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Health and Wellbeing Service
Speaking Up
Summer 2013
Cover photo courtesy of the National Maritime Museum Cornwall
In this issue...
“We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails” Anon
As many of you will know, NHS
services are no longer commissioned
by the Primary Care Trusts, which
have been replaced by GP-led Clinical
Commissioning Groups.
Health & Wellbeing p4
NHS Kernow p8
Healthwatch Cornwall p12
Where can I get other help?
Some key services that provide
treatment, help and support across the
county, including the regular self help
group and memory cafe listings.
Anticipating that these changes may be
confusing for some and that people will
want to know how they can still have a
voice in the ‘new NHS’, this issue will
Finally, there are articles, stories and
focus on helping to explain:
information pieces that hopefully will
• what the changes mean
be of interest.
• where your voice can be heard.
Health and Wellbeing Team
Following updates on the work that
we have been doing, this issue will be
divided up into the following sections:
What is the ‘new NHS’?
SEAP Advocacy p14
RC Advocacy p15
Disability Cornwall p16
Information on NHS Kernow, what it
is, what its commissioning priorities are
and how to get involved.
How will my voice be heard?
Information on key services that
represent the voice of people with
emotional or mental health issues
or help people to have their say,
collectively or as individuals.
Cornwall Carers Service p18
Outlook South West p20
Editor: Nicki Sweeney
BeMe Cornwall p21
New and improved!
Nicki Sweeney
Health & Wellbeing Team
Marita Ward
H&W Senior Manager
01872 243557 (direct line)
Admin no: 01872 243532
Team no: 01872 243542
H&W Service Quality & Volunteer Manager
Sue McDermott
Community Outreach
recruiting apprentice
H&W Outreach Manager
Volunteer Lead
currently recruiting
EBE, IVS, IEG & Self Help Grants, community outreach
07720 955048
Peer Support Network
Peer Support Network & FIT Project
01872 243559
Information, Advice &
Guidance Officer
07791 322096
Nicky Cope
07792 196334
strengths and prioritise where we are
most effective (see opposite page).
As Jane is now out and about more,
calls to the main office number may
not be picked up immediately. We are
encouraging people to contact specific
Our focus remains on people with
emotional and mental health issues and members of staff using their direct
numbers (see page opposite)
the majority of our work is still about
giving people a say about the services
they receive in relation to emotional
or mental health issues. In addition to
Focus on: Nicky Cope, Peer Support
this, we encompass peer support groups Network Co-ordinator, Health and
and memory cafes; provide groups with Wellbeing Service
information, advice and signposting
on energy bills, budgeting and debt in
At the moment I am in the process
partnership with CAB Cornwall; grants of changing to my new role as Peer
to help individuals and groups engage
Support Co-ordinator, a post I am
in activities to improve their emotional very excited about. This will entail
and mental wellbeing.
providing help and support to new
The change in name not only allows
self help groups and also longus more scope to look at other ways
standing ones.
to benefit our service user group, it
I will also be working with the
also means we are able to appeal to
Memory Cafes and I recently went
those people who don’t necessarily
along to one of their forums. I am
identify as having a mental health
looking forward to visiting the cafes.
issue. People who might see their
I am hoping to meet more group
GP for depression or anxiety, for
members at the launch of Falmouth
example, might not consider these to
Dementia Awareness Day on May
be mental health problems but might
still benefit from our service; or those
If any one is interested in setting up a
who have emerging problems and so
self help group but not sure where to
might not recognise themselves at this
start, do give me a ring.
early stage of having a mental health
Tel: 01872 243532
issue. Furthermore, our team has been
Mob: 07791 322096
restructured to streamline our work
Nicky Cope
so as to to enable us to build on our
Jane Morgan
Cornwall Mental Health
Project is now known as
the Health and Wellbeing
Inpatient Visiting Scheme
Health and Wellbeing Service
The scheme supports people with
mental health problems who are in
hospital in having a collective say
about their care, treatment and quality
of life during their stay. The role of
an Inpatient Visitor is to act as a
confidential and independent listening
ear and to raise comments or concerns
people have with hospital staff.
Health and Wellbeing Service
menu items have, e.g. Harvest Pie. We
have asked that food be labelled more
Patients who were on Cove Ward at
Longreach have been transferred to
Garner Ward at Bodmin Hospital and
it seems that this is to be a premanent
relocation. CFT have completed a
consultation on whether to have two
half-full Dementia/Complex Care
West Update - Longreach
wards or one full one, and a decision
We have had some great plaudits for
has been made to go with the latter.
staff recently. At times, though, service However, some carers/friends/family
user feedback has commented that
of patients who were originally on
activities or time to talk have been
Cove have complained about difficult
curtailed due to lack of staff. However transport links for them to see their
the Ward Manager informs us that they loved ones now at Bodmin. We
recently took on eight staff.
have reported this matter to CFT’s
Stakeholder Forum and are waiting for
East Update - Bodmin
a reply.
We have been pursuing the matter of
The privacy and dignity of carers
the patient phone on Fletcher Ward
visiting patients is an issue on Harvest
for about two years. Its location (next
Ward - carers currently see patients in
to the ward entrance) has prevented
the dining room. We have passed this
calls being private. However, we
matter to CFT with a suggestion that
have persisted with this issue and are
delighted that the matter is now being there is the room with a window where
dealt with by the new Ward Manager - ward rounds are held perhaps could be
the phone will be relocated and will be used for this.
in a kiosk.
We are reporting back to CFT about
the standard of food on some of the
Bodmin wards, which we do not think
is satisfactory. This is being looked into.
We have also said that service users are
confused by some of the names that
A big thank you to Gary Harfoot
• ATOS assessments – very real
from Disability Cornwall for speaking
concerns about these assessments and
and explaining so well some of the
the fact that they do not take into
upcoming changes to the benefits
account GPs’/Specialists’ letters –
system at our April forums; also
purely done on physical examination
to Chris Corver for talking about
alone and not necessarily taking
Ourspace from North Cornwall.
account of fluctuating nature of
Feedback on issues arising around the
mental ill health.
county are:
• One person attending the forum
• Benefit changes are causing
mentioned two recent deaths by
financial hardship – bedroom tax has
suicide: one person who it was
caused one person in a 3-bed property believed felt so pressured to find
to have housing benefit cut by £200
work by DWP following an ATOS
per month. Even if she could find a
assessment committed suicide;
smaller place to swap and move into,
the other suicide was felt to have
her social network, which is vital to
happened following their apparent
support and has taken years to build,
discharge from services (e.g. no longer
is where she lives. The thought of
entitled to access services due to
impending debt and no way out (not
eligibility criteria).
due to any personal actions apart
• The links between debt and mental
from being in a property deemed in
wellbeing are well known – the impact
excess of her needs) is having a serious of changes in council tax benefits were
impact on mental wellbeing.
also widely raised. This is hitting at
• Help to fill in benefit forms – CABs people living on the lowest incomes
are restructuring and CPNs seem to
without financial resources. We
be no longer helping complete DLA/
advocate participation in activities
Incapacity Benefit forms. Paperwork
which stimulate wellbeing but all of
is often a source of stress to people
these have a financial cost – even if it
experiencing mental health issues and
is just the price of the bus to get there
reduction in services only increases
- and on a reduced income, these
pressure. People aren’t as able to go
may become ‘luxuries’ people cannot
and seek help and often feel exhausted afford.
by the prospect of fighting so are
We have passed these issues on to NHS
giving up and living on less than they Kernow’s Expert Reference Group.
are entitled to.
Health and Wellbeing Service
What is the ‘new NHS’?
NHS Kernow
NHS Kernow is the clinical
commissioning group for people living
in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.
Our job is to buy health services for
the population of the county and
islands including hospitals, mental
health services, children’s services
and community services. Our annual
budget is around £700 million a year.
We formally took over this function
on April 1, 2013 from Cornwall and
Isles of Scilly Primary Care Trust,
when it was abolished. Public Health
is now the responsibility of Cornwall
Council or the Public Health Council
of the Isles of Scilly while GPs,
dentists, pharmacies and optometrists
are commissioned by the NHS
Commissioning Board for Devon,
Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.
