JOINED BY THE SPIRITS OF............................................................................. 3
MR. LOUIS P. BAILY, JR. ............................................................................................................................... 6
MR. DOUGALD L. BLUE, III......................................................................................................................... 7
MR. McGUIRE BOYD.................................................................................................................................... 8
MR. MICHAEL D. CAVER............................................................................................................................ 11
MR. WILLIAM BATES CHAPPELL............................................................................................................. 12
MR. MICHAEL T. CRONE, SR. .................................................................................................................. 14
MR. JOHN SIDNEY DAVENPORT............................................................................................................. 15
MR. WILLIAM SIDNEY DRUEN, SR. ........................................................................................................ 16
MR. DONALD R. FORD, JR. ...................................................................................................................... 18
MR. DAVID C. FULLER................................................................................................................................ 19
MR. KEMP NEAL HUNT............................................................................................................................. 20
MR. NATHANIEL A. JOBE........................................................................................................................... 21
MR. BUDDY KOCH...................................................................................................................................... 23
MR. WILLIAM JAMES LAWRENCE............................................................................................................ 24
MR. FONTAINE BROWN LAWSON........................................................................................................... 26
MR LEONARD CECIL “BO” LONG........................................................................................................... 28
MR. PHILIP LEE LOTZ, JR. ........................................................................................................................ 29
MR. SAM MOORE........................................................................................................................................ 30
MR. WAYNE ANDREW MORRISON.......................................................................................................... 31
MR. GRAHAM F. PAINTER, JR. ................................................................................................................. 32
MR. GEORGE FAIRFAX PERKINS ............................................................................................................. 34
MR. HENRY R. “HARRY” POLLARD IV.................................................................................................... 35
JUDGE JOHN DERHAM ROBERTS........................................................................................................... 36
MR. CHARLES EDWARD RUSSELL, JR..................................................................................................... 37
DR. JOHN DICKERSON SEMONES.......................................................................................................... 38
MR. KEITH M. SHEPHERD........................................................................................................................ 39
THE REV. LOUIS A. SKIDMORE................................................................................................................ 41
JUDGE CHARLES H. SMITH, JR. .............................................................................................................. 44
MR. WILLIAM JORDAN STEED, JR. ......................................................................................................... 46
MR. GEORGE PATRICK TARRY, JR. ......................................................................................................... 47
MR. JAMES LEE THACKER, JR. ................................................................................................................ 49
MR. JEFFREY LUCKEY WARD.................................................................................................................... 50
MR. ROBERT PARKER WATERS................................................................................................................. 51
THE HONORABLE THOMAS H. WOOD, SR. ........................................................................................ 52
DECEASED MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1963........................................... 54
Joined by the spirits of
Dr. Firenz
Dr. Clower
Martin Boyd Coyner
Dr. Bliss
Francis the Axe Man
Dr. Ropp
Dr. “Bump” Elliott
Stokley Fulton
Dr. Holbrook
Graves Thompson
Dr. McRae
Dean Crawley
The One Hundred and Eighty-Eighth Commencement
At the one hundred and eighty-eighth
commencement at Hampden-Sydney College on Monday,
June 8, 58 seniors received the B.A. degree and 35 seniors
received the B.S. degree.
John Peyton McGuire Boyd, Richmond, Va., gave
the valedictory address. David James Anderson of Portsmouth,
Va., was the recipient of the Algernon Sydney Sullivan
Medallion, presented to “that senior who has distinguished
himself for excellence of character and generous service to
his fellows.” William Sidney Druen, Farmville, Va., was the
recipient of the Gammon Cup, awarded annually to “the
member of the graduating class who has best served the
College in character, scholarship, and athletic ability.”
The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Medallion was also
presented to Dr. Hinton Baxter Overcash, professor of biology
at Hampden-Sydney College, who joined the faculty in 1922.
The award is given to one “who has been conspicuously helpful
to and associated with the institution in its effort to encourage
and preserve a high standard of morals.”
Honorary degrees were conferred upon the following,
with these citations:
ERWIN HOGE WILL, Chairman of the Board
of the Virginia Electric & Power Company, Richmond, Va.,
DOCTOR OF SCIENCE: “This morning your words have
enlightened us. In so doing you have symbolized the impact
of your life. As engineer, general manager, president, and
chairman of the board of the Virginia Electric and Power
Company, you have not only brought light literally all over
Virginia (even in these last days to that western part of
Hampden-Sydney’s Via Sacra, familiarly known as “Black
Bottom”) but also figuratively as you have demonstrated
that an engineer can be an effective leader in business and
community affairs. Your service as a member of the Board of
Visitors of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, as president of
the Virginia State Chamber of Commerce, as a member of
the National Industrial Conference Board illustrates the wide
breadth of your interests and the willingness with which you
have given your life to others.”
minister, Farmville, Va., DOCTOR OF DIVINITY: “Yours
has been a widely diverse life: soldier, business man, minister.
You have served churches with distinction in South Carolina
and in Virginia. But we know you best for your life with
us. Normally the distinguished service of men is of the sort
that brings plaudits of press and public, that lifts those who
served to fame and popular acclaim. Without belittling that
kind of service, we rejoice to honor what you have done in
quietly moving among us to meet the needs of individuals
and community. To enumerate your deeds is not possible, for
even your closest friends do not know them all. But where the
ministry of the Church could be given, where encouragement
of a friend was wanted, where the assistance of civic concern
was called for, there you have been. You could have lived
in plenty and without concern for others. You chose to give
yourself and your means to others.”
BUFORD SCOTT, senior partner—Scott &
Stringfellow, Richmond, Va., DOCTOR OF LAWS: “You
bring distinction and honor to your native state. Your integrity
and acumen in the world of finance have secured for you’re
the respect reserved for those who serve nobly and well and
have gained for the firm of Scott & Stringfellow international
renown. With equal effectiveness and devotion you have
distinguished yourself for service to the Church, to the
community, and to education. Time prohibits an enumeration
of all that you have done; but we would be remiss if we failed
to note your service as chairman of the boards of two fine
educational institutions in Virginia, Sweet Briar College and
the Medical College of Virginia. The highest praise I can give
is to quote the words of President R. Blackwell Smith, Jr., of
the Medical College of Virginia, when he describes you as ‘one
of Virginia’s most distinguished advocates for higher education
and one of our most beloved board members.’”
Mr. Edwin Hoge Will in his address to the
Hampden-Sydney graduates said: “Great changes have taken
place in our country since 1776 when Hampden-Sydney
opened its doors. No country has been able to match our
overall progress. There is no need for additional statistics as we
all realize that even our lowest income group is better off than
the average of all the other peoples of the world. We have every
reason to reflect with pride on our material accomplishments,
but have we made a similar record in the area of moral,
spiritual, and humanitarian progress? This is the challenge for
your generation.
“Mere numbers have never been an object of
Hampden-Sydney; rather, major emphasis has been on
character and academic standing. You now have a basic
education that will be invaluable in your future training in
whatever profession you undertake.” Mr. Will stressed to the
students that their education should not be terminated at the
beginning of one’s life work, but actively continued throughout
life as a necessary asset in meeting the rapidly changing times
and developments.
“You will find, as others have, that in many lines of
business it is not so much what you know, but rather how you
apply what you know and what results you are able to produce.
What will enable you to receive a higher degree of success? The
initiative, the determination, and the extra ten percent that
you should devote to thinking, planning, and effort.”
In closing, Mr. Will reminded the seniors: “So
live your life in such a way that you help to pass on to your
children and others a better and freer world by leading a
Christian life and by doing those things you know to be right.
“In the history of mankind there arise crises which
test the greatness of men and, invariably, each generation
has come forward with those leaders who have guided our
destinies. Your generation will be no exception.”
Following commencement exercises, a buffet
luncheon was served in Winston Hall. Special guests of the
188th commencement were members of the classes of 1888 to
1914 and the class of 1924.
12655 West James Anderson Highway
Buckingham, VA 23921
Home: (434) 969-6156 • [email protected]
Spouse: Ms. Pattie Adams Bailey married 15 years
Family Life: First wife passed away 1989. Two children from
first marriage; spouse has three from her first marriage. Total
of five. Total of eight grandchildren combined.
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: As junior officer on board,
bought $6100 of booze (1965 no tax prices) in St. Thomas and
had it delivered to pier, stored in brig, distributed in Norfolk
with nothing broken.
Undergraduate Degree: BS Math
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: All a blur.
Currently: Retired
Professional History: Four years naval officer; 23 years in
Information Technology with a bank (now Wells Fargo); 10
years as Systems Development Manager for Virginia Housing.
Military Service Branch: US Navy
Military Service Rank: Lieutenant (O-3)
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
Buckingham Historic Village, Maysville Presbyterian Church,
Float Fishermen of Virginia, Habitat for Humanity.
H-SC Value: The ability to express myself in writing.
Special Honors or Recognition: Best man at son’s wedding.
Hole in One. Eight and a half pound 23 inch bass. Forty inch
905 Kilby Station Road
Ashland, VA 23005
Home: (804) 798-5832 • Business: (757) 696-0150 • [email protected]
Spouse: married 9 years
Children: Five grandchildren ages 3 to 21 —
one girl, the rest boys
most recently publishing a personal memoir, War Baby, which
is available through Amazon. It contains several scenes of
“extra-curricular” exploits while a student as H-SC. Might you
be in it? (Possibly…but identities have been intricately cloaked
to maintain privacy and anonymity). Today, I live in Ashland,
Virginia, just blocks away from enemy territory.
Undergraduate Degree: BA
Currently: Working
Professional History: Daily newspaper reporter followed by 40
years in corporate communications. Now writing on my own
(recently published a memoir, WAR BABY) and handling
several public relations accounts. Following work as a copyboy,
intern and state news bureau assistant, I joined The Richmond
Times-Dispatch as a city desk reporter covering everything
from state agencies, raucous community zoning disagreements
and the weekend night police beat. I then joined the public
relations staff of Dominion Virginia Power (then known as
Virginia Electric and Power Company). During these years
I served in the active Army Reserve (80th Division). My
business life continued in the corporate communications
field for several companies over nearly 40 years. Married and
divorced with two great kids and five amazing grandchildren.
For the past several years I have operated my own public
relations consultancy. And I am also in a business called
Author Partners LLC which helps people write, edit and
publish. So naturally I have continued to write professionally,
Military Service Branch: Army Reserve
Military Service Rank: Sgt.
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
• St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Richmond — Emmaus
Group member and lay minister for Celtic Service.
• James River Writers, member and past board member.
H-SC Value: Critical thinking. Writing skills. Brotherhood.
6303 Towana Rd.
Richmond, VA 23226-3125
Home: (804) 288-5817 • [email protected]
athletic contests at H-SC.
Spouse: Hylah Haile Boyd, married 44 years
Children: Hylah Boyd Ballowe — daughter
McGuire Boyd, Jr. — son
Jack Boyd — son
John Ballowe — grandson
Virginia Ballowe — granddaughter
McGuire Boyd III — grandson
Finley Boyd — granddaughter
Maggie Boyd — granddaughter
Nikki Boyd — granddaughter
Jackson Boyd — grandson
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: I sailed all over the world
with the U.S. Navy.
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: To single out any one incident
that occurred at Hampden-Sydney during our time is difficult.
So many funny, improbable, seemingly impossible events
occurred that it is hard to single out one. However, a specific
event has always struck in my mind and involved one of our
favorite activities, water bagging, and one of the most skilled
of water baggers, George Perkins. George’s command post
was the hall window of the third floor of the First Passage of
Cushing Hall. The window was open, no screen, and George
could lean out and find many targets of opportunity. One day
after class, when many of us were returning to Cushing for
afternoon study, George was on Duty leaning out the window
with an ample supply of ammunition.
Unbeknownst to George, trouble was brewing in First
Passage where Freddy Reed, Class of 1963, must have decided
enough was enough. Freddy filled a trashcan with water, got
out on Cushing’s roof, and made his way along the roof to the
roof of First Passage. At this point you will have guessed what
happened. Freddy was on the roof, above the unsuspecting
George with a trashcan full of water. Freddy poured the water
on George and left him speechless, a condition that did not
often occur with George.
