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ConnectionNovember 2015
November 2015
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My Favorite Things
November 2015
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things
When the creative team started planning our holid
ay campaign, I began to think about
how important “things” are in our lives. To some peop
le “things” are not as important
as experiences. I find my “things” are touchstones for
my memories of past experiences.
They instantly connect me to a moment, a place or
a person. “Things” trigger sounds,
smells, colors and emotions. I can still hear the bell
that rang when dinner was ready at my
grandmother’s home every Friday evening at 6 p.m
. I recall a Longaberger Picnic Basket
that was given to me years ago by a dear friend that
would often stay at my home — and
now is signed by every guest that visits us for an over
night stay. My Favorite Things list
goes on and on — for many different reasons. Wh
en I share some of these thoughts with
friends and family about my favorite things, they imm
ediately respond with their own
stories — and we are immediately connected in a new
and very personal way. That’s why the
Longaberger Creative Team decided to use Our Favo
rite Things as our guiding principle
when developing product and our beautiful flyers for
the holiday season.
I invite you to share Your Favorite Things with me
and your Longaberger Collectors Club
family in the December issue of CONNECTION.
Please send me your short stories and
photos of Your Favorite Things to [email protected] by Friday, December 4.
Until then, have a great Thanksgiving with your fam
ilies. Travel safely and give thanks for
living in this wonderful country.
Collectors Club Connection | N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5
Michael Kennedy, Creative Director
| Collectors Club Connection
Our Favorite Things to
Craft for the
At Longaberger we love crafting things by hand. Of
course, our baskets are our number one favorite craft.
Throughout each season of the year, we also love crafting
other things — like decorating and cooking. The Creative
Team got together early this fall and created some fun
ideas for you and your family to try during the holidays.
They’re rather simple, pretty, cute and some are even very
delicious! All of them will impress your friends! So give
them a try and let us know if they made you look like a
star during the holiday season!
Click below to see this great videos:
Link Name Here
Collectors Club Connection | N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5
| Collectors Club Connection
Nature’s Bounty
Santa Belly Planter Sleeve
The winter months are a great
time to bring the outside, inside.
Not only perfect for poinsettias,
the Santa Belly Medium Planter
Sleeve is a great way to show
off nature’s winter bounty.
Perfectly at home either in an
entry way or on the hearth,
this easy display brings indoors
everything nature has to offer.
Longaberger has made mantle
decorating easier than ever!
The WoodCrafts Moose, Bear,
Small Reindeer, and Christmas
Tree all look great together
and are even better when they
are placed in their miniature
natural habitat. This too-cute
woodland scene not only pays
homage to the great north, but
also looks great all through the
winter months.
What you need:
What you need:
• Medium Santa Belly
Planter Sleeve
After you have assembled your supplies, begin adding the natural
elements to your Planter Sleeve. Start with the birch logs — use the
taller logs in the back and shorter in the front.
• WoodCrafts Bear
When you have the logs just the way you want them, add sprigs of pine
to fill the gaps between the logs.
• WoodCrafts Small Reindeer
• WoodCrafts Christmas Tree
Gather your supplies, and be creative. Create a bed of moss; add in a few
stones and twigs. Place your mini pine trees. If you are using live trees
be sure to place something underneath the container to catch the excess
water when you water them.
• Moss (found at local
craft supply store)
Once the trees are placed, use some moss to camouflage the containers
to keep the look very natural.
• Small birch logs (varying sizes)
• Sprigs of Pine
• Pine cones
• Small strand of twinkle lights
(electric or battery-powered)
Winter Woodland Scene
Next, throw in some pinecones for a smaller element to rest on the bed
of pine you have created. Finally, add the twinkle lights. This gives it a
soft glow and illuminates the beauty of nature.
The possibilities are endless! Add glitter picks for more sparkle, or forego
the pinecones for some beautiful Christmas tree bulbs. The scent of the
fresh pine will fill your home and the striking red of the Santa Belly
Sleeve will attract any eye to this beautiful arrangement.
