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Support & Inspiration for Life’s Journey
Dr.Vasant Lad
Mar. 8, pg. 5
Joyce Hawkes
Cell Level Healing
Apr. 5-6, pg. 8
Dr. Eben Alexander: Proof of Heaven
A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife
June 14-15
Jean Haner
Your Perfect Symmetry
Apr. 19, pg. 10
Ainslie Macleod
May 25, pg. 14
Snatam Kaur
May 18-19
don Miguel Ruiz &
don Miguel Ruiz Jr.
March 16-17
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Mind Body Spirit
Support & Inspiration
for Life’s Journey
Welcome to East West!
Just like new plants reaching for the
sun, Spring gives us the chance to unfold
and expand! Here at East West we are
enthusiastic about new opportunities to
support the community around us —
finding more local vendors, partnering
with neighboring businesses and groups,
and sharing inspiration with the
broader community of truthseekers.
We’re happy to offer a bounty of
upcoming events and special guests,
including Dr. Eben Alexander, author
of the bestselling book Proof of
Journey Into the Afterlife.
Come join us on the journey!
Susan McGinnis and your
friends at Know ThySelf
East West Bookshop
Know ThySelf East West Bookshop
is a resource center for conscious living, offering a
wide selection of books, products and programs
representing spiritual traditions and new insights
into mind, body and spirit from around the world.
Our Purpose—We are here to support your
search for the joy, love and wisdom that are the
essence of the true Self. We believe that global
harmony begins with each of us – with our
individual efforts to achieve and share healing
and harmony .
Our Heritage—Know ThySelf - East West
Bookshop is a nonprofit organization established
by members of Ananda. Ananda is a worldwide
family of communities, retreat centers, churches
and meditation groups founded by Swami
Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters) and based on the
teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of
Autobiography of a Yogi. We offer classes in
meditation, yoga postures, the art of spiritual
living and the science of raja yoga. Ananda also
operates an intentional, spiritual community in
the Seattle area. See back page for more
information on Ananda activities and events!
Sell us your Used
Books, CDs & DVDs!
All Is Well: Heal Your Body
with Medicine, Affirmations,
and Intuition, Louise Hay
& Mona Lisa Schulz $24.95,
Working with the seven emotional
centers, Louise and Mona Lisa look at
the mental causes of many physical
illnesses and give multi-disciplinary
techniques to address them. Louise gives
affirmations to counteract emotional
weaknesses; Mona Lisa (an intuitive and
physician), teaches you to listen to your
body’s wisdom. Includes compelling case
studies of emotional and physical healing.
Archetypes: Who Are You?
Caroline Myss, $24.95
Myss brings 25 years of exploration of
archetypes – universal patterns of
behavior – to fulfillment. Discover the ten
primary archetypes and identify your
archetype family. Learn its defining gifts
and life challenges and access its unique
power to make more conscious, spot-on
decisions for a more authentic you.
Work: How to Find Joy and
Meaning in Each Hour of the
Day, Thich Nhat Hanh, $12.95
This revered spiritual teacher offers a new
model of leadership, work place conduct
and attitudes that tap into our innate
Buddha-nature. Here’s practical advice
and inspiration to help you transcend the
drag of daily annoyances and create a
web of loving community in your life.
Author Here
3/17 - pg. 6
The Five Levels of Attachment:
Toltec Wisdom for the Modern
World, don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., $18.95
Ruiz, Jr. picks up where his father’s The Four
Agreements left off, exploring the five levels
of attachment that cause us to suffer:
Fanaticism, Internalization, Identification,
Preference, Authentic Self. This book is a
powerful tool for self-examination. The goal is
the exquisite freedom found through deeper
awareness, detaching and discovering the real
you who needs nothing external to
experience true joy.
Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality,
Michael Harner, $19.95
Shamanic trail-blazer Harner unveils the key
similarities in more than 2500 reports of
Westerners’ experiences during shamanic
ascension. He also offers instructions on his
own core-shamanism techniques so that you,
too, can seek spirit teachers in heavenly realms
and return to them later at will for guidance
and healing.
Spoken Word ,DVD & Music
What Makes Us
Healthy? Caroline
Myss 6 CDs $45.00
Caroline Myss explores
the inner forces of soul
and psyche that create
disease or wellness.
Fully Alive, Pema
Chodron 4 CDs $29.95
DVD $29.95
To step right into the river
of life and be completely,
fearlessly present even in
the hardest times is the
secret of being fully alive.
The Power of
Brene Brown,
6 CDs $69.95
When we dare to
drop the armor that
protects us from
feeling vulnerable, we become
courageously open to the experiences that
bring purpose and meaning to our lives.
Into the Matrix, Richard Bartlett
6 CDs $69.95
Richard Bartlett guides us into “the field of
the heart,” our point of connection to the
unlimited potential of universal creativity.
Super Brain, Deepak
Chopra & Rudolph E. Tanzi
9 CDs $35.00
Finding True Refuge,
Tara Brach 3 CDs
Here are some ways to use
your brain as a gateway for
achieving health, happiness,
and spiritual growth.
An inner center of peace
and strength is always
available to us. These
meditations help us find
that center.
Your Hidden Symmetry:
How Your Birth Date
Reveals the Plan for
Your Life, Jean Haner,
The author ofThe Wisdom
of Your Face introduces you
to the elegant pattern with
Author Here which you were imprinted
4/19 - pg. 10 on the day you were born –
including your life plan and
purpose. Based on ancient Chinese principles of
balance and health, these tools offer you a new
understanding of your life’s “themes,” so you
can cooperate with the current of your life, and
understand the true nature of everyone you
Law of Divine Compensation:
On Work, Money, and Miracles,
Marianne Williamson, $23.99
Applying the principles of A Course in
Miracles, highly respected teacher Williamson
offers a unique perspective on our financial
condition. The Course’s Law of Divine
Compensation teaches how to develop faith in
your higher Self and in the power of love to
reach into your life to work a miracle – in your
finances, and beyond.
North of Hope: A Daughter’s Arctic
Journey, Shannon Huffman Polson, $16.99
When Seattle author Shannon Polson’s parents
are killed by a grizzly bear in Alaska’s Arctic
remoteness, she finds herself in her own
wilderness of grief. This gripping account of her
adventure, personal tragedy, family and faith
within the Arctic landscape is deeply inspiring.
Planeat, True Mind DVD
Planeat explores the link
between diet and cancer,
discusses how nutrition can
successfully treat chronically ill
and heart disease patients, and
demonstrates how our food
choices are affecting our planet.
The Time Tunnel: A Tale
for All Ages and for the
Child in You, Swami
Kriyananda, $14.95
Two children discover a
ruined laboratory in
Transylvania, complete with a
recently deceased dinosaur,
and a magical tunnel. Their
time-travel adventures begin, including a visit
to a future age of spiritual enlightenment that
only an advanced sage like Swami Kriyananda
could envision. Filled with subtle spiritual
truths about the nature of time and the
evolution of consciousness, yet completely
accessible to all ages.
Make Your Brain
Smarter: Increase Your
Brain’s Creativity,
Energy, and Focus,
Sandra Bond Chapman
Ph.D., $26
We know now how infinitely
adaptable and powerful the
human brain is. But, nearly all of us still stop
our “workout” at the neck. We still think that
our mental powers will inevitably slip as we
age. Neuroscientist Chapman lays out the
cutting-edge science that reveals what we
can do to improve brain performance so we
can think smarter at 70 than we did at 25!
A Journey In My Mother’s Footsteps, Dina Rosenmeier DVD $29.00
This poignant documentary follows the life of
one incredible woman’s attempt to transform
the lives of India’s poor.
Celtic Spring,
Casadh An Sugain
CD $15.98
Celebrate the energy
of springtime with
these vibrant Celtic
favorites sung by
Casadh An Sugain.
Samsara. Ron Fricke DVD
From the creators of Baraka
comes another mesmerizing
visual meditation illuminating
the links between humanity
and the rest of nature.
World Yoga,
Putumayo CD
Yoga for Real Life,
Maya Fiennes DVD $14.95
Maya Fiennes combines
movement, breathing and
chanting to energize the body
and relax the mind, while
strengthening the body’s
nervous and immune systems.
any music CD
we carry at our
in-store listening
World Yoga offers a
diverse collection of
yoga songs from
around the world that
range from Sanskrit
mantra chant to gentle
African melodies.
The Wizard of Us:
Lessons from Oz, Jean
Houston, $24
Master Teacher of the power
of myth, Houston explores
the courageous journey of
Dorothy into Oz and
transmutes the story into a clarion call to rouse
up your own inner Hero. Here are specific,
easy to follow exercises and thrilling insights to
help you identify and fearlessly follow your
own Yellow Brick Road.
Cure Your Child With Food: The
Hidden Connection Between Nutrition and Childhood Ailments, Kelly
Dorfman, MS, LND, $13.95
Drawing on the latest science and rich in
riveting case studies, this is for every parent
whose child suffers from mood swings,
stomachaches, ear infections, anxiety, tantrums
ADD/ADHD, picky eating, asthma and …
Everyone who has a child in his or her life will
want the important information this new book
Beautiful Girl: Celebrating the
Wonders of Your Body, Christiane
Northrup MD & Kristine Tracy, $14.95
In her first book for children Northrup conveys
to the youngest of girls the message of how
special and magical it is to be born female.
Through captivating artwork, she awakens in
every reader an appreciation and wonder
before the gifts and powers unique to girls.
The Tibetan Healing Music of
Nawang Khechog, Nawang Khechog
2CDs $21.98
Here are some of Nawang’s finest
compositions for healing, contemplation,
and experiencing the beauty of Tibet’s
musical heritage.
Heart of the
Universe, Peter
Kater & Snatam
Kaur CD $15.98
The gentle piano
melodies of Peter
Kater join with the
pure uplifting vocals of Snatam Kaur, and the
result is sheer beauty and grace.
