Spring 2015 - New Hanover County Schools



Spring 2015 - New Hanover County Schools
Dr. Robin Hamilton of
Parsley Elementary
School Named 2014-2015
Southeast Regional
Principal of the Year
View a photo-journal capturing moments
of the surprise ceremony held at Parsley
Elementary School on Friday, January 9,
2015, where the North Carolina
Department of Public Instruction
announced Dr. Hamilton’s nomination as
the Southeast Regional Principal of the
Year (p. 3).
March 27
½ Day for Students
March 30th – April
Spring Break
May 25
Memorial Day
p.11 - WE
NHCS! These pages are dedicated to showing the love to the AWESOME employees of NHCS.
p.23 - THIS & THAT Employee classifieds
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Spring 2015
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Dr. Hamilton was surprised by the ceremony organized to honor her
for her designation as the Southeast Regional Principal of the Year.
Dr. Sandra Sheridan, retired NHCS assistant superintendent, and one
Dr. Hamilton’s mentors, shared stories about the times they shared
together. Donald S. Hayes, Chairman of the Board of Education
laughed as he remembered moments he had shared with Dr.
Hamilton over the years.
She shed tears of shock and joy as Dr. Markley announced the purpose
of the surprise event.
A photo presentation was played during the ceremony that paid
tribute to Dr. Hamilton through the years. It consisted of pictures of
her with her family and her school family. Dr. Hamilton thoroughly
enjoyed the walk down memory lane.
Spring 2015
Dr. Hamilton and some of her Parsley Elementary Family. From left
to right: Music Teacher Robyn Avery, Instructional Coach Malinda
Hall, Principal Robin Hamilton, Assistant Principal Arlene Suggs
and Technology Assistant Mary Rizzo. Ms. Suggs, Ms. Hall and Ms.
Rizzo were the main organizers for the surprise ceremony at
Parsley. The ladies did a fabulous job keeping the event a secret
from Dr. Hamilton.
Dr. Hamilton’s daughter and fellow educator Ashley Wells and one
of her best friends Laura Holliday, principal of Holly Tree, attending
the ceremony.
Lessons for Success
Do the best you can. Do more than you’re asked. Be
enthusiastic. Take pleasure in your work. Have passion. Don’t
avoid work. Take responsibility for your work. Take your time.
Be on time. Be honest. Stand up for what is right. There will be
consequences. Be peaceful. Don’t complain. Value what is
important. Follow up quickly. Don’t put things off. Be respectful.
Don’t gossip. Don’t cheat. Don’t be discouraged. Have hope.
Have courage. Work hard. Work smart. Be fair. Be committed.
Trust yourself. Be humble. Be dependable. Choose your friends
wisely. Participate. Pay attention. Be kind. Keep your word.
Keep learning.
Dr. Hamilton with the Senior Leadership Team. From left to right: Superintendent
Tim Markley, Asst. Superintendent of Operations Bill Hance, Asst. Superintendent
of Human Resources John Welmers, Deputy Superintendent of Student Support
Rick Holliday, Regional Principal of the Year Robin Hamilton, Chief
Communications Officer Valita Quattlebaum, Chief Technology Officer Dawn
Brinson, and Asst. Superintendent of Instruction LaChawn Smith.
The 14-15 Regional Principal of the Year with
the 13-14 Regional Teacher of the Year
Melissa Gillespie.
Spring 2015
New and Renewed National Board Certified Teachers
Eight of New Hanover County Schools’ educators recently achieved National Board Certification and seventeen educators
renewed their certifications. Presently, the district has over 400 National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) and continues to be
among the leaders in the state with the highest numbers of NBCTs. These teachers will be recognized at the April 2015 Board
of Education Meeting.
