Newsletter 13 April 17, 2014



Newsletter 13 April 17, 2014
14755 74 Avenue, Surrey, B. C. V3S 8Y8
Telephone: (604) 592-2913 Fax: (604)592-4010
Principal: Mr. C. Baldry
Student Absences (Very Important Please Read)
If your child(ren) will be away from school please
notify the school before 9:00 a.m. As you are aware
Chimney Hill has over 700 students and on several
occasions we have made over 150 phone calls to our
families to verify absences. We also have voice mail that
is available for you to call any time after the office is
closed for the day.
The SCHOOL OFFICE#:(604) 592-2913.
Vice principal: Ms. L. Schrag
Running Club
Please take note that running
Principal’s Comments:
Newsletter #12
Thursday, April 17, 2014
Dear Parents
club will be cancelled on
Wednesday, April 30th due
to early dismissal at 1:27 pm
Our 4 performances of ‘The Sound of Music’ are approximately 3 weeks
away. As a reminder here are the performance times:
Classes Performing on Wed., May 7th Matinee & Thurs., May 8th
*Mrs. Rawlyns, Mrs. Teng, Ms. Marnell, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Needham
Mr. Findlay, Mr. Mohammed, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Deol/Mrs. Aldom, Mr. Scott, Ms.
Johal, Ms. Munroe, Mrs. Kenny, Ms. Van Berkel, Mrs. Mauro/Mrs. Calbick
(Navya’s Cast performing at the above )
Classes Performing On Thurs., May 8th Matinee & Wed., May 7th Evening:
Upcoming Dates
Fri., April 18th Good Friday
(School closed)
Mon., April 21st - Easter
Monday (School Closed)
Fri., April 25th - Fancy
Clothing Day
Wed., April 30th - 1:27 Early
Dismissal Student-led
*Ms. Mulleady, Ms. Jandu, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Gill
Mr. Colp, Mr. Langereis, Ms. Briske, Ms. Sture, Mrs. Ramsden, Mrs. Barclay/Mrs. 
Gazo, Ms. Smith, Mrs. Grausam, Ms. Lythgo, Mrs. Kropp
(Janne’s Cast performing at the above)
*Please note: Ktgs & Gr. 1’s performing in Matinees only!
Tickets are now on sale!
Included in this newsletter you will also find the results of our recent
Chess Tournament. A special thank you to Ms. Harms for her hard work and
commitment to chess at Chimney Hill. Her efforts are appreciated.
C.S. Baldry
Fri., May 2nd - Pro-D Day
(School Closed)
Wed., May 7th & Thurs.,
May 8th Sound of Music
May 14th - May 16th Grade 6’s
to Camp Elphinstone
Mon., May 19th - Victoria Day
(School Closed)
Mon., May 26th - Pro-D Day
(School Closed)
Tues., May 27th - 1:00 p.m.
Welcome to Kindergarten
Grade 7 Garage Sale
This year in support of our grade 7 end of the year field trip, our grade 7 classes had a garage sale! On
Saturday, April 12th, divisions 1, 2, and 3 collected and donated tons of toys, books, games, clothes and much
more to sell. In total we got a lot of cool stuff and a tasty concession. We raised about $1,790.00!
Approximately $21.00 will be contributed towards each grade 7 student’s year end events.
On behalf of all the grade 7 classes we would like to thank everyone who donated, helped set up and
take down, and bought things. Because of this our grade 7s will be able to have fantastic field trips and special
events in June, making this the most fun year yet!
Submitted by: Janne Byukusenge - Div. 3
Chimney Hill Chess Tournament 2014
Chimney Hill’s fourth annual chess tournament was held on Friday, April 4th, 2014. Approximately 90
students in grades 4 to 7 participated, which is truly excellent! Students were enthusiastic, practiced good
sportsmanship, and displayed excellent self-regulation. It was a pleasure to supervise this enthusiastic group.
