Patricia Bronson
Mark Brookfield
Gerald Brooks
Vince Brotherton
Randall Key Brower
Debbie Brown
Jeffrey and Stacey Brown
Karen Brown
Ross Brown
Michael Broz
Teresa Bryson
Sharon Budd
Bradley Buerstatte
James Bullard
Linda Burkhardt
Ruth Burnett
David and Susan Burreson
Richard Burris
Maria Burrows
Ronald Burt
Jan Sigrid Burton
Jennifer Bush
Robert Bussard
Gretchen Bussman
William and Mary Butler
Karen Butsch
Charles Butts
Heather E. Calkins
Barbara Call
Caroline Callender
Susan Cantrell
Dean Carlson
hAafjohe Carlson
Patricia Carlson
Ross Carmichael
Suzanne Carpenter
Victoria Cattle Carpenter'
Kathleen Brigge
Rodney Carr
Shirley Carr
Thomas Carroll
Debbie Carter
Robert Cartwright
Mary Case
Mary and Sherman Case
Sheila Casey
Kimberley Caskey
Josephine Castellanos
Jane Catalano
Cliff and Frances Chaffee
Michael and Suong Ch^ey
Susan Chambers
Judith Chan
Craig Chapman
William and Marcia Charbonneau
Reagan Charuhas
Joyce Chase
Mardi Chase
David Cheever
Barbara Chelte
Dena Christensen
Maureen Christman
Craig Chucka
Kathryn CiskowskI
Dale Clark
Kenneth P. Clark
Paul and Ruth Clark
Stephen Clark
Gary Cleaves
Gregory eleven
Ronald Clink
Meu'k and Laurie Cockrell
Michelle Colby
Romand Coles
Joan Collins
Annette Colombini
Susan Columbus
David and Karen Conley
Mary Conlin
Steven Conlin
Janet Connelly
Michael and Lorna Conner
Carla Connollv
Barbara Connor
Barbara Conrow
Joseph and Markiva Contris
John Conway, Jr.
Mark and Christy Cook
Michael Cook
Steven Cook
Christopher and Lisa Cooley
; s ■'
Laura Cooley
V "'
Michael Coomaraswamy ' ■
Willa Corbus
Lynn Cornwell
Steven Coryell
Pamela Coshun
: \
Sharon Coss
Catherine Costanti
Cory Cote
Roger Counce
Carole Cox
Darrell Cox
i ^"
Lawrence Cox
Michael Cox
Kristin K. Crabtree
Douglas and Lisa Cram
Kathleen Cranston
Susan Cranston
Renee Craven
Curtis and Susan Crawford
Chris Cress
Betty Cribbs
Melinda Crohn
Sharon Crozier
Jack and Susan Cruver
Magdalena M. Cunningham
Scott and Jean Cunningham
Julia Curtis
Margaret Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. Scott N. Curtis
Jeffrey Dahl
David and Judy Dahiberg
Rebecca Dale
Colleen Daley-Paulus
Kevin Daly
Elayne Damron
Allan Darr and Kathy Ray-Darr
Thomas Darrow
Padric Daugherty and Jana Burk
Collin Davidson
Mel and Barbara Davidson
Rick Davidson
Barbara J. Davis
Jo Ann Davis
Larry Day
Jody Dean
Teri De Kubber
Heidi De Laubenfels
Rosslyn Delmonico
Allison Delong
Alan Demarest
Michele Denny
Bernie Deuster
Cecelia Dever
Jan De Witt
Paula Dey
Scott David Dickinson
Cynthia Good Dillon
Robert H. Dillon
Mark and Sally Ditzler
Sherri Divine
. Michael and Leslie DobiaS:
Joseph Dobler
Paul and Renee Doerksen
Janell Doggett
Thomas Dolese
Michael Domingo
Sara Dougherty
Cathleen Douglass
Jeffrey and Kimberly Doyle
Laurie Drage
Charles and Nancy Drake
Douglas and Joni Papp Drake
David and Kimberly Dreiblatt
Crystal Driver
Rich and Dawn Dryden
Louis DuBrey
Cheryl Duffy
Robert Duffy
Jodi Duke
Christopher and Leslie Duncan
Julie Dunham
Steven Dunham
Michael Durbin
Jim Duscha
Robert Dusenberry
John Dutton
Sandra Earl
Linda Eastman
Terri Echelbarger
John Eckert
Nancy Eckland
Cynthia Edmonds
Steven Edwards
Mitchell Eggers
Robert Eidsmoe
Faye Eken
Stewart and Cary Ellison
Edward Ellsworth
Todd Elsethagen
Elisabeth Elsing
Michael Eisner
George Emmett
. /.
Tracy Engelhorn
Tereasa Englert
Kevin J. Erickson
* '
Roger Estep
Glen Ethier
Jennifer Evans
Peter and Melissa Evans
Eric Evarts
Brian Everson
Matthew Evich
Monica Ewing
James Eyring
David Fagan
Russell Fairlamb
Richard Faunt
, ' ,i
Robert Feeney
Gary Feil
James B. Ferguson
Julie Feuer
Kenneth Fiedler
Sue Field
Todd Fink
Mary Finley
Karl Fisch
Marie Fischer
Mark Fitzsimmons
Kirk Flanders
Susan Fleming
Carolyn Fletcher
David P. Fletcher
Gary Floyd
Dale and Debbie Folkerts
Tina Fongemie
Eric and Sue Forbes
Richard and Mary Forbes
Paul Force
Lori Fordham-Scruggs
Craig and Tammy Forhan
Cheryl Forsberg
Lauren Fortune
William Fosbre
James and Patricia Fosnick
David and Amy Foster
Cathi Fox
Logan Fox
Ron Fox
Steven S. Fox
Darryin Frank
Randy Freburg
Barbara Frederick
Nancy Louise Freeman
Steven Frey
Rosalee FriedI
Steve Friswold
Richard Fritts
Thomas and Stacy Frostad
John Fuchs
Leroy Fulfs
David Fullenwider
Howard Furst
Darcy Fusch
Leigh Gallager
Michael Gallagher
Timothy Gallagher
Clifford Gallanger
Kimberly Galley
Steven Gamage
Michael Gamble
Brian Gardner, Jr.
Doris Gardner
Glen Gardner
Patrick and Katherine Gardner
George Garner
Teresa Garrick
Janet Gavigan
Donald Wayne George .
