The Beachmere Infusion Warm Bamboo Massage



The Beachmere Infusion Warm Bamboo Massage
Warm Bamboo Massage The Beachmere Infusion Our signature massage
This unique massage involves using heated bamboo rods
of various sizes to knead and roll out your knots and
relax your tense muscles, caused by stress, exercise,
injury, or simply sitting at the computer all day.
You’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and renewed Your massage includes your choice of
Farmaesthetics organic soy based treatment oils
and warm basalt stones on the neck and back to soothe
all your tired and aching muscles. A gentle face and scalp
massage including Farmaesthetics comforting Lavender Milk
is received while hands and feet are nourished with a
protecting and healing softening salve ,then wrapped in
warm towels treated with an invigorating vapor elixir.
A restorative treatment for the full body.
60 min $115 / 90 min $155
Beachmere Sportsmen
This massage is designed for the athlete in you.
A sports massage, using Arnica or Calendula Remedy Oil
and deep muscle rub, that utilizes the heat-producing
essential oils of ginger, rosemary, and eucalyptus to relax
stiff or strained muscles due to overexertion to help
repair and restore your body.
90 Min $150
75 min $125
Beach Stone Therapy
Heated basalt stones, warm aromatherapy
oils and steamed towels are used to
penetrate your tight overworked muscles.
60 min $115 / 90 min $155
Tired Beach Feet Treat
Swedish Massage / Deep Tissue Massage
Experience a therapeutic massage utilizing long flowing strokes
or targeted techniques for your problem areas and your
personal choice of Farmaesthetics five organic soy based oils:
Calendula & Orange, Lavender, Chamomile
& Lemon Balm, Pink Grapefruit or Arnica
60 min $90 / $105
90 min $120 / $135
Better Together
Enjoy your massage in the same room
as your friend or loved one.
Choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue or Beach Stone Therapy
60 min $180 / $210 / $230
90 min $240 / $270 / $290
Choose from Farmaesthetics menthol and
eucalyptus infused Vapor Elixir or a Lavender
foot soak followed by exfoliation with
Yellow Cornmeal & Chamomile Flower Scrub.
Foot and lower leg massage are administered
to release tension and blocked energy.
This treatment is completed with
Farmaesthetics High Cotton Body Dust Powder.
Beach Bum Body Wrap
60 min $80
Our body wrap utilizes organic soy based oils
from Farmaesthetics and includes a body exfoliation with
Yellow Cornmeal & Chamomile Flower Scrub, leaving you
feeling nourished, rejuvenated and invigorated .
Beach Baby
90min $145
Designed to relax the mother-to-be
from the first to third trimester.
Yellow Cornmeal & Chamomile Flower
75 min $105
*You may also add nourishing hand to
heel salve towel wrap for your hands and feet
Smooth and soothe the day away while we exfoliate
and brighten your skin with this perfect blend .
You deserve to be pampered!
90 min $120
50 min $90
Massage Therapy
Body Treatments
Relax and enjoy one of our blissful organic
massage and body treatment services.
All services are performed in our Massage Suites
located in Beachmere's West spa level.
by Farmaesthetics
For your safety, please consult with a physician
before receiving massage services if you have any
health issues or are pregnant.
Our friendly, professional spa staff of highly
qualified Maine licensed Therapists are happy to
help you create the perfect spa experience you
The serenity of any treatment begins with your
choice of one or a blend of two of the five organic soy based oils we offer by Farmaesthetics:
Calendula & Orange, Lavender, Chamomile &
Lemon Balm, Pink Grapefruit or Arnica.
Appointments and Cancellation Policies
• Appointments can be made by contacting the
Front Desk or by dialing 0 from your room. We
require a valid credit card to hold all appointments
and an understanding of and compliance with our
cancellation policy.
• A 24 hour notice of cancellation is required to
avoid full charge for services missed. Late arrival
may result in shortened treatment time.
• Please arrive at the Massage Suites 10 minutes
before your scheduled appointment time with
appropriate paperwork completed.
• Clients under 18 years of age must be accompa-
nied by an adult. Children who are not receiving
treatments will not be allowed in the massage
suites unattended or in treatment rooms at any
[email protected]
Ogunquit, Maine