Congratulations to the winners! Gates Scholar



Congratulations to the winners! Gates Scholar
May 21, 2015
Volume 8, Number 3
Congratulations to the winners!
Isiah Murie has been
working toward his goal
of being named valedictorian since his freshman
year. It’s not surprise
that he earned it.
The salutatorian, however, was very competitive. It took some mighty
fine calculating and
checking with OPI to
determine a winner.
Once the calculations
were done, a tie was announced. Both Ariana
Gopher and Savannah
Stump earn that title this
Isiah receives a $1,000
scholarship and the salu-
Inside this issue:
tatorians a $500 each
from RJS & Associates
for all their hard work.
The Bob and Margaret
Swan scholarship recipient this year is Raenell
The Rocky Boy Education Association is presenting awards this year
but no winner had been
named at the time of
Other scholarships
have been lined up, but
the winners were not yet
available at the time of
publication. Please check
our website over the
weekend for more infor-
mation on all the scholarships awarded to the
Rocky Boy Schools Class
of 2015.
Pathways Scholarships
School Board
District Track
Celebrating Seniors
Year in Review
8th Grade Grads
Northern Stars
Gates Scholar
For the third time Rocky Boy High
School announces a Bill and Melissa
Gates Foundation Millennium winner.
This third recipient, Isiah Murie is the
son of Dorrina Ojeda and Shane
Patacsil. He was aided by Mrs. Mona
SunChild and Mrs. Kristiny Lorett as
the process is quite extensive.
Isiah was one of more than 57,000
applicants for the scholarhip. He was
one of only 1,000 across the U.S. to
receive the scholarship. What this
means for Isiah is that he now has
most of his education paid for
through his Ph.D. if he chooses to go
into business or education.
Isiah can tell you that many words
were written, proofed, revised, and
rewritten before he submitted his
final 2,400 word essay, and he knows
it was worth every moment of his
Mrs. Mona SunChild, Isiah Murie, Mrs. Kristiny Lorett,
and Isiah’s mom, Dorrina Ojeda celebrate the announcement of Isiah being awarded the Gates Millennium Scholarship.
Congratulations to the winners!
Lauren Four Colors, Kiona Cantrell, Amanda Gopher, Ariana
Gopher, Bubby Gopher, Isiah Murie, RoseAnn Saddler, Savannah Stump, Thalia Vazquez, and Allison Windy Boy .
Congratulations to our six outstanding Stars who are taking
home more than 250 000 in
Pathways scholar-ship money!
On April 30, 2015, the Rocky Boy Schools GEAR UP
liaison, Dorrina Ojeda received an email announcing this
year’s winners of the The Pathways Scholarship. This
scholarshiop helps provide academically prepared students from GEAR UP participating high schools financial assistance to help access postsecondary education.
The scholarship is awarded to recipients of the Montana
GEAR UP Achievement Grant who meet the eligibility
requirements and apply during their senior year of high
school. The scholarship’s maximum value for this year is
$23, 100 which is disbursed in annual awards of $5,775
or less. The scholarship may be used at any public or
private2- or 4- year accredited institution in the United
Each student has five years
to feceive the full amount of
the scholarship and must request their first disbursement in the Fall of 2015, Spring of
20165, or the Fall of 2016 and must maintain satisfactory academic progress while maintaining at least 6 credits per semester.
This year’s Rocky Boy recipients are Tristen Belgarde,
New Board Members
The trustees canvassed
and certified the May 5th
election results and then
seated the new trustees,
Josh Seaton and Russell
Gopher for a 3-year term
for the Rocky Boy School
District Board of Trustees.
In a separate action, they
elected Teddy Russette,
III as chair and Wilma
Tyner as vice-chair for
the next year. The board
also accepted the resignation of Steve Parker as
Trustee and have posted
a vacancy announcement
to fill this position. The
board will conduct interviews in a special meeting
[to be determined in early June] and then appoint
a "trustee applicant" to
fill the position until the
May 3, 2016 election.
Deborah Arkinson, District Clerk,
swearing in Josh Seaton and Russell Gopher as the newly elected
What’s Going On?
Prophecies are just
for fun and let
students get
creative with their
For the past few years, if
you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed some really strange
articles inside.
Every year we like to
speculate about where
these graduates will be in
ten years. We call these
our “prophecies.”
Usually the juniors write the
prophecies, and sometimes the
Publications Class helps out.
Along with our prophecies, we
ask the seniors to write their
wills. No, we’re not being morbid, but want them to have a
chance to remember those of
us who will still be here next
year as them move on to start
their adult, independent lives.
We will miss the class of
2015 and wish the best for
them as they embark on new
and exciting journeys.
Chase Corcoran Jumps for Third!
Long jump – 1. Chase Fossum, Gla, 21-1½; 2. Benji
Phillips, Gla, 20-1½; 3.
Chase Corcoran, RB, 19-9.
Those are the results
from the District B held in
Glasgow last week. Chase
told us that that wasn’t even
his best jump as he was a bit
under the weather.
Chase, along with his
coaches, Ty Watson and
Rick SunChild will be traveling to the State Meet on
Friday and Saturday in Kalispell.
AIBL First in Both
Mrs. Mona SunChild has two
passions when it comes to her
Page 3
Rocky Boy Stars. The first is
her devotion to the athletics
programs, the second is her
business club.
For the past seven years now
Mona has taken her students
to the AIBL Conference. This
year her students brought
home two team first-place
finishes. The team traveled to
Albuqurque, NM for four days
of workshops, business advice,
and competition. The team
brought home their first place
awards in the Business Plan and
in the Chapter of the Year.