Newly-certified Teachers:
Annmarie Edwards, Ogden Elementary School
Jennifer Edwards, Mary C. Williams Elementary School
Catherine Fox, Winter Park Elementary School
Camela Kirby, Myrtle Grove Middle School
Shannon McHone, Sunset Park Elementary School
Courtney Moates, Special Education Department
Kristina Ramsey, Sunset Park Elementary School
Jennifer Rosser, Pine Valley Elementary School
Renewed National Board Certification:
Stephanie Blackburn, Parsley Elementary School
Pamela Cannon, Myrtle Grove Middle School
Kristy Carter, Codington Elementary School
Ellen Clayton, Snipes Academy of Arts and Design
Rebecca Griffith, Isaac Bear Early College High School
Sharon Johnson, Castle Hayne Elementary School
Christy Kornegay, Roland-Grise Middle School
Channon Lanier, Williston Middle School
Deborah Lewis, Hoggard High School
Suzanne Micallef, Isaac Bear Early College High School
Leslie Pridgen, New Hanover High School
Angela Sawyer, Bradley Creek Elementary School
Suzanne Sexton, Ashley High School
Barbara Ussary, Instruction and Academic Accountability
Louise Walston, Snipes Academy of Arts and Design
Laura Weber, Trask Middle School
Christine Wesner, Roland-Grise Middle School
For more information regarding National Board Certification, visit www.nbpts.org, or contact Dr. Kim O'Briant, NHCS
Professional Development Supervisor, at (910) 254-4163.
To Mary C. Williams Elementary
Kindergarten Teacher Mandi Parker and Para-Educator Sukhbir
Dhillon who both received their ESL Certification in November 2014.
Spring 2015
United Way Campaign Reward Winners
Murrayville Elementary School and the Transportation and Testing departments had 100% participation in our 2014
Campaign. Each employee received catered Chick-fil-A lunch or breakfast! During the 2014 campaign, NHCS raised over
$34,000! Thank you to everyone who gave. To view all of the campaign results and photos, click here.
Chick-fil-A of Mayfaire donated a box lunch to each employee at
Murrayville Elementary School as a thank you for their 100%
participation during the 2014 United Way Campaign. Deputy
Superintendent Dr. Rick Holliday helped distribute the lunches to
the staff. Pictured left to right: Assistant Principal Jordan
Steinhilber, Dr. Holliday, and Principal Tim Dominowski. The
Murrayville campaign was led by Mrs. Steinhilber.
A special thank you goes to the Chick-fil-A at Mayfaire and Monkey
Junction for their extreme generosity of providing the campaign
rewards for the 2014 United Way Campaign.
The Transportation Department enjoyed a mix of Chick-fil-A
breakfast biscuits and chicken sandwiches thanks to the Chickfil-A in Monkey Junction. Pictured: Dispatcher El Jaye Johnson
said "Yes! Chick-Fil-a in the house!" The Transportation
campaign was led by Supervisor of EC and Central Division
Valeria Jones.
The NHCS Testing Department welcomed their lunch donated by the
Chick-fil-A in Monkey Junction after a busy mid-term testing season.
Pictured from left to right: Melissa Lewis, Jacqueline Swartwout and
Karen Greene. Not pictured: Elizabeth Murray. The Testing campaign
was led by Jacqueline Swartwout.
Spring 2015
Is Homeownership In Your Future?
Are you thinking about purchasing a home in the near future but you don’t know how to start? Do you think you cannot purchase
a home because you don’t qualify? If this sounds like you, then keep reading!
The Wilmington Regional Association of REALTORS® (WRAR) has resources available to help you
reach the dream of homeownership! First, WRAR offers Operation - Home Sweet Home, which is a
FREE education and outreach program designed to educate the public on the Homeownership Process.
Members of our Partners for Affordable Homeownership team hold these free and informative seminars
at local employer’s facilities or at the WRAR headquarters during a time and place that YOU choose.
Credit counselors, lenders, and REALTORS® are available at the end of each session to provide oneon-one counseling and direction to interested individuals with no obligation required. The class is less
than two hours long and can be scheduled in the afternoon, evening or on a Saturday to meet your
needs. Please “click here” to sign up and we will contact you with our next event.
The second and most exciting resource that is available for employees of New Hanover County
Schools is $2000 in down payment assistance. It is FREE money for those who qualify.
Applicants must meet certain income guidelines, have $500 of their own money to put into the
transaction, complete a HUD-- approved Homebuyer Education Class (Operation - Home Sweet
Home does not qualify)-- which can be done online, and work with a REALTOR® that has been
certified as a Workforce Housing Specialist. Visit http://homes4nc.org/downpaymentassistance-program.cfm for more information about the program and find a Workforce Housing
Specialist in your area to assist you in your search for a new home.