Water bagging was on all season sport at H-SC. And
no one was as active and talented as George. However, for one
Undergraduate Degree: BA
Currently: Retired
Professional History: Bond trading at United Virginia Bank and
Davenport & Co. from 1967 to 1998, specializing in municipal
Military Service Branch: U.S. Navy
Military Service Rank: Lt. JG
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
• St. James’s Episcopal Vestry
• Hampden-Sydney Board 2004–2008
• Little League Soccer and Baseball coach
H-SC Value: I received a fine education, made great life-long
friends, and have continued to enjoy events, parties, and
day, George was bested. Sadly, both George and Freddy are no
more. They did set a high standard for us all.
Most of the stories we will tell here relate to the
adventurous side of our stay at Hampden-Sydney. Rat races,
road trips, the Cushing International Races (CIR), etc. All of
these exciting tales should not obscure the real reason we all
came to Hampden-Sydney — to receive an education, obtain
a degree, and prepare ourselves for participation in the real
The academic side of H-SC posed a number of
hurdles for us. Perhaps the major hurdle was deciding whether
to pursue the BA or BS degree. Roughly 60% of our class
chose the BA path, a route without too many afternoon labs,
thereby affording time for trips to the College Shop, the Taxi
Stand, and to Longwood, often in that order. To obtain the BS
degree a scholar was required to take Biology, Chemistry, and
Physics. For the BA degree only two of the three were needed.
To avoid very difficult H-SC classes, summer school was an
attractive option. Many of us took Chemistry at Madison,
thereby avoiding Dr. Miller, and some of us took Biology at
the University of Richmond in avoidance of Mr. Overcash.
I took Biology at Richmond in the summer of 1962 and
the first question posed to the class by the professor was, “Is
there anyone here from Hampden-Sydney?” I spoke up in the
affirmative and feel that answer assured a passing grade.
So the science problem was solvable with careful
selection of classes, professors, and venues. Another problem
for some of us was Algebra — another necessary evil for
graduation. The solution here was offered by Dr. Elliot, who
returned from a stroke and taught Algebra our Senior year.
Most of us who needed the class passed. Throughout our stay
at H-SC we were fortunate in having professors who would
give help where needed and realized that a good lawyer need
not be a Calculus whiz or fluent in German.
We also had a Classical Language requirement.
Most of us took Latin, giving many of us exposure to Dr.
Graves Thompson, certainly one of the finest and kindest of
professors. A few hardy souls, usually pre-ministerial students,
took Greek. Sadly the Classical Language requirement was
eliminated in the early 1970s.
Philosophy was also a requirement for the BA degree
and many of us were in Dr. Allan’s class. I was thoroughly
confused most of the time, but have one memory worth
relating. The story may or may not be true (I think it is), but
an H-SC contemporary of ours, not in the Class of 1964, was
reputed to come to class, wait while Dr. Allan checked him on
the roll, then casually jump out the window at the back of the
class room True or not, it’s a good story and quite possible.
We all took a broad range of classes at H-SC. I
have always enjoyed telling non H-SC acquaintances that
I took so many different and interesting classes — ranging
from German to Philosophy to Differential Equations to
Shakespeare, Did we graduate as ‘Jacks of all Trades, Masters
of None?’ I think not. The world is a complicated place, much
more so in 2014 than in 1964, and our stay at HampdenSydney, with its wide range of classes and experiences, well
prepared us for coping with it.
Three words or phrases that come to mind when
thinking of Hampden-Sydney in the early 1960’s are Austerity,
Imagination, and a Deck of Cards. We all encountered
austerity in our time in Venable, Graham, and Cushing. In
Cushing’s First and Fourth Passages the showers were located
on the first floor of a four story building. I don’t remember
where the showers were in Second and third passages, nor do
I recall their locations in Graham and Venable. My most vivid
memory of Venable is the very lengthy and very noisy Fourth
Floor. The Fourth Floor was not good for sleep or study,
but was great for making friends. Amenities — who needed
amenities at Hampden-Sydney?? I used to say that all I took
to Hampden-Sydney was a foot locker and a toothbrush —
perhaps an exaggeration, but if you add in a cake of soap and a
towel, you have what sustained most of us. And television — I
do not remember anyone with a TV in their room. When one
of the new Carpenter Dorms opened on a football weekend, I
wandered in and encountered a student. I asked how he liked
his new air conditioned dormitory. His response was “It’s OK,
but they haven’t hooked up the Cable TV.”
What about imagination? Well, in austere conditions,
Imagination is a great aid to survival. And H-SC abounded in
imaginative young men. As a freshman I remember observing
a foursome drinking coffee in the Venable commons. Included
in the group were Charlie Sears, Charlie Hubbard, Tom
Andrews, and Don Swift. What they were discussing (plotting
is probably the better term) was not for a lovely freshman to
know. But imagination was at work there. And imagination
was always at work with students asking professors to delay
a test or assignment. And imagination was certainly needed
when persuading Mrs. Ward that we were too ill to go to class
on test day. Imagination was not absolutely necessary for
survival at H-SC, but it helped.
Finally, how does a “Deck of Cards” fit in? Bridge
and Poker were always available at H-SC and my feeling is
that the great majority of good card players at H-SC have done
well in life. The good card players did not all pursue good
grades, but the mental agility acquired and required in Bridge
and Poker served them well over the years. When I arrived at
H-SC, upperclassmen Charles Sears and Art Matney invited
Freshmen into the Poker Game. It took me about a half hour
to realize who the winners (Charles and Art) and losers (most
of the Freshmen participants) were. As to Bridge, I was an
occasional participant when a threesome could find no other
Fourth. My main problem was not realizing that Bridge and
Beer were not good partners. The result was often an inability
to distinguish the Hearts from the Diamonds.
To summarize, life was much simpler in the early
1960s than it is now. We succeeded because we did not view
our living conditions as austere, and we used our imaginations.
And, lastly, some of us knew what to do with a Deck of Cards!
62 Ravenwood Hills Circle
Nashville, Tennessee 37215
Home: (615) 775-3712 • [email protected]
Spouse: Ann K. Caver, married 50 years
Children: 7 grands: N IL., Portland, OR & Nashville;
ages 5 months–13 years old
research with/for Dr. Miller in the chem lab and later
working there as one of my part time jobs, (2) seminars in
homes of professors and (3) remarkably, having dates for
special weekends stay in professors’ homes!
Undergraduate Degree: BS—Modern European History
Currently: Retired
H-SC Value: 1. Though it only became apparent over time
(that is more than a “catchphrase”) the extraordinary benefits
of a liberal arts education.
2. Focus on basics of English, history & literature of different
countries, opportunity to be highly flexible in focus of studies
(e.g. my B.S. in Modern European History and lacking only
one other course for a minor in Religion).
3. How especially unique it was to live in a culture where we
could trust one another not to “lie, cheat or steal or tolerate
those who did.”
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: Like most of us my fondest
memories are of fellow students in all class levels. With only
slightly over 400 total in ’60–’64 while I was on campus, it
was possible to know (at least by name) a significant portion.
A unique memory which will stick with me forever
is the close interaction with faculty, e.g. (1) doing low level
4409 kensington Ave
Richmond, VA 23221
Home: (804) 353-7615 • Business: (804) 359-1240 • Cell: (804) 370-1294 • [email protected]
Spouse: Margaret C. Chappell, married 49 years
Children: Daughter—Mary Margaret Chappell—Cooking
Editor for Vegetarian Times
Son—William B. Chappell, Jr.—Managing Director and
Research Analyst with Suntrust/Robinson Humphrey
Granddaughter—Finley H. Chappell—age 6
bonds. For a period I was the OTC trader there making net
markets in local stocks. In 1972 I left Craigie and joined the
NYSE firm of Branch, Cabell & Co to sell stocks and bonds.
In 1974 with the stock market at all time lows and Watergate,
I left the brokerage business and joined United VA Bank as a
Trust Representative to sell trust and investment management
services. After several years I transferred over to personal trust
as a trust officer where I handled trust, custody and agency
accounts and settled estates. With my investment background,
I transferred to the investment advisory division of United
VA Bank known as Capitoline, Inc. to handle individual,
corporate and foundation accounts.
In 1990, I joined the investment advisory firm of
Kanawha Capital Management as Managing Director. When I
joined the firm it had $80 MM under management and it has
grown to $750MM now, and I am still employed managing
client assets, handling clients family financial matters and
managing private foundations.
Undergraduate Degree: BS
Currently: Working
Professional History: 2 days after graduating from H-SC,
I enlisted in the US Coast Guard Reserve for 6 years to
complete my required military obligation. I was sent to Boot
Camp at Cape May, NJ for 3 months. Upon completion of
Boot Camp, I was assigned to the US Coast Guard Cutter
Tanager for Atlantic Sea duty for three months, and then spent
5 1/2 years in the active reserve and received my honorable
discharge in 1970.
In Dec of ’64, I joined First & Merchants National
Bank in their officer training program which I applied for
on campus. I was a loan officer and credit analyst there for
3 years. While at First &Merchants I took graduate courses
at University of Richmond evening school in Economics,
Investment Analysis, Accounting and Marketing. In 1968 I
joined Craigie, Inc. as an investment broker selling stocks and
Military Service Branch: U.S.Coast Guard
Military Service Rank: BM2 or E-5
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
• Teacher and Supt of Sunday School @ First Presbyterian
Church. Also Deacon and Elder there.
• Asst Scoutmaster Troop 444, Reveille Methodist Church
1984 to 1992
• Past Director James River Association
• Past Director Henrico Red Cross
• Former member of Richmond Society of Financial
• Member—Bond Club of Virginia
• current Trustee—Reveille Methodist Church
• Co-Chairman Reveille United Methodist
Endowment Fund
H-SC Value: H-SC taught me how to get along with all types
of personalties in people. It also taught me to study hard and
persevere in courses I did not like such as French, German,
Old Testament and Calculus. I received a good background
and interest in History from Dr. Coyner which is still one of
my interests. I majored in Biology under Overcash and spend
time and enjoyment in that area of learning. I missed having
studies in finance, accounting and investment analysis which is
now available at H-SC. I earmark many of my college gifts to
the Business studies area.
Special Honors or Recognition:
US Coast Guard —Honorable Discharge
New York Institute of Finance — Certificate of Completion
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Margaret and I have been
happily married for 49 years. We have enjoyed raising our
children and seeing them be successful in their professional
We have traveled to Canada, New England, the
Grand Tetons in Wyoming, England and Scotland, France,
on a Viking cruise on the Rhine in Germany, Bahamas, Turks
and Caicos, Grand Caymans, inside passage in Alaska in a
small low guest cruise vessel and many places in Virginia and
North Carolina.
We have a second home on Dymer Creek of the
Chespeake Bay near White Stone, VA and have survived the
two hurricanes of Isabel and Ernesto. We spend a lot of time
there boating, swimming and fishing. I have built two ponds
and have stocked them with fish. I enjoy fly and spin cast
fishing in those ponds.
1604 Centerville Parke Lane
Manakin Sabot, Virginia 23103
Home: (804) 708-0654 • Cell: (804) 920-4062 • [email protected]
Spouse: JoAnne C. Crone, married 49 years
Children: Daughter:
Whitney Anne Davis
Married Gary R. Davis
Children: Grayson and Tate
2000 Merged with Long & Foster, Inc
Regional CFO
2009 Retired
Michael T. Crone, Jr. “Ty”
Married Kate Veazey
Children: Emma, Trip and Hayes
Military Service Branch: US Army Reserve
Undergraduate Degree: BA
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Many wonderful trips,
especially Jamaica and Mexico
H-SC Value: Understanding the significance of the H-SC
honor code
Currently: Retired
Professional History: 1964 Benedictine High School
Teacher and coach
2 Rotator cuffs
2 hip replacements
(A new man)
1965 First & Merchants National Bank
Assistant VP
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: “Missing the question,” who
was the left handed judge? on Dr. Clower’s exam.
