18 April 2008 - Yellowstone Region



18 April 2008 - Yellowstone Region
Old Faithful Porsche
Does more in second gear than most cars do in fifth.
What can we say that isn’t already obvious? A sleek arcing roofline and curving shoulders
entice you into wanting more. Pressing the accelerator assures you it’s not a tease.
295 horses of road-grabbing power send you via the mid-mounted flat-six engine. It’s
engineered with character as individual as yours. The new Cayman. It’s stirring things up.
195 East University Parkway
Orem, Utah 84058
(801) 714–2300
Old Faithful Porsche
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Good Only At:
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Good Only At:
195 East University Prkwy, Orem UT
Good Only At:
195 East University Prkwy, Orem UT
195 East University Parkway
Orem, Utah 84058
(801) 714–2300
Old Faithful Porsche
Old Faithful Porsche is the official newsletter of the Porsche Club of America - Yellowstone Region.
Club Directory
2007 Executive Board
President & Editor
Ken Koop
(307) 733-8806
[email protected]
Vice President
Scot Anderson
(307) 734-6006
[email protected]
Anne Fish
(307) 413-1159
[email protected]
Director at Large Mike Faems
(307) 690-2761
[email protected]
Robin Koop
(307) 733-8806
Tim Sullivan
(307) 733-8885
[email protected]
Ked Nilsen [email protected]
PCA Zone 6 Representative
Linda Bein
(541) 593-9105
[email protected]
The views or comments expressed in the Old Faithful Porsche
newsletter are not necessarily those of the Porsche Club of America
or the Yellowstone Region. Old Faithful Porsche is published
expressly for the information and entertainment of the Porsche Club
of America - Yellowstone Region, its members and supporters. Old
Faithful Porsche assumes no responsibility for any submissions. All
submissions become property of Old Faithful Porsche unless other
arrangements are made with the editor and president.
Send editorial submissions to: Ken Koop
phone - (307) 733-8806
e-mail - [email protected]
Visit the Yellowstone Region Web Site @ http://yel.pca.org/
Newsletter Contents
President’s Message ......................................................... 5
Calendar of Events ........................................................... 6
Annual Rendezvous Banquet ......................................... 8
Ken’s Corner ...................................................................... 9
Porsches Wild - Poker Run .............................................. 13
Famous Ads ...................................................................... 14
Meet the Member ............................................................. 18
Autobahn Adventures - Germany Tour ....................... 20
Alternative Fuels .............................................................. 24
Jackson Hole Photo Shoot .............................................. 26
Sebring .............................................................................. 28
Winter in Yellowstone .................................................... 29
Porsche 911 GT3 wins Edmunds Award ..................... 30
January Get-Together at Sidewinder’s ......................... 31
New Members ................................................................. 32
Rolex - 24 Hours at Daytona ......................................... 32
Club News and Announcements .................................. 34
Advertising Policy
Classified ads are free for PCA members, but are subject to
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Old Faithful Porsche
secretly uncovered, I can guarantee it will be an
event you will not want to miss. Plan to join us
on the drive and Bar-B-Q afterwards. The Becks,
Clancy’s, Prugh’s and Scot Anderson have put
together a wonderful afternoon. These events take
a lot of behind the scenes work, so please join in
the fun and support the club and our member’s
Anne Fish is currently in the planning stages for a
golf outing in July or August. As we get closer to
this event, we will be providing more information
to our members. Watch for more details.
President’s Message
April is here and another driving season is upon
us. I hope everyone enjoyed their winter and you
are now ready for the summer’s excitement behind
the wheel. Track days are beginning this month at
Miller Motorspots Park just outside of Salt Lake
City. This means preparing our cars for their first
adventures back on the road. Be sure everything
is running correctly before taking any quick laps.
The first big race of the sports car season has
already taken place in Sebring, Florida. This trip
was a good chance to experience warm weather
for a change. Porsche’s were competing in two
different classes. Please review the article in this
issue for some of the exciting highlights or you
can call Robin for a minute by minute recap.
As you can see, our calendar is packed full of
activities both inside and outside the club for this
coming year. This is going to be our clubs most
ambitious summer ever. Plan to join us on at
least one, if not all of the club events. You won’t
be disappointed and you will meet some of our
terrific members and their cars in the process.
Our next Sidewinder’s Pizza Get-Together will be
held on April 30. Please mark your calendar and
plan to join us. We would love to see you there.
Until next time, Auf Wiedersehen
Our Annual Rendezvous Dinner at Teton Pines
is coming up in early June. Please copy the
registration form out of this newsletter and send
it with a check to attend this enjoyable event.
We will have some extra special prizes this year.
Please RSVP as soon as possible to help us with
the planning.
You will notice that a Poker Run is scheduled
for this coming June (posted on the web site, in
the calendar section and on a flyer in this issue).
The event will be held in the vicinity of Jackson
but outside of the town. From the details I have
Old Faithful Porsche
PCA Yellowstone Region
Calendar of Events for 2008
April _____________________________
July ______________________________
Intermountain Porsche Club DE at Miller Motorsports
Lapping Days Track Event at Miller Motorsports
Intermountain Porsche Club DE at Miller
Club get together at Sidewinders 7:00 *
May ______________________________
Lapping Days Track Event at
Miller Motorsports
Lapping Days Track Event at Miller Motorsports
Ken Garff Track Day
(East Track)
Bogus Basin Bacchanalia at Bogus Basin, ID
Targhee Hill Climb
15-18 Thur - Sun
American Le Mans Series race weekend *
24-26 Sat - Mon
June ______________________________
Annual Rendezvous
Dinner at Teton Pines *
Ken Garff Track Day (Full Track)
Intermountain Porsche Club DE at Miller
Lapping Days Track Event at Miller Motorsports
Porsche’s Wild Poker Run *
August ___________________________
September ________________________
26-28 Fri-Sat
Fall tour to Park City, Utah *
October ___________________________
Club get together at Sidewinders 7:00 *
Additional SCCA events in southeast Idaho to show
at http://www.eiscc.com/default.htm
(no set schedule at this time).