Why rent when you can buy for less! You have heard this saying before, but now more than ever it is true. The rising costs of
affordable rentals in the Wilmington area make it difficult for the average citizen to afford a safe and desirable home to rent.
Current interest rates allow affordable house payments for buyers to avoid the whole rental market altogether. And despite
other rumors you might hear, lenders are still lending money for Americans to purchase homes. Don’t give up this great
opportunity to obtain the dream of homeownership!
SHOUT OUT: To Board of Education Member Edward B.
Higgins, Jr. Esq. for bringing this information about affordable
homeownership to our attention.
Save the dates!
NHCS has expanded the Summer Institute for 2015!
The Summer Institute for Instructional Innovation
will be held
June 23 and 24, 2015
Castle Hayne Elementary School
This is a great opportunity for professional growth in all areas. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.
The call for presenters for this two-day event will be coming soon. Presenting at this event is a great opportunity to share your
leadership and innovative instructional strategies with other professionals.
Spring 2015
NHC School Board Appreciation
During the month of January, New Hanover County Schools honored and celebrated the work of the New Hanover County
Board of Education and their contributions to our community. The goal of the designated month for appreciating the School
Board is to build awareness and understanding of the vital function an elected board of education plays in our community.
To honor the NHC Board of Education, every Murrayville Elementary
student sent the Board a "high five." Mobiles made of the students'
hands hang in the Board of Education Center. Pictured from left to
right: Bruce T. Shell, Tammy J. Covil, Murrayville Principal Tim
Dominowski (lower), Vice Chair Jeannette S. Nichols, Chairman
Donald S. Hayes and Murrayville Assistant Principal Jordan
Carolina Beach Elementary School expresses their gratitude to
the New Hanover County Board of Education.
Myrtle Grove Middle School used their school marquee to show their
appreciation of the Board of Education to all of their school community.
Rachel Freeman Elementary Principal Dr. Sherry Veasey holds
the Freeman Bears card that was sent to our Board of Education. It
was signed by the students and staff as a token of their appreciation.
SHOUT OUT: Thank you to each member of our
Board of Education—Donald S. Hayes, Jeannette S.
Nichols, Janice A. Cavenaugh, Tammy J. Covil, Lisa Estep,
Edward B. Higgins, Jr. and Bruce T. Shell—for your service
and sacrifice.
Spring 2015
Spring 2015
presented by
The 3rd Annual Teacher Trot 5K and Fun Run is May 2nd!
Race Proceeds to Support District Wellness Programs
The 3rd Annual Teacher Trot 5K Race and Fun Run, presented by Hendrick Toyota of Wilmington, is Saturday, May
2, 2015. The event will begin at 8:00 a.m. and will be held at Ashley High School. Proceeds raised from the event
will help to support staff wellness and student physical education programs. The event is being sponsored by
Hendrick Toyota, Ashton Farm, Pierce Group Benefits, Shavor Chiropractic, T-Mobile and other supporting
community sponsors.
“The Teacher Trot is a great opportunity for New Hanover County Schools employees, students, parents and
community members to run together in an effort to build our district’s wellness programs,” said Superintendent Dr.
Tim Markley, an avid runner. “NHCS encourages both employees and students to put their physical wellness as a
priority. Healthy lifestyle habits are essential for learning.”
Many schools have formed teams and will compete for awards that include “Most School Spirit” and “Most
Participation.” In addition, awards will be given to the top three finishers in the following categories: Age Groups,
Best Overall, and Teams.
Registration is open for the NHCS Teacher Trot. Registration costs are $25 for adults and $15 for students. Race
day registration will be $30 and will begin at 7:00 a.m. Online registration is now open: https://its-go-time.com/nhcsteacher-trot-2015/. For additional information, contact Jessica Eliot at [email protected] or (910) 254-4304.
Spring 2015
We would just
for you to share your photos with your fellow NHCS
employees! Send them to the Public Relations Department with a caption
describing the photo.
“SHOUT OUT” – Have something nice to say but no photo to go with
it? Send us your shout out and we will quote you in the next edition.
