The In-Sider, November 2015



The In-Sider, November 2015
A publication of the Richland County Board of Developmental Disabilities
salute disability
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Eagle project
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Newhope transportation ready for winter
Winter is just around the corner and
that means all of us need to be ready
for ever-changing road conditions
and other challenges that the season
When inclement weather looks
like it might interrupt Richland
Newhope’s transportation service or
our operations, information will be
broadcast on the following stations:
WYHT-FM, WSWR-FM, WVNO-FM, WFXN-FM, , and WMFD-TV. Notification
of delays and closings will also be available on local media websites as well as
Facebook, Twitter, and the Newhope website, In addition,
you can sign up for text alerts from WMFD-TV at
Due to the space limitations of the media outlet websites, the most complete
information will always be communicated on the Richland Newhope website so
families can find out if their bus is running behind. You can even sign up to have
emergency alerts automatically emailed to you when we post them. Families and
providers can also call 419-774-4236 for transportation information.
Festival fun
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Meet the Employee of
the Month
p. 6
Newhope may provide limited transportation on a delayed schedule to some or all
areas when weather and road conditions allow. When delays occur, they will be
announced by bus/van number and normally will be hourly delays, such as onehour or two-hour delays.
If weather conditions would require the workshops or the Early Childhood Center
to close early, an announcement will be made as to a release time. If someone
needs to meet the bus, make sure his or her name is on transportation’s “bus stop
authorization” form.
For more information about Newhope transportation, call 419-774-4236.
November 2015
The In-Sider
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Commissioners salute disability employment
Fifteen people were on hand Sept. 29 as the
Richland County commissioners proclaimed
October as Disability Employment Awareness
Only 17.1% of people with disabilities are currently
employed, according to a report from the U.S.
Department of Labor. Richland Newhope Adult Services Director
Amanda South told the commissioners that
number is a little better in Richland County.
(L-R) Sean Stichler, Commissioner Gary Utt, Daniel Davies,
Commissioner Marilyn John, and Sean Conrad.
“We have about 22 percent of the adults that we
support employed in the community,” noted South.
“We are very focused on connecting with transition
youth. We have some staff that are in the schools
working to connect with transition youth…and working to get them employed in the community.”
This year approximately 30 transition-age youth have participated in either the Summer Training
Employment Program or Project SEARCH.
The Employment Connection Program, which helps individuals who work at Richland Newhope Industries,
Inc. (RNI) find community employment, has had about 50 participants since it began more than two years
ago and 18 of them have obtained jobs.
Among those in attendance for the proclamation presentation were Sean Stichler, an employee at RNI,
Daniel Davies, the 2014 Employee of the Year at RNI, and Sean Conrad, who works at the City Garden
Commissioner Marilyn John said she appreciates the work they do and what they bring to the community.
“I think that you all set a great example to the rest of us on how we should be conducting ourselves and
what we should strive to do,” John added.
Both John and Commissioner Gary Utt noted they have family members who have received supports from
Richland Newhope.
Utt also praised the agency’s collaboration with other organizations.
“You all work together and get things done for the clients and for the community, so that’s a great thing,”
said Utt.
In addition to the proclamation, Richland Newhope placed billboards in five locations in the Mansfield area
to help mark Disability Employment Awareness Month.
November 2015
Active and
Bob Hunter
has seen
a lot of
changes in
his life over
the past year.
Bob moved
to Mansfield
from Morrow
County in
2014 and this
Bob Hunter &
past summer
Newhope staffer
he moved to
Tonya Fellows
which reminds him of the farm
where he grew up.
“It was hard at first because
you’re not used to the
surroundings,” says Bob.
The 22-year-old has also become
involved in the community. Bob
was one of the first participants
in Richland Newhope’s Men’s
Empowerment program, where he
met several community leaders
from all walks of life.
“Even though they all have
different jobs, they have
something in common,” he noted.
This past summer Bob served
as a coach for a baseball team
in the Challenger League. He is
involved with the Big Brothers/
Big Sisters program – serving
as a mentor to an 11-year-old
Mansfield boy. You can also see
Bob playing the center position
on the Richland County Bears
Special Olympics basketball
When he’s not busy in the
community, Bob enjoys spending
time with his girlfriend, collecting
Hot Wheels, watching wrestling,
and playing video games.
The In-Sider
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Scout completes Eagle project
The past year has been
a big one for Boy Scout
Troop 123. Three of its
members have completed
projects needed to obtain
their Eagle rank.
The latest is Tim Bottorf.
Tim, who has been part of
the troop since 1988, built
a peacock shelter for the
four peacocks who reside
at Kingwood Center
(L-R) Terry Weaver, Rick Moloney and Tim Bottorf.
“We like to feed the ducks
and…the peacocks,” said Tim’s mother, Becky Bottorf.
Becky says Tim spent a year planning the hutch project, working with Shawn
McClain, Kingwood’s head groundskeeper. “I worked with Tim about a year
ago, talking to him and Becky as well, as far as the designs and size and what
would be appropriate for Kingwood,” says McClain.
