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Child`s Destiny of Hope CDHope
In 2012, CDHope opened a new nursery school in Chawolo. The
school offers less fortunate village children the chance to start off
with a good Christian foundation. In 2013 we managed to open the
first 2 classes of a secondary school in Chawolo. We are raising funds
in order to be able to build new classrooms in 2014 so the students
will be able to finish secondary school with a diploma.
The Sponsor Program
The sponsor program enables:
Underprivileged village children to attend school
Orphaned children to find a home with CDHope
Other initiatives (construction and furnishing of the secondary
school, village activities, a water well and support of the Omalla
family and in the future a primary school)
A team of volunteers based in The Netherlands will be glad to answer
your questions and to process your enlistment as a donor or child
sponsor. We can also sign you up for our periodic newsletter.
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St. Child’s Destiny of Hope
Child’s Destiny of Hope
Hope for a future
with a purpose
Child’s Destiny of Hope…
is a non-profit organization striving
to provide hope to orphaned,
vulnerable and underprivileged
children in Uganda. Our goal is to
foster their hope in a future with a
We are working towards this in our
children’s home, in the nursery (preschool), as well as in the church and
community of the East-Ugandan
village of Chawolo. And soon… in
our secondary school!
You can make a difference in the lives
of orphans in Africa!
Approximately 1.9 million Ugandan children have
lost one or both parents. Child’s Destiny of Hope is
active in a remote area of Eastern Uganda,
offering care, love, protection, food, education,
health care and a roof over their heads to
vulnerable children and their families.
The Orphanage
Child’s Destiny of Hope started up an orphanage in
Chawolo. It is currently home to 7 children who are or have been
attending a good primary school in the village. A few of the children
completed their primary schooling in
2011 and moved to secondary school
in 2012.
Local staff help run the orphanage.
These staff members provide daily
care and guidance to the children
and help with different tasks, from
the CDHope children
homework to chores in and around
the house, as well as tending the
vegetable garden which provides the home with various fresh food
Tim and Wilma Omalla have been managing the orphanage since its
start in July 2007. CDHope is dedicated to extending help to more
and more children. There is space available in the children’s home
and in the nursery. Will you help one of the children on the waiting
The Omalla Family
Tim, from Uganda, and Wilma, from The Netherlands, met while
working together in an Ugandan orphanage. After getting married,
they lived and worked in the Netherlands and cultivated the dream
of returning to Uganda and bringing change into the lives of children
who are without hope, love or security.
In 2007, they moved to Uganda
with their two sons, Eugene and
Jaimie, to fulfil this dream. They
went straight to work and the
scope of their work keeps on
expanding. They are currently
responsible for the orphanage, the
nursery and the sponsor program
that allows underprivileged children from the village to attend a
smaller, more personalized primary school. Tim and Wilma are also
actively involved in the local community and local church life.
The afternoon program that they organize is attended by 250
children each week. The children learn about Bible stories and they
are encouraged to participate actively in crafts, games and sports
like football and netball.
In Uganda, children often attend school at a later age and their
attendance may be irregular. Chawolo is no exception. When the
class consists of one hundred children, personal attention and
quality teaching are not feasible, and some children become
discouraged and leave school early, forfeiting their chances for a
better future and following in the footsteps of their parents’ poverty.