Energy flows where your mind goes



Energy flows where your mind goes
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“Energy flows where your
mind goes”
· Independent business enterprise since 1991
· Creator, development and expansion of Sheng Shan Wu, a unique Martial Arts
physical training method
· Founding and expansion of the Haidong Gumdo Association in Switzerland,
the Korean art of sword fighting
· 12 years champion sportsman with international success (Gold in World and European Championships)
· President of Organization Committee for the first Haidong Gumdo European Championship
in Switzerland, 2007
· Private Trainer for top athletes and teams from various kinds of competitive sports
· Project and Camp Leader of the Cronus Camp for youth violence prevention
· Personal Coach for people in difficult life situations
· Member of the International Agency for Trainers Excellence TOP 100, D/A/CH/I
· Member of German Public Speakers Lexicon
· Lifetime Achievement Award from the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Manila
· Captain of the Swiss National Haidong Gumdo Team and 4 x Gold in
European & World Championships
· Headmaster of Martial Arts
· Dojang Award of Excellence from the World Haidong Gumdo Federation, Korea
· Member of the International Mulympia Committee, IMC (Martial Arts Olympics, Korea)
· Appearances and interviews on SF1 10 vor 10 evening news, Aeschbacher, RTS TV,
Swiss Sport TV, Tele Zuri, Tele Top
· Headmaster Haidong Gumdo (Korean sword fighting)
· Mental Trainer of Asian Martial Arts
· Coach for competence in change
· Ki-Energy Teacher
· Hypnosis Therapist, NGH (National Guild of Hypnotist)
· Founder and Trainer – o gumdo® and Mental Supremacy Group
· Sports Kinesiology
· Skilled Archer
· Expert in violence prevention, aggression and emotion management
· Master of far eastern combat movement and Martial Arts
(Judo, Kung-Fu, Hapkido, Sheng Shan Wu)
My Conviction
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“Whether or not we can live a balanced life depends on our attitude.
When we set clear goals, we also stimulate our self-discipline. This results in awareness and motivation.
When we focus on our “self-management” our breathing becomes deeper and the transition from
tense to calm generates a powerful and wonderful energy.
Healthy mental and physical condition and good presence together with balanced nutrition,
complete my idea of a happy, successful life of love for oneself and others”
Trainings and Seminars
Option Mayer Master, GmbH (OMM) offers Seminars, Coaching, Training and
Interactive Presentations for individuals and companies for the following topics:
· Ki-Power, the way to more energy and ease
· Reaching the Goal, intuition, focus, attention
· The Sword Principle, making clear decisions
· o gumdo® – mind in motion
OMM – Coaching Methods enable you to work within a context customized specifically
for you. Exercises that combine body, soul with direct confrontation, bring your heart,
mind and actions in sync. The way to more energy in life, the way to a healthy life and the
way to success in life, lies in the capability to be aware of your inner voice. In order
to achieve this level, we need clear goals, a strong will and strength.
The way to more Energy and Ease
· How you release untapped energy and achieve more with less effort
· How you feel your core and at any time reach your full potential
· How you develop and sharpen awareness
· How you easily find and implement solutions efficiently
The Sword Principle
Reaching the Goal
Intuition, Focus, Attention (The Art of Bow & Arrow)
· How you trust and actively use your intuition
· How you direct aim-impulse, let go and experience the energy created by the release of tension
· How you reach goals with attentiveness and focus in a fun spirited way
Making clear Decisions (The Art of the Sword)
· How you find your balance, stabilize your center and gain self-confidence
· How you make concise and clear decisions and follow through
· What you can learn from the skill of Asian sword fighting and apply to your leadership skills
o gumdo®
mind in motion
· How you use your creativity and dynamics
· How you activate all your senses and use them positively
· How you can playfully solve confrontations
· How you constructively get your Team to work together
Media and TV- Appearances
Kurt Aeschbacher SRF1
Kim Jeong Ho HDGD-Founder
Gabriel Oldham SSF
Fiona Hefti Miss Switzerland 2004
SF1 10 vor 10 evening news, Swiss Wrestling
Kerstin Cook Miss Switzerland 2010
Christa Klein Tele Top
Hall of Fame
The Martial Arts HALL OF FAME is an international organization that recognizes
outstanding performance in far eastern Martial Arts.
In April 2014, I received the “Silver Lifetime Achievement Award” from the
HALL OF FAME in Manila, for:
·40 successful years of practicing various forms of Martial Arts
·Creator, development and expansion of Sheng Shan Wu, a unique physical
Martial Arts training method
·Founding and expansion of the Haidong Gumdo Association in Switzerland,
the Korean art of sword fighting
·4 Gold Medals and Team Captain in Haidong Gumdo World and
European Championships
·Co-Founder of o gumdo® – mind in motion
“To be honored the Silver Lifetime Award of Achievement is the crowning
of my long and successful career.”
The Swiss Postal Service
Ulrich Hurni, member of Managing Directors
Your interactive Mental Training-Workshop Ki & 7 Senses
was a super and impressionable experience for everyone
there. With varied exercises we learned to make the
seemingly impossible possible. We thank you dearly for
your “sensesational” Workshop.
Alex Hall, Finance and Controlling
Thank you very much for the worthwhile and successfully
executed/lead “Ki-Energy, Ease and Tension, Conflict
Management” at our Team Event (17 participants). We
are convinced that we have come one step closer to our set
goal “everything is possible with the lightness of being...”
Swiss Air Force
Hptm N. Zerkiebel, Squadron Medical Doctor
The entire training was professionally conceptualized.
The emphasis was perfectly suited to the demands of flying.
Thanks to the specific and yet playful manor of the course
leadership, our occasion became an unforgettable
enrichment to our squadron.
Option Mayer Master GmbH
Master Christian Mayer
Waldhofstrasse 21
6314 Unterägeri
Coaching Room
Grabenstrasse 9
6340 Baar
Mobile +41 79 340 07 70
[email protected]

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