Assistant Scout Master Peter Lehman says Carter Lumber gave them a
discount on materials and 11 fellow Scouts, along with seven other troop
volunteers, assisted in the construction.
Kingwood Center Gardens lost two peacocks last winter but two new ones will
soon be introduced to the grounds.
“This will be great for them…to have a place for protection,” says Head
Gardener Bill Collins. “They normally fly up into the trees at night where they
sleep. They don’t stay on the ground but there are times in the winter when
they are out. This will be over in the area where the pond is.”
Kingwood officials predict the ducks and other wildlife will probably use the
peacock hutch as well.
The completion of the shelter is the final step before Tim goes before the
Scout’s board of review to officially become an Eagle Scout. Fellow Troop 123
members Terry Weaver and Rick Moloney also completed their projects over
the past 10 months and are also awaiting their boards of review.
Only six percent of all Scouts become Eagle Scouts. Troop 123, which is a
special needs troop charted through Richland Newhope, hasn’t had many
since it was formed in 1981.
“Before this, we’ve only had one who made Eagle; that was way back in the
90’s,” noted Troop Scout Master Bob Sliney. “This is a banner year for us.”
Becky says Scouting has played a big role in Tim’s life.“It has opened a lot of
doors. (I’m) proud of Tim,” she adds.
Congratulations to Tim, Rick, Terry, and everyone involved with Troop 123!
November 2015
he IIn
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Safety Week
Preschoolers had special visitors from the community as
part of Safety Week at the Early Childhood Center.
On Oct. 5 Sgt. Jonathan Ahles from the Mansfield
Police Department spoke to the morning and afternoon
classrooms and let all of the kids get in his police cruiser
and turn on the lights and siren.
Members of the Mifflin Township Fire Department
of Ashland County visited on Oct. 8. They talked to
the children about the role of a firefighter and what
to do when there is a fire. The preschoolers had an
opportunity to see a real fire truck up-close and spray
the hose like a real fireman.
Festival fun at Raintree
More than 200 people turned out for the 15th Annual Harvest Festival at Raintree on Oct. 1.
The festival brings together individuals who reside in
Richland Newhope’s residential facilities and their families.
This year’s Harvest Festival included a petting zoo with
three alpacas from Storybook Alpacas on Reed Rd., various
games, hayrides, a maze, the “apple sling,” face painting,
music, dancing, plus homemade potato soup with turkey
sausage, a nacho bar, popcorn, and apple cider warmed
over an open fire.
Individual Consultant Liz Bekeleski and Stephen
play a game together.
It also served as a fundraiser. Raffle tickets were sold for
35 beautiful and unique gift baskets made by staff and
individuals. The raffle raised $812 with proceeds going
to benefit residential-related activities and local food bank
Dozens of volunteers helped with this year’s festival, including students from North Central State College
and Ashland University along with a youth group from Lexington Church of the Cross. A youth group from
Impact Worship Center helped with set-up. In addition, the “Knotty Ladies” group at Lexington Church of
the Cross made and donated 50 beautiful quilts that were handed out to families and individuals during the
“Credit especially goes to the individuals and their families for inspiring and challenging us to create an
exciting opportunity where the individuals in Residential can share in awesome fall experiences with their
loved ones at one of their own homes,” said Lead Festival Organizer and Recreation Supervisor Sherry
November 2015
The In-Sider
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Breakin’ it down
For the second straight year, the Richland Newhope
Dance Troupe led a session at the Synergy
Conference in Dublin. Called “Breakin’ It Down
About Bullying & Zumba,” the dancers shared
their personal stories about being bullied and
how to prevent it. They also performed for the
attendees, who were able to do a little dancing as
well via a Zumba lesson. The Synergy Conference
is sponsored each year by PAR (Professionals,
Advocates, Resources) and the Ohio SelfDetermination Association (OSDA).
Fun fall trip!
Special Olympics cards
Richland County Special Olympics is once again
selling cards that can be used for discounts at 21
area restaurants and other businesses. Among
them are Donatos, Gionino’s, KFC, Old Carolina
Barbecue Company, Athens Greek Restaurant,
What’s 4 Dessert, Old Bag of Nails, Roosters,
Kelly’s, Texas Roadhouse, The InField, Little
Buckeye Children’s Museum, and Wendy’s. The
cards cost $5 each and are available for purchase
at Richland Newhope’s Administrative Offices, 314
Cleveland Ave., Mansfield. The cards are good until
October 30, 2016. All proceeds will go to Richland
County Special Olympics.
Preschoolers in Sarah Helms and Allison
Stimpert’s classes enjoyed a fun fall trip
to Wayne’s Country Market on Oct.13.
Students not only had fun on the rope
swing, zip line, slides, hay maze, and
hayride, they also learned how to make
apple cider and how to sort apples.
arch 2014
Supervisor is a team player
The November Employee of the Month has been a dedicated employee
in the Residential Department for the past 18 years.
Patti Reece says it’s very humbling to think that someone thought
enough of her to submit a nomination for the honor.
“We all work very hard to ensure that the level of care as well as
opportunities for the men and women are within reach,” said Patti.
Patti’s colleagues say she promptly responds to requests for assistance.
