Migun Thermal Massage Bed Brochure



Migun Thermal Massage Bed Brochure
Our Products Prove It
HY-7000 Series
An Improvement Reaction or Healing Reaction, is a temporary process
Introducing Migun’s Thermal Massage Bed Masterpiece, also known
your body goes through when it reacts to a treatment in a positive way.
as, the “Rolls Royce” of thermal massage beds. The HY-7000UM has
In most cases this “Improvement Reaction” is a sign that the body is
eight different modes of massage, plus the unlimited possibilities
detoxifying. Improvement reactions are often confused with “Side
provided by the manual hand held experience. The HY-7000UM
Effects.” An improvement reaction is a sign of healing and detoxification.
presents everything you need to feel rejuvenated, revitalized, and
A side effect is a negative and unhealthy reaction, the body goes through
completely relaxed.
when ingesting a toxin whether orally, through the skin, or otherwise.
Healthy Mats
Healthy Mat & Mini-Mat
When muscles are overworked, they ache. When those muscles continue
The latest in healthy living products – the Migun Healthy Mat and
to be put to work, they eventually stop aching. This is the basic concept
portable version, Mini-Mat, are the next steps in bringing natural
of an improvement reaction. Acupressure and far-infrared rays,
health into your home. Constructed with eight durable layers, the
generated through the all natural jade massage heads, penetrate into
Healthy Mat creates a healthful atmosphere for your home by
your blood stream, stimulate blood cells, and increase circulation. This
producing negative ions, generating far infrared rays, and
process will dissolve toxic materials and waste in your body. Your body’s
completely neutralizing harmful electro-magnetic waves.
initial reaction to an overworked lymphatic system (which is normally
responsible for moving toxins out of the body) is to find another way to
dispose of toxins. Commonly, skin irritation, nausea, or perspiration can
occur to excrete toxins.
Skin 5
The hand is representative of our body. Our hands restlessly
The Migun Thermal Massage System is
work 24 hours a day. Look at your hands carefully now. The finger
approved by FDA as a Class II medical
joints are deformed and thick with callus. The SkinFive rejuvenates
instrument under the 510K regulation,
your hands from the inside and the outside. The SkinFive emits far
and can be used without prescription.
infrared rays that can reach 4cm below the skin treating arthritis and
04 08
06 05 03
regenerating your skin cells. The heating function will increase
blood flow and increase the number of blood cells.
Coesam Cream
Caraconat® is specially designed for all types of skin, to prevent and
attenuate expression lines, spots, scars and premature aging. It has
been formulated on the basis of three active and beneficial
carac nat
ingredients for skin care. The Snail Secretion has a peeling effect on
dead cells and is a regenerator and cicatrization element.
N ourishing
A nti-aging
Rose Hip Oil is well known world-wide for the regenerating,
nourishing and hydrating effect of its essential fatty acids. Additionally, and for improved results, this cream has Coenzyme Q10.
Snail Secretion, Organic Rose Hip Oil, Coenzyme Q10
Net Cont. 1.6 fl oz
It’s Beautiful Health.
Improvement Reaction
Migun Means Beautiful Health.
More Than A Massage.
Back 2 Back
Beautiful Health
Migun was founded on the philosophy of taking responsibility for
Everyday, people use their backs to support the weight of their body.
Ongoing clinical studies at the University of California, Irvine,
people’s health. By originating the concept of combining the principles of
This results in tremendous wear and tear, adversely affecting the
have established the full range of health benefits created by
Eastern medicine with Western technology, we have made it our mission
vertebrae, organs, and your body’s “chi”. Without renewal through direct
to become the leader in manufacturing health-enhancement products.
intervention, this deteriorating effect will continue.
Migun’s unique process. These clinical study results show
significant change and positive effects in the overall physical
Migun utilizes the profound
health of users including the musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal,
properties of the sun’s energy
nervous, and cardiovascular systems. There has also been
through far infrared heat to enhance
marked improvement in the conditions of Hypertension and
circulation and detoxification at the
Type II Diabetes.
cellular level. Infrared light accounts
for over half of the energy emitted
by the sun. The remaining energy is
Far Infrared Rays
emitted in the form of visible light.
Penetrate 2.5 Inches
JVSR (Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research) results showed
hypertensive subjects exhibited significant decreases in systolic,
diastolic, 2hrPP blood glucose levels and pulse pressure after
Over the last decade, complementary medicine's popularity has
After Migun
Before Migun
Acupressure P ints
The human body is nourished
Acupuncture points are the specific
directly by the stimulation of
sites where the “Chi” of the organs
sunlight. Far infrared heat is an
are transported to the body’s
essential energy source for both
surface through the meridians. Each
plant and human life. It is this energy
point has a different function,
that ripens fruit, reduces acidity, and
affecting the organs that are
Musculoskeletal System: 88%
heals the body and mind.
connected to that particular
Gastrointestinal System: 95%
meridian. A filiform needle is
the pathway between the point and
tion centers all over the world where people can experience our amazing
its relevant organs, activating our
products on a free trial basis. At Migun, we understand that many
own body’s balancing system. Any
Good Result
156 ± 60.9
165 ± 14.4
2 hrPP
After Migun
No Result
Additionally, university research
has been published in a
scientific journal of leading
Integumentary System: 100%
chiropractors, which in turn has
Urological & Endocrine System: 89%
blocked meridian will cause
Respiratory System: 80%
we ask for the free use of our centers is that you share your
discomfort or pain in that area.
Other: 95%
significant increases in overall metabolic and body system functions.
Cardiovascular System: 87%
JVSR (Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research) results showed
people have trouble believing something is “free”. Rest assured that all
Beautiful Health experience with your friends and family.
Before Migun
Nervous System: 88%
inserted into a point. This stimulates
In taking responsibility for people’s health, we have set up demonstra-
52.4 ± 10.4
Blood Glucose (mg/100ml) (mean ± s.d.)
275 ± 132.1
289 ± 130.8
2 hrPP
67 ± 22.4
86 ± 14.4
medical knowledge, and the technological advances of Western science,
101 ± 29.9
133 ± 13.9
Blood Glucose (mg/100ml) (mean ± s.d.)
This is where Migun steps in: blending five thousand years of Eastern
allowing the body its full potential to heal itself.
174 ± 38.3
products promote balance and harmony in the whole body, thus
alternative medicine is finding its way into the mainstream health care
care products, which can be used by a wide variety of people. Our
commencing Migun
increased dramatically in North America. This growing trend in the use of
Blood Pressure (mm Hg)(mean ± s.d.)
The result is the development of the most innovative alternative health
brought even more
professional medical interest
and attention to Migun.
(Source: J. Vertebral Subluxation, 2003) *The Claims and results have not been examined or reviewed by the FDA.

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MIGUN Massage Beds Brochure

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