Collectors Club Connection | N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5
• WoodCrafts Moose
• Small stones
• Small twigs
• Mini pine trees (live small trees
look best, but faux trees work
as well)
When the landscape is finished, add in your WoodCrafts Animals.
Finally, scatter sprinkle snow over the landscape and creatures to give
the scene a perfect wintry feel. This little woodland scene will soon have
your neighbors and friends asking, “Where do I get those?”
• Sprinkle snow
| Collectors Club Connection
Sweet Tree
This cute little dessert is
sure to satisfy even the
biggest sweet tooth. It
does take some time to
make, but the end result
is totally worth it! Using
your favorite cupcake and
sugar cookie recipe, these
little guys will impress
even the most critical
guest at your next holiday
Chocolate and
Peppermint Popcorn
A favorite Christmas
tradition is watching
a holiday movie
marathon, which
is never complete
without popcorn! Who
doesn’t love popcorn?
Here is a great recipe
for Chocolate and
Peppermint Popcorn,
sure to get you in the
holiday spirit.
What you need:
What you need:
• Longaberger Woven
Traditions® Dessert Bowls
After you have mixed the ingredients of your cupcake recipe, pour the batter into the
Dessert Bowls, making sure not to over-fill (you don’t want the cupcake to overtake the
bowl). Place the Dessert Bowls with cupcake batter in the oven; cook as recipe dictates.
• 1 bag unbuttered popcorn
Unwrap the candy canes, place in the Ziploc bag. Using a spoon, break the candy
canes into small pieces. Microwave the popcorn until bag is popped. Once the
popcorn is popped and has cooled enough to open the bag, spread the popcorn on a
baking sheet.
• Your favorite
cupcake recipe
• Your favorite
sugar cookie recipe
• Nesting star cookie cutters
(set of 6)
• Vanilla icing
• Powdered sugar
• A small flour sifter
After you have made and rolled the cookie dough, use the nesting star cookie cutters
to cut varying sizes of cookies. Make 2 of the largest size cookies for the base (you
will want seven cookies total for each cupcake). The smallest of the cookies will cook
faster than the larger ones, so keep your eye on them, as they will burn easily.
After the cupcakes in Dessert Bowls are baked and the cookies are done, you are
ready to assemble the tree. First ice the top of the cupcake, then place the largest
star on top of it. Place a small dab of icing on top of the cookie to keep the cookie
in place. As you assemble the tree, alternate the points of the stars; this will make
the stars look like a tree. Completely ice the top cookie and place the smallest star
standing up, so that it looks like a tree topper.
Once you have assembled the tree, lightly sift the powdered sugar over the top of the
sweet tree to make it look snow-dusted. After you dust the tree, you should have the
perfect little treat to serve your guests.
Collectors Club Connection | N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5
• 1 bag of milk
chocolate morsels
• 6–8 red, green and
white candy canes
• 1 Ziploc bag (large
enough for the candy
canes to fit in)
Melt the chocolate morsels using either a double boiler or in the microwave (a double
boiler makes it easier to ensure the chocolate isn’t burning). For a make-shift double
boiler, use a stock pot and heat-proof bowl. In the stock pot, boil an inch of water then
cover the top of the stock pot with the heat-proof bowl. Pour the bag of milk chocolate
morsels into the bowl and let them melt, stirring occasionally to avoid burning.
Once the chocolate is completely melted, drizzle it over the popcorn on the baking
sheet. Take the crushed candy canes and sprinkle over the now chocolaty popcorn.
Let the chocolate harden and then fill your new Red, Green, or Silver Longaberger
Medium Plastic Tray with the Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn.
Place the tray in the Medium Tabletop Basket and serve. This simple and quick treat is
sure to be a family favorite!
| Collectors Club Connection
Fill-it Hurricanes
'Tis the Season
Chalkboard Tie-Ons
The Fill-it Hurricanes
make the perfect
centerpiece for any table;
adding a sprig of holly
and some water gives
the hurricane the perfect
amount of holiday flare.
What you need:
What you need:
• Longaberger
Fill-it Hurricanes
Combining a bit of glycerin and water keeps the holly from floating.
