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Helping our members live better lives
Throughout the month of May,
members and employees of USFCU
were able to purchase a paper flag
cutout for $1.00. Donors wrote the
name of a veteran, soldier or first
responder on the flags and they were
displayed throughout our branches.
The money raised from the flags was
donated to Operation Gratitude.
Operation Gratitude annually
sends 150,000+ care packages
filled with snacks, entertainment,
hygiene and hand-made items, plus
personal letters of appreciation,
to New Recruits, Veterans, First
Responders, Wounded Warriors,
Care Givers and to individually
named U.S. Service Members
deployed overseas.
In addition to the fundraiser,
USFCU hosted a cookout for
local veterans, soldiers and
first responders at the Corporate
Office. Door prizes were also
awarded including free rounds
of golf, gift cards to local
restaurants, movie tickets, and a grill
kit. This event would not have been
possible without the donations
and support of the following local
businesses: Airmovers, Sam’s Club,
Food City, Marriott Meadowview
Hotel, Tinseltown, and Bluff City
Rescue Squad.
money to cover 20 care packages
through Operation Gratitude. Due
to the overwhelming success and
response from attendees, USFCU
plans to make this an annual event.
To learn more about
Operation Gratitude visit
Second Quarter
Janice Jones, President/CEO
We are very excited to
announce that our CEO,
Janice Jones, has been
inducted into the 2015
Tennessee Credit Union Hall
of Fame. The award was
presented to Janice during
the Tennessee Credit Union
League Annual Meeting. The
Tennessee Credit Union Hall
of Fame award recognizes
an outstanding credit union
and dedication that they
have made to the credit
union movement. Please
join us in congratulating
Janice for this prestigious
Federal Credit Union
Please join us in congratulating
Tiffany Ramsey Goforth on her
promotion to Vice President
of Business Development.
In order to help make our
members’ lives better and more
secure, USFCU will be making the
switch to EMV Chip Visa cards. In the
wake of numerous large scale data
breaches and increasing rates of
counterfeit card fraud, the U.S. is
migrating to a safer technology to
protect consumers from fraud.
Members will be receiving brand
new re-designed Visa cards with
EMV Chip technology. (EMV –
Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) The
small computer chip on the front
of your new card is what sets it
apart from the former magnetic
strip cards. With every transaction,
the EMV card chip creates a unique
transaction code that can never
be used again. With the former
cards, the data held within the
magnetic strip during a transaction
could be easily duplicated, enabling
criminals to steal your information for their gain. Current USFCU
Visa credit cardholders received a
new Visa® credit card, with a new
account number, to replace the
old card. The cards arrived in the
mail late June. The new cards and
account numbers were functional
on June 28, 2015. Our vision at
USFCU is to always be the
“secure choice for the financial
times in your life”. Visit www.usfcu.
org for more information.
Congratulations to the 2015
USFCU Scholarship Recipients!
Each year United Southeast Federal Credit Union awards a $1,000
scholarship to five students from our field of membership. The
students submit an application with an essay and are
chosen based on their service to school, church and community as well
as their GPA. Congratulations to the following students.
• Morgan Renee Barker, a graduate of Tennessee High School
• Elizabeth Brooke Grubb, a home school graduate
• Mark Allan Harr, a graduate of Sullivan Central High School
• Bethany Makayla Lady, a graduate of Sullivan East High School
• Matthew Lee Peters, a graduate of Unaka High School
We wish all of our graduates the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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