Jeff K.`s `1896 Swedish Mauser`



Jeff K.`s `1896 Swedish Mauser`
Jeff K.’s ‘1896 Swedish Mauser’
I wanted to sporterize a Swedish Mauser for my
12 year old Daughter to hunt with. I started
with a Carl Gustaf, as issued, in 6.5x55mm.
Swedish Mauser completed
Partially inletted rough Walnut stock, glass bedded,
with a reduced Length of Pull
Pachmayr Decelerator
recoil pad
Cock-On-Open kit installed
Commercial Trigger installed
Stock hand shaped for better
grip and cheek weld
Ebony Grip Cap
Rear sight band was heated, spun 180 degrees, and contoured
to fit into stock, leaving a round contour
Matte Bluing on metal
Ebony Forend
doweled, glued,
and hand filed
Shrewd Muzzle Brake fitted
Mark II Safety fitted
Bolt handle cut, heated, bent,
welded, and reshaped
Drilled and Tapped for
Scope Mounts
Pits and tool marks were filed and polished before bluing
• From this project I learned how to install a recoil pad, shape, bed, and finish a
wood stock with added Ebony accents.
• I learned how to use a Forster Scope Mounting Fixture, and how to
drill and tap a receiver on a mill and bore sight a scope.
• I learned how to “Bend” a bolt handle and finish it with proper filing techniques.
•I learned how to thread a barrel with a lathe for installation of the muzzle brake.
• I learned how to fix cosmetic errors in metal and how to polish and blue with hot salts.
• I learned how to install a Cock-On-Open kit with safety , commercial trigger , and adjust
them for safe operation.
• I learned that with the proper tools and a qualified instructor, I could build a one of
a kind firearm that my daughter can use the rest of her life..
• The last thing I learned was that this was to be the first of many builds to come!
Swedish Mauser Complete