Glycerin can be found at any craft store. After filling the bottom of
the Hurricane, top it off with a candle. This centerpiece is simple, quick
and beautiful for your holiday tabletop
• Longaberger
Chalkboard Tie-Ons
With chalk or a chalk pen, simply write the name of a family member
or friend on the Small Chalkboard Tie-On, roll up a 19" Fabric Square,
then tie the Small Chalkboard Tie-On around the Fabric Square.
• Chalkboard pen
Draw a few snowflakes alongside the name for added seasonality.
That’s it!
• Glycerin
• Holly floral decoration
Not only are the Chalkboard Tie-Ons
perfect for labeling a basket, they also make
great place cards on your holiday tablescape.
Collectors Club Connection | N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5
• Your favorite
19" Fabric Squares
| Collectors Club Connection
Our Favorite Things:
A Christmas Parade
Never To Be Missed!
By Sean McClure, Photography Stylist
Dresden Holiday
Christmas Parade
Collectors Club Connection | N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5
he Christmas Parade, originally started
by the Dresden Village Association 25
years ago has been held every year since.
It’s an evening parade so that Christmas
lights can be used on the floats and a
holiday tradition that the village residents
and guests look forward to every year.
I think when we are young we try to separate
ourselves from the places that made us who we are;
such was the case with me. Growing up in Dresden,
I was eager to move on to “bigger and better things.”
I couldn’t wait to go to college, to fly the nest as it
were. My biggest complaint about the quiet little
village was that everybody knew my name, knew
my family, and always knew if I were up to no good.
For instance, I remember a Halloween where my
friends and I were performing an array of traditional
tricks (ding dong ditch, pumpkin smashing, etc.).
Before I could make it home, all of the neighbors
(victims of the trickery) had already called and
told my parents what I was up to. It was this lack
of anonymity that drove me crazy. I didn’t want
anonymity, for dubious reasons. I just wanted to
walk down the street and see somebody I didn’t
know. I yearned for the new and different. In August
of 2004 I got my chance. I went away
to the “big city” of Columbus, Ohio.
up in elf hats and various other costumes and walk
in the parade to pass out candy. I had done this for
years, and this being a parade that people generally
come home for, I was not eager to see everyone and
explain that I had moved home.
The Longaberger float was always at the beginning
of the parade, so we would walk in the parade
and finish early enough that we could still see the
majority of what was behind us. This particular year
felt different for some reason. As I said, I had been
in this parade for years, and although it is a nice
parade to watch, it doesn’t vary much from year to
year. When the Longaberger float reached the end
of the parade route, I began walking down Main
Street to where I left my car. The streets were still
lined with people watching the rest of the parade.
I was stopped about every 5 feet or so to talk to
someone I knew. At first, all I could think was that
I wanted to get to my car; it was cold and starting
to snow. However, with each person I talked to I
At first being away from home was great. I could
felt slightly warmer, slightly more at home. I finally
do what I wanted, when I wanted. The best part
reached the corner of Sixth and Main Streets. The
was that I was meeting new people all the time.
parade was ending and as every year, the last float
I had built some great friendships and met some
was Santa Claus (the Dresden Chief of Police) atop
interesting and wonderful people. However, I always a fire truck. People were cheering and the children
felt like something was missing. In 2006 I was at
were smiling and waving. I looked upon one of the
a sort of crossroads — I could stay in Columbus
most beautiful scenes I had ever seen in my life. This
and be independent of my small town roots, or
Santa Claus I had known my entire life suddenly
I could move home and be with those that knew
seemed so magical. The snow was falling perfectly
me best. I opted to move home. I will be honest —
and contrasted beautifully against the vibrancy of
at the time, I hated the decision. I thought that
his red suit. I stood in awe for what seemed like an
I had failed in some way. I had not made all of
hour, not just because of the beauty of the scene,
my dreams come true, and here I am in the very
which looked like a Norman Rockwell painting, but
place it took me 18 years to break free from.
because I realized something. I was right where I
was supposed to be. Life works in mysterious ways.