Contact Ken Koop for additional information and
phone numbers regarding all events listed.
* Yellowstone Region Club Event.
Old Faithful Porsche
Greg Prugh BROKER
Prugh Real Estate LLC Jackson Hole, WYOMING
307.733.9888 307.413.2468
Old Faithful Porsche
Yellowstone Region of The Porsche Club of America
“Annual Rendezvous Banquet”
Saturday June 7th
Mark your calendar for our first big event of the 2008 driving season!
Location: Teton Pines Country Club in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Time: 6:00 pm - No host bar in a private room at the club house. 7:15 pm - Dinner
There will be a “Wheel of Fortune” prize wheel. Spins will take place during the cocktail hour. A Raffle will
be held after dinner with some wonderful prizes (it will take much less time than the past few years).
Menu:Buffet Dinner will include the following:
CHICKEN BREAST with artichokes, tomato, capers & mushrooms
Garden Salad with choice of dressings - Garlic chive mashed potatoes
Canadian Lake wild rice with pecans - Summer vegetable bouquet - Bread Basket Variety
Brownie ala mode - Coffee
Name/s: _______________________________________
Total Attendees___________
Total Price: $55.00 per person
Check Amount____________
Deadline for reservations is May 20, 2008
Please RSVP and confirm your reservation by completing this form and a making check payable to
Yellowstone Region of the Porsche Club. Mail form and check to Ken Koop, PO Box 1747, Wilson,
WY 83014. Any questions, please call Ken @ 307-733-8806
Attire: Dressy Casual
Please help your Yellowstone Region kick the 2008 season off to a great
start by participating in our first event. Meet club members from Idaho
and Wyoming at the “Annual Rendezvous Banquet” in Jackson Hole and
join the festivities. Bring your Porsches to share with your fellow club
Old Faithful Porsche
So is there actually an ideal position for all drivers?
Well, there is something very close to a perfect
position that allows for comfort (which leads to
less fatigue), leverage, bracing and good control
of the vehicle in all types of driving conditions. It
was not until I attended my first driving school that
I actually learned about the correct seating position.
If you attend a Professional Sports Car Race, you
will see almost every driver using this same set-up.
The Correct
Driving Position
By: Ken Koop
Have you ever been cruising down the highway
and happened to notice the driving position of
certain people in the car next to you? A few people
drive with their seat set all the way back. Their
arms are fully stretched out, having no bend at
all in their elbows. Then some people are so close
to the steering wheel that you could not slip a CD
between the steering wheel and their chest. Well
obviously, both of these positions are incorrect
for a number of reasons. The first and foremost is
safety. In both of these positions the driver does
not have the leverage or the movement required in
their arms to make emergency driving corrections.
For a professional race car driver or people lucky
enough to have their own dedicated race car, their
seat and steering wheel is set to a specified position
that never changes. They do this so that every time
they get into their cars, the position is optimized to
help them best perform their job. Go fast! They can’t
do that without the correct seating set-up.
Let’s look at how to adjust the seat and steering
wheel to provide you with the proper set-up for
both street and track driving conditions. We will
start with the seating position since that is our first
contact with the car and every other adjustment
is predicated on the correct seat set-up. Adjust
the seat to the lowest position that still allows
you a good view of the road ahead. This not only
helps to lower the car’s center of gravity for better
cornering and performance, but it also places the
driver’s body closer to the vehicle’s yaw, pitch and
roll axis. This gives the driver a better feel for what
the car is doing during any changes in speed or
direction. Your derrière should be tucked firmly
into the seat back, so that you can get feedback
from the chassis, through the seat, up your spine
and finally reaching the brain (where you can
determine what the car is doing). You will get
a better feel as to what the rear end of the car is
doing if your body is firmly anchored to the seat.
Position the seat forward enough so your knee
still has some bend in it with the clutch pedal
Old Faithful Porsche
being fully depressed. You do not want to be able
to fully extend your leg or have to stretch while
depressing the clutch. That will not provide you
with adequate leverage while engaging the clutch
or brake pedals. Also, you do not want the steering
column interfering with the movement of your
legs while you are operating the brake or clutch.
Your right foot should be comfortably placed to
allow you to pivot the foot from the accelerator
to the brake pedal without lifting the heel off the
floor. The left foot, when not operating the clutch,
should be resting on the “dead pedal” (that’s
what it is there for). This will provide you some
additional bracing while cornering or during an
emergency maneuver.
Now that we have your feet and legs positioned
correctly, let’s take a look at the arm position.
The correct distance from the steering wheel is
easily adjusted with some simple techniques.
The proper distance can be achieved with your
shoulders resting against the back of the seat, and
then stretching your arms out straight (with no
break in the elbows) so that the wrists are resting
on the very top of the steering wheel. The wrists
should be able to break so that your hands are
able to droop over the far side of the wheel. If
your wrists do not break at the top of the wheel,
then you will need to adjust the seat (or adjust the
angle of the seat-back) forward or backward to
achieve this position. If your steering wheel has
adjustability for reach (in and out) and height (up
and down), this will give you some additional
help in fine tuning your optimal position. You will
probably notice that the angle of your seat-back
(when adjusted correctly) will be more upright
than you are accustomed to. Being too close or
too far away from the wheel will inhibit your
ability to maneuver in tight corners; i.e., driving
on mountain roads, swerving to avoid an animal
that might run into the street or driving on a race
track. An improper position may even require you
to move your hands on the steering wheel while
cornering, which is not only a terrible technique
but can also be dangerous.