The Group is formed of 70 local
practices who are themselves formed
into locality groups which have been
involved in local commissioning for
many years.
We will work on the good foundations
already set for us but we are determined
to bring a fresh approach to the
commissioning of health services. The
clinical leadership of the group means
that those people who are closest to
NHS Kernow
patients will make the decisions about
what services are needed.
The KCCG (Kernow Clinical
Commissioning Group) Governing
Body is made up of a Chair, two
Executive Directors, two Lay Members,
two Clinical Members and six GP
The Governing Body is the key
decision-making body of the CCG
and became statutorily accountable for
its activities from 1 April 2013. The
KCCG is made up of ten GP localities
and each locality has a GP Lead. All
executive directors and the 10 GP
locality Leads make up the Network
Leadership Group which manages the
day-to-day operations of the CCG.
Working for the common good
KCC is keen to work across traditional
organisational boundaries in order to
improve the health and wellbeing of
the local population. Better integration
of health and social care is something
that all GPs look forward to in order to
remove the barriers that can sometimes
mean patients are not cared for in the
best place for them.
10. Organisational development
We are very rooted in Cornwall and the
Isles of Scilly and believe passionately
in doing the best for local people by
working with them as much as possible.
Decisions will be made based on
clinical evidence, local needs and best
practice, and by developing positive
relationships based on trust and
confidence. This includes championing
Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly in
debates about national policy.
We have 10 key outcome areas under
which we are grouping all of our work;
these are:
1. People with long term conditions
2. Elective care
3. Medicines management
4. Improving lifestyles
5. Mental health
6. Access for people with a learning
7. Urgent care
8. Children
9. Patient safety and patient experience
To find out ways you can get involved
with your health community and
commissioning, including events,
community services listings and the
Expert Patient Programme, go to:
More information on the clinical
priorities within each of these areas is
available in our commissioning strategy.
We will continue to meet the
requirements of the ‘minimum
guarantee’ such as waiting times, cancer
referrals and the rights and pledges in
the NHS Constitution.
NHS Kernow
Email: [email protected]
You can send feedback and
suggestions to: [email protected]
The Communications Team,
The Sedgemoor Centre,
Priory Road, St Austell,
Cornwall PL25 5AS
Phone: 01726 627800
How will my voice be heard?
Health and Wellbeing Service
CRCC’s Health and Wellbeing Service
(formerly Cornwall Mental Health
Project) is commissioned by NHS
Kernow to be the voice of people with
emotional and mental health issues.
How we hear you
Our Inpatient Visiting Scheme
supports patients in having a collective
say about their care, treatment and
quality of life during their stay
in hospital. Our Outreach work
supports people in having a say about
community-based services through:
forum meetings, phone calls, emails,
and Facebook.
How we involve you
As well as utilising volunteers to
support our inpatient and outreach
work, our volunteers also act as mental
health representatives on steering
groups, on interview panels, at
conferences and consultation events.
We also have volunteer Peer Support
Group Facilitators and Grant Panel
Members. Our Experts by Experience
group, made up of volunteers and a
Co-ordinator, designed and delivered
an audit toolkit which assesses how
well organisations involve service users
and carers in the planning and delivery
of their service. Articles, stories,
photos, etc, are always welcome for our
Speaking Up magazine.
How we empower you
Our Individual Empowerment Grant
and the Self Help Group Grant both
have people with lived experience of
emotional or mental distress, or their
carers, on the Panels. Furthermore, our
Peer Support Network offers advice and
guidance to anyone wanting to set up a
self help group or memory cafe and also
to established groups that are funded
through our grant. We can also signpost
you to other helpful organisations and
How we inform you
Our forum meetings not only offer
an opportunity to have a say but also
to hear about any changes to services,
learn about new services and find out
where to go for help and advice. We
produce an e-bulletin every 2 months
and Speaking Up comes out twice a
year. We have a wealth of information
on our website and a Facebook page.
Health and Wellbeing Service
Phone (admin): 01872 243532
Phone (team): 01872
E: [email protected]
W: cornwallrcc.org.uk/services/
FB: facebook.com/groups/
Write: 2 Princes Street, Truro TR1
Healthwatch Cornwall
Healthwatch Cornwall
IEG Feedback
Health and Wellbeing Service
People can make a positive difference
to health and social care services in
Cornwall by sharing their experiences
with a new, independent watchdog.
Healthwatch Cornwall is the consumer
champion for publicly-funded health
and social care services and it wants to
hear people’s views to help it inform
and influence decisions made by
commissioners and providers of local
The acting director of Healthwatch
Cornwall, Jayne Zito said: “This is a
fantastic opportunity for everyone to
have their voice heard when it comes to
health and social care services.
“Along with community engagement
events, Healthwatch Cornwall is also
providing a freephone* number that
people can call to access information
about services and/or leave feedback.
“We have seats on the Health and
Wellbeing Board and will be involved
with the Scrutiny Committee among
other relevant strategic boards, giving
the people of Cornwall the potential to
really influence the decisions of those
such as the NHS Kernow Clinical
Commissioning Group.”
To assist Healthwatch Cornwall in
reaching out to as many people as
possible it will work in partnership
with Age UK Cornwall, Pentreath Ltd,
Disability Cornwall and Young People
Cornwall, while also having the ability
to commission research around specific
topics, such as social inclusion, when
identified as necessary.
The work Healthwatch Cornwall
undertakes will be in direct response to
the collective public feedback it gathers
and will be overseen by a volunteer
Executive Board, with additional
support via its volunteer steering group
and community-based volunteers.
Jayne Zito added: “It is vital to
Healthwatch Cornwall that people
take part and share their views and I
urge everyone to come forward and
get involved either as a volunteer or by
telling us their experiences.
“Healthwatch Cornwall can then
take collective issues forward for
consideration and use the evidence
it collates to bring about change if
Healthwatch Cornwall has rights in
law, such as its ability to enter and view
adult health and social care settings
and children’s health settings, and
to be responded to within 20 days
by the appropriate agency when it
makes formal recommendations about
It is part of the 152 local Healthwatch
collective that feeds the nationallyfocused Healthwatch England, set up in
October 2012.
We’ve had some lovely feedback from
a mum whose son has received an
Individual Empowerment Grant from
us to pay for horse riding sessions.
Healthwatch Cornwall is currently
recruiting steering group volunteers
who will help decide the issues it
focuses on.
“The horse riding sessions really benefit
my son, giving him lots of sensory
experience with touch, movement,
balance, and the sensory experiences he
has riding in the countryside, and all
the visual and sensory experiences that
opens up to him.
To take part as a volunteer, to register
as a member or just to find out more,
please get in touch.
Healthwatch Cornwall
e: [email protected]
Phone the advice line on:
0800 0381 281
The sensory diet is an important part
of maintaining his overall wellbeing
and coping with aspects of his autistic
He loves animals and the stables have
encouraged interaction on many levels
with his horse “Moose”, including
photos of his horse to bring home and
reflect on his experience of the day.
Thankyou for this grant, it has really
been appreciated”.
Jayne Zito, Director
SEAP support ~ empower ~ advocate
~ promote
Rural Community
SEAP offers free, independent and
confidential advocacy services with
regards to NHS complaints as
well as Mental Health Advocacy in
the Community, IMHA (Inpatient
Mental Health Advocacy) and IMCA
(Independent Mental Capacity
and social care services. SEAP staff are
required to work to high standards of
professionalisms with both clients and
service providers, building good
working relationships with key
stakeholders across all sectors whilst
maintaining the core independence of
the service.
By raising your concerns you can help put
things right and the NHS can learn from
your experience.
Many people who suffer a period of
mental distress find it hard to deal with
challenging situations.
The purpose of the organisation is
to ensure that the views, wishes and
feelings of those using health and social
care services are promoted to service
providers; and to provide advocacy
support to individuals or groups
who wish to resolve specific issues. It
achieves this primarily in two ways:
• Advocates provide information,
support and representation to clients
relating to specific difficulties,
concerns, or complaints
• The organisation works directly
with service providers at local and
national level, aiming to ensure that
client experiences are at the heart of
service planning, implementation and
SEAP is delighted to have secured the
contract with Cornwall and Isles of
Scilly to provide this service, and looks
forward to developing strong working
relationships with service providers and
to working together to achieve good
outcomes for clients.