1968 Dominion National Bank
Senior VP and Senior Credit Officer
Beating Mt. St. Mary’s at H-SC after they won the NCAA
Div II basketball championship
1988 Bowers, Nelms & Fonville Real Estate
Meeting my wife in 1960
6132 St. Andrews Lane
Richmond, VA 23226
Home: (804) 285-0012 • [email protected]
Spouse: Barbara Humphries Davenport, married 48 years
Children: 4 daughters
Elizabeth Edmonds, Jean Hershey, Anne Sidney
Hetherington, Mary Williams
8 grandchildren
Jack, Annie, Charlie Edmonds
William, Eliza Hershey
Sidney, Mary Hetherington
Adelaide Williams
Special Honors or Recognition: Advisory Board FNMA and
FHLMC, Dynex Corporation Director, Virginia Mortgage
Bankers Assoc. Director, The Ryland Group Director
RAC Income Fund Director
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.:
Travels: Hawaii, Spain, England, France, Germany, Greece,
Pacific Northwest, San Juan Islands, Canada, Scotland,
Ireland, Italy, Turkey, Mexico
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: The Cushing 500
The Coasters party at the Kappa Sig House
The alligator in the Cushing shower room
Undergraduate Degree: BA
Currently: Retired
Professional History: Mortgage banker
Military Service Branch: US Army
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
• Westhampton Citizen’s Assoc. President
• Richmond Senior Men’s Golf Assoc. Captain
• Richmond Senior Men’s Tennis Assoc. Captain
• Country Club of Virginia Board
H-SC Value: Knowing almost everyone on campus and
maintaining many of those relationships today
85 East Deshler Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43206
Home: (614) 444-7655 • Business: (614) 579-4884 • Cell: (614) 579-4884 • [email protected]
Spouse: Mrs. Janet Ward Druen, married 44 years
Children: Two children
- Courtney Paige Druen New York City, Fashion Business
- Rev. William Sidney Druen II, Davidson, NC, Presbyterian
Minister married to Tere Grinstead Druen, with three
children: twins William Sidney III and Carol Elizabeth and
daughter Milligan Paige Druen
Board, Director of the Public Affairs Council (Washington
D.C.), board member of Ohio Insurance Institute and board
member of the National Association of Mutual Insurance
Companies. Kit Cat Club member.
H-SC Value: My freshman year two prominent seniors were
asked to leave because of Honor Code violations. One was
cheating and the other knew and did not report it. I had
not thought specifically about the Honor Code until that
event. I came to view the Hampden-Sydney Honor Code
as a standard and to realize that basic fairness and honesty
were important values to me. I think they were values I have
adopted and have stayed with me.
Undergraduate Degree: BA
Advanced Degrees: LLB
Currently: Retired
Professional History: After law school at the University, I
worked briefly in the Virginia Governor’s Office before
moving to Columbus, Ohio, to work for the Nationwide
Insurance Companies as a “Jr. Attorney” (a title I later
abolished from the staff titles). I spent my 30 year legal career
with Nationwide, taking early retirement from the position of
Senior Vice President and General Counsel.
Special Honors or Recognition: 1963 Co-Captain H-SC
Football Team, 1964 Gammon Cup, 1964 BA HampdenSydney College, 1968 LLB University of Virginia Law School
1970 Married Janet E. Ward, Two children and three
grandchildren, All else is of lesser importance.
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
Member of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, trustee of the
Ohio Historical Society Development Committee, President
of University Club of Columbus, board member of the
Franklin County Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Services
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Having been raised in
Farmville and attending Hampden-Sydney I spent my first
25 years close to home. Football away games were the extent
of my travel. As a transactional lawyer with the Nationwide
Companies I traveled extensively in the US. Since my
retirement wanderlust has really kicked in, and I have traveled
to over 70 countries — but who is counting. I guess being a
Farmville resident was not the travel inhibitor I once thought
it was.
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: So many memories from the
CIR to Three-and-a-half.
One of the things that I remember is the bell that
started and ended each class. It was rung by hand. If you were
running late to class the bell ringer would see you hurrying
toward Morton Hall and continue to ring the bell an extra
long time to be sure you could be in class (and not tardy)
before the bell stopped.
On one occasion a student beside me in Dr. Graves
Thompson’s Latin Class was asked to translate in class. Using
a translation that we students referred to as a pony, he used
the word “thrice” in his translation. Dr. Thompson asked him
what “thrice” meant. Unable to define thrice, the student was
urged by Dr. Thompson to “Ride on.” The class exploded in
621 Farnham Circle
N. Chesterfield, VA 23236-4173
Home: (804) 794-4861 • Cell: (804) 240-9316 • [email protected]
Spouse: Helene Joy Ford, married 46 years
Children: Laurie Lynn born 11/20/1968
Amy Elizabeth born 3/20/1971
Ford Andrew Zehner
Calvin Douglas Zehner
Elizabeth Joy (Libby) Zehner
Zoe Jane Hessian
Afton Moon Hessian
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: My wife and I maintain
a summer house in Avalon, NJ, where we spend most of our
summers with our children and grandchildren.
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: My freshman year when my
fellow classmates barricaded themselves in a room in order to
avoid hazing from upper classmen. I did not participate in the
hazing since I was on the football team.
Currently: Retired
Professional History: After graduating from Temple University
in 1966 with a BS degree in Accounting, worked for Univac,
later Unisys, for 34 years, retiring in 2000 as Director of Price
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
• Ran Unisys Satellite Golf League for over 6 years.
H-SC Value: The honor system. I am not sure it still exists
Special Honors or Recognition: Served on various task forces at
Univac to develop and plan future products, both software and
1144 Mill Race Rd
Verona, Va. 24482
Home: (540) 248-5692 • Cell: (540) 292-7244 • [email protected]
Spouse: Lucinda D Fuller, married 48 years
Children: One daughter Allison, who lives in Portland, Oregon
to live it. Several times at H-SC we were reminded that it
was working when we heard the bell ring at midnight. After
college, I went to Rutgers University to get a banking degree
and one of the requirements was to write a thesis. I was
appalled to hear some of the students freely admit to having
someone write their thesis and not have a whit of guilt about it.
There was no honor code in place there. I am proud that H-SC
has retained this tradition of honor.
Undergraduate Degree: BA, History
Currently: Retired
Professional History: Recruited on campus by Humble Oil,
now Exxon Mobil, but soon switched careers to banking in
Norfolk. Had a 34 year career starting as management trainee
and ending as Executive VP–Retail. I had numerous fulfilling
positions along the way as the bank grew and changed names
from Seaboard Citizens to United VA to Crestar to Suntrust.
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Cindy and I have traveled
broadly before and after retirement. We often took and still
do take, our daughter along and we especially like visiting
developing countries and learning about other cultures. We
recently visited Malayasia, Viet Nam, and Cambodia.
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
As expected, banks encouraged their people to get involved
in the community. I volunteered and had leadership positions
in Rotary, Kiwanis, United Way, Virginia Stage Company,
Urban League. I was also active in the VA Beach Jaycees and
then the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce serving
as Chairman of the VA Beach division. For many years, I
participated in H-SC phone-a-thons to raise money for the
general fund. After retirement, I have been particularly active
as the founding chairman of the Friends of the Middle River,
helping to preserve and protect the river.
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: I have too many memories
and stories to pick just one. As a freshman, we were assigned to
guard the campus the night before the Macon game. Several
of us were at the intramural field entrance to the campus,
stopping cars to ensure no Macon boys were trying to paint
the road. A couple of the townies from Farmville rode up, a
bit drunk, and when we stopped them, one of them pulled
a shotgun on us. It was a tense moment until Jim Douthat
jumped the guy and wrestled the shotgun away, but not
before it discharged in the ground. On a lighter note, we had
wonderful living room concerts at the KA house and one of
the best was when Bo Diddley played. Great fun and a great
recruiting tool for new pledges.
H-SC Value: The honor code was and still is a value I will
always cherish. I had attended a day prep school before
attending college and it had the same code so I was prepared
2608 Sherborne Place
Raleigh, NC 27612
Home: (919) 782-0381 • Business: (919) 781-3464 • Cell: (919) 302-9700 • [email protected]
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Meeting my bride, Duden,
and marrying her!
Enjoying raising our two children Eleanor and Kemp
and having them become responsible productive adults.
Dodging bullets and surviving the ups and downs of
the real estate development business for 35 years before selling
Winning 7 political elections and losing none.
Spouse: Mrs. Frances Campbell Hunt, married 49 years
Children: Eleanor, Kemp
No grandchildren
Undergraduate Degree: BS
Advanced Degrees: MBA Wharton
Currently: Working
Professional History: Hunt Properties, Inc.
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: Watching Skipper Beck let a
centipede crawl around in his mouth.
Watching Sidney Davenport at the Five County Fair.
Watching George Macon race at the Cushing
International Raceway.
Fun at the Kappa Sig House
Road trip back from UVA with George Macon at the
wheel, Duden and I in the front seat and Eddie Lacy in the
back with Joanne Self and Linda Craddock
Developed and constructed over 4000 multifamily housing
units. Sold out 2005–2007.
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
• Past President Camp Oak Hill Board
• Past Treasurer Raleigh Rescue Mission
• Past Board of Directors North State Bank
• Past local Board of Directors First Union Bank
• City of Raleigh Planning Commission (Chair 1997–2000)
• Discussion Leader in Bible Study Fellowship (1981–2002)
• Board of Directors EWater Advantage, LLC
• Advisory Board Triangle Family Services
H-SC Value: Honesty
Special Honors or Recognition: Twice Elected Raleigh City
Council — At-Large (2001–2003)
Five times Elected North Carolina Senate (2004–present)
696 McCurdy Ln.
Rockbridge Baths, Va. 24473
Home: (540) 348-5880 • [email protected]
Spouse: Mrs. Wistie Laird Jobe, married 50 years
Children: Daughter Cary Jobe: graduated from Guilford
College with a degree in art. She is a freelance photographer,
who has also worked with Southern Living and Yoga Journal as
a photographer and photo editor. She lives in Boulder, Col.
Son Peyton: Graduated from Davidson College with
a degree in political science. Received an M.A. in Spanish at
Univ. of Maryland. Has worked as a journalist and has been a
Spanish teacher in schools in Georgia, Virginia, and presently
in California at Sugar Bowl Academy. He also served two
years in World Teach in Ecuador. Peyton is married to our
wonderful daughter-in-law Alyssa.
Grandson Casey Jobe who is a sophomore at Sugar
Bowl Academy in California (Truckee). He is a membere of
the Reno Youth Orchestra (violin) and is part of the Nordic
Ski team at Sugar Bowl. He is 16 years old.
team-taught a course in American Studies. I served as history
department chairman from 1978–2004, and I was varsity
baseball coach from 1978–2001.
From 1978–2014 I was an AP U.S. History reader, table leader,
and assistant to the chief reader (four years). I was also an AP
consultant for three years.
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
• Rockbridge Middle School tutor for six years and assistant
at VMI in an honors discussion class.
H-SC Value: The honor system has been a valuable part of my
life as we were constantly reminded of its importance during
those four years. Academic standards also forced me to pursue
my studies with a serious purpose in my final two years. And
last but not least, the bonds of friendships made during my
time there, some of which have endured after these 50 years.
Undergraduate Degree: BA
Advanced Degrees: MA in History
Special Honors or Recognition: NDEA grant to U.Va. in 1968
(summer) for an American historiography seminar. Coe
Fellowship at Stanford in 1977 for a six-week summer study
of American history. NEH Grant in 1986 for a travel-study
at Truman and Eisenhower libraries with a concentration on
each president’s civil rights history. Summer Master Class at
Montpelier (Madison’s home) for a study of the Federalist
Papers. Summer grants from Woodberry Forest for study/travel
of Lewis & Clark Expedition and Lakota Sioux and Indian
policy in late 19th Century.
Received the O’Connor prize for Excellence in
Teaching three times (1983, 1993, 2000). Received Prep League
Currently: Retired
Professional History: Served as a middle school teacher in
Tamworth, NH in 1964–65 and then went to William and
Mary to graduate school in history. From 1966–1974 I taught
history at Virginia Episcopal School in Lynchburg, coached
basketball and baseball, and served as history department
chair. In 1974 we moved to Woodberry Forest School
where we stayed until 2006. I taught AP U.S. History, AP
American Government and electives in Civil Rights, Civil
War, Constitutional Law, and Cold War Diplomacy. I also
Coach of the Year award three times.
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Wistie and I have traveled
many times to the western U.S.—particularly the Rockies
where our daughter lives. We’ve also traveled to London,
Switzerland, Ecuador, and Peru.
I’ve been blessed with my wonderful wife, Wistie, for
these 50 years and with our two wonderful children, Cary and
Peyt, and grandson Casey.
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: Many memories of friends
and events during our four years. The long list of nicknames
still linger: Cloud, Duck, Fox, Antelope, Two Shirts, Shad,
Goat, Mule, Hence, Gnat (pronounced Gunnit), to name only
a few. The sayings that always brought smirks and laughter:
“The bote-em”, “Give me the shot”, “’bout 3”, “about 95”, “You
ordered yet?” “You’re hurtin’” —to only scrape the surface.