Senior Rainey Singer stated,
“AIBL has done a lot for me; it
helped with my social and business skills that I will use in the
near future.”
Junior Joseph DayChild
Junior be there. He hasn’t missed the birth of any
Son of Henrietta DayChild and William Pease
of his tribe of children (six in all), and says that his
family is the most important aspect of his life.
Junior is most inspired by his son Layton for being the best
thing in his life since he got here. Junior’s favorite sports are
Basketball and Football. Junior’s favorite lunch is the birthday
dinner or the chicken wings. Juniors’ best moment of highschool was when his son was born sophomore year. His
partners in crime in hish school would have to be Cecil, Kordell, Kolie, Shadow, Bubby, Levi, and Isiah. Junior’s favorite
Junior is a point guard. He’s the best in the
league; no one can match him either on offense
or defense. He and Skylah live in a sick mansion
with an Olympic-sized pool in the foothills of Beverly Hills. He has neighbors like Snoop Dog and
song is by Kevin Gates-”I Don’t Get Tired” because he doesn’t
You may have seen Junior and his tribe visiting
get tired. Best features about Junior are his ball skills on the
the Rez. Every year as soon as the Championship
court and his skills to make everyone laugh off the court. His
game is over, Junior piles the family into the
favorite game to play is NBA 2k15. His favorite vehicle was
Hummer and drives them back to Rocky Boy. He
the big beast (Big Joe’s white van).
has never forgotten where he comes from and
Junior will attend college at the Montana State UniversityNorthern and will work on his associate’s degree in hopes of
tries to encourage the Stars and the Bears to
dream big and go after those dreams.
becoming an electrician.
Well, the NBA MVP for 2025 was just announced. It comes as
I, Junior Daychild being of Intelligent mind and
no surprise that once again Junior DayChild from Rocky Boy
good lookin’ body, do hereby bequeath the fol-
has been named the MVP. He’s in his sixth season playing for
the Lakers. He’s won the MVP for all but his rookie year. He
could have gotten the title, but he had to miss that one game
because Skylah was having son number three and insisted
Levi “Joe” Terrance Olson III
To Joe Ray, I leave my locker #342 so he can be
like me because he always wanted to.
To Kordell Small, I leave my jersey #20 so he can
make it look good over the years and tell everybody he is my uncle.
Son of Thomasine Anderson and Levi Olson, Jr.
Levi is inspired by his mom the most because she has always been there for him. Levi’s favorite sports are basket‐
ball, football, and being a part of the “bad boyz”. Levi’s favorite lunch is piz‐
za, breakfast would have to be the breakfast burrito, also known as “Zay.M”. His favorite moment of high school was his bro cecil or bubby’s buzzer‐beater. His partners in crime are his bad boy club. His favorite song is “Best Day Ever”‐Mac Miller. Favorite Yesterday I saw The Levi Olson! One SaRain’s drum‐ of my good buds back in high school. group in the I was working out when him and future, he’s SaRain walked in. I started talking to hittin’ those him, and he told me he has been vocal cords pretty hard. practicing, and he is now a grass dancer on the powwow trails with SaRain. He’s been dancing for six years now. He won the special and has been reigning champ the past two years at Rocky Boy powwow. He I, Levi Olson, being of Strong mind and fit body, do hereby bequeath the following, also told me he’s been lacking so he To Booger, I leave my needs to get more swole at the fit‐
locker #237 so you can ness center. Out of nowhere he hugs hold it down. To anybody this kid; he said she is his and that but Chublet, I leave my she lives in Arlee, MT with some jersey #12 in the hope Levi will attend S.K.C. to get his gener‐
light‐skinned Indian girl from the that he doesn’t wear it. als and hopefully transfer to a bigger Flathead Rez. He said he will contin‐
school afterwards. ue grass dancing and hopefully join movie is Neighbors while his TV show is Fresh Prince of Bel‐Air. Favorite colors are red and navy blue. Favorite game to play is C.O.D. Lonnie Burke Plain Bull, Jr.
In ten years, Lonnie
could be anywhere.
Son of Caryn Sangrey and Lonnie Plain
His attitude can
Bull, Sr.
take him anywhere.
There isn't a moLonnie is inspired
college for carment where Lonnie
most by his father and pentry, highway
didn't aspire to be
something greater
grandfathers. Dorrina construction, and
Patacsil has chalengineering at SKC. than he already was.
Genius, in his own
lenged Lonnie the
Goals after high
but it’s his
most during his years school? Attend coldetermination that
in Rocky Boy. His
lege at SKC, then
inspires many to do
favorite sports are bas- go off to U of M for
great. From a little
ketball and football,
boy, Lonnie was
4 years.
while his favorite
always a protector, a
Lonnie plans to live
foods are pizza and
lover, and an inspir-
Indian tacos. Lonnie’s
favorite things to do
are go to school, play
ball, and hangout w/
friends… Count Money! Lonnie’s mother
and father motivated
him the most during
high school. Lonnie
will make his way to
ing person. He was
never what anybody
expected, but if
there was one thing
about Lonnie, it was
that he always tried
hard, always made
others try hard, and
always made others
So where do I see
Lonnie in ten years?
Well, I see Lonnie
taking on the world
with a smile.
in either Kalispell or
I, Lonnie, being of good make Papa proud.
Billings, MT.
Advice to the younger classmen? Get to
school and do your
work because it’s all
matters in the end,
and don’t be a slacker.
mind and strong body,
do hereby bequeath
the following,
To Joe Ray Dizzle, I
leave my jersey #32.
To Bzark, I leave my
To Skylar TheBoy, I
leave my tail because
he is a hater.
