July/Aug 2014 Newsletter



July/Aug 2014 Newsletter
Church Phone: (315) 788-4920 • Website: www.saintvasilios.org
Parish Council President
(315) 782-1763
(315) 468-4814 (home) or (315) 413-0024 Ext. 12 (office)
Choir Director and Organist
Biblical readings listed below cite page numbers where the Epistle and Gospel readings
can be located in The Orthodox Liturgy (black-covered book) found in the pew racks. You
may want to refer to your Bible for those readings not available in The Orthodox Liturgy
book. Services are only held at the times listed below.
July 6 Divine Liturgy ................................................10:30 a.m.
4th Sunday Epistle Reading: Romans 6:18-23, pg. 121
of Matthew Gospel Reading: Matthew 8:5-13, pg. 122
July 11
July 13
July 17
Saint Euphemia, the Great Martyr, and
Saint Olga, Equal to the Apostles
Sunday of the Holy Fathers of the
Fourth Ecumenical Council
Divine Liturgy ........................................... 10:30 a.m.
Epistle Reading: Titus 3:8-15*
Gospel Reading: Matthew 5:14-19*
The Gospel reading for the 5th Sunday of Matthew
is not listed because it does not correspond with the
Sunday of the Holy Fathers.
Saint Marina, the Great Martyr of Antioch
July 20
6th Sunday
of Matthew
Saint Elias, the Holy and Glorious Prophet
Divine Liturgy ................................................10:30 a.m.
Epistle Reading: James 5:10-20*
Gospel Reading: Matthew 9:1-8, pg. 124
July 26
Saint Paraskevi and Saint Hermolaos,
the Righteous Martyrs of Rome
July 25
July 27
7th Sunday
of Matthew
Dormition of Saint Anna, Mother of the Theotokos
Saint Panteleimon, the Great Martyr and Healer
Divine Liturgy ........................................... 10:30 a.m.
Epistle Reading: II Timothy 2:1-10*
Gospel Reading: Matthew 9:27-35, pg. 125
Aug. 1 Fast begins in preparation for the Feast of the
Dormition of Our Most Holy, Glorious Lady and
Blessed Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary
Aug. 3 Divine Liturgy ................................................10:30 a.m.
8th Sunday Epistle Reading: I Corinthians 1:10-17, pg. 126
of Matthew Gospel Reading: Matthew 14:14-22, pg. 127
Aug. 6 Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord, God
Wednesday and Savior Jesus Christ
Aug. 10 Divine Liturgy ................................................10:30 a.m.
9th Sunday Epistle Reading: I Corinthians 3:9-17, pg. 128
of Matthew Gospel Reading: Matthew 14:22-34, pg. 128
* The reading is not available in The Orthodox Liturgy book.
Aug. 15 Koimisis (Repose) of Our Most Holy, Glorious Lady
and Blessed Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary
The sanctuary will be open from 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.
Aug. 17 Divine Liturgy ................................................10:30 a.m.
10th Sunday Epistle Reading: I Corinthians 4:9-16, pg. 129
of Matthew Epistle Reading: Matthew 17:14-23, pg. 130
Aug. 24 Divine Liturgy ................................................10:30 a.m.
11th Sunday Epistle Reading: I Corinthians 9:2-12, pg. 131
of Matthew Gospel Reading: Matthew 18:23-35, pg. 131
Aug. 29 Commemoration of the Beheading of the
Glorious Prophet and Venerable Forerunner,
Saint John the Baptist
Aug. 31 Divine Liturgy ........................................... 10:30 a.m.
12th Sunday Epistle Reading: Hebrews 9:1-7*
of Matthew Gospel Reading: Matthew 19:16-26, pg. 133
Sept. 1
Saint Simeon, the Stylite
The Ecclesiastical New Year begins / Labor Day
Sept. 7
Sunday before the Exaltation of the Holy Cross
Divine Liturgy ................................................10:30 a.m.
Epistle Reading: Galatians 6:11-18, pg. 148
Gospel Reading: John 3:13-17*
Sept. 14
Universal Celebration of the Exaltation of the
Sacred and Life-Giving Cross
Divine Liturgy ................................................10:30 a.m.
Epistle Reading: I Corinthians 1:18-24*
Gospel Reading: John 19:6-11, 13-20, 25-28, 30*
Sept. 8
Nativity of Our Most Holy Glorious Lady and Blessed
Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary
Saint Panteleimon
Feast Day: Sunday, July 27
Hymn of the Feast:
“Panteleimon, saintly
champion and healer, intercede
with our merciful God to grant
our souls remission of sins.”
Blessing of the Doors
Following the Divine
Liturgy and Pentecost
Service on Sunday, June
8, the new front doors at
the lower front entry to
the church were blessed.
Samuel Thomas, parish
council president, offered
appreciation to the past members of the Saint Barbara Ladies
Philoptochos Society of Watertown. Father Philip Yanulis then
blessed the doors. The Philoptochos Society became inactive
in 2003, and it was their request that funds from their treasury
be transferred to the parish for installation of the new doors.