Concerts by Bo Diddley, Shirelles, Hot Nuts. Dr. Ropp
sniffing for traces of after shave, which would lead to ejection
from class. Prof. Boyd Coyner lit the fire for my passion for
history, which I’ve pursued for the last fifty years.
16995 SE 91st Shubrick Ct
The Villages, Florida 32162
Cell: (804) 641-0608 • [email protected]
Spouse: Kathy Koch, married 50 years
Children: Daughter (lawyer in California)
Son (IT Administrator in California)
And my last favorite story was when I met my future
wife for the first time. Went to Wheeler Dorm at Longwood
to pick-up my blind date. While I was talking to the house
mother (Ms. Baber), Kathy went into the reception area and
asked for Buddy Koch to which about six guys jumped-up
and said they were Buddy. She got back on the elevator and
went to the third floor, where her friends put her back on the
elevator and we have lived happily ever since!
Undergraduate Degree: BA
Currently: Retired
Professional History: Electrical construction for a large
contractor for 15 years, owner of own electrical firm for 8
years, worked for larger construction management company
as electrical project last several years.
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Several cruises (almost
all on Royal Caribbean) and going on two more this year.
Celebrated 50th Anniversary on February First and danced
with in addition to my wife and daughter, also with my 97
year old mother.
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: One story is about a goat
that ended-up in one of the classrooms over night and it was
never discovered who put it there. No names!
Another one is after an intense ratting by the
sophomore class one of the freshmen (my roommate)
was severely paddled by a sophomore. Consequently, that
sophomore woke up during the night with his head being
5512 Orchard Villas Circle
Roanoke, Virginia 24019
Home: (540) 989-9222 • Business: (540) 676-7438 • Cell: (540) 676-7438 • [email protected]
Spouse: Mrs. Wanda B. Lawrence, married 33 years
Children: Amy Moretti—office manager for her husband
who is a chiropractor.
Allen Lawrence — Asst. General Manager
Salem Red Sox baseball
Grandchildren — Sophia Moretti
Tax baby boy due on April 15, 2014
H-SC Value: As we all know H-SC is a liberal arts college and
with a liberal arts degree one can learn many things about
many things. I majored in History and believe it or not I
stayed away from Bagby and never entered the building. All
my math and science courses were either at Longwood or
Roanoke College. I thank H-SC for giving me a well rounded
education and I tell potential students that the biggest problem
a college student has is not the courses but making the best use
of his free time. No parents around to tell you when to study.
H-SC provides a top notch education and makes one realize
just how important a good education is. Learning doesn’t stop
at H-SC but learning continues after we graduate.
Undergraduate Degree: BA
Advanced Degrees: BSBA Denver University
Currently: Retired
Professional History: Food Service Dept. — Natural Bridge of
Virginia Inc.
Asst. Manager — K&W Cafeteria Roanoke, Va.
Food Broker — Commonwealth Brokers of Va.
Sales — United Health Care
Special Honors or Recognition:
Eagle Scout — Boy Scouts of America
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: After graduating from H-SC
I went to Denver University and got a degree in Business. After
graduation and before I could drive back to Roanoke I was
drafted and spent the next two years on active duty. One in
the U.S. and one year as a cook in the 9th Infantry Division.
On the flight over to Vietnam, we stopped to refuel
in Hawaii, Midway Island, and the Philappines I knew then
that I wanted to get back to this part of the world when I got
out of the service.
Once out of the service I took a trip to the South
Military Service Branch: ARMY — 9th Infantry Div.
Military Service Rank: E-5
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
• Hospital Services — Red Cross
• Reader — WVTF Radio reading service
Pacific and one of my favorite places was the island of Tonga.
Tonga was the last territory to be released from British control.
The people there are known as the friendly people. I stayed
at the International Dateline Hotel. This island is close to the
international dateline and you could be walking on the beach
on a given day and look out at the ocean and be looking at
the next day. The hotel had a flat roof and on the top of the
roof there must have been 10 flag poles spread apart about 12
feet. When I arrived at the hotel I didn’t notice until after I
checked in that the only flag flying was the American Flag
and was being flown in my honor. I was the only guest at the
hotel therefore there were no other flags flying. Two days later
a couple from Australia checked in and the Australian flag was
flying beside Old glory. When I checked out the cab driver
had me look out the window at the hotel and I noticed the flag
was being lowered that was flown in my honor. I will never
forget it and said to the cab driver “they will never believe this
back in the states.” Oh I forgot to mention 50 years prior to
my visit these people inTonga were cannibalistic. Fortunately
I did not end out in some huge pot with potatoes floating next
to my ears.
I made a trip to Jamaica and stayed on the opposite
side from Kingston. There was no major airport. I was
scheduled to leave on a certain day and was told that day was
a national holiday and the small airport near by was closed.
However one plane would stop over at a certain time and I
was to walk out on the runway and flag the plane down as
he flew over or otherwise the pilot may not land. There was
no one at the airport when I got there and I did what I was
told. Talking about feeling awkward and alone. As I said the
airport was closed and I stood out on the runway alone. Being
early morning there was nobody working and again it was a
national holiday. So I sat down on my suit case and waited
about 20 minutes out on the runway. The pilot did land and
there were two people in the back seat and the pilot and myself
in the front. Once airborne the pilot asked me to hold on to
the steering wheel (I guess you call it that) while he worked on
his radio. He added don’t move the wheel in any direction and
if we hit a rough draft he would take over. Just don’t move the
wheel. I guess I flew that plane for several minutes and made
the mistake of leaning over to look out the windows causing
the steering wheel to move forward which caused the plane to
take a little dive. The pilot took the wheel and I did hear softly
from him a few choice words. My flying experience was over.
I have been fortunate over the last 50 years. I have seen many
parts of the world and there have been many places I have not
seen. I learned we live in the greatest country in the world.
Poverty — we have no poverty in this country compared to
many places. Our poor people live like kings compared to
many people in the world.
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: During the months of January
and February when I was at H-SC not much went on socially
during this time of the year. Unlike the fall of the year there
was no Homecoming, Football Games or Parents Weekends
so my fraternity — Lambda Chi Alpha — would have a
record party on Saturday nights — we would get our dates
from Longwood, bring them out to the house — and then
return them to Longwood at the proper time. This got to be a
routine, such that somebody — not me — suggested that we
play ‘PIG NIGHT’. We were to go to Longwood and get the
ugliest girls we could find and bring them out to the house.
We would not embarrass the girls in front of them and after
returning them to Longwood come back to the house and see
who won.
Well we learned that you can’t judge a book by the
cover. We all admitted we had a good time and there was this
guilty feeling. We really had a nice time. All we had to do was
keep what we did a secret. There was nothing confidential then
as there is nothing confidential today. Somebody spilled the
beans and the word got back to Longwood and we were black
balled for several weeks. Two months I think. I do remember
one of the brothers going to Longwood and picking up his
date at South Cunningham and he got drenched with water
balloons on his way up the steps to the entrance.
Not all of the brothers took part. Some left campus
for the weekend but the ones who stayed probably wished they
had gone after the beating we took at Longwood.
9515 River Road
Richmond, VA 23229-7632
Home: (804) 740-4053 • Cell: (804) 334-5646 • [email protected]
Spouse: Sally Waiters Lawson, married 38 years
1. Sloan Lawson Miscock (Cal); sons, Sam (5) and
George (1)
2. Molly Lawson Childress (Cabell); son Lawson (7),
daughter Lilly (5), and son Luke (1)
3. Joseph: single
H-SC Value: Honesty and integrity.
Friendships on campus and continuing for 50 years.
Special Honors or Recognition: U.S. Army 1967–69
Good Conduct Medal, Soldier of the Month Medal,
Army Commendations Medal, RVn Medal
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Summer of ’64
sailed Queen Mary from New York to Southampton,
England with Eddie Russell, Dave Addison, Hugh
Edmunds, and two others.
Many travels to Europe and the Caribbean.
Met my now wife at the Atlanta Red Cross in
November 1995 while trying to give blood. They
turned me down, but I saw nurse Sally, made a date for
the next night, got married 3 months later, thus gave
all my blood!!
Undergraduate Degree: B.A.
Currently: Retired
Professional History: Sales and Management with
Bethlehem Steel Corporation 38 years living in
Atlanta, GA, Jacksonville, FL, and Richmond
Military Service Branch: U.S. Army
Military Service Rank: Spec. E-5
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: Many road trips to
Hollins, RMWC, and Sweetbriar. Hearing Dr. McRae
proclaim “and hence.” Great parties in Kappa Sigma
basement! Playing on basketball team for 3 years.
In the spring of 1962, some of the first passage lads of
Cushing Dormitory had a new idea for entertainment.
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
• Kiwanis Club, 9 years
• Read to 1st graders twice a month
• Third Presbyterian Church: Usher,
• 55ers Golf Group
• Blazers Golf Group
With a bit of preliminary planning, a date was set
to have car races around the oval parking lot and
driveway in front of Cushing. The cars would start at
the fork of the driveway leading to the dormitory and
finish at the fork. All cars that were parked in front
of Cushing had to be moved to another location. The
first year’s race had about seven or eight contestants
who raced the oval one at a time. Fontaine Lawson
was the flag man who was assisted by a clock man to
determine the winner. It was quite exciting watching
the contestants speed around the oval.
The first year’s race was so successful that we
followed it with another race a year later.
As the picture notes, Fontaine the Flag Man
was waving Fearless Freddie Reed to a run. The
absolute highlight, however, was when George Macon
entered the race in his blue two door Nash Rambler.
His co-pilot was Skipper Beck. George peeled out from
the start line racing past Cushing and entering the
hairpin turn at the end of the parking lot. Wanting
to break the C.I.R. record, George went firing into
the turn! So fast was the Rambler going that it flipped
over and came to a rest upside down! The crowd was
speechless and fearing the worst! Before the spectators
could arrive at the scene, George and Skipper climbed
out and waved to the crowd. That was quite a finish to
the second annual C.I.R.
At the end of my sophomore year (1962). I got
a crazy idea to peroxide my hair. I did this after exams
while awaiting my mother’s arrival to pick me up for a
VA Beach vacation. When she pulled up to Cushing,
I leaned out of the window and waved. I thought she
was going to crash the car! From a normal light brown
to a bright yellow, I must have looked really weird! My
Mother, of course, was shocked and quite upset.
When we arrived in Richmond, she took me
to a Thalheimer’s beauty salon to rectify the situation.
Having one of those hairdryer contraptions over my
head was humiliating! It worked, however, until the
next day. After jumping into the ocean, the salt and
sunshine brought out another color! It took a month
and a half to get back to normal!!
I played basketball my first three years. I did
not start or play that much, as I was not one of the
stars. I do remember getting into a game late against
Fort Lee in their Invitational Tournament. I had to
guard none other than Lenny Wilkins who later played
in the Pro’s and ultimately coached a Pro team! He was
quick as a cat and left me behind! That was quite an
1055 Regency Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30327
Home: (404) 262-9114 • Business: (404) 352-9880 • Cell: (404) 983-0236 • [email protected]
Spouse: Mrs Meridith Oates Long, Deceased,
married 31 years
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: First visit to the Hill as a
senior in high school with Bates Chappell. Tim Butler got us
these hot dates from Longwood. It was a party weekend. Oh
Boy. Welcome to H-SC. Then there was the summer five Pikas
went to James Madison to take Chemistry. 20 guys and 1,000
girls. That was another Oh Boy. 1960–64 were four great years
with great times, a great education, and great friends.
Family Life: Daughter — Dr. Meridith L. Long is an
Orthodontist in Atlanta.
Undergraduate Degree: BS
Currently: Working
Professional History: 1964–68 Taught Algebra & Golf
Coach at Hugenot H.S. in Richmond. 1968–73 Reynolds
Metals Co. in Richmond & Chicago. 1973–80 Commodity
Trader in Chicago. 1980–Present, Founder, President &
CEO of Trans‑Continental Meats, Inc. in Northfield, Il.
Moved Company to Atlanta in 1982. Business buys & sells
commodity beef to processors in the fast food industry.
Special Honors or Recognition: Cover of MONEY magazine,
May 1988.
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Married Meridith Oates in
1967. It was a great ride for 31 yrs. until she passed away from
cancer in April 1999.