Your hand position on the steering wheel should
be in the 9 and 3 o’clock positions with the thumbs
in contact with the 9 and 3 o’clock spokes of the
wheel. This will give you more direct feedback
from the front suspension in case of over or understeering conditions. Your right hand will also be in
a better position for reaching the gear shift lever
and allows for a more natural movement when
grabbing for that next gear. Locating your hands
this way allows for more steering input in tight
corners, without your forearms crossing over each
other. If you have front air bags, it is slightly safer
in helping to prevent wrist or hand damage in
case of an air bag deployment as well. Lastly, your
elbows should be allowed to rest comfortably by
your side.
Now for a final check of your position. After you
believe you have everything set correctly, see if
you have between 90 and 130 degrees of bend in
the elbows, with your hands in the 9 and 3 o’clock
position. Then make sure all of the dials and dash
lights on the instrument panel are clearly visible
without the steering wheel impeding your view.
All three mirrors should be set to provide you with
adequate visibility in all directions. With these
final checks completed, you have successfully
achieved your correct position. If you are like most
people, you will find that your original position
was a little too far away from the pedals and the
steering wheel. You were holding the wheel in the
10 and 2 positions and the seat-back was reclined
Old Faithful Porsche
too much. This new position will probably feel
uncomfortable and strange to you at first. With
a little practice and care in your seating set-up
(whether you are driving your Porsche or another
car), you can develop a better driving position
that leads not only to better car control, but also
makes for safer driving as well. This will provide
you with a quick set-up routine. You can carry this
from one car to another and it only takes a minute
to correctly set your position once you know what
you are doing.
After reading this article, my wife Robin, actually
tried this new seating position. As predicted, she
complained that she was too close to the wheel
and felt very uncomfortable while driving. But
with just a few weeks of practice, she has become
accustomed to her new set-up. Now she thinks I
am the most wunderbar husband for teaching her
something new and useful (like I’ve never done
that before), yada, yada, yada. If she was able to
change and improve her driving habits after some
35 years behind the wheel, then anyone can (a
mandated age disclaimer; FYI my wife politely
told me to mention that she started driving when
she was 2 years old)—yea right. Next to buckling
your seat belt, this is probably the most important
thing you can do to help ensure your driving safety.
He has competed at the 12 Hours of Sebring, won
the 24 Hours of Daytona and has been hired by
Porsche as a Factory Driver. He is a tremendous
supporter of the PCA and an all around nice
guy. Randy is currently driving in the Speed GT
World Challenge series with the K-PAX Porsche
Racing Team. He and the K-PAX Team were
very kind in cooperating with me to set up the
car and driver so I could take these pictures for
the article. Randy totally agrees with this seating
position for the driver. Another thing that Randy
felt was very important for the driver is the finger
pressure on the steering wheel. Drivers should
not have a death grip on the wheel. Rather, the
steering wheel should be held with a light and
relaxed finger grip. This will provide more road
feedback as well as prevent excessive hand and
forearm fatigue. While watching the Speed GT
series on Speed Vision, keep an eye on Randy
and the Porsche K-PAX Team. He won the drivers
championship in 2007, and plans on having
another successful season in 2008!
The pictures in the article are taken courtesy of
Randy Pobst. Randy is a professional race car
driver and has driven Porsches for many years.
Old Faithful Porsche
What is your room
Invest in your senses
/ 2 block off the TOWN SQUARE
739- 8984 • OPEN DAILY 10 to 6.
Complimentary shipping.
Old knowledgeable
Faithful Porsche
poker run
28 June 2008
START 1:00 p.m. southeast corner of Smith’s Grocery parking lot
FINISH BBQ at the home of Greg Prugh, 455 Ely Springs Road, Jackson*
Approximately three hours start to finish
GAME Best five of seven cards, four checkpoints
RULES No swapping cards. May buy one card, random draw, turn
one in. Maximum of three cards. $5.00 per card.
PRIZES The magnificent Augusta Green sports jacket + others TBA
$15.00 per person, including BBQ
Please contact Nancy Clancy, event chairperson, at 307.690.8542 or at
[email protected] for more information. We’ll provide a map to the BBQ*.
Old Faithful Porsche
Porsche has been known for producing a number of award winning ads and
posters. Over the coming issues, we will reprint some of these famous ads.
We hope you enjoy them!
Porsche’s results at Lemans 1996.
Result for you: winning technology.
1.1 million words in the English language
and not one can describe the feeling.
Introducing the new 911. It’s true eloquence can only be expressed on the open road.
With a 296 horsepower water-cooled engine and 35 years worth of wisdom.
Once again the 911 evades description, moving us to say; Porsche. There is no substitute.
What’s the story of your life, starting now?
Places you’ve always wanted to go. Things you’ve always meant to do. It’s never too late to make
it right. The new Boxster. An elegantly re-sculpted exterior. A meatier 225-hp boxer engine. A more
adventurous existence starts at $42,600. Contact us at 1-800-PORSCHE or porsche.com.
The new Boxster
Old Faithful Porsche
If you could pick one chiropractor,
which day would you come in?
{Monday through Friday 8 AM - 6 PM. Saturday 9 AM - 1 PM. Lunch: when time permits.}
Integrity Chiropractic
Scot Thomas Anderson, DC
350 E. Broadway • (307) 734-6006 • www.integritychiropractic.us
Meet my team at Sotheby’s
Women Working
Your Business
Jackie Montgomery
(307) 739-8123
Anne Fish
(307) 413-1159
Athalea Strickland
(307) 739-8125
Old Faithful Porsche
Come visit us at our office in Teton Pines
3415 North Pines Way, Suite 101
Old Faithful Porsche
©2007 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times. [Include your local and state required disclosures]
You never just buy a Porsche. You buy a
piece of every Porsche that came before it.