Their donation covered the entire cost of material and labor.
Jim Illingworth, Millwork, Adams Center, designed the
doors which are of solid Honduras mahogany and resemble
the original doors. The windows were slightly enlarged to
offer more interior natural light and improve visibility when
exiting the church. Ron Smith, proprietor of Advanced Safe
& Lock, Watertown and
Lafargeville, installed the
hardware. The interior
crash bars and door
handles were refurbished
and re-installed. The
following new pieces were
also used: door closers and
open and closing arms, drop plates, solid brass baring hinges
and a lock cylinder. Paul Thompson, Adams Center, also
assisted with the fitting and installation of the doors. Thank you
to Christina Thomas and Samuel Thomas for spending many
hours coordinating this project and for applying several coats
of stain to the doors.
The cost of the project is as follows:
Total Materials: $3,722.54
Total Labor:
Grand Total:
Saint Barbara
Ladies Philoptochos Society
Seated first row from left to right: Irene Binaxas, Despina Stamat,
Maria Booras, Irene Ronson, Presvytéra Catherine Gouvellis and
Bessie Vasil; Second row standing: Stella Dusckas, Mary Pappas,
Georgia Ronson, Anna Bizones, Malama Mazes, Stavroula
Athans, Ntina Anagnostakos and Aspasia Markesines; Third row
standing: Cleopatra Melones, Dorothy Stathacos, Joyce Arvan,
Georgia Gregor, Mary Athans and Evangeline Calender.
Saint Barbara Ladies Philoptochos Society was established
on August 3, 1935 prior to the construction of the church. The
state of New York issued a Certificate of Incorporation to the
Philoptochos Society on March 16, 1944. The photograph to the
left is the Saint Barbara Ladies Philoptochos Society pictured in
1951. It appeared in the dedication book that was published on the
occasion of the consecration of the church, which took place on
October 7, 1951. They held fundraisers for various philanthropic
causes, which included aid for Greece and contributions for the
construction of the church building.
It was a very active organization and was an integral part
of the parish. Their work allowed the church to flourish for
many decades. This year will mark the 65th anniversary of the
groundbreaking of Saint Vasilios Greek Orthodox Church that
took place on July 28, 1949. As we mark this passage of time,
let us be mindful and grateful to our past and present members
for their prayers, dedication and commitment towards sustaining
our parish so that the Eastern Orthodox faith continues to have a
presence in Northern New York.
Tree Removal
Some of the destroyed trees that bordered the parish house’s backyard were removed during the spring. The branches
and smaller sized limbs were brought to the curb on Keyes Avenue and Franklin Street and were disposed of by the City of
Watertown as part of the Ice Storm clean-up procedures. This was a significant savings to the parish. The total cost of tree
removal to date is $500.00, and $300.00 of that amount was donated by a parishioner. This amount also includes debris cleanup that was immediately required following the Ice Storm which took place on December 20-22.
There are several medium sized box elder trees or sometimes referred to as “weed trees” which border the parish house
backyard that still require removal. Furthermore, there are other trees on the church and parish house grounds that will need
pruning. It is anticipated that a tree service will he hired during the summer to complete this work.
The Life of
Saint Panteleimon
On June 1, the Easley family departed
for a NATO Military Base in Milan, Italy.
A departing letter was addressed to church
Dear Church family,
“Thank you for your support over the
last few years. We have felt welcomed,
embraced and loved and thoroughly
enjoyed being part of this church home.
We will miss you, and we wish you many
blessings and all the best. We will keep in
touch and God willing, we will meet again.
With much love, Jonathan (Jae), Eleftheria,
Andrew and Eliana.”
Pictured above is a photograph of the
Easley family taken at Fort Drum.
Their new address is as follows:
MA J. Easley
Box 705
APO AE 09602
Welcome Back
We welcome back Iurie Tonu, who is stationed with the 10th Mountain Division
at Fort Drum and has returned home from an eight month deployment to Afghanistan.
We thank him for bravely serving our country.
Potsdam, New York
A Divine Liturgy was held in the chapel of Trinity Episcopal Church, Potsdam,
New York on Sunday of the Samaritan Woman, May 18 at 2:00 p.m. A Trisagion
prayer service was held for deceased loved ones at the conclusion of the Divine
Liturgy. There were approximately 25 people in attendance. The next service is
tentatively scheduled for Sunday, October 19 at 2:00 p.m..
In Appreciation
Thank you to the following May/June coffee hour hosts: Bica family, Lloyd
family, James and Abbe Theodore, Thomas family, Cristina Thompson and the
Yanulis family.
Appreciation is extended to Richard Roderick and Samuel Thomas for removing
the weekly inside refuse and outdoor green waste for the past several years. This is
at no cost to the parish.