Snipes Academy of Arts and Design showed the love to their bus
drivers by hosting a special luncheon for them during School Bus
Driver Appreciation Week. Many schools did something special
to show their appreciation for what their drivers do all year long.
SHOUT OUT: Chad Coble, cook at Trask Middle
School, has years of experience in the culinary field and attended
the Culinary Institute of America in New York. Mr. Coble is
continuously working on recipes, in regards to seasoning, cut sizes
and cooking procedures to insure the highest food quality possible.
When Child Nutrition is looking for new recipes, he always takes the
initiative to seek out ideas and test them with students. He was able
to modify a current chicken quesadilla recipe and make it more
student friendly as well as introducing the new menu item “Fresh
Red Skinned Mashed Potatoes.” The new mashed potatoes have
received rave reviews from students and school staff. While the
students are selecting their menu choices, Mr. Coble encourages the
students to select the fresh vegetables and fruit items that are
offered each day. Mr. Coble is a great teacher when it comes to
teaching staff the most efficient way to accomplish daily functions in
the kitchen, but you have to be willing to listen and learn. Child
Nutrition has several school kitchens working with culinary high
school students and Mr. Coble has taken it a step further and
teaches the students the proper knife cutting skills and cooking skills
needed for outside restaurant experience.
~ Imer Smith, Director of Child Nutrition
Gregory Elementary celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday and Read Across
America Week by inviting NHCS staff and community members to read
their favorite Dr. Seuss book to students. Media Specialist Natalie
Caddell (right) organized the event with the help of Technology Facilitator
Angela Deavor (left) and Principal Krista Holland (middle).
This fire truck visited the Good Shepherd Center for a great reason:
Todd Machler from the Wilmington Fire Department also drives a
school bus. Every day on his route, one student talks about how
much he wants to be a fireman when he grows up. As a surprise,
his bus driver showed up at the shelter driving a fire truck, just for
him! He had a great time climbing in, honking the horn, and of
course posing for a picture.
Spring 2015
These beautiful ladies paused from the 2015 Legislative Luncheon to
take a photo. Back row: Chief Communications Officer Valita
Quattlebaum, Sunset Park Teacher of the Year Claire Caldwell,
Rachel Freeman Principal Sherry Veasey, Wrightsboro Principal Boni
Hall, Parsley Principal Robin Hamilton, Sunset Park Principal Jakki
Jethro, Carolina Beach Principal Cindy Wartel. Front row: Bradley
Creek Principal Lauren Kefalonitis, Asst. Superintendent LaChawn
Smith, Sunset Park Teacher Crystal Kaus, Lake Forest Academy
Principal Kristin Jackson.
The NC Alliance for Athletics, Health, Physical Education,
Recreation, Dance and Sport Management announced that
Curt Fallon from Anderson Elementary School received a
$2,500 grant from SHAPE America for his work as a
coordinator of the Jump Rope for Heart program and for
“driving the mission of heart health to the staff, students and
communities in which they live.” The $2,500 grant supports
professional development with a $1,300 stipend to attend
the SHAPE America National Convention, and a $1,200 US
Games gift certificate redeemable for equipment to enhance
his school’s physical education program.
SHOUT OUT: The Isaac Bear Early College team
has been recognized by the NC Department of Public Instruction
as the state winner for the ACT College and Career Transition
Award (high school division). This is part of the ACT College
and Career Readiness Campaign to celebrate achievement and
success in developing students that are ready for college and
careers. Isaac Bear has been selected as the high school in NC
to compete at the national level for leadership in college and
career readiness.
Johnson Early Childhood Center teachers Bailey Oelslager and
Ben Cookson treated their fellow co-workers with a surprise
coffee bar during a teacher workday. The menu featured a drink
called "Two Hour Delay," one called “Summer Vacation,” and
another drink dedicated to their principal, Mr. Hatch.
“I am so proud of you, our students, and school family. You
work so hard to help our students reach their goals for
college. You raise our students to incredible standards and it is
recognized by the rest of the state. Each of you is part of this
award! Without your dedication to personalization and powerful
teaching and learning this would not happen! You are "Making
an Impact Together" for our students and you deserved this
recognition and more! Congratulations Bearhawks! You are the
best College and Career Ready High School in North
Carolina! Now we are going to take on the Nation!