Bo Long and daughter, Meredith
* Deceased, 1966
Memory provided by McGuire Boyd
Phil, a graduate of R. E. Lee High School of Staunton, was
an influential, talented, and popular member of the Class of
1964 who lost his life in 1966 to a deadly infection that set in
after an automobile accident. At that time Phil was enrolled
in the Washington & Lee Law School.
During his four years at Hampden-Sydney, Phil
made his mark in many areas. He was a good student and a
member of Pika Fraternity. He excelled in athletics. A four
year member of the basketball team, Phil was Co-Captain
with Mike Crone his senior year and was awarded team
MVP honor that year. Phil was an excellent golfer and a
member of the college team. Away from competitive sports,
Phil was always available for bridge in Fourth Passage and
was also always available for tree golf.
Phil’s life was far too short but it was a rich and
productive one. Indicative of the esteem he was held in,
fraternity brother Joe Tuck, H-SC 1966, named a son after
Phil was a true Tiger.
5475 Bannergate Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Home: (770) 263-0108 • Cell: (678) 361-6993 • [email protected]
Spouse: Sally Moore, married 50 years
Children: Son and Daughter, 4 granddaughters.
Currently: Retired
Professional History: Imaging Industry Capital Equipment,
retired Fujifilm.
H-SC Value: Honor Code. After H-SC attended Marshall U.
and U. of Charleston (WV). Degree there. The Honor Code
guided all college and business activity.
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Business relocations; Texas,
Minnesota, Kansas, Georgia. Originally from Charleston,
WV. All wonderful places to live.
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: Road trip to Sweetbriar
Women’s College made a very lasting impression on me.
313 Bishop Falls Road
Wake Forest, North Carolina 27587-1316
Home: (919) 570-5750 • Cell: (919) 306-3689 • [email protected]
Special Honors or Recognition: Federal Commendable Service
Awards; Technical Service Award, FPMI Communications
Full graduate Scottish Rite Mason scholarship to the George
Washington University
Spouse: Ms. Barbara Poland Raine, married 7 years
Children: Daughter and grand daughter
Undergraduate Degree: BA
Advanced Degrees: MPA
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Visit to the H-SC campus
by Robert Kennedy
Graduate courses and comprehensive examinations
Five week visit with friends in Canberra, Australia
Trip to Ireland
Two week excursion to Alaska
Currently: Retired
Professional History: Thirty year career as a Human Resources
Manager, Federal Government, Washington, DC
Contract work: FPMI Communications, IIF Data Solutions,
• National Academy of Public Administration, Aon
Consulting, independent consulting work with various
Federal agencies, Mitchell Consulting Services, and PEC
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: Freshman fencing meets
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
• Board member, Wake Forest Boys and Girls Club
• Member Wake Forest Emergency Response Team
• Volunteer for annual Hoops for Wake Forest charity
basketball tournament
• Volunteer for annual Wake Forest Purple Heart Dinner
• Taking photographs for various local events
H-SC Value: Honesty and integrity
2331 Harbor Drive
Rockport, Texas 78382-3551
Home: (361) 729-4431 • [email protected]
Family Life: My wife, Sue, died in 2007. I have a lady
friend, Jean Willson.
During my junior year I had quite an experience with
my one foray into school sports. One of the members
of the wrestling team was injured, and somehow I
was drafted to take his place. Coach Fulton had me
practice for a week, all the while losing weight from my
already skinny body to make the weight class.
Rob — family currently lives in Switzerland
Laura — family lives in Charleston, WV
Scott — family lives in Decatur, GA
When the night came for the match I was primed and
ready to go. Then it all became a surreal experience,
seemingly in slow motion. Just as I was going out
onto the mat, coach told me that my opponent was
the division champion. At the same time my brother,
Jamie ’66, and assorted friends started stomping the
stands and yelling for me as though I was some sort of
big deal wrestler. My champion opponent kept looking
over his shoulder wondering who is this guy! For my
part all I could think was holy cow (only it wasn’t
“cow”), what have I gotten myself into?
Grandchildren, 7 total
Currently: Retired
Professional History: After graduation from H-SC I
served in the US Coast Guard. Then I attended Ohio
State University where I received a degree in chemical
engineering. My career was entirely with Union
Carbide Chemicals, and our family moved back and
forth from WV to TX to LA, with short assignments
also in Puerto Rico and Sweden.
Military Service Branch: Coast Guard
For the first minute or so we danced around each other
on the mat with everyone shouting encouragement
and raising a ruckus for me. My champion opponent
was thinking I might be a worthy opponent, and
me thinking this guy is going to kill me. The referee
became very frustrated with us and gave us both
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: H-SC HUMOROUS
Graham Painter ’64
warnings to stop dancing and start wrestling.
Finally, I made a move for his legs in an attempted
takedown. The next thing I know I was in some kind
of pretzel hold and could not move. He soon pinned
me and my wrestling career was over! Later in the
evening we had a chance to introduce ourselves and
talk. We both had a good laugh!
* Deceased, 2011
Memory provided by McGuire Boyd
George Fairfax Perkins was one of the most popular and fun
loving members of our Class. George came to H-SC from
Petersburg High School for early football practice in 1960
and was an outstanding player for four years. He served as
co-captain with Sidney Druen his senior year. George was a
member of PIKA and he and Tom Wood were roommates
for four years. While at H-SC George managed to find time
for hunting, especially during deer season. George was an
outdoorsman in all respects and once left school to fight a
major forest fire in Bedford County.
George and his high school sweetheart, Janice,
were married in June, 1964 and lived at H-SC for several
years after graduation while George served as an assistant
football coach. For a while Janice and George lived in the
Alamo, which has since been razed. During this time George
began his career in insurance and financial services. After
a few years at H-SC, George moved to Charlottesville and
expanded his financial activities into Perkins Financial
Services. Janice and George’s family grew during these
years with son Paul, daughter Whitney, and a number of
grandchildren. About 10 years ago, Janice and George moved
to a house that George built on the outskirts of Gordonsville.
For all these years George was a faithful supporter of
Hampden-Sydney, especially in attendance at football games
and Alumni College.
Unfortunately, George contracted a rare blood
disease, eventually succumbing in August, 2011. Janice also
passed away, about 18 months later, in February of 2013.
George was a true Tiger and is much missed by teammates
and classmates.
6802 Paragon Place, Suite 300
Richmond, VA 23230
Home: (804) 740-4824 • Business: (804) 261-7300 • Cell: (804) 337-8111 • [email protected]
Spouse: Ms. Julia W. Pollard, married 29 years
Children: Henry R. Pollard, V (Speaker) and Elizabeth H.
Pollard (Betsy); Braxton B. Pollard and Anne M. Pollard;
Coleman W. Pollard and Megan S. Pollard; and William
C. Darr, Jr. and Elizabeth P. Pollard (Berkeley). Speaker
and Betsy’s children: Anna R. Pollard and Henry J. Pollard.
Braxton and Anne’s children: Mary M. Pollard and Braxton
B. Pollard, Jr. Coleman and Megan’s children: Coleman W.
Pollard, Jr., Catherine E. Pollard and Julia S. Pollard. William
and Berkeley’s children: William C. Darr, III. (Charlie),
Elizabeth P. Darr (Libby) and Alexandra S. Pollard (Alex).
H-SC Value: While at H-SC I continued to learn, understand
and verbalize life’s important values which I have continued
to expand since graduation. A brief summary of my values
are: 1) Character based on courage, honesty and integrity;
2) Judgment based on reality, reason and independent
thinking; 3) Success based on productivity, teamwork/mutual
supportiveness and justice; and 4) Happiness based on love,
accomplishment and self-esteem.
Undergraduate Degree: BS
Advanced Degrees: JD Degree from University of Richmond
Law School
Currently: Working
Professional History: 1961–1967 — Real estate sales and
development with father; 1967–1972 — Practice of law of
my own and with brother, William N. Pollard; 1972–present
— Practice of law with the firm, Parker, Pollard, Wilton
& Peaden. Throughout my career — Active in real estate
development, other types of businesses and a variety of nonprofits.
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
Boy’s & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond; Values Institute of
America and The Living Dialogue Ministries.
510 L Street #901
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
Home: (907) 272-7102 • Business: (907) 677-6255 • Cell: (907) 748-0985 • JDR4MK[email protected]
Spouse: Malinda Swineford Roberts, married 48 years
Children: Daughter, Amanda
Grandchildren: Seth, Savanna, Makayla, Rebecca
Mayors Prayer Breakfast. Church Vestry.
H-SC Value: Friendships particularly through fraternity (Chi
Phi). Knowledge and skills to go on to a graduate program.
Undergraduate Degree: B.S.
Advanced Degrees: LLB.
Special Honors or Recognition: Special Achievement Award
from U.S. Attorney Gen.; Special Citizen of the Year Award
by DAR; U.S. Fish and Wildlife national video, “Innovative
Sentencing” Appointed by ABA President to Special
Committee on Drug Crisis; Silver Beaver Award, BSA;
Keynote Speaker, 34th Annual Alaska Girls State Program;
Marquis Who’s Who in American Law.
Currently: Working
Professional History: Law clerk to federal Judge Charles R.
Scott, Jacksonville private practice in Arlington, VA
AUSA in Jacksonville, FL
AUSA in Anchorage, AK
Alaska’s first U.S Magistrate Judge—37+ years (still on
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Beside personal travels
and attending workshops and Conferences around the
country, temporary assignments as sitting MJ in W.D.
Wash.;Dist. Ariz (Tucson Div); Central District of Cal.
Wedding Officiant incl. Ice Skater Dorothy Hamill.
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
Alaska Governors Prayer Breakfast Committee (VP);
Chairman Eagle Scout Review Board, BSA; Ninth Circuit
Magistrate Judges Conference, past chair; ABA, National
Conference of Special Court Judges (parliamentarian);
National Council of Magistrate judges (dist. IX rep.);
Judge, High School Youth Court Mock Trials; National
Institute of Trial Advocacy; High School Mock Legislative
Debates; Board of Advisors. KHVN-FM; Bd of Dir., boards
for Anchorage Community Mental Health Assn; Teen
Challenge of Alaska, Youth For Christ; MC for Anchorage
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: auto rides with sophomores
during freshman year to get to Longwood College — where
the girls were; freshman not allowed to have a car at school.
Class of ’64 rat races. I learned to hide in the window sills
after the first one, and watch from the window as other
freshmen went through hazing.
222 74th Street
Va. Beach, Virginia 23451
Home: (757) 428-0652 • Business: (757) 624-3108 • [email protected]
Spouse: Lucinda Hughes Russell, married 18 years
Children: Mary Alice—14 years
Charlie—10 years
H-SC Value: Honor System; Being able to participate in all
sorts of activities from student government to intramural
sports to glee club, etc and develop my character and
personality in such a beautiful understated environment. Great
liberal Arts education. Realization that to do well you have to
work. Many others.
Undergraduate Degree: BA
Advanced Degrees: LLB
Currently: Working
Professional History: 1967–68 Law clerk to Honorable John A.
MacKenzie, United States District Judge, Eastern District of
1968–1973 — Associate and partner at Babb, Oast and
Livesay, Portsmouth, Virginia; 1973–1982 partner at Canoles,
Mastracco, Martone, Barr and Russell, which merged with
another firm in 1982 to become Kaufman & Canoles. Partner
at Kaufman & Canoles from 1982 to present.
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Love to hunt, fish and ski
and the ocean. Got married at age of 52 and traveled some
with my lovely wife until our Daughter was born and am
active with daughter’s dance, music and drama activities and
son’s sports. Both are students at Norfolk Academy. They leave
little time for travel, but we do travel in this country and will
leave for Vail, Colorado tomorrow ( March 1st ).
I love my work and don’t plan to stop any time soon, but may
slow down at some point.
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work: Portsmouth Chamber
of Commerce; Portsmouth United Way; President
Portsmouth Girls Club; Former Member of Portsmouth
General Hospital Board of Directors (President and General
Counsel), Tidewater Health Care Board of Directors, Sentara
Health Systems Board of Directors 1977–2005; Dominion
Bank; Co-Founder and President of Board of Directors of
Chesapeake Public Library Foundation 1992–2011; Former
member of Board of Directors and current General Counsel
to Portsmouth General Hospital Foundation; Member and
Trustee of First Presbyterian Church of Virginia Beach.