Independent Health Complaints
Advocacy is a free, independent
advocacy service that can help you
make a complaint about any aspect
of your NHS care or treatment. This
includes treatment in a private hospital
or care home that is funded by the
Expressing yourself effectively with a
doctor, a lawyer, at a benefit tribunal
or negotiating with a landlord, for
example, can be too daunting at a time
when a person is most vulnerable. This
is where the advocacy service can help.
SEAP is committed to the central
advocacy principles of independence,
confidentiality, best interests, and
empowerment. It believes that the
views, wishes and feelings of clients
should be central to both its own work,
and the planning and delivery of health
Independent Health
Complaints Advocacy
The National Health Service (NHS)
works hard to treat everyone properly
and promptly. Most people using the
NHS are happy with their treatment
but sometimes things can go wrong.
How can we help you?
We will provide you with a Self
Help Information Pack to help you
make a complaint about your care or
treatment using the NHS Complaints
Procedure. You can choose to make
your complaint with, or without, the
support of an advocate. Your decision
may depend on how confident you feel
about starting the complaints process
and the complexity of your case.If you
feel you need further support, we can
provide you with advocacy support.
SEAP Cornwall
Phone: 0300 3435706
Email: [email protected]
Minicom: 01424 457601
Rural Community Advocacy aims to
support, enable and empower people
with mental health issues to be heard
and listened to in situations where they
feel insecure, vulnerable or threatened.
This is an independent service which
has been expanded to cover the whole
of Cornwall and is open to self referrals
as well as referrals from any interested
Rural Community Advocacy
Phone: 01726 821445
Email: [email protected]
Write: Unit 2, 22 Fore St
St Stephen,St Austell
PL26 7NN
Disability Cornwall
CASS - Community Advice and Support
Disability Cornwall is a user led,
disabled people's organisation. We
• Referrals and signposting to provide a range of services to empower,
support groups and organisations
assist and facilitate independent
• Social and leisure opportunities
living and when necessary, act as a
• Education, training, volunteering representative voice for disabled people, and employment
their families and carers. We challenge
• Rights and discrimination
discrimination and inequalities and
promote examples of good practice for Personal Budgets Support Services
others to follow.
We actively promote this opportunity
for self directing your own support
DIAL is the only pan-disability
through a personal budget. This will
telephone support service in Cornwall, enable you to have increased choice and
serving the needs of disabled people,
control over your own life. Should you
families, carers and professionals across decide to manage your own budget,
the full range of disability-related
don’t feel daunted by the prospect of
issues. DIAL is available 5 days per
becoming an employer, we are here to
week, between 10am and 3pm and is
help in many ways. We can give you
staffed by three professionally qualified advice and support through our DIAL
independent living advisers, who are
service, help you manage your budget
supported by two volunteers. Clients
and assist you with everything you need
who need extra support can make
to do.
an appointment to see an adviser at
monthly outreach appointments in
Phone: 01736 759500
Bodmin, Hayle, Helston and Truro.
The CASS team is trained to provide
confidential advice and support
to offenders and families that
are attending court. We operate
independently from other agencies.
The service is delivered primarily
by volunteers and focuses on those
defendants who do not meet the
threshold of probation or custody.
DIAL can help with:
• Welfare Benefit entitlement, including eligibility, applications and appeals
• Liaising with agencies on your behalf
• Information about accessing support at home, including Social Care, Personal Budgets and Direct 16
Disability Cornwall
Phone: 01736 756655
Email: [email protected]
Unit 1G-H, Guildford Rd Ind Est
Hayle TR27 4QZ
The Community Advice and Support
Service (Cass) desk is now operating
from the Truro Magistrates' Court
CASS will signpost and encourage
offenders and their families / partners
to access a range of community support
agencies. Information, advice and
support is offered on issues such as:
• Substance misuse
• Benefits
• Debt
• Employment
• Education
• Housing and accommodation
• Domestic violence
• Family matters
...And more
CASS provides advice and support
in the courts to offenders and their
families to aid resettlement and
reintegration and with the aim of
reducing offending.
CASS works in partnership with
local criminal justice agencies and
communities. CASS also ensures that
families and partners of prisoners are
assisted at the point of sentence so they
understand more about the court and
prison system and are better able to
keep in touch.
Our advice desk here at the courts
enables defendants and their families to
seek advice from us whilst they are here
at the court regarding their crime eg;
drugs/alcohol, domestic violence, debt,
housing, benefits, etc.
Opening days:
Bodmin Law Court - Tuesday and
Truro Court - Thursday
Age Range: 18 years to 80 years.
Tel: 01208 269843
Email [email protected]
Write: Bodmin Magistrates’ Courts
Launceston Road Bodmin Cornwall
PL31 1XQ
Where can I get other help?
Cornwall Carers Service
Cornwall Carers Service (CCS) offers
support, information and guidance
to informal and unpaid carers across
Cornwall. A carer helps to look after
another person who is not able to look
after themselves. You can get FREE
help if you are a carer.
Our Carers Helpline is available to all
from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday
(excluding bank holidays) and an out
of hours answer phone is available for
messages, with a guaranteed, timely
falling somewhere between the two.
Our Carers Forums are open to
all informal and unpaid carers and
provide an avenue for information
and guidance. They also offer the
opportunity for Carers to share and
highlight concerns.
We hold Carers Support groups
that provide a link for carers to meet
others in a similar situation. There are
more than 40 across Cornwall. They
are a good and safe way of sharing
experiences and information.
Adult Carers Services offered by the
Cornwall Carers Service
Cornwall Carers Service:
Carers Helpline: 01872 266383
• Autism Carers Service
• Black, Minority and Ethnic Carers Carers Forums: Marion Greenwood
07858 326347
• Dementia Carers Service
• Learning Disability Carers
• Mental Health Carers Service
Are you a Young Carer (under 18)?
If so, you may benefit from the
Young Adult Carers - Are you
Kernow Young Carers project,
caring for someone and are between
dedicated to working with Children
the ages of 18 – 25 yrs? The young
and Young People to make the caring
Adult Carers service is for any young
role a more positive experience.
adults in a caring role. The cared for
could be a parent, guardian, family
Kernow Young Carers
member, friend or neighbour with any
Phone: 01209 204565
physical, mental or drink and/or drug
Email: [email protected]
dependency. YAC’s are recognised as
a separate group from young or adult
Web: kernowyoungcarers.org
carers as they have different needs,
Equus Solutions CIC: equine-assisted therapy
Equus Solutions CIC delivers
two unique innovative treatment
programmes out of Churchtown
Morgans Farm in St Hilary, Penzance.
Equine Assisted Therapy, Growth &
Learning (EAP) uses unforgettable
interactive experiences with horses to
foster emotional, social, psychological
and spiritual growth in people.
Our program provides clients with
experiential opportunities to practice
healthy life skills in a physically and
emotionally safe environment, and the
confidence to take those skills back into
their family and life.
Experiential in nature means
participants learn about themselves by
taking part in activities with horses, and
then processing feelings, behaviours
and patterns. It is a 100 percent ground
based programme with no ridden
element and unlike the more readily
available riding opportunities in the
county this programme focuses on
human skills rather than horsemanship
skills. EAP programmes aim to provide
an effective treatment for a wide variety
of issues such as addictions, behavioural
issues, depression, anxiety, eating
disorders, relationship and family
difficulties, communication problems
and trauma.
Therapeutic Riding programmes for
children, young people or adults who
are on the Autistic Spectrum or have
Learning Difficulties. Not specifically
focused on learning horsemanship
skills, although riding is taught, this
programme aids the development
among other things, of motor skills, in
particular co-ordination; encourages
verbal and non-verbal communication,
concentration, eye contact, awareness
and interaction with others. It also
lessens the resistance to being physically
touched and raises awareness of
boundaries and other people’s personal
Simple and safe ground work activities
with the horses like grooming or
leading, enables clients to develop new
skills and confidence, improve social
interaction and increase awareness
of themselves and others as well as
improving client’s physical activity
If you are interested in finding out
more about either of our programmes
please visit our website www.
equussolutions.co.uk or give us a call.