~Philip Sutton
Spring 2015
Holly Tree Elementary congratulates their Teacher Assistant
of the Year, Myra Parry (left) and their Teacher of the Year,
Dee Scarborough (right).
Wrightsville Beach Elementary Art Teacher Miss Jen Crafts was voted
Teacher of the Year by her colleagues! Miss Crafts is a wonderful,
talented, dedicated and caring teacher who is loved and admired by
her students. We are all very proud of her
SHOUT OUT: Congratulations to Robin
Hamilton on the publishing of her article entitled
“Transformative Kindergarten Transition Practices”
published in the February edition of Association for
Supervision and Curriculum Development online. Read
her article here.
~Valita Quattlebaum
Hoggard High School Media Specialist Debbie Lewis and her
Assistant Joy Allen created a book tree for the holiday season.
The PTSA of New Hanover High School wished the staff a Happy
Valentine’s Day with a popcorn and candy buffet.
Bradley Creek has been holding
ESL classes for the parents of their
Spring 2015
The 6th Annual Cardinal Strut held at Holly Tree
Elementary School on Saturday, February 28th, was
a huge success! Dr. Rick Holliday, New Hanover
County's Deputy Superintendent and Holly Tree
Elementary's PE Teacher, Leanne Vella, celebrated
their participation in the race.
Johnson Pre-K teachers Bailey Oelslager, Annah Reece and
Amy Leister attended the SDE Conference for North Carolina
Pre-Kindergarten Teachers, where they attended a creative
music workshop with Natalie Daise from Gullah Gullah Island.
Mr. J.W. Harrington was a NHCS Administrator in the
1950's for multiple schools --Winter Park, NHHS, Bradley
Creek, & Sunset Park. Mr. Harrington visited Sunset Park
and did a school tour, talked to teachers and students,
and stopped for a photo op with Sunset Park Principal
Jakki Jethro on the front steps of the school.
Carolina Beach Elementary School's UNCW student interns receive
site-based training provided by counselor Wendy Ivey and social worker
Nancy Saunders. The interns enjoyed the calming nature of the
guidance office and the cool toys and crafts they worked with during
their class.
Spring 2015
Director of Federal Programs Emma Jackson and Hoggard Coach
Scott Braswell both received the Children's Museum's "Great Friend
to Kids" award for dedicating their lives to children. The Children's
Museum of Wilmington honors individuals and organizations across
the community who make significant and outstanding contributions
to strengthening and advancing the interests of children.
The beginning teachers and mentors at Williston Middle School
enjoyed an afternoon of music and connections as the
participated in an afternoon of "speed networking." Catered by
Henry's restaurant, whose generosity also extended to a $25 gift
card that was raffled at the end of the meeting, the participants
relaxed to their favorite music as they shared favorite teaching
tips, management strategies, and instructional talents with both
fellow beginning teachers as well as veteran mentor teachers.
The outcome not only boosted academic and educational
knowledge, but fostered the camaraderie that builds the lasting
connections necessary for retaining true teaching talent.
SHOUT OUT: Congratulations to Patricia
Alletzhauser of Hoggard High School. She was named
the Luz M. Frye Honored Educator Scholar for 20152016!
The Public Relations Department was honored
with six Blue Ribbon achievement awards in five
different categories. The Teacher of the Year
poster and the Facts Brochure both received
awards in the Special Purposes Publication
category; the United Way Campaign won in the
Identity/Image Campaign category; the 2014
School Bond Campaign won in the Marketing
Campaign category; the Spring Fashion Show
edition of Diversity Matters won in the Electronic
Media category; and the NHCS homepage
received an award in the Internet/Website
category. The homepage is maintained through
collaboration between the Public Relations
Department and the Technology Department.
Pictured: Director of Public Relations Valita
Quattlebaum with NCSPRA President.
Director Tim McCoy and his New Hanover High School Steel Cats
steel drum band work with attendees of a group from Trinity United
Methodist. The group performed for and then taught the attendees
a song on the steel drum.