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: Too many to tell;
1. Road trips with Grayson Boyce and others to girls schools
and Preakness;
2. Intramural sports;
3. Snow;
4. Lasting Friendships
1004 Walker Drive
Radford, Virginia 24141
Home: (540) 639-6679 • [email protected]
Student Government at H-SC my senior year.
Spouse: Mary Ann Semones, married 50 years
Children: We have two children: daughter, Dr. Lara Semones
Ramsey, who lives in Richmond, VA with her family.
Son, John David Semones, JD, lives in Charlotte, NC with his
Grandchildren: Grayson Ramsey, Weston and Alden Semones.
Special Honors or Recognition: Held several offices, including
President, in the Southwest Virginia Dental Society.
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Travel excursions in the US
and abroad. Open heart surgery in 1964. Married to the same
gal for 50 years!
My mother is currently 105 years old!
Undergraduate Degree: BS
Advanced Degrees: DDS
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: The old “Rat Race”: we
freshmen had endured several of these so some of us decided
to make it exciting. We barricaded ourselves in a room in the
middle section of Venable Hall on the third floor. We piled
up a bed spring and two mattresses through which we poked
broom handles at anyone who got close to the doorway. We
had turned the tables!! They finally got to us by chopping a
hole in the ceiling and coming into the room. Time for that
“Rat Race” had expired!
As you can imagine there were some loud noises from
administration: there was a room with a hole in the ceiling +
they were really upset because the ax from the local fire truck
was used to make that hole!!
HINDSIGHT: we should have used a room on the
second floor!
Currently: Retired
Professional History: Practiced dentistry for two (2) years in the
Navy and then general dentistry private practice for 43 years in
Radford, Virginia. Retired in August 2013.
Military Service Branch: US Navy
Military Service Rank: Lieutenant
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
• Church + New River Valley Free Clinic.
H-SC Value: We were taught the most important life skills/
values of integrity, honesty, compassion and responsibility.
I consider it an honor to have served as President of the
20 Round Hill Rd.
Chappaqua, New York 10514
Home: (914) 238-3812 • keithmsh[email protected]
Spouse: Dr Joan M Shepherd, married 45 years
Family Life: I have been married for 45 years to my beautiful
wife, Joan. Joan has taught school, raised our three sons,
enjoyed leadership positions in several organizations and
recently completed her PhD. Brian and Steven are married to
wonderful women, have given us six beautiful grandchildren
and best of all, live nearby. We are fortunate to ski, golf, play
tennis and kayak with them in addition to celebrating their
sports, events and occasions. Mike works in San Francisco,
will come home for several visits this spring. We always love
seeing him in California. And nothing pleases like those Napa
golf courses and vineyards.
Military Service Branch: US Coast Guard
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
• Tarrytown, NY Civic work
• Town of New Castle Finance Committee
• Mentor-Brokerage business
• Basketball Coach
H-SC Value: I have never met a better group of people than
I met at H-S. I was captivated by the dedication of the
administration and the faculty to the spirit and traditions of
the school.
I consider myself very lucky to have been accepted to H-S, and
luckier then that, to stay in and graduate.
Undergraduate Degree: BA
Currently: Retired
Professional History: I was invited to go into management
training for Francis I duPont in 1970 after 2 years in sales.
When I reported to training in NY I was advised that the
program had been shut down due to a lack of funds. I worked
in several different departments for seven months. Then on the
morning of Thanksgiving Eve 1970, I was told not to report to
work on Friday because the company has gone out of business.
Later in the same day I received a call that I was to report to
work on Friday as Ross Perot had taken over the company.
This was the first year of a 38-year career in branch
management, almost all of which was with Smith Barney
in NY City. I retired in 2010, after which I did brief stint
as Director of Branch Development for UBS. Now I am
president of my own consulting company.
Special Honors or Recognition: Smith Barney manager of the
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: I have traveled to many
countries by land, air and sea. The excursions which produced
life-changing views include: Normandy for the sacrifice our
American soldiers made to give us freedom; New Zealand
and Switzerland for the vastness and beauty of the lands;
Copenhagen and Ireland for visits to past lives and Machu
Picchu for the site and constructions of the Incas.
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: Four of us were sitting out
front of Cushing Hall waiting for our ride to Florida for spring
break, when the phone rang. I came back and told my three
friends that the guys from William and Mary that were going
to drive us, were not able to go.
We looked around and realized that we were the last
people on campus. One of my friends said the trip is over and
he is going home.
I said wait a minute, all we need is a car. I was
reminded that everyone had left. I knew the guys in the
kitchen had not gone.
I went over and asked the few remaining if anyone
had a car I could borrow for a few days. Jimmy said he had a
car that was very old next to a very old house. I asked Jimmy
to sign on a scrap of paper that I had permission to drive his
car. He said he could not write. My reply was that an x would
be sufficient.
We were elated to have “wheels”, until we saw the car.
It was awful, with a trunk that would not shut and stuck in 6
inches of mud, and no battery.
We found a battery and told the dozen children who
had gathered around, to step back as we prepared to start the
The engine roared, and from the rear of the car came
a plume of blue smoke that engulfed every one, to the delight
of all the children.
We proceeded to the junk yard to get six out of date
license tags that we hooked onto the trunk with a coat hanger.
Their were some issues with the car. The tires were bald, we
replaced eight tires that went flat, with used tires we found
behind gas stations. It burnt a lot of oil. We put 32 quarts
of used oil in the car. The fact that a sharp push on the gas
caused the back seat area to fill up with blue smoke was very
helpful in my effort to control those recalcitrant passengers
who had been over served.
When we rolled into Daytona it was early evening
and our headlights did not work.
The police pulled us over and asked to see the
registration. I gave him the scrap of paper with the x. He did
not look too pleased after seeing this, and less so when he
looked in the trunk and noticed six way out-of-date license
plates from six different states. The officer said we were to
follow him to the station. As the police started to enter the
parking lot, their battery died. We all jumped out and pushed
their car into the lot.
Both officers were very happy and said that we did
not have to come into the station, but they insisted that we get
our car off of the street.
One of our fraternity brothers asked me if he could
get a ride back in our car. I said better than that, why don’t
you drive it back—and he did. I found another ride with
someone driving a Volkswagon and had a very long nap in the
back seat.
2 Parsons Lane
Natural Bridge, VA 24578-9737
Home: (540) 291-1355 • [email protected]
Family Life: Wife, Nancy, died on December 15, 2011
Children, Marylou and Alex
and she finally agreed that we should go as a family
and rent our house, in case I was unsuccessful in my
studies. I contacted Hampden-Sydney, and the Dean
of Admissions suggested that I come to take some
tests and be interviewed. We made the trip in June,
and while we were there we rented a house from P. T.
Atkinson, subject to my being accepted as a student. I
took the College Boards, told them that I had made 2
A’s and 2 B’s on my college courses in Hagerstown, and
in a few weeks Dean Crawley called and told me that I
had been accepted at Hampden-Sydney, and I told him
that I would be there in August for football practice.
He advised against it, and said that I would have all
I could do to keep up with my class work; but, I told
him that I would need the exercise and had always
dreamed of playing football and baseball in college.
I sold my business, we rented our house to a
schoolteacher, and in August of 1960, we loaded our
furniture on two of my trucks and headed for H-SC.
The first person to greet me on campus, as I was
unloading at the Atkinson property in Black Bottom,
was Dr. Thomas Gilmer, the president of the College.
He became a friend and confidant, and gave me good
advice always.
Practicing football twice daily was more than I
Undergraduate Degree: BA, Cum Laude
Advanced Degrees: Union Theological Seminary,
Richmond, VA
Currently: Retired
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: The Road to becoming
a Presbyterian Minister…How God Worked It Out
One evening my phone rang and it was my
pastor, Reuben Sulc. He informed me that Henry P.
Bridges had died and left a Trust Fund of $800,000 to
educate anyone who wanted to go into the Presbyterian
Ministry, all expenses paid. The stipulations were that
the student must attend either Hampden-Sydney or
Davidson College, and then go to Union Theological
Seminary in Richmond, VA. That eliminated the first
hurdle that I had to cross on the road to the ministry.
I took classes at Hagerstown Junior College
to convince myself and others that I could do college
work. Nancy proposed that I go to Hampden-Sydney,
and that she stay in Hancock for the first year to
see how I did. I told her that would be unacceptable
had imagined. I was 34 years old and not accustomed
to the heat, but I survived and dropped about 15
pounds and weighed in at 230 pounds before our first
game in September. I was very disappointed that I did
not make the starting team, warming the bench until
our game at Bridgewater in October.
At halftime of the Bridgewater game, we were
losing 13–7, and in the locker room Stokley Fulton, our
coach made a threatening speech to the starting team.
He said that Bridgewater had never beaten HampdenSydney, and if our team did not score the first time
we got the ball in the second half, that he was sending
in the scrubs — that included me. We did not score,
so he sent the scrubs in. We scored on the first play
from scrimmage through the number 2 hole that the
center and I opened up wide enough for a truck to go
through. I can still feel the Bridgewater player trying
to stop my forward and to the right surge, that ended
when he hit the ground and I charged over the top
of him, and our running back went 56 yards for a
touchdown. On the ensuing kickoff, I was hit by two
opposing players, determined, no doubt, to put me
out of the game. One hit me low in the knees and the
other gave me an elbow to the jaw. Blood was gushing
out where my tooth had come out through my lip and
cheek area. The first offensive team came on the field
and as I trotted off, Dr. Moore came over to examine
the extent of my injury. Two stitches and a band aide
solved the problem and I was ready to go back into the
game if needed. I was not needed, however, because
we continued to lead in scoring and won the game by
two touchdowns — but that was the last playing time
for me in football at Hampden-Sydney. I played in
the Freshman games, but not the varsity. Nancy heard
that the reason was that the staff was afraid that I may
be seriously injured, since I was “an old man” playing
with boys.
The winter of 1960–61 was spent in studying,
fighting an asthmatic condition, trying to be a good
husband and father, and wrestling and running to
keep in shape for baseball in the spring and football
in the fall. In the spring, having passed all my first
semester subjects, I began baseball practice and make
the starting team as a catcher-outfielder. The first game
was in North Carolina at Davidson College. I played
right field and had two hits, one of them a home run.
I was the catcher in the next game and had two hits,
a single and a double. The next game was at home
against Harvard, and I was benched by Bill Pegram,
our coach, for no reason that I knew. I fumed on the
bench for 6 innings, and when I was called on the
pinch hit in the last inning, I was so frustrated and I
struck out. I did not need that kind of aggravation and
humiliation, so that was the end of my baseball career.
I quit, and the coach did not even ask me why!
The first year of college was difficult, and
I confessed to Dr. Lacey, the pastor at College
Church and former President of Union Seminary
in Richmond, that I was drying up spiritually. The
Bible Course that I took was all academic, and left me
disappointed and angry at the professor. Dr. Gilmer
called me into his office to talk about the professor’s
complaint against me that I was disturbing the
class with my challenging him in regard to biblical
inspiration, and the next Sunday in the Bible Class
at College Church, Dr. Gilmer, the president of the
College and the teacher of the class was challenged by
the Bible professor, who claimed that Dr. Gilmer was
interpreting the passage too literally. Dr. Gilmer asked
the question of the professor, “Do I have to call you
on Saturday before I teach on Sunday, so that I can
be sure that a passage of scripture from the Bible is or
is not to be taken literally?” I will always believe that
Dr. Gilmer did that for my benefit, because when our
conversation came to an end in his office he told me to
keep doing what I was doing in the Bible Class.
The solution to my spiritual dryness came
a few weeks later when Dr. Lacey and a blind man
named John Cunningham came to visit me to ask if I
would become Student supply at four small churches
in a cluster within a 10 mile radius of HampdenSydney. I began to preach twice a week, visit the
sick and, with Nancy’s help, have a combined Youth
Fellowship once a month.
The first year at college was also a financial
challenge. The schools were closed in Prince Edward
and we had to pay tuition for our two children to
attend school. The house we lived in, down in Black
Bottom, was not fit for human habitation. Everything
was moldy: shoes turned green in a few days if you
kept them in the closet and there was always a musty
smell. I worked in the Chemistry Lab in addition to
the four Pamplin area Presbyterian churches. When
Nancy received her portion from the sale of land
inherited from her parents, we decided to use it as a
down payment to build a house on campus.
I continued to preach for the four churches
until I graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of
Arts degree in 1964. We made a host of lifetime
friends. After I retired I was asked to preach at one
of those churches on the first Sunday of each month.