Mantra Mala, Aykanna CD $15.98
Mantra Mala is a
beautiful blend of
soothing mantras for
meditation, and
uplifting spiritual pop
Spring Specials
* 20% off some of our most popular
books & gifts
Nature & Earth
Celebrate Spring!
* Free gift with $25 purchase
20% off great titles: Sustainability,
Gardening, Nature, Animals & more!
20% off Fragrant
Bath Products & Colorful
Accessories: Beautiful Scarves,
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* Share Your Best East West Story!
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20% off Eco-products, Hanging
Chimes,Walking Sticks,
Birdhouses & more!
Spring Programs
Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness
Mon. 10:30 am & 6 pm
Thurs. 10:30 am
$10 drop-in price; $80 10-class pass
Ananda Yoga offers classic asanas with
affirmations and energizing pranayam
movements that will bestow physical
strength and relaxation, inspiration, inner
peace, and clarity of mind. Our meditative
and individualistic style makes Ananda Yoga
suitable for both beginning and
intermediate levels of practice. Join Ananda
Yoga Teachers RASHMI DAVE (Mon. am)
MICHAEL DENNIS, (Mon. pm), and
HAILEY ANDERSON (Thurs. am) for
inspiration and guidance in raising your
inner awareness through asana and
subconscious support on your soul mate
journey. Using light hypnosis, you will
discover how your young inner-parts have
been influencing your choice of romantic
partners. You have the power to bring your
soul mate to you now!
Saturday, March 2
Living It! – How to Become a More Embodied
Vessel of Spirit, 7-8:30 pm
$12 Register Now!
Join Angel Medium and intuitive healer
JESSICA AGNEW for an interactive evening
exploring what it means to take spiritual
insight and learning and integrate it into
spiritual embodiment. Living It! is a call to
action. You’ll take away tools to utilize what
you know on an intuitive-heart level and put
it into practice in your own life, integrating
our three aspects: body, mind and Spirit.
Sunday, March 3
Friday, March 1
Your Soul Mate’s Ready,
Are You?, 7:30-9 pm $10
Register Now!
Are you ready to meet your
soul mate? If you’re still
looking for the partner of your dreams, it may
be due to subconscious forces affecting your
choices and limiting your ability to bring your
soul mate into your life. Don’t miss this rare
opportunity to work with certified
hypnotherapists BETSY FINDERS, RN and
RIAKA, authors of Your Soul Mate’s Ready,
Are You? as they use hypnosis to remove the
subconscious roadblocks on the path to your
soul mate.
Saturday, March 2
Fulfilling Your Heart’s Destiny,
11 am - 3 pm $40 Register Now!
Birthday Month!
This workshop is designed to put you on the
fast track to finding your soul mate. Authors
RIAKA and BETSY FINDERS draw upon their
new book Your Soul Mate’s Ready, Are
You? to show you how to gain
Metaphysical Salon,
12:30-2 pm Free!
Are you looking to make sense of
the changes in you, around you
and around the world? Join professional
Astrologer and East West consultant KAREN
WENNERLIND for a discussion exploring
the physical and metaphysical planes of
existence and how we relate to them. We’ll
offer a short meditation and some uplifting
source work. Most important, we will answer,
discuss and explore YOUR questions.
Sunday, March 3
Incense Making 101,
3-5 pm $30 Adv $35 Day
Of Register Now!
Join CARL NEAL, author of
Incense: Crafting and Use
of Magickal Scents, as he guides you
through the process of hand crafting incense
from completely natural ingredients, from
fresh herb to burnable incense. No synthetics,
nothing artificial. You’ll make 3 different types
of incense and receive a booklet on the howto’s of incense making, empowering you
toward unlimited future crafting.
Mondays, March 4, 11,18
Learn to Meditate: Inner
Peace Through Relaxation &
Concentration, 3 Mondays 7:30-9
pm $45 + text ($10) Register Now!
Meditation can transform your life.
Learn to relax your body, quiet your mind,
awaken intuition and experience greater joy
and creativity in daily life. This 3-session course
includes in-class practice, tips on establishing
your practice at home, online guided
meditations, written instructions, unlimited (nocharge) re-take policy, and ongoing support in
person or online. You will learn how to use
simple stretches and breath-control techniques
for relaxation; how to concentrate the mind;
and how to use imagery, affirmation, and
chanting to be calm and peaceful. Taught by
Ananda Meditation Teacher RASHMI
DAVE. You can buy the required text ($10) at
East West Bookshop on the first night of class.
Tuesday, March 5
Qigong for Self-Enlightenment, 7-8:30
pm $10 Also 4/12, 17, 5/24. See web for details.
Tuesday, March 5,12,19
Love Without Fear: How to
Have Successful Relationships of All Kinds, 3 Tuesdays,
7:30 - 9 pm $30 Register Now!
Relationships with others are the meeting
ground for karma and the source of so much
expectation and disappointment. What is going
on? We will explore the spiritual meaning of
relationships of all kinds. We will establish the
principles of courageous engagement, and try
to discover the inner work we need to do.
Ananda presents this 3 week class.
Wednesday, March 6
Egypt Evening,
7-8:30 pm Free!
Thinking of a pilgrimage? Hear
about the benefits of spiritual
pilgrimage as a way to create peace
in the world, and in your own heart. Discover
the land of the pharaohs with SHARLYN
HIDALGO, MA, who has toured Egypt four
times. Come see slides and hear about her
pilgrimages, and learn how they affected her
own spiritual journey.
Register early
to reserve YOUR space...
online, by phone or in-store!
(Refunds can be given up to 24 hours prior to the
event . No refunds on out-of-store events.)
Wednesday, March 6
Astrological Birthday Party
— Pisces, 7-8:30 pm Free!
Join astrologer ANDREA
BRUCKNER to learn more about
your astrological sign and how it relates to
your life. Questions welcomed! Celebrate with
a 20% off birthday coupon from East West and
a delicious, complimentary dessert from our
good neighbor Peaks Frozen Custard!
Thursday, March 7
Spiritual Healing Circle,
4-5:30 pm $10 Register Now!
First Thursday/month.
Experience the power and
increased energy flow of a group healing
circle. Practice techniques that help you be
more present and clear in your life, at all times.
East West reader and healer DELIA YEAGER
leads this opportunity to help individuals,
amplified by coming together as a group, to
reclaim their space, become open to divine
guidance and manifest their highest
outcomes! Everyone present will receive
healing information awakened by the
collective intention.
Thursday, March 7
Confessions of a Mystic
Soccer Mom, 7-8:30 pm
What’s a mom to do? Her kids see
auras and angels. Divine visitations
interrupt routine household chores, and
random dogs mysteriously come and lie down
at her feet. Is MONICA MCDOWELL a
domestic goddess gone mad? Or simply a
mystic for whom spontaneous healings go
right along with scrubbing soap scum off of
shower stalls? In Confessions of a Mystic
Soccer Mom: A Life Played with Feet in
Both Worlds , Monica muses on relatable
events from her stranger-than-fiction life.
Friday, March 8
VASANT LAD: Reversing
the Disease Process with
Ayurveda, 7-8:30 pm
(Special start time) $15
Register Now!
How does disease manifest? Tonight, DR.
VASANT LAD will share the Ayurvedic
concept of health and disease. In Western
medicine, we are considered well until the
moment we are diagnosed with disease.
However, the manifestation of disease begins
long before it is diagnosable. Ayurveda helps
us identify the signs and symptoms indicating
imbalance in the early stages of the disease
process. Thus, we can alleviate the cause of
imbalance and reverse the process towards
healing at any moment.
Saturday, March 9
Transform Your Allergic
.Response to Spring
Pollens, 11 am-1:30 pm $20
Register Now!
Join acupuncturist, body worker
and coach KRIS SHAW and discover a simple
acupuncture method that allows your body/
mind and immune system to acclimate to
seasonal allergens. Discover a gentle and
natural solution that addresses the root cause of
allergies and provides long-lasting results. Leave
informed and empowered with tangible
solutions for seasonal and food allergies.
MARCH 9, 3-6 PM
* Meet Local Vendors *
* Demos & Free Samples *
* Drawings for Prizes *
* Fun giveaways *
* Mini-Massage & Readings *
See web for details!
Sunday, March 10
Ananda Group Meditation,
9-10:15 am Free!
Twice a month, ANANDA offers Sunday
morning meditations. Meditating with others
can inspire and strengthen one’s personal
practice at home. Silent group
meditation is augmented with prayer,
chants, readings, a brief inspirational
talk, and time for questions and
sharing. Doors will open at 8:50 am.
All are welcome.
Sunday, March 10
Shamanic Council Series: Tree Spirit
Song and Rhythm, 12:30-2 pm $5
Register Now! —See web for details.
Sunday, March 10
Sound Healing Concert
with Tibetan Singing
Bowls, 3:30-4:30 pm $12
Register Now!
Join certified singing bowl
practitioner MELISSA YADEN EAMP, LMP for
an hour of singing bowls played with the
intention of relaxation and rejuvenation. Tibetan
seven metal bowls played in harmony create an
atmosphere of peace and healing that will leave
you feeling joyful and uplifted. Please bring a
blanket or mat.
Wed. & Thur., Mar.13-14
Healing Sessions
Light Therapy with Gems
enlivens the inner
intelligence and can
restore the body’s ability to heal itself. People
experience a wide variety of benefits from these
sessions including relief from chronic conditions
like anxiety, stress and headaches, as well as an
expanded conscious awareness.Gemlight
practitioner EVA BERGMANN offers these
unique healing sessions.Call to Schedule! 12-5
pm $160/hr .
Wednesday, March 13
Thursday, March 7
The Author’s Roundtable,
7-8:30 pm $20 Register Now!
Share with other authors in a
supportive environment. See web for details.