Experience the pure, unrestrained thrill of what nearly 60 years of racing knowledge can
provide. A true descendant of Porsche racing, the Boxster embraces its distinctive sense
of purpose. This is no ordinary car. This is the stuff of legend. Visit us today for a test drive.
The Boxster. Lease for $590 per month.
Porsche of Boise
Boise Auto Mall
36 MOS
$5,185 due at lease signing
Excludes destination charge, tax, title, and
license fees. No security deposit required.
Actual lease price determined by your Authorized Porsche Dealer, your payments may vary. Closed-end lease offered to qualified
lessees with approved credit by Porsche Financial Services, Inc. through participating dealers through 10/31/2008. Estimated
payments based upon MSRP of $47,790 for a Model Year 2008 Boxster with the following options: Preferred Package (which
includes Wheel Caps with Colored Crest, Self-dim Mirrors and Rain Sensor, Sound Package Plus, Heated Seats, Floor Mats in
Interior Color). Price excludes destination charge, title, taxes, registration, license fees, insurance, and maintenance. Lease
payments of $590.19 for 36 months = $21,246.84 based on capitalized cost of $43,940.00. Total due at signing $5,185.19
(first month’s payment, acquisition fee of $745, and capitalized cost reduction of $3,850. At lease end, lessee pays excess wear,
$.30/mile over 30,000 miles and $350 termination fee. Purchase option at lease end $31,063.50 plus taxes. Specific vehicles
and options are subject to availability and your price may vary. See participating dealers for details. For your nearest dealer, call
1-800-Porsche or visit www.porscheusa.com.
Old Faithful Porsche
A Special Mystery Roast
Alberto and Paola
This “meet the member” is special, if for no other
reason than the member wouldn’t write it for
himself. Since I am his best friend (technically, his
only friend), I know about both his past and present
life. At least by writing the article myself, I have full
editorial control without any interference from this
Ferrari fanatic. Another hint on who this mystery
member is; his name in Europe is preceded by Dr.
because he is a Doctor of Economics. I simply call
him “The Windshield Dr.” because he somehow
managed to crack seven windshields on his new
cars in a span of 12 months. Anyone care to guess
who this mystery person might be? This should be
fun; at least for one of us!
Alberto and Paola met in the small town of Biella in
northern Italy where they grew up together. In their
early years, Alberto must have either impressed
Paola with his skiing abilities (which some say are
pretty good, although I have never witnessed his
expertise in person), OR MORE LIKELY, he was the
only eligible male living in their village. Whatever
the reason was, they soon fell in love. In 1967, Paola
was somehow coerced into marrying Alberto, and
this past summer they just celebrated their 40th
wedding anniversary. Congratulations, and we
wish you another 40! Now I am convinced that pure
luck does have something to do with being happily
There were numerous relocations that allowed
their family to live in many countries around the
world. During that period, they still managed to
raise three lovely children. With Paola’s nurturing
and Alberto’s guidance, they have all turned out to
be very successful adults in both their personal and
professional lives. During this past year, there have
been some major changes in the Cerruti family with
the birth of three beautiful grandchildren. However
this has just added more stress for Alberto. He has
somehow managed to help raise his own three
children without ever having learned how to change
a diaper. Now he has to somehow avoid diaper duty
for the next couple of years to keep his unblemished
record intact. Good luck!
When I first met Alberto he asked me what my
ancestry was. I told him I was German/Swiss/
Austrian and he gasped. Obviously, coming from
Italy he felt he was of superior breeding or something
(an Italian thing). But little does he know that if he
looked closely at his DNA, he would find that in
Northern Italy there was a lot of cross pollination
going on over the border. It’s my personal belief that
Alberto gets his stunning good looks from his little
known German ancestry! He is even adapting to
eating dinner and going to bed at an earlier hour
since he has been hanging around me. This is surely
a sign of his true ancestral heritage!
Soon after their marriage, Alberto took a job
with a small American company called General
Electric. Being the kick back-type B personality that
Alberto is known for, he moved up the corporate
ladder rather quickly. He started as an Auditor
and retired from GE as the head of Mergers and
Acquisitions with the title of Vice President (I
continue to remind him that I now out rank him
by holding the coveted position as President of the
Yellowstone Region). During his years with GE, his
positions and assignments changed many times.
Old Faithful Porsche
Even though he claims to have Ferrari red blood
running through his veins, deep down inside he
really is a Porsche lover. He has owned seven
Porsches over the years and currently drives a 997
Turbo that he uses as his all weather car. While his
Ferraris are tucked under the covers for their long
winter’s nap, his Turbo can be seen on the roads
of Jackson all winter long. Truth be told, Alberto
actually loves Porsches so much, that he has secretly
asked--- no pleaded with me to trade my cars for
his. My answer of course was; “no way--why would
I want to trade a beautiful Porsche for just a Ferrari”.
Well to be honest, that is the only slightly fictitious
statement in this article. Not the “Porsche is better
than Ferrari” part (that is obviously true), just “his
asking part” has been slightly exaggerated.
Alberto participates in the Targhee Hill Climb every
year. This year he took first place in his class. He
enjoys showing off his rally style of driving as he
drifts his Ferrari through the corners. Next year
he promises to join us and make a trip to Salt Lake
to try his skill on the Miller Motorsports Track.
Once he drives his cars on a race track, there will
be no stopping him from becoming the next Mario
Andretti (yea right).
another misguided Italian whose true passion for
cars actually comes directly from Stuttgart. As a
result, we were able to finish the Ferrari tour and
spend the night in the Little America Hotel, instead
of the Utah State Penitentiary.
