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ConnectionDecember 2015
December 2015
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December 2015
O ur Favorite Things
Just Being Together
, but during the holidays we have some
We have a lot of great traditions here at Longaberger
d this season, you saw our beautiful
of our most memorable. If you visited the Homestea
lobby of the At Home building. If you
icicle-covered blue and white Christmas tree in the
d for the Holidays and the annual
were lucky enough to have been here for Homestea
the holiday season captures the
Dresden Holiday Christmas Parade, you realized why
s down the road from Dresden, I always
greatest traditions. Although I grew up a few mile
’s hometown Christmas parade.
feel like it’s my own home town — it really is America
­ looking for a familiar face, kids racing
Main Street was lined with thousands of families —
r kids marching in the Tri Valley High
around for tossed candy and parents’ pride to see thei
perfect — a little chill in the air. I can
School Marching Band. This year the weather was
middle of blizzards. The Longaberger
remember a few Dresden parades taking place in the
a couple large scale Mr. Flurry Baskets.
creative team designed an amazing float featuring
just never know where this ornery guy
He’s become a good friend to everyone — and you
g the float and passed out thousands
will pop up. Longaberger employees marched alon
Along the route we even made a
of pieces of candy — not a single piece of sugar left!
and Gary Longaberger’s home. Wendy
quick stop for hugs and a little merriment at Lynn
ing to all of her admirers. We hope you
Longaberger Little was outside the parade route wav
gs! The only way the parade could have
can join us next year — for one of our favorite thin
been better was if you were there too!
rger as we begin a new year — most
We have a lot for which to be thankful at Longabe
Collectors Club family. Our times
importantly your friendship and being part of our
rger. We hope you can join us in April
together mean so much to everyone here at Longabe
our 20th year. Have a wonderful
at the Homestead Gathering as we begin to celebrate
holiday with your friends and family and a safe New
Collectors Club Connection | D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 5
Michael Kennedy, Creative Director
| Collectors Club Connection
Brown paper packages tied up
with string — these are a few of
Our Favorite Things
Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most rewarding — and beautiful! Our
Longaberger photo stylist Sean McClure created these wonderful Holiday packages
wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string and ribbon. We talked Sean into
sharing his trade secret gift wrapping tips in a video. I love his simple approach to
accessorizing craft paper — evergreens, red berry branches and pinecones from your
back yard, string from your neighborhood butcher, and a couple of Christmas ornaments
from the craft store. It’s so simple yet so memorable! Give it a try, and have your family
join in — it’s fun and easy! It’s one of our favorite things!
Click below to see the video :
Video Link
Collectors Club Connection | D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 5
| Collectors Club Connection
Our Favorite Things
All In the Family
At Longaberger we are all about family — the
Longaberger family, our family of employees
including our talented basketmakers, our family of
consultants across America and their customers,
and our family of thousands of Collectors
Club members. From time to time we discover
amazing stories about families, especially our own
Basketmakers here in Dresden. Over the next
few months, in Connection, we will share with
you some very unique and inspiring Basketmaker
family stories.
Betty and Rong Chen have been making
Longaberger baskets since 1989, standing beside
each other weaving baskets for almost 27 years
— it’s just remarkable! They both are so very
grateful to be working for such a great company,
and they always have a smile. Rong and Betty
were born in China and married there 28 years
ago. Rong has worked for Longaberger one day
longer than Betty. Rong’s first day was February
13th and Betty’s on the 14th. Those are dates they
will never forget! They are very proud of their
two amazing children. Their daughter Angela
is getting her PhD in chemical engineering at
the University of Texas, and their son Daniel is
studying business at The Ohio State University.
When you have a chance, take a look at the
bottom of your Longaberger baskets and search
for the weaver’s initials BC and RC. You may
be able to trace a family legacy of hand-crafting
baskets that goes back 27 years ago.
In Their Own Words
How do you sign the baskets you weave?
Betty: BC
Rong: RC
What’s your favorite memory working
at Longaberger?
Betty: In 2004 we traveled to Pasadena, California
to help build the Longaberger Rose Bowl Parade
Float — and I even got to ride on it in the parade. It
was so much fun. I’ll never forgot it!
What’s your favorite basket to weave?
Betty: I love making small baskets, especially the
Collectors Club miniatures.
Rong: I like making Santa Belly Baskets and have
enjoyed making the 2016 St. Patrick’s Day Make
Your Own Luck Basket.
