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PDF - Ministry Updates Online
Heading into 2015…
Aaron, Jeff, Danielle
and Cierra - these
students designed a
time for CSUF
students to wrestle
with surrendering their
summers to God, and
get all the info needed
to consider summer
#goandmake - a social media
campaign about the Great Commission
and to promote our Winter Conference.
These are some of the students at
CSUF who thanked me for my
investment in them. So encouraging!
A Special Request
Cru in North OC & Long Beach
My staff team in Tokyo!
It must have been a strange sit for the Japanese businessmen drinking coffee in the bakery that morning. Two American women trying to keep their
voices down, one furiously scribbling a diagram on a notebook. I was meeting with Jane, an intern with KCCC (Korea Campus Crusade for Christ). Jane
is on STINT (Short Term International Internship) reaching college students in Tokyo during her first year out of college. Our mutual friend, Trevor, had
been telling us we would quickly get along. During our week in Tokyo, I got to meet up with Jane.
Years ago I learned a helpful diagram that walks through how to understand some root causes of our specific sin issues. The basic premise is that “we
have legitimate needs or have experienced legitimate pain, but often try to meet those needs in illegitimate ways”. In college, I learned how to apply this
tool to my own walk with God during a summer I spent in Ocean City, NJ. I use this framework often as I disciple students and train young missionaries.
That morning in Tokyo, as Jane and I celebrated things God was doing in her ministry, the Lord reminded me that ministry is easy to talk about, while
the condition of our souls in ministry can be hidden or assumed. “How are you doing, outside of ministry?” I asked. Her countenance changed as we
talked about how hard the transition out of college can be, what it means to find the balance between investing in friendships at home versus
teammates, and how to be an extrovert on a mostly introverted team. Sometimes the most fruitful ministry comes in personally challenging times.
I pulled out my notebook and started drawing, explaining how our behavior and emotions signal to us there is a greater need that God wants to fill
Himself or through His people. As we continued to talk through the diagram, Jane shared with me that she had never been told that her needs for
people are good - and God-given! We chatted through a couple action points. Jane was thankful and excited to take steps of faith to be known by the
Lord and her teammates. I ended our time in prayer, thankful for God’s work in and through Jane.
During the first week in February, I’ll get to coach the Tokyo STINT team during their mid-year conference in Thailand. Other teams from around
Eastern Asia come together to be able to worship openly (a highlight for those serving in closed countries), hear from the Lord, rest, and have coaches
help them function better as a team. As the Tokyo team serves in a country that so desperately needs the gospel, I’m grateful for the opportunity to
invest in them so tangibly. I loved getting to spend time with them in Japan, and am looking forward to getting to invest in them again so soon!
As I head into the New Year, opportunities abound to help young missionaries like Jane increase their ministry
fruitfulness through coaching, development and training. Whether that’s in Thailand coaching the Tokyo
STINT team, going to the Midwest to plan the summer mission with Cru in Ocean City, NJ, or here in California
with Sophie and Kim. God is raising up a generation who desire to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth!
Would you consider giving a year-end special gift to help with the costs involved in these coaching and
planning trips? I’m asking the Lord to provide $4,500 towards this. You have been so gracious over the years,
and for that I am very grateful. If you are able to give, please make your check payable to 'Cru' and mail it back
to me in the enclosed envelope, along with the response card. If you would prefer to give a gift online, go to
https://give.cru.org/0633340 and follow the instructions.
Thank you for your prayers and partnership with me in the gospel!
Chelsea Morrell
P.O. Box 3081
Fullerton, CA 92834
[email protected]
Jane (front, right) with her teammate
and a couple Japanese students
Serving with
Dear Chelsea,
Enclosed is a year-end gift of $ ________________ for your ministry in reaching
college students. (Please make your check payable to "Cru".)
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