Brian Gibson
Ralph Gier
Diane Giles
Lani Giles
Andrew Gillcrist
Janet Gillespie
Dennis Gillespie
Heidi Gillette
Jona Riggan Gilliam
Bruce A. and Sylvia J. Gilmore
Dina Giuntoli
Paul Giuntoli
Mark Glaser
Crystal Glaze
Pamela Johnson
Wallace and Diane Glinn
Matt Gochnour
Mary Ann Gojenola
David Goldsmith
Robert and Michele Good ^ * ■
Gregory Goodale
Heidi Goodwin
Charles Gorder and Victoria Curry
Gary Gordon
Laura K. Gordon
Matthew and Rose Gordon
Mary Gore
Victor Gould
Monica Gowan
Lisa Ann Gowin
Charlotte Graham
Donald Graham
Kurt S. Grande
Julian Granirer
Leah Grant
Edward Gray
Douglas Greaves
Bradford Green and Margaret Stocking
Carol Ann Green
Phillip Green
Gale Greene
Jeffery Wayne Greenough
Eric Greer
Lester Greer
Bradford Gregory
John Grein
Geoffrey and Anna Griebel
Diane Grier
Jacqueline Griffin
Leo Griffin III
Janet Grigsby
Vernon Groff
Duane Groth
Ronald Grueza
Geraldine Gruenke
Roger Grummel
George Gulick
Arnold and Susan Gunderson
Kathy Gunderson
John and Tracy Gunning
'■ 4.S
It*s that time ofyear again
The Western Foundation is
gearing up for its third annual
phonathon. Scheduled to begin
mid-October, 1991, the fund­
raising event will continue
through February 1992. It is
conducted to encourage
Western alumni and friends to
support the University by
donating to an unrestricted fund
or to specific projects that they
Hnd most meaningful.
For the majority of the
campaign, students will be
manning the phones, although
one week will be set aside for
faculty volunteers.
Sandra Kennedy, Director of
Annual Giving and coordinator
of the project, says “Having the
faculty members manning the
phones is a real boost to the
overall success of the
phonathon. It also provides
alumni the opportunity to talk
with former professors and find
out, first-hand, what is going on
at the University. Their
enthusiasm is contagious.”
Maren Haavig
Jennifer Hafterson
Brett Hagen
Darrell Hahn
Gary and Cheryl Hahn
David Halbert
Pat Halcomb
Carol Hall
Eric and Susan Hall
Steven and Nancy Hall
Johnny and Ruth Hama '
Jean Hamilton
John Handley
Colleen Hankinson
Howard Hanna
Cindy Hansen
Darren Hansen
Karen Hansford
Megan Hanson
Nancy Hanson
Shawn-Marie Hanson
Tim Hanson
Krista Hanson-Walker
David Hardenbrook
Caroline Harder
Chris Hardin
Donald Hardwick
Richard and Kari Harmon
Howard Harnett
Russell Harpel
Barbara Harper
Karl Harris
Sheelah Harris
William Harrison
Jeffrey Hartman
Derek Hartsfield
Daniel and Wendy Harvey
Eric L. Harvey
Gregory Harvey
Susan Hashisaki
Susan Hass
Mark and Maria Hatcher
David Hatfield, Jr.
John Hatten
John Hatton
Irwin Haugland
Renee Haugland
Robert Havens
Sarah Hawes-Curry and Steven Curry
Julie Hayes
Rick Haykin
Linda Hayworth
Susan Healea
Mary Hebert
Anne Marie Heckt
Bart Heer
Last year, the phonathon
raised over $142,800 to be used
for various scholarships and
special programs which have
little or no support from state
resources. Unrestricted
donations support the
University’s greatest needs and
typically include merit
scholarships, faculty
development and research, and
various projects that link
Western with the local
The phonathon also serves
another important purpose of
updating the University’s
database. During the calls,
addresses, phone numbers, and
other vital information is
verified, which allows WWU to
keep its alumni better informed
regarding campus activities.
The Western Foundation has
set the goal for the upcoming
phonathon at $160,000. “Based
on last year’s success and the
generosity of our alumni, we are
very optimistic,” Kennedy says.
Susan Hegedus
Mark Hegg
Eric and Amy Heilborn
Nancy Heinrich-Foley
Monika Heiting-Brewer
David Heldt
Samuel and Elinor Hellis
Audrey Helm
Maria Hemmen
Rodrick Hendry
Patricia Henery
Peter Henkel
Stephen and Laura Henkel
Eric L. Hennum
Daniel Henry
Paul Herbert
Cynthia Hertel
David and Nancy Herzog
Anthony Hewlett
Jacquelyn Hey
Lori Heye
Karen Hickenbottom
John Hicks
Laura Hile
Gary Hill
Jennifer Hill
Susan Miller Hill
Steven Hill and Lucy Colvin
Brian L. Hilton
Christie Hilton
Holly E. Hilton-Jones
Emily Hine
David and Kathy Hirdler
Charles Hitz
Suzanne K. Hitz
Tina Hoagland
Donna Hoar
Jodi Hobbs
Steven A. Hobbs
John Hobson
Francine Hoch
Lynn Hoerber
Greg Hoffenbacker
Alan Hoffer
Ray Hoffmann
James Hoganson
David Hogle
Paul Hogle
Robert Holbrook
Charles Holden and Karen Brose, DVM
Diana Holly
Shelly Holmes
Jenny Holmstrom
Sally Holt
Michael Homfeldt
’ •
Gregory and Edith Hooker
r6sum6/Fall 1991
Gerald Hopp
David Horn
Thomas Horne
James Hougardy
Denice Hougen
Douglas Hovde
Donna F. Howard
James and Mary Howatson
David Howden
Steven and Debra Howell
Diana Hoy
Mark and Tammy Hoyer
Pam Hoyle
John Hoyt
Peter Huckle
Joel Huff
Steven Huff
Cloyce Hughes
John Hunt and Carolyn Rockwell
Ronald Hunt
William Hurd
Mrs. Carole (Stansbery) Hurter
Wayne Hussey
Laurie Hutton
Robert and Deanne Huyck
Kimberly Hyatt
Greg Hynek
George Hagan
David Imburgia
Steven Ingalsbe
Robert Ingraham
Christopher Irvin
John Irwin
Christopher and Sherri Isenberg
John and Shelly Jabusch
Jay Jack and Nan Knitter-Jack
Marilyn Jackson
Randolph Jackson
Kimberly Jacobsen
Eric Jacobson
Sandra Jacobson
Michele Jaeger
Eric James
Michael James and Katherine Steward
Dean Janz
Drake Jeanblanc
Don Jenkins
Stephen Jenkins
Bret Jensen
Christopher Jensen
Roger Jernegan
Cheri Jerome
Allen and Nancy Johnson
Barbara Ann Johnson
Barry Johnson
Carole Ann Johnson
Carri Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Johnson
Eric and Bonnie Johnson
Jacquelyn Johnson
John Michael Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Lon L. Johnson
Lynne Johnson
Nancy Burgess Johnson
Robert Johnson
Selma Johnson
Randall Johnston
Shirley Joiner
Kimberly Jordan
Ruth Jordan
Susan Jordan
Peter Jorgensen
Charles Josenhans
Sharlene Joshua
Judith Joyner
Mary A. Kacker
Jay and Susan Kakuk
John Karachewski
Russell Kari
Nathan and Mary Karlick
Ronald B. Karr
Jason Kasnitz
Khodadad and Mary Kaviani
John Kaye
William Kaye
John Keates
Robert and Pamela Kedenburg
Jill Keeney
Kristina Keller
Craig Kelly
Brad Keitto and Kim Gianotti
Michael Kemp
Peter Kempf
Christine Kendall
Kimberlie Kendall
Janet Kennedy
Deidre Kent
Rex and Christine Kerbs
John Kerndt
Thomas Kerrigan
Steven Kersey
Tammy Kincaid-Ardary
Saul Kinderis
Dennis Robert King
Patrick King and Angela Perry
Eileen Kirkpatrick
Mary Kiser
Lori Kizziah
Ole Kjosnes
Ginny Klapstein
Bradford and Sherry Klemmt
Michael Klisch
Janet Klitz
Walter Klockers
Rubyanne and Gerald Klug
Roger Knobel, Jr.