Spring 2015
Recent Board Recognized Employees
From the December 2014, January and February 2015 Board of Education Meetings
Look for the Board Meeting Highlights Newsletter in your email inbox Wednesday mornings after Tuesday Board Meetings, giving
you a summary of key district matters covered at the meeting. To watch Board Meetings from the comfort of your home, tune in to
TLN, Time Warner channel 5 or watch online on the NHCS-TV Studio page.
At the December 2014 Board Meeting, Bruce T. Shell took the
Oath of Office as a Board of Education Member. He is pictured
with his family.
At the December 2014 Board Meeting, Donald S. Hayes took
the Oath of Office as a Board of Education Member. Mr. Hayes
will remain the Board Chairman and Jeannette Nichols will
remain the Vice-Chairperson for the next two years. He is
pictured with his wife and daughter.
At the December 2014 Board Meeting, Janice A. Cavenaugh
took the Oath of Office as a Board of Education Member. Mrs.
Cavenaugh is pictured with her daughter.
At the December 2014 Board Meeting, Edward B. Higgins
took the Oath of Office as a Board of Education Member. He
is pictured with his wife.
Spring 2015
Recent Board Recognized Employees
From the December 2014, January and February 2015 Board of Education Meetings continued
The Board of Education recognized Dr. Derrick Hickey at the
December Board Meeting for his years of service on the New
Hanover County Board of Education. Dr. Hickey served on the Board
from 2010-2014. During that time, he participated in several different
committees, including the Legion Stadium, Budget Development,
Parks and Gardens and the Board of Education Scholarship
Claire McFall of Sunset Park Elementary was named the 2014 North
Carolina School Social Worker of the Year by the North Carolina
School Social Work Association. She was recognized at the
December 2014 Board Meeting.
Castle Hayne and Pine Valley Elementary schools were recognized at the December 2014 Board Meeting for their designation as a North
Carolina Department of Public Instruction Title I Reward School for the 2014-15 school year. These schools were selected because they
are among the top ten percent of Title I schools in the state, having either high performance or high progress for all student groups and
subgroups on statewide assessments over a number of years. Pictured left: Current Castle Hayne Principal Cyndy Bliss and retired Castle
Hayne Principal Margaret Dickens. Pictured right: Pine Valley Assistant Principal Jennifer Anderson.
Spring 2015
Recent Board Recognized Employees
From the December 2014, January and February 2015 Board of Education Meetings continued
At the January Board Meeting, Rebecca Clark, PE and Health teacher
at Virgo Preparatory Academy and New Hanover County Schools’
Middle School Teacher of the Year, was recognized for her selection
as the 2014 Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year by
the North Carolina Physical Education Association of North Carolina
Alliance for Athletics, Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance
and Sport Management.
At the January Board Meeting, in honor of Board Appreciation Month,
the District honored the New Hanover County Board of Education
members for their service to our community. The members were
presented with cards and coffee mugs featuring artwork created by
second grade students in Riley Woods’ art class at Castle Hayne
Elementary School.
To nominate an employee or student for consideration for a
Board Recognition Award, contact the Public Relations
Department at [email protected]
Free, Confidential Counseling
Available for all NHCS employees
Ann Giers Foltrauer, CSAC
At the February Board Meeting, Brita Clarkson (left), social studies
teacher at Williston Middle, and her student team were scheduled to
be recognized for winning the county-wide Stock Market Game.
Williston Assistant Principal Kristi Swain is also pictured (right).
[email protected]
4105 Fraternity Ct
Wilmington, NC 28413
Spring 2015
WWAY’s Teachers of the Week
If you or someone you know wins WWAY’s Teacher of the week, please be sure to send a picture with a caption to
[email protected] for inclusion in the web rotation and in the next edition of WAVES! To nominate someone, go to
Congratulations to Bianca Bozeman from Anderson
Elementary School!
Lainie Allred, a fourth grade teacher at Holly Tree
Elementary School says even the small things help her
students feel loved. At Christmas, she sent cards to every
student in her class to let them know she was thinking
about them over the holidays.
Congratulations to Pam Cannon of Myrtle Grove Middle School!
Kelly Crowley was recently named WWAY TV3's Teacher of the Week. In
addition to inspiring her 4th grade class at Pine Valley Elementary, Mrs.
Crowley is involved with Science Olympiad, Girls on the Run, STRIDE, and
the Walk to Cure Diabetes.