Outlook South West – Providing
Psychological Therapies for Common Mental Health Issues
BeMe - new talking therapies service
launches in Boots UK, Truro
Outlook South West, provides
psychological therapy for people with
stress, depression and a range of anxiety
problems. The local organisation has
counsellors and therapists covering
every GP practice in the county.
BeMe–the new
NHS talking
therapy service
for people with
depression and
anxiety launched at
the Boots UK store
in Truro on Thursday 7 March 2013.
A research project last year found
Outlook South West to be the best
service of its kind in the South West
when it came to getting people better.
This was compared with the other 13
other similar services from across the
region. The independent research,
carried out by the South West IAPT
Evaluation Project Team at the
Peninsula Medical School, examined
patient data between 2010 and
2011. The findings also showed that
Outlook South West was seeing the
second highest number of patients (per
population size) and with the second
best average waiting time.
Kevin Simpson, clinical psychologist
and partner at Outlook South West
said: “We are obviously really pleased
with these findings, but what is even
better is that, at this current moment
in time, we are moving towards a
situation where we can offer all patients
treatment within 2 weeks of receiving
their referral. This is the case in most
areas of the county and we are getting
closer to making this happen right
across the service.”
Outlook South West also has a lot of
exciting developments being rolled out
across the county. These include, Stress
Buster groups, anger management
classes, depression courses and specific
small groups to help people with
insomnia. Other courses in the areas of
self-esteem and self-confidence are in
the stages of being developed. Further
details about all of these courses can
be found on Outlook South West’s
Facebook page or its website (www.
Outlook South West
Phone (patient line): 01208 871905
General enquiries: 01208 871414
Email: through website form
Write: 2D Restormel Estate,
Lostwithiel, PL22 0hg
Web: www.outlooksw.co.uk
FB: facebook.com/outlooksouthwest
The in-store launch marks a new way
of working for the NHS in Cornwall,
that will see a clinical service located
within the Boots UK store and in most
of Cornwall’s major towns by Autumn
Neill Richardson, BeMe’s Clinical Lead
“We are delighted to be able to locate
BeMe within the easily accessible high
street setting of a Boots UK store.
Clinical appointments will take place
between 9.00am and 1.00pm, with a
clinician available from 12.30pm to
answer general questions about the
“We can all feel low, worried, fearful
or distressed. This can be caused by
a life event like bereavement, divorce
or unemployment; a health issue or
coping with a traumatic event, BeMe
can help you deal with these.
“Delivering the service from a high
street location in major towns will
bring our services closer to where
people work and live, and will improve
access to services through closer
proximity to public transport routes”.
John Varnish, Healthcare Development
Manager, Boots UK added;
“Our customers come to us for
information and advice on how they
can make positive changes to their
health. Access to a BeMe clinic within
a Boots UK store ensures easy access
to mental health services and allows
them to manage all their health needs
BeMe offers a range of talking therapies
to anyone over the age of 16 who is
experiencing anxiety and depression.
It is a free and confidential service
provided as part of the NHS.
BeMe will be available at the Truro
store every Tuesday and Wednesday
from 9.00am to 1.00pm. BeMe is
also available Monday to Friday, from
8.00am to 6.00pm in a wide range
of general practices and community
To self-refer to BeMe
Phone: 01579 373700.
Members of the public can also pick
up a leaflet with a self-referral form
Web: cornwallfoundationtrust.nhs.uk/
email: [email protected]
FB: facebook.com/BeMeCornwall
Debt, welfare reforms and mental health
Health and Wellbeing Service
Debt, welfare reforms and mental health
Following overwhelming concerns
about welfare reforms picked up at our
recent Forum meetings in Redruth and
Bude, we have produced some useful
information that we hope will help
anyone affected.
The links between debt and mental
wellbeing are well known and at the
Forum meetings it was evident that the
recent changes to the benefit system are
causing undue stress and anxiety, and
hitting people who are already living on
low incomes.
The changes to the benefits system
which have taken effect in April
Introducing Universal Credit – which
will replace and combine Income-based
Jobseeker's Allowance, Income-related
Employment and Support Allowance,
Income Support, Child Tax Credit,
Working Tax Credit, Housing Benefit
and Disability Living Allowance. The
new Universal Credit will be paid
monthly into an account you choose
and if you were getting housing benefit,
this will be included in your monthly
payment, so you’ll need to make
arrangements to pay your landlord
Your Housing Benefit may be cut if you
are of working age, living in a council
or housing association property and
considered to have a spare bedroom.
This is referred to as the ‘Bedroom Tax’,
pensioner on a low income there will
be no reduction in the amount you
get. For everyone else, how you will be
affected will depend on where you live.
your Housing Benefit entitlement could
be cut by the following percentage:
14% for one extra bedroom or 25%
for two or more extra bedrooms.
However you will be exempt from the
bedroom tax if:
you – or your partner – are over the
qualifying age for Pension Credit
you’re an approved foster carer –
this applies even if you are between
you have an adult child living at home
who is in the Armed Forces
you have an adult child who is a
student and their main residency is
your home
If you or your partner receive frequent
care from an overnight carer (or group
of carers), you will be allowed an
additional bedroom for the carer.
if you have a severely disabled child
who is unable to share a bedroom.
if you have a spare room as a result
of a death in your household, the
reduction in your Housing Benefit will
not apply for 52 weeks.
If you are affected you may be able to
claim discretionary housing benefit but
need to go to your local council and
ask for a discretionary housing benefit
•Council Tax Benefit is being
abolished. Local councils are bringing
in their own Council Tax Support
Scheme to replace it, but if you’re a
•Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
is being replaced by a new benefit
called Personal Independence Payment
(PIP). If you’re a new claimant you
will claim Personal Independence
Payment from June 2013 onwards. If
you’re currently claiming DLA and
you report a change in your condition,
or reach a review date, then you’ll be
asked to claim Personal Independence
Payment at that point.
Dealing with new systems and more
paperwork can be a source of stress
and so exhausting for people who are
already experiencing mental health
issues that they may give up and
live on less than they are entitled
to. We have already taken some of
these issues to the Expert Reference
Group – let us know if and how
these changes are affecting you and
your well being, and do seek further
outreach surgeries in Hayle and
•Rethink Mental Illness runs a
dedicated Advice and Information
phoneline on 0300 5000927
Monday- Friday 10 -1pm and an
email service, with free downloadable
factsheets from www.rethink.
org/how_we_can_help. (This
information came from the Money
Advice Service website https://www.
•The Health and wellbeing Service
webpage has a useful downloadable
booklet: MoneySavingExpert’s 2013
Guide to Mental Health & Debt at
Health and Wellbeing Service
•Visit your local CAB for advice and
help with filling in forms
•Ring the DIAL (Disability
Information Advice Helpline) on
01736 759500 Monday-Friday
10-3pm. You can also see someone
face to face once a month at their
Local Self Help Support Groups
Local Self Help Support Groups cntd.
Hearing Voices Group
Bodmin Wednesdays 2.30-4.00pm
Call 07807 813996
Support for people wanting to reduce
or come off Benzodiazepines
Call 07788 572908
CTSAR/Cornwall Transgender
Support and Resource
1-2-1 Confidential Email, Text, Phone
and ‘Outreach’ Support, Advocacy
and signposting for anyone resident or
visting Cornwall & IOS identifying
as Transgender, Androgyne or Gender
questioning also available to SOFFAs.
(CTSAR is a ‘Pan Equality’ resource
which has a proven track record
in raising Transgender Awareness,
delivering Transgender Awareness
Training and engaging in Specialist
Policy Consultation across all sectors.)
Kernow Katz/Self Help Group for
people who identify as FTM/MTF
Transsexual (Monthly meetings)
SWTEN/South West Transgender
Equality Network, supported by
Equality South West.
YaY! Young and Yourself/ LGBTQ
Youth Group -13-25yrs. (Regular
Pink Umbrella LGBT Group
Gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans support
Every 3rd Friday of the month, 1-3pm,
2 Princes St, Truro
Call Kaz on 07886 969248
For information on all of the above
contact Kaz Neumann: [email protected]
yahoo.co.uk or phone 07886 969248.