Friday, March 8
Circle of Joy: A Positive
Place to Relax and Renew,
11 am-Noon. Free!
Meditation, 12-12:30 pm
Gather with like-minded folks to share how-tolive spiritual wisdom for these challenging
times. How will we meet the opportunities for
change and make right choices for the future?
This twice-monthly gathering will include a
guided meditation, affirmation, reflections and
sharing. Facilitated by JAMUNA SNITKIN,
Ananda teacher and minister.
Saturday, March 9
Don’t Believe Everything You Think:
Living with Wisdom and Compassion,
7-8:30 pm Free!
Join American-born Tibetan Buddhist nun
THUBTEN CHODRON, as she discusses and
signs her new book, Don’t Believe
Everything You Think:
Living with Wisdom and
Compassion . It can be hard for
those of us living in the twentyfirst century to see how
fourteenth-century Buddhist
teachings—like Togmay
Zangpo’s text The Thirtyseven Practices of Bodhisattvas —are still
relevant. Chodron illuminates this revered text
with her own reflections, and through stories
of her students and colleagues, sharing how
its teachings have changed their lives.
Maharishi Light Therapy
with Gems, 7-8:30 pm Free!
This profound new health treatment
combines ancient, traditional
knowledge of gemstones with
modern technology to enliven the body’s ability
to heal itself; it is so effective that in Switzerland it
is covered by health insurance. The therapy
creates a nourishing influence on all the finer
aspects of mind and body, and enhances the
body’s inner intelligence. Join EVA
BERGMANN for an introduction to this
exciting new healing modality.
Wednesday, March 13
Creativity Salon, 7 pm
Free! pg. 12
Thursday, March 14
Reiki Distance Healing
Circle, 4-5:30 pm Free!
Join Reiki Master MAUREEN
the universal life force energy of
Reiki Healing by sending it to our loved ones
or for a particular situation. We will set an
intention, review ways to send Reiki Healing
and end with a meditation. (2nd Thursdays)
Thursday, March 14
Crystals 101, 7-8:30 pm $10
Register Now!
Explore the many uses and
applications of the crystalline
kingdom. Certified Crystal Teacher
and Reiki Master Teacher LORAYNE
EVANGELYN HAM will help you look at
crystals in a whole new light, guiding you to
use your intuition and tune-into specific stones
for healing, relationships, clairvoyance and
more. Lorayne joins EW’s Healers in April, see
web for more details.
don Miguel Ruiz &
don Miguel Ruiz Jr.
Saturday, Mar.16
An Evening with don Miguel Ruiz
and don Miguel Ruiz Jr., 7-9pm.
Purchase your tickets online at
Held at Center for Spiritual Living
5801 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle
Don’t miss this
opportunity to
spend time
with DON
SR., author of
The Four Agreements, joining his son to
share the Toltec Wisdom found in MIGUEL
RUIZ JR’s new book, The Five Levels of
Attachment: Toltec Wisdom for the
Modern World. Learn how to clear
attachments that no longer serve your
highest good, so that you can move forward!
Sunday, March 17
Friday, March 15
The Spirit of the
Wolf & the InStar
Medicine Wheel,
7:30-9 pm, $10 or
FREE with purchase
of one of Star Wolf ’s
new books. Register Now!
Expand your capacity for love and open
yourself up to your greatest potential!
LINDA STAR WOLF, renowned shamanic
author, teacher and creator of Shamanic
Breathwork™, will share shamanic wisdom
teachings and lead a mini-journey to connect
with spirit guides and creature teachers from
her two newest books, Spirit of the Wolf
and Sacred Medicine of Butterfly, Bee,
Earthworm & Spider: Unexpected
Teachers of the InStar Medicine W
heel .
Saturday, March 16
Journeying with the
Spirit of the Wolf & the
InStar Medicine Wheel,
11 am - 2 pm $50
Register Now!
renowned shamanic author, teacher and
creator of Shamanic Breathwork™, for
shamanic wisdom teachings and a Shamanic
Breathwork™ journey to connect with your
spirit guides and creature teachers, using
techniques from her two newest books, Spirit
of the Wolf and Sacred Medicine of
Spider. The
Butterfly, Bee, Earthworm & Spider
archetypal energies of these sacred Wisdom
Keepers can guide us through this
evolutionary time, with new pathways of
healing and transformation, to realize the
highest potential of humanity.
Five Levels of Attachment
Workshop, 1-4:30 pm $45
Adv. $55 Day of. Register
Join authors and Toltec wisdom
teachers MIGUEL RUIZ JR. and
West for a transformative
afternoon workshop. Miguel picks
up the work of his father, Don
Miguel Ruiz, offering insight
he Five
from his newest book The
Levels of Attachment: Toltec
Wisdom for the Modern
World. HeatherAsh works with
the elemental aspects of our
individual and collective paths,
sharing teachings from her latest
he Toltec Path of
work, The
Transformation: Embracing
the Four Elements of Change.
Mar 24, Apr 7 and Apr 14
The Five Levels of Attachment:
Experiential Book Study Class
at Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle.
Register at
Saturday, March 16
Annual Student
Art Show Opening
Night! 4 - 6 pm Free!
The annual Ananda
Living Wisdom School Art Show at East West
is fun for families and friends. Share in the ideas
and values of these young artists and
experience artistic expression nurtured and
inspired by the colors, forms, and textures of
nature. Come to meet the artists and
congratulate their efforts! Art Show will be
available for viewing through March.
Saturday, March 16
U Can Let Go!, 7-8:30 pm
$20 Register Now!
DR. ZEAL OKOGERI travels the
world sharing wisdom stories
and teaching the Light and
Sound Current Meditation. A Spiritual Guide
and author of God’s Relentless
Generosities, his message comes from a long
lineage of African shamanic healers. Dr. Zeal
will also guide the audience through the
ancient practice of the Light and Sound Current
Meditation. Once you realize love as your
natural state of being, you awaken to the
essence with which everything identifies,
because we are all of the same fabric.
Sunday, March 17
Light and Sound Current Sessions,
Fundamental to most life difficulties is our
inability or refusal to let go. During this
session DR. ZEAL OKOGERI will guide you to
release your fears and concerns through a
powerful spiritual mantra of the Light and
Sound Current. The duration of a typical session
is one hour. Dr. Zeal will be offering only 8
sessions during his visit to Seattle, so call to
schedule early!12:30-6 pm, $125/hr .
Wednesday, March 20
Career Quest Cards,
7-8:30 pm $10, $5 can be
used towards Career Quest
Cards, night of only. Register
Are you ready to discover a
lasting, meaningful career that is right for you,
and that utilizes your own unique, natural
gifts? If so, we invite you to join us for this very
special workshop. Using the innovative Career
Quest Cards, HALIMALH BELLOWS will
help you clarify and define your career path,
or help you take your current career to the
next level!
Thursday, March 21
Effortless Mind,
7-8:30 pm Free!
Most people have heard of
the numerous benefits of
meditation. Yet many struggle
to make a meditation practice
a regular part of their lives.
Effortless Mind author
doesn’t have to be that way.
He has been traveling the
world the past forty-two years,
exploring, practicing, and
teaching a variety of
meditation techniques. In this inspiring
evening, he will share insights on the
techniques that are the simplest to practice
and deliver the greatest results.
Friday, March 22
Circle of Joy, 11 am-Noon. Free!
Meditation, 12 pm, See pg. 5
Friday, March 22
The Secret Alchemy of
Food, 7:30-9 pm $10
Register Now!
Bring the joy back into eating!
MEADOW LINN, mystic chef
and co-author with Denise Linn
of The Mystic Cookbook:
The Secret Alchemy of Food , will show you
how food can be a catalyst for bringing more
contentment, relaxation, and even connection
to Self, others and the Divine into your life. Do
you want to be more abundant? Do you yearn
for more love? Eat well and live deliciously; the
life of your dreams is only a meal away!
Saturday, March 23
Become a Mystic Chef,
11 am - 2 pm $30
Register Now!
What do blindfolds, colored
glass, and jazz have to do with
cooking and eating? In this
hands-on, experiential workshop, taste, touch,
see, smell, and feel your food as never before.
Connect with the color and vibration of your
food. Tap into your culinary intuition, and delve
into your past to discover your inner beliefs
around food and learn to reprogram any
negative associations. Today MEADOW LINN
will lead you on a culinary odyssey to deepen
your perception and heighten your awareness.
Saturday, March 23
Intentional Communities
Movie & Discussion, 3-5
pm $10 Register Now!
How can we pass along a lush,
beautiful, sustainable world to
future generations? As well as a
quest for a new home, Within Reach explores
one couple’s pedal-powered, 2-year, 6,500 mile
sojourn across America, and interviews with
many of the 100+ sustainable communities
visited. Join members of the National Intentional
Communities Association for a Q&A after the
film and learn ways to connect with sustainable
communities in your own back yard!
Saturday, March 23
Cello Music
Concert & Sweet
Treats, 7-8:30 pm
$12 Register Now!
Treat yourself to an
evening of music by
a local cellist whose “lyrically melodic
wanderings”...“transports the listener to
unexpected places inside themselves.”
Gretchen’s music is compelling, rich, highly
expressive, and sings with vitality. Gretchen
creates beautiful layered soundscapes. She will
perform work from her Bow and Cello CD, as
well as new material not yet released. The
evening includes free samples of Jodee’s
natural desserts as a celebration for East
West’s birthday this month!
Sunday, March 24
Ananda Meditation, 9 am Free! pg. 5
Sunday, March 24
Introduction to Shamanic
Journeying, 12:30-5:30 pm
$60 Register Now!
Shamanic journeying is a method
to access a greater awareness of
the spirit realm. In this experiential workshop,
you will learn how to cross the threshold and
safely travel the realms of the Otherworld (the
upper, middle and lower worlds), through a
shamanic course to help you establish a
relationship with your teaching Spirit, explore
your dreams, healing, divination and more.
