Founded in 1895 in Austria, Swarovski designs, manufactures and markets highquality crystals, genuine gemstones, created stones as well as finished products
such as jewelry, accessories, and lighting. Now run by the fifth generation of family
members, Swarovski Crystal Business has a global reach with over 2,560 stores
in around 170 countries, more than 25,000 employees, and revenue of about
2.33 billion euros. (Figures as per 2014).
With its rich history and culture of creativity
and innovation, the world of Swarovski
encompasses the production and marketing
of a wide range of products and services for
consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B):
A unique and extraordinary product range:
› Jewelry, watches, and fashion accessories
› Figurines and home accessories
› Beauty and fragrances
› Lighting
High-quality crystal, gemstones, and crystalrelated products for business partners:
› Crystal components
› Genuine gemstones and created stones
› Corporate gifts
› Traffic safety and other functional
lighting solutions
Other activities include:
› Crystal experiences
› Swarovski Entertainment
› Swarovski Foundation
Swarovski Triesen is located 2 km from Vaduz
in the center of the Principality of Liechtenstein.
Approximately 100 km from Zurich and 60 km
from Bregenz, it is embedded in the beautiful
scenery of the Northern Alps.
Embracing Diversity
› 700 employees
› 30 nationalities
Which Job Would Suit You?
We offer many interesting jobs in different
departments: Supply Chain Logistics, Sales,
Marketing Operations, Customer Service,
Finance & Administration, Legal, IT.
Interested in Adding Sparkle
to People's Everyday Lives?
Then join the Swarovski team in Triesen.
New Concepts
Corporate Responsibility
Swarovski encourages its employees to share
their innovative ideas: the Slake bracelet
was one such idea – one million bracelets,
containing 525 million crystals, were sold
in less than 18 months.
Swarovski is behind the exciting retail concepts
lolaandgrace, a young and contemporary
brand offering fresh and accessible fashion
jewelry, and CADENZZA, which offers a
curated range of pieces from more than 50
of the world’s best established and emerging
The Swarovski Waterschool was set up
in Austria in 2000 to teach children about
water conservation. Since then Swarovski
has set up Waterschools around the globe
on some of the world’s greatest rivers –
including the Ganges, the Yangtze, the Nile,
and the Amazon – which have reached
200,000 children.
Swarovski has collaborated with leading
couturiers ever since its crystals became highly
prized ingredients in the dressmaking ateliers
of Paris 120 years ago. Today Swarovski
continues to work with leading designers
and cutting-edge creative talents, and is the
largest global supplier of crystal and crystal
components to the fashion industry — watch
out for Swarovski lighting up the catwalks of
London, Paris, and Milan.
Swarovski is the market leader in precisioncut genuine gemstones and created stones.
Since the company first started cutting genuine
gemstones in 1965, followed by genuine
and created gemstones in the early 1970s,
these amazing cuts and colors – ranging from
zirconia to genuine sapphire – have fueled
the imagination of some of the world’s most
talented designers and are used within the
fine jewelry, watches, eyewear, and consumer
electronics industries.
Stage & Screen
From the early days of Hollywood 85 years
ago, Swarovski has worked hand in hand
with costume and set designers, creating
show-stopping jewels, costumes, and sets
that capture the spotlight. Now Swarovski
has moved into film production with its first
feature film, Romeo & Juliet. Swarovski crystals
also play a dazzling supporting role at the
Oscars. In 2014, more than 164,000 crystals
shimmered brilliantly throughout the Dolby
Theater, marking seven years of Swarovski
crystal as the key creative ingredient in the set
design for Oscars night.
Swarovski remains at the very forefront
of design, creativity, and technological
innovation: two of Swarovski’s men’s watches,
Avant Time D:Light and Crystallium, have won
Red Dot Awards for Best Product Design.
With over 70 percent female employees,
supporting women is a significant topic
for Swarovski. To underline the company’s
dedication to this issue, the Executive
Board signed the United Nations’ Women’s
Empowerment Principles (WEPs).
Our Mission – What We Do and
We always think and act in the interest of
the company and consider the impact our
actions may have on others. We take care
of Swarovski as a whole and Swarovski
cares about us – we walk the talk.