Wendy Knoll
Susan Lang Knudson
Eric Knutsen
Yvonne Koani
rSsum6/Fall 1991
Constance Koester
Kristin Koester
John Kohl
Nancy Kohn
Michael Kowalski
Curt Kramme
Lisa K. Kranz
Paula Krause
Dennis Kreutzer
Milton and Judith Krieger
Sonja Kromann
Aimie Krull
Michelle Kulej
Thomas Kunesh and Laurel Mooney
Kevin and Jennifer Kurtz
Kurt R. and Karen A. Kuzniczci
Teresa Kynell
Carole LaFond
ThoTnas and Lisa LaGrandeur
Jill LaRosa
Suzanne LaVoie
Thomas Lackey
Kenneth and Susan Lamarche
Sheryl Lamb
Gregory Lambrecht
Deborah Landcastle
Bryan Lane
Traci Lange
Janine A. Larsen
Joseph C. Larsen
Lisa Larsen
Marci Larsen
Eric and Lisa Larson
Teresa Larson
Thomas Larson
Richard and Delia Lauck
Cynthia Leaf
Gary Leaf
Donna LeBlonde
Stephen and Catherine LeCocq
John and Michelle Lee
Carol Lees
Michael Leighton
Carolyn Leighty
Chuck Lennox
Carrie Leslie
Lisa Lewis-Loeks
Kathleen Lilley
Jennifer Lincoln
Chris O. Lindahl
Douglass Linde
Lisa Linde
Paul Lindholdt
Charles Lindsay
Ronald Lindsay
Mary Lindsey
Michael Lindstrom
Michael Lingenfelter
Kristen Link
Karen Upson
Richard Little
Brian Lock
James Lockman
Mark Lockwood
Steven C. Loftus
Allyson Logan
Barry Lombard
Donald Long
James Long
Karen Long
Kathryn Loranger
Carol Lorentz
William and Kathryn Lougheed
Michael Louthan
Kirk Lowe
Glen Lucas
Jeri Lucas
Janice A. Luchino
Dave Lucht
Linda Luke
James Luker
Valerie Lum
Babtist Lumley III
Mark Luster
Shawn Lutz
Tina Luu
Laurel Lynam
Steven Lynch
Kathleen MacFerran
Ian MacGillivray
Myrna MacKenzie
Jessie MacMurchie
Lisa Mack
Anne Mackie
Charles Maddock
Jackie Mae
James Mahala
Joseph and Sara Mailhot
Colleen Majors
Michael Majors
Wendy Malich-Hohbein
Michael and Laura Mallahan
Christopher S. Malm
John Maloy
Maureen Mangan
Theresa Manson
Beth Marcel
Melody Marceija
Kim Marcus
Amrit Marsh
Jeffrey and Janice Marshall
Lawrence Marsters
Nancy Martella
Bonnie Martens
Jonathon Martin
Patti L. Martin
Eric and Julie Martinez
Glenn Marzano
Jeff Mash
David Massey
Hermann Matis
Christine Ohisen
Catherine Matson and Jeffrey Arntzen
Laura Oja
Anne Matyas
Brenda and Kraig Oiason
Kathryn Mauerman
Gregg and Claudia Olsen
Terri Maupin
Kami Olsen
Michael Maushak
Lezlie Olson
Jubal May
Koichi Omae
Robert McBlain
Trinh Ong
Joseph McCalib, Jr.
Leann Onishi
Mary and Ken McCluskey
Gregory Osgood
Diane McConnaughey
Mark Ostby
Karen A. McCrackin
Karla Osterhouse
Shawn McCue
Larry Otos
Cheryl McCurdy
Ben and Kathryn Otten
Jeanne McDonald
Danielle Ouellette
Michael McDonald
Donald Overmiller II
Virginia McEvoy
Daniel Owens
Brian McGill
Brian Pakkala
Jack McGillis
Crystal Pandowski
Karen McGuigan
Carol Parbs
Randy McIntyre
David Parker and Lynne Sherwood
Jeffrey McKee
- ^
Heather Parker
Ruth McKee
Scott Parks
Patsy McKimmon
Mary Passmore
John and Stacey McKinney
Phyllis J. Paterson
Catherine McLaughlin
Brian and Lori Patrick
Pamela McLenachen
Carolyn Patrick
Glen and Janie Patrick
Julie McMahon
Kyle Patrick
Karen McManus
Richard A. Patrick
Kelli McNamara
Mark Patterson
Kevin McNeel
Brian Paul
Margaret and Michael McRory
Michael Payne
Cindy Mead
Kurt Pedersen
Jeffrey Medzegian
Steven Pell
Anne Meinecke
Suanne Pelley
Nancy Mendelsohn
Patricia Penwell
Ervin Merrill
Glen Percifield
Erik Mesterton
Sarah A. Perkins
Elaine Metz
Cheryl Persse
Joanne Metzger-Levin
Steven and Sherry Petersen
Lisa Meucci
Arlene Hills Peterson
Annalisa Meyer
Karen Peterson
Terry and Debbie (Lane) Meyers
Nanci Peterson
Stewart and Stacy Mhyre
Eric Petit
Timothy Michnick
Genevie Anne Pfueller
Robert Mikelsons and Karen Chaudiere
Cynthia Phillips
Craig Miller
Gretchen Miller
Hugh and Joan Phillips
Patricia Miller
Cynthia Pickreign
Susan Miller
Douglas Pierce
Guy Millington
Patti Jean Pilch
Glenn Milnor
Lewis and Arlene Pilcher
Dennis and Diane Miltenberger
Lon Pilichowski
Theodore Mischaikow
Harold and Peggy Pilkington
Kenny Miyamoto
Daniel M. Pittman
Kenneth and Beth Mock
Gregory Stephen Pool
Christopher Moench
Michael R. Poppert
David Molenaar
Michael Poutiatine
Pilipinas Montecillo
Brian Power
Douglas Moomaw
Monica M. Power