You will leave with the ability to start
journeying on your own too.journey. East
West reader MICHELLE MCKINNEY offers
this empowering half-day
Monday, March 25
Deepen Your Meditation!,
7:30-9 pm $15 Register Now!
Designed for those who have
completed the Learn to Meditate
class (3-part series or Saturday
workshop), we will review our meditation
practices together and explore how
meditation can transform your life and be an
integral part of your spiritual path. Topics will
vary according to students’ interest but may
include how to use chanting or mantra, what
is the 8-Fold Path described by Patanjali in the
Yoga Sutras, reincarnation, the importance of
devotion, what is raja yoga and kriya yoga,
and more information about Ananda. Taught
by Ananda Meditation Teacher BUDDY
Tuesday, March 26
Good Company: Seattle,
11:30 am-1 pm Free!
Join us for relaxed networking,
lunch and an opportunity to learn and share!
Bring your lunch or buy lunch at East West!
Tuesday, March 26
Planetary Healing, 7 pm Free!
See pg. 10
Tuesday, March 26
Path of Kriya Yoga,
7:30 - 9 pm Free!
Yogananda brought
the ancient technique
of Kriya Yoga meditation to the West from
India. His popular life story, Autobiography
of a Yogi, has inspired people all over the
world to learn this powerful and life
transforming technique. If you would like to
know more about kriya yoga, Kriyacharyas
give this free talk on the history of kriya yoga,
its underlying psycho-physiological effects,
and the opportunities for learning kriya and
its related precepts and practices.
Wednesday, March 27
Everyday Energy
Boosters, 7-8:30 pm
Are you
your days,
living from latte to latte?
Learn some innovative and
life-changing ways to boost
your energy so you can
greet each day with the
rested and positive outlook and motivation
you desire. SONDRA KORNBLATT, author
of Every Day Energy Boosters: 365 Tips
and Tricks to Help You Feel like a
Million Bucks, will share ideas from the
book with open discussion and other tips
that keep you moving and feeling great.
Thursday, March 28
The Essential Healing
of Women, 7-8:30 pm
In her newest book Healing
Power of the Sacred
PAGE MD ties together 30+
years of health care
experience and research into
the mythology of the divine
feminine, revealing that women
are the foundation for the birth
of new levels of consciousness
here on Earth. Christine helps
us awaken from our collective amnesia and
reclaim this sacred birthright, rejecting
limiting beliefs with courage and
exemplifying this reality we are shifting into
for essential personal and planetary healing.
Friday, March 29
Invitation to Healing
with Tilak, 7:30-9 pm
Free, but call to reserve a seat!
Come and experience a
heart-moving, energy-shifting
space, by spending an
evening with TILAK from Sri Lanka. Even as a
young boy, Tilak displayed unique abilities
which allowed him to connect with the
forces of life. His words become actual
transferences and transmissions that touch
us like a cool breeze, and transform our
energies and our feelings into the Truth –
into a much better world for us to live in.
Saturday, March 30
Healing Sessions
with Tilak,
A session with TILAK is an
extraordinary experience,
enabling you to let go of, or
flush out, darkness or holding patterns that
have restricted your freedom, and allowing an
awakening of your heart. Experience a sense
of timelessness, freshness and well-being, and
a heart ready to burst with adventure. Call to
schedule! 11 am - 3 pm $150 Introductory,
$300 Dynamic. See web for details.
Saturday, March 30
Your Chakras: Your
Health, 11 am-1:30 pm
$15 Register Now!
Your chakras are energetic
counterparts to your bodies
intracate functional systems;
come explore how these two interact and
where they meet. Join DIRK FARRELL DC
for a fascinating look into how energy flows
throughout your body, what happens when it
gets blocked and how we can use things like
correct posture to maximize our health and
Saturday, March 30
Life Purpose: Past Lives and the Time
Between, 3-5 pm $10
Register Now!
Does your life today have a
purpose that was determined
before you were born? Does
your soul evolve from one life
to the next, and why?
Psychologist and regression
therapist DR. LINDA
BACKMAN shares insight
from her 35 years experience
in the field, offering
understanding and direction.
Linda is the author of
Bringing Your Soul to
Light: Healing Through
Past Lives and the Time
Between. Her service is one of helping
humanity, one individual at a time, to realize
their life’s mission.
Saturday, March 30
Functional Feng Shui, 78:30 pm $10 Register Now!
The goal of feng shui as
practiced today is to situate the
human-built environment on
spots with good qi. The “perfect spot” is a
location and an axis in time. Join Feng Shui
author, researcher and scholar ALBERT
SO, who joins us from Hong Kong, for a
refreshing look at Feng Shui in two schools of
thought. Learn functional methods for aligning
yourself in the three Feng Shui aspects: Heaven,
Earth, and Human.
Thursday, April 4
Spiritual Healing Circle, 4 pm. pg. 5
Thursday, April 4
Author’s Roundtable, 7 pm pg. 5
Thursday, April 4
Monday, April 1, 8,15
Learn to Meditate: Inner Peace
Through Relaxation & Concentration, 3 Mondays 7:30-9 pm $45 + text
($10) Register Now! See pg. 4
Tuesday, April 2
Raja and Hatha Yoga Intensive
12 Tuesdays. Register Now!
Hatha: 6-7:15 pm, Raja: 7:30- 9 pm
Although designed to be taken together ($440
complete course), the segments may be taken
separately: ($265 Raja), ($175 Hatha), plus text..
(3- installment payment option available.)
This is Ananda’s most popular and
comprehensive course in meditation, yoga,
and the universal precepts of Patanjali’s 8-fold
Path. Weekly practices include
chanting, pranayama
(breathing), mantra meditation,
affirmations, visualization, inner
silence, and yoga postures.
Topics include health & diet;
aspects of yoga practice;
chakras; kundalini;
reincarnation; astral and causal
bodies; overcoming habits;
psychic protection; magnetism;
will power; devotion; and the
eight aspects of higher
consciousness. We use Swami
Kriyananda’s modern and
definitive text: The Art and
Science of Raja Yoga. Cotaught by NAYASWAMI
Wednesday, April 3
Pillars of Practice, 7-8:30
pm $10 Register Now!
Pillars of practice are those
principals which apply
universally to your unique path
of awakening. Integrating
multiple teachings can be tricky; the individual
needs solid groundwork to spring from.
Tonight’s mini-workshop with healing facilitator
and mystic TAI HUBBERT will help give you
that groundwork. Tai offers peaceful skill-sets
for combining truth teachings and energy
modalities to support you on your dynamic
path to freedom.
Wednesday, April 3
Astrological Birthday Party —
Aries 7-8:30 pm Free! see pg. 5
The Five Transformations:
Gateway to True Self,
7-8:30 pm $7 Register Now!
Explore the power of the five
elements in a transformative
evening spent with GISELA STEHR, Director
and Founder of the Emerald Feng Shui
Institute. The concept of the Five Elements ,
or Five Transformations, is a rather complex
and difficult one to understand. To help
more fully internalize the essence and multilayered expression of each element (Wood,
Fire, Earth, Metal and Water), Ms. Stehr has
composed guided visualizations for each
one, and recorded them on CD.
Friday, April 5
Circle of Joy: 11 am-Noon. Free!
Meditation, 12 pm. see pg. 5
Friday, April 5
Beyond Belief: Research
Evidence for Cell-Level
Healing, 7:30-9 pm $20 or
$50 for Both Register Now!
The results are in! Join CellLevel Healers and authors
for a hopeful evening of new
evidence for how your body
responds to healing and
meditation. Tonight will be centered on new
data that shows physiological changes
during healing sessions at great distances;
from here to India! Get a taste of this exciting
work for yourself, no waiting!
Saturday, April 6
Cell-Level Healing:
The Practice;
The Experience;
The Research Results,
12-3 pm $40 or $50 for
Both. Register Now!
Join cell biologist/biophysicist and healing
facilitator, JOYCE HAWKES PH.D. and
associate healer and humorist HELEN
FOLSOM, MA, CHT for a time of inspiration
and instruction. Learn to receive and send
healing to the domain of cells where the
body repairs, renews and heals itself. Today is
an opportunity to dive deeply into the
euphoria of an experience of universal
energy, transformation, creation and health.
Saturday, April 6
The Healing Harp,
7-8:30 pm $15 Register
Can music really heal? While
playing compositions from
her three CD’s, international
composer and performing artist TRINE
OPSAHL will demonstrate different moods on
the harp and how they affect the human body,
mind, and spirit. She will also talk about the
harp as a healing instrument and about her
work as a harp therapist in hospitals and
hospices. In Europe, Opsahl has established
herself over the years as both a renowned new
age Celtic harp player and composer.
Sunday, April 7
Ananda Group Meditation, 9-10:15
am Free! See pg. 5
Metaphysical Salon, 12:30-2 pm Free!
See pg. 4
Sunday, April 7
SoulCollage® with
Jennifer Starr, 3-6 pm
Register Now! $39 Adv.
$49 Day of
Come discover what your soul is
calling you forth to be and do.
JENNIFER STARR leads this experiential and
magical process of self-exploration. Besides
being fun and intuitive, it can be truly healing,
insightful and transformational as we take time
to “read” the collages and let our soul speak
through them. Supplies provided. See pg. 15
for consultations with Jennifer.
Sunday, April 7
Balancing Your Energy
Field Using Dowsing,
Breath and Technique,
3-5 pm Free! In Tea Garden
Take this opportunity to tap into
the ever-existing vast storehouse of available
energy existing all around us. TOM DUKE
offers this mini-seminar on the benefits of
dowsing for balancing your energy field and
for tapping into universal energy for healing
and self-mastery.
Wednesday, April 10
Lead Yourself First, 7-8:30
pm $10, $5 can be used
towards book purchase night
of event.