Freedom OCD Group
Every last Thursday of the month,
10.30am - 1pm, Truro
Call Penny on 07831 295007
[email protected]
Suicide Bereavement Support Group
Last Wednesday of the month, 7-9pm
in Carrick
Call 07952 410637
East Cornwall
Camel Club
Social group
Fridays 10 am - 1.30pm Delabole
Call 07788 572908
Social group
Every other Tuesday afternoon, Bude
British Legion
Email [email protected]
Manic Depression/ Bipolar Group
Once a month, Mondays, 4-6 pm,
Newquay Centre, St Michael’s Road,
Call Lesley on 07570 510359 for dates
Community Centre, Fore Street
St Austell Coffee Corner
Fridays 10am-1pm, St John’s Methodist
Church, Bodmin Road
St Columb Minor Coffee Corner
Thursdays 10am-12.30pm, The
Memorial Hall
For more information call Lynn
Newman on 01637 851155
Restormel Mind
Patchwork Group
Mondays 9.30am-12pm, The Pavilion
Workshop, Mount Wise Car Park,
Cornwall College courses,
Friday morning group,
nature/photography group
(Camel Trail), Cafe Chat
Newquay S.H.E. Group (women’s
St Austell Cafe chat groups
social group)
Mondays 10am-1pm, Newquay Centre,
Liskeard OCD group, Cafe Chat
St Michael’s Road
Newquay Coffee Corner
Wednesdays 10am-12.30pmThe
Newquay Centre
Out ‘n’ About Group (activity group)
Thursdays 10am-12pm, Various
community centres
St Stephen Coffee Corner
Fridays 10am-12.30pm, St Stephen
Local Self Help Support Groups cntd.
Local Self Help Support Groups cntd.
Bodmin Fishing group
Manic Depression/ Bipolar Group
Every 3rd Wednesday of the month,
2-4pm, Healing Star, Causewayhead,
Call Nicky on 07791 322096
Bude Womens’ Group, Carers’ Group
Various locations WRAP (Wellness
Recovery & Action Plan) Groups
For more information call Rethink on
01208 815676
Rural Community Link Project
Welcome groups - all run 10am 12.30pm
Monday - St Blazey Alexander Hall
Tuesday – Lostwithiel Railway Station
and Fraddon Village Hall
Wednesday - St Stephen, RCLP Office
Friday - Penwithick Community Hall
Men’s Group - One Sunday a month
for Restormel residents
Take A Break Craft Group – Tuesday,
1-4 pm, St Stephen
For info on any group call RCLP on
01726 821858 or go to
Soil to Soup Wellbeing Garden
Wednesdays, 10-12 (Winter), Bodmin
Call Mary on 07407785520 or the
office 01208892855
West Cornwall
All Saints Church Community
Centre - Self Help Groups
Rendezvous Social Club: Thursdays
3pm-5pm, Saturdays 6pm-8pm
Go Forward Social Club: Fridays 2pm4pm
All Saints Church Community Centre,
Church View Road, Camborne
Tel: 01209 610937 - Gill or Treve
Falmouth Mindful Arts
Dracaena Centre
Email: [email protected]
Falmouth Recovery Support Group
Weekly peer support group for people
in recovery from mental health
Mondays, 3-5pm, Killigrew Street,
Falmouth. Call Jon on 07551 202269
for more info.
Hearing Voices Group
Penzance, Every other Tuesday 1.303.30pm
Call Lesley on 07570 510359
Olive Branch Community Cafe
Community cafe with workshops &
Mondays, 10am-2pm, St Gluvias Parish
Hall, West Street, Penryn
Tel: Jane 07903 073440 or Liz 07407
699180; email: [email protected]
Perranporth Coffee Corner
Social group
Wednesdays 10.30am - 1pm, Upstairs
in the Conservative Club, St Piran’s
Call Brenda 01872 572453 or Betty
01872 572546
St Agnes Self Help Group
Social Support Group
Mondays 11am-12.30pm
Coffee Lounge, St Agnes Methodist
Church, British Road
Call 01872 553305
Sunshine and Showers
Bowling group, every other Monday,
Truro 2.30-4pm
Email: [email protected]
West Cornwall & Newquay Mind
Camborne - Mondays 1.30-3.30pm,
Camborne Parish Church Hall, Church
St (opp Aldi’s)
Helston - Tuesdays 10am-12pm, St
Mary’s RC Church Hall, Clodgey Lane
(near Tescos roundabout)
Penzance - Wednesdays 10am-12pm,
St Mary’s Church, Chapel Street
People can attend a group once for
a taster session. After this, a referral
is required from a GP, mental health
worker, housing support or other
support organisations.
For info on any of these Mind groups
call 01209 714550
Carrick Mind
Falmouth Coffee Corner
Thursdays 10.30am-12.30pm, St
Mary’s Church Hall, Killigrew Street
Truro Coffee Corner
Tuesdays 10am-12pm, Carrick Sports
& Recreation Hall
Cornwall Memory Café Network
18-30 Social Support & Wellbeing
Wednesdays 10.30 am -12.30 pm,
Different locations (specifically for
those aged 18-30). Please ring the office
for details.
Referral required from a GP or
other health professional. For more
information about the Carrick Mind
groups, please call 01872 222469
East Cornwall Memory Cafés
Bodmin Memory Café
Berdekesa Court, Robartes Road
Alternate Mondays, 10-12pm
Contact - Kerry Banbury
Tel: 07855 305577
Bude Memory Café
Parkhouse Centre, Bude
Every 1st & 3rd Friday from 2pm-4pm
Contact Alan Butler 01288 355254
Callington Memory Café
Callington Town Hall
Every other Saturday, 2-4 pm
Contact Rick Lumley on 01579
382705 or Nick Ford on 01579
Camelford Memory Café
Anvil Court, Anvil Court Road
Every 2nd & 4th Monday from 2pm28
Cornwall Memory Café Network
Contact - Margaret Lovell on 07867
Downderry Memory Café
The Zone, Downderry, nr Looe
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday, 2-4 pm
Contact Penny on 01503 250432 or
Heather 01503 250381
Launceston Memory Café
Launceston Methodist Church,
Dingley Hall, Launceston
Every other Saturday from 2pm-4pm
Contact - Cym Downing Tel: 01566
Liskeard Memory Café
Liskeard Methodist Church, Wesley
House, Bay Tree Hill, Liskeard
First Friday of every month, 2pm-4pm
Contact Beryl on 01503 272323
Saltash Memory Cafe
Burraton Methodist Church, Liskeard
Road, Saltash PL12 4RH
Every 2nd Wednesday 2- 4pm
Contact Alzheimers Society 01872
Wadebridge Memory Café
St. Breock School, Tremarren Road
Every 2nd & 4th Saturday from 2 4pm
Contact Margaret on 07867 783728 or
Perranporth Memory Café
St Michael’s Church Hall,
Lostwithiel Memory Café
St Michael’s Road, Perranporth
Lostwithiel Community Centre,
Liddicoat Road, Lostwithiel PL22 0HE Every 2nd Monday, from 2 - 4pm
Contact Alan on 01872 572050
Every alternate Thursday, 2-4 pm
Contact Jo Hague on 01208 871196
Polperro Memory Café
The Methodist Church, Fore Street,
Mid Cornwall Memory Cafés
Every 3rd Friday from 2 - 4pm
Falmouth Memory Café
Contact Pauline 01503 272473
Emmanuel Baptist Church, Western
Terrace, Falmouth
Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, 2pm- 4pm Probus Memory Café
Village Hall
Contact Bob/Toops on 0845 475
Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday, 2.30 3319, or visit
4.30 pm
Contact Mike Durose
St Austell Memory Café
Fowey Memory Café
Cuddra WI Hall, Bucklers Lane
Fowey One Stop Shop, Fowey Library
Every 1st and 3rd Monday, 2-4pm.
Every other Thursday
Contact Sue McDermott on 01872
Contact Fowey Library
Newquay Memory Café
Truro Memory Café
St. Columb Minor Church Hall
All Saints Church Hall, Highertown
St. Columb Minor.