Our winners this year were:
1st Place - Sabari Muthukumaran - Grade 5, Div.9
2nd Place - Karm Bains - Grade 7, Div. 2
3rd Place - Brent Gascon - Grade 7, Div. 1
Thank you to the grade 7 students for helping with supervision
and setup. Thank you to our PAC for supplying the lovely chess sets for
the chess club. Thank you to the Administrators Mr. Baldry and Ms.
Schrag, for supporting the tournament and to Ms. Harms for being the
sponsor teacher. It is wonderful to see students enjoy chess so much,
and to have the opportunity to play other students at various grade
levels. For those interested in continuing to play over the summer, here
is a link to local junior chess:
For more information about chess, see Ms. Harms. See you next year at Chess Club!
Chess Tournament Participants:
Jovan Rana
Austin Grewal
Avi Dhillon
Jordan Weekes
Rajan Mann
Brent Gascon
Cassie Hefferman
Marc Stocco
Ashton Berg
Nicky Vukelic
Manav Sidhu
Eshpreet Sobti
Ethan Holloway
Kurbaan Shergill
Liam Basi
Karm Bains
Emily Zheng
Gavin Rai
Sameer Buttar
Yuvraj Ghuman
Jivan Samra
Vikram Hayre
Armon Padda
Miah Ayache
Faith Poland
Brayden Lam
Eimaan Shergill Harman Grewal
Manraj Bains
Prabraj Sohal
Harman Kajla
Abhay Moghaddam
Kalvin Sandhu
Guandeep Mann
Harjan Nagra
Jagnoor Mann
Jeevyn Atwal
Serena Dhillon
A.J. Akinsola
Prema Blanchette
Kashika Kaushal
Devin Dang
Esha Chand
Nicole Libunao
Jivan Samra
Raymon Saran
Jericho Tan
Ben Nguyen
Tania Dhatt
Teeya Li
Manisha Deol
Robby Thakur
Samraj Atwal
Shaan Sidhu
Daniel Zhang
Daniel Vukelic
Aaron Khan
Megan Haynes
Kahrun Atwal
Naisha Garg
Sunil Johal
Dexter Obey-A
Jordan Takama
Jaden Naam
Armaan Gill
Sabari M.
Suman Aujla
Keonna A.
Aiden Stock
Nathan Thiessen
Sarah Khan
Jaden Narain
Jovan Gill
Milana Chin
Hassan Shafi
Grace Holloway
Ashleen Naidu
Christian Stocco
Amrita Kahlon
Sanjana Duhra
Balreet Kang
Nicholas Atwal
Arielle Guillermo Jacqueline Hakizimana
Gelila Zeudu
Passport to Reading - Star Reading Medal Winners
The following students received the Star Readers’ Medal at a school wide assembly on Friday January
31 . Each of the following students has completed 4 reading logs or read 100 books:
Division 2:
Division 9:
Navya Garg
Naisha Garg
Division 3:
Division 10:
Michaela Bonilla
Milan Chin
Division 7:
Khushmeet Grewal
Kushman Dhaliwal
Muskan Grewal
Megan Haynes
Jasmin Johal
Neha Naveed
Gavin Rai
Rajan Sidhu
Division: 17
Amrit Dhaliwal
Jordan McDonald
Division 24:
Division 8:
Serena Bains
Gurpreet Arora
Armani Bottiglieri
Alisha Dhillon
Congratulations to these students! They are setting a very good example for our younger students.
It is not too late to sign up for the Passport to Reading program which continues until May 1, 2014.
Please see Mrs. Fairburn in the Library.
Fancy Day is Coming!
Fancy Day is coming! On April 25th wear fancy or formal clothes to school.
Make sure that your clothes are dressy. So shorts, jeans and t- shirts don’t count.
Boys can wear button up shirts and black pants or a suit and tie if you want to go all
out. Girls can wear blouses and pants or skirts and dresses if they are feeling extra
fancy. You can also wear special cultural clothing on Fancy Day. Our photographers
will be everywhere taking loads of pictures. We may even set up a station to
capture all of your amazing fancy outfits. So don’t forget. April 25th is Fancy Day. The student
council can’t wait to see you looking marvelous in your fancy clothes!
Submitted by - Janmeet Dhami