Dale Moon
Michael Prandi
^ v
Karen L. Moore
. JTic.hard and JerLPrange
Gary Moorhead
Robert and Geraldine Prater
Mark Moran
Robert Pratt
Tamarah Moran
Richard Pratt
Elizabeth M. Morgan
Kathleen Preedy
Lance Morgan
Tracy Prescott
Clayton Mork
Kenneth Priddis
Catherine E. Morrison
Mark Prince
Gerald Morrow
Gary Proctor
Mark and Eileen Morrow
Richard and Deeann Burtch Puffert
Michael C. Moser
Michael Pugel
Patricia Mouton
William Pugel
Michael and Teresa Mroczkiewicz
Rebecca Pulst
Brent Mudgett
Joyce Ann Pulver
Stephen and Donna Muller
Juliette Quimby
Kimberley Murakami
Forrest Quinn
Maina Muranga
Jim Rabenstein
Robert Murdock
Erick and Marta Rabins
Kari Murk
Marta Rabins
Karen Murphy
Charles Rabura
Sharon Murphy
Raymond Radke
Edward and Joan Murray
Maureen Cleary Radotich
Jonathan and Diane Mutchler
Louise Radtke
Craig E. Myers, B.F.A. ’87
Paul Rady
Takashi Nakano
William Rahr
• '
Stephen Nash
Mario Ramos
Brad Nasman
Peni Ramsey
Robert Natividad
Carmen Ranes
Laura Nattress
Lorna Rankin
Nader Nazemi
Gregory and Jennifer Raquer
Pamela Needham
Joe Rash
Benjamin Nelson
Lorri Rasmussen
Byron Nelson
James Rasmussen
Connie Nelson
Stephen and Janette Raymond
Duane Nelson
Debbie Ream
John Miles Nelson
. ^
Lauri Reed/’83 Journ. Dept.
Christopher L. Reetz
Kay Nelson
Patrick Regan
Ray Nelson
Daniel Reid
N.S. Nesheim
Richard Reim
Marc Ness
Julie Reimer
Rebecca Newell
Margaret Reinsch
Craig Newton
Clifford and Shea Rice
Tai Nguyen
Dick and Jill Rice
Robert Nickels
Brian Rick and Jennifer McKinnon Rick
Royal and Theresa Nienkark
Ruth Elfstrom Riggles
Melisande Faye Noe
Billie Jean Riggs
Scott Noel
Brian Riley
Daniel Nolan
Roberta N. Riley
Claire Nold-Glaser
Nicole Jo Rinella
Lucy Noradki
David Risvold
Janette Norberg
Rodney Ritter
Mark and Peggy Norman
Wendy Robbins
Jeff Norton
Allison M. Roberts
Kerry Novak
Clete Roberts
Scott E. Nygard
Kim Roberts
Ernest Nygren
Bruce Nymeyer
Mrs. Kimberly Robicheaux
Rosanna O’Neill
Kerri Robinson
Christine Ohiinger
Laura Robinson
Roxan Robinson
William and Jennifer Robison
Brian Roc
Kathryn Roemmele
Barbara Rofkar
Dennis Rogers
Robert Rohwer
Mary Roley
Wilma Rome
Lynette Roney
Suzanne Rooke-Sewester
Chris Rosaaen
Toni Rose
Anna and Edward Ross
Donald Ross
Cheryl Rota
Billy Roulette and Laura De Simone
Rebecca Rounds
Chris Rowland
Kristina Rowland
Michael Royston
Richard Royston
Rick and Beth Rudnick
Jennifer Rueb
Constance Rumer
Robert and Gwendolyn Runyan
Roy and Pamela Runyon
Kelton Russell and Dana Fitzgerald
Kim Owen Russell
Darlene Ryan
Bettie Ryerse
Soren Ryherd
Eric Sack
Judith Sackman
Candis Sadler
Ken and Rebecca Sager
Julie Salatino
William Samler
Vicki Sample
Peter and Deborah Sandar
Jeff Sande
Gerald Sanderson
Richard Saunders
Lonni Savery
Donald Sayler
Barbara Ann Scabarozi
Frederick and Colleen Schacht
Muren Schachter
Mary Scheibler
Laverne Scheltens
Carl and Michelle Scheurman
Shirlee Schlemmer
Mark Schlichting
Dana Schmeller
Dara Schmidt
Kurt Schmidtke
Bunny Schneider
Moe and Gertrude Schneir
Eileen Schock
Thomas Schoelkopf
Richard and Lorielee Schoe
David Schureman™” ' '' '
Ivan Schwartz
Randy Schwarz
Gregory and Tina Schwindt
Joanne Seaborg
Kimberly Searing
William and Jane Sebring
Brian Seutz
Cal Severns
Gary Shane
Donald Shank
Sean Sharp
David Shea
Timothy Shea
James and Jocelyn Shedden
Bruce Shellhamer
Scott Sherman
Britt Shero
Michael Shively
David Shockley
Paula and Calvin Shoemaker
Mark Shorey
Mark Shotwell
Jennifer Shuler
Paige Shumway
Mark Sias
Ann Simons
Russell and Michelle Simonson
Carolyn Simpson
Louise Simpson
Julia Sims
Elizabeth L. Buchan Sipe
Heather Slauzis
John and Janne Sleeper
Donald Sleight
Jeffrey Slevin
Shane and Marilyn Sliva
Joel and Donna Small
Brian Smilen
Brett and Ann Smith
Claudia Smith
Craig and Dana Smith
Donna Smith
Frederick A. and Sharon Y. Smith
James Western Smith Sr.
Joan Smith
Kendra Smith
Nita Heathers-Smith
Tamra Smith
Tim and Nancy Smith
Timothy M. Smith
Toby Smith
Sharon Smith-Wahto
Timothy Smyer
Martin Snell
Ann Snyder
John Sodt
Brian and April Sokolowsky .