I moved home in the summer of 2006 and began
I was standing in the heart of the place I had been
working for Longaberger in the Entertainment
dying to get out of, and I had never been happier,
department (a job I had done in the summers since
more at home, nor felt more loved.
I was a sophomore in high school). Summer faded
I am so blessed to have grown up in such a giving,
into fall and fall into winter, and it was time for the
loving, and magical community. I made the decision
annual Dresden Christmas Parade. Longaberger
then and there, that I would spend my life here and
always had a float in the parade (something we still
work for the company I love and admire greatly.
do). The Entertainment department would dress
Jeff Garver, Dresden Police Chief, remembers a time
he ended up without a CDL-licensed driver for the
Fire Department’s new hook-and-ladder truck. A
Longaberger Home Consultant’s tour bus driver said,
“Boy, I’d sure like to drive that truck,” and Jeff put him
behind the wheel! The parade went on, with Santa at
the end on the fire truck!
2016 Parade: Saturday, December 5th at 5:30 p.m.
The parade will run from south on Main Street to the
parking lot of the Tri-Valley Middle School. Anyone and
everyone is invited to attend or even participate in the
parade. Meet at the old Longaberger Home Office at the
end of Chestnut Street. 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
9 a.m.–5 p.m.
10:30 a.m.
11 a.m. &
12 p.m.
The Nutcracker Ballet Sam
pler by Movement on Main
At Home Kitchen Area
Welcome Center
Longaberger Homestead
Studio At Home Foyer
12:30 to 2:30 p.m.
Horse drawn carriage rides
rtified Gold” Choir presents
River View High School “Ce
favorite holiday songs
2 p.m.
Decorate Christmas cookie
11a.m. to 3p.m.
3 p.m.
3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
4 p.m
5 p.m.
5:30 p.m.
ve a FREE mini candy
 Santa letter writing–recei
 Make-it and Take-it
 Costume character enterta
 Food tasting
drop -off
 Salvation Army donations
 Toys for Tots
p -off
 Military Ca
 Hot cho
orite holiday songs
Girl Scouts carolers sing fav
s with Mrs. Clause
Main Street
At Home Foyer
At Home Foyer
At Home Kitchen
ion with The Goat Guys from
Cheese making demonstrat
Tilton Hollow
High School “Certified Gold”
Gift wrapping by River View
Choir. Donation only.
At Home Foyer
ta Belly gift basket!
Grand prize drawing - San
Dresden Holiday Parade
for the day. See you at the
Main Street Dresden
Dresden Holiday Parade
Collectors Club Connection | N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5
| Collectors Club Connection
Our Favorite Things:
A Snowman Basket called
Mr. Flurry
He’s ornery, he gets into lots of trouble, he blows in and
out of places you’d never guess, he’ll scare you when you
least suspect it — and make you laugh! He’s just a big
funny character — he’s Mr. Flurry!
We’ve had lots of fun with Mr. Flurry over the last
few months here at the Big Basket — or should I say
Mr. Flurry has had a lot of fun with us. Mr. Flurry has
appeared in the strangest places. I found him in my
desk drawer. Lynn screeched when she saw him peering
around a corner last week. Andy found him in the driver
seat of his car one evening. And Brenton found him
today as he opened the refrigerator door — Mr. Flurry
was drinking a can of pop.
Our photography team of Sharon Wood and Sean
McClure photographed Homestead employee Tony
Ripple’s daughter as the star of the Mr. Flurry story.
Obviously she did a great job — but mom had to
run outside to get her attention to gaze out in the
shimmering snow — in August! The wonders of
Photoshop are amazing!
Collectors Club Connection | N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5
| Collectors Club Connection
You’re My
At Longaberger we love to “Share the Love” — no matter
your age, where you live, or who you share your love with. On
Valentine’s Day, share your love with a gift of the Longaberger’s
Sweetheart Collection to a child, a spouse, a parent, a best friend,
a favorite coworker or maybe even your best animal friend.
We’ve been weaving Longaberger Sweetheart Baskets for decades
— with lots of love and care! None of us here in Ohio can
remember a time we didn’t offer Sweetheart Baskets.
