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the Model Maker - H
Art and science by Oscar Nilsson
the Model Maker
Some of my clients
Phalbau Museum, Unteruhldingen, Germany
Armemuseum, Stockholm, Sweden
Kronan, Kalmar Läns Museum, Sweden
Varbergs Museum, Sweden
Marinmuseum, Sweden
Historiska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden
Vasamuseet, Stockholm, Sweden
Sancta Birgitta Convent Museum, Vadstena, Sweden
Malmö Museer, Sweden
Ostens Hus, Burträsk, Sweden
Sursillsmuseet, Skeppsmalen, Sweden
Gränna PolarMuseum, Sweden
Vänersborgs Museum, Sweden
Requests for offer / contact:
MSD, Sollentuna, Sweden
If you have any questions or requests
please don't hesitate to contact me!
Sala silvergruva, Sweden
Gerry Embleton, Switzerland
John Howe, Switzerland
Max Sjöberg, Sweden
Telephone no. office: +46 8 646 77 53
Cell: +46 70 402 91 45
[email protected]
- reconstructions
Faces from the past
are brought back
to life, using the
reconstruction technique developed by
forensic experts and
artists. The reconstruction work is being made from cast copies of
archeological and historical finds.
The artist also carries out facial reconstructions of
un-identified victims for the Swedish police.
Facial reconstruction requires the expertise of a
physical or forensic anthropologist to determine sex,
age and ancestry on the skull, and extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the face and good artistic
By combining the knowledge of the tissue-depth
of the human face with the technique of building
up the face muscle by muscle, an individual
appearance is achieved.
the Face Maker
- characters
O.D. Nilsson can offer
character-figures in many
different scales. The most
wanted scales are lifesize, 1:3 and 1:4.
The fullscale figures are
cast in silicone to achieve
a realistic imitation of
human skin. This technique is the very same as
the one used by the
special effect artists in
Hollywood. For ultimate
realism, glass eyes are used together with human
hair inserted strand by strand.
Even though smaller in scale than lifesize, 1:3 and
1:4 scale figures still carry the same detailing and
sculptural quality. To achieve the highest historical
accuracy, clothes are sewn from real patterns.
the Face Catcher
the Face Finder
the Face Maker
the Face Finder
the Face Catcher
- portraits
Most of the portraits are
made in lifesize, but are
also sculpted in smaller
To achieve a true likeness
of the person, it´s necessary not only to get the
physical features right;
character and
bodylanguage have to be
accurate as well.
A portrait must express the personality!

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