Joanne Sommer
Paul and Vicky Southland
Kimberly Sparks
Steven Sparks
Tom Spaur
Patrick Spencer
Christian and Cynthia Spens
Mary Spink
David Spodobalski
Janice Springstead
Brien and Shelley Squires
Carla Stanley
Stephen Stanley
Karin Stanton
Nancy Stark
Rob Starkenburg
Donald and Donna Starr
Lynne Stauss
Stanley Steenmeyer
Cynthia Steffen
James and Debi Sterk
Donald and Gayle Stetson
Cynthia Stevenson
Clay Stockwell
Carl Stoker
Scott and Nancy Stokes
Jo Lynn Storey
John Stowe
Julie Straight
Cheri Stremel
Dennis Stremler
Kimberly Striker
Sharon Strodel
Sandra Stuhr
Derek Sturtevant
Irene Sugamura
Peter Sugarman
Madalen Sugrue
Eileen Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Suit
Dan Suslo and Julie Petersen
Robert Suttles
Douglas and Charlene Sutton
Betsy Suveg
Arne Svendsen
Eric Swanson
Kristen Swanson
Marjorie J. Swanson
Claire Swedberg
Scott Swedberg
Julie Sweet
Melinda Sweet
Stephen G. Sybouts
Stephen Sycamore
Charles Sylvester and Kathleen
Seyed-Ali and Diana Tabatabai-Yazdi
Michael Taggart
Eric Tanaka
James and Deborah Tanasse
Ronald Tarry
Cheryl Tasaka
Raeanne Tat
Steve Tatro
Christopher Taylor
Janice Taylor
Mark Taylor
William Taylor and Nancy Uding
Elizabeth Teel
Earl Tennant
Laurel Terpening
Tami Terreson
Lawrence Thai
Bryan Robert Tharp
Gary and Lisa Thomas
Donald Thompson
Jim Thompson
Kirk Thompson
Roy F. Thompson
Gregory Thress
Kathy and Joseph Tinoco
Cynthia Tjoelker ^
Jeff Todahl
Terrance Aden Todd II
Lynn Toennessen
Janice Toland
Stephen Tollan
Calvin Tomm
Paula Torres
Steve Tover
Connie Townsend
Richard Tredwell
Jo Anne Tripp
Hugh Trowbridge
Steve and Kristy Troy
Christine Tufts
Donald Turner
Mark Turner
Milton Turner
Vernon Tyler
Dale Ubben
Gaylen Udo
Michael and Jana Uhlendorf
Robert Ulbrich
John Urquhart III
Timothy and Karen Vail Julia Van Arsdel
L. Robert and Beth A. Van Ausdie
Shawn Van Dyken
Wendy Van Eaton
Robert Van Orsow
William Van Wingerden
Mark and Nancy Vandegrift
Rick Vander Griend
Ginger Vander Yacht
Phyllis Vander Yacht
David Vaughan
Lynn Vaughn
Stephen Ver Valin
Lisa Verage
Albert Vincent, Jr.
Joseph Vincent
Mahamad Virani
Ramon Virata
Cheryl Vitek
Charles Vogel
Dennis and Leslie Voipe
Fong Vong
Douglas Vorenkamp
Kenneth Vuori
William D. Waag
David and Kristine Waddell
Barbara Wade
Kathryn Waetje
Robert Wagoner
Brian Wake
Richard Waldron
Glenn Walker
Lynn Walker
Rebecca Walker
Timothy Walker
Toya Walker
Kent Walter
Bronwen Walters
Karen Walters
Paul and Julie Walters
David Walton
Keith Wambold
Robert Wanless
Renee Ward
Rex Warolin
David and Faith Waschke
Marvin and Rebecca Waschke
Lynda Waugh
Ms. Rebecca Webb
James and Diana Webster
Kraig Wees
James M. Weiberg
Curt Weigel
Barry and Sherryl Wendling
Michael Wenzier
Clarissa Wescott
Mary Anne West
Terry West
Lorrie Westerlund
Dana Wheeler
Lynnette Wheeler
Terri Whidby
Don White
Lori White
Mark White
Thomas White
Tony and Fran Whitefield
Jill Whitehead
Herbert Whitish
Daniel Whitlock
Joseph Whitlock
Marc and Roberta Whitlock
William Whitlock
Sanford Wick
Jan Widmeyer
Robert and Ann Widness
Ronald and Marianne Wieland
Thomas Wieland
Jim Wiggins
Lenora Wilkins
Pamela Wilkins
Donald and Katherine Williams
Kelly O’Dell Williams
Scott Williams
Lisa Williamson
Richard A. Willits ii
David A. Wilson
Erick Wilson
Patrick Wilson
Patrick Wilson and Kimi Lucas
Susan Wilson
Wendy Wilson
Wendy Wilton
Donald G. Winslow
Kenneth and Nikki Woehl
Jack and Susan Wolfin
Patrick Wolken
Kevin Wolter
Bonny Wood
Matthew Wood
Mitchell and Barbara Wood
Robert and Debra Wood
Ross Wood
Katherine Woodard
Guaranteed scholarships for merit finalists
Beginning with the 1991-92 academic year, The Western Foun­
dation Board of Directors has approved four-year scholarships for
National Merit Finalists entering WWU within one year of high
school graduation. National Merit Finalists will be eligible to
receive a guarantee of $1,000 in a general academic scholarship for
four consecutive undergraduate years at Western.
Western Foundation Executive Director Jean C. Rahn (center) receives the CASEIUFX award for outstanding fund-raising efforts at the national orgranization 's Montreal convention.
Foundation receives national award
An international education association has recog­
nized Western for its outstanding fund-raising ef­
forts. It was one of 26 educational institutions in the
nation to be honored.
Only two schools west of the Mississippi, WWU
and Washington State University, received the
AIMS (Achievement in Mobilizing Support)
awards. They are presented by the Council for Ad­
vancement and Support of Education (CASE) in
conjunction with the USX (formerly United States
Steel) Foundation.
Jean C. Rahn, Western Foundation executive
director, accepted the award and a $500 stipend to
be used to enhance fund-raising programs at the an­
nual CASE convention in Montreal in July.
“We are very excited about receiving recogni­
tion of this magnitude,” Rahn said. “We felt we
were building a solid program and were pleased
with our progress.” Rahn, who came to WWU
from Eastern Montana College in the fall of 1989,
added: “We’re delighted to receive such acclaim
from our peers.”
CASE is an international association of profes­
sionals in alumni administration, educational fund
raising, government relations, public relations, pub­
lications and student recruitment at colleges, univer­
Mark and Michelle Woodke
John Woodman
Nancy Wright
Scott and Karen Wylie
Phil Wyman
James Wynne
Lonnie and Sue Yandell
Judith Yeakel
Frederick Yee
Alan Yeoman
Andrea Young
John and Linda Young
Jane Youngsman
Brad Yourglich
Karen Zacharias
John Zbinden
Lee Zeebuyth
Charles Ziegler
Henry Zimmerman
Mary K. Zimmerman
Stephen M. Zimmerman
Chad and Gretchen Zinda
David Zoeller
Jayne Zogg
Kimberly Zwink
Scott M. Anderson
Christina Marie Arbini
Theodore Baird
Tim and Allison Bates
John Batinovich
Will Bean
Sheila E. Bixler
Charles P. Booth
Carrie Bradford
Deborah Bradshaw
Laurie Brennan
Lisa Carlsen
Kathleen Cody
Stacy Conner
Malia Darr
Steven C. Didenhover
Shawn Doan
sities and independent elementary and secondary
Awards are made in a variety of categories.