This year, our Sweetheart Collection of designs were inspired
by the new Love Longaberger campaign we kicked off earlier
this fall - our simple graphic design of replacing the “O” in the
Longaberger logo with a heart. We deliberately treated the heart
design as if it were hand painted — not perfect — but the sense
of an artist’s brush as she quickly painted a heart, using multiple
colors of red. Once we saw how beautiful the heart was, we
immediately determined we would have to use it as the center
of the Sweetheart Campaign. Our Design Team went to work,
creating a basket with multiple colors of red, a heart plate, and
note cards to “share the love”. I hope you fall in love with these
beautiful designs and “share the love” with your Sweethearts.
Don’t we all need to share a little more love in this world!
Collectors Club Connection | N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5
| Collectors Club Connection
f ar
• Watch fun-on-the-farm
demonstrations from some of our
friends like the guys at Tilton Hollow
ou r
a c el e b
njoy some great bluegrass music by
the talented Wayfarers
lectors Club
2016 Longaberger Col
Homestead Gatherin
American Farm Ro
A Celebration of Our
April 23, 2016
Collectors Club
r Home Office
community, Longaberge
erger family at
friends and the Longab
th Anniversary
the Collectors Club 20
ning an event
celebration. We’re plan
e Longaberger
not to be missed at th
by our farm
Homestead — inspired
day of a time!
roots. You’ll have a hay-
• I f you are so lucky to own an antique
truck — bring it along — we’ll have
special parking for you and you could
win an award
ur farm petting zoo will be the
perfect place to capture fun photos
you’ll want to share with your friends
ind a Longaberger treasure you
may have been searching for at our
Collectors Market
ave fun making your own
Longaberger Make It Take It
• Experience the once-in-a-lifetime
viewing of the extensive personal
collection of J.W. Baskets
ur Charter Members can take a
break at their own Relax Station
isit with Longaberger family
members and have them sign your
• J oin in on some fun down-on-the-farm
competitions — wheel barrow and toy
tractor races, pig calling competitions
and maybe even a cow pie tossing
hop the Homestead’s new Makers
Market — showcasing unique made in
America products
If you’re not there we’ll miss you!
Collectors Club Connection | N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5
| Collectors Club Connection
Throw on some gingham and denim and
join us for a fun evening of games, music,
memories, mouthwatering delectables and
a few surprises!
6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Longaberger Homestead Crawford Barn
Friday Night Crawford
Barn BBQ Dinner
amer n farm
o ot
a celebration
Cow Bell Basket,
Member Hourly Prize
2016 Field Day
Homestead Gathering
9 a.m.
Charter Member early opening
10 a.m.
Homestead open to all
Gathering attendees
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
On-the-hour Member and
Charter Member Drawings
(Winners need to be present)
Red Barn Make A Basket
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Make A Basket
The Wayfarers
10:30 a.m.
Welcome Ceremony
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Box Lunch Served
4:30 p.m.
Closing Ceremony and Member and
Charter Member Grand Prize Drawings
Collectors Club Connection | N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5
Tractor Tire Basket and Lid Set,
Charter Member Hourly Prize
(Grand Prize winners do not need to be present.
If not present to receive your prize a shipping fee
will be assessed)
Event Details
Member Event Ticket – $20
(for our 20th anniversary — cute!)
• Box Lunch
• Access to Event Games
• Member Hourly and
Grand Prize Drawings
Charter Members Exclusive:
Charter Member Hourly
and Grand Prize Drawings
Member Guest
Event Ticket – $30
Includes: Box Lunch
Under 18 Years Old
Event Ticket – $10
Includes: Box Lunch
Friday Night Crawford
Barn BBQ Dinner – $60
Red Barn
Make A Basket – $59
• Offered either ready-made
or Make-A-Basket
• Basket accessories available
for purchase
at the event
• Purchase at the time you
register for the event
Cow Bell Basket
Member Hourly Prize – $52
lso available for all active
Members to purchase at the
time you register for the event
Tractor Tire Basket and
Lid Set Charter Member
Hourly Prize – $86
• Also available to all active
Charter Members to purchase
at the time you register
for the event
Registration Dates
January 25 through March 7, 2016
Go to
or call 740-322-7800.
