JULY NEWSLETTER - North Woods Baptist Church



JULY NEWSLETTER - North Woods Baptist Church
Volume 17
July 2007
What a Success! In June our youth and children
both had VBS!
Ron Breckel led our church in GAME DAY
CENTRAL for this year’s children’s VBS! Over
120 children and adults we registered to take
part in this exciting week! Children learned that
being a part of God’s team is the most important thing in our life! The children also raised
over $180 for Buckner Baptist Benevolence
which has a ministry to orphans worldwide!
Our Youth Minister, Micah Skinner, also led
in VBS this year. GROUNDED, Youth VBS,
took place the week before our children’s
VBS. Our teenagers spent the week learning
about what it means to be grounded in God’s
Word. 30– 40 students and adults all had a
hand in making GROUNDED become a
great success.
A special thank you to everyone who took place in VBS this year! A lot of love and planning went
into making VBS happen! Children and youth got to hear the message of Christ in a way that they
can understand! Thank you for taking time to invest in others and for impacting our church and
community for Christ!
From the Pastor’s Pen
What an exciting year! It is hard to believe
that it has been a year since God brought us
to North Woods!
Christi and I have been taking time to look
back over the past year. It is simply amazing to see what God has allowed us to be a
part of at North Woods. Reuniting us with
old friends and making new ones really
stands out as one of the most special things
for us! God has brought us into a family
fellowship here at North Woods, and the
warmth and sense of belonging that we experience here is life-altering. As we look
into the years ahead this family fellowship
remains something that I pray every member of our church can enjoy in the same
way that we have.
Looking ahead to what God in store for us
as a church is exciting. One group of men
and women I would ask you to pray for
concerning our direction is our Space
Needs Committee. Herb Barger, Mike
Burkett, J.C. Harville, Geri Arriola, Susan
Skinner, and Melissa Wall. These men and
women are taking a look into how to make
more space for our growing family. As God
continues to bless our church, we have to
make good space to grow! Take time to
pray and talk with these men and women,
and if you have any ideas or insights let
them know! You may be the person that
God speaks through.
God has shared and is sharing His great
love with us! I can’t wait to see how He
continues to do this, but as He reveals His
will, we have only to look back at the year
past, to know that He is at work!
Pastor David
Did you miss out on your
Would you like to have a
chance to share your talent?
July 29, we will have our second “Fifth Sunday Sing”.
Be ready to share your talent for the Lord. Contact
Richard Skinner if you would like to participate in this
Bag Blitz
July 22 will be our
next Bag Blitz.
We need all the help
we can get to let our
new neighbors know
About our church.
Please plan to attend
Have You Seen Our
Organized Resource Room?
Thank you, Christi Adams, Melissa Wall
And Karen Walker for all
Your hard work! Let’s utilize
and keep neat this needed space!!
The Pacesetters are sponsoring a trip in October
to travel to Glen Rose and see the
Passion Play. The entire church family is invited.
The first planning meeting will be held on
July 22 at 5:00.Anyone interested in going on this
exciting trip should plan to attend.
The Family of Faith of
North Woods extends
sympathy and prayers to
James & Charlotte McPherson
on the loss of
Charlotte’s sister,
Billie Townsend.
Alan Rogers
Ashley Adams
Happy Birthday
Julie Boone
Bryan Thompson
Michael Bell
Laura Slowik
Randall Cohn
Nancy McClelland
Diane Krienke
Julie Canterbury
Barbara Sumberlin
Brandon Canterbury
Please be in special prayer for . . .
Ladies Bible Study
President Bush and other leaders
Our service men and women
and their families
Robert & Diana Clark,
serving in the Philippines;
All home and foreign missionaries
and their families
Our direct missions partners;
Avon Baptist Church;
The Rick Geisler family
serving in Japan/
Primera Iglesia Bautista
Hospitality House, Huntsville;
Mission Greenspoint;
Kay Moja serving in Israel
Home Bound Family Members:
Marshall & Mildred Harrington
Bonnie Barger;
Herb Barger;
Nan Cline;
Chuck Smith;
Gleneen Bell;
Gilbert Ray;
Ralph Toombs;
James Wright
Rachael Doty;
Eunice Morrison
Wayne Skinner
Lucille Breckel (Ron’s mother)
Sharon Rowland (Carolyn Walker’s sister)
Amanda Ardill (J. C. & Kathy Harville’s
Jenna Morris (Diane Krienke’s mother)
Glenn Cootes (Jean Ray’s brother)
Charlotte McPherson
Our ladies Bible Study
continues to meet on
Wednesday at 11:00 AM
Thursday at 7;00 PM
Our RA and GA Organizations
will be collecting school
supplies from July 23
through August 3. Watch for
details. These supplies
will be taken to the
Hospitality House on August 4.
Ladies Night Out
July 10, 2007
7:00 PM
Humble City
Ollie Hutton
Regular Church Business Meeting
Our regular quarterly church business meeting
is scheduled for July 8. Be a part of the
Planning of activities of our church family.
YTD Tithes & Offerings
YTD Budget Requirements
YTD Budget Needs
$ 99,089.56
$ 92,542.69
$ 6,546.87
June Avg. in Sunday School
June Avg. - 2006
June Avg. in Worship Service
July 8--Youth Camp Meeting
(Is going to be at 5:00 PM
Youth camper attendance required + at least 1 parent)
July 9-13— YOUTH CAMP!!!!!
(Is going to be awesomely amazing!!! Don’t
forget the meeting. See previous date.)
July 19--Miscellaneous Day
(Is going to be crazily insane!!!)
July 27-28—-Splashtown Lock-in
(Is going to get really wet and loud)
July 31—— Bowling Night
(Is going to be dominated by team
North Woods Baptist Church
5803 Treaschwig
Spring, TX 77373

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