Western won special recognition as a comprehen­
sive university with more than 10,000 alumni which
has demonstrated dramatic improvement in its fund­
raising programs. Private contributions doubled in
the 1989-90 fiscal year, reaching $1.3 million, and
topped $3 million by the end of the fiscal year.
CASE deems award-winning programs “out­
standing models worthy of replication at other
institutions” not only for the results they achieve,
but for the planning and management skills that led
to those results.
“The AIMS Awards allow institutions to tell the
story behind the numbers,” says Cheryl Martin,
director of the CASE/USX awards program which
began 32 years ago. “The judges consider the
quality of a fund-raising plan of equal importance to
the nonmonetary and monetary results an institution
achieves, because good program management is es­
sential to fund-raising success over the long term.”
Among other higher education institutions
honored were Notre Dame, Boston College, Duke
University, the University of Pennsylvania, Clemson University (SC) and Penn State.
Lisa Drummond
Tracy Earls
Amy Eddy
Carolyn Elsey
Craig Enberg
Craig Erdman
Shellie Eubanks
Hilary Facer
Dedra Fessler
Patrick and Jennifer Foley
Michael Frederick
Fridrik Fridriksson
Ben Funston
Michael Gladhart
Sean Gleason
Elmer Grasser
Bradley and Kristin Haggen
Alicia Haider
Jon T. Hansen
Kara S. Hansen
Kateri Harness
Laura Higdon
Annick C. Hollingsworth
Earl Hooper
Lisa Hubert
Shannon Hughes
Noel Jackson
Kelly Jensen
Elizabeth Johanson
Richard and Shauna Johnson
Nancy Jones
Deborah Kay Jubie
Kathryn Kibble
John and Kerin Kiemele
Sandra King
Laura Kurtz-Harvie
David Larson
Shawn and Christine Lewis
Teresa Lins
Pat Long
Eric R. Ludwig
Sheila Luksic
Thomas Martin
Jill Matthew
Allen Mauney
Murray and Gabrielle McIntosh
Christopher and Patricia McNabb
Jennifer Tull Mertens
James Merz and Wendy Warren
David Miller
Joy Miyamoto
John Moffat
Timothy Monahan
Lin and Linda Nelson
Thien Nguyen
Mumtazee Noorani
R. Scott Owen
Sylvia A. Padgett
Bradley Peterson
Scott and Cristin Peterson
Carolyn and James Petit
Samuel Petite
Richard E. Poindexter
Scott A. Remil lard
Jim Repoz
Brenda Ryan
Anna C. Santilli
Steven Scheel
Kirk Schneider
Joseph Shepherd
Kelly Shipley
David Sienko
Norman Smith
Richard Smith and Koren Burling
Steven Sorbo
bavid Sparrowgrove
Jennifer Stott
Julie Tarter
Christopher Thorn
Joyce Tighe
Mark Von Der Linn
Catherin Ward
Beverly Warman
Greg Welch
Patricia Whitmore
Timothy Whittier
Kurt Wieland
Kenneth Wilcox
Tom Wilfong
Spencer Tze Tim Wong
Yuichiro Yagi
Noriko Yamada
John and Kathleen Young
Ross Youngs
Marion Zeeman
. .'-lir.'•
resume/ Fall 1991
(continued from page 3)
employed as a software develop­
ment engineer for Microsoft. The
couple lives in Seattle ... Kelly A.
Vallee married Geoffrey A. W.
Hunt November 3 in Darby,
England where they will make their
home ... Jeffrey N. Weaver and
Denise J. Larsen were married
November 3 in Tacoma ... Joe Hat­
field married Jennifer Jackson
September 22 in Seattle ...
Michelle Pettersen and Jeff Fransen were married February 9 in Bel­
levue. She is a training coordinator
at PACCAR in Bellevue. The
couple resides in Redmond ...
Monte Jarvis, a statistician and
programming manager with a phar­
maceutical company, married
Dorothea Jackson in the National
Cathedral of Washington, D.C., last
May. They live in Philadelphia.
’88 — Roberta Smith married
Charles Graver, Jr. December 1
in Kent... Richard Sweeney,
former head coach at Sequim High
School and assistant coach at
WWU, was named head coach at
St. Mary of the Plains College, an
NAIA school in Dodge City, Kan­
sas ... Jack Shelton Jr. married
Lisa Olson in Everett May 19,
1990. The couple live in Lynnwood
where Jack works for Norwest
Financial Industrial Loan Company
... Thomas M. Ridenhour married
Loretta Schreifels August 25,
1990 in Sedro-Woolley and is
employed by Refrigeration and
Heating, Inc. in Mt. Vernon ...
Eileen A. O’Neill and Brian D.
Ballard were married September
15. She works in marketing for the
Seattle Athletic Club and he works
in sales for Cellular One. The
couple lives in Federal Way ...
Jesse Steele married Cindy
Thomas September 15 and is
employed by The Boeing Company
... Kathleen A. Miller married Al­
bert Boardman in August, 1990 in
Poulsbo. She is a teacher in the
Bainbridge Island School District.
The couple lives in Hansville.
’89 — Jill Lanning married Chris
Larson December 8 and is a career
consultant at Business Computer
Training Institute ... Nancy K.
Bloom and Timothy J. Smith were
married August 4 in Federal Way
and Tim works for Island County
Planning Department. The couple
lives in Coupeville ... Dalene K.
Ash was married February 9 to
Tim Marganilli at Ft. Lewis. She
is employed by Fulton Dental
Clinic. The couple lives in Tacoma
... Kathleen Olsen and Dean
Andrews were married on March 9.
Kathleen is a free-lance illustrator.
Adrian W. Yorkston, 93, died
March 17 in Bellingham. He at­
tended Bellingham Normal School.
In 1938, he founded Hardwood
Fuel Co., which operated a lumber
mill in Fairhaven from 1945 to
1960. An offshoot in 1950 became
Viking Preview
Western athletic events will feature
an increased number of off-field and
halftime activities this season.“We
want to make every game an event,
something people go away talking
about,” Athletic Director Lynda
Goodrich says. “Part of that is getting
our students more involved, because
the community has told us that’s one
thing they come to the games to see.”
Another factor that puts fans in the
stands is winning. In her four years as
AD, Goodrich has seen more than half
of Western teams reaching national
competition. Her goal is to bring home
some national championships and, with
key personnel returning in most of
Western’s 15 sports, she is optimistic.
