Invitation Oct 7 CCVG FINAL **ENGLISH



Invitation Oct 7 CCVG FINAL **ENGLISH
Concert homage for Jan Jarczyk’s birthday
Professor at the Schulich School of Music of McGill
Born on October 7th in 1947, Jan Jarczyk was an
accomplished musician of Polish origin, who also held
American and Canadian citizenship. Despite his sudden
departure on August 3rd, 2014, Jan continues to live on in our
hearts and memories. His classical and jazz training at leading
academies in Poland (Krakow Academy of Music) and the
USA (Berklee College of Music), as well as his own personal
experiences, shaped Jan’s comprehensive understanding of
music. !
We will remember him as a singular musician, pianist,
professor and pedagogue wholly dedicated to the person and
the music.!
This is the memory that we celebrate today. Offered in a spirit
of anonymity, as Jan would have wished, this concert is
dedicated to his great passion - music. Hosted by the Centre
Culturel Georges-Vanier, the tribute is open to all musicians
and members of the public who wish to honour Jan and his
compositions. Having lived in Little Burgundy for over 20
years, Jan distinguished himself as an artist-musician in the
Montreal jazz community as well as on the international
scene. !
This occasion offers a privileged moment between audience,
friends, and musicians to reminisce in his absence, but also to
share in the expression of his music in performance. !
Everyone is welcome - friends, neighbours,
Montrealers, and all those who love jazz and
Jan’s music.
The program includes three original
compositions: Music for, There is Always
Time, and Rolling Roads. As well as a
standard that Jan carried with him
everywhere and played on many occasions,
Body and Soul. !
Tenor, Stefano Algieri, will open the concert
with a classical piece sung a capella. !
Thank you for being present and sharing with
musicians, friends, family and the public.!
This is an open event for everybody and of
course it is free.!
Please pass this information to all people
that you know and could be interested to
join this anniversary concert. !
Tuesday October 7th 2014 at 4:30 pm!
Centre Culturel Georges-Vanier!
2450 rue Workman!
Metro Lionel Groulx, !

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