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Printable Brochure
Streamlining the Procurement and Management
of the Supplemental Workforce
The procurement and management of
skilled consultants is a vital part of your
company's success. An efficient procurement
process requires close collaboration among
you, your suppliers, and contractors, plus the
administration of multiple events and complex
business procedures throughout the term of
each contract.
Link2consult worked with
procurement professionals from two
global corporations to design and
create a unique, customizable solution
with advantages for both companies
and their preferred staffing vendors.
Link2consult's web-based, hosted
application provides automation and workflow
to the entire procurement process. Participants
gain 24/7 online access to all documents and
communication; both vendors and clients
benefit from instant notification and individual
control over the chain of events.
Value-added services, such as skills testing
and background checks, are offered through
partnerships with TeckChek and Avert.
The Link2consult website serves as an information hub for clients, their vendors, and specialized service providers.
Link2consult's Advantages
Simplify the publishing of requirements
Create new staffing requisitions, using predefined templates, and publish to one or more
specialty vendors according to pre-configured
rules. Link2consult simultaneously notifies all
applicable vendors via email and enables them
to submit profiles for their best candidates.
Collaborate using one centralized website
Forget about phone tag. Link2consult provides
email notification of every event and automates
a variety of internal processes including multiple
approvals, contract negotiation, and more.
Customize Link2consult's hosted Web site to be
your center for all staffing procurement activity.
Access work areas to create documents and
retrieve data from one place on the Internet.
Screen candidates and test skills
Avoid having to sift through piles of resumes.
Link2consult enables hiring managers to specify
unique selection criteria for each position
through the use of required skills exams and
background checks. Results for all candidates
can then be reviewed online and matched with
bill rates.
Streamline time and billing processes
The submission and approval of web-based
timesheets and expense reports reduce costs for
both clients and staffing suppliers.
Consolidated invoicing with links to projects
and cost centers helps clients better manage
internal accounting as well as all aspects of
contractor billing.
Track and sort requisitions in this Link2consult
members' view. When vendors submit candidates
to a REQ, retrieve and review profiles here.
Evaluate vendor performance
Perform straightforward vendor analysis and
comparisons. Compare billing rates, markup
percentages, candidate quality, and general
responsiveness to requisition postings.
Complete Security
Each user within the system accesses and
controls information based defined roles and
specific authorizations. Proprietary data is
never shared with unauthorized users or
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