Officially launching the season — al­
though some teams have been in action
from August onward — is the second
annual Viking Night, September 12, at
the Viking Union. This year’s featured
speaker is USC men’s basketball coach
George Raveling. Capping the 1991-92
campaign will be the fifth annual
Viking Celebrity Golf Classic which
earns $20,000 for scholarships.
Here’s a season preview:
Coming off a disappointing 1990,
the Vikings are seeking to return to
their 7-2 form of 1989 for third-year
football coach Rob Smith. Western’s
strength is defense with the Vikings
leading the pass-happy CFA in fewest
passing yards allowed (171,1 average).
Leading the“no passing zone” secon­
dary is senior comerback Charlie
Hampton, a first team all-CFA pick.
Last year in volleyball, the Vikings
won NAIA District 1 and Region I tit­
les and placed third at the national tour­
nament, the highest national ranking
Western has held in any sport. The big­
gest shoes to fill will be those of twotime district player of the year, Lorrie
Post, a first-team NAIA All-American
last season. But two starters are back,
April Lindsey and Tamara Locke,
together with Christy Buck, who
missed last season with a knee injury.
Viking men’s soccer teams have
won two consecutive district titles
under fifth-year coach Kevin Quinn,
and reached the national tournament in
1989. Seven starters return although
the team lost its top three scorers in­
cluding two-time NAIA All-American
forward Peter LaBarge. Quinn is also
r6sum6/ Fall 1991
By Kevin Jackson
coaching women’s soccer for the first
time. Honorable mention AllAmericans Tami McDaniel and Renee
Heintz lead a veteran cast.
Cross country coach Kelven“Pee
Wee” Halsell has a strong men’s team
back led by NAIA All-American Jeff
Van Kleeck and NAIA Scholar-Athlete
Nels Postma. The men were 11th at the
national meet last year. Tenth at nation­
als, the women’s team welcomes back
Becky Templeton and Toni Hendrick­
son among its top competitors.
With six of nine top players return­
ing to men’s basketball and a strong
cast of newcomers joining the squad,
the prospects for a return to the district
finals are good. Western had posted
four consecutive 20-win seasons and
reached the finals each year before
going 12-17 last season. Among three
returning starters is Jeff Dick who, last
season, became the first freshman to
earn all-district honors in 13 years.
Second-year women’s basketball
coach Carmen Dolfo is welcoming
back two starters from last year’s 21-7
squad, senior center Chris Garrison and
senior forward Nancy Darrow. Viking
women have reached post-season play
19 times in 20 seasons.
Viking track and field sent 10 ath­
letes to nationals in 1991 and five will
rejoin their teams. All-district selection
Ross Erickson, who led the golf team
in stroke average at 77.4 last season,
heads the list of returnees for third-year
coach Dean Russell.
-Photos by Jon Brunk
Sonics Coach K.C. Jones (above)
and TV Sportscaster Bruce King
(left) enjoy the Viking Celebrity
Golf Classic which ojficially
closed the 1990-91 athletic
season and raised nearly $20,000
for scholarships. Viking Night,
September 12, formally opens the
1991-92 season.
When the University of Washington
announced its decision to hire Barbara
Hedges as director of athletics, some
questioned whether a woman could
lead a major university sports program.
But Lynda Goodrich wasn’t one of
Goodrich, who is beginning her fifth
year as Western’s AD, knows from
first-hand experience that a woman can
successfully head a college sports pro­
gram. But she also knows the feelings
created both on and off campus when a
woman is hired for the position.
“When I was hired, I recognized
that I was one of a handful of women
athletic directors in the country,” she
says. “I’m not naive enough to think
that there weren’t some raised
eyebrows among the alumni, the com­
munity, and maybe even on our own
staff. Because of that, I put pressure on
myself to succeed. I felt I had to blaze
a trail for those behind me.”
Her latest achievement was spear­
heading the building of a new strength
and fitness center, now the cornerstone
of Western’s athletic facilities.
And Goodrich has set a high stand­
ard for others to follow.
Goodrich, who earned NAIA Hall of
Fame honors as the Viking women’s
Homecoming Game Is October 19
Western will meet the University of Puget Sound for the second Homecom­
ing game since the event was reinstituted in 1990. Of the team’s nine games,
three will be at night. The complete schedule for Viking football is:
7:00 p.m.
1:30 p.m.
at Eastern Oregon
7:00 p.m.
at Simon Fraser*
7:00 p.m.
(Hall of Fame game)
1:30 p.m.
1:30 p.m.
at Lewis & Clark
1:00 p.m.
at Pacific*
1:30 p.m.
(Parent’s Day)
1:30 p.m.
at Central Washington*
* denotes Columbia Football Association-Mt. Rainier League contest. A1
contests broadcast on KGMI (790 AM) Radio. Home games (ALL CAPS) at
Bellingham’s Civic Stadium.
Yorkston Oil Co., which today
operates 10 Yorky’s convenience
Anthony I. Mustacich, a Belling­
ham Normal School graduate, died
March 6 at the age of 86. In his
youth, he skippered a mail boat
through the San Juan Islands and
was active in Sea Scouts. During
World War II, he served in the US.
Coast Guard and Navy, and was a
captain in the Army Transport Ser­
vice. In 1946, he and his family
moved to Anacortes where he
worked as office manager for
Fisherman’s Packing Corp. and
later owned and operated Cypress
Stationers in Anacortes.
Retired piano Teacher Ruth
McKay Campbell De Merritt, 86,
died March 13 in Bellingham. She
attended Bellingham Normal
School and the Cornish School in
Seattle where she majored in piano.
She taught in Seattle and Belling­
ham where she retired in 1986.
Mrs. De Merritt helped establish
the Eldridge Avenue Historic Dis­
trict and, in 1980, received recogni­
tion for her contribution to the
city’s cultural heritage.
Helen Virginia Hannah, 87, died
March 1 at the family farm on San
Juan Island. She attended Belling­
ham Normal School from 1923 to
1924 and was an assistant in the
school’s Art Department. In 1924,
she climbed to the top of Mount
Baker. Mrs. Hannah worked with
her husband to build a 32-foot fish­
ing schooner, “The Helen Hin­
ton,” which still operates in
Alaska. She had a boat operator’s
license and was active in the
family’s charter and commercial
fishing business.
Helen Viola Hagerhjelm who
graduated from Bellingham Normal
School in 1924 and taught school
in Bellingham and Preston, died
March 14 at the age of 86. She is
survived by three daughters, one
son, nine grandchildren, and five
Arthur L. Huggins attended Bel­
lingham Normal School in 1921
and was co-owner of H&H Sport­
ing Goods store in Bellingham. Mr.
Huggins died April 13 at the age of
90. He enjoyed sports, gardening
and hunting.