Join sought-after international
business keynote speaker
MICHELLE RAY, author of Lead Yourself
First, for a highly interactive evening of
understanding the importance of selfleadership in business and in life. Michelle
shares her entrepreneurial spirit which led
her to create her own successful international
business and leadership training institute; and
how to apply simple principles, turning
leadership into a state of mind with selfactualization as a key component. Let Michelle
help you take initiative, now!
Wednesday, April 10
Creativity Salon, 7 pm See pg. 12
Saturday, April 13
Learn to Meditate: Inner
Peace Through Relaxation
& Concentration, 10:15 am 12:45 pm $25 Register Now!
Half-day workshop version of our popular
3 class series (see pg. 4.) Taught by Ananda
Meditation Teacher JUSTIN MAGGART.
Saturday, April 13
Structured Water
1:30-3:30 pm $10
Register Now!
Thursday, April 11
Reiki Distance Healing , 4 pm pg. 6
Thursday, April 11
Alchemy of the
Heart—The Sufi Way
Illumination, 7-8:30 pm
$10 Register Now!
The human soul is continually
seeking to realize its true being and fulfill its
purpose in life. Each of us yearns to realize our
fullest potential, and
there is a collective unfoldment as the
consciousness of humanity is awakening
to the interconnectedness of all life. The path
of the Sufi is the path of the heart. Join
HAFIZULLAH CHISHTI for an evening of
poetry (by Rumi and other Sufi masters),
heart-music, and spiritual practice from the Sufi
Friday, April 12
Einstein: The Skull of
Consciousness, Grid
Alignment and Heart
Meditation, 7:30-9:30 pm
$35 Register Now!
Join us for a powerful evening of
healing with the world’s largest
ancient crystal skull, EINSTEIN, and his gifted
guardian CAROLINE FORD . Einstein emerges
after 20 years of seclusion. Tonight Caroline
will give a multimedia presentation on why
skulls are emerging now and the various ways
she and Einstein work together, including a
strategy called Dream-Linking. You will
participate in a heart-opening meditation, and
the making of a crystalline grid. Bring your
own crystals to be charged by Einstein!
Saturday- Sunday April 13-14
Einstein Crystal Skull Sessions,
Sessions with Carolyn and Einstein are deeply
transformational, and include healings, heart
openings, self awareness/consciousness
activations, and deep energy enhancement,
depending on what is most needed. Each
session is a miraculous experience and a
unique opportunity to experience an ancient
artifact you won’t soon forget. Schedule Now!
Sat., 11 am-6 pm, Sun., 12-6 pm, $85 individual,
$65 each double. Call to Schedule!
Water is essential to
life. Come discover how it is also alive and
aware, operating with a mandate to protect all
living things. Learn how water in its naturallystructured state consciously communicates with
the environment to produce greater health,
harmony and well-being. Find out how to
structure and entrain your own water to
maximize its life-enhancing properties. Each
participant will receive a bottle of dynamicallyenhanced structured water. Presented by
Saturday, April 13
Energetic Stress Relief,
3-5 pm $15 Register Now!
Excessive stress can lead to illness,
pain, and sleep problems among
many other ailments. In this workshop,
Acupuncturist and East Asian Medicine
Practitioner SUSIE SCHROEDER will assist you
in relaxing and letting go of stress using guided
meditation, breathing exercises, and vibrational
therapy. Learn simple and powerful energetic
techniques to keep stress from building up so
you can get the most out of life!
Saturday, April 13
African Drum and Song
Circle, 7-8:30 pm $20
Register Now!
Join JAVOEN BYRD for an
authentic African drum and song
circle. After extensive travels to Nigeria, Javoen
shares the wisdom and healing of the Nigerian
Yoruba shamans also known as Onisegun,
traditional healers. Javoen integrates this world
of the sacred into modern environments
through traditional songs, rhythms and story.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be
transported deep into the heart of African
healing. Some percussion will be provided;
personal percussion is highly suggested.
Sunday, April 14
Shamanic Council 12 pm See web
Sound Healing Concert 3:30 pm, pg. 5
Friday, April 19
Circle of Joy 11 am-Noon,
Meditation 12-12:30 pm, pg. 5
lift the vibrations on the planet and shift the
patterns of the collective energy grid
surrounding the planet.
Wednesday, April 17
The Missing Link for
Fulfilling Relationships,
7-8:30 pm $15 Register Now!
Relationships of all types are built
and destroyed by energies
created by our thoughts, emotions, and
opinions. Certified Pranic Healer and
Instructor ARNON DAVIDOVICI will share
with you, and practice, the simple step-by-step
Pranic Healing techniques to disintegrate the
conscious and subconscious negative energies
lodged in chakras, meridians, and auras. Learn
how to stop repeating the same negative
energetic conditions that manifest as repeated
failed relationships. Practice powerful
meditations to improve the “heart connection”
so many relationships lack.
Thursday, April 18
Ho’oponopono Intro,
7-8:30 pm $15 Register
for all 3 Classes and Save
$20 Register Now!
Join HARRY JIM for a
profound evening of healing
and understanding. Tonight
will act as a prelude to this
weekend’s 2-part workshop on the Hawaiian
art of conflict resolution and transformation,
Ho’oponopono. It all starts with with the idea
that “there is another way.” The human
experience can take negative energy and turn
it into positive expressions if we can embrace a
new paradox and change the currents of
chaotic patterns. Take this first step toward
your own practice of peace incorporating
these time-tested Hawaiian traditions.
Saturday and Sunday, April 20 & 22
Ho’oponopono Workshop Part 1,
Sat., 12-6 pm $90 or $175 for all 3.
Part 2, Sun., 12:30-6 pm $90 or $175
for all 3 Register Now!
The Hawaiian culture has concepts and skill
sets that co-create balance and bring
abundance. This Hawaiian time-evolved
practice of managing trauma and
transforming chaotic patterns into shapes and
vistas of order and peace is presented in these
fully interactive and trance-breaking workshop
experiences. This 2-part series is designed to
give you the tools needed for transformation
and also help you to employ them into your
being. Animate your authority to transform
and lift depressive and exhausting energies,
see your capacity to radiate your will of joy
and service and live peacefully from the inside
out. HARRY JIM embodies these teachings
with a joyful, serviceful presence. Come
discover these truths for yourself!
Friday, April 19
Jean Haner: Your
Hidden Symmetry
7:30-9 pm Free, but
call to reserve a seat!
Register Now!
Get a copy of Jean’s new
book 2-weeks early! On the
day you were born, you
were imprinted with a plan
and a purpose! Elegant
patterns reveal your inner
nature and your true
calling in life, as well as a
map for your entire
journey. Join JEAN HANER as she shares her
new book Your Hidden Symmetry , applying
the ancient principles of Chinese medicine to
the design of your inner spirit. The program
will include fascinating live readings on
audience members and the oportunity to have
your copy of Jean’s new book signed!
Saturday, April 20
Reiki Soundscape
Concert, 7-8:30 pm
$12 Register Now!
Certified Music Therapist
and director at Inner
Listening PAUL
CHEOKETEN WAGNER will play crystal
bowls, gongs and Native American flute,
creating an intentional, healing background to
gentle hands-on Reiki offered by local Reiki
masters like EILEEN DEY and audience
members. Joining together as a group amplifies
the intensity of intention for personal and
global transformation. Add your presence to
this one-of-a-kind synthesis. No prior experience
of Reiki or sound healing required.
Sunday, April 21
Ananda Meditation, 9 am See pg. 5
Monday, April 22
Deepen Your Meditation, 7:30 pm pg. 7
Tuesday, April 23
Good Company,11:30 am, pg. 7
Tuesday, April 23
Planetary Healing,
7-8 pm Free!
Each of us is capable of employing
the miraculous healer within us
and acting as a Planetary Healer.
Join clairvoyant spiritual healer and minister
Planetary Healing session. We will focus our
individual and group intentions of peace to lift
Wednesday, April 24
Astrological Cycles of
the Season, 7-8:30 pm
Register Now! $12
The movements of the
planets in the sky symbolize
current opportunities for
archetypal growth on both
personal and collective levels. Join SHEILA
BELANGER, M.A., for a lively and
informative astrological perspective on what’s
up for Spring. Sheila is an inspiring astrologer,
wilderness guest guide, and shamanic healer
and mentor. An astrological counselor since
1984, Sheila holds a Master’s degree in
Transpersonal Psychology.
Thursday, April 25
The Magic of Saying Yes,
7-8:30 pm $10 $5 May be
applied towards Betsy’s new
book, night of event only!
Intuitive Life Coach and radio
celebrates her new book The
Magic of Saying Yes:
Answering Your Heart’s
True Calling. This evening
Betsy will share her inspiring
story of walking into the
unknown, leaving behind what looked like
the perfect life to claim the destiny that was
waiting for her. She is excited to share
practical tools from her book that will
empower you to partner with your inner wise
guide, trust the authentic whispers of your
soul’s desire, and embrace true happiness!
See pg. 14 for consultations with Betsy.
Friday, April 26
What Is Ancestral
Healing?, 7:30-9:30 pm
$15 or Free with Saturday
Workshop. Register Now!
Join renowned shamanic
practitioner and author of the
Encyclopedia of
Shamanism, CHRISTINA PRATT for a
weekend of Ancestral Healing. Tonight’s
introduction to Ancestral Healing explores
what it is, why we need it and how do we do
it? Christina will also lead a meditation for
finding your own ancestral helping spirit.
Never miss a great event!
Sign up for a weekly update &
coupons online by registering for
East West E-News
on our website!