Saint Panteleimon of Nicomedia
was the son of Eustorgius and
Eubula. His father was an idolater,
but his mother was a Christian. It was
through her that he was instructed
in piety. He was catechized and
baptized in the Faith of Christ by Saint
Hermolaos whose feast day is on July
27. Panteleimon was proficient in the
physician’s vocation, and he practiced
it in a philanthropic manner, healing
every illness more by the grace of
Christ than by medicines. Although
his parents had named him Pantoleon
(“in all things a lion”), he was renamed
Panteleimon meaning “all-merciful”
because of the compassion he showed
for the souls and bodies of all.
On one occasion when he restored
the sight of a blind man by calling on
God, he also enlightened the eyes of
this man’s soul to the knowledge of
the truth. This became the cause of
martyrdom for the blind man. When
he was asked by whom and in what
manner had his eyes been opened, he
imitated the blind man in the Gospel
and confessed with boldness who the
physician was and the manner of the
healing (John 9:1-38). For this he was
put to death immediately. Panteleimon
was also arrested and endured many
wounds. He was beheaded in the
year 305 during the reign of Roman
Emperor, Maximian.
A Noteworthy Birthday!
A birthday party for Alice Zaffery,
maternal great-grandmother
to the Lloyd children, was given
by her family on Sunday, June 1,
during the coffee hour.
She celebrated her 89th birthday.
Chrónia Pólla!
Front row from left to right: Stephanie Lloyd, Grayson Lloyd, Alice Zaffery, and Mavryck Lloyd.
Second row left to right: Aaron Lloyd, grandson, Lydia Lloyd, daughter, Peter Lloyd, grandson, and Nicklas
Lloyd. Peter and Stephanie Lloyd are the parents of Mavryck, Nicklas and Grayson.
In Our Thoughts
and Prayers
A Mnimósino service was held on May 25
for Elena Dumitru (1½) years. “Eonía i mníni.”
“Eternal be her memory.”
A Trisagion prayer service was held on June 22
for Chris Thomas (44 years), Androniki Thomas
Litman (3 years), and Benjamin Litman (4 years).
“Eonía i mníni.” “Eternal be their memory.”
A Mnimósino service will be held on the feast
day of Saint Elias, July 20, for approximately 4,000
Cypriots which include 2,000 known dead and
2,000 missing. This occurred 40 years ago during the
Turkish invasion of Cyprus on July 20, 1974. “Eonía
i mníni.” “Eternal be their memory.”
Some of the
gathered for a
group picture
following the
blessing of the
doors on Pentecost
Sunday, June 8.
Parish Council Meeting:
Sunday, July 27 at 12:45 p.m.
Saint Elias Antiochian Orthodox
Christian Church Middle
Eastern Cultural Festival:
Friday, July 11 from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Saturday, July 12 from Noon to 10:00 p.m.
Sunday, July 13 from Noon to 7:00 p.m.
4988 Onondaga Road, Syracuse, New York
Rt. 173-Intersection of Onondaga & Howlet Hill Roads
For more information call (315) 488-0388 or visit the
website at www.sainteliasny.com
Saint Timothy Summer Camp
Croghan, New York:
Saturday, August 9 through Friday, August 15
Information is available in the church office or visit the website at sttimothycamp.org
The deadline for the submission of items for the
September / October 2014 Newsletter
is Sunday, August 17.
We pray for the safety of the 10th Mountain
Army Division, who are stationed at Fort
Drum, New York and Fort Polk, Louisiana, and the United
States Armed Forces, who are deployed to Afghanistan.
We pray for the repose of the souls of those who lost their
lives or were injured serving in the war against terrorism.
We pray for the well-being of our military families.
We pray for the persecuted people of Iraq and Syria,
the Coptic Orthodox Christians who reside in Egypt, for
peace in the Middle East, and for those who suffer from
conflict and corruption in other places throughout the
We pray for the victims of the natural disasters that
have struck the United States and throughout the world.
Remember the following in your prayers: Maria
Booras, Anne Calender, Chris and Eugenie Calender,
Father John Demos, Nick Giannoucos, Father Chris
and Presvytéra Roula Matos, Mary Mesires, John
Penree, Lola Valianos, Eleni Valtadoros and Artemis
If you have a prayer request
or wish to receive Holy Communion, please contact
Father Philip Yanulis or a parishioner.
Food Pantry
The number of donations received for the
Watertown Urban Mission Food Pantry from
our parishioners has significantly decreased
during the past few years. A flyer was distributed
to parishioners reminding everyone to make a
concerted effort to donate items on a regular basis.
This is especially important during the summer months when many
children do not have access to meals that are served in the schools.
Please keep this in mind when you are food shopping for your
family, and please consider picking up a few extra items. Recently,
125 items were delivered to the Food Pantry, which was the first
delivery of the year. Thank you for your contributions.
Ask, Seek and Knock
“Ask and it will be given to you;
seek and you will find;
knock and the door
will be open for you.
For everyone who
asks will receive;
the one who seeks will find,
and the one who knocks,
the door will be open.” Matthew 7:7

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