How many baskets do you have in your home?
Betty: We don’t have a lot but we use almost every
basket we own — we have about 60 baskets. We
especially enjoy using our Picnic Basket, Cake
Basket and Hamper.
| Collectors Club Connection
Make Your Own
Make Your Own Luck
Some people would say that Longaberger Founder Dave Longaberger
was a lucky guy. After all, he started a business that became a household
name growing to employ thousands of people and enabling tens of
thousands more to create a better life for their families. But those who
knew Dave would tell you that it wasn’t luck — it was determination
mixed with belief and perseverance.
The Make Your Own Luck Basket is a
The odds weren’t exactly in his favor. He was the fifth of twelve
children and spent two years in the first grade and three years in the
fifth. He stuttered and dealt with epilepsy but always maintained a
positive, almost cavalier attitude that he would be successful one day.
very first baskets Dave sold. While
Dave was never at a loss for ideas or energy. In the early 1970s, he
had already built a successful grocery store and restaurant business
— but he’d have to risk it all to achieve his next dream — to create a
successful business based on his family’s basketmaking heritage.
special tribute to a remarkable man.
Just like Dave, its roots are firmly
grounded and feature our Vintage
stain, a stain closely resembling the
it transforms as it grows, it remains
steady and strong and ample. The
WoodCrafts Lid features a “field of
clover” design meant to remind us all
that when we continue to make our
own luck — it has no boundaries.
After trying the traditional approach of selling baskets in stores with
not much success, Dave met Charleen Cuckovich and stumbled onto
an early version of direct sales. Charleen had been taking car loads
of baskets back home to northern Ohio and telling the story of the
Longaberger Basketmakers and their craft. Once they heard about how
and where the baskets were made, people bought them as quickly as
she could get them. Based on what he was seeing, Dave believed deep
in his heart that this was the way to build his basket business.
Through the years Dave and The Longaberger Company faced more
than their fair share of adversity. From serious financial issues to a
major factory fire, the problems were many and major but he never
stopped believing. He believed in people, in hard work, and in the
importance of having a dream.
Dave believed you had to watch for opportunities to be ready to
act when an opportunity arose, to persevere against adversity and
then to celebrate the good fortune of a well-planned outcome! Dave
Longaberger wasn’t a lucky guy — he was a regular guy who dreamed
bigger, believed bigger and built a business by making his own luck.
Collectors Club Connection | D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 5
Make Your Own Luck Basket,
Available January
| Collectors Club Connection
Our Craft and
Family Legacy Continue
For over 100 years the Longaberger family has been crafting baskets in the country town of Dresden, Ohio.
At Longaberger we still weave baskets today the exact same way J.W. Longaberger, the family patriarch,
made them — one at a time and by hand. His original baskets were made for many purposes around
Dresden — carting home goods from the market, taking cakes to church socials and even waste baskets for
a local bank. To celebrate the Collectors Club’s 20th anniversary, this year’s Member Basket was inspired by
the many baskets the family made for chores on regional farms — picking berries and vegetables, measuring
grain and collecting fruit from orchards. We will be celebrating the inspiration of farm life around Dresden
all year long, including a new collection of miniature baskets beginning in March and, of course, the mustattend event — the Longaberger Homestead Gathering “Field Trip” on April 23rd.
By Lynn Longaberger
It is very interesting interviewing my brothers-inlaw! I talked to Jerry Longaberger #3 and Larry
Longaberger #4 about baskets they made while
helping their dad, J.W., in the workshop at their
home on 8th Street in Dresden, Ohio. Some of what
they told me I can share with you, and some I can’t!
Larry said, “Dad would tell us in the morning what
baskets we were to make, and you did it. We didn’t
talk or joke around — we worked. While weaving,
we listened to the radio all day. It wasn’t the music
kids listen to today, that is for sure. In fact, it wasn’t
music at all!”
Jerry added, “You didn’t touch the radio, either.
No finger prints were on the radio but Dad’s! We
listened to hours and hours of news reporter, Lowell
Thomas.” (I didn’t want to ask him who that was, so
I googled him after our conversation!)
Jerry said, “Ninety-five percent of the baskets we made
in the workshop were pottery baskets, which supported
the family business. Dad would also make Easter
Baskets for us kids, and then — much later — for our
kids. Other baskets we made were the Large Market,
Medium Market, Cake and Auto (Magazine). We also
made Corn Baskets. Some of the local farmers used
them to carry feed for their livestock.”