I continued that service to Concord Presbyterian
Church for over 10 years.
Only the good Lord could have worked it all
out in 1961, to keep me in the bible, to give me the
experience I needed in ministry at the time, and to
confirm my call to the pastorate.
Our English professor in the 60’s was always
going around the class asking questions. If one student
did not know the answer, he would go to the next, and
then to the next, until someone knew the answer.
Every time he asked a certain student he would
not be able to answer, shake his head and say, “I have it
in my notebook.”
Finally, after about six times answering “I’ve
got it in my notebook,” the professor replied:
“One day you are going before the Judgment
Bar and you will be asked: “Why should I let you into
my heaven?” Your are going to answer, “I’ve got it in
my notebook!” And, that answer will not be good
Willow Brook Farm, 8098 Crescent Dr.,
Glade Spring, Va. 24340, United States
Home: (276) 429-4480 • Cell: (276) 356-9081 • [email protected]
Children: Three children. Nine grandchildren.
The general assembly established a system of
“regional” juvenile and domestic relations courts in the late
’60s. When the Tenth Regional J&DR Court was established
(covering two counties and a city in my area), I threw my
name in the hat and was appointed. You lawyers will recall
that WAY BACK THEN, you could still practice law and be
a judge—except for courts of record. So, for several years, I
practiced law and had three “judgeships”. In the early ’70s the
law changed requiring all judges to be full time. I took the
position on the J&DR bench.
In 1985 a position became available on the circuit
court. I put my name in the hat for it and was appointed
by the governor (interim) and then elected by the general
assembly. I held that position until my retirement in 2001.
Since then I have been so busy I don’t know when
I had time to work. I have continued to do designated court
work for other judges throughout the commonwealth. (Was
averaging about three days a week at that until recently
when I realized I could “just say no”) Used to go to Staunton
frequently to sit in for my good friend and colleague/classmate
and fraternity brother, Judge Tom Wood. He was an excellent,
well-respected judge.
I also have my own mediation/arbitration business
which I formed with another retired judge. I have been doing
that, as well, since retirement.
Undergraduate Degree: BA
Advanced Degrees: JD
Currently: Retired
Professional History: Got a “Kennedy deferral” from the
military, as I was surely headed to Viet Nam, and “walked on”
at the University of Tennessee where a very sympathetic dean
allowed me to enter his law school, though I had questionable
credentials. His faith was restored when I graduated there
in ’67. I went home, to Abingdon, VA, where a successful
attorney, and member of the Virginia General Assembly, took
me under his wing. I was given a cubby hole in between his
office and that of the commonwealth’s attorney. I was fed cases
from both sides. It was indoctrination by fire, but it served
me well and paid the bills. I did the gamut; civil, criminal,
domestic, real estate, wills, etc.—a typical small town practice
back then. My mentor and I soon built us an office building
a block from the courthouse. We enjoyed a very pleasant and
successful practice together.
WAY BACK THEN some towns had “Mayor’s
Court.” (The mayors actually tried town offenses) I was soon
hired to be the “judge” for towns of Abingdon and Damascus.
I held court at night.
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work: Considerable amount of
time devoted to various charities and organizations (cancer
fund, heart fund, athletic boosters, PTA, tobacco festival,
electoral board, united fund, church board, historical society,
etc.) Chaired them all at one time or another, but had to resign
once I took the bench since most involved fund raising or
politics. Also proud to have coached three children and their
teams in basketball, football and baseball for numerous years.
a drink and a snack. I remember well a tall black gentleman
who used to walk about campus carrying an axe. His name
was Francis. He just smiled and never said anything. We
called him Francis the Axe Man. Some of the Kappa Sigs were
known to take him with them to “The Wood” to pick up their
date!! I will never forget us making the national news my first
semester with the food fight in the commons. State police were
called in.
And do you guys remember the C I R? Cushing
International Raceway. Yeah, guys used to race their cars
around that circle. (You could always count on catching
a “moon” or two from the upper windows of Cushing for
added excitement!) Had a couple of rollovers, but “nobody got
hurt.” Oh how I remember the frat parties—particularly after
ballgames. Sometimes there was a band playing at every house.
So much fun roaming from one to one with your date. Any
of you guys remember the intramural field parking lot?? We
won’t talk about that. And, yes, I do remember some things
about the academics. Mostly that I was turned away from
my lifelong ambition of becoming a doctor by the infamous
Dr. Thompson’s freshman chemistry class. Oh well, they say
everything happens for a reason. Guess he did me a favor. I
remember “The Wood” so well. Spent enough time there to
have received some kind of degree. And how about standing
on the corner at the post office in Farmville in order to catch a
ride back to “The Hill.” Never failed.
H-SC Value: The H-SC honor system above all. It was instilled
in us at orientation and made a lasting impression on me.
Other schools have an honor system in name, but at H-SC
it really works.(At least it did WAY BACK THEN.) My first
semester three seniors were kicked out—two for cheating
and one for not telling. Think that doesn’t make a lasting
impression on an incoming freshman? I think the honor
system helped make me a better person.
Special Honors or Recognition: Chairman—Administrative
Board Abingdon United Methodist Church.
President—Abingdon Jaycees
Outstanding young man of Washington County
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Stay pretty close to home.
Have not traveled much at all. Have gone to Colorado to
ski for years. Went to the Baja for a week long dirt bike ride
with my sons a few years back. (Always been a motorcycle
enthusiast. Rode a Harley until recently.) Enjoy a reunion with
my two old H-SC roomies, Nat Jobe and Mike Crone a couple
of times a year.
Not proud of my domestic record. Been married and
divorced twice. Single now living alone with my dog. Three
wonderful, successful children by my first wife. Guess my
fondest memories over the past 50 years has been their births
and watching them grow up, marry, succeed and give me
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: Too many to mention. I
remember the freshman hazing—the beanies, the signs around
our necks, the midnight runs to the “corner”, the licks on the
butt. One special night some freshmen barricaded themselves
in their rooms. This did not deter the upper classmen. They
simply went to the attic and came down through the ceiling. I
remember one night one of our counselors came in to discover
his room had been moved outside—everything! Down to
his clothes, books and a lamp which was politely burning.
I remember the beautiful Saturday afternoons sitting on a
blanket on the bank with a date watching the Tigers play. All
the guys dressed out in coats and ties and the ladies in their
finest. (Boy would we be out of place today.) I remember well
the nightly jaunts to the college shop to see Reggie and get
6400 Glendevon Drive
Stoney Creek, NC 27377
Home: (336) 446-6539 • Cell: (336) 708-1625 • [email protected]
Spouse: Brenda Steed, married 17 years
William J. Steed, III Nashville, Tn
Brandon Ashby Steed New York City
Avery Elizabeth Steed (6 months)
Bruce Kidd Franklinton, NC (stepson)
Alyson Kidd (9 years)
Braelyn Kidd (6 years)
Diona Kidd Charlotte, NC (stepdaughter)
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: Have traveled to some 40
countries during the past ten years.
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: Meeting students at H-SC
for the first time my Freshman year and getting to know
them and incoming classes in the ensuing years.
Joining Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity.
Being a part of the football team.
Currently: Retired
Professional History: Worked in Sales for Dupont from 1964
until 1996, in Martinsville, VA, Wilmington, DE, Charlotte,
NC, Philadelphia, PA, and Greensboro, NC.
Worked in Sales for Bayer Corp in Charleston, SC from
1996 until 2008.
Retired in 2008.
Military Service Branch: Army Reserve
Military Service Rank: Staff Sgt
H-SC Value: The Honor Code.
1815 Woodland Ave.
Burlington, NC 27215
Home: (336) 227-5640 • Cell: (336) 212-1821 • [email protected]
Spouse: Carole Southerland Tarry, married 47 years
Children: Carole and I have 2 boys:
Patrick Tarry 42 years old, he is a graduate of Furman
University, wife Mariah is a graduate of Cornell University and
they have 3 daughters, Eleanore 6, Vivienne 4 and Beatrice 2.
Patrick and his family live in Raleigh and he works for Lenovo
as a VP in personnel and Mariah works for Medtronics in
Christopher Tarry 39, not married and he is a
graduate of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
He is in graduate school at UNC Charlotte in Medical
was in commercial banking and Head of office.
After retiring in 2002 I then went with a local bank
First State Bank and retired fully in Feb. 2011. I had a 43 year
career in Banking.
Military Service Branch: Navy
Military Service Rank: Lt. JG
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
Rotary Club, Boy Scouts, United Way.
H-SC Value: Honesty and personal integrity. These are lasting
values that I have received from this institution. The honor
code not only was a statement of academic integrity but a
guide for a lifetime.
Undergraduate Degree: BA
Currently: Retired
Professional History: Joined the Navy in 1965 and entered
Officers Candidate School at Newport Rhode Island. I was
stationed at Dam Neck, Virginia Beach. Most of my Navy
career was consumed with romping with fellow H-S KA’s and
Kappa Sigs at Virginia Beach, Eddie Russell, PB White, David
Fuller, Skip Rawls and Tuck Finley. I met my future wife at
Virginia Beach.
I joined Wachovia Bank in September 1968 and
retired from that bank in October 2002. During that period I
Special Honors or Recognition: Harris Fellow with
Rotary Club.
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: During the past years
Carole and I along with our kids traveled in the US. We have
been to England twice and most recently hiked the Atlantic
Coast of Portugal and traveled in France.
Our biggest joy are our grandchildren. Patrick’s
family moved from Minneapolis to Raleigh the same month
that I retired in February 2011.
We visit Bald Head Island in NC often with the
extended family. Our favorite places to visit are Bald Head and
the coast of NC.
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: Road trips to Sweet Briar,
Hollins, Randolph Macon and traveling back driving slow
on country roads. Bailing out on dates as they came down
the stairs, jumping out the downstairs window. Trains going
to the fraternity houses on party weekends. Flipping PB
Whites Volkswagen on a beer run to Farmville. Panty raids
at Longwood. Sophomores’ raid on Venable and chopping
through ceiling to get to freshmen. Hiding in the woods
in back of Venable during Sophomore raids. Food fights.
Studying in library. Fridays and Saturdays at the KA house.
Riding the Sky Line Drive with dates on Sundays. These are
wonderful memories.
P.O. Box 152, 13407 Queen Street
Disputanta, Virginia 23842
Home: (804) 991-2311 • Cell: (804) 731-1233 • [email protected]
Spouse: Carolyn Munt Thacker, married 49 years
Lisa Thacker Geisz—her children:
Stephen Gray Geisz
Faith Kinsley Geisz
James Lee Thacker, III—his children:
Ashley Elizabeth Thacker
Katherine Randolph Thacker
Petersburg, VA, served on the Vestry and currently Board
chair of the Christ and Grace Endowment.
• Past Board member and Board chair of the Hospital
Authority of the City of Petersburg, VA.
• Current Board member of the Cameron Foundation
• Member and Past President of the Disputanta
Ruritan Club
H-SC Value: The strong Honor Code at Hampden-Sydney
has made me realize that personal honor is one of life’s most
precious possessions.
Currently: Working
Professional History:
Graduated from the University of Richmond with a BS degree
in Business Administration in 1964.
-Taught high school in Prince George County, VA from
-Employed by the family logging/timber business, 1965–1978.
-Founded J. L. Thacker Hardware Co. in 1979 in Petersburg,
VA, serving as manager until 2004.
-After leaving the hardware store, continued to serve as
president of J. L. Thacker Co., 2004–present.
Special Honors or Recognition: Honorary member of the
Virginia Yacht Club
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: As member and Past
Commodore of the Virginia Yacht Club, our family has
cruised extensively on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries
on our power boat, CAROBOO.
—By land we have traveled from Maine to the Florida Keys
and to points west with stops in San Diego and Las Vegas.
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: KA fraternity parties
especially when we hosted Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs
at the KA house.
Civic Organizations/Volunteer Work:
• Served as a member and President of the Prince George
County Planning Commission
• Member of Christ and Grace Episcopal Church in
16308 Deer Lake Road
Rockville, MD 20855-1908
Home: (301) 926-7791 • [email protected]
Spouse: Susan Sheely Ward, married 50 years
Children: 2 children—Matthew, Jeffrey Jr.
Undergraduate Degree: BA
Advanced Degrees: JD
Currently: Retired
Professional History: 40 years working for the Maryland
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: We have traveled to over 50
Favorite H-SC Story or Memory: In 1960 I lived w/ my
Grandparents in Virginia Beach. My Uncle who also lived
in Virginia Beach — in the Navy — took me to Hampden
Sydney. I was in the bottom floor of the Freshman Dorm.