Saturday, April 27
Healing the Ancestral
Lines, 10:30 am - 3:30 pm
$60 adv. $70 Day Register
Your vitality and well-being may
be blocked by the unresolved
issues of your ancestors. Blocks
manifest as family patterns of mental,
emotional, or physical dis-ease. To free your
energy, you must free the ancestors. This lesser
known, but essential element of Shamanic
Healing requires cultivating a strong working
relationship with your Ancestral Helping Spirits,
mapping the patterns of unresolved energies,
and clearing the counterpart of these patterns
in your life. Shamanic practitioner CHRISTINA
PRATT offers this in-depth afternoon for
healing, understanding and clarity.
Saturday, April 27
Exposing the Light of You,
4-7 pm $35 Register Now!
TIGMONK is a 31 year old
modern day Mystic. His greatest
joy is in sharing meaningful
insight and wisdom with small groups of
sincere Individuals who seek a sacred truth. His
teachings go beyond mere intellect, and reach
deep into the heart, making it quite clear that
real liberation from suffering and conflict is a
journey that begins and ends with our most
sincere Self. Join Tigmonk for an afternoon of
Saturday, April 27
Basics of Animal
7:30-9 pm $12
Register Now!
Have you ever wondered what
your animal is thinking and wants to tell you?
Join Animal Communicator/Intuitive/Energy
Healer and Radio Show Host SHAWNA
FISCHER to explore deeper insights into
animals and their thoughts. Learn practical
exercises for sending and receiving messages
with your animals. No pets, please, but do
bring a picture or two for the exercises. These
basic telepathic skills work on humans too!
transmuted into the light of love, offering you
greater ease in life and openness to higher
levels of awareness. 12:30-6 pm Angel and
Your Guides Messages $60/30 min. Chakra
Balancing $70/30 min.
Sunday, April 28
Intuitive Writing, 1-4 pm
$25 Register Now!
Writing can strengthen and
intensify your connection to your
higher Self. This workshop
teaches ways to make that
connection conscious, and to distinguish
between your ego’s voice and your soul’s
truth. REBECCA DAVIS PhD will guide you
in a series of exercises designed to help you
tap into your inner knowing with regard to
current questions, and inspire you to envision
your most powerful and authentic future.
Learn take-away tools to increase your access
to your own highest wisdom.
Wednesday, May 1
Dream Your Self into
Being, 7-8:30 pm Free!
Did you know that your night
dreams contain the keys to put
you in the driver’s seat of your
daily life? Based on techniques
outlined in the book Dream
Your Self into Being , author
teaches participants how to use
their dreams to powerfully
transform blocks and stuck energies into the
greatest versions of themselves. Learn how to
remember your dreams and basic steps for
waking up/taking control in a dream.
Tonight’s mini-workshop is experiential,
dynamic and fun!
Wednesday, May 1
Astrological Birthday Party —
Taurus 7-8:30 pm Free! see pg. 5
Thursday, May 2
Spiritual Healing Circle, 4 pm pg. 5
The Author’s Roundtable, 7 pm. pg. 5
Thursday, May 2
Sunday, April 28
Consultations with Angelica Rose
Angel and Guides Messages:
Angelica translates energy
messages from Angels, guides
and those who have passed on, into words—
messages pertaining to your life path to
support you in next steps to take in attaining
your heart’s desire. Chakra Balancing
Angelica will scan your chakras to see if they
are in harmony with your spirit being and
check in with your Guides. Stuck energies are
Life Extension 101,
7-8:30 pm Free!
Explore the Inner and Outer
science of longevity! BOB GUTH
has taken many a pilgrimage “in
search of the immortals.” Tonight he shares
secrets on how to reclaim your own
immortality and awaken into your body of
light. Merging your thought patterns with
those of the immortals, instant healing,
expanding into the consciousness of love,
fitness, good posture and well-being are a few
of the topics Bob will bring to light.
Friday, May 3
for Life, 7:30-9 pm $10 or
Free with Saturday Workshop.
Register Now!
Discover the true potential of
your vision. Globally respected
pioneer, therapist, and educator MEIR
SCHNEIDER shares from his new book Vision
for Life: Ten Steps to Natural Eyesight
Improvement. Meir has developed innovative
techniques for the treatment of a variety of eye
conditions including eye strain from computer
overuse, strabismus, cataracts, and myopia.
Learn about the methods he used to overcome
congenital blindness, and embark on the
journey to improve your own eyes naturally!
Saturday, May 4
Steps for Natural Vision
Improvement, 10:30 am 6 pm $150 Register Now!
Do you suffer from eyestrain?
Would you like to reduce the
stress created by long hours at
the computer? Would you like
to find a way to see well without glasses? If you
use bifocals, do you want to get rid of them? If
you answered yes to any of these questions, or
want to find the best way to develop sharper
vision and use your eyes more effectively, come
work with MEIR SCHNEIDER for a natural
way to improve your vision for life.
Saturday, May 4
The Eight Aspects of
God: A Pathway to Bliss,
7-8:30 pm $10 or $30 for
both Saturday & Sunday
Energy medicine practitioner RUTHIE
STENDER brings to light eight key aspects
introduced in her book, The Eight Aspects
of God. Tonight’s introduction will give you
tools to pinpoint issues that show up physically,
mentally, or in relationship,
and how they can be traced
back to an energy center
and ultimately a missing or
incomplete aspect in your
life. The Eight Aspects of
God offers an authentic
and effective strategy for
intuitive healing and
understanding of Self while simultaneously
exploring new avenues toward spiritual and
personal development.
Sunday, May 5
Metaphysical Salon,
12:30-2 pm See pg. 4
Sunday, May 5
Eight Aspects of God
Roadmap Workshop,
3-5 pm $25 or $30 for both
Sat. & Sun. Register Now!
Learn to use The Eight
Aspects of God as a roadmap
with author RUTHIE STENDER. Ruthie will
teach you how to locate and release blocked
energy—clearing the path for learning and
applying specific tools to balance your overall
energy system, creating and maintaining an
overall sense of well-being. This interactive
workshop will help you to discover how easy
it is to tap into and trust your intuition. Wear
comfortable clothes and bring a notepad and
pen. Text for workshop: The Eight Aspects
of God, A Pathway to Bliss.
Monday, May 6,13,20
Learn to Meditate: Inner
Peace Through Relaxation
& Concentration, 3 Mondays
7:30-9 pm $45 + text ($10)
Register Now! See pg. 4
Wednesday, May 8
Change Your Pictures,
Change Your Life, 7-8:30
pm $15 Register Now!
Are you stuck in old patterns? Do
you want to break free? Join
hypnotherapist SUSAN
CRAMPTON DAVIS as you learn how the
brain captures and stores all emotionally
significant memories in a series of pictures,
many of which hold us hostage to the past.
Emotion installs these powerful pictures, and
uninstalling them is as easy as removing the
emotion. New, compelling pictures of the
future create the emotional momentum we
need to achieve our goals and create a new
Thursday, May 9
Reiki Distance Healing,
4-5:30 pm See pg. 6
Thursday, May 9
Living Your Life’s Path—
Finding Your Soul’s
Purpose, 7-8:30 pm $12
Register Now!
What’s your Sacred Ambition?
It’s why you were brought here - your
“calling”. Join intuitive empowerment coach,
entrepreneur, and social activist TARA
CORRELL. You’ll learn the tools needed to
define and uncover your most “authentic
self”so you can live your biggest life! Tara will
teach you to tap into your practical intuition
so you make sound decisions that move you
forward. Explore your past and see how it
impacts your present and future endeavors.
Saturday, May 11
Friday, May 10
My Reincarnation, 7-8:30
pm $5, Can be used towards
purchasing the DVD night of.
Register Now!
Circle of Joy,11 am. See pg. 5
Meditation 12 pm
Friday, May 10
Seeds of Passion:
Seeds of Truth, 7:30-9
pm $25 Register Now!
Each spring we are called to
appreciate, to stand in
wonder of what is blooming and emerging
in all its abundance around us and within us.
We begin to notice our passion, to be
honest about what is emerging that will
provide joy and sanctuary and add to our
feelings of aliveness, vitality and fulfillment.
Join CHAR SUNDUST of the Sundust
Oracle Institute for this quarterly
gathering and discover sustainable ways to
allow your deepest passions to be fully
expressed in the life you want.
Saturday, May 11
Naturopathic Astrology
Workshop, 11 am-2 pm
$30 Register Now!
Come learn how
naturopathic astrological
medicine can improve your health! Since the
time of Ancient Greece physicians have
incorporated information from astrological
charts in making diagnostic and treatment
decisions. Naturopath and Astrologer DR.
enlightens you on all aspects of your health,
especially those which relate to the stars,
sharing fascinating information about
planets, houses and their correlation to
specific body parts. You’ll take away the
basics of naturopathic astrology, gemstones
and herbs for healing.
Saturday, May 11
Your Healing Hands,
3-6 pm $35 Register Now!
Meet your Guardian Angel
and learn how to bring
angelic healing energy
through your hands into every healing. East
West reader and healer PENELOPE
PROTHEROE gives you real hands-on
healing experience in this fun interactive
afternoon. Activate your own clairvoyance
and tap into your unlimited access to
Universal energies to balance chakras,
remove psychic cords, heal energy blocks
and more. Penelope has been blending
clairvoyance and energy healing for over 25
Register online 24 hrs a day
My Reincarnation follows
the renowned reincarnate
Tibetan spiritual master,
Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, as he
struggles to save his spiritual tradition, and his
Italian-born son, who stubbornly refuses to
follow in his father’s footsteps. This epic fatherson drama-doc touches on cultural identity,
inheritance, family, growing old, growing up,
faith, meditation, religion, magic, Buddhism,
Dzogchen and past and future lives.
Sunday, May 12
Ananda Meditation, 9 am See pg. 5
Sunday, May 12
Shamanic Council Series: Siberian
Crow Dance, 12:30-2 pm $5 See web
Sunday, May 12
How Do You Brew?
3-6 pm $15 Register Now!
Join East West Tea Garden
for a briefer history of the tea
leaf, its spiritual significance in
the East and West, and how to use traditional
Chinese/Taiwanese tea ware to activate tea’s
healing potential for yourself and others. Live
loosely, sip loose leaves!