Every 2nd & 4th Friday, from 1.30
Every 2nd and 4th Thursday, 2-4pm
Contact Keith Dynan on 07968 960
Contact Sue McDermott on 01872
Peer Support Film
Health and Wellbeing Service
Cornwall Memory Café Network
West Cornwall Memory Cafés
Camborne Memory Café
All Saints Church Community Centre
Church View Road, Tuckingmill
Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday 1.30-3.30
Contact Alzheimer’s Society on 01872
Helston Memory Café
Hens Horn Court, Station Road,
1st & 3rd Tuesday, 2 - 4pm
Contact - Margaret on 07974 728435
Isles of Scilly Memory Café
Garden Pavillion, Chaplaincy Gardens
Church Street, St. Mary’s.
Every Friday 2.00-4.30pm
Contact Rowan on 422148/Jane on
Mullion Memory Café
Mullion Methodist Chapel
Every 1st and 3rd Friday from 2 - 4pm
Contact Lillian Watson on 01326
Penzance Memory Café
Committee Rm 1, Penzance One Stop
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday from 2 4pm
Contact Margaret on 07974 728435 /
Chris on 07867 783728
the Claire Milne Trust, can also help
people to set up peer support groups in
Redruth Memory Café
Community Centre, Foundry Row
Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday, 1.30 3.30 pm
Contact Alzheimer’s Society on 01872
St Day Memory Café
Parkhenver, West End, Redruth
Every other Tuesday, 6.30-8.30 pm
Contact Angela Downing on 01209
St Ives Memory Café
Memorial Hall, Trencrom Lane, Carbis
Every 1st and 3rd Thursday from 2 4pm
Contact Margaret on 07974 728435 /
Chris on 07867 783728
St Just Memory Café
Cricket Pavillion, Cape Cornwall Road
1st and 3rd Friday from 2-4 pm
Contact Margaret on 07974 728435 /
Chris on 07867 783728
Soil to Soup, Bodmin
Cornwall Rural Community Council’s
Health and Wellbeing service has
produced a short film that celebrates
the huge benefits of the many self
help and peer support groups that
run throughout the county. The film
launched on 15 April to coincide with
Depression Awareness Week.
Peer support groups provide a safe and
non-judgmental environment where
people experiencing emotional distress
or mental health issues can come
together to talk to others in the same
position. Some groups focus on sharing
experiences whilst others use positive
activities, such as music or yoga, to
promote people’s wellbeing.
Marita Ward, Health and Wellbeing
Senior Manager, said,
“We made this film to showcase the
fantastic support people can gain from
going to a self help group. We gave
members the opportunity to express in
their own words the vital part groups
such as these play in improving people’s
One group member said,
“Meeting others in the same
situation as yourself is tremendous
because they can identify with you,
you can relax with them and you can
feel that you are relatively normal for
You can view this film at
If you would like to talk to someone
confidentially about the care you
receive for emotional or mental distress
Funding for these groups comes from
or would like to find out more about
NHS Kernow but is administered by
CRCC’s Health and Wellbeing service, peer support groups in the county,
contact the Health and Wellbeing
which has awarded grants to over 60
groups this year. Additionally, their Peer Team on 01872 243559 or email:
[email protected]
Support Network, funded by NHS
Kernow, the Duchy Health Charity and
Helping Each Other, Helping Ourselves
Health and Wellbeing Service
enjoyed the ‘wellbeing’ sessions which
included Reiki healing, and pamper
sessions (makeovers, hairdressing and
nails) and a buffet lunch.
Tea time!
Learning and Celebration Event,
Kingsley Village, Tuesday 12
February 2013
It was a lovely opportunity to come
together and share learning, and to
Over 65 members of peer support (self- also celebrate the fantastic support that
help) groups across the county attended exists through self-help peer support
groups in the county. Many members
this event and provided a lively and
and attendees came away feeling
refreshing day to remember.
inspired and rejuvenated, and asking
when the next event is going to be.
The aim of the day was to help
self-help emotional health and
Health and Wellbeing Service
wellbeing groups and memory
cafés in Cornwall to increase their
sustainability and knowledge and also
provide an opportunity for groups
to showcase their work. There were
‘serious’ workshops on fundraising,
designing posters/leaflets, developing
better financial controls and creating
dementia friendly communities,
plus creative workshops on poetry,
Shutterpod photography, painting plant
pots and reading aloud. Attendees also
Self Help Group Voices
SOBS - Survivors of Bereavement
through Suicide
“A bereavement by suicide is not like
any other type of bereavement. There
is still a huge stigma associated with
suicide and the people left behind can
feel very isolated. There are also other
unique issues, such as guilt and anger,
which may not be present if a person
has died of an illness or later in life.
If SOBS did not exist survivors of
bereavement by suicide would have to
turn to other sources of support, which
may actually make things worse, as it
is essential that support comes from
people who understand the impact and
sensitivity surrounding bereavement by
SOBS is an essential part of recovery
for many people who have nowhere else
to turn. Some have said that it literally
saved their life, as unfortunately
suicidal thoughts are common in
I have found, personally, that only
others that have been through a loss
from suicide can truly understand
and empathise with what I am facing.
I feel the SOBS group is the only
place I can honestly share my feelings
and emotions. There is little support
available on the NHS; I visited my GP
and was put on the waiting list for 6
sessions and I am still waiting 9 months
later. SOBS is an essential source of
support and, without it, I believe that
people would struggle and may turn
to anti-depressants and would take
much longer to return to any kind of
normality, such as retuning to work”.
SOBS group member
Other self help group voices
SSHISH - Suicide and Self Harm/
Injury Self Help
“To be in an environment of such
kindness and empathy is so precious
and important for people who often
spend a lot of their lives in a state of
fear, mental torment and pain”.
“These groups are run and attended by
like minded, empathic caring human
beings, held in a place we feel safe
and know we will not be judged or
Elfordleigh Get Into Reading Group
“The way it’s read is poignant and
brings out emotions which you are
hiding - it helps you to look at other
In memory: Rodney Simpson
and of fellow bipolar sufferers and felt
we should not lessen our expectations
of ourselves just because we had an
illness. He felt bipolar was very much
a part of him, a part to celebrate and
certainly not to be removed, as debated,
by possible future scientific advances.
Every so often he would carefully
decorate the room with his colourful
paintings and perhaps tell us a bit
about them.
Rodney (right), Jo and Chris Sept 2006
Rodney Simpson chaired the East
Cornwall Bipolar support group with
quiet authority and charm. He gave
everyone who came to the group, new
faces and old, a friendly welcome,
providing a safe platform to talk and
listen every month for ten years.
If the discussion was getting too heated
or he didn't quiet agree with it, he
would make his point clear and steer
onto safer ground. Our discussions
were generally interesting and well
Rod had very high standards for himself
He died in February this year and those
who were able from our group attended
Rodney's funeral. We felt humbled
by his positive endeavours recounted
by the priest and his friends. Rodney
recieved a vibrant and celebratory
send off with a band following him
as he drove away and many of the
congregation shaking a variety of
instruments. Rodney will be very much
missed and has been and will continue
to be a positive inspiration to us all.
The Enablement workers assist people who are recovering from mental health
problems to rebuild and lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.
Access to:
Education opportunities
are amongst the options
Support is time limited to 3 months and offered mainly to those who are
not currently receiving support from Mental Health Teams.
Self-referrals are welcome so why not call us today?
Restormel & Carrick (RCLP)
01726 821858
East Cornwall Bipolar Support Group
Rural Community Link Project, Pentreath Ltd and West
Cornwall Mind work in partnership to provide this
valuable countywide service.
Other areas:
North Cornwall & Caradon (Pentreath) 01726 862727
Kerrier & Penwith (West Cornwall Mind) 01209 714550
Funded by Department of Adult Social Care
Are you suffering from stress, depression, worry and
Do you wake up feeling like this most mornings?
Victoria Bampfield-Hammond BA (HONS) (FULL CRB CHECK)
Seadrift, Beach Rd, Crantock, Newquay, Cornwall TR85RE.
01637831223 or 07859066450
[email protected]
‘Well- Being Through Creativity’ Art Workshops
I have been running one-to-one art workshops for individuals with learning
difficulties and small group sessions with a number of specialist organisations
in cornwall for six years. I’m also an artist and have my own little gallery on
the north Cornish coast.
