InstaCode Review - Locksmith Software By WH Software



InstaCode Review - Locksmith Software By WH Software
by Jeremy Phillips
The National Locksmith
WH Software
InstaCode Review
H Software unveiled a new look for
the 2010 version of InstaCode. These
content enhancements continue for the 2011
version of InstaCode as well.
Some notable changes are a new layout,
new keyboard shortcuts, over 130 new and
updated code series, transponder information
updated, over 600 vehicle notes updated, over
2100 vehicle opening instructions updated and
much more.
standard easy. It no longer has to cost us precious time.
For this example we will be rekeying a 2005
Nissan 350Z.
The Wafer Swapper Tool
When changing the locks of a vehicle to a
new combination, the only professional thing
to do is to ensure that the new combination
matches into the manufacturer’s specified
code series for that car. There will be times
when the preferred method for finding a new
valid combination to use will involve reusing
the existing wafers. In this scenario, the only
method previously available to us was to stand
in front of the computer testing combinations
until we found one which matched our criteria! This was often slow and inefficient.
Step 1: To access the wafer swapper
tool, we need to first search by Make,
Model and Year.
Select Find new code using same
wafers or pins from the Tasks menu.
InstaCode has changed all of that with the
new “Wafer Swapper” feature!
The Wafer Swapper feature will find valid
codes within a series which reuse only existing wafers. We can further refine this by
specifying which positions we wish to swap
and which ones we want to remain the same.
This comes in very handy on vehicles which
use only part of the key in each lock.
The Wafer Swapper feature is fast and effective and makes doing the job to a professional
Step 2: We now need to decide which
rule type we are going to apply to our
Step 2a: Built in lock rules. With this
option we can choose to either:
Swap wafers within this lock –
this lock will be included in the
Ignore this lock – some calculations may mean that this lock
will not operate on the new key.
Hold this lock – this lock will
operate on both the new key
AND the old key.
Step 2a: In this example, we have chosen to hold the combination in the Glove
This means that when we rekey this
vehicle, the old key will not operate the
Ignition, Doors or Trunk locks but the
new key will operate the Glove box without us having to rekey it!
Step 2b: Select position rule. With this
option we can choose to either:
Include this position – wafers
can be swapped in this position.
Ignore this position – typically
used when you intend to leave
this position empty. This symbol
allows InstaCode to introduce
new depths into the combination.
Lock this position – keep the
existing wafer in this position.
Step 2b: In this example we have chosen
to hold every second wafer.
This means that when it comes time to
rekey these locks, we will only be swapping wafers from one side of the plug.
Step 3: InstaCode now provides us with
a list of all of the VALID codes within
that series which meet our specified criteria!
The highlighted positions are wafers
which must be swapped.
InstaCode’s wafer swapper is a powerful
and useful feature which has a real practical
application in the locksmith’s life.
The sad reality is that although InstaCode is
owned by many locksmiths around the world,
most of us only use about 10% of the program!
It is a bit like buying a hammer and only using
it to bang nails in!
InstaCode also does your masterkeying.
The cost is only $199 when you join our
InstaCode Club USA. Go to for
more info. n