Now didn’t I tell you that you should have written
this article?
Identity of author withheld, at their request.
They both love to hike and bike in the Tetons. Paola
works out almost every day at the gym and during
the winter they spend many of their days alpine
and cross-country skiing. When not participating in
other activities, both Alberto and Paola can be found
maintaining their homes beautiful garden.
Both Alberto and Paola are some of the most
wonderful and interesting people you will ever have
a chance to meet. They have had some great life
experiences and if you can keep Alberto out of the
back-country (where his internal compass seems to
go array every once in a while) you will enjoy them
immensely. They are another two of our members
that keep the club both varied and exciting.
P.S.: The picture with the Highway Patrol and
Alberto (about to be hand cuffed) was taken by me!
Luckily the Highway Patrolman was a Porsche lover
and I was able to convince him that Alberto was just
4804 So. Redwood Road
Salt lake City, UT 84123
969-3434 FAX 967-7109
Wholesale Distributor: Oil ? Antifreeze ? Batteries ? Solvent
Kerosene ? Grease ? Gear Oil ? Racing Fuel ? Racing Oil
Old Faithful Porsche
Autobahn Adventures--Germany Tour
By Keith Verlaque (San Diego Region)
I have been a Porsche fan since I was a teenager and
have been fortunate enough to own three 911s. In the
back of my mind, I have always wanted to get a chance
to go to the factory in Stuttgart and see where these great
machines are made. I had even got as far as looking into
one of the most common trips to Germany that included
a factory tour and was interested to see that you got to
drive a Porsche in Germany for a couple of days. This
piqued my interest, but the overall cost always seemed
The thing that appealed to us most, was that with
hotels, breakfasts and most evening meals taken care
of, and each car having an onboard navigation system,
you were free to visit what ever you wanted during
each day, be it a castle, a museum, a particular town or
the twisty mountain road of your choice. Having the
navigation system eliminated any concerns about being
lost in a foreign country where we were far from fluent
in the language.
The more we thought about it the more this appealed
to us because this meant that although our itinerary
was organized such that the group visited a few
predetermined sights, for example, the Porsche factory,
the RUF production facility, Neuschwanstein Castle (the
one Disneyland is modeled on), for the rest of the trip
we would go exploring and meet the group for dinner
each evening.
The team outside Porsche Zentrum - the factory dealership in Stuttgart.
Two years ago at PCA Parade, I was talking to a couple
I had met by the name of Mark and Tina Trewartha
and they told me about a trip that they were putting
together driving through Germany for ten days in
rented Porsches. The destinations they described
sounded really interesting and included a tour of the
Porsche factory in Stuttgart. The thought of having a
997 for ten days and getting to tour the factory got me
really interested and I was eager to find out more.
I broached the subject with Martha, my significant other,
and as she is also a Porsche fan with her own Porsche,
she was interested in doing such a trip. In fact, she
asked me why I had been dragging my feet in making
the decision to go.
We got a lot more information from Mark and Tina and
they invited us to come to the last group’s post trip gettogether so we would get a better idea of what these
trips were like. We decided to go and we got to see lots
of pictures and videos of the trip and heard numerous
stories about how much fun it had been. Needless to
say, that night we signed up to go on the next tour.
Neuschwanstein castle with its commanding view over the lake
and surrounding countryside
With ten months to go, we decided we wanted to plan
our trip. We started buying books on things to do and
sights to see in Germany. We even plotted our scheduled
hotel stays on a map and started researching what
sights there are between hotel A & hotel B. Gradually,
we got a good understanding of things we wanted to
see each day and were able to add a little more meat to
our itinerary. It was actually fun deciding, for example
whether we wanted to take the cable car to the top of the
Zugspitze – the highest mountain in the German Alps
or to drive the Deutsche Alpen Strasse, which is the
German Alpine road internationally acclaimed as being
one of the best driver’s roads in Germany ….. after all,
we would be in a 997 Carrera S which is all about the
driving experience.
Old Faithful Porsche
Mark and Tina arranged a group get-together one
month before we were due to leave, which gave us a
chance to meet some of the group that we would be
traveling with - including some who had been the year
before and enjoyed it so much that they were going
again. It was a great evening, we met some interesting
people from different walks of life, all with enthusiasm
for our upcoming trip as a common denominator.
At the get-together, Mark and Tina gave each couple
a personal trip binder with a more detailed itinerary
including a day-by-day schedule with an approximate
timeframe for each part of the trip. There were plenty of
free days with nothing organized except cocktails and
dinner at the hotel that evening which enabled us to
work our plans in nicely.
Finally, the date for departure arrived and, is often the
case, there was a last minute rush to get everything
taken care of before we left.
We took Tina’s advice and packed light, as we knew
that everything we took would have to fit in a 997 and
we wanted to be comfortable while traveling.
We had our maps and guidebooks and a list of useful
phrases in German (which we never needed) … we
were ready!