Why not join the Wecan Yoga group on a Friday morning at
The Andrew Hall, Helston?
10am- 12 noon
My aim is to offer creative and personal development through art and making.
I provide all the materials needed and tailor each session or course to suit the
Expression through creativity is so valuable, as a form of communication and as
a vehicle to development,which could include improved concentration, better
co-ordination, learning new skills and a boost to confidence, not forgetting
great fun too!
A very gentle, relaxing and meditative approach in a
supportive and friendly atmosphere.
Come when you can, do what you can
You may even feel like this at the end of the class!
Each session is for one hour. I see clients where they feel most comfortable;
this is usualy within their own homes or in a communal room. I also see some
clients at my home. All materials are provided - this includes everything from
paper and card, paint, pens, pencils, chalk, glue, clay, beads and textiles….and
more! The cost is £25.
If you would like to book a workshop or talk further please phone for a chat.
My work is featured in ‘Discover’ Disability Cornwall, and you can read more
about my work on the Healing Uk website blog www.healinguk.org.
The image below (six ways to help manage stress) was taken from a recent post on
Outlook South West’s Facebook page.
Helping you
get back on
(Covering all sessions)
9th , 10th May 2013
17th , 18th June 2013
10th ,11th Sept 2013
Are you caring for a relative or friend
living with Dementia?
Would you like to learn some skills
to help your relationship with the
person you are caring for and coping
strategies that will help you in your
A FREE two day course taking
place around Cornwall.
(also available as a collection of
shorter seminars for those unable to
attend the two day course.)
10.00am - 3.30pm
June 4th 2013
We will provide
July 19th 2013
� Lunch (on the two day course.)
� Contribution to travel costs
� Small Contribution towards caring costs
November 12th 2013
3 &4
� Course handbook
Session 1
♦ Symptoms of Dementia
♦ Communication techniques (how
dementia impacts on communication, perception and relationships)
Session 2
♦ Understanding and learning healthy
coping strategies when caring for
someone living with dementia
♦ Understanding how to respond in a
positive way to someone living with
Session 4
♦ Relating to people experiencing
dementia in different ways
♦ Stress and conflict management
♦ Contingency planning and asking
for help
♦ Accessing local resources
6 ways to help manage stress
Have a healthy diet
Eat balanced meals, cut
back on caffeine and
alcohol. Avoid overeating processed salty
and sugary foods.
Take breaks
In our modern life, our
fight-flight mechanisms
are constantly being
triggered. We all need
regular breaks for our
minds and bodies to
recover and recharge.
Get enough sleep
The modern world has us
living hectic schedules,
but if you don’t want
stresses to get on top of
you, try to get 6-8 hours
sleep a day.
Move your body
Our bodies have evolved
for millions of years and
are designed to move.
Moving around helps
to ‘discharge’ tensions
and recover from the
chemical by-products of
stress. Also, try to get
out into nature and take
in some sunlight (stock
up on Vitamin D).
Try to say no
Saying ‘Yes’ to every
demand can mean you
get overloaded and
overwhelmed. Learn
to say ‘No’ to some
demands or ask for
help on how they should
be prioritised. It is a
really powerful stress
management tool.
Plan your day
Whether at work, or
at home, planning to
act ‘on purpose’ and
not just reacting to
every distraction and
interruption is essential.
One item on your daily
list should include selfcare and/or being with
friends or family.
Session 3
♦ Understanding the grief process
♦ Adjusting and understanding new
behaviours associated with people
experiencing dementia
October 14th 2013
December 3rd 2013
January 28th 2014
Seminar 1 & 3:
10am - 12.30pm
Seminar 2 & 4:
1.15pm - 3.30pm
07974 622842
[email protected]
Outlook South West 2D, Restormel Estate, Lostwithiel, PL22 0HG,
T: 01208 871905
E: [email protected]
Grow Food and Compost Workshops
The Access to Nature Project
The Access to Nature Project is, in
essence, about inspiring local people of
all ages to learn more about and enjoy
the natural spaces around them. The
original project was funded by Natural
England, through the Big Lottery’s
Changing Spaces programme,
and focused upon four Cornish
communities: Falmouth, Penryn,
Helston and Penzance. We now have
more funding to expand our work and
develop more nature trails within our
existing areas but also in other towns
across Cornwall.
Through the Access to Nature
project we ran a variety of activities
based around natural play, natural
crafts, boat trips, rock pool rambles,
forest gardening workshops, organic
gardening training, wild food and
wildlife awareness. By providing
exciting and interesting activities, the
wonders of the natural world could be
brought to life in a fun and inspiring
The focus of the project is to provide
opportunities that were low cost or
free and that generally didn’t require
transport to access. We believe that
outdoor activity inspires you to be
active and interested in what’s around
you. Outdoor activities also offer a
diversity of things to do, that can be
enjoyed with friends, family or by
As part of the project we also
developed a website which can be
found at www.accesstonaturecornwall.
org . This website is a legacy for the
project, creating a space in which users
can continue to learn and interact with
their local environment, and a place to
keep you inspired in the future. The
website also has nature trail maps and
activity packs for each town, bringing
alive the nature and green spaces in and
around the town you live in.
In the Explore Nature section of the
website you will find some of the
exciting games and resources we have
developed throughout the project,
alongside links to other games and
information we have discovered online
through our research.
To make this a truly interactive
experience we have placed geocaches
at certain parts along our trails as well.
(Geocaching is an outdoor recreational
activity, in which the participants use
GPS or mobile devices and other
navigational techniques to hide and
seek containers, called "geocaches" or
"caches", anywhere in the world.)
If you would like to find out more
about the Access to Nature Project,
or get involved please contact Claire
Brown on 07966400621 or email
[email protected]
Cornwall Neighbourhood for Changes
are running a series of gardening based
workshops aimed at giving people
confidence to start growing their own
food. They are aimed at people who
would like to know the basics of how
to get started in growing their own
produce as well as getting to grips with
The workshops will be running in
Truro, Newquay, Liskeard, Bodmin
and Penzance. In these areas three
workshops will be run covering
topics such a ground preparation, soil
improvement, growing, harvesting
particular vegetable crops and
composting. These workshops are free
and open to everyone. They usually last
for a couple of hours, usually between
09:30 and 12:30 . If people attend
all session they will receive a garden
starter kit consisting of a garden fork
and gloves or trowel, watering can and
Workshop dates:
• Penzance at National Trust Trengwainton Gardens on Tuesday 4th, 11th and 18th June
• Truro at the Trelander and St Clements Community Centre on Wednesday 5th, 12th and 19th June
• Newquay, at St Micahels Church on Thursday 6th, 13th and 20th June
• Liskeard at the Liskerrett Centre on
Friday 7th, 14th and 21st June
Our workshops can also be adapted to
meet the need of particular groups and
we can offer growing advice to group of
friends or community groups.
Inspire Others
Within the project we would also like
to engage with volunteer mentors.
These mentors need to have had some
previous experience in gardening/ food
growing and who would be willing to
share their knowledge and enthusiasm
with others. This could be helping
friends and neighbours begin to grow
food and start composting, or by
helping to deliver some community
based training. We have vouchers worth
£5 or £20 to give mentors depending
on their level of involvement.
We are also hoping to create a Thrifty
garden tips booklet, so if anyone has
any great tips of how to save money
and get the most out of your garden
they can contact us direct or on our
Facebook page – Growing Food and
If you would like any more information
please contact Claire on 07966400621
or email [email protected]
Human Rights: Human Lives workshops
The 1-Day 'Human Rights: Human
Lives' training course is specifically
targeted for community-based
organisations; this includes Community
Groups, Social Enterprises, Charities
and Town & Parish Councils.
The course covers:
Why Human Rights, Equality &
Diversity and the Mental Capacity Act
are important for all of us
How these three strands combine
together to promote the rights, choice
and control for people who use services
It is appropriate for staff, volunteers
and safeguard against neglect.
and service users from community
What ‘Person Centred Care’ looks like
based organisation that have any
Definitions of the terms ‘Vulnerable
engagement with, provide services for, Adults’ and ‘Abuse’
or support vulnerable adults.