To Benjamin Iron Eyes,
I leave you the ability
to do good things and
Shadow “DOE” Chase LaForge
Shadow will attend college for a year doing
carpentry then hopefully leave to another
college out of town.
It’s 2025. Shadow LaForge just opened his
own auto garage. It’s called Doe’s Auto Repair. He worked in at Tilleman’s and then
Havre Ford before getting tired of working for
“The Man.” He was able to get a loan from the
powerful weapon, with it
you are equal, without it,
you are his victim.”
To Clayton I leave
my ability to roam t
Son of Ona Gopher and Cievert LaForge
Shadow is inspired by his mother, Ona, for
pushing him everyday of his life to become a
better man. Shadow’s favorite sports are
basketball and football, while his favorite food
is pizza. Shadow’s favorite colors are blue,
green, and white. Shadow’s favorite things to
do are playing ball and hanging with friends
playing games. His favorite movie is American
Sniper, favorite apps to play are Doodle Jump
and Flappy Bird. Finally his favorite vehicle he
got to cruise around is his 2012 white Chevrolet Silverado.
“Education is your most
he hallways
Chippewa Business Committee since Isiah Murie is now
the Chairman of the Committee.
If you have seen Shadow driving around,
you may have noticed the two baby seats
in the back of his 2024 Chevy crewcab.
He and Ryan have four kids now. It
seems each time they break up and then
get back together, it results in another
child. Shadow spends time at Rocky Boy
Schools too. He and his buddy Cecil
started coaching the junior high boys
basketball team two years ago. They’re
on track to take over the varsity team
coaching with just one more winning
To Trey’al, I leave
my ability to get
LaCrissa mad by
going into the gym
To Joe Ray, I
leave my jersey
#22 in hopes he
will make it look
To Emmett Standing Rock, I leave my
Football Jersey #22.
I Shadow LaForge , of an active mind and
body hereby bequeath the following
To Jurnee I leave my locker number 334
“Weakness of attitude becomes
Amanda Janelle Gopher
Daughter of Althea Johnson and Jonathan Gopher
Amanda Janelle Gopher,
lows the rodeo trail, cheer-
living on the countryside
ing her husband and his
overlooking Mount Baldy,
brother/partner. She still
has her dream truck she
enjoys hanging with her
always wished for, a 2024
girlfriends, going shopping
Dodge Ram with a Cum-
& going out!!!.
mins diesel. In 2019 she
married her prince charming who took no time in
sweeping her off her feet.
Her husband a very handsome cowboy is a national
team roper. She works in
I, Amanda Gopher, being
of mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following:
To Jurnee I leave Locker
#325. To Nia I leave my sass
to bug Mrs. Lorrett.
the business world, making
her family proud. She fol-
RoseAnn Saddler
Daughter of Juice Saddler and Corrine Ojeda
In May of 2025 I was back in Mon-
few more points this year to make
tana and decided to head up to
it to Las Vegas. When they’re not
Rocky Boy to see if I would recog-
out rodeoing, they have their own
nize anyone. Who do you think I ran ranch near Ponca City. They raise
into first? It was RoseAnn Saddler. livestock that is
She and her husband were on their used in rodeos all
way to Havre to shop at Walmart.
They had a flat on their van with
Oklahoma plates. RoseAnn introduced me to her husband, Luke.
They live in Ponca City but come
back to Rocky Boy every summer to
visit friends and family. Both
RoseAnn and Luke participate in
rodeo. She’s a breakaway roper
now. Luke is a saddle bronc rider.
He’s made it to the NFR a couple
over the southwest.
I, Roseann, being of
blissful mind and
chubby body, do
hereby bequeath the
following: To Isaiah I
leave locker #324 so
he can clean it and
be awesome like me!
To JuJu my ability to annoy Judith
of times, but RoseAnn still needs a Wood, God forbid she needs to
smile more!!
To Carol Rusette, my sense of humor because you’re going to need
Jai-Lynne Mary DayChild
Daughter of Crystal Daychild & Clinton LaMere
INFR. She’s gotten such good
times on her first two runs
that she only needs a clean
run to win it all. Because of
Wrangler and Chevy Trucks
sponsoring her, she’s developed quite a following on the
I, Jai-Lynne Daychild, leave to rodeo circuit over the past
seven years.
Lance Parker my locker #341
As you may remember, Jaiso you can make it dirtier
Lynne graduated college in
than I ever did. To Kristen
just three years. She started
LaMere my jersey #3 in
out playing basketball for the
hopes that it will be named
LBH Lady Rams and then
‘all-state’ again when you
transferred to Wyoming
come into high school.
where she was awarded a
There’s Jai-Lynne DayChild
rodeo scholarship. Because
running around trying to get
she was so focused, she gradher little ones to sit still so
she can get on her horse and uated in just three and a half
years and has been racing full
win the barrels in the 2025
Jai-Lynne plans to go to college at LBHC. Her goals after
high school are to become a
registered nurse. The family
member that inspires her the
most would be her grandpa
time ever since.
She’s met a guy
or two along the
way. There was
that steer wrestler back in
2019 who almost stole her
heart. Instead of getting
married though, they had a
son together. Their son,
Bucky, travels with JaiLynne most of the time but
spends time with his dad
too as they travel to the
same rodeos. A couple of
years later, Jai-Lynne fell
hard for that Hopi team
roper. You could say he
heeled her. They were in
love for all of three years,
but that ended shortly after their daughter was
Jai-Lynne did get her nursing degree and plans to
settle down back in Montana once she’s not in the
top ten any longer. The
way she’s been racing lately though, that won’t be
any time soon.