ANDREA , Team Leader Gluing Cr ystal Living, Triesen ( FL)
We are open-minded and innovative in
creating aesthetically unique product
designs and solutions for our consumers and
We are dynamic and powerful. We
leverage the strengths and benefits of
our global organization. We empower
colleagues to be effective and efficient, we
work as a team across the organization to
achieve our joint ambition of outstanding
and profitable results. We acknowledge
and reward performance.
We strive for consumer and customer loyalty
by continuously surprising and amazing
them and create long-term relationships with
our business partners.
MATHIAS, Engineering/Production, Wat tens (A)
We continue to be a market leader,
driving force, and reliable partner within
our industry, satisfying people's desire for
adornment and delight since 1895 as a:
› M anufacturer, marketer, and retailer
of premium jewelry and consumer
products ranging from decorative
objects to lighting accessories
› M anufacturer and marketer of
premium jewelry stones for customers
Celebrating Success
The Swarovski Spirit Awards, hosted
annually, are a celebration of our
colleagues’ outstanding achievements,
valuable contributions to the company’s
success, and the sparkle that they add
to people’s everyday lives.
MARTHA , Idea & Innovation Management, Wat tens (A)
Inspiring passion in ourselves and others. We
value people who show a real passion for
what they do, and who inspire it in colleagues
and customers.
Nurturing our passion and walking the talk.
When you join Swarovski you become part
of something big. As a company, and in
our teams, we live by family values. Wherever
you go, you’ll find a caring environment
where personal passion drives company
Empowering your entrepreneurial spirit.
We need people who always strive for brilliant
results. Whatever your role is, we’ll encourage
you to reinvent and reinvigorate; achieving
the best for Swarovski and for you. And we’ll
reward you with the opportunity to learn
and grow.
Celebrating what you do and how you do it.
We recognize and reward individuals and
teams at all levels who approach their job
with true passion, live our values and drive
Within Swarovski, we have a wide variety of
training and development opportunities. On
the one hand, you will have the chance to gain
experience by learning on the job, as well
as through project assignments and possibly
international assignments. On the other
hand, we offer external and in-house training
programs, such as leadership development
programs at the Swarovski Academy.
The Performance Dialogue is our annual
process for all employees to review their
performance over the last year, define next
year’s objectives, and to plan development
activities with their line manager. Receiving
feedback and identifying performance
and development opportunities is not a
single activity, but rather part of a constant
and ongoing development process. The
Performance Dialogue supports you in
discovering your future potential.
The Swarovski Academy is the leadership
development platform at Swarovski, with
the mission of developing leadership skills
and shaping a leadership culture based on
our company values. Several programs and
classes are offered annually.
GEORG, Project Management Swareflex, Vomp (A)
People Review and Succession Planning
is our annual process to identify employee
potential, performance development steps,
and successors for key positions. Swarovski
places high value on people development.
To support the best development actions,
Swarovski has established an annual process
to systematically identify and discuss highpotential employees at a local, regional, and
global level.
International Mobility to be a truly global
employer, Swarovski wants to create an
environment with an international culture
and network. International assignments and
transfers are vital as they allow not only
personal growth and development, but also
get people with the right skills in the right
place at the right time.
Vacation Time
Child Allowance
We offer employees between 20 and 25 days
paid leave per year, depending on your age and
job responsibility. There are approximately 14 paid
public holidays per year in addition to this.
We value employees who have been with
Swarovski for a long time, so we honor them and
show our appreciation with celebrations, gifts,
and loyalty bonuses.
When giving birth, you receive a one-time
payment as well as a monthly allowance
for each child up to the age of 18 from the
Liechtenstein government, independently of your
country of residence.
Staff Restaurant
Special Events
Employees can enjoy lunch at reasonable prices
because Swarovski subsidizes daily lunch at our
staff restaurant “Oase”. Throughout the building
several coffee corners and kitchens are located for
individual use.
We organize several events so that colleagues
can socialize with each other, such as Skiing
Day, Soccer Competition, Summer Party,
Christmas Party, Cooking Workshops, and many
Parking and Public Transport
We provide parking spaces close to our building
and promote ride sharing in order to save the
environment. Additionally, we subsidize tickets
for public transport and offer mobility cars for
employees without a private car to complete small
Swarovski provides monetary relocation
packages if you are moving from foreign
locations to the area. This relocation benefit
depends on the distance and your family status.