Later that year my grandparents came up for Family Weekend.
When my grandfather saw my room he said — “What a dump
if I brought you up here I would not have left you here.”
5004 Hunting Hills Circle
Roanoke, VA 24018
Home: (540) 725-1154 • Business: (540) 769-2157 • Cell: (540) 580-8866
[email protected]
Spouse: Dale Bagby Waters, married 47 years
Children: Mary Beth Neckowitz, Richmond, VA
R. Parker Waters, Jr. Roanoke, VA
R. Parker Waters III Roanoke, VA
Undergraduate Degree: UR ’65 BA
Advanced Degrees: CLU 1975
Currently: Working
Professional History: Structured Settlement Consultant, JMW
Settlements, Inc
Died, January 14, 2011
Appreciation to Helen Gay who provided this information on Tom.
Spouse: Helen Gay
Children: Tom and Helen Gay had three children, one
boy and two girls. All finished college — two at the
University of Virginia, and one at Randolph Macon
(yes, that Randolph Macon!) Seven grandchildren
completed the extended family.
thorough preparation prior to trial and aggressive but
respectful representation of his clients.
As a Judge, Tom knew the law and expected
no less of the attorneys appearing before him. He
treated all before him, attorneys and parties alike, with
consideration and respect.
While his knowledge of the applicable law was
exemplary, Tom’s greatest attribute as a Judge was his
understanding of the people before him. He knew that
stress could produce and expose great fear and lack of
reason. He knew also it could produce great strength
and resolve. He knew that circumstances could bring
out qualities in people that day-to-day situations kept
dormant. He understood that people were human and
they should be treated with respect even though they
had to be accountable for their actions. He knew that
one punishment did not fit all. Each case stood on its
Professional History: Following his graduation from
Hampden-Sydney College, Tom attended and
graduated from Law School at the University of
Virginia, after which he and Helen Gay moved their
family to Staunton, Virginia. He joined the firm of
Nelson, McPherson and summers. Tom eventually
became a partner in the firm. After 14 years of law
practice as a trial attorney, he was appointed Judge of
the General District Court of Staunton. “You’ve got to
learn how to play the game, before you can become a
Tom was appointed Judge of the Circuit Court
for Augusta County in 1984, later being named Chief
Judge of the 25th Judicial District. Tom retired in
2007, but still held court as needed from time to time.
After a long illness and courageous fight with
cancer, Tom died on January 14, 2011.
As an attorney, Tom was known for his
Travel, excursions, experiences, etc.: A fair amount of
travel occupied Tom’s time away from work; some
simply for vacation and many related to visiting the
children. California, Nevada, New York, Florida, and
Germany had a look at the Woods, and vice-versa.
For some years, Tom and Helen Gay would
spend a week or so with friends in Florida and on
Virginia’s Eastern Shore.
Although most trips were enjoyed, they were
not without mishap. Upon returning to Dulles Airport
from California, a long search ensued to locate the
keys to the family car stuck in long-term parking.
Divorce was mentioned several times, until the keys
were located.
On another trip, on a descending escalator in
Union Station in Washington, DC, Tom dropped a
piece of luggage causing a great pile-up of people. the
only real damage was a broken bottle of Tom’s favorite
drink, which soaked his surrounding clothes. Helen
Gay washed everything out in their New York hotel
room, and hung things up to dry (to the amusement of
the hotel maids!).
No trip ended without Tom saying “I’m glad
to be home.” Home was Staunton; Home was Clifton
Forge. Tom never forgot his roots.
Tom loved Hampden-Sydney and was proud to
be a graduate.
Tom’s passions, in no particular order, were:
family, Hampden-Sydney, UVA, football, the pursuit
of law, Redskins Football, grilling red meat, a tall
bourbon and water, and golfing with his friends.
The Reverend John L. Alexander
Dr. Larry D. Hensley
Mr. Edwin B. Baker
Mr. C. Peerman Holland III
Ewen Paschal “Sandy” Barnett
Philip Lee Lotz, Jr.
Mr. John H. Bergeron
Dr. J. Joe Mitchell, Sr.
The Reverend James C. Byers III
Dr. George F. Nixon, Jr.
Mr. Richard T. Cruze
Mr. Philip G. Padgett Jr.
Mr. Richard W. Davis
Mr. Louis R. Partridge
Mr. William J. Dougherty, Jr.
Mr. George F. Perkins
Mr. Fletcher Fitzgerald Drake
Mr. Robert Lewis Quarles, Jr.
Mr. Aldrich Dudley III
Mr. Lowery B. Saunders
Mr. Mac Armour Gambill
Mr. William Henry Cabell Venable
Mr. Edwin H. Graves
Mr. William Randolph Watkins, Jr.
Dr. Robert E. Heltzel, Jr.
Mr. Paul V. Williams
The Honorable Thomas H. Wood, Sr.
Mr. David D. Addison ’64
208 Walsing Drive
Richmond, VA 23229-7643
(804) 285-2816
[email protected]
Mr. W. Kent Carter, Jr. ’64
305 Somerset Avenue
Richmond, VA 23226
(804) 288-0158
[email protected]
Mr. James R. Elliot, Jr. ’64
3713 Woodlawn Road
Rocky Mount, NC 27804-3351
(252) 443-1864
[email protected]
Mr. J. Wayne Alley ’64
418 Fairway Drive
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
(540) 433-1129
Dr. Charles Thomas Cayce ’64
Sandbridge Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
(757) 426-6798
Dr. George H. Beckwith ’64
New Bern Internal Medicine & Cardiology
702 Newman Road
New Bern, NC 28562-5238
(252) 633-5333
[email protected]
Dr. L. Henry Clemons, Jr. ’64
9700 Fort King
Richmond, VA 23229
(804) 270-5033
Mr. Ronald L. Ellis ’64
19549 Vineyard Lane
Saratoga, CA 95070-4539
(408) 255-3034
[email protected]
Mr. Henry Staley Berry ’64
2589 Sidney-Cherry Grove Road
Clarendon, NC 28432
(910) 653-3478
[email protected]
Mr. John B. Cline ’64
2009 Redding Lane
Durham, NC 27712
(919) 471-3618
[email protected]
Dr. Gerald L. Engel ’64
15 Avon Court
Beacon Falls, CT 06403
(203) 723-2651
[email protected]
Mr. Riley B. Gibbs ’64
5728 Lesters Fork Road
Grundy, VA 24614
(276) 566-7518
Mr. Kenneth W. Cook ’64
44196 Chatham Way
Ashburn, VA 20147-3302
(703) 729-2924
[email protected]
Mr. Wallace W. Giglio ’64
P. O. Box 813
Purcellville, VA 22132
(540) 338-6378
Mr. Harold U. Blythe ’64
27110 Duke Meadows Lane
Walters, VA 23315-4329
(757) 569-8409
Mr. R. Devereux
3329 Southwood Village Court
Roanoke, VA 24014
(540) 982-3600
[email protected]
Dr. J. Charles Gills ’64
2510 Fillmore Road
Richmond, VA 23235-2824
(804) 320-9272
[email protected]
Mr. James A. Bott, Jr. ’64
P. O. Box 71
Jamesville, VA 23398
(757) 442-4921
[email protected]
Mr. James F. Douthat ’64
3625 Ridgewood Lane
Roanoke, VA 24014
(540) 343-8136
[email protected]
Dr. Allen M. Glasgow ’64
1395 Cedar Grove Road
Winchester, VA 22603
(540) 667-6159
[email protected]
Mr. Reginald W. Bours III ’64
5304 Wapakoneta Road
Bethesda, MD 20816
(301) 320-3586
Mr. S. Hardy Duerson, Jr. ’64
3111 Eton Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27608-1113
(929) 787-4589
Mr. Douglas Gray ’64
4905 Jamestown Court
Bethesda, MD 20816
(301) 229-3209
Mr. Robert B. Brittain ’64
Box 227, Tazewell, VA 24651
(540) 988-4605
[email protected]
Mr. Hugh G. Edmunds, Jr. ’64
4714 Charmain Road
Richmond, VA 23226
(804) 353-1129
[email protected]
Mr. F. Wayne
13916 Beechwood Point Road
Midlothian, VA 23112
(804) 739-1123
[email protected]
Mr. Frank H. Blundell ’64
3518 Bruton Parish Way
Silver Spring, MD 20904
(301) 890-3873
Mr. Robert L. Hines, Jr. ’64
201 Virginia Avenue
Richmond, VA 23226
(804) 358-2227
Mr. Fred L. Kellmeyer ’64
304 Trappers Place
Charleston, WV 25324
(304) 744-6423
Mr. Robert King III ’64
965 Orchard Ridge
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304-2640
(248) 644-4684
Mr. Thomas M. Lewis ’64
P. O. Box 38
Bowling Green, VA 22427
(804) 633-5682
[email protected]
Dr. Horace C. Lukens, Jr. ’64
39 Stonebridge Dr.
Hanson, MA 02341-3103
(918) 231-6323
[email protected]
Mr. Charles I. Lunsford II ’64
1812 Diamond Hill Road
Moneta, VA 24121-9762
(540) 297-6200
[email protected]
Mr. George H. McNeal III ’64
P.O. Box 383
Burgess, VA 22432-0383
Mr. George E. Miley III ’64
4213 East Nisbet Road
Phoenix, AZ 85032-8119
(602) 992-2827
[email protected]
Mr. Michael F. Moorman ’64
P. O. Box 180
Thaxton, VA 24174
(540) 586-2231
[email protected]
Mr. Jesse W. Overbey ’64
612 Oakland Drive
Chatham, VA 24531-3418
(434) 432-8491
Mr. John C. Parrott II ’64
730 White Oak Rd. SW
Roanoke, VA 24014-1418
(540) 985-0933
[email protected]
Mr. John Kennon Perrin, Jr. ’64
34 Maxwell Road
Richmond, VA 23226-1653
(804) 355-6806
[email protected]
Mr. Kenneth M. Pritchett ’64
1113 Overbrook Road
Petersburg, VA 23805-1927
(804) 733-3675
[email protected]
Dr. Giles M. Robertson, Jr. ’64
3139 Stony Point Road, Apartment D
Richmond, VA 23235-2373
(804) 323-7537
[email protected]
Mr. A. Francis Robinson, Jr. ’64
525 Frogtown Road
New Canaan, CT 06840
(203) 966-1870
[email protected]
Mr. David F. Terry ’64
2742 Ridgeview Road
Powhatan, VA 23139-5034
(804) 598-6630
Mr. Clifford L. Thomas ’64
1037 Oak Leaf Court
Forest, VA 24551-1057
(434) 525-6079
[email protected]
Mr. Randolph E. Trow, Jr. ’64
415 Somerset Avenue
Richmond, VA 23226
(804) 282-4152
[email protected]
Mr. Weldon W. Tuck ’64
206 S. 14th Street, Apartment 3
Laramie, WY 82070-4162
(307) 721-5118
[email protected]
Mr. Philip F. Root ’64
3100 Shore Drive, Apt. 444
Virginia Beach, VA 23451-1139
(757) 499-6304
Mr. Hunt B. Wagstaff ’64
3514 North Peoria Avenue
Peoria, IL 61603-1126
(309) 688-4435
Mr. Allan Ross ’64
135 Seford Road
San Antonio, TX 78209
(210) 828-7743
Mr. Meredith Alfred Weaver, Jr. ’64
3208 Seminary Ave.
Richmond, VA 23227-4821
(804) 262-4745
Dr. Richard E. Ruble ’64
117 Twin Creek Terrace
Forest, VA 24551
(434) 525-1679
Mr. Harry C. Weiskittel III ’64
Box U
Chase, MD 21027
(410) 335-5131
Mr. J. Hamilton Scherer, Jr. ’64
58 E Square Lane
Henrico, VA 23238-6167
(804) 708-0546
[email protected]
Mr. Herbert S. Wheary ’64
8715 Rivercrest Road
Richmond, VA 23235-1539
(804) 272-6491
Mr. Gregory O. Stone ’64
1346 Drift Road
Westport, MA 02790
(508) 636-4291
[email protected]
Dr. Charles F. Sydnor ’64
6707 Bass Mountain Road
Snow Camp, NC 27349-9163
(336) 376-3050
[email protected]