Lauren Rose Four Colors
Daughter of Luanne and Gerry Four Colors
Did you ever hear the story about Lauren Four Colors? Well, it all started
the day after she graduated from
Rocky Boy. The very next day she
drove straight down to Las Vegas. No
one really knows why, but that’s just
what she did. It was two years later
before anyone heard from her. She
called her sister, Charmayne, in 2017
and said, “Guess what? I just had a baby
boy. He’s so cute. He has the most
beautiful light skin for being half African
American, and gorgeous green eyes.
We named him Shaquan, Jr.”
Charmayne had to stop Lauren right
then. “We, we who?”
is now
the hottest rapper/
Shaquan was only four months old
when Lauren and her family decided to country
singer and
move back to Rocky Boy during their
finally had
off-season, the summers. Now they
the capital
have four Native/African American
and clout
children. The other three have blue
eyes, one girl and two more boys. Lau- to start his
ren and Shaquan enjoy riding off into
the sunset together as Shaquan sings
modeling. Of course, Lauren is the face
her countried-down rap songs on his
of that business and his top model.
guitar. It was just a few months after
they moved here that Shaquan’s music She’s even given Tyra Banks a few tips
career exploded across the nation. He on how to find the real top models,
Native models.
Lauren laughed and answered, “Oh,
didn’t I tell you? I’ve been married
since Christmas of 2015!”
Tristen Alex Belgarde
Son of Alex and Jayme Belgarde
twisted his ankle. After
that, he did some weight
training to strengthen his
ankles. He had a full-ride
scholarship to Yale for
both Political Science and
for cross-country. He
became the secondfaster runner in college
and qualified for the
Summer Olympics twice.
The first time, he had deja-vu and twisted his ankle just before that last
turn, but his second time
running, showed what
So, how did he end up
he’s made of, and he now
with this lavish place?
Well, it all goes back to has that gold medal in his
his senior year. He want- trophy case which rests
right next to his beautiful
ed to win that state
cross-country meet but white Steinway piano.
I can’t believe the view
from this Penthouse
apartment. I can see the
white beaches, the calm
swaying of the palm
trees, and that beautiful
ocean water. Ten years
ago I never would have
imagined that Tristen
Belgarde would be inviting all of us to watch the
2026 Summer Olympics
right here on his patio
overlooking the Jamaican
Tristen graduated from Yale
with a 3.99 and went on to
law school. After graduating,
he was lucky to become a full
partner at one of the largest
firms in Dallas. That’s where
he lives now as he races
through the streets in his
orange Bugatti, but still flies
to Jamaica most weekends
and this year brought most
of us from the Rocky Boy
Class of 2015 with him.
Thalia Sharlene Vazquez
Daughter of Vivian Vazquez
Last week Thalia Vazquez came
back to Rocky Boy for a Wolfchild
family reunion, and I finally got to
catch up with her. It’s been eight
is. She just doesn’t want to tell us,
but that’s okay as long as she’s happy.
years since she moved to Seattle,
can’t believe that she left back in
Thalia is doing well and baby Liam
is not a baby any more. Thalia is a
nurse who works at the hospital,
and she loves her job! It’s so good
to see her, and I’m so proud of her
for accomplishing her dreams and
leaving Rocky Boy. Thalia is the
same, sh’es still the biggest blonde I
know! Thalia says there’s no other
person in her life or in Seattle she’s
seeing, but I think we all now there
I, Thalia Vazquez, being
of forgetful mind and
extra-tan body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Lainey I leave
locker #383 so she can
fit in with the cool kids.
To someone I leave my
jersey #12 in the hopes
that they will make it
look better than I did!
Kiona Larainne Gardipee-Cantrell
Daughter of Marissa Gardipee & Leonard Cantrell, Jr.
I, Kiona, being of intent mind and athletic body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Blake Cantrell I leave my locker
#334 so you can have my senior locker
when you’re a senior so get your little
butt to school and graduate! To whomever, I leave my jersey #20 in the hopes
that you will take state in it; jokes, just
make it look good.
started helping the coaches, then
became the assistant coach in
2020, and in 2022, she was
named the head coach for the
Lady Spurs, and they’ve been
unbeatable ever since.
If you watched the interview
ESPN held with Kiona during the
presentation of the ChampionI can’t believe how intense the WNBA ship Trophy, you’d know that
Kiona thanked her dad and the
has gotten in the past three years. In
entire community of Rocky Boy
2021, no one really watched, but since
for her success. She even had
Kiona Cantrell has been coaching the
her grandpa standing with her.
Lady Spurs down in San Antonio, wow, He hasn’t missed a championship
has the game gotten intense. Kiona
game yet. He’s always sitting
wanted to play in the league, but her
right behind the players’ bench
height just never allowed for it. She
cheering her on
Allison Kate Windy Boy
the morning DJ for KHEW. She
keeps everyone in line! After
the dishes are done, laundry
folded, and papers are graded,
wolves. On the weekends,
Allison and her millionaire husshe’ll host a barbecue with
all of her old classmates and band snuggle by the fire while he
rubs her feet and they pick out
make the most delicious
food! She’ll yell at Bubby for baby names: Robert and Robnot be married yet, Zay for erta.