Roles and responsibilities in the
Safeguarding Adult process
As well as being an excellent tool for
Good practice in order to reduce risks
ensuring the knowledge of existing staff Dates:
members, volunteers and service users
6th June 2013 – Truro
is up to date it has also been developed
9th July 2013 – Bodmin
very much as a mechanism that can
be used as part of an organisations
It has been developed by Cornwall
induction process. During the period
Council’s Directorate of Adult Care &
of 2012 to 2013 the Human Rights:
Support (DACS) Learning, Training
Human Lives workshops saw 50
& Development Unit and Cornwall
different organisations from the
Rural Community Council (CRCC)
Voluntary and Community Sector,
on behalf of the Cornwall Adult Social
which included 200 attendees.
Care Learning Partnership. The course
Comments made by attendees include: content has been designed utilising
“It was very informative” (Volunteer
national best practice standards.
Booking is essential; please visit the
“A terrific training day!” (Community
CRCC Training page for current and
group June 2012)
up and coming dates. You are also
“It was an excellent presentation,
able to book online by using the links
commanded the attention and interest on the CRCC Training page: www.
of all concerned throughout the
cornwallrcc.org.uk/training, if you are
day and was hugely enjoyable…”
unable to get to the online booking
(Individual June 2012)
form online please call 07817-450468.
Your name: Sarah Sejahtera
Your job title: Community
Development Worker for Pentreath Ltd
Your work base: Summercourt (but I
also work from the Penzance office)
Please explain the essence of your
job role: I work with the black and
minority ethnic (BME) communities
across Cornwall trying to promote
emotional wellbeing, so trying to
prevent mental illness or support those
who are already unwell.
A day at the Airport
Having to deal with bureaucracy and
systems which sometimes mean you
cannot help others in the way you
think would be most helpful.
What did/will you have for lunch
today? Salad – not a boring lettucey
one though, one with homemade bread
and loads of pulses, grains, veg and
salad dressing.
If you could invite anyone (living/
dead, real/fictional), who would be
your ideal dinner party guests?
What time does your typical day start The Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela.
& end? 9-5 but sometimes finish at 7
or 8pm
What would your super power be and
why? To avert natural disasters; flying
Please describe a typical day:
would help too!
Researching different interpretation
services, catching up with colleagues,
What song would you like played at
visiting the Redruth Colourful
your funeral?
Women's group to see how everything It would probably be an uplifting song.
is going.
What was your most embarrassing
What aspect of your job gives you the moment? Possibly nearly being run
greatest buzz and why?
over by a Rentokil van when I was in
Finding a creative way to solve
Sydney, Australia.
problems. Also working with people
who have experienced terrible things
Who would play you in a film of your
but who remain strong, positive and
life? It's got to be Dawn French because
I've had so many funny experiences.
What aspect of your job presents the
greatest challenge and why?
What is your motto? Anything is
possible if you believe in yourself.
Today Gordon and Alice are going to
the airport with their mother to watch
the aeroplanes.
When they arrived at the airport, they
went straight to the spectator terraces.
Mother asked Gordon, “Please would
you go down stairs in to the terminal
buildings and buy three cans of diet
pop and a small bar of chocolate from
the sweet shop?”
While Gordon was in the shop, Alice
saw Concorde about to take off from
Terminal One. Her mother said,
“The plane will make a large, loud
thundering noise as Concorde runs
down the runway at very high speed,
you had better put your hands over
your ears.”
A Boeing 747 jumbo jet was about to
land. Gordon turns around to see the
biggest aeroplane he has ever seen in his
whole life.
The plane came from the other side
of the world, a country called New
Zealand. Gordon was very excited as
the jet came to a halt at Terminal Two,
just below the spectator terraces. Alice
and Gordon watched all the passengers
disembarking from the very large
colourful jet.
They were so happy by what they
had seen on their surprise visit to the
airport. After a few hours it started to
get a bit dark and drizzly outside. So
mother said to Alice and Gordon, “We
will have to go home now.”
“We’ll come back again next month if
Gordon heard the loud thundering
you want,” mother said. Gordon and
noise as he was in the shop, so he ran
Alice thanked her for taking them on
back to the spectator terrace to find out this great day out to the airport.
what all the noise was about.
By Elliott Vincent Grimes - Dyslexic
Alice told Gordon it was Concorde
writer - 31st March 1999 and 3rd
taking off, “you missed it.”
October 2004
Gordon’s mother said, “Don’t worry
son you may see it another time when
we visit again, if you are lucky.”
The time was 2:45 in the afternoon.
© Copyright Mr E V Grimes 1999 &
2004 This story is not for sale anywhere
Boeing & Concorde are Company
A Village Called Pumpkin
The First Published Children’s Book by Peter Bullimore
Suitable for ages 4-12 Years
partner Linda would look across the
room and smile as she knew I was
talking to the characters”
UK - £6.99 + £1.50 P&P EUROPE - £6.99 + £3.50
Cheques made payable to Peter Bullimore. Send to:
Limbrick Center, Limbrick Road, Sheffield, S6 2PE,
“This book was written in association
with my voices, without their influence
I would never have had the ideas and
creativity to create the characters and
storylines. Whilst writing the book
the characters would speak to me and
ask what role they would be playing.
Whilst writing one chapter I put in
too many characters and it was like a
film set all talking to me demanding
a speaking part, even up to the point
the vet in one of the chapters refused
to carry out his duties until I gave
him a line. I would often say out loud
“no you cannot have another line “my
About the Author
I have heard voices for many years,
leading me to receive a diagnosis of
chronic schizophrenia. I spent a decade
in psychiatric services where no-one
paid any attention to the content of
my voices. The voices were always
critical and abusive and never gave
me any peace. Through the support
of a very good occupational therapist
Sally Bramley and the Hearing Voices
Network I started to gain more insight
into the voices and the meaning behind
them. Though they still talked to me
in a very critical and angry way, I
understood what they were trying to
tell me. I learned to look beyond the
metaphor. Although it was still difficult
to function with up to 40 voices at
a time, my life started to have more
meaning, this enabled me to start
professionals and
other people the
true meaning
behind hearing
The Invisible Blue Sky
(a meaning for birth life and death, which
transcends religion)
The invisible blue sky (heaven)
Emerges into the visible white sky
Otherwise known as clouds
Which open to reveal
The multitude of rains
Which through the power of gravity
Fall upon the lands
Gathering to become one mighty river
Which finally reaches its destination
The ocean bed
And then goes to sleep
Returning to its source
The invisible blue sky
Through the majesty of the radiant white
NicK RimmeR (10th February 2013)
Peter Bullimore
Useful Telephone Numbers
Health and Wellbeing Service - Admin - 01872 243532
Team office - 01872 243542/ 243559
E: [email protected]
W: www.cornwallrcc.org.uk/services/mental-health/
Nightlink - 0808 8000 306
Nightlink Emotional Support Text service - 07717 989021
Samaritans - 01872 277277
Carers Helpline - 01872 266383
Welfare Rights/Benefits Advice - 0800 882200
NHS Direct - 0845 4647
GP Out of Hours Service - 0845 2000 227 (6.30pm-8.00am Mon - Fri. Weekends
& Bank Holidays - 24 hours)
Shelter - 01209 314844
Legal Helpline - 08000 199 121
Cornwall Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre - 01872 262100
SEAP Mental Health Advocacy - 0330 440 9003
ICAS - 01579 345193
Disability Cornwall - 01736 756655
Community Mental Health Teams
East Cornwall (Trevillis House, Liskeard) - 01579 335226
North Cornwall (Banham House, Bodmin) - 01208 251408
Restormel (Alexandra House, St Austell) - 01726 291212
Carrick (Pydar Street, Truro) - 01872 356000
Kerrier (Trengweath, Redruth) - 01209 881888
Penwith (Bolitho House, Penzance) - 01736 575524
Out of Hours (Bodmin Hospital switchboard) - 01208 251300
Disclaimer: The views expressed in this magazine and the services described are not
necessarily shared or endorsed by the Health and Wellbeing Service or CRCC
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Truro TR1 2ES Telephone: 01872 273952 Fax: 01872 241511

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