“Whenever I had a question, she answered very quickly or found the
information needed out in a very professional manner. No matter what
time I emailed her, she always responded with detailed information,”
added an employee.
Director of Residential and Interim Director of Operations/Transportation
Court Sturts calls Patti a great team member and group home leader.
Court also says Patti did an extremely good job with supporting the individuals, families, and the new provider
while transitioning the Watts group home from a county-operated intermediate care facility to a privately
operated waiver home this year.
Her peers say she went “above and beyond” during the transition of the Watts home.
“She had agreed to remain as a contact for the incoming provider. This really helped the families be more
comfortable with the transition. She sat in on provider interviews and was able to give a lot of information
needed about the five men. This was not a normal activity for her and was greatly appreciated,” explained
Court also said Patti actively trained new provider staff to help them support the individuals to a high standard.
Individuals from Richland
Newhope are assisting “Mission
Possible” – a new local group
that helps feeds veterans by
distributing food on Mansfield’s
An individual supported by
Richland Newhope was recently
hired as a courtesy clerk at Meijer.
Two individuals were employed by
Executive Management Services
for cleaning at the Gorman-Rupp
“She shared the individuals’ preferences and routines,”
he added.
“I do not know many that would know the five men at
Watts better than her,” said one peer. “She has been
a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful go-to resource.
She has never lost sight of the five men’s needs and
Patti’s supervisor says she is the “go-to” person in the
group homes. “She understands all the individuals and
what it takes to be successful,” said Court.
“The group homes have been a tunnel of a lot of life
lessons, from humbling and heart-breaking experiences
to experiences that you will talk about for years to
come,” says Patti.
The In-Sider
arch 2014
34 Years
Karen Al-Farsi
30 Years
Linda Bolin
28 Years
Rita Maxey
Judy Randall
27 Years
Denise Van Meter
23 Years
Carla Rumas
22 Years
Jill Boyd
17 Years
Connie Emery
Mary Blamer
Employee Milestones
15 Years
Michelle Deibig
12 Years
Jackie Fry
11 Years
Shauna Hooks
Court Sturts
10 Years
Eunice Thompson
Sandra Baum
9 Years
Jama Compston
8 Years
Lori Looney
Tina Baker
7 Years
Peter Lehman
5 Years
Craig Smith
Renee Mehl
Sarah Helms
What’s Happening
Richland Newhope Calendar of Events*
Nov. 9 - SCRAP recycling trailer, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m., Early Childhood Center (ECC), 255 Hedges St., Mansfield
Nov. 11 – Veterans’ Day: Newhope Administrative Office, Richland Newhope Industries, Inc. (RNI), and ECC closed
Nov. 25-26 – No preschool classes at ECC or Shelby
Nov. 26-27 – Thanksgiving holiday: Newhope Administrative Office, Richland Newhope Industries, Inc., and ECC closed
Dec. 3 – The Wonderful World of Waivers (ARC Ex. Director Gary Tonks), 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., Mid-
Ohio Educational Service Center, 800 W. 4th St., Mansfield
Dec. 4 – Richland Newhope Christmas Party, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m., Fairhaven Hall, Richland County
Fairgrounds, 750 Home Rd., Mansfield
Dec. 4 - First Friday, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m., Element of Art Studio/Gallery, 96 N. Main St., Mansfield
Dec. 9 – Richland County Board of Developmental Disabilities meeting, 11:30 a.m., Administration Building, 314 Cleveland Ave., Mansfield
Dec. 14 - SCRAP recycling trailer, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m., Early Childhood Center, 255 Hedges St., Mansfield
Dec. 21-Dec. 31 – Winter break for preschool classes at ECC and Shelby
Dec. 24-Dec. 25 – Christmas holiday: Newhope Administrative Office, RNI, and ECC closed
Jan. 1, 2016 – New Year’s holiday: Newhope Administrative Office, Richland Newhope Industries, Inc., and ECC closed
*For more information, go to
Pumpkin day
Youngsters at the Early Childhood Center (ECC) were excited to
receive 175 pumpkins from the characters of 101 Dalmatians on
Oct. 22. Marion Correctional Institution staff dressed in costume
as they presented the pumpkins. For the past 11 years, Marion
Correctional Institution has donated pumpkins to the children in
the preschool class, childcare, and Early Intervention at ECC.
Richland County Board of
Developmental Disabilities
Board Members:
Virginia Harmon, President
Nicholas Gesouras, Vice-President
Steve Swank, Secretary
Geneva Cummins
Margaret Davis
Michael J. Howard
Richard Otto
Liz Prather, Superintendent
The In-Sider
Published by the Richland County Board of
Developmental Disabilities. News releases,
story ideas, comments, and suggestions should
be addressed to The In-Sider at:
314 Cleveland Avenue
Mansfield, Ohio 44902
Phone: 419-774-4200
Fax: 419-774-4207
Jane Imbody, Director of Community Relations
Staff Writer:
Nikki Kepple, Community Relations Associate
The In-Sider is on-line at
Supporting children and adults with
disabilities throughout their lifetime
Richland Newhope
314 Cleveland Avenue
Mansfield, Ohio 44902

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