working too much, and
Chayse for his cray antics as
Daughter of Gerilyn Murie and Wesley Windy Boy
I, Allison, being of keen mind
and chubby body, do hereby
bequeath the following: to
Jasper—locker #339 so he
can keep it clean. Nobody gets
it until he’s a senior. To the
underclassmen I leave the
ability to procrastinate ‘til last
minute because that’s the way
to be boys! To Shania— Jasper. You know, for your senior prom! To Aubrey—a cup
of love and a pillow for days
when you’re tired. To Carrie—Bubby because let’s face
it, he’s not marrying me. To
Jurnee and Kordell—chips
because you can’t live off of
Ten years from now, Allison
will be sitting in her reading
circle with her elementary
students gathered around her
eagerly hanging on every
word as she reads Dr. Seuss’
Oh, the Places You Will Go. All
of her first graders will have a
college picked out and will be
writing mini essays about their
future careers and controversial news topics. Pregnant
with twins, Allison still takes
Shae to all of her activities
(cheerleading and volleyball
are her favorites) and before
they go to bed, Shae reads
out loud to Momma Allison
from the new Twilight series
Sunset: The Time of Were-
Gina Ann Zarco
Daughter of Porfirio Zarco and Marvina Standing Rock
There’s Gina Zarco sitting front and center at the
Rocky Boy Elementary Awards Assembly. Anthony is
receiving the Perfect Attendance Award. It’s great to
see that Gina is done with college. She has a successful job managing the Northern Winz and raises her
son who is successful in school. Gina is good worker
even when things get hard she continues to try. When
she looks back at her high school years and thinks
about how far she’s gotten and thinks about how
much she wanted to give up but didn’t, it makes her
proud and also glad she didn’t. Gina has everything
that she and her son ever wanted.
They are living out their fantasy.
Senior Information
Gina says that her son most inspires her. The teacher
who most challenged her was Mrs. Anderson at Logan
High in Utah. Taking her cue from Legally Blonde, Gina
wants to be a lawyer and a cosmetologist. She needs a
car to get to college (Hint, hint, Porfirio and Marvian).
Gina really enjoyed participating in track and cheerleading.
When Gina’s not studying, she most enjoys tacos de
langua while playing with her son and scrap booking.
She thanks Huver Cruz for being her motivation during her junior year and her son who motivates her
Gina hopes to move back to Logan, Utah and enroll in
college. Before she leaves, she advises the underclassmen, “Don’t drop out because it will catch up to you.
Always have a positive outlook in high school because
it goes by fast.
Gina’s Will
I, Gina Zaro, being of Mexican mind and fluffy body do
hereby leave my locker #345 to Piyo Zarco, my ability
to put on makeup during class to Nikaya my infectious
smile (you know I have one) to Marcus, and my always
needing to find Ms. Duncan for help on homework or
my social life, Kammee Stump . I’m taking all my Spanish music with me since I’m the only one who seems
to appreciate it!
“Sometimes you got to fall
Margaret Rose Nagel
Daughter of Wilbur and Melissa Nagel
Did anyone see who’s on the cover the
March edition of Fortune? I can’t believe
that I actually know her. Yes, it’s Margaret
Nagel. The last time I saw her was just
before she graduated from Billings University with her bachelor’s in computer science. She was able to finish in just four
years even with three kids, Zariah and
twins Phil ‘n’ Lil. I heard she had fourth
after moving to Seattle to work for Microsoft. Margaret earned promotions
quickly as she designed the innovative software that has practically stopped all hackers before they can even start. It’s really
funny to see a mom of four driving down
the coast in that Lamborghini Aventador,
but that’s Margaret for you.
She stated in the magazine article
that she has started a non-profit
world-wide that feeds the homeless.
It’s called Feed My Sheep. She never
wants to see another person go
without shelter or food.
I, Margaret Nagel, being of awesome mind and beautiful body, do
hereby bequeath the following
Locker #338, to Lance so he can
have a senior locker. To MorningStar, I leave my ability to make
friends, and not to be so shy so she
will be able to hang out with people
after Lance graduates or if Lance
misses school
before you fly”
Ariana Marie Gopher—co-Salutatorian
Daughter of Shane Patacsil and Pam Gopher
(Ariana Gopher) came in today and helped them make
fruit cups that look like dolphins jumping out of the water.
My kids just came
home with the cutest treats from
school today. I asked who
made them, they said that
they did. They went on to
explain that Nurse Ariana
I hadn’t
Ariana in
a while
and didn’t know
she was
in Missoula, so
I found
her phone number and gave
her a call. It turns out she and
her husband have lived in Missoula for seven years now.
They have three kids. Both
I leave my volleyball jersey #6 because we’re
sisters, and to carry on
with the volleyball skills.
To Chucky I leave my
Ariana pushes her kids every day
so they will be as successful as she ability to annoy Ms. Duncan, Donna and LaCrissa.
and so they can someday take
care of her. Ariana takes her fami- Also I leave my locker
#330 to you. To Jarrell I
ly back to Rocky Boy for every
holiday. Along with nursing, Aria- leave my ability to wanna has opened her own successful der the halls and get Ty
business of making nutritious
snacks for kids. She can’t help but
To Jaynah I leave my abilbe successful because her own
ity to always put school
kids are her helpers and tastework first and then go
wander the hallways. lol.
I, Ariana Gopher, being of great
mind and curvy body, do hereby
bequeath the following: To Shania
Ariana and her husband work. I
missed what she said he does for
a living, but it didn’t sound like
something I’d do.
Trista Jonelle Arkinson
Daughter of Joey and Deborah Arkinson
Wow!! Can you believe it’s been
ten years since anyone has seen
Trista Arkinson? It turns out that
after she graduated from high
school in 2015, Trista decided to
visit a very close friend at the Betty
Ford Clinic and was very inspired
by the counselors there. She enrolled in the University of Calgary,
Alberta where he earned her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Dependency and an Associate Degree in
Early Child Hood. She then transferred to the University of Montana where she earned her Master’s Degree. Trista then moved
home to Rocky Boy, where she
married Kaique Pacheco
and had several baby
Pachecos, which she named
Ryan, Rylie, and Reggie.