Lucille Allen Kelly, a 1924
graduate from Bellingham Normal
school, taught in a one-room school
house in Eden Valley and the Port
Angeles School District. She
passed away at home at the age of
87 and was fondly remembered by
her students - one of whom
provided care for her. She is sur­
vived by her husband Elmer, sisters
Margie Allen Skotheim of Seattle
and Ruth Carpenter of Hawaii as
well as daughter Patricia Kelly
Jonas of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, all
Western graduates.
Wanda Lindley Bartroff, class of
1926 Bellingham Normal School,
passed away March 5 in Cashmere.
She taught in Eastern Washington
until her marriage in 1930, spent
five years on a farm and later
returned to teaching. At the age of
57, she received her Bachelor’s de­
gree in Education from Central
Washington University.
Hedges needs thick skin
basketball coach, reacts strongly to the
suggestion that Hedges will have
trouble handling the AD duties at
powerhouse football school.
“I’m sure she recognizes that most
of the revenue in (UW’s) athletic
department comes from the football
program. To say a woman can’t deal
with that is ridiculous. It’s the same as
saying a man can’t run a department
with a strong women’s volleyball or
gymnastics program.
“Right now it’s important for both
male and female athletes to see women
(in athletics leadership positions),” she
continues. “That’s the way to change
society and to change attitudes.”
Goodrich believes she had an ad­
vantage that Hedges, formerly an assis­
tant AD at the University of Southern
California, does not. “I had been here
for 16 years and had been a successful
coach,” she says. “I’d been part of
staff and I know I had the respect of
the other coaches.”
Still, she experienced some
prejudice. “I perceived it as being very
subtle at first,” she^ecalls, “but cer­
tainly there are some people who don’t
embrace you with open arms. I felt it a
lot with other ADs and at conference
football meetings. I just wasn’t one of
the good ol’ boys.”
Because of that, Goodrich offers
Hedges some advice;
“At first, she needs to have a very
thick skin. She should go about her
business making decisions on what’s
best from the school’s point of view
and not on how they will be perceived
from a male or female point of view.”
Judy Bass dies
Judy Bass, associate director of stu­
dent activities/intramurals, died June 9
after a two-year battle with cancer.
Bass, 48, came to Western in 1979
after teaching physical education at the
University of Califomia/Santa Barbara
and in Edmonds and Centralia schools.
She held a BA and M.Ed. degrees in
physical education from Western (1966
and ’71). She was the first full-time
coordinator of intramurals and recrea­
tional facilities. Under her leadership,
the club sports program was brought
into the Intramural Office in 1981 to
provide a comprehensive recreational
sports program.
Memorials may be made to the Bel­
lingham YMCA or the American Can­
cer Society.
While Goodrich hopes to see more
women become ADs, she admits that
progress has been very slow: “Ath­
letics is one of the last bastions of male­
ness in this country. Women have
made changes in a lot of areas, but ath­
letics is one that men have managed to
hold onto. It’s one of the last barriers
to hurdle.”
However, Goodrich feels it’s a bar­
rier women will eventually overcome.
“As more women get opportunites,
things will start to happen,” she
predicts. “Women bring some unique
qualities to the job and they make very
good managers.”
-Photo by Michael Ziegler
Completed in mid-July, the state-of-the-art Lou Parberry Strength and Fitness
Center provides training for Western’s 500-plus student athletes and physical
education classes. It is also open, on a membership basis, to the general
campus population. Members of the Bellingham community worked closely
with the University, together raising over $126,000 to equip the center.
Center Director Mark Stewart, a former Minnesota Viking, says: “You’re not
going to find a better gym in the state; bigger, maybe, but not better. ’’
Performing arts magic starts September 29
The magic begins in September with
an outstanding season of international
performances by Western’s Performing
Arts Center Series (formerly Artist &
Lecture Series).
Season and individual performance
tickets and brochures are available by
calling Western’s Box Office at (206)
647-6146. Both VISA and Mastercard
are accepted. All alumni get the senior
discount rate of $95 for the entire
season; general admission for the series
is $110 and student season tickets are
$55. All performances have reserved
Sept. 29: The Who^s Who in Scan­
dinavian jazz. Jazz From Sweden, with
special guest Jay Thomas, opens the
series for a Sunday afternoon of jazz.
Oct. 6: the Eugene Ballet Company
performs Shakespeare’s classic tale of
love, Romeo & Juliet, set to the music
of Sergei Prokofiev.
Oct. 28: The Shanghai String Quar­
tet, the internationally celebrated
Chinese ensemble, has appeared at Lin­
coln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival,
New York’s 92nd Street Y and at
Alice Tully Hall.
Nov. 17: Back by popular demand is
the British vocal ensemble Electric
Phoenix, often called a “vocal string
Dec. 2: The Chieftains, Ireland’s offi­
cial music ambassadors and the
greatest exponents of traditional Irish
rnusic, give a one-of-a-kind perfor­
mance featuring their vast repertoire
and trademark improvisation.
Jan. 12: The Chestnut Brass Com­
pany, the only brass quintet to perform
regularly on both period and modern in­
struments, will take the audience on a
journey through time.
Jan. 28: The Hubbard Street Dance
Company, “Chicago’s top dance
company” according to the Chicago
Tribune, is known for combining
strong ballet technique with jazz and
contemporary dance forms, showcasing
works of Twila Tharp and Bob Fosse.
March 17: The Munich Chamber
Orchestra, regarded for more than 20
years as one of the world’s finest cham­
ber orchestras, appears with flute
soloist Andrea Griminelli.
April 25: The Kalichstein-LaredoRobinson Trio, three acclaimed solo ar­
tists, form one of the great piano trios
in the world.
May 19: The sensational violinists
of the Lincoln Center Chamber Music
Society, Ani and Ida Kavafian, return
to WWU to perform with pianist
Jonathan Feldman.
is produced four
times a year by the Alumni Of­
fice and WWU’s Public Informa­
tion Office.
Jo Ann Hardee Collinge
Contributing Writers
Kristie Lundstrom
Carole Wiedmeyer
Royle Johnson
- ; Jeff Wolff
Graphic Production
Scott Anderson
Veronica Tomaszewski Taylor
V* •
, _ , . .
, .
Special for Alumni: 50% Off Hotel Rates
Imagine it! You’ll select from over 1,500
terrific hotels, all available at 50% savings!
How? With Quest International. And you can
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Quest membership retails for $99. But
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Wfrly do hotels do it? — Simple. — Profits.
On average, annual hotel occupancy levels
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cupancy means 35 of every 100 rooms sit
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Occasionally, a hotel fills completely, like
during a convention. If they expect to fill they
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The bottom line is this. Quest members find
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Washington alum and tell Quest your
organization code number is 1226-0 to
get the special $29.95 rate.
Non-Profit Organization
U.S. Postage Paid
Permit 186
Bellingham, WA 98225
Address correction requested.
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' 'U ?
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