Liechtenstein grants its female employees 20
weeks of maternity leave. Depending on your
employment duration, the maternity leave will
be fully paid by Swarovski for between one to
four months. Furthermore there is the possibility
to take an additional unpaid paternity leave of
up to four months. Swarovski also provides the
possibility of additional paid leave of up to six
months following the maternity leave in the form
of a sabbatical.
Child Care
As of the beginning of the fourth year of
employment with Swarovski, a sabbatical of
three months is possible.
Swarovski runs a network of daycare facilities.
We are happy to inform you about the different
possibilities in your region.
Health Insurance
Dress Code
As required by law, you have to select a health
insurance. HR supports you in this matter.
Swarovski subsidizes a monthly allowance which
is paid with the monthly salary.
Be who you are!
Staff Purchases
Employees are entitled to buy Swarovski products at
a high discount through our online employee shop.
We also offer special promotion sales during the
Maternity/Paternity Leave
Live Well. Be Well.
Swarovski is committed to helping its
employees lead and maintain a healthy
lifestyle. We have therefore signed an
agreement with a nearby fitness club,
which offers discounted rates for Swarovski
employees. Our “Vitalized Club” offers
a variety of training programs for free or
at discounted rates. Furthermore, some
employees team up to participate in local
sports events together.
”Having been able to work in different places for the
company so far, to me Triesen is a very personal
workplace with a family-like feel, which I truly enjoy!
Besides, its surrounding offers a paradise all year long for
any kinds of outdoor sports that positively influences your
”Coming to work every day at sparkling
work-life balance!”
Swarovski Distribution AG in Triesen has been an
enhancement to my career. Although English is
my mother tongue, I have been warmly welcomed
Head of LB Customer Service
by all colleagues since my first day. Because
I enjoy working in an international environment,
Swarovski Triesen is perfect for me. The Customer
Service department is especially diverse with
colleagues from all over the world who speak
different languages.”
Customer Service
“I joined Swarovski in June 2014, without any
preconceptions on how and what it would be
like. In fact, if you were to tell me 20 years ago,
I would be living in Switzerland and working
in Liechtenstein, I would have walked away
laughing. During my first months here in Triesen,
I was made to feel at home, both in and outside
of work. In a short period I met many new
”After working in different locations for
colleagues from different parts of the world,
SP and CGB, I really enjoy the great
then you realise the international diversity
team spirit and outstanding working
within the Triesen location. Relocation to the
atmosphere here in Triesen.
Liechtenstein/Graubünden region provides a
I really see it as one of the main assets
wealth of winter and summer outdoor activities,
to have the two most important business
the perfect place for my young children to grow
units together in one place, and it is
up happy and healthy!“
a real plus for working efficiently to
have all necessary support functions
nearby – from Purchasing department
Planning & Analysis Manager to Customer Service. An excellent
place to grow business in fast moving
Head of Solution Management
Giving Back to Our Communities
Swarovski Waterschool
“It is the duty of every ethically sound company to support environmental
and social projects.” The founder of the company, Daniel Swarovski,
set the precedent by conducting business in accordance with the criteria
of sustainability – behavior that has since matured to become a core
competency of the company.
Today, the bond between Swarovski and water has deepened further,
as can be seen in many of the projects at the company. The best-known
program is the Swarovski Waterschool, which has been a remarkable
success story since its introduction at the Hohe Tauern National Park in
Austria in 2000. Since then, four further Swarovski Waterschools have
been set up: along the Ganges in India in 2006, the Yangtze in China in
2008, the Nile in Uganda in 2009, and the Amazon in Brazil in 2014.
The Waterschool’s objectives are educating children on the principles
of sustainable water use and enabling communities to solve their waterrelated challenges as well as to contribute to a world where all people
have access to safe and reliable water and adequate sanitation. They
learn how to use water sustainably and, in so doing, how to promote the
responsible use of this precious resource. The Waterschool program is
financed by Swarovski, the company, as well as by the Swarovski Crystal
Society (SCS) and its 300,000 members worldwide.
Swarovski Liechtenstein
In Liechtenstein, we sponsor local community activities such as the Vaduz
Film Festival, the Liechtenstein Guitar Festival, and several other events.
Swarovski Aktiengesellschaft
Swarovski Distribution International
Swarovski Schweiz AG
Dröschistrasse 15
FL-9495 Triesen / Liechtenstein
Tel. +423 399 55 11
Email: [email protected]
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Jaspreet, Retail Communications Coordinator

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