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highfalutin press release 101013
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Author’s Debut Novel Livestock! Rocks
Chicago – October 10, 2013 – Chicago writer Matt McCarthy’s
Livestock!, a darkly comic “rock ‘n’ roll novel” about mayhem and
murder at a weekend music festival, is proving popular with both
the Woodstock generation and their Lollapalooza progeny.
“At its core, Livestock! is really a who done it, a mystery you’re trying
to figure out as you go with characters that you (hopefully) care
about,” said author Matt McCarthy. “I think people of different
ages and backgrounds like it because it holds up as a mystery and
because you really do want to find out how it’s all going to come
together for those characters.”
The eccentric collection of characters in McCarthy’s novel find
themselves drawn to an abandoned dairy farm in the middle of
rural Wisconsin for the supposed reunion of seminal 90s rock band
Escape Goat. As things begin to go spectacularly wrong at the
isolated music festival and the weekend descends into a bacchanal
of violence and depravity, those in attendance are left to wonder …
will Escape Goat show?
Released in June of 2013, Livestock! (highfalutin media) is now available in paperback and for Kindle
on amazon.com and at select bookstores. Visit highfalutinmedia.com for more details.
About Matt McCarthy
A Chicagoland native, Matt McCarthy came to the city proper to
study Philosophy at DePaul University in 1994. He has since written
for numerous websites and print publications in and around town
and is a graphic designer and musician. McCarthy lives in the Logan
Square neighborhood with his wife and their two cats. Livestock! is
his first novel.
For more information about Livestock! or Matt McCarthy please visit
highfalutinmedia.com or call highfalutin media at 773-510-6210.

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