Weiser Lock Launches SmartKey



Weiser Lock Launches SmartKey
Weiser Lock
launches SmartKey
New cylinder technology provides customized home security
and promises to revolutionize the lockset industry
A breakthrough in key cylinder technology now allows consumers to play locksmith in a way that is expected to
revolutionize the home security market. Introduced in March by Weiser Lock, a leader in door hardware products,
SmartKey® has taken locksets to the next level by introducing a quick and easy-to-use key cylinder that eliminates the
need to fumble with traditional pins and tumblers.
SmartKey® cylinders can be rekeyed in seconds through a simple process. SmartKey® allows you to control who has
access to your home by allowing you to provide temporary access to neighbours, trades people or cleaning services
– as well as letting you rekey all locks so that they can operate from one key.
SmartKey® provides peace of mind, control and convenience. It will empower consumers by allowing them to rekey
locks as many times as they wish. With SmartKey® Lock technology, if you are concerned about a lost or unauthorized
duplication of your key, you can simply replace the key and not the lock.
SmartKey® cylinders employ a unique locking system that provides Grade 1 security. According to recent tests by
Underwriters Laboratories (“UL”), SmartKey® Locks passed the most rigorous UL lock picking test. SmartKey® Lock
technology eliminates the shear line in traditional pin tumbler locks, which, simply put, means that SmartKey® Locks
cannot be “bumped”.
SmartKey® from Weiser Lock is available now in the Collections family of products and can be found at banner stores
and independent retailers across Canada. The line comes with a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty.
To learn more about SmartKey®, please visit: www.weiserlock.ca.
Weiser Lock Introduces
New Biometric Home Security Application
Revolutionary Fingertip Reading Biometric Application Delivers the Most Advanced
Levels of Protection Available in Home Security Technology
Weiser Lock®, a leader in the residential security industry, moves to the forefront of home security technology with the introduction of
SmartScan, the world’s first residential biometric keyless entry system. This emerging technology provides peace of mind and an increased
level of home protection.
Building on the success of the Powerbolt®, a keyless entry system, Weiser Lock now takes access control to a new level with the launch of
SmartScan. The revolutionary SmartScan completely eliminates the need for a key, utilizing only a fingerprint scan. It takes home security
into the future with advanced levels of protection previously available only in commercial and governmental applications.
The SmartScan battery-powered deadbolt is activated simply by swiping a valid fingerprint across its sub dermal sensor. Using RF electronic
imaging, SmartScan reads live fingerprint patterns located beneath the sub dermal outer surface layer of the skin, making it unaffected by
dry, dirty or worn fingertips.
Programmable with 50+ user fingerprints, SmartScan also has a special timed “lock out feature” that allows homeowners three levels of
access options. This feature allows continual access (24/7) for family members, temporary access for house sitters or contractors, and time
restricted access for babysitters or housekeepers.
SmartScan is easily installed on most standard doors and requires no hard wiring. Programming and set up are allowed only by designated
system administrators and are menu driven via a built-in keypad and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD.) Each system includes a manual key override.
Weiser Lock’s SmartScan is specifically designed as an effective, yet stylish alternative to the bulky, undistinguished industrial biometric
security systems. It delivers a sleek, attractive designer look and feel. SmartScan is available in a variety of finishes, which carry a lifetime
anti-tarnish warranty. SmartScan…it puts security and convenience right at your fingertips.
To learn more about SmartScan, please visit: www.weiserlock.ca.

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