Her children are young
right now, but plan to give
her gray hair in a few years,
because she gave her mom
and dad gray hair when she
was in high school. . Trista
is now the assistant director of the White Sky Hope
Center. She also volunteers
at the Rocky Boy High
School, to teach the students about the effects of
alcohol and drugs!!!!!
Bailee Laine Louis-Clark
Daughter of Michael and Sandra Clark
I was at home relaxing and watching
TV and guess - who popped up in
the trailer ‘Four: The Divergent Series’
Bailee LouisClark! Bailee married
Theo James and is now known as
Bailee James. They have 2 boys, Jules
and Kian. Bailee got her knees done
(yes that is a thing now) and added 5
inches to her height, and is now a
Victoria Secret Model. She is also an
actress, reality star, and a world record holder! She holds the record
for longest hair. She has recently
been on Wipeout and The Price is
Right. (She didn’t make it very far on
either show) She is now very
wealthy and only wears Chanel and
Louis Vuitton because she’s classy.
She and her family currently live in
Los Angeles, and vacation in Cabo
San Lucas, Mexico! Who needs col-
lege when you’re a SUPERSTAR?!
I, Bailee Louis-Clark, being of
gullible mind and fun size body,
do hereby bequeath the following: to MorningStar I leave
my ability to
have the longest
hair in school
and to always be
about it. To
Lance I leave my
ability to be nice
to everyone he
talks to, and sound nice when
he answers people’s questions.
Bradley Bear Sutherland
Son of Pete and Val Sutherland
In ten years, Brad will be coaching the Box Elder Bears football team. They finally have a high enough en‐
rollment for an 11‐man team. But just how did Brad end up coaching his rival team? After Brad graduat‐
ed from high school he played right tackle for Northern, at first as a walk
‐on, but then earned a scholarship his sophomore year. He led in rush‐
ing for three years and was drafted by the Steelers. While in Pittsburgh he married and now has a wife and three kids. During the 2021 Super Bowl he tore his ACL so severely it ended his playing career. Know‐
ing that it’s important to give back, he moved back home to the Rocky Boy’s Res‐
ervation where he and his wife are raising their family. Elijah “Bubby” Serrell Gopher
Son of Keith Gopher and Carrie McNab-Gopher
Can you believe it has been 10 years
since the class of 2015 has graduated? And guess who I ran into? Yes,
Bubby Gopher!! I found out he has
been doing very well for himself.
After he graduated from high school,
Bubby ran away to Canada to powwow. He soon met the love of his
life, her name is Rosemary. They
have three children, two dogs, one
cat and a pet snake (which his mother Carrie does not like). Bubby has
also became a famous and well
known singer and grass dancer, his
wife is also a fancy dancer, and she
and Carrie are still competing against
each other at every pow-wow that
they attend together. Bubby also
lost himself in the Rocky Mountains
in Canada; hunting for a whole
year, his family was very worried
about him.
In 2018, Bubby decided that it
was time to get his college degree, and enrolled at the University of Montana. Bubby graduated last year with a physical therapist degree. He then decided
that it was time to move home,
bequeath the followhere in Rocky Boy, he was reing: to Chucky I leave
cently hired at Northern Monlocker # 315 so you
tana Hospital in the physical reha- can put all your books in there. To Jarrell I leave
bilitation center. Bubby attends my jersey # 4 in the hopes that you can make a
every pow-wow that he can, but few more buzzer beaters.
his most favorite hobby is still
making his mother Carrie mad!!!!
I, Bubby Gopher, being of smart
mind and sexy body, do hereby
“Don’t be lazy; stay in school
and grow up!”
Isiah James Murie—Valedictorian
Son of Shane Patacsil and Dorrina Ojeda (Patacsil)
In the year 2025 Isiah Murie is the commander of a scout squad that fights in the
Rebellion against the Machines
(Terminators) of Skynet. Before the
bombs hit, in 2018, he led his family to
safety in an indestructible burrito truck
his newly formed company owned before D-Day happened. That tragic day
probably destroyed almost everything he
knew. After finding a military post in
Mexico months afterwards, surviving off
of burritos, he led his family to safety and
Isiah joined the serviced providing rigorous boot camp training. He designed a
new clothing fashion whil in the service
called “The Only Think,” to keep his
lover body movement very “loose” and
“Fluid.” (If you know what I mean …
Yes, exactly what you think! Not really.)
Using his self-developed
clothing line, he built his
body up so much that it
resembled The Rock, just
the Mexican version. He
was so built, his mustache had muscles! To fight the Machines, he needed to be a killer, so that’s what he
became to keep his wives and children safe from danger. Isiah was really a killer out the battlefield. At last
count his kill numbers hit at least 200
T17s and 20 enemy tanks out in the
After hard days of scouting and taking out Terminators, Isiah and his like
to go back to the base to celebrate.
Life is somewhat good for Isiah in this
apocalyptic world. He still misses
how life was back in 2017; however,
he is slowly adjusting to the world of
2025 and
finds it very
worth living.
Raenell Micah Singer
Daughter of Lisa SunChild
OMG! I just
turned on
the TV to
watch the
AMAs and
guess who
was on
stage! It’s Rainey Singer.
She’s up for hip-hop artist
of the year. I can’t believe
that with five kids at home
she has time to produce
albums too. Last year she
won best female singer in
hip-hop and
she thanked
her family,
friends, and
teachers for
all the support they
gave her
over the
So I’m sitting here watching her performance
wondering how she can
perform when she’s nine
months pregnant, and her
water breaks as she’s
about to leave the stage!