Spring 2015
WWAY Teachers of the Week continued
Parents nominated Jean Hughes of Parsley Elementary School
for WWAY’s Teacher of the Week. Mrs. Hughes retired after 32
years of teaching on February 1st.
Congratulations to Ms. Carla Simon of Ashley High School. Ms. Simon brings
her vibrant personality and deep knowledge of special education to the school.
The administration are thankful for all of her dedication and hard work.
The world famous Harlem Globetrotters will take fan interaction to a
new level when the 2015 “Washington Generals’ Revenge” World Tour
comes to the UNCW Trask Coliseum in Wilmington on Sunday, March
29th, 2015, at 3:00 p.m. After the game, Globetrotter stars remain on
court for autographs and photographs with fans. This year's
Globetrotters roster features stars such as Hi Lite Bruton and Cheese
Chisholm. They will join many other fan favorites, including, Slick Slaw,
and female star T-Time Brawner (Players subject to change).
New Hanover County Schools employees would be eligible to save
up to $8 off per ticket with Balcony Seats available for $24
(normally $31) and North Bleacher Seats available for $36
(normally $44). To order simply contact Carl Pavlock at 602-7077021 or through email at [email protected] and
say you are with New Hanover County Schools.
Congratulations to Andrea Hayes of Gregory Elementary
School. Ms. Hayes makes time in her schedule to spend with
students outside the classroom. Ms. Hayes cheers on her
students at their football and basketball games. Someone
commented that Ms. Hayes feels her career is a "calling", and
not just a "job."
Spring 2015
Employee News & Announcements
ary C. Williams
Elementary Instructional
Coach Carmen Milliken
welcome their daughter,
Shelby James Milliken
on January 6th.
Elementary Parent Liaison and
translator Abigail Hernandez
Baza and her husband Azar
welcomed their first daughter
Sophia Ximena Hernandez
Baza was born on February
ollege Park Elementary
ongratulations to Julie
Outlaw of Holly Tree on the
birth of her twin daughters,
Kate. They were born on
January 19, 2015. The proud
grandparents are Chris and
Pam Furr.
AIG teacher Robin Smith and
PE teacher Doug Smith
(Coach D) welcomed their
first child, a son, on February
4, 2015...Jonas James Smith.
arly Kanzler of Eaton
ynthia Stephenson,
Elementary, welcomed a
grandson on January 19,
2015 - Dante Gabriel
Salazar, weighs 7 lbs. 6
Elementary School and her
husband Nick welcome their
son, Hudson Adam Kanzler,
born 12/29/14. 6 lbs 8oz and 19
inches long.
Nutrition Manager at
Holly Tree, on the birth of
her new grandson Noah
Mason Bey who was born
on December 5, 2014 at
10:26 p.m. He weighed
8lbs 3oz, 21 1/2" long.
Elementary second grade
teacher Hilary May and her
husband Emerson welcomed
their first child, a beautiful
son, Cooper James into the
world on November 26, 2014.
Spring 2015
Employee News & Announcements continued
ongratulations to
Gregory Kindergarten
Teacher Tracy and her
husband Eric for the
arrival of their new
baby Luke. Luke’s big
already sharing her
love of reading with
Academy congratulates
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Agi on his recent
marriage on February
21, 2015 in Herndon,
Manager at Wrightsboro
has new granddaughter
born on December 5,
2014 at 8:23 a.m. She
weighed 7 lbs 2 oz. and
is 18 1/4 inches long.
irgo Preparatory
ary C. Williams
Elementary fifth grade
Schneider was married
Gilbertson on Saturday,
February 14th.
ongratulations to Levi
Hunt (Technology) and his
Anniversary on Saturday,
February 21st. Levi and
Courtney met in 1999 while
both were students at
Hoggard High School.
Have you received a new degree, gotten married,
have a new addition to your family, or have any
announcement you would like to share?
Submit your news to [email protected]
ric Irizarry, Principal at
Virgo Preparatory Academy
Congratulations Dr. I!
Condolences to Jamos Blackburn (Technology) and
Brandy Williamson (Technology) on the loss of Jamos's
grandmother on February 23, 2015.
Spring 2015
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services he offers here.