In those days, almost everyone in Dresden had
gardens. Jerry said, “The gardens were called
Victory Gardens back then. People would put a layer
of newspaper in the bottom of the basket and then
take it to the garden to fill with their vegetables.
You made sure you behaved yourself in the summer.
With Dad having two big gardens, there was a lot
of weed-pulling for punishment if you misbehaved!”
I love hearing in their voices the love and passion
they have for their family and their childhood
experiences. As my husband Gary has always said,
“We were poor, but we didn’t know it.” That is a
testament to J.W. and Bonnie Longaberger and the
small village of Dresden.
embership has its privilege! Collectors Club members who purchase the 2016 Member Basket will receive this
special-edition basket, signed by a Longaberger family member. This beautiful basket features a 20th Anniversary
brass tag and, available separately, a WoodCrafts Lid bearing the 20th Anniversary burn. The 2016 Member Basket is
available throughout 2016, but the offer of a Longaberger family signature is only available in January.
| Collectors Club Connection
b eg i n s
• Enjoy some great bluegrass music by
the talented Wayfarers
Tractor Basket,
Charter Member Grand Prize Drawing
16˝l x 12˝w x 14½˝h
f ar
• Watch fun-on-the-farm
demonstrations from some of our
friends, like the guys at Tilton Hollow
a c el e b
ou r
Januar y
lectors Club
2016 Longaberger Col
Homestead Gatherin
American Farm Ro
A Celebration of Our
April 23, 2016
Collectors Club
r Home Office
community, Longaberge
erger family at
friends and the Longab
th anniversary
the Collectors Club 20
ning an event
celebration. We’re plan
e Longaberger
not to be missed at th
by our farm
Homestead — inspired
day of a time!
roots. You’ll have a hay-
• If you are so lucky to own an antique
truck, bring it along — we’ll have
special parking for you and you could
win an award!
• Our farm petting zoo will be the
perfect place to capture fun photos
you’ll want to share with your friends
• Find a Longaberger treasure you
may have been searching for at our
Collectors Market
• Have fun making your own
Longaberger Make It Take It
• Experience the once-in-a-lifetime
viewing of the extensive personal
collection of J.W. Baskets
• Our Charter Members can take a
break at their own Relax Station
• Visit with Longaberger family
members and have them sign your
• Join in on some fun down-on-the-farm
competitions — wheel barrow and toy
tractor races, pig calling competitions
and maybe even a cow pie tossing
• Shop the Homestead’s new Makers
Market — showcasing unique made in
America products
If you’re not there, we’ll miss you!
Collectors Club Connection | D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 5
| Collectors Club Connection
Throw on some gingham and denim and
join us for a fun evening of games, music,
memories, mouthwatering delectables and
a few surprises!
6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Longaberger Homestead Crawford Barn
Friday Night Crawford
Barn BBQ Dinner
amer n farm
o ot
a celebration
Cow Bell Basket,
Member Hourly Prize
2016 Field Day
Homestead Gathering
9 a.m.
Charter Member early opening
10 a.m.
Homestead open to all
Gathering attendees
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
On-the-hour Member and
Charter Member Drawings
Red Barn Make A Basket
(Winners need to be present)
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Make A Basket
The Wayfarers
10:30 a.m.
Welcome Ceremony
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Box Lunch Served
4:30 p.m.
Closing Ceremony and Member and
Charter Member Grand Prize Drawings
Collectors Club Connection | D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 5
Tractor Tire Basket and Lid Set,
Charter Member Hourly Prize
(Grand Prize winners do not need to be present.
If not present to receive your prize a shipping fee
will be assessed)
Event Details
Member Event Ticket – $20
(for our 20th anniversary — cute!)
• Box Lunch
• Access to Event Games
• Member Hourly and
Grand Prize Drawings
Charter Members Exclusive:
Charter Member Hourly
and Grand Prize Drawings
Member Guest
Event Ticket – $30
Includes: Box Lunch
Under 18 Years Old
Event Ticket – $10
Includes: Box Lunch
Friday Night Crawford
Barn BBQ Dinner – $60
Red Barn
Make A Basket – $59
• Offered either ready-made
or Make-A-Basket
• Basket accessories available
for purchase
at the event
• Purchase at the time you
register for the event
Cow Bell Basket
Member Hourly Prize – $52
• Also available for all active
Members to purchase at the
time you register for the event
Tractor Tire Basket and
Lid Set Charter Member
Hourly Prize – $86
• Also available to all active
Charter Members to purchase
at the time you register
for the event
Registration Dates
January 25 through March 7, 2016
Go to
or call 740-322-7800.
