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FREE GAME - Trailer Park Boys Games
Printing Instructions:
1. Download the PDF and take it to a local print shop like Staples, Kinko’s, etc.
* Ask them to remove (not print) dotted lines between the cards.
2. If you have a good laser printer (not inkjet) you can even print them off at home or
your office. You don’t need a Pfd but some computer smarts is good. Takes a little time
but you can save yourself some money for pepperoni and chicken fingers for the game.
3. Print the cards on 8.5 x 11” glossy card stock paper (80 lb. cover or 10 pt. C2S works
good). You can print the rules on standard copy type paper or card stock too.
4. The “WHITE” ANSWER cards have 16 pages (including blanks on page 17 to make
your own). The (common logo) back side of these cards is found on page 18. You should
print this page on all the White Answer cards so they are double sided.
5. The “GRAY” TOPIC cards have 7 pages (including blanks on page 24 to make your
own). The (common logo) back side of these cards is found on page 25. You should print
this page on all the Gray Topic cards so they are double sided.
6. Cut out the cards using a large paper cutter. You can also use a steel ruler and an
Exacto knife (but be very careful!). Hey, you can even use a good pair a scissors if that’s
all you have. Follow the dotted lines. It’s not Rocket Appliances. If all else fails, see
Instruction #1.
© 2015 High Roller Games Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Trailer Park Boys ® is a trademark of TPB-ACI. Used under exclusive license.
For 4 to 8 Adult Players
Worst Case Ontario is a TPB themed party game where players pick a card from their
hand that they think the Trailer Park Supervisor will choose as the best match to the
TOPIC card. If the Supervisor picks your card, you win a point.
The last player that ate a cheeseburger gets to be the first Supervisor. Shuffle both decks
of cards. Place the GRAY TOPIC cards to the side. The Supervisor deals out 10 WHITE
ANSWER cards to each player. Why 10 ? Way of the Road Buddy, Way of the Road.
The Supervisor draws the top GRAY TOPIC card and reads the question or phrase out
loud. The other players must choose a WHITE ANSWER card from their hand that they
feel best fits the blank space(s) on the Supervisors card and lay this card(s) face down on
the table.
Note: Some TOPIC cards have two blank spaces for words. To answer these cards,
players must play 2 ANSWER cards from their hand. Players should put the two cards
together in the proper order. You can use a paper clip or elastic band.
The Supervisor mixes the ANSWER cards around so that he doesn’t where the answers
came from. If answers are in piles of two – another player can shuffle them. The
Supervisor now reads the TOPIC card again – including the ANSWER cards. The
funniest answer, as chosen by the Supervisor, wins this round and the player who
submitted it gets the GRAY TOPIC card – representing one point.
Players now draw ANSWER card/s to bring their hand total back up to 10 cards. The
player to the right becomes the new Supervisor for this round and play continues as
above. Used TPB cards are boxed underneath the draw deck or set aside. If the ANSWER
deck runs out, shuffle the cards and keep playing.
Before starting, set the amount of points to win the game. We found a good average is 10
points for 4 players, 8 points for 6 players and 6 points for 8 players.
1. Some blank cards are included so you can get creative and make some of your own.
2. House Rules are always a blast. Survival of the Fitness!
We want to hear from you! Post your best cards and funniest new rules on Trailer Park
Boys Games Face Book page. BIG Fucking Contest Coming Soon!

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