Each WAVES edition includes an employees’
classifieds page, THIS & THAT. Employees
may submit ads for items (for
sale/rent/wanted/etc) or to promote a service.
All ads should be submitted in writing to
Heather Miller via fax: 910-254-4477 or email:
[email protected]
For Sale: Skutt Kiln- Works but also needs work,
new bottom element, others are fine. $450.00 OBO.
Contact Amy [email protected] or (910)
Tutor available for students in grades 3-12. Master’s
degree in Special Ed. Areas of tutoring: reading,
writing, organization, strategies for ADHD, and
homework help. Contact Julia Edmonds @ (336)3911681 for more information. References available upon
Got Pictures?
Call AYS Photography,
Inc. 919.703.5604 All Events. Commercials. Etc.
For Sale: Android Samsung 4 Clip-on Holster $15
or best offer. Contact [email protected]
Music Lessons: Are you interested in learning a
musical instrument? Music educator with 25 + years
experience in music lessons has openings for
beginners and advanced players! Piano, guitar, bass
guitar, banjo, and ukulele lessons are available.
Contact [email protected] or call (910) 5991281 for more information.
For Sale: Slightly used Wintec Western Saddle
with Full Quarter Horse Bars. It is great for
Western riders who need a hard wearing saddle
that also offers extra security, aesthetic appeal
and low maintenance. Ideal for trail riding,
pleasure riding and barrel racing. The saddle is a
synthetic saddle and will hold up to years of use.
Equileather skirt, fenders, and jockey with an
Equisuede seat. Double reinforced nylon stirrup
straps with stainless steel buckles. Dee rings on
skirt for easy attachment of saddle bags.
Features Full Quarter Horse Bars. Color: Brown
Size: 15" Cost: $175 or Best Offer.For more
information, please contact Dawn R. Smith at
[email protected] or 910-262-1225.
If looking for a nice resort to stay at for your next
vacation, contact me at, 910-232-5504 $800 week
(2/3 bedrooms)....you will love it!
The 23rd Annual Greek Festival is May 15, 16 and
17th at 608 S College Rd. There will be great food,
live music, award winning dancers.
For more information, call 392-4444.
Spring 2015
For Sale: Diamond Ring-One diamond ring
size 7 with 1 carat princess cut diamond
with ¼ carat diamonds on each side. Color
Grade – F Clarity Grade - VS1 Papers
are included with diamond.
For Sale: Baby changing table (cherry
wood...nice!) with 2 shelves $40. Contact
Nick 910.233.8289.
For Sale: Barbie playhouse (3 stories tall)
with 5 barbies included! $40 Contact
Nick 910.233.8289.
Host a Foreign Exchange Student
International Cultural Exchange Services, an organization
sanctioned the U.S. Department of State, is seeking local families
interested in opening their homes and their hearts to high school
students from other countries. These students are between the
ages of 15-18, have their own money and insurance. These
students are carefully vetted, most come from professional families
and are A/B students. They must pass a comprehensive English
exam to insure that they can attend an American high school. For
further information, please contact Local Coordinator George
[email protected] or visit our website at
All ads should be submitted in writing to
Heather Miller via fax: 910-254-4477 or email:
[email protected]
Home for Sale
Churchill Estates
1125 Cheryl Lane
This house was designed by the owner to feel spacious
and open with this well planned out 3 bedroom, 2 full bath
home. The home features a huge 21 x 21 living room with
vaulted ceilings, plant shelf and two large sky lights with
engineered hardwood floors. The two car garage has a
good sized FROG that could be a 4th bedroom, man cave
or media room / home office. The home sits on a very well
landscaped quiet cul-du-sac lot that's perfect for families
and only minutes from shopping, beaches, downtown and
no city taxes! This home had a new roof installed in 2012,
new heat pump 2014, new carpet 2014 and kitchen
appliances replaced in last few years. The backyard has
a grand pergola, brick patio and gardens that are great for
entertaining or just enjoying family time. This is a
wonderful family friendly neighborhood and street. Please
contact Emily McKibbin with Live Oak Realty 910-3675736. $188,900.
For Sale: House at 703 S. 6th St., 3bd, 2ba,
1200 sq. ft., $165,100. Call 740-227-0223 for
further details.