Big News: Longaberger Homestead will be opened all winter
and starting January 2 it will be opened every day of the week!*
Make your plans now to visit the
Salvaged Treasures Marketplace
We’ve been busy
planning some exciting
events at the Longaberger
Homestead in 2016.
Mark your calendars
and start your travel
plans with your friends
and family. We’ve got
a year packed with
celebrations for everyone
– and we’ve even added
a really cool new spring
and fall weekend
event called Salvaged
Treasures Marketplace.
You won't want to miss
it! Remember, at every
Longaberger Homestead
event we’ll have a little
something special for our
very best customers – our
beloved Collectors Club
members. We can’t wait
to see you!
in 2016!
2016 Longaberger Homestead
Calendar of Events
•Spring Fling: April 2 and April 9
•Collector Club event: April 23
Closed to the public
• Mothers & Daughters Weekend: May 7–8
•Salvaged Treasures Marketplace: May 14–15
•Salute to Veterans: May 28
•American Summer Celebration: June 10–11
•Father's Day Special: June 18–19
•Homestead's People Choice Car Show: June 25
Sponsored by the Kanawha Valley Corvette Car Club
•Low Speed Auto Cross: June 26
Sponsored by the Kanawha Valley Corvette Car Club
•Heritage Days: September 23–24
•Horizon of Hope Pink Party: October 8
•Salvaged Treasures Marketplace: October 22–23
Tickets are available at the door
•SpookTacular: October 29
•Homestead for the Holidays: December 3
Homestead Hours
Sunday: Noon – 5 p.m.
Monday – Thursday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Friday & Saturday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
*Closed on New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday,
Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day
and New Year’s Eve Day
For more information, contact Guest Relations at 740.322.5588 •
Purveyors of vintage, salvaged, upcycled, antique
and handmade treasures await you at the beautiful
Longaberger Homestead Crawford Barn. This
unique curated market will feed your passion and
cultivate your creative spirit. Advance tickets on
sale at the Longaberger Homestead for just $7.
Tickets are available at the door.
Click below to find out more: When:
May 14–15 and
October 22-23, 2016
Saturday: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Sunday: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.
Longaberger Homestead
Crawford Barn
| Collectors Club Connection
Renewing Your
Collectors Club
You can now renew your Collectors
Club membership online! Just log in to
your Longaberger customer account to
bring up the shopping page and click on
the Collectors Club link at the left side
of your screen. Click on the Collectors
Club Renewal link, add it to your basket
and then proceed to Checkout (unless,
of course, you want to do some more
shopping!). Renewals are still just $45 for
one year (all renewals are for one year only).
• Collectors Club Snow Diamond Basket Set
Now through February 2016
• Collectors Club Maple Leaves Basket
• 2015 Collectors Club Member Basket
Now – February
•Collectors Club Receive a Free Protector with the
Purchase of Mr. Flurry Basket
•Order by December 4 and we’ll ship by December 16th
January through February 2017
•2016 Collectors Club 20th Anniversary Member Basket
In January Members receive a Longaberger family
signature on each basket
Now – Febr uary
January 2016 –
February 2017
Longaberger Homestead
•Member Exclusive!
Make-A-Basket is the perfect gift for the holidays —
the perfect gift you create!
Remember to call Guest Relations today and reserve
your time to make a Collectors Club special-edition
Make A Basket!
Lorie Collins, 16 years of service
Collectors Club Connection | D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 5
Now through December
Have questions about your membership,
or an order? Your Longaberger Home
Consultant will be happy to assist you!
Friendly representatives at Longaberger
Customer Care are also available to take
your call at 740-322-7800 between 8:00
a.m. and 11:00 p.m. EDT, Monday-Friday.
We’re happy to announce that we are
increasing our staff to better support you!
What 's Up
•Member Perks!
In December at the Longaberger Homestead,
Collectors Club Members will receive $5 off a
Longaberger product with any $50 Longaberger
Homestead purchase and a special holiday gift.
One $5-off coupon and one special holiday gift
per Collector Club member. Members must visit the
Homestead in person to receive the coupon and gift.
| Collectors Club Connection

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