Wednesday, May 15
Creativity Salon,
7-8:30 pm $10
Each session in this series focuses
on a different aspect of the creative
process and common challenges
that can come with it. You’ll leave feeling
inspired and energized, with specific tools you
can use now! SUSAN LEE-PULLEN is a certified
Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and artist who
specializes in helping people get past
challenges and back to the joy of the creative
process. See website for specific session topics.
Wednesday, May 15
Wellness through
Conscious Eating,
7-8:30 pm Free!
Come learn real-life techniques and
ways to enact conscious eating in
your life. Master Chef and Holistic Health Coach
RANDA HILAL-DOTSON shares the magic of
changing your lifestyle habits for: eating
consciously without feeling deprived, using
yogic breathing to improve your overall wellbeing, consistently feeling more energy, using
food to alleviate symptoms of common ailments
all while making healthy affordable food for
you and your family. Randa will share a special
food creation of her own with participants
tonight. Don’t miss out!
Thursday, May 16
The Author’s Master Class;
Staying Connected to Why We Write,
6:30-8:30 pm Please note special start
time $20 Register Now!
Learning the craft is only the
beginning of a writer’s
journey. After your story is
told, you must share your
work with friends,
classmates, agents, editors,
and readers. This is what we
call being an author, and it is what beginning
and experienced writers alike find most
challenging in their working lives. Drawing
upon twenty-five years as a writer, and his
conversations with hundreds of bestselling and
award-winning writers, Author Editor-in-Chief
BILL KENOWER helps writers maintain an
authentic relationship to their writing so that
they can go on to become successful authors.
Saturday, May 18
Snatam Kaur
Snatam Kaur in Concert
7:30 pm $30 Adv, $40 Day. of event
Get your concert tickets through East West!
Held at Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle
Join world-renowned musician and Kundalini Yoga practitioner
SNATAM KAUR for an evening concert. Snatam shares her message of
peace and light through her heartfelt sacred chants. Join others of like
mind/heart for an extraordinary evening of music and devotion. Don’t miss this rare opportunity
to see Snatam live, last occurrence in Seattle over 2 years ago. (Snatam also leads a workshop
May 19 at Center for Spiritual Living. Visit for details and to register.)
Sunday, May 19
Satsang with Snatam Kaur at East West Bookshop
10:30 am - 11:30 am Please Note Special Time $10 Register Now!
Join world-renowned singer/musical artist and kundalini yoga practitioner SNATAM KAUR,
for a special yoga tune-up including pranayams, meditation and a short talk about Kundalini
Yoga followed by a CD signing. Be here early as East West will open at 10 am.
Wednesday, May 22
Weekends with Master Tibetan Singing
Bowls Teacher Suren Shrestha
Essential Oils: Adding Nature’s Living
Energy to Your Life, 7-8:30 pm $13
Includes Oil gift! Register Now!
Friday, May 17
as they share
their joint
passion for
the powerful
art and
science of
In this handson class you will get to experience the highest
grade of oils and learn why this quality makes
them exceptionally potent. Safety is discussed,
as well as the myriad of ways that essential oils
can enhance physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual well-being. Essential oils can become
the solution you reach for when daily
challenges arise.
Individual Sessions — Tibetan Singing Bowl
Sound and Vibration Healing
Experience a deeply relaxing and transformative
individual sound healing session with Tibetan sevenmetal singing bowls. SUREN SHRESTHA masterfully displays his skill and passion for healing
while carrying on a tradition that has been passed down generation to generation for several
hundreds of years. Suren’s individual sessions offer you a rare and unique opportunity to
reconnect with your own higher self for physical healing and spiritual guidance. Call to
schedule ! 12-5 pm. $99/Hour
Friday, May 17
Group Sound Healing Session with
Tibetan Seven Metal Bowls, 7:30-9 pm $20 Register Now!
Join us for an experience of immersion in healing sound and vibration
that reverberates throughout your body to your soul. SUREN
SHRESTHA, a native of Nepal and author of How to Heal with
Singing Bowls brings his bowls, techniques and ancient wisdom directly from a village
where people were customarily healed with the sacred sound current. He learned from
Tibetan monks and yogi Tahalkishor Maharaj, and has traveled extensively in the U.S. sharing
this knowledge. Please bring a mat or blanket to lie on.
Saturday, May 18
Healing with Singing Bowls: Complete Course,
10:15 am - 8:30 pm $225 Register Now! Register for all three classes and save!
Learn to heal with Tibetan Seven Metal Singing Bowls. The completion of this full day of classes
will give the participant a certification for Sound Healing Practitioner.
Fundamentals: Learn the basics of playing Tibetan singing bowls, and the tingsha,
and take home key self-healing techniques for head, stomach and feet. Also, if you only
have one or two singing bowls, learn how to use them without a whole set. There are
specific ways to use the bowls individually, according to their tone and position. 10:30
am - 1 pm $60
One and Two Bowl Healing: If you only have one or two singing bowls, learn how
to effectively use them without a needing a whole set. This class is also specifically
designed for healing practitioners and those wishing to learn how to facilitate
treatments with of the use of a massage table. A sleep and relaxation protocol will be also
be given. 1:30 - 3:30 pm $50
Intermediate: Learn the use of singing bowl placement, the importance of sound
intervals, and the 1st and 2nd protocols for treatment on clients. 6-8:30 pm $140
Sunday, May 19
Tibetan Singing Bowls—Advanced, 3-5:30 pm
Register Now! $199/$100 for Returnees
Thursday, May 23
Planetary Connection and
Your Intuitive Self, 7-8:30
pm $10 Register Now!
What if the paradigm for our
time was not planetary healing
but planetary connection? With that mindset
we participate with all life as equals, not as
guardians and caretakers. Come explore how
this mindset allows us to create relationships
with other beings, from earth changes to a
hurricane, volcano, inter-dimensional beings,
our animals, homes, and businesses. Learn
how it frees us to be our best intuitive selves.
Share the stories of living equally with all life.
Led by intuitive ROBYN M FRITZ, MA MBA
and FALLON the Citrine Lemurian Quartz.
Friday, May 24
Circle of Joy, 11 am-Noon. Free!
Meditation 12-12:30 pm. See pg. 5
East West Bookshop & Center for Spiritual Living present
Eben Alexander: Proof of Heaven
Friday, May 24
The 111 Activation
and Beyond: Tools to
Transform Your Life,
7:30-9 pm $11
Register Now!
A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife
Friday, June 14, 7-9 pm, Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle
Workshop June 15 ~ See website ~ Tickets on sale Mar. 15!
Energy healer and KKNW radio show host
CHRISTINE UPCHURCH offers you ways to
transform your life by shifting your energetic
structure—that unseen part of you that
determines every aspect of your human
experience: your health and happiness, the
relationships and circumstances you attract,
even the depth of your intuitive connection
to Source. Clients have called this activation
“life-changing” and “profound.” Come learn
easy-to-apply tips for opening to the flow of
light so that you can enjoy a healthier and
more fulfilling life!
EBEN ALEXANDER III, MD , a renowned academic neurosurgeon,
spent 55 years honing his scientific world view, until a rare illness left
him in a coma. Seven days later, he awoke from a transcendental neardeath experience with new insights that he reports in his #1 New York
Times Bestseller Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey
into the Afterlife. Join Dr. Alexander as he shares his transformative
experience, its profound lessons, and the complete revision of
everything he has come to believe about science, consciousness,
spirituality, and the very nature of all existence.
Sunday, May 26
Psychic Fair, Free entry,
1-5 pm 15-min. Minisessions at approx. $20.
Rates may vary.
Saturday, May 25
Who Were You?, 1-5 pm
$60 or $90 for two!
Register Now!
Join world-renowned psychic,
author of The Instruction
and The Transformation, AINSLIE
MACLEOD for a fascinating journey into
your soul’s past. In this experiential workshop
Ainslie will guide you back to prior
incarnations to discover your source of
talents, abilities and strengths from previous
incarnations and also how you can apply
them to your current life. Accelerate your
spiritual growth with an understanding of
this essential knowledge.
Saturday, May 25
7-8:30 pm
$15 Adv.
$20 Day of.
Register Now!
offer the basics of Dream Directing
Directing, a
program that will enable you to transform
your dreams and direct your life! Once you
understand your deepest motivations— fears,
beliefs, desires— you equip yourself with the
necessary faculties of actively directing your
own life dream. Stop viewing your dreams as
mythology and recognize them as a cosmic
practice field with infinite possibilities. Don’t
wait to gain full control of your own story.
Sunday, May 26
Ananda Group Meditation,
9-10:15 am Free! See pg. 5
Take this opportunity to
experience some of our
weekly intuitive readers at
special psychic fair rates and a variety of
divination methods by special guest readers.
Today’s gathering will include chair massage
and more! We’ll have a drawing for a $25 East
West Bookshop gift card and and other fun
door prizes...come experience!
Monday, May 27
Deepen Your Meditation!, 7:30 pm pg. 7
Tuesday, May 28
Good Company, 11:30am Free! pg. 7
Planetary Healing, 7-8 pm Free! pg. 10
Wednesday, May 29
Love and Spirit
Medicine, 7-8:30 pm Free!
Author of Love and Spirit
gives a voice to one woman’s
journey through profound shamanic initiations
and healings by way of entheogenic
mushrooms. Shonagh shares her own dark
night of the soul and how she came face to face
with her deepest wounds and the ultimate truth
of discovering her own Soul in the process.
Thursday, May 30
The Hidden Partnership
Between Confusion and
Clarity, 7-8:30 pm $12
Register Now!