What a show tonight.
Oh, the message across
the screen just stated
that she’s having twins, a
boy and a girl! Guess that
sabbatical to Florida has
to wait a few days until
the twins are old enough
to fly!
I, Rainey Singer, being of
adventurous mind and
miniature body do
hereby bequeath the following: To Jill TopSky I
leave the back seat of the
charter during volleyball
season because you’re
one loyal freshman; to
Abeita I leave my libero
jersey, you’re the only
one who knows how to
play defense; to Lance
Begay I leave my spirit
stick; to Paris I leave
locker #329; To Chucky,
Bryson and Jarrell I leave
Paris so they can keep
him company and keep
him away from weirdos!
Savannah Don Stump—co-Salutatorian
Daughter of Donovan and Terrie Stump
So, I stopped by the Rocky Boy
Health Clinic the other day, and
guess who I ran into? Yes, Savannah Stump, the young lady who
graduated back in 2015 from
Rocky Boy High School. She was
working as the Nutritionist with
the Diabetic Program. She is actually her mother Terri Stump’s supervisor. After graduation, Savannah enrolled in college in Bozeman, she soon started to struggle with bills and other expenses
(Skylar) so she sent in a couple of
photos of herself to Vogue magazine and lo and behold, she got
herself a modeling contract. Savannah spent several years juggling
school and modeling, but it all paid
off. Shortly after college, Savannah
found out she was pregnant with a
set of twins who she named Terry
and Gerry. Two years later a third
child entered her life, she named
this one Skylar (might know)!!
Currently Savannah is building a
new home in Parker School, she is
also in the process of beading
grass dance outfits for her boys
and a jingle dress for her daughter,
she’s unsure if she’s going to bead
an outfit for her husband, Skylar!!!
Savannah also volunteers at the
homeless shelter in Havre and
coaches little league here in Rocky
I, Savannah, being of dirty mind and
healthy & clean body, do hereby bequeath the following: to whomever
gets it because I know if I leave it to a
certain person , they won’t get it; to
whoever’s aa setter & plays volleyball
just as good as I do, I leave my jersey
#8 in the hopes that she will double
the assists I got last year * this year’s
volleyball season.
Cecil Dean Lafromboise
Son of “Big Joe” Joseph and Loranda “Jean” Lafromboise
Guess who’s starting for the
New York Knicks! Cecil
Lafromboise is really hot this
season; he brought the
Knicks from last place to
first in the NBA. He’s the
only rookie in the NBA to
average 34 point, 12 assists
and 24 rebounds per game.
He passed up LeBron James
and Michael Jordan in leading
scoring, and he passed up
legend Wilt Chamberlain in
rebounding. He got other
offers from three NFL teams
but turned them down because he wanted to show his
basketball skills in the NBA.
I, Cecil Dean Lafromboise,
being of genius mind and
extraordinary body, hereby
leave my locker # to Ben
Parisian, ‘cause I know he
wants everything I once had,
my jersey #50 to Kendall
Windy Boy because he can
rock that number better
than I did if he puts in the
hard work, my hand-eye coordination to Colen Shange,
‘cause he would be a beast if
he had it,my ability to hit a
half-court buzzer-beater
to Skylar The Boy
because sometimes
he can hit them more
than I can in P.E., my
ability to lead a basketball team to Kordell Small because I
know he’s going far,
and my
jersey #70
gonna be
a naturalborn
Sage Trent Stone
Son of Paul V. Gopher and Anna Janette
I can’t believe it’s been ten years
since Sage Stone-Gopher joined
the Marines. One could say that
that’s where his life really started
as he was able to travel the world.
In 2017, Sage met his wife, Alexia,
who is a renowned female body
builder. They enjoyed their time
together and with all the travel the
Marines sent Sage on, Alexia has
been able to compete globally. It’s
hard to believe that they have five
kids together and in 2023 Sage was
discharged from the Marines, Sage
decided to make Rocky Boy their
permanent home. This was hard
on Alexia as she had gotten used
to traveling all the time. She left
Sage just last year with all their
children. Sage has
had a tough time
getting used to his
quiet life so can often be found at the
Spike in Havre telling
old “war stories.”
I, Sage Stone, being of sage-like
(wise) mind and alright body, do
hereby bequeath the following: To
Bowen I leave my locker so take
To whoever thinks they can handle it, I leave my jersey #75 in the
hopes that they will make it look
Ryan-Nycole Henderson
Daughter of LeAnn Googles and Richard Henderson
It’s really funny to see them
argue because Ryan has a
talk show in Great Falls. It’s
not a big deal yet, but Fox
Network has been trying to
get her to move to Chicago
or Denver and go big with
I just stopped by Jitterbugs
her show for the 2025 fall
to grab an iced tea and had season. Her show is about
to laugh. Ryan Henderson
helping families learn to
was there with her two kids communicate with one anand her husband. Of course other. That’s what made me
they were arguing. They ar- laugh when I saw her and
gue about everything. I think her man just shouting at
they just enjoy the intensity each other right in front of
and haven’t learned in all
her kids.
these years that you can just
I guess if she does move
her show to the big time,
she won’t be coming
home to Rocky Boy at
least once a month to
visit. I’m sure the kids
would really miss seeing
all their cousins, aunties,
uncles, and grandparents,
but Ryan could really
have something.
I, Ryan-Nycole being of
useful mind and working
body, do hereby bequeath the following:
graduate. (Guess which
number it is!)