The trip itself was everything we had hoped for and
much more. I decided not to try and summarize all
the things we did as a brief article couldn’t possibly
do justice to the amount of enjoyment and fun that we
had. Instead, I decided to list, in no particular order,
ten memorable moments that remind me of some of
the truly great experiences we had with Autobahn
Seeing 23 new black Porsches in the Hotel parking lot and being invited to select one
Ten days driving a Porsche 997S on the autobahn, through the beautiful countryside of the Black Forest and on the twisty Swiss alpine passes
Touring the RUF facility and seeing the first new RUF RK Coupe being prepared for road testing
Listening to an orchestra in concert in the main hall of the amazing Neuschwanstein castle
Riding the cable car to the top of the Zugspitze and viewing the alps from the observation deck
Looking out over Lindau Harbor and seeing the sunrise over the mountains across Lake Constance
Driving the Deutsche Alpen Strasse in a 997S on a beautiful clear sunny day
Sitting down to dinner and finding out where everyone else had been that day, telling them where we’d been and then discussing all our ideas for the next day and planning to travel with others we met
Going on a VIP tour of the Porsche factory with lunch in the Casino and then previewing the new 997 GT3RS
Viewing the ancient walled city of Rothenburg from the top of the church tower in the market square
The early morning view of Lindau harbor and Lake Constance
from our hotel room
Old Faithful Porsche
Taking a break at the top of Susten pass in Switzerland
In Conclusion
If driving a new Porsche through some of the most
beautiful countryside in Germany & Switzerland,
staying in 5-star hotels, eating gourmet food and
enjoying fine wines, being able to go wherever you
chose on any given day and meeting up for dinner each
evening, is your idea of a great vacation, then you owe
it to yourself to experience a trip with Mark and Tina
and Autobahn Adventures.
Family is why
We all feel the same commitment to care
for our families. As your good neighbor
agent, I can help you meet your insurance
needs. Call me today.
A small part of the panoramic view of Rothenburg from the top of
the Church tower
Gary D Bennett, Agent
1110 Maple Way, PO Box 1907
Jackson, WY 83001-1907
Bus: 307-733-4215
[email protected]
For more info go to
or call 714-964-0280
Old Faithful Porsche
State Farm Insurance Companies • Home Offices: Bloomington, Illinois
Old Faithful Porsche
Alternative Fuels
By: Chris Rotvik
First published in the Anzeiger Newsletter: Oregon Region
The idea of Porsche producing an SUV—the
Cayenne—turned heads, not to mention a few
stomachs, when introduced in early 2003. Further
rankling purists was Porsche’s September 2005
announcement of a gasoline-electric hybrid
variant, engineered in concert with Volkswagen
and whose power-plant is expected to find a home
in another divergence, the coming Panamera fourdoor sports coupe. Now owning a controlling
interest in VW, Porsche clearly is responding in
ways designed to secure its future.
for oil and environmental goodness. However,
big unresolved downsides remain, including
how to scale up corn production, environmental
damage from fertilization and deforestation,
lesser air quality in some regions of the US (the
LA basin in particular), increased food costs (as
corn crops are shifted to energy production),
and the need to rework the fuel distribution
network—recently estimated at $1 billion—to
handle the more corrosive ethanol. Currently it
requires nearly one gallon of gasoline to produce
1.2 gallons of Ethanol (both of these quantities of
fuel, equate to almost the same amount of energy
released in BTU’s). What this is really saying, is
that the amount of gasoline required to produce
the Ethanol, is almost the same as the amount of
Ethanol that the gasoline itself produces. So the
net gain is zero. The mileage that a car will get
with a gallon of Ethanol will also be less than that
for a gallon of gasoline. So the overall gasoline
and CO2 savings are at best, negligible. In the
future, yields of Ethanol should increase with
improved production technology. This hopefully
will give Ethanol a more important role to play
for automotive use.
What will power future Porsche vehicles is not
so clear. Many acknowledge the hybrid as only
a waypoint on the path. And in some cases—the
Lexus GS 450h being one example—hybrids offer
more illusion than reality of being green. Why
drag this conversation into a club magazine? As
enthusiasts, we’re a target. As Porsche enthusiasts,
we are doubly so. And as enthusiasts, we can
be influential: it’s probably better that we speak
knowledgeably than appear totally unaware.
When it comes to environmental worst offenders,
the ubiquitous Ford F-250 comes close to topping
the list. Granted, Lamborghini’s Murciélago
slightly outranks the lumbering Ford for lack of
fuel mileage, but it’s rare that a sports car piles
on 25,000 miles a year in his commuting to the
jobsite. Sports cars may be icons of environmental
irresponsibility to some, but real damage comes
care of “America’s best selling vehicle” (the SUV
or pick-up truck). By the way, within their class
the Boxster and Cayman both receive superior
“greenness” ratings (source: www.greenercars.
com) and the 997 Turbo is the cleanest burning
gasoline engine on the market.
This being the home of amber waves of grain,
ethanol in the form of E85 is offered up by some
as a neat and tidy solution for both our thirst
Moving from ethanol to electric vehicles, we’re
finally seeing some interesting EV’s such as the
Tesla. A Lotus Elise in drag, the Tesla is expected
to have a range of 220 to 250 miles, a top speed
of 130-plus mph and a 0 – 60 time of about four
seconds (ignore for the time being that it will
cost nearly as much as a GT3, approximately
$125,000). But here’s the dirty secret: roughly half
of all US electricity production is from coal-fired
power plants (perhaps our single biggest source
of CO2), so if your car plugs in to the electric grid,
emissions are simply shifted from the tailpipe to
the smokestack. GM’s EV, the Volt, avoids this by
utilizing hydrogen fuel cell technology to produce
electricity. Promising but not quite ready for
prime time, the approach, like E85, is also beset
with significant fuel production (which requires
a considerable amount of electricity to producederived from coal or gas) and distribution
Old Faithful Porsche
Porsche’s neighbor BMW has studied hydrogen as
a fuel for decades. They have a limited-production
car on the road now—the Hydrogen 7. Stored as
a liquid under intense pressure, the hydrogen is
used for combustion rather than the production
of electricity. The remaining hurdle with any
hydrogen powered vehicle is again distribution.
Another fuel CNG (compressed natural gas), fuels
Honda’s Civic GX. Available nationwide by special
order, the CNG-powered Civic loses a bit of power
and range relative to its conventional brethren.