Understanding is an on-going
partnership between confusion
and clarity; one force disrupts stable states,
while the other stabilizes shifting states. Most
of us prefer clarity any day of the week, yet,
life has something else in mind, something
even more powerful than clarity. Teacher
and author RAGINI MICHAELS offers fresh
insight into the evolution of our
understanding between these two
paradoxical forces, how best to utilize them
and verify their reality in relation to our own.
This evening will give you keys for easily
navigating this life-long dilemma.
Friday, May 31
Intro to Animal Energy
Healing, 7:30-9 pm $15 or
$80 for both Register Now!
Animal Communicator and
author of Communication
with All Life JOAN RANQUET offers this
new class for those who wish to deepen their
intuition and telepathic skills and learn to
merge their energy fields with the energy fields
of animals. Joan will review and offer insight
into animal chakras and bring new awareness
of how our energy interacts with that of
animals. Tonight’s information is as applicable
to animals as it is to any aspect of your life.
Saturday, June 1
Intermediate Animal
Communication, 11 am - 5 pm $75 or
$80 for both Register Now
This day-long retreat will move you into the
actualization of animal communication,
heightening your telepathic abilities to send/
receive messages using pictures, words and
feelings. Animal Communicator JOAN
RANQUET inspires participants locally and
abroad, helping people build bridges of
individual and collective Animal/Human
understanding and cooperation. You will go
deep and become more intuitive as a result of
todays workshop. Please bring pictures of your
animals, to communicate with.
Intuitive Consultations
Delia Yeager– Clairvoyant
Using her clairvoyance, your Akashic
records and working with your
guides, your reading with Delia will
increase your clarity, peace and
connection with your higher self. All
the information you need to navigate physical
reality and live the life you came to live is inside
you. A session with Delia will help put you in sync
with your truest, highest Self, and empower you
to be more “you.” Mon., Mar. 4, 18, Apr. 1, 15,
22, May 6, 13 1-6 pm; Sat., Mar. 9, 23, Apr. 13,
20, May 11, 18, 12-6 pm. $100/hr., $65/½hr.
Penelope Protheroe–
Clairvoyant Psychic
Penelope has studied, applied and
taught spirituality for over 35 years. As
a clairvoyant, clairsentient, and
clairaudient, she is able to see, feel and hear
energy as spirit and read subtle levels of energy
of whatever is happening with your relationships,
career and finances. In addition Penelope works
with angels and guides to read your spirit, aura,
chakras and past lives. She will assist you in
developing your unique spiritual abilities and
manifesting your soul’s path this lifetime.
Tuesdays, Mar. 12, 26, Apr. 9, 23, May 14, 28, 2-7
pm. $60/ ½ hr., $110/hr.
Brother Ed del Arroyo–
Akashic Record Readings
Are you ready to heal the past and
enter transformation? Brother Ed del
Arroyo draws cosmic information from
your Akashic Records and other
sources so that you can get what you need for
closure and progress in health, relationships, and
overall evolution. Mon., Mar. 11, 25, Apr. 8, 29,
May 20, 27; Tues. Apr. 30, May 21; Sat., Mar. 23,
Apr. 6, 27, May 18, 25, 12-5 pm. $135/90 min.,
$100/hr. $50 1/2 hr.
Jessica Agnew–
Angel Readings
Jessica was born able to hear the
loving messages from her Angels, and
this gift has developed into the ability
to communicate with others’ Angels as well. A
reading with Jessica is a sacred opportunity to
receive Divine Guidance customized for your
unique path. Wed., Mar. 13, 20, 27, Apr. 10, 17,
24, May 8, 15, 22, 29, Sat., Mar. 2, 16, 1-5 pm.
$120/hr., $60/ ½ hr., $30/ 15 min.
Robyn Fritz, MA, MBA–
Intuitive & Crystal Consultations
Mindset Alchemy sessions combine
intuitive insight, crystal energy healing,
and practical life, creative, and business
coaching. Discover your life’s purpose;
tap and strengthen your intuition; gain balance,
clarity, and transformation on intentions and
personal/career issues; connect with your
animals, home, and business; and meet your
guides and the deceased. Includes MP3 recording
and 15-min. follow-up in 1 week. Sat., Mar. 9, Apr.
6, May 11, $60/ 1/2 hr., $120/1 hour
Karen Wennerlind–
Astrology & Tarot
For over 25 years Karen has shared her
insight through Western astrology and
tarot. These tools help bring focus to
one’s vision and empowerment to one’s goals.
Astrology shows where the current opportunities
for growth are. With practical guidance, Karen
helps you reconnect to your fullest, most vibrant
Self. Explore your birth chart, yearly updates,
relationship dynamics, or specific business,
personal and spritiual questions. Fridays, 12-7 pm,
Sat., Mar. 2, May 4, 12-6 pm. $85/hr, $45/ ½ hr.
Andrea Bruckner– Astrology
Gain insight into your life’s purpose and
direction. One hour reading includes a
birth chart reading and answering
questions you might have about the events or
issues currently influencing your life. Short
readings concentrate on the important
events in your life that are influenced by the
current planetary placements. Wed., Mar. 6,
Apr. 3, May 1, $80/hr, $40/½ hr, $25/15 min.
Gemlight Healing Sessions,
March 13-14, pg. 5
Dr. Zeal Okogeri, Light & Sound
Current Sessions, March 17, pg. 6
Healing Sessions with Tilak,
March 30, pg. 8
Einstein Crystal Skull Sessions,
April 13-14, pg. 9
Suren Shrestha, Tibetan Singing
Bowl Sessions, May 17, pg. 13
Angelica Rose - Angel and
Guides Messages, Chakra
Balancing, April 28, pg. 11
In-store Healing
For days & appointment contact information
Pany Taylor
Healing &
& Sound
Etheric Energy Hlg
Therapy &
Reiki &
Subtle Energy
Amy Roberts– Tarot
Amy is a professional tarot reader
with 20 years experience. Her
approach is based on a practical,
choice-centered philosophy that
allows for the possibility of change
and personal growth. Through tarot,
Amy is able to help clients find the ways in which
they can optimize choices and connect with the
inner power to change and heal. Sundays, 12-5
pm, $85/hr., $45/ ½ hr.
Betsy GuttingIntuitive Consultations
Betsy Gutting has the keen intuitive
ability to go straight to the heart of the
matter. Her compassionate readings
reveal insights and solutions regarding
work, relationships, and life purpose. She
connects with her spiritual guidance and yours to
inspire and empower you to move forward with
clarity and confidence. Sat., Mar. 30, Apr. 27,
11 am -4 pm, $100/hr., $60½ hr.
Shiela Baker– Akashic Records
& Shamanic Tarot
Seeking Clarity, Direction or Healing in
Your Life? Using the Akashic
Records or the Shamanic tarot Shiela
helps find important answers. The
AKASHIC RECORDS are a treasury of your soul’s
journey. Identify, heal or release anything that has
been created or blocked through your life's
experiences. SHAMANIC TAROT is a tool for
effective, practical spiritual solutions. Thurs., Mar.
14, 28, Apr. 11, 25, May 9, 23, $45/ ½ hr , $80/ hr.
Shaunna Touchi– Intuitive
Shaunna is able to see where you are
holding energy blocks in your body
that may be resulting in chronic illness
or difficulties in your life. Shaunna can
incorporate fingerprint analysis to reveal your
“Soul Blueprint” – life purpose and life lessons –
to help you find peace, happiness and meaning.
Sat., Mar. 16, Apr. 20, May 4, 25, 12-5 pm.
$125/hr., $65/½ hr.
Michelle McKinney–
Clairvoyant and Guardian
Spirit Consultations
Michelle McKinney, MFA, is a fulltime shamanic and intuitive arts
practitioner and Family and Systemic
Constellations facilitator. For nearly 30 years
Michelle’s clairvoyant, clairsentient and spiritual
gifts have helped people get past road blocks,
and back into the flow of life self-empowered
with clarity, confidence, inner-peace, and
strength. Thurs., Mar. 21, Apr. 18, May 16,
1-6 pm. $90/hr; $50/½ hr.
Jennifer Starr– Intuitive
Jennifer Starr is a Master Certified
Coach (MCC), ordained Spiritual
Counselor and Professional Intuitive.
She integrates her gifts and skills to
create clarity, remove blocks, and
inspire and empower others to discover, embrace
and fully express their divine brilliance and soul
purpose to create meaningful lives that they love.
Apr. 8 & 10, 10am-6pm ,$115/hr., $60/ 1/2 hr.
6500 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115
1-800-587-6002 (425) 806-3700
Raja/Hatha Yoga Intensive
Tuesdays, April 2 - June 18, 6 - 9 pm at East West Bookshop
Thursdays, April 4 - June 20, 6-9 pm in Bothell
Love Without Fear
3 Tuesdays beginning March 5 at East West Bookshop
Taught by Nayaswami Jamuna Snitkin
Ananda Meditation Temple in
Bothell - All are Welcome!
Sunday Service Festival of Light – Bothell
9:15 am Meditation – 10 am Service
Ananda Yoga Teacher Training
10 weekends over 6 months beginning September 2013 in Bothell
RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher at 200 level) with the Yoga Alliance
East West Bookshop
Daily meditations open to all
And at East West Bookshop Meditation & Yoga classes and free
group meditations! See pgs. 4-14 for details.
Learn to Meditate
at East West
~Monthly Classes~
6500 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle
206-523-3726 1-800-587-6002
Mon.-Thur. 10-9, Fri. 10-10
Sat. 10-9 Sun. 12-6:30
LOSED:: Easter Sunday, March 31
We are located 2 blocks east of I-5. Free
parking is available on the streets northbordering 66th, and to the west at 12th Ave.
NE. Metered parking on 65th and along
Roosevelt is free after 6 pm and on Sundays.
See website for great parking options and map!
Parking Rebate with purchase of $75
or more– See web for details!
to Grade 7
Tea Garden Cafe
See program pages 4-14
Delicious locally-made
Salads & Desserts

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