Make your plans now to visit the
We’ve been busy
planning some exciting
events at the Longaberger
Homestead in 2016.
Mark your calendars
and start your travel
plans with your friends
and family. We’ve got
a year packed with
celebrations for everyone
– and we’ve even added
a really cool new spring
and fall weekend
event called Salvaged
Treasures Marketplace.
You won't want to miss
it! Remember, at every
Longaberger Homestead
event we’ll have a little
something special for our
very best customers – our
beloved Collectors Club
members. We can’t wait
to see you!
Salvaged Treasures Marketplace
in 2
2016 Longaberger Homestead
Calendar of Events
•Homestead Opening Day
March 17
•Spring Fling
April 2 and April 9
•Collectors Club event
April 23 (Closed to the public)
•Mother’s & Daughter’s Weekend
May 7–8
•Salvaged Treasures Marketplace
May 14–15
•Salute to Veterans
May 28
•American Summer Celebration
June 10–June 11
•Father's Day Special
June 18–19
•Homestead's People Choice Car Show
Sponsored by the Kanawha Valley Corvette Car Club
June 25
•Low Speed Auto Cross
Sponsored by the Kanawha Valley Corvette Car Club
June 26
•Heritage Days
September 23–24
•Horizon of Hope® Pink Party
October 8
•Salvaged Treasures Marketplace
October 22–23 (Tickets are available at the door)
•Homestead for the Holidays
December 3
•Homestead Close for Season
December 23
For more information, contact Guest Relations at
740.322.5588 •
Purveyors of vintage, salvaged, upcycled, antique
and handmade treasures await you at the beautiful
Longaberger Homestead Crawford Barn. This
unique curated market will feed your passion and
cultivate your creative spirit. Advance tickets on
sale at the Longaberger Homestead for just $7.
Tickets are available at the door.
Click below to find out more: When:
May 14–15 and
October 22-23, 2016
Saturday: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Sunday: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.
Longaberger Homestead
Crawford Barn
| Collectors Club Connection
Renewing Your
Collectors Club
You can now renew your Collectors
Club membership online! Just log in to
your Longaberger customer account to
bring up the shopping page and click on
the Collectors Club link at the left side
of your screen. Click on the Collectors
Club Renewal link, add it to your basket
and then proceed to Checkout (unless,
of course, you want to do some more
shopping!). Renewals are still just $45 for
one year (all renewals are for one year only).
Have questions about your membership,
or an order? Your Longaberger Home
Consultant will be happy to assist you!
Friendly representatives at Longaberger
Customer Care are also available to take
your call at 740-322-7800 between 8:00
a.m. and 11:00 p.m. EDT, Monday-Friday.
We’re happy to announce that we are
increasing our staff to better support you!
What 's Up
Now through December
• Collectors Club Snow Diamond Basket Set
Now through February 2016
• Collectors Club Maple Leaves Basket
• 2015 Collectors Club Member Basket
Collectors Club Connection | N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5
Now through February
Collectors Club Maple Leaves Basket
•Collector Club Members Save $5 on the
Angel Tree Topper
•Collectors Club Receive a Free Protector with the
Purchase of Mr. Flurry Basket
•Order by December 4 and we’ll ship by December 16th
Longaberger Homestead
Now through Februa
2015 Collectors Club Me
mber Basket
Angel Tree Topper
•Member Exclusive!
Make-A-Basket is the perfect gift for the holidays —
the perfect gift you create!
Remember to call Guest Relations today and reserve
your time to make a Collectors Club special edition
June Lewis, 26 years of service
•Member Perks!
In November at the Longaberger Homestead,
Collectors Club Members will receive $5 off a
Longaberger product with any $50 Longaberger
Homestead purchase and a special holiday gift.
One $5 off coupon and one special holiday gift per
Collectors Club member. Members must visit the
Homestead in person to receive the coupon and gift.
Now through Decem
Collectors Club Snow
Diamond Basket
Mr. Flurry Basket
| Collectors Club Connection