To Eryn Ferguson I leave
my jersey, #24, in the
hopes that she shows
these older girls a new
era of good attitude and
respect for working as a
TEAM and “I” or “Me,
Me, Me” because I know
she’s better than a bad
To Coltin Stump I leave
my locker so you do
what you need to to
Chayse Jude Coffee
Son of Fredrick and Elaine Coffee
Did anyone catch the 50th Anniversary Special of Saturday Night Live? I
remember my parents watching
that show, so saw it on and decided to watch. I couldn’t believe that
Chayse Coffee was hosting. I remember when he was just a kid at
Rocky Boy, what ten years ago
now. He used to always stand in
front of the entire student body
with his shorts and cowboy boots
and make us laugh. Well, he’s still
doing that, making us laugh. He
was the highest paid comedic actor of 2024. He has been so busy
working on his career that he hasn’t found time to settle down. It’s
really fun to see him come back to
the reservation each summer for
the Pow Wow because we never
know which celebrity he’ll have
with him. And we have to give it
up to him for the awesome fund
raisers he does. Every summer just
before the Pow Wow starts, he
headlines a standing-room-only
benefit at the Winz. In 2020 it was
Taylor Swift who showed up with
him and performed. Wow, did he
turn some heads.
I Chayse Coffee, being of mystifying mind and always fed body, do
hereby bequeath the following: To
sad guy Chucky I leave locker
#333 so
you can
bug Mrs.
E., To
whomever takes
over the starting center I leave
jersey # 55 in the hopes that
you make me proud and keep it
dirty but clean!!!
How Low Can You Go?
This year’s golf team was coached by Dorrina Ojeda. She had sev‐
eral athletes start the year, but only a select few finished the sea‐
son. Those finishers are Isiah Murie, Chayse Coffee, Chris Arkinson, Sage Stone, and Pio Zarco. Sage was awarded the Irons Award be‐
cause he’s able to use an iron as well as a driver. Chayse received the Pu er Award because of his ability to make that perfect put. Chris is expected to a state contender next year and is an excep‐
onal golfer. As it was Isiah’s final year in high school, he’ll just have to hit the links with mom from now on. This year’s Prom royalty are Prince and Princess: Lance
Begay and Tierra Houle, Kind and Queen: Chayse Coffee
and Allison Windy Boy, Duke and Duchess: Chase Corcoran and Shania Patacsil, and Lady and Lord: Tracy
Standing Rock and David Russette.
Biggest Team Yet
It takes a lot of work, organization and collaboration to create a newspaper or a yearbook.
This year’s staff was split into two semesters.
The group during the first semester focused
more on newspapers and were able to get
two editions put together, but just as they
were learning how to create yearbook pages
and had the materials to put them together,
the semester ended.
The group during the second semester was
more focused on yearbook pages so only created one edition of the paper, this one. They
each had to gather a prophecy, a will, a senior
photo, a baby photo, and information about
each senior. Once they had all, or at least
some of that information, they were able to
create their sections. Dion Stump was the
first finished with her section so became the
editor who put finished sections together.
Zavion WolfChild, not pictured, was in charge
of scanning photos, not just for the newspaper and yearbook, but also for the seniors for
their slideshow.
Front, left to right: Maudi Rodriguez, Trystan Abeita, Dion Stump, Kelsi Henderson, Sean
Henry, Bailee Louis-Clark, Rainey Singer, Paris Small, Ms. Duncan, Shayann Taylor; Middle, left
to right: Jai-Lynne DayChild, Sara Russette, Kiara Small, Kiauna Sutherland, JayLynn Mitchell,
John Henry Windy Boy; Back, left to right: Cecil Lafromboise, Kordell Small.
These students will be participating in a
small graduation ceremony on Friday
at 2 P.M. to acknowledge their
promotion to high school.
Olin Arkinsion
Laura Buffalo
Si’mone Camper
Eryn Ferguson
Ayana Figueroa
Cree Four Souls
Kayden Hay
Janae Johnson
Britney Lafromboise
Shondae-Miyee Mithlo
Christian Morsette
Jeremiah Parker
Kristie Parker
Mario Patacsil, III
Rochelle Pease
McKenzie Standing Rock
Alyxandria Seaton
Kammee Stump
Colista Sutherland
Makaveli Sutherland
Rylie Willeto
Kendall Windy Boy
Marcus Zarco
The Rocky Boy Northern Stars had a remarkable journey this year overcoming every obstacle
that came across their path. A brand new Head
coach Adam Demontiney has led these young
talented boys in the right direction this season.
Demontiney is the Fifth coach in the past Four
years here at Rocky Boy High and his future is
looking bright with his upcoming talented shining Stars. The Northern Stars were led by nine
outstanding seniors that will leave a mark for
time to come. Coming off a tough turnaround
from placing 4th at the district tournament, despite the seeding and the Stars’ record the Stars
shined bright in the Northern B Division Tournament led by Bubby Gopher’s near half-court shot
with 3 seconds in the semi-final game to advance the
stars to the championship round. The stars did not
come out on top in the Divisional tournament but
played in the challenge game in Havre against Malta
Mustangs to regain confidence and proceed to the Big
Tourney. The Stars placed 3rd at the State Tournament,
led by LaFromboise’s amazing 3.7 second Half-Court
buzzer-beater shot that would knock off Big Timber
leading them to also beat last
year’s defending class-B champions Bigfork. In the consolation game the Stars were
matched up against last year’s Runner-up champs, the
Columbus Cougars. The Stars’ last basketball game of
the season ended just as everybody
thought it would have, by gaining a
huge win in 2 OT’s by LaFromboise’s last second put back that
captured the Hardware to bring
home to the Galaxy.
Class of 2015
Find the names of the graduates and
their advisors.