However, it’s rated as the greenest car in America
(again, www.greenercars.com). Good news,
bad news: compressed natural gas is roughly 30
percent cheaper than gasoline but there are only
about 750 CNG filling stations in the US. (Are you
picking up on the common theme?)
What about diesel? Audi’s R10, Peugeot’s 908 and
BMW’s European-only turbo diesels have done a fair
bit to help equate diesel with performance. Although
more efficient than gasoline, diesel combustion
is much dirtier. A number of technologies (urea
injection and particulate filters, for example) are
being developed to reduce these environmental
negatives. In the future, these engines may prove
to be a good substitute for gasoline.
Where does all this leave us? In the near term,
perhaps only with the evolution of what is available
today. Porsche’s future innovations will be electricdriven water, oil and power steering pumps;
electrically driven air conditioner compressors;
alternators that decouple from the engine when
not needed; the use of regenerative braking from
all four wheels as a source of electricity to be
stored in batteries; and direct injection. Porsche
claims an increase in fuel economy of 23-36% as
a result of these innovations. These concepts will
appear on the new Hybrid Cayenne and Panamera
models first, probably beginning in 2009. I find
this exciting because Porsche, as a car and as a
company, excels at evolution. The 911 and Porsche’s
financial health are the ultimate testaments to that
fact. And in that light, rather than being icons of
environmental irresponsibility, our cars showcase
the technological way forward.
Postscript: Many experts predict that the costs for
manufacturing, maintaining and recycling the hybrid
vehicles (being produced today), will out weigh their
claimed potential fuel and CO2 savings in the long
run. Only time will tell.
Old Faithful Porsche
Jackson Hole Photo Shoot
Christophorus Magazine (a Porsche
Company publication) is including
an article on “The Jackson Hole
Hat Factory” in a future issue of the
magazine. The author needed a few
Porsche cars along with some human
models for the photo shoot. Jim Moses
provided his Boxster and I (Ken Koop)
supplied the Cayenne, while Anne Fish
and Nancy Clancy helped dress up the
shots by posing as the lovely models.
I happened to be available and added
the “distinguished/elderly” look (in
that order) to the photos. Everyone
had a lot of fun while the photographs
were being taken. Robin even had a
chance to improve her photographic
skills by taking some pictures for the
newsletter. David J Swift, who lives in
Jackson, is the author and photographer for this
feature article. If you would like a copy with
autographs from our fashion divas, I’m sure
they will be more than willing to cooperate.
That is, if their agents will permit it.
David generously allowed us to publish some
of his photos, including the beautiful cover
photo in this article.
Old Faithful Porsche
Old Faithful Porsche
The 56th Annual
12 Hours of Sebring - 2008
Sebring, 2008 exhibited one of the most diverse fields
of car manufacturers in recent memory. More than 12
factory supported teams (Aston Martin, Mazda, Audi,
Acura, Porsche, Peugeot, Ferrari, Corvette, Ford GT,
Panoz, Radical and a Dodge Viper) were present to
contest this grueling race. Sebring is second only to
LeMans, as the most prestigious Sports Car Race in the
world. The factory supported teams were there for one
reason--A Victory!
large tent set up to relax and socialize with other Porsche
owners and provides refreshments with the TV’s tuned
into the race. *Porsche Cars North America arranges
for race teams to come by at various times to speak to
Porsche Club members about their cars and drivers.
*Many specialty vendors set up displays to sell unique car
related items. *Other car corrals (Corvette, BMW, Mazda
and Audi) and numerous other car manufacturers have
displays that are enjoyable to stroll through. *Many older
race cars are on display that participate in special historic
races held throughout the week. *Exotic cars are located
in the paddock area to be viewed at close range. So the
week is full of things to do and see.
Porsche owns all of the major manufacturer’s records at
Sebring which includes 17 overall wins and over 50 class
wins. But perhaps the most telling statistic is that at least
one Porsche has competed at every Sebring Race since
1953. No other manufacturer comes close to Porsche’s
Sebring is more than a race, it is an event! Over the four
days, nearly 300,000 fans make the annual pilgrimage to
the small town of Sebring, Florida to view this spectacle.
They are never disappointed. There are many events held
during race week which includes the following; *The
Porscheplatz (with over 100 beautiful Porsches) brings
back the kid in the candy store syndrome. PCA has a
Old Faithful Porsche
BUT the main reason everyone comes to Sebring, is to
watch the best sports car race in North America. Porsche
had five RS Spyders and five 911 GT3-RSR’s competing
in the two most competitive classes (LMP2 and GT2)
against other factory supported teams including Acura,
Corvette, Ferrari, Panoz, Ford, Dodge, Radical and Aston
A beautiful fireworks display signals the end of a hard
fought but perfect finish for Porsche. Celebrations for the
winners began as thousands of fans swarmed around the
award stand to applaud their favorite team. This year,
the OVERALL win went to Porsche (1st, 2nd and 4th
place) to end Audi’s domination at Sebring. In the LMP2
class, Porsche took home 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th place.
Porsche teams placed 1st and 2nd in the GT2 class. This
was Porsche’s 18th overall win at the historic race (the
next closest competitor is Ferrari with 12 wins). No one
believed Porsche had a chance to beat the Audi, Peugeot
or Ferrari’s more powerful teams, but the little giant
slayer triumphed once again. The Porsche teams never
gave up!
No matter how our Porsche teams finish, Sebring is
always an exciting race to be a spectator at. It is made
even better with such a stunning outcome.
Robin and I can’t wait to return next year!
Winter in the Yellowstone Region
Some members do drive their cars in the winter!
Old Faithful Porsche
Porsche 911 GT3
wins Edmunds “Most Wanted Award”
rule: the editors must have tested the car or truck
by December 1, 2007. There was no price cap or
restrictive “new models only” requirement placed
on the selection criteria. The editors were allowed
to simply pick their personal favorite.
Dan Edmunds (Edmunds Director of Vehicle
Testing) said, “The GT3 provides world-class
performance just a couple of short steps removed
from that legendary racing icon, and it does so in
a package accessible to mere mortals. This is the
essence of the Porsche story, and it makes this
car an unforgettable thrill”. Scott Oldham added,
“The Porsche 911 GT3 is our favorite Porsche.
It’s as if everything that Porsche has ever known
about fast cars has been stuffed into this 911”.
Edmunds’ Inside Line Editors call Porsche’s racebred 911 “an unforgettable thrill”.
The auto editors at Edmunds’ Inside Line
Automotive Magazine had a tough job in 2007
as they tested and reviewed 268 cars and trucks.
They were then asked to select only the best for
their “Editors’ Most Wanted Award”. In the
end, the Porsche 911 GT3 endured their expert
scrutiny, scoring a victory and driving off with
this very prestigious and important award. Scott
Oldham, Inside Line editor-in-chief, had only one
Old Faithful Porsche
January’s Get-Together at Sidewinder’s
We had thirty two members who attended our club’s gettogether at Sidewinders in January. It was good to see everyone
again who could make the wintry trek. Unfortunately, the
weather for the entire week before (and after) the meeting
was not cooperating and it kept twenty of our explorers from
attending. That was one heck of a snow storm. The evening
and food were great, as well as the socialization
amongst our club members. The new board
of directors was introduced for the first time,
along with some of the future activities the
board has planned for the coming summer.
Mike Faems presented the Park City Tour,
Anne Fish discussed the golf outing and Dick
Beck covered the Poker Run in June. We need
to thank all of them for their dedicated work
with these events. Also I want to thank all the
members for their comments on these activities.
This will be a fun filled year for our club. Hope
to see everyone in April for our next Pizza gettogether (surely there will be better weather by
Old Faithful Porsche
“Please welcome our newest members”
New Members
Josh Beck---Jackson, WY
Roy Kinsey---Jackson, WY
Porsche’s Group Picture for the 2008
“Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona” race.
Old Faithful Porsche
We never start cooking your meal without you. Everything is cooked
to order. Our salsa and sauces are made fresh, right here, everyday.
We grill over mesquite fire for an authentic Tex-Mex Flavor. Our tortilla
chips are made fresh throughout the day. We mash real avocados to
make our fresh guacamole. Our beans are soaked overnight and mashed daily. All of our produce is cut
fresh each morning. We cook with 100%
canola oil, recognized as the healthiest
Don’t tell us how good it is, JUST COME BACK!!!
Sidewinders Tavern,
located in Jackson Hole,
Wyoming, brings together
the atmoshere of a sports
bar with a great tasting restaurant for the whole
family. Sidewinders has the ideal atmosphere for
relaxing with friends and meeting new people.
Sidewinders is a non-smoking establishment,
including the main bar.
Old Faithful Porsche
Ta v e r n
Club News and
American Le Mans Series Club Weekend
We are again planning a somewhat informal club
weekend at the American Le Mans Series race in
Salt Lake City. Our group usually has a dinner
on Friday night at the Little America Hotel along
with tours of some of the team garages if the group
so desires. Race dates are May 15-18. This is totally
informal with no planned activities planned
to or from the track. If anyone is interested in
attending, please contact Ken for more information
at [email protected] or 307- 733-8806.
2008 Fall Tour to Park City, UT
We are planning a tour to Park City in late
September of 2008. Mark your calendars now to
join the club for a wonderful two or three day fall
drive. There will be plenty of time for shopping
and chair lift rides or just to explore Old Town
Park City. The dates will be announced in the
next newsletter.
A big thank you to our advertisers:
- Dyno Services
- Car & Tire Storage
- Track Car Preparation
- Private Driver Instruction
- Track Day Support
The Board of the Yellowstone Region of the Porsche Club
wants to thank all of the companies who advertise in our
Old Faithful Newsletter. As everyone knows, the biggest
expense of our club is the newsletter (around $600 per
issue). Without our advertisers support, the newsletter
would not be possible. The newsletter binds the club together with news and club information and is an integral
part of being a club.
Every member can show his/her appreciation to these
gracious companies by using their services when a need
arises. The Board, as well as our sponsors would greatly
appreciate the patronage.
Also if you own a business and would like to help support the club by advertising, we would love to have your
ad in the newsletter. You can contact Ken at 307 7338806
for more details.
Old Faithful Porsche
Not a tourist.
Just a guy who knows how
to stay out of the office.
Family time, your favorite recreation or a jaw dropping landscape. When
the weather cooperates, it can be tough to stay in the office when you
live out here. But with First Interstate’s suite of online cash management
services, we can help you save time and answer that beck and call.
Online Cash Management
Payroll direct deposit
Monitor daily transactions
Online bill pay
Old Faithful Porsche
FIBR080040JH47OldFaithful.indd 1
Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.
1/28/08 3:22:58 PM
Old F
CLUB seat
©2007 Porsche Cars North America,PORSCHE
Inc. Porsche recommends
usage and observance
of all traffic laws at all
Can you ever have too much Porsche?
Find the new or pre-owned Porsche of your dreams at the area's
only 2007 Premiere Porsche Dealer — Dave Strong Porsche in
Salt Lake City. One of just 26 dealers nationally to receive the award,
Dave Strong Porsche consistantly demonstrates a passion for
exceeding expectations. Since 1955, Dave Strong Porsche has
been making dreams come true.
Drive the new 2008 Cayenne today.
Dave Strong Porsche
(801) 531-9900
1045 So. State